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开封市做隆鼻多少钱郑州/韩式纹眉哪家医院好TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201602/426581河南人民医院开双眼皮手术价钱费用 栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。201603/419847栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201504/369475郑州中心医院脱毛多少钱

郑州/冰点激光脱毛哪家医院好It was a barren and bleak place.月球是个荒凉、严酷的地方A dead rock in the sky.是一颗空中的死寂岩石Wed built it up in our imagination千百年来我们用想像力for tens of thousands of years;美化月球and the disappointment was crushing.这下大失所望,难以自已People thought maybe there were people alive on the moon,我们一直以为也许月球上有人you know, maybe there were things up there或是有些什么生物and what we learned when we got there is indeed you know what we saw was the case,到了才发现its a very cold place and its desolate月球寒冷荒芜and you know its not capable of supporting life as we know it.毫无生机the lunar surface for the last time,太空人金赛南,最后一次踏上月球表面it was no giant leap for mankind but the last stumble of a dying era.这不再是人类的一大步,而是一个垂死年代的最后一次踉跄NASA cancelled the next three moon missions航太总署取消了其后三次登月任务and quietly drew the Apollo programme to a close.悄悄地结束了阿波罗计划Cernan was the last human being ever to walk on the moon.赛南是最后一个在月球上漫步的人类To this day, no one has returned.至今没人回去过The love affair was over.爱情故事结束了But although the publics relationship虽然大众with the moon had gone sour,对月球的爱消情逝for a small band of dedicated scientists,但对一小群科学家而言the romance was just beginning.浪漫情愫才刚开始萌芽They now had actual pieces of the moon to study.如今他们可以研究来自月球的碎片Nearly 400 kilos of lunar rock太空人带回来had been brought back by the astronauts.将近四百公斤的月岩They hoped that these rocks would科学家希望这些岩石unlock the unanswered mysteries of the moon.能为他们解答有关月球的谜题Because despite the moon landings,虽然登月计划成功了scientists still didnt know the answer to the big questions;科学家仍然有几个重要的问题where had the moon had come from, and how had it formed?月球来自何处?又是如何形成的?One of those starry eyed young scientists was Gary Lofgren,其中一名乐观的年轻科学家,叫做盖瑞罗夫根a geologist working for NASA.他是一名任职于航太总署的地质学家He was given the job of cutting up each sample y for study.他的工作是切割样本,以便进行研究You just had no idea what you were going to see,你压根不知道自己会看到什么looking at these really strange-looking rocks um,这些奇特的岩石that were justjumbles of debris.看起来像是一堆碎片I mean it was a chance to really just to look at them closely,我们很幸运能有机会近距离观察它们to er, er not actually touch them but come very close虽然不能摸但是能就近观察and realised wed never seen anything quite like that on earth,我们发现在地球上没看过像这样的东西or at least we had never recognised it on earth.至少是没有辨识出这样的东西Most scientists had assumed that the moon would be similar to earth多数科学家以为月球应该和地球十分类似thered be a mixture of young and old rocks,应该可以找到年代formed in many different ways.和形成方法各不相同的许多岩石They were in for a surprise.这下他们可要大大吃惊了It turned out that our thinking about the moon was really wrong.事实明,我们对月亮的想法完全错误Science had not done a very good job of guessing科学家在揣测月球样貌时的表现what the moon was going to be like.令人失望People did think it was probably fairly old.人们大概已经猜到月球相当古老But they didnt realise it was as old as it turned out to be.但没想到,它的年代居然这么久远We found rocks that are almost 4 and a half billion years old,我们找到将近45亿年前的岩石almost the age of our solar system.几乎和我们的太阳系年代相当You know some of these rocks formed just 50,100 million years有些岩石是在此星体诞生后的after the beginning of the planet.五千万到一亿年后形成的We just dont find rocks that old on earth.地球上找不到这么古老的岩石201504/372772新乡市第二人民医院激光去烫伤的疤多少钱 栏目简介:《英语视频之Top5》是英语视频听力下的子栏目,栏目包含中英字幕,而且能够了解世界上5大新奇或者有意思的事物,比如美军飞行器、社交媒体、核武器等,通过简单有趣的讲述,能够提高学习英语的兴趣,积累一些英语知识,是比较生动的英语学习材料。201511/407374郑州/打瘦脸针

河南第一附属医院祛痘价钱费用Paradoxes are fun to think about.悖论很有意思The most famous one is usually called其中最为著名的便是the grandfather paradox.;祖父悖论;I have a new, simpler version我提出了一个全新而简洁的版本I call the mad-scientist paradox.我称之为;疯狂科学家悖论;I dont like the way scientists in movies are often尽管我不喜欢影片常把科学家described as mad,刻画为异想天开的狂人形象but in this case, its true.但此情此景下的确如此This Jap is determined to create a paradox.这个日本小子决计营造一个悖论情景Even if it costs him his life.即便要豁上自己的性命Imagine somehow hes built a wormhole.试想他以某种方法造出一个虫洞A time tunnel that stretches just one minute into the past.一个返回一分钟前的时间隧道It may not sound like much,这听上去没什么意义but even one minute of time travel can cause real trouble.但哪怕一分钟的时间旅行也会引起大麻烦Through the wormhole,通过这个虫洞the scientist can see himself as he was one minute ago.这位科学家得以看到一分钟之前的自己But what if our scientist uses the但假如我们这位主人公利用虫洞wormhole to shoot his earlier self?向一分钟之前的自己开呢Hes now dead,此时他已一命呜呼killed before hed even finished assembling the pistol.还未装好就已被射杀So, who fired the shot?那么,开者又是谁呢Its a paradox.这便是一个悖论It just doesnt make sense.这完全说不通Its the sort of situation that gives cosmologists nightmares.这种情形是宇宙学家的恶梦This kind of time machine would violate这样的时间机器会违背a fundamental rule that governs the entire universe主宰全宇宙的基本法则- that causes happen before effects使因果关系颠倒and never the other way around.并始终与我们的常理相悖I believe things cant make themselves impossible.我相信不可能的事就不会发生If they could,倘若可以then thered be nothing to stop the whole universe from descending into chaos.整个宇宙将不可避免地陷于混乱So I think something will always因此我认为终究会有状况发生happen that prevents the paradox.从而避免悖论的出现Somehow there must be a reason why our scientist will never也总会有某种原因避免find himself in the situation where he could shoot himself.那位科学家处在射杀自己的困境中And in this case, Im sorry to say,既然如此,我只好遗憾地说the wormhole itself is the problem.虫洞本身就是问题所在In the end, I think a wormhole like this one cant exist.至此,我认为这样的虫洞根本不会存在And the reason for that is feedback.其原因就是;反馈;201507/385581 TED演讲者们对这个世界各抒己见。201506/377784河南省华山整形医院割双眼皮多少钱开封市激光去除雀斑费用



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