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河南美白针郑州市妇幼保健儿童医院激光去胎记多少钱最腹黑卷福?神探夏洛克回归(双语) --30 18::36 来源:sohu 英国演员本尼迪克特;康伯巴奇和制片人史蒂芬;莫法特出席了于7月日举办的动漫展,宣传即将上映的大势英剧《神探夏洛克第四季 Benedict Cumberbatch has attended the Comic-Con to promote his upcoming new installment of Sherlock with its executive producer Steven Moffat. 虽然制片人莫法特对于即将推出的第四季《神探夏洛克细节少有提及,但却不妨碍这部热播剧团队在号的漫展上大放光 Although Moffat was extremely tight-lipped about the upcoming fourth season of Sherlock, the team behind the beloved drama still made a splash on July at Comic-Con. 除了去年的维多利亚圣诞特辑《可恶的新娘之外,该系列剧从年开始就没有更新 这部剧真的是3年3年的更新,一个资深卷福迷愣是从初中毕业追到了大学毕业这部剧对小编可谓是毕业神剧了~每到毕业就更新 With the exception of last year's Victorian Christmas special The Abominable Bride, Sherlockhasn't released new installments since . 成百上千的资深粉丝都对即将更新的第四季《神探夏洛克充满了期待更有粉丝连夜就赶到现场确保自己能够占得席位,见到心爱的卷福 Hundreds of fans starved inmation and footage from season four went so far as to camp out overnight to ensure they made it into the panel. 康伯巴奇在周六晚上已经与一些粉丝见过面,表示十分感谢广大粉丝的热情招待 Cumberbatch visited some of the fans Saturday night and thanked the crowd a ;humbling; reception at the panel. 他表示自己十分惊讶能看到众多粉丝,并十分诧异地问他们,从什么时候就在此等待 ;I was like 'What'? So how long have they been here?; Cumberbatch asked. 大多数粉丝表示他们已经等了一整天 ;All day,; fans answered. 而康伯巴奇更是惊讶于粉丝在如此炎热的天气里长时间的等待,并关心粉丝们是否有水喝 ;What? All day in this heat? Have they got water?; Cumberbatch asked again. 粉丝们表示有的喝水了,有的没喝水 ;Yes, some of them, some of them don't. There's water,; fans said. 最后他惊讶的问道粉丝是否准备在街上过夜,而粉丝们十分肯定的回答:是的! ;What? Are they going to live on the street tonight?; Cumberbatch asked. ;Yeah,; fans screamed. 康伯巴奇表示他很想与粉丝近距离沟通,他知道这部剧的成功离不开粉丝们的热情;这一切的成就,包括他自己的成绩,都来源于粉丝对自己的爱 ;Can I go and talk to them? I want to meet the people that make all this possible. Because it's all about that. It's all about them. It's about their enthusiasm, their devotion and it's overwhelming and utterly humbling,; Cumberbatch said. 制作团队在活动当天透露了第四季的第一条预告预告中的一句“他们所知道的一切都将经受考验”使得全场都兴奋无比,掌声雷鸣 The team unveiled the first season four trailer. The lengthy , which teased that ;everything they know will be tested,; elicited cheers, gasps and thunderous applause from the room. 而许多看完预告的粉丝表示,第四季也许是史上最暗黑的一季《神探夏洛特 第四季《神探夏洛特将于年上映,仍由分别为90分钟的三集故事组成从预告中我们可以还看到新增角色托比;琼斯 Premiering in , season four will consist of three 90-minute episodes and feature new addition Toby Jones, who can be seen in the trailer. 而这部剧的推迟上映其实是由于演员们的行程太过繁忙,本尼迪克特;康伯巴奇本人就在忙于筹备下一步作品,漫威的《奇异士 Part of the reason the delay has been the actors' busy schedules. Cumberbatch is next set to headline Marvel's Doctor Strange. English Source: China Daily开封市做激光脱毛多少钱 网络"性敲诈"猖獗 受害者多为青少年 --01 :: 来源:chinadaily Sextortion -- using nude photos of someone to press even racier content or other goods -- is surprisingly common, a US think tank says in what it calls the first in-depth study of another danger lurking in cyberspace.美国一家智库称,“性敲诈”行为——利用一些人的裸照获取更不雅的内容或者其他东西——惊人地普遍该智库称,这是为网络空间的另一大潜在危害所做的首份深度研究Most victims are minors, the predators are almost always men who prey on multiple targets, and almost all adult victims are women, it said. Most victims choose to stay anonymous, out of shame.研究称,大多数受害者都是青少年,而侵害者几乎总是对多个目标下手的男子,而且几乎所有的成年受害者都是女性大多数受害者都选择匿名以免丢脸And while US law encement officials acknowledge the problem, no agency or advocacy group keeps data on it, said the Brookings Institution, which published the study on Wednesday.布鲁金斯学会日发布了这项研究结果,称尽管美国执法官员承认这一问题,但还没有机构或者利益团体追踪这方面的数据Even the term 'sextortion' is not a real word, but rather slang that prosecutors use to refer to an offense that does not fit neatly into a single category.甚至就连“性敲诈”也并非一个真正的词,而是检察官使用的一个俗语,用来代指不完全符合任何一个类别的侵害行为"Legally speaking, there's no such thing," the report states.报告称,“从法律上讲,并没有‘性敲诈’这个罪名”Sextortion can entail a hack into someone's computer to rob a sexy picture or or take over a webcam, then the use of this content to extort victims even more.性敲诈可以通过侵入某人的电脑窃取色情照片或者视频,或者侵入网络摄像头,然后利用这些内容对受害者进行敲诈It is even more common perpetrators to resort to social media to elicit a photograph from a victim, then use it to demand more.更常见的情况是,犯罪者通过社交媒体获取受害者的照片,随后进行敲诈The Brookings Institution said it studied 78 cases from recent years that met its definition of sextortion and many others that contained elements of it.布鲁金斯学会研究了近年发生的符合其“性敲诈”定义的78起案例,以及其它诸多含有“性敲诈”因素的案例Those cases involve at least 1,379 victims. But a variety of reasons -- such as prosecutors not seeking out all victims of a given predator -- the true number of victims from those 78 cases could actually range from 3,000 to 6,500 or even more, the study said.这些案例中的受害者至少有79位但由于多种原因,比如检察官并没有找出遭受某一位侵害者侵害的所有受害者,这78起案例的受害者真实人数可能会达到3000到6500人,甚至更多One involved a woman who opened an email from an unknown sender and found sexually explicit photos of herself, data about her job, husband and three kids, and a demand a porno of her.在其中一起案例中,一名女子打开一封来路不明的邮件,而后发现了她自己的不雅照,还有有关她的工作、丈夫和三个孩子的资料,发信人还要求获得她的情色视频Vocabularythink tank: 智库,智囊团in-depth study: 深入研究英文来源:雅虎新闻编审:yaning小熊维尼的简单智慧 就像这样当个好朋友 --6 :3:35 来源: Winnie the Pooh was one of my childhood favorites. Perhaps it was because Disney made him so cute and loveable? Or perhaps it was because he was full of simple wisdom about how we can live a good life.《小熊维尼是我童年最喜欢的动画之一也许是因为迪斯尼把他刻画得如此可爱又讨人喜欢?或许是因为他对于如何过上美好的生活充满了简单的智慧Here are seven es from Winnie the Pooh that hint at how we can be a really good friend.这里是小熊维尼的七条语录,提示我们如何成为一个真正的好朋友1. ;Some people care too much. I think it's called love.;1、;一些人关心得太多我认为这就是爱;Caring is a good thing. It is the emotion that holds us together and what separates our friends from all the other humans out there. Let yourself ;care too much;. True friendship is built on love.关心是好事这种情感把我们连接在一起,而且能把我们的朋友与其他所有人区分开来让自己;多关心一点;真正的友谊是建立在爱的基础上的. ;A day without a friend is like a pot without a single drop of honey.;、;没有朋友的一天就像罐子里没有了蜂蜜;Having strong social relationships improves our overall well-being. Research indicates that those who have close and supportive relationships in their lives, have both better physical and psychological health. Your friendships matter.拥有强有力的社会关系从整体上使我们更加幸福快乐研究指出,那些在生活中拥有亲密关系而且能够与朋友互相持的人,身心更加健康你的友谊很重要3. Piglet: ;How do you spell love?; Pooh: ;You don't spell it, you feel it.;3、小猪:;你如何拼写爱这个单词呢?;维尼:;爱不是拼写出来的,而是用来感受的;Relationships are built over time. You need to be committed to developing your friendships and giving them the space, energy and time to grow naturally. Because you canrsquo;t spell friendship, you have to feel it.关系是建立在时间的基础上的你需要对自己的友谊作出承诺,并给予空间、精力和时间来使其自然成长因为你不能拼写出友谊,你必须要感受它. ;Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon.;、;每个人都会为得到一个气球而欢呼;As Pooh Bear suggests, you could deliver them a balloon, as it is hard not to smile when you're given a balloon. We all have the power to brighten the day of another.就像维尼熊建议的那样,你可以给他们一个气球,因为当别人给你一个气球的时候,你很难不对他微笑我们有能力使别人拥有灿烂的一天5. ;If the person you are talking to doesn't appear to be listening, be patient. It may simply be that he has a small piece of fluff in his ear.;5、;如果你的诉说对象好像没在听你讲话,你要耐心一点也许他只是耳朵里有一小团绒毛;Give your friends the benefit of the doubt. Rather than becoming instantly frustrated or offended, if you don't feel heard by a friend, try being patient with them. Nobody is perfect, and we all have times where we will be distracted.相信你的朋友,而不是瞬间就觉得挫败或不舒,如果你觉得朋友没在听你讲话,试着对他们耐心一些人无完人,我们都有分心的时候6. ;How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.;6、;我多么幸运,能够拥有这些让我难以开口说再见的东西;As we grow in life, many of our close relationships become interrupted by physical distance. Rather than focusing on the fact that your good friends arenrsquo;t physically close, focus on how lucky you are to have a connection with them.在成长的过程中,许多亲密的关系会被空间距离打断不要关注你和好朋友不再贴近这个事实,而是要想自己多么幸运,依然与他们保持联系7. ;Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think, and loved more than you know.;7、;永远记住你比自己所相信的更勇敢、比所展现的更坚强、比所认为的更聪慧、 比所知道的更值得被爱;Don't get that you too deserve your love and affection. Speak to yourself and encourage yourself like you would your best friend. And don't get, you are more loved than you know.不要忘记你也应该爱自己,你也值得被爱同自己讲话,像鼓励最好的朋友那样鼓励自己不要忘记,你比自己所知道的更值得被爱河南省郑州/华山医院口腔美容中心

焦作市妇幼保健院 治疗腋臭多少钱开会那些事儿:乱写乱画假装很忙 -- 18::6 来源:chinadaily Bullet points, question marks, underlining and a couple of impressive looking equations.着重号,问号,下划线,还有其他几个令人印象深刻的方程式These are the methods used by one cheeky office worker to appear engaged in front of his boss during a mundane meeting.这就是一位调皮的员工用来在常见的会议上在老板面前假装很忙的方法The bored employee uploaded a copy of the hilarious handwritten notes he took during a conference to Reddit on Wednesday so others could learn how simple it is to fool you employer into thinking you're a productive member of staff.周三,这位觉得开会很无聊的员工将自己在某次会议期间手写的一份非常好笑的笔记上传到Reddit网站上,以便让大家学一下骗老板以为你效率很高有多简单'Pretend to pay attention and look like you’re writing important things even though it’s all BS,' he scrawled on a note pad.他在记事本上潦草地写道:“假装在注意听讲,看上去你在写啥重要的东西,其实啥也不是”'Indentation and bullet points are always a nice touch,' he added.他补充道:“缩进和着重号是不错的点缀”After sitting and listening another ten minutes, the officer worker jotted down some numbers and equations so it appeared he was paying close attention.又听了十分钟的会议内容后,这位员工草草记下了几个数字和方程式,看上去他在开会时很专心He had several other pointers about how underlining, using question marks and drawing arrows made your notes look legitimate from afar.他又提出了几条建议,告诉大家划线标注、使用问号、和画箭头如何能使你的会议记录远远看上去合情合理His last piece of advice was to make sure you jam some writing into the margins to 'avoided having to fill up more than one page'.他的最后一条建议是,在纸张边缘处写些字,免得还要另用一张'I can't wait until working in traditional offices are a thing of the past and working remotely from my bed becomes standard,' the man added.他补充说:“非常盼望在传统办公室工作的时期成为过去,在家办公成为新标准”Reddit users were quick to draw comparisons to their own 'waste of time' meetings, while others said the man should have used his time to be more productive.Reddit网站用户很快就将其和自己参加的“浪费时间”的会议作了对比也有些人说这位员工应该更高效地利用时间'Seriously, I don't know how many "mandatory" meetings I have that are better suited to be email or on the company messenger,' one user wrote.一位用户写道:“认真地讲,我不知道我参加了多少‘强制’会议,而这些会议内容其实以电邮或者公司内部通讯工具发送会更好”'I did that once too! Wrote something like "just writing things down so it looks like I'm paying attention". I still have the notebook at work,' commented another.“我也这么干过!写一些类似于‘随便写写,这样看起来我在认真参会’的东西在纸上我还保存有工作时的记事本”,另一位用户道The writer of another note, obtained by Daily Mail Australia, appears to have taken the man's advice, using dot points to jot down what a waste of time his hour and a half meeting was.《每日邮报澳洲版还拿到了另一份会议记录,写下这份会议记录的员工似乎已经采纳了前文所述员工的建议,使用圆点记下了这个长达一个半小时的会议有多浪费时间'Projector not working – standard. Good start.'“投影仪坏掉了,普遍情况,不错的开始”'No one is listening to you mate.... bla bla bla,' he wrote.“讲话的这位,没人在听你说啥啊……吧啦吧啦吧啦”,他写道He then took down the date of a quality audit with a short reminder to 'chuck a sickie' that day.之后他记下了质量审核的日期,加了个简短提醒,那天“请个病假”'That’s it. Great. 1.5 hours gone,' he wrote, marking the end of the meeting.“就这样,不错,会开了1个半小时”,会议结束时他写道The unidentified officer worker sat through another unbearable meeting on Thursday and compiled a sassy of what was said after wasting some time while he waited his boss to arrive. 这位身份不明的员工周四还耐着性子开完另一个让人难以忍受的会议,写下了一份活泼的会议记录等老板到会还耽误了一会儿时间'Oh yeah, minutes still waiting directors to arrive.'“噢耶,还有分钟主管才能来”'No worries, plenty of time, got nothing else to do,' he wrote.“别担心,时间足够,没啥可做的”,他写道He slammed one man his 'boring' contribution, asking 'how does this relate to my project?'他还批评了一位在会上说的话“很无聊”的人,问道:“这和我的项目有啥关系?”'Wow this guy is putting people to sleep. Seriously.' he said, adding that he was the only one in the meeting who bothered to take notes.“噢这人把大家都催眠了,讲真”,他写道,他还补充说他是会上唯一一个不厌其烦地做记录的人Vocabularyjot down:草草记下,匆匆记下sickie:一天的病假英文来源:每日邮报翻译#38;编审:yaning郑州中心医院去痣多少钱 宝宝,你确定和普京没有血缘么? -- 1:3: 来源:chinadaily 小宝宝总是可爱的下面的这些宝宝特别可爱,是因为他们实在是酷似名人:从音乐家、电影演员到总统候选人,这些婴儿实在让人不自觉地联想到他们之间是否有血缘 We cannot get over how cute these babies are! It's not just because all babies are cute no matter what. It's because these particular babies have uncanny resemblances to celebrities. From musicians to movie characters to presidential candidates, we think that these babies have to be related to their celebrity doppelgangers somehow. 1. Vladimir Putin 弗拉基米尔;普京 viareddit prizman| Telegraph| Reuters 他们有同样的脸颊和坚定的目光 Their cheeks and intense stares are identical! . Gandalf the White 甘道夫 viareddit [deleted]| Wikipedia 他长大后应该会是指环王的狂热粉丝 We think that this kid will grow up to be a hugeLord of the Rings fan. 3. Donald Trump 唐纳德;特朗普 viaHuffington Post 唐纳德,这个可能是美国未来的领导人,也有一个小小的分身 The possible future leader of the free world appears to have a mini me. . Simon Baker 西蒙;贝克 viaMommy Shorts 他们好像是在瞪住同样的东西 It's all in the stare. 5. John Legend 约翰;传奇 viaInstagram @rahelllaa| Instagram @johnlegend 如果世界上有两个约翰向我们唱歌,会是一件多么美好的事 Having two John Legends in the world to serenade us with song would be a wonderful thing. 6. Gordon Ramsay 戈登;拉姆齐 viaTwitter @Claire8ball| Twitter @GordonRamsay 这小娃娃长大后也可能会在厨艺界创出一片天 This tiny tot will probably wreak havoc in the kitchen someday as well. 7. Mark Wahlberg 马克;沃尔伯格 viaBro My God 小马克也那么帅,看来真正的马克遇到对手了! Marky Mark's got some competition. 8. Wallace Shawn 华莱士;肖恩 viareddit Technikc 我好像看到了两个一模一样的人 Whoa, I'm seeing double! 9. Usher 亚瑟小子 viaCraze Central 小宝宝跟这个低音男歌手长得太相似了,很容易让人联想他们的关系 Another crooner with a tiny look-alike. We think that these two have to be related somehow. . Adam DeVine 亚当;德维恩 viareddit rellik 这相片是不是他以前的校园照?当然不是,他们是两个不同的人 Is that Adam's school picture? Nope, it's a different kid altogether! . Chris Farley 克里斯;法利 viaMommy Shorts 他们的双下巴太可笑了吧! Lol, the double chin! . Steph Curry 斯蒂芬;库里 viaInstagram @babylandonlee| Instagram @stephencurry30 就帮这个跟斯蒂芬很相似的宝宝取一个昵称「小咖哩」,看起来他是这个NBA球员失散多年的儿子 Curry's look-alike, given the nickname ;Stuff Curry,; looks like he could be the NBA player's long-lost son.郑州那里有打美白针的

河南打瘦脸针多少钱啊羡慕别人生出双胞胎?科学家告诉你其中的奥秘 -- 19:56: 来源: 看到双胞胎宝贝,没有人不喜欢吧?多么盼望自己也能生出一对双胞胎呀今天小编就来告诉你,生出双胞胎的奥秘是什么Twins, and the reasons behind why some people have them and others donrsquo;t, has fascinated scientists centuries.双胞胎本身,以及为什么有的人能生出双胞胎有的人却不能,几个世纪以来一直是科学家感兴趣的问题They are relatively common - occurring once in 0 pregnancies - and while the cause of non-identical twins has been linked to genetics, the genes involved had not been identified until now.双胞胎近年来相对更加普遍了;;每0个产妇中就有1对以上双胞胎;;已经有据明异卵双生与遗传因素有关,但至今还没有人成功鉴别出自发性异卵双生的基因Researchers have pinpointed two gene varians related to twinning, and one can play a major role in the age of a girlrsquo;s first period, age at menopause and infertility.研究人员发现了两个与双胞胎有关的基因变异,其中一个基因对女孩的月经初潮年龄、更年期年龄与生育能力起着非常重要的作用The breakthrough was made by Dr Hamdi Mbarek and Professor Dorret Boomsma from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam.阿姆斯特丹大学的Hamdi Mbarek士和Dorret Boomsma教授发现了这项重大突破The department established the Netherlands Twin Register nearly 30 years ago and questions about the etiology of twinning are among the most frequently asked by the participants.这个学院早在约30年前就建立了荷兰双胞胎注册中心,参与者询问频率最高的就是与双胞胎原因相关的问题The first gene variant is close to the gene coding the secretion of follicle stimulating hormone, called the FSHB gene.第一个基因突变与分泌卵巢激素的基因密码相近,被称为FSHB基因This hormone is released by the pituitary, the small brain region that governs almost all major hormonal events in the body这个激素是由脑垂体分泌的,它是小型的大脑器官,统治着几乎人体所有主激素的分泌This gene also has significant effects on fertility measures, including the age of a girlrsquo;s first menstruation, syndrome, which is a major cause of infertility in women.这个基因对生育能力以及女性月经初潮时间和多囊卵巢综合症有显著影响多囊卵巢综合症是女性不的主要原因The second variant relates to the so-called SMAD3 gene and is likely to be involved in the way the ovaries respond to follicle stimulating hormone.第二个突变与所谓的SMAD3基因相关,它可能与卵巢对卵泡刺激素的反应方式有关Both variants result in the multiple follicle growth needed the development of non-identical twins.这两个突变都会导致多重卵泡的生长,这是异卵双胞胎的基础条件Non-identical twins, medically known as dizygotic, develop from two separate eggs from separate follicles fertilised by separate sperm cells.异卵双胞胎,医学上是这样定义的:两个不同卵泡中单独的两个卵子,和两颗精子结合发育而成Whereas identical twins develop from one embryo that splits in half, dizygotic twinning thus starts with a multiple ovulation.与之相反,同卵双胞胎是由一个卵细胞一分为二发育而来的,异卵双胞胎的起因是超数排卵The researchers studied a sample of 1,980 mothers who gave birth to spontaneous dizygotic twins. The mothers were carefully selected to only include mothers who did not receive fertility treatments, such as IVF, which can also lead to twin pregnancies.这项研究总结了1980名自发异卵双胞胎母亲案例,这些人经过严格挑选,没有接受过试管受精之类的生育治疗,因为试管受精也会导致生育双胞胎Their genetic profiles were compared to those from a large group of people who were not related, either as mothers or as family members, to dizygotic twins.再将这些人的基因档案与大量的非异卵双胞胎母亲或异卵双胞胎的家属的人群作比较The findings were then were replicated using the deCODE group in another large population study in Iceland.冰岛的deCODE研究团队在对另一更大规模的人群进行研究时,也发现了同样的结果The relative chance of a mother having dizygotic twins is increased by 9 per cent if she has one copy of the twinning gene - or alleles - at both locations in the genome.如果一个母亲有在染色体两个参与位置有一个双生基因(或等位基因)的单拷贝,她生育异卵双胞胎的概率就会增加9%Discovery of the main genes behind the mystery of spontaneous dizygotic twinning was long awaited, and is of great scientific interest and clinical importance,rsquo; said Professor Boomsma.Boomsma士表示,;人类早就希望能解开自发性异卵双胞胎的秘密,这一直是科学界和临床研究中重要的课题;However, there are still more genes to be found that influence spontaneous dizygotic twinning.不过,还有很多与自发性异卵双胞胎有关的基因有待发现The findings appear in the international scientific journal The American Journal of Human Genetics.这个研究结果已经发表在国际科学期刊《美国人类遗传学上 可祛除皱纹和眼袋的“第二皮肤” -- 19:7:6 来源: 科学家称,目前已经研制出一种隐形的、有弹性的薄膜,可以作用于人体皮肤,减少皱纹和眼袋Scientists claim to have developed an invisible elastic film that can be applied to the skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and eye bags.科学家称,目前已经研制出一种隐形的、有弹性的薄膜,可以作用于人体皮肤,减少皱纹和眼袋Once applied, the mula dries to m a film that ;mimics the properties of youthful skin;, Nature Materials reports after a series of small trials.在历经一系列的试验后,英国《自然;材料学杂志报道,一旦用于人体皮肤,这一配方立刻形成一层薄膜,这一薄膜;模仿了年轻肌肤的特性; At the moment it is being explored as a commercial cosmetic product.目前,这是一种商业化妆产品But the US scientists say their ;second skin; might eventually be used to deliver medicines and sun protection.但是美国科学家们说他们研制的;第二层皮肤;最终可能用于医学和防晒产品The team from Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have tested their prototype product on a handful of volunteers, applying the mula to their under-eye bags, earms and legs.这一团队的成员来自于哈佛医学院和麻省理工,他们在一些志愿者身上进行了样品测试,主要将产品作用于志愿者的眼袋、前臂和腿部肌肤The polysiloxane polymer was made in the lab using molecules of silicone and oxygen as the building blocks.这是一种硅氧烷及聚合物,它的基本形态是氧原子和硅原子的组合,在实验室状态下制成Although itrsquo;s synthetic, itrsquo;s designed to mimic real skin and provide a breathable, protective layer.即便这是人造皮肤,但其设计模仿了真正的人类皮肤,是一层可呼吸、有保护作用的薄膜The eye on the left of the photo had the skin polymer applied, whereas the right eye did not.图片左边的眼睛被贴上了一层皮肤聚合物,右边眼睛则没有According to the researchers, the temporary film locks in moisture and helps boost skin elasticity.根据研究者所述,目前设计出来的这一薄膜可以锁住水分,帮助皮肤恢复弹性They permed several tests, including a recoil test where the skin was pinched and then released to see how long it takes to ping back into position.他们进行了多次测试,其中包括一个弹性测试,在这一测试中,先捏住皮肤,然后释放,看看需要多长时间来才能恢复原状As skin ages, it becomes less firm and less elastic and so perms less well in this sort of test.由于老化,皮肤不再紧致,也缺乏弹性,在这一测试中,人类皮肤表现并不出色Skin that had been coated with the polymer was more elastic than skin without the film. And, to the naked eye, it appeared smoother, firmer and less wrinkly.而已涂覆聚合物的皮肤则比没有覆膜的皮肤更具有弹性而且,它更光滑、更紧致、皱纹更少,这都是肉眼可见的The researchers, who have a spin-off company that could eventually market their patented mula, say the film is essentially invisible, can be worn all day without causing irritation and can withstand things like sweat and rain.目前已有一家衍生公司最终可能推广他们这一专利配方研究人员说,这一薄膜基本上是隐形的,可以整天贴在脸上,不会有任何刺激,还能隔离如雨水和汗水等物But more studies are needed bee then. The polymer would also need safety approval from regulators.但在此之前,还需要做更多的研究并且这种聚合物也需要监管部门的安全认Dr Tamara Griffiths of the British Association of Dermatologists says bags under the eyes are caused by the protrusion of fat pockets associated with ageing.英国皮肤科医生协会的的塔玛拉;格里菲斯士说,眼袋的形成是由于衰老引起的脂肪口袋突出造成While entirely natural, some people see it as undesirable and seek ways to reverse it - sometimes resorting to surgery.虽然眼袋是自然形成的,有些人认为有损美观,想要消除,所以有时他们会诉诸于手术Dr Griffiths said: ;The results [with the polymer film] appear to be comparable to surgery, without the associated risks. Further research is needed, but this is a novel and very promising approach to a common problem. I will follow its development with interest.;格里菲斯士说:;相比于整形手术,这些研究成果[包括这一聚合物薄膜]是无可比拟的,没有任何手术风险虽然还需要进一步研究,但这是一新型的、非常有前景的配方,能解决常见问题我将继续带着满腔热情致力于其开发Prof Robert Langer, who led the work at MIT, said: ;Developing a second skin that is invisible, comtable and effective in holding in water and potentially other materials presents many different challenges.带领麻省理工团队工作的罗伯特;兰格教授说:;这种第二层皮肤隐形、舒适、能有效锁住水分并具有其他潜力,但其开发还面临着了许多不同的挑战;;It has to have the right optical properties, otherwise it wonrsquo;t look good, and it has to have the right mechanical properties, otherwise it wonrsquo;t have the right strength and it wonrsquo;t perm correctly.;它必须具有良好的光学特性,否则外观也不会好看,它也必须具有良好的力学性能,否则其弹性就不好,使用效果不佳;We are extremely excited about the opporties that are presented as a result of this work and look ward to further developing these materials to better treat patients who suffer from a variety of skin conditions.;;对于目前出来的成果所体现的潜力,我们都非常兴奋,并期待着这些材料的进一步开发能够更好地治疗那些有皮肤问题的患者;济源市治疗蝴蝶斑多少钱河南改脸型的费用



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