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What do celebrities do to always look so amazing?明星是如何时刻焕发光的呢?Jennifer Aniston swears by her “wonder smoothie” for a better body, Liv Tyler relies on green juice for clearer skin, and Victoria Beckham is said to maintain her trim figure by sticking to a strict gluten-free diet.珍妮弗#8226;安妮斯顿相信“神奇果蔬汁”可以保持身材,丽芙#8226;泰勒则依靠蔬菜汁来清洁肌肤。据说,维多利亚#8226;贝克汉姆维持苗条身材的方法是坚持无麸质饮食法。While these beauty secrets may sound tempting, our advice is to wait a second before you try them. Health experts warn that celebrities’ beauty tips do not work for everyone, and, if used in the wrong way, could actually harm your health.尽管这些美丽秘方可能听起来很吸引人,但我们建议你三思而行。健康专家提醒我们,明星的美丽秘诀并非适用于所有人。如果使用不当,实际上会有损健康。Wonder smoothie神奇果蔬汁US actress Jennifer Aniston is the envy of women worldwide with her toned physique and glowing appearance. So when fashion magazine Grazia earlier this year revealed that the secret to Aniston’s ageless beauty is a “wonder smoothie”, the drink became all the rage.美国女星珍妮弗#8226;安妮斯顿凭借紧实的身材和光照人的外表,令全球女性羡慕不已。所以,今年年初当时尚杂志《红秀》透露珍妮弗#8226;安妮斯顿花容不衰的秘方就是神奇果蔬汁后,这种饮品风靡一时。A source told the magazine that the drink consists of fresh, organic vegetables – beetroot, cucumbers, spinach, garlic, carrots, celery and kale. The star drinks nothing else on one day every week to purify her body.有知情人士向该杂志透露,“神奇果蔬汁”由甜菜根、黄瓜、菠菜、大蒜、胡萝卜、芹菜以及甘蓝等新鲜有机蔬菜制作而成。珍妮弗每周会有一天时间,只喝这种果汁来排毒。If you’re doing it Aniston-style and eating normally for most of the week, it probably won’t do you any serious harm, but a juice fast that lasts a couple of weeks, or even just several days, could do you more harm than good, say health experts.健康专家表示,如果你正在践行珍妮弗#8226;安妮斯顿的瘦身食谱,而一周大多数时候还保持正常进食的话,可能不会对身体造成什么危害。但如果持续几周,哪怕只有数日的果蔬汁断食法,就会令你得不偿失。As soon as you pulp any fruit or vegetable, you lose all the fibre in them. “With no fibre in your diet, even after a couple of days, constipation will become a problem, and in the long term, your cholesterol levels could be affected as fibre helps keep them low,” Natalie Jones of the British Dietetic Association told the Daily Mail.蔬果一旦做成果汁,其中所含的纤维就会全部流失。英国饮食协会的娜塔莉#8226;琼斯在接受《每日邮报》采访时表示:“如果饮食中缺乏纤维素,哪怕只有短短几天,就会出现便秘现象。久而久之,胆固醇水平就会受到影响,因为纤维素有助于维持低胆固醇。”If that’s not discouragement enough, you could also find your hair starting to fall out two to three months later, warned hair care expert Philip Kingsley.护发专家菲利普#8226;金斯利提醒说,如果这还不足以让你打退堂鼓的话,那么你还会发觉,两三个月后,你将开始脱发。Raw mushroom diet生蘑菇减肥法British movie star Pallet Roxanne has recently revealed that in order to maintain her ideal, slim body, raw mushrooms have become a daily intake.英国电影明星帕勒#8226;罗克妮最近透露道,为保持理想体型,她坚持每日进食生蘑菇。The star told Female First magazine that in just over two weeks of regularly eating raw mushrooms, her body weight dropped. She takes mushrooms with her wherever she goes.她对《Female First》杂志表示,仅仅两周多时间,由于定期食用生蘑菇,她成功瘦身。不管走到哪,她都带着蘑菇。Roxanne is not the only fan of the diet. US pop star Katy Perry also admitted to using mushrooms to stay in shape.热衷于生蘑菇减肥法的不止罗克妮一人。美国流行歌手凯蒂#8226;佩里也承认通过食用蘑菇来保持体型。It’s true that mushrooms are an excellent source of B vitamins, which are needed for a healthy diet, and their high level of dietary fibre can keep us from feeling hungry for longer. But health experts recommend mushrooms should be eaten cooked.蘑菇确实是一个摄入维生素B的极好来源,而维生素B是健康饮食的必备成分,蘑菇的膳食纤维含量极高,可以让人维持较长时间的饱腹感。但是健康专家建议蘑菇应该烹制后食用。“Cooking mushrooms for even a few minutes dissipates most of the mild toxins they contain,” US nutrition expert and family physician Dr Joel Fuhrman said.美国营养专家兼家庭医师,乔尔#8226;福尔曼士说:“蘑菇经过几分钟的烹制,就可去除其中含有的大部分微弱毒素。”Gluten-free diet无麸质饮食The increasingly popular gluten-free diet, which cuts out the protein found in wheat, barley and rye, is favored by a host of A-list celebrities – US actress Gwyneth Paltrow, British fashion icon Victoria Beckham and New Girl star Zooey Deschanel, just to name a few.这种越来越受到人们欢迎的无麸质饮食法指的是将大麦、小麦和黑麦中的蛋白质去除。该方法备受众多大牌明星的推崇,如美国女演员格温妮丝#8226;帕特洛,英国时尚偶像维多利亚#8226;贝克汉姆,以及美剧《杰茜驾到》女星佐伊#8226;丹斯切尔等等。The diet is believed to be a reason why these stars look so slim and fit. However, a new survey by The Sunday Times shows that gluten-free products could be causing some of us to pile on the pounds.人们坚信这种节食法是这些明星维持健美身材的原因之一。不过,《星期日泰晤士报》的一项最新调查却显示无麸质食品可能会使一些人体重飙升。The survey found most gluten-free products in supermarkets – such as gluten-free b and biscuits – are higher in fat than the equivalent standard products.该调查发现超市里出售的大多数无麸质产品,例如无麸质面包、无麸质饼干,与其他同普通产品相比,其脂肪含量更高。“Without gluten to bind food together, food manufacturers often use more fat and sugar to make the product more palatable,” explained Shelley Case, a nutrition expert.营养专家谢莉#8226;卡斯解释说:“如果食品中没有麦麸这种黏合剂,食品生产厂家常会通过添加更多的脂肪和糖分来改善口感。”So what about those naturally gluten-free foods, such as meat, fish, fruit and vegetables? Are they going to help us slim down?那么,像猪肉、鱼肉、以及水果蔬菜这类的天然无麸质食品会不会帮助我们瘦身呢?It seems not. Tanya Thomas of the British Dietetic Association told the Daily Mail: “People assume that by cutting out gluten they are going to lose weight. It’s a myth.”好像不能。来自英国饮食健康协会的塔尼亚#8226;托马斯在接受《每日邮报》采访时表示:“人们认为食用无麸质食物就会减肥。这简直是天方夜谭。” /201302/225078In a perfect world, the only thing that you would need to do to reach your fitness goals would be work out occasionally. Unfortunately, the only way to truly get the body and level of health that you want is through the combination of diet and exercise.If there is anything I have learned through my years as a personal trainer is that dieting right is the number one obstacle people face while trying to get fit. But filling your plate with healthy food doesn’t have to be a miserable experience.Here are the best strategies I have found to keep people in shape.Give Yourself Some Flexibility - If you box yourself into too strict of a diet, you are setting yourself up for failure. It’s true that that for most people if you want to lose weight, it is going to have to involve cutting back a bit on how much you eat, but if you allow yourself nothing but rice cakes and unbuttered wheat toast, you turn yourself into a ticking time bomb that will go off onto the nearest piece of cheesecake. Expect that you are going to indulge a little every now and then, and accept it.Make Your Foods Easy to Make- I’ve discovered that most people eat junk food because it’s just so darn convenient. Microwaveable pizzas take three minutes to make, and there is a fast food joint on every corner who can give you a greasy pre heated burger in a matter of seconds. The only real way to counteract this is by making your healthy food just as convenient as unhealthy food.For example, you might keep some whole grain tortillas in your cupboard so that you can make a quick and easy burrito with lean chicken or beans. You might also keep some frozen vegetables in your freezer, because they can be heated fairly quickly and be y to eat. You may also consider buying lots of canned soups, because they take little time to prepare and are often very low in calories.Find Ways to Combat Stress - Whenever someone has a relapse in their diet, it is usually during a particularly stressful time in their life. Maybe dealing with a toddler has kept them awake for much of a few nights or their new job is giving them a lot to worry about. This is when people start binging on French fries and ice cream. But if you want to conserve your waistline, you need to find other ways to combat stress.To best way to deal with this by recognizing times when you might be getting stressed and react too it. If you find the pressure building up, find some time for yourself to do something that you really enjoy. Just half an hour of “me time” can make your diet go along a lot more smoothly.Cut Out the Liquid Calories - If has calories and comes in a liquid form, try to limit your intake of it. The reason is that stuff like soda, alcohol, and milk can add a bunch of calories to you daily diet, but they never make you feel full. So you feel hungry even as you consume far more calories than you need. Focus mostly on whole foods and use tea or water to satisfy your thirst.Fitness Expert Chris McCombs is a Personal Trainer in Hollywood California. While walking out of a burrito joint Chris discovered a radical approach to burning fat at a rapid rate which he helps people all over do today. Chris is also a personal training marketing expert and helps personal trainers and other people in the fitness industry to triple their income and cut their work hours by more than half. 在这样的一个美好的世界里,你所需要做的一件事情就是怎样有条理的达到你的塑身目标。然而,不幸的是,为了能够真正的达到你所想要的体魄和健康的标准,唯一的办法就是通过节食和锻炼。如果说我作为一个私人教练这么多年学到了什么的话,那就是我发现,正确的节食是每个希望得到好身材的人所面临的最大问题。实际上,让你的盘子里装满健康的食品并不是什么痛苦的经历。以下就是我发现的适合人们保持好身材的最佳策略。给自己一个适应的时间。--如果你太强制性的让自己节食的话,那你简直就是在为失败而做准备。的确,对大多数人来讲,为了减少体重,他们就必须在原先的饮食上削减一些。但如果除了米饭,蛋糕及没有奶油的烤面包你什么都不吃的话,你就会让自己成为一颗定时炸弹一样,在不经意的一块酪饼后,而体重突然暴增,所有的计划都付诸东流。除非你能有限制地在你所能接受的范围内让自己不时的享受一点。学会制作简单的食品—我发现许多人喜欢吃剩菜剩饭,因为吃起来很方便。把匹萨放进微波炉里,三分钟就可以吃了。而且,在我们周围的每个角落都会有快餐店为你务—提供一个有油脂有热气腾腾的汉堡牛肉饼只是几秒钟的事情.那与之抗衡的唯一方法便是,让自己制作的食品就像快餐食品那样方便。比如说,在你的橱柜里可能回存有谷粒的玉米粉薄烙饼,你就可以用这些材料作成一个由纯鸡肉或土豆泥做馅的面饼卷。你也可以在你的冰箱里储存一些冷冻的蔬菜,因为它们很容易解冻然后就可以吃了。你也可以考虑买一些罐装的汤,因为这些它们不用花太多的时间准备,并且所含的卡路里也不大。找到抗压力的方法—一旦一个人在他的节食计划中出现了旧病复发状态,那么这个阶段一般是他生活中压力最大的时段。可能为了照顾小孩,他们很多个夜晚不能好好的入睡,也有可能是他们的新工作并不能让他们安心。于是他们便开始钟情于法国炸薯条和冰淇淋。然而,如果你想保持你的腰围尺寸的话,你必须找到方法来抗压力。最好的办法就是,你首先要清楚自己什么时候最容易受到压力的影响。一旦你感受到了压力,你应该给自己一点时间做自己真正喜欢的事情。即使只是短短的“自我半小时时间”,都会让的节食计划更顺利地进行。减掉液体卡路里—尽量限制以液体的形式吸收卡路里。因为,像汽水,酒精及牛奶这样的的饮品就会在你的日常饮食中增加热量,但你永远都不会有饱的感觉。因此,你总会感到饥饿,即使你吸收的热量已经超过了你的所需。所以,当你渴的时候,应该首要想到茶或水来解渴。瘦身专家克里斯.麦克白是美国加州好莱坞的一个私人教练。他发现了一个燃烧脂肪的基本快速方法,这个方法也是他现在帮助人们减脂肪的方法。克里斯在私人训练市场方面也是个专家,他不仅帮助私人教练,也为其他做健身锻炼行业的人提供帮助,在让他们减少一半的工作时间的同时却让他们的收入增加了三倍。 /200806/41291

At the age of almost four, Elijah Edney has never had a haircut in his life.以利亚-艾德尼都快4岁了,但还一次头发都没剪过。But now he can’t wait to visit the barber’s – for two reasons. Losing his 2ft long golden tresses will mean that strangers stop mistaking him for a girl.不过他现在迫不及待地想要去理发了,原因有二:剪掉他的一头金发就意味着以后再也不会有不认识的人误把他当成女孩了。And the hair will be donated to charity, to provide a wig for a child with cancer or other conditions.而且,剪掉的这些头发将会被用于慈善事业,做成假发捐给有癌症或其他疾病的小孩。Mrs Edney and her husband Dean, from Buckland, Hampshire, will give their son’s locks to the Little Princess Trust, which helps youngsters suffering from hair loss.艾德尼夫人和她的丈夫迪恩来自英国汉普郡的布克兰,他们将把儿子的头发捐给小公主信托基金,帮助那些正因为掉头发而饱受苦恼的孩子们。Mrs Edney, a dinner lady, said: #39;Elijah has always had beautiful hair, so I let him grow it like he wanted.艾德尼夫人是命学校食堂职工,她说:“以利亚一直有一头很漂亮的头发,所以我就任他的意思没有剪掉这些头发。”#39;But now it is at a stage where people mistake him for a girl and he wants it cut into a boy#39;s haircut.“不过现在头发已经长到人们会把他误认为是女孩的程度了,所以他想要去理一个小男孩的头发。”#39;He will be four next month but everyone thinks he is a girl and he#39;s started to get frustrated.#39;“下个月他就要四岁了,但是所有人都以为他是女孩,这让他开始觉得很沮丧。”Mrs Edney and Elijah#39;s father, Dean Edney, want to collect enough money - 350 - to transform it into a wig for a sick child.艾德尼女士和丈夫想要攒够350英镑,把这些头发做成假发捐给生病的小孩。Mrs Edney said: #39;I couldn#39;t bear to see all Elijah#39;s beautiful hair go to waste and my mum mentioned about charities that use human hair to make into wigs.艾德尼女士说:“我不希望以利亚这么漂亮的头发就这样白白浪费了。我母亲之前提到过制作假发的慈善机构。”#39;Elijah keeps telling people he is giving his hair to poorly princesses and he is so excited to get it done.“现在Elijah一直对别人说他要把头发送给可怜的小姑娘了,他对此非常激动。”#39;He says that he no longer wants to have rock star hair and wants to look like his older brother.“他说他再也不想要摇滚明星那样的头发了,他想要像他哥哥一样。”#39;For little girls, hair is so important so hopefully Elijah#39;s hair will make someone very happy.#39; Elijah#39;s new hairdo will be a spiky two-inch crop.“头发对小女孩们来说非常重要,但愿以利亚的头发能够让某个人开心起来。” 以利亚的新发型将会是一头5cm的平头。A spokesman for the Little Princess Trust said: #39;We#39;re very grateful to anyone who decides to have their hair cut to donate it to the Little Princess Trust.小公主信托基金的发言人说:“我们对向小公主信托基金捐献的人们表示万分感谢。”#39;As a result of hair donations such as this, the charity receives a large number of real-hair wigs free of charge to pass on to families whose children have sadly lost their own hair through cancer treatment.#39;“我们已经收到了大量这样的捐献,将头发制成假发,免费捐献给那些正在接受癌症治疗的不幸的孩子们。” /201303/230400

More than ever, photography has become the predominant means for us to communicate. An absolutely astounding number of pictures are shared every single day — half a billion, and rising. And yet somehow, even amid this colossal torrent of imagery, the best pictures rise to the top.如今,摄影已逐渐成为人们生活中主要的交流方式。每天约有5亿张照片被分享,而这一数据仍在上升。不过,在这巨大的图像洪流中,最佳照片跃然而出。Our top ten photographs of 2013 celebrate a variety of images from a multitude of photographers, including seasoned photojournalists Tyler Hicks (the Westgate Mall Massacre in Nairobi), Philippe Lopez, (Super Typhoon Haiyan’s destructive wrath upon the Philippines), and John Tlumacki, for his extraordinary coverage of the terror bombing at the Boston Marathon.涵盖各种题材的2013十大最佳新闻照片的作者包括经验丰富的泰勒·希克斯(Tyler Hicks),其作品为《内罗毕西门购物中心大屠杀》,菲利浦·洛佩斯(Philippe Lopez),作品为《台风“海燕”在菲律宾毁灭性的暴怒》以及约翰·特卢马奇基奇(John Tlumacki)在波士顿马拉松赛上对恐怖爆炸的非凡抓拍。The news has introduced to us several emerging photographers this year, including Mosa’ab Elshamy who documented the bloody demonstrations in Cairo’s Rabaa Square, and Daniel Etter, who made an iconic photograph during the Turkish uprising. In late April, activist and photographer Taslima Akhter made the single most haunting photograph of the fire that killed more than 1000 in a Bangladeshi garment factory: a final embrace. Although she has spent months trying to learn the names of the victims shown in that unsettling, moving picture, Akhter has been unable to identify them.今年,几位新闻摄影师新秀引起公众关注,其中有莫萨·阿布·埃尔莎米(Mosa’ab Elshamy),其作品记录了开罗解放广场的血腥示威场面,丹尼尔·埃特(Daniel Etter)创作土耳其激烈冲突的经典一幕,四月末,激进主义家兼摄影师塔斯利马·阿赫特尔(Taslima Akhter )捕捉了孟加拉国一家装厂造成1000多人死亡的火灾的难忘瞬间——《最后的拥抱》,她曾花数月去确认这张令人不安又感动的照片中受害者的姓名,但无果而终。In September, TIME published a set of images recording a brutal execution in Syria; at the time, we withheld the photographer’s name for security reasons. Now, he has decided to come forward for the first time. He is Emin ?zmen, a Turkish photographer awarded a World Press Photo prize in 2012 for his images of torture in Aleppo. The execution pictures he made over the course of one day in the midst of the Syrian cataclysm bear witness to that war’s unspeakable, and ongoing, atrocities.九月,《时代》刊出一系列叙利亚残忍行刑的照片;当时,出于安全考虑,我们不公开这位摄影师的姓名。现在,他决定正式站出来,他的名字叫埃明·厄兹曼(Emin ?zmen),是一位土耳其摄影师,他有关阿勒颇斩首事件的作品获得2012年世界新闻摄影奖。这些斩首照片见了叙利亚内战中不可言说、仍在继续的罪行。Photographer Peter van Agtmael has spent many years documenting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and their aftermath. In June, he made a touching portrait of an Iraqi war veteran-turned stand-up comedian, Bobby Henline, as part of a photo essay and documentary film for TIME.摄影师彼得·范·阿赫特梅尔(Peter van Agtmael)曾花数年记录伊拉克战争和阿富汗战争及其灾后景象。六月,他拍下一张伊拉克战争中幸存的老兵、单口喜剧演员鲍比·亨兰仰浮的动人照片,这是《时代》插图文章和纪录片的一部分。David Jenkins captures an astounding photograph of a great white shark near Seal Island, South Africa whose prey, the great fur seal, looks to have gotten away. You’ll have to his account to find out.戴维·詹金斯(David Jenkins)在南非群岛捕捉到一只大海豹躲避天敌大白鲨的惊险一瞬。具体情境可参考戴维的记录。Early in the year, Tim Holmes, his wife and five grandchildren took refuge in the sea bordering their property when a wild brush fire swept through their Australian coastal town. Holmes took a harrowing picture with his mobile phone to send to his daughter as proof that they were all okay. While Holmes is not a news photographer, his picture is testament to the power of the mobile phone and the fact that some of the most newsworthy and emotional pictures can be made by normal citizens in the midst of a breaking story.今年年初,蒂姆·霍姆斯(Tim Holmes)所在的澳大利亚海岸小镇被林火席卷,他和妻子及五个孙儿在海边的房子避难。他用手机拍下这张令人悲痛的照片发给女儿确认他们安全无事。尽管霍姆斯并非新闻摄影师,但他的照片明了手机功能之强大,另外还说明置身离奇事件中的普通人也可以拍出具备新闻价值的动人之作。We spoke to each of the 10 photographers about the image that he or she shot; their words provide the captions accompanying the photos in the gallery above.我们与上述10位摄影师一一对话了解他/她的作品,为以上作品配上图片说明。In the next few weeks, TIME.com will roll out our year-end photo specials. For the third year in a row, we’ll present our annual “365: Year in Pictures” gallery — a comprehensive look at the strongest picture from each and every day of 2013; the Most Surprising Pictures of the Year; TIME’s best photojournalism and portraiture from 2013 and TIME’s choice for the Wire Photographer of the Year. TIME’s Senior Photo Editor, Phil Bicker, is curating many of these galleries with help from the photo team at TIME. Bicker’s discerning and nuanced eye is responsible for the curation of TIME’s Pictures of the Week — galleries that present surprising and occasionally offbeat photographs from around the globe. We hope you will enjoy the selections and keep watching for updates through the end of 2013. Think we missed something? Tell us your favorite photo of 2013 using #TIME2013.未来几周内,《时代》官网将推出年末摄影专栏。连续三年,我们举办每年一度的“年度最佳照片”展——2013年每日最佳照片纵览;年度最惊人之作;2013《时代》最佳新闻摄影及肖像,《时代》年度最佳通讯摄影师。《时代》资深摄影编辑菲尔·比克(Phil Bicker)受《时代》旗下摄影组的帮助,组织众多摄影艺术展。视角细腻而犀利的比克负责《时代》每周最佳照片——展出世界各地出人意料的作品。我们希望您能喜欢这些摄影选集,年末将陆续上新。是否有您最喜欢的作品?您可以在2013《时代》微上告诉我们。Finally, I’m especially proud to announce that our upcoming Dec. 23rd issue of TIME will be dedicated fully to the art and power of the photograph in 2013. Stay tuned…最后,我无比自豪地宣布12月23日的《时代》将全版呈现2013伟大的艺术——年度照片集,敬请关注! /201312/269465

1. The warm sunny weather always give me a sense of well-being。  温暖阳光的天气一直都给我幸福安宁的感觉。  2. We didn#39;t have the picnic because the weather was unsettled。  我们没有出去野餐,因为天气变幻莫测。  3. The spell of rainy weather has broken。  持续的雨天突然放晴了。  4. The weather was lazy。  这天气使人无精打采。  5. Severe weather immobilized the rescue team。  恶劣的天气给救援队的工作增加了难度。  6. As often as not the buses are late on foggy day。  每逢多雾天气,公车往往误点。  7. We had glorious weather for our cruise, sunshine all day and every day。  我们这次巡航天气实在太好了,一连几天阳光普照。  8. The cold weather froze the lake 。  寒冷的天气使湖水结冰了。  9. The air was frosty。  空气凛冽。  10. You need cool, moist weather for these plants to germinate。  这些植物在清凉潮湿的天气中才能发芽。  11. Rainy weather always depresses me。  雨天总会使我心情抑郁。  12. The wet weather extended into September。  潮湿阴雨的天气一直延续到了九月份。 /201312/269604

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