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Spencer: I would love to see you in this outfit: a tank top and a miniskirt.斯宾塞:我喜欢看你穿这身行头:背心配迷你裙Lauren: No way! I wouldnt look anything like that mannequin. Im too shy and Id make a fool of myself wearing such revealing clothes.劳伦:绝不!我穿上它肯定不如模特儿好看我很害羞,而且穿上这么的暴露的衣会把自己弄得像个傻瓜Spencer: That where youre wrong. You would look great on the beach in that outfit with a bikini underneath.斯宾塞:那你可就错了在沙滩上穿上这一套,再搭配上比基尼,看起来棒极了Lauren: I havent worn a bikini in years. I always wear a one-piece now. In fact, Id feel more comtable in a T-shirt, cut-offs, and flip- flops.劳伦:我好几年没穿过比基尼了现在我一直穿连衣裙实际上,我感觉穿T恤,牛仔短裤和人字拖会更加舒一点Spencer: Why would you want to hide that figure? If you want to do that, why dont you just wear this Hawaiian shirt and these board-shorts. Then no one will know youre a woman!斯宾塞:为什么你想隐藏你的身材呢?如果你真想那样,为什么不干脆穿上夏威夷衬衫和滑板裤啊那样就没人知道你是女人了!Lauren: Dont get mad. Okay, you can pick out an outfit me and I promise to wear it you. Okay?劳伦:不要生气好吧,你可以为我挑选一套,我保会为你穿一次行吗?Spencer: Fine, but Im warning you: I want to see some skin!斯宾塞:那就好,但我现在警告你:我想看你暴露一点的样子原文译文属! 3Story Spots 78每日啃一段阳光絮语,您的生活更加精 经典语段:“I have business to talk about, “ Mr Bumble told Mrs Mann as he entered the house. He was a big fat man, often bad-tempered, and was full of self-importance. He did not like to be kept waiting at a locked gate. “我有点事要跟你谈”班布尔先生跟曼太太说着,走进了屋子他是个身材肥胖、脾气暴躁、妄自尊大的人他可不喜欢被关在门外长时间地等候 Mrs Mann took his hat and coat, placed a chair him, and expressed great concern his comt.“You’ve had a long walk, Mr Bumble’ she said, “ and you must be thirsty.” She took out a bottle from the cupboard.曼太太接过了他的帽子和外衣,替他端过—把椅子,并且对他是否舒适表示了极大的关心“班布尔先生,您大老远地走来,一定是渴了”她说着从橱子里拿出了一个瓶子 “No, thank you, Mrs Mann. Not a drop.” He waved the bottle away.” “不,谢谢,曼太太,我一滴都不喝”他挥手推开瓶子 “Just a little drop, Mr Bumble, with cold water,” said Mrs Mann persuasively. “只稍稍来一点儿,班布尔先生,这是加了冰水的”她极力地劝说着 语段精讲: 第一、词汇精讲1. bad-tempered释义:often angry; in an angry mood[adj.] 脾气不好的,容易发怒的例句:She gets very bad-tempered when she tired. 当她疲倦的时候,她通常容易发怒He sat in bad-tempered silence.他静坐着,心中充满怒火. self-importance释义:excessively high regard one own importance or station[U.N.] 妄自尊大,高傲:对自己的重要性或地位持过高的观点例句:He is being puffed out with self-importance. 他自以为了不起而摆架子来 It was true that Sarah was full of self-importance, and made any errand she ran seem a matter of life or death. 的确,萨拉总是把自己看得很了不起,把她的每一次跑腿都办得象是一桩生死攸关的大事 3. persuasively释义:the way of being able to persuade[adv.] 有说力地,口才好地范例:He spoke a very persuasively but I smelled a rat and refused his offer.他说得头头是道,但我觉得有些可疑,于是拒绝了他的建议He speaks very persuasively but I feel in my bones that he is lying.他的话颇有说力,不过我直觉地感到他是在骗人第二、固定短语1. full of:充满例句:The papers are full of stories about the royals. 报纸上尽是些关于王室成员趣闻逸事的报道His songs are full of dirge. 他的歌充满了忧伤. concern :对......的关心例句:Concern others seems to be at something of a discount today. 如今好像不兴关心别人了He exhibited total lack of concern the child. 可以看出他对那孩子毫不关心3. wave away:拒绝接受(被提供之物)例句:She waved away me offer of a cigarette. 他一挥手拒绝了我敬他的烟He waved away the idea of more talk. 他挥挥手表示不愿再谈下去了. take out (from):把......从......拿出例句:It getting cool and I have to take out my woolen gloves. 天气变冷了,我不得不把毛线手套拿出来了第三、写作语汇1. enter the house:进入房子. express concern:表示关心3. have a long walk:走了很远的路第四、语法讲解He did not like to be kept waiting at a locked gate.要点:划线部分是做该句子主语的补足语第五、小故事学口语John来到了求职办公室,经理的秘书会问你有什么事情John 说:I have business to talk about to your manager.(我有事情要找你们经理谈)秘书马上place a chair him(端来椅子),并且递上热茶,可是约翰却说:“Not a drop.(我一点儿也不喝)” 0197The Heart Of The Woman by W.B.YeatsO WHAT to me the little roomThat was brimmed up with prayer and rest;He bade me out into the gloom,And my breast lies upon his breast.O what to me my mother’s care,The house where I was safe and warm;The shadowy blossom of my hairWill hide us from the bitter storm.O hiding hair and dewy eyes,I am no more with life and death,My heart upon his warm heart lies,My breath is mixed into his breath. 36896

有一种读音;We’ll do it on our own.Now there are five students in our class.Peter, who is our boss, is making heavy b.Who will be our leader?Don’t talk back to our parents. 53

原创朗读:MrPan Alone holding an oil-paper umbrella,撑着油纸伞,独自I wander along a long solitary lane in the rain,彷徨在悠长,悠长又寂寥的雨巷,Hoping to encounter a girl like a bouquet of lilacs我希望逢着一个丁香一样的Gnawed by anxiety and resentment.结着愁怨的姑娘A girl她是有The color of lilacs,丁香一样的颜色,The fragrance of lilacs,丁香一样的芬芳,The worries of lilacs,丁香一样的忧愁,Feeling melancholy in the rain,在雨中哀怨,Plaintive and hesitating.哀怨又彷徨She wanders along the solitary lane in the rain,她彷徨在这寂寥的雨巷,Holding an oil-paper umbrella撑着油纸伞Just as I do,象我一样,Just like me,象我一样地Walking slowly in silence,默默行着,Aloof, sad and melancholy.冷漠,凄凉,又惆怅Silently she comes closer,她默默地走近,Closer, giving me a glance like a sigh;走近,又投出,太息一样的眼光,Then she floats past like a dream,她飘过,象梦一般地,Dreary and blank like a dream.象梦一般地凄婉迷茫Like a lilac象梦中飘过Floating past in a dream,一丁香地,the girl floats past me;我身旁飘过这女郎;Silently she goes further and further, to the crumbling wall,她静默地远了,远了,到了颓圮的篱墙,Out of the lane in the rain.走尽这雨巷In the mournful melody of the rain,在雨的哀曲中,Her color has faded,消了她的颜色,Her fragrance has disappeared,散了她的芬芳,Vanished into the void;消散了;Even her glance like a sigh,甚至她的太息般的眼光,Melancholy like lilacs.丁香般的惆怅Alone holding an oil-paper umbrella,撑着油纸伞,独自I wander along a long solitary lane in the rain,彷徨在悠长,悠长又寂寥的雨巷,Hoping to pass a girl like a bouquet of lilacs我希望飘过一个丁香一样的Gnawed by anxiety and resentment.结着愁怨的姑娘更多美文内容,请关注微信公众号:pansvoice本专辑原创朗读版权归潘之声所有 788

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