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For two days in early June every year China comes to a standstill as high school students who are about to graduate take their college entrance exams. Literally the “higher examination” the gaokao is a national event on a par with a public holiday but much less fun.每年六月上旬,在高考的两天,中国停止一切运作。高考从字面意思上看,就是高等考试,这是全国大事,有两天假期,却并不轻松愉快。Construction work is halted near examination halls so as not to disturb the students and traffic is diverted. Ambulances are on call outside in case of nervous collapses and police cars patrol to keep the streets quiet.工地停止施工以防噪声影响考试,交通改道,救护车在校外随时待命,以防有紧张崩溃的学生,警车在路面巡逻,保街道安静。Radio talkshow hosts discuss the format and questions in painstaking detail and when the results come out the top scorers are feted nationally.电台主持人们全方位的讨论出题形式和具体题目。分数出来后,状元们享誉全国。高分还是低分,决定着你人生的机遇与潜力。A high or low mark determines life opportunities and earning potential. That score is the most important number of any Chinese child’s life the culmination of years of schooling memorisation and constant stress.十二年的寒窗苦读,经年累月的高压学习,都是为了这一天。高考分数,是每个中国孩子生命中最重的数字。(每个经历过高考的都感同身受吧,特别是高考大省的。。) /201610/471795

Hong Kong martial arts novelist Huang Yi has died at age of 65 after suffering a stroke last Wednesday.香港知名武侠小说作家黄易因突然中风于上周三病逝,享年65岁。Huang, whose real name was Wong Cho-keung, died in a public hospital with loved ones by his side.黄易本名为黄祖强,是在家人的陪伴下于医院走完的最后一程。Several of his martial arts works were turned into popular television series, such as ;A Step into the Past,; adopted from his novel Xun Qin Ji. It was broadcast on TVB Jade in 2001 and featured Louis Koo Tin-lok and Raymond Lam Fung.黄易的许多武侠作品都已被翻拍成颇受欢迎的电视剧,比如根据他所创作的同名小说改编成的《寻秦记》。这部电视剧于2001年在TVB播出,由古天乐和林峯领衔出演。He graduated from the Department of Fine Arts of the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1977 and once worked as the assistant curator of the Hong Kong Museum of Art.黄易于1977年毕业于香港中文大学艺术系,曾在香港艺术物馆做过一段时间的馆长助理。In the late 80s, Huang, as a lover of Chinese art, history and the Chinese classic I Ching, started to explore a new career as a writer, and picked the Chinese character Yi, or I, as his pen name.在上个世纪八十年代末,作为中国艺术、历史以及经典著作《易经》的爱好者,他开始以一名作者的身份探索一段新的职业生涯,并将黄易作为自己的笔名。In the 1990s, after the golden age of wuxia literature, the general public became increasingly skeptical about wuxia literature and it lost much of its previous aura.在二十世纪九十年代,武侠文学的黄金时代刚刚结束,越来越多的人开始对武侠文学持怀疑态度,导致武侠失去了其原有的大部分光环。However, the emergence of Huang Yi infused new life into the wuxia genre.但是,黄易的出现为武侠流派注入了新的生命和活力。From Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion to A Step Into The Past and to the now popular Da Tang Shuang Long Zhuan (Twins of Brothers), Huang Yi has combined science fiction with traditional Chinese culture including metaphysics and philosophy to create a new style of work.从《覆雨翻云》到《寻秦记》,再到现如今大受欢迎的《大唐双龙传》,黄易将科幻小说与包括玄学和哲学在内的中国传统文化结合在一起,开创了一种全新的武侠方式。 /201704/503934

Magic, it turns out, is a highly addictive thing - and when it comes to the intricate fictional world of JK Rowling, fans can rarely get enough.事实上,魔法这东西很容易上瘾,而提起JK.罗琳笔下错综复杂的魔幻世界更是让人欲罢不能。To celebrate the release of Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them, a number of books on the making of the film have consequently been published, including Ian Nathan#39;s behind-the-scenes guide Inside the Magic, and The Case of Beasts, which explores the wizarding world shown in the film.为庆祝电影《神奇动物在哪里》上映,一系列描写该片制作过程的书籍已经上架,其中包括伊恩.纳森的电影幕后指南《魔法探秘》,以及揭开片中呈现的魔法世界的《神奇动物居住的手提箱》。We had a look through, to see what we could glean about Fantastic Beats, its cast, and Rowling#39;s script.为了搜集关于电影、演员以及剧本的信息,我们已经阅读了这些书。Here are some of the things we learnt:以下是我们的收获:1.Eddie Redmayne wound up ;sobbing; after ing the script for the first time1.埃迪.雷德梅尼第一次看完剧本后难过得哭了In Yates-ian style, the director held a ;slightly clandestine meeting; with Redmayne near Christmas in the basement of ;a hidden little club in Soho;, next to a roaring fire. He later went to safari parks to meet real zoologists and meet experts in animal breeding to learn about these people cared for exotic creatures.圣诞节临近时,导演叶茨在Soho区一家隐秘俱乐部的地下室里与雷德梅尼在熊熊燃烧的火堆旁“秘密小聚了一次”。这是他一贯的作风。随后,他到野生动物园拜访了真正的动物学家以及动物育种专家,了解这些照料外来生物的人们。2.JK Rowling wrote the script in two-day chunks2.JK.罗琳两天重写一遍剧本Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is Rowling#39;s debut screenplay, and she said that, in comparison to writing a novel, she really, really, really enjoyed it.《神奇动物在哪里》是罗琳的电影剧本处女作。比起写小说,她认为自己真的、真的很喜欢写剧本。Rowling was in constant communication with Yates and serial Potter-producers Steve Kloves and Lionel Wigram. She would then: ;depart for her hotel and spent two nights at her keyboard, returning having not slept but rewritten huge portions of the script, sometimes producing an entirely new draft.;罗琳与叶茨、哈利.波特系列电影制作人史蒂夫.克劳夫和莱昂纳尔.威格拉姆不断沟通后,便“赶回酒店,花上两晚不眠不休地码字,又将剧本的大部分重写,有时还会创作出全新的剧本初稿。”3. Redmayne made sure that Newt#39;s wand was animal-free3.雷德梅尼坚信纽特的魔杖没有动物元素Prop modeller Pierre Bohanna wanted Newt#39;s wand to include an ;animal component;, such as Fawkes#39;s phoenix features that can be found in both Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort#39;s wand, but Redmayne refused: he was ;insistent there would be no leather or horn involved. Newt wouldn#39;t stand for that. ;道具师皮埃尔.哈纳希望在纽特的魔杖中加入“动物元素”,就好比哈利.波特和伏地魔的魔杖中有凤凰福克斯的尾羽。但雷德梅尼拒绝了该想法。他“坚持认为魔杖不应该包含任何皮革或者动物犄角成分。纽特不会持这种做法。”4.The crew built 1920s New York on set at Leavesdon Studios4.工作人员在利维斯登制片厂搭建出上世纪20年代的纽约城It took just 16 weeks to create Manhattan#39;s Lower East Side, TriBeCa and the Diamond District in 1926 in a studio an hour north of London. The set needed constant re-dressing by an army different teams of designers and dressers during the five months it was used for filming.距伦敦以北一小时车程有一间制片厂,工作人员仅用了16周就在那里搭建起1926年时的曼哈顿下东区、特里贝克地区以及钻石区。在用于电影拍摄的5个月间,这处电影布景需要一大批设计和化妆团队不断对其重新修饰。The same attention to detail was given to the office space of the MACUSA, where Tina and Queenie Goldstein work - 80 bespoke desks were designed and built and chairs were imported from the US for the set.工作人员对美国魔法国会布景的细节处理同样一丝不苟,他们为蒂娜和奎妮的办公室设计制作了80台定制桌子,而椅子是从美国进口的。5. Queenie is the most attractive female character Rowling has ever created5.奎妮是罗琳笔下最有魅力的女性She wrote as much in the script: ;The most beautiful girl ever to don witch#39;s robes;.罗琳在剧本中这样写道:“她是有史以来最美的女巫”。6.The extras really earned their money6.群众演员真的很辛苦To recreate the chaos of 1920s Manhattan, there needed to be a lot of extras and a lot of costumes. The problem was that Fantastic Beasts was set in December, so the cast were dressed up in overcoats, scarves and gloves - and the crowd scenes were shot in August 2015. Everyone was sweltering, remembers crowd costumer Gary Hyams, and ;tended to undo their coats or take their scarves off and tuck them into their pockets.;为了重现上世纪20年代曼哈顿地区的混乱场景,需要大批穿着戏的群演。问题是电影的时间设定是12月,演员们都穿着大衣、戴着围巾和手套,然而群演画面的拍摄时间是2015年8月。一位扮演顾客的群演盖瑞.海厄姆回忆道,所有人都很热,“他们都想解开大衣、取下围巾塞进口袋”。7.There are a lot of deliberate similarities between Harry Potter and Credence Barebone7.哈利.波特和克雷登斯.拜尔本有很多刻意为之的相似之处Both are orphans, adopted into loveless families and thrown into the paths of a struggle between good and dark magic.他们都是孤儿,都被冷漠的家庭收养,都被卷入正义和黑暗魔法之间的较量。;It#39;s rare that fantasy can touch on something this painful and delicate,; said actor Ezra Miller, who plays Credence.饰演克雷登斯的埃兹拉.米勒表示,“魔幻故事很少能触及如此痛苦而细腻的情感。”Producer David Heyman indicated that Credence#39;s character and the struggles we see him go through in the film are a metaphor for the dangers of repression.制片人大卫.海曼表示,克雷登斯这个角色以及片中他的遭遇都象征着压抑情感的危害。8.Tina#39;s trousers were designed to show that she was a modern, forward-thinking type of woman8.蒂娜穿裤子的设定是为了表现她是一个前卫而有远见的女人Costume designer Colleen Atwood made the decision to put Katherine Waterston#39;s character in trousers (something that was not all that common for women in the 1920s) as a way of demonstrating Tina#39;s independent side.装设计师柯琳.阿特伍德决定让凯瑟琳.沃特斯顿饰演的角色穿着裤子(女人穿裤子在上世纪20年代并不常见),通过这种方式展示了蒂娜独立的一面。9.The Demiguise was #39;babysitting#39; the young Occamy9.隐形兽是小鸟蛇的“保姆”Ever wonder why, in Fantastic Beasts, Dougal the Demiguise escaped?想知道电影中的隐形兽为什么逃跑吗?We always assumed that the mysterious ape-like creature with a talent for invisibility just saw his chance and decided to make a run for it. But the truth, it turns out, is a lot more aww-inducing.我们一直认为,这种会隐身的神秘猿类生物是看准了机会决定逃跑的。但事实上,真相比这有爱。According to Redmayne, in the script Dougal ventures out solely in order to protect the lost young Occamy.根据雷德梅尼的说法,在剧本中,隐形兽只身冒险是为了保护走失的小鸟蛇。JK Rowling apparently came up with the idea that the Demiguise should show a caring instinct while the creature was still in the design stage.显然,罗琳在构思阶段就想到要让隐形兽表现出充满爱心的本能。10.The chilling MACUSA execution pool was inspired by a Saatchi Gallery installation10.美国魔法国会令人胆寒的死刑执行池灵感来自萨奇画廊的一件装置艺术品According to the film#39;s VFX supervisor Christian Manz, the disturbing, memory-absorbing pool seen in the film was designed to resemble a Saatchi Gallery artwork ;where there was oil with a perfect reflection on the surface;.据电影特效总监克里斯汀.曼茨称,记忆吸收池的设计模仿了萨奇画廊的一件艺术品,它利用油映射出完美的镜像。Although the installation in question isn#39;t named, it sounds as if Manz is referring to artist Richard Wilson#39;s 20:50, a permanent piece in which an entire room at the gallery is filled with smooth black engine oil.虽然曼茨没有提及这件装置作品的名字,但是他所指的似乎是理查德.威尔逊的《20:50》。这件永久作品将画廊中的一整间房间注满黑色机油。 /201612/481637

For those concerned about wrinkly old skin, it might be an ingenious solution: a stretchy ;second skin; that can make aged tissue look more youthful.对于那些担心皱纹横生的衰老皮肤的人来说,这可能是一种独创解决方案:一种可伸展的;二次肌肤;能够让老化的组织看起来更加年轻。The wearable film developed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology has shown promise in a series of small trials where it was applied to wrinkles, under-eye bags and patches of dry skin.由麻省理工研发的这一可戴薄膜,已经在一系列小型试验中给了人们希望,这种薄膜将被应用到皱纹、眼袋和干燥的皮肤上。When applied to the face or body, the thin, transparent layer adheres to the skin and supports the tissue, making it look and behave like younger skin, its creators claim.该薄膜的发明者表示,当被使用到脸部或者皮肤上时,这种薄而透明的膜状物会附着在皮肤上,撑起组织,让皮肤看起来更年轻。;What we#39;ve been able to do is create a cream that you can put on the skin and then when it#39;s on the skin it can actually form essentially an elastic second skin,; said Bob Langer, who led the research.领导该项研究的鲍勃·兰格表示:;我们能做的,就是发明一种放置于皮肤之上的霜状物。这种在皮肤上的东西,实质上会形成一层有弹性的二次肌肤。;Tests in the lab found that the polymer film, which is only 70 thousandths of a millimetre thick, reduced the appearance of wrinkles and under-eye bagging, and helped retain moisture in patches of dry skin.实验室中的试验发现,这种只有千分之一毫米厚的聚合薄膜可以减少皱纹和眼袋的出现,帮助保持干燥肌肤的水分。;It#39;s something you can wear for a whole day or longer depending on the physical forces that get applied to the area where it is worn,; said Daniel Anderson, who helped develop the product at MIT. ;You can#39;t tell you#39;re wearing it.;帮助麻省理工研发产品的丹尼尔·安德森表示:;根据佩戴区域的物理力量,这种东西可以戴一天甚至更久的时间。你看不出来是否你在戴着它。;While normal cosmetics can mask imperfections on the skin, the new coating changes the way skin behaves by giving it the elasticity of young skin.尽管正常化妆品可以掩盖皮肤的瑕疵,但是这一新的薄膜可以改变皮肤的状态,赋予它年轻皮肤的弹性。 /201610/471422

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