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郑州华山整形做双眼皮价钱费用河南激光去痣多少钱一颗American singer Bob Dylan has become the first musician to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. 美国歌手鲍勃#8226;迪伦成为首个获得诺贝尔文学奖的音乐人。The 75-year-old was given the prestigious accolade for ;having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition;. 现年75岁的鲍勃#8226;迪伦因其“在伟大的美国歌曲传统中创造了新的诗歌表达形式”而获得此项殊荣。Born Robert Zimmerman on May 24 1941, in the backwaters of Minnesota, he reinvented himself as Bob Dylan. 鲍勃#8226;迪伦原名罗伯特#8226;齐默曼,1941年5月24日出生在美国明尼苏达州的回水区。He is considered one of the greatest lyricists of modern times having penned memorable hits such as Blowin#39; In The Wind and The Times They Are A-Changin#39;. 他被认为是现代最伟大的作词家,写过许多令人难忘的热门歌曲,比如《在风中飘荡》和《变革的时代》。In honour of him winning the Nobel prize for literature, we pick out some of Bob Dylan’s greatest lyrics and most memorable songs. 为了庆祝鲍勃#8226;迪伦获得诺贝尔文学奖,我们精选出他最伟大的几段歌词和最令人难忘的歌曲供读者欣赏。Blowin#39; in the Wind《在风中飘荡》The Times They Are a-Changin#39;《变革的时代》Mr Tambourine Man《铃鼓先生》Just Like a Woman《就像个女人》Masters of War《战争贩子》 /201610/472159郑州/激光去痣平均价格 This man won the battle to wear horns on his head in state ID photo大叔最终拍到了“戴犄角”的身份头像Phelan MoonSong doesn#39;t see any problem with wearing horns on his head.Phelan MoonSong觉得自己头上戴犄角再正常不过。;I consider them part of my religious wear,; he told InsideEdition.com Thursday.“它们是我的宗教配饰,”他周四告诉InsideEdition网站。But the state of Maine had some problems with the protuberances and told MoonSong, who is a pagan priest, that the horns would have to go for the official photo on his state identification card.但缅因州对这对犄角却有点意见。相关人士告诉作为异教徒牧师的MoonSong,想戴犄角就要把州身份上也换上戴犄角的照片。The retired tech employee politely explained his religion, and he was given an envelope addressed to the secretary of state, and told to appeal the decision and explain his beliefs, he said.这位退休的老技工礼貌地解释了自己的宗教。负责人也给他一个收件人为“州秘书处”的信封,让他对此上诉并解释自己的信仰。Which he dutifully did in the middle of August. ;I waited,; he said. ;I was patient.;他在八月中旬也真的这么做了。“我等着他们回复,我很耐心,”他说。Last month, he picked up the phone and called the secretary#39;s office, only to be told his appeal had been rejected.上月,他又给秘书处打了电话,结果被告知他的上诉被驳回。He really needed that ID because ;in today#39;s world, without a photo ID, you can#39;t really do much.; He can#39;t drive because of health difficulties, so the state identification card would be his only official document with a photo attached.他真心需要这身份,因为“在今天,没有身份,几乎什么都做不了。”他身体不好不能开车,所以州身份就成了他唯一有头像的身份明了。He recently changed his name to reflect his paganism, which was why he was applying for a new ID card, and having his photo taken.最近他为自己的信仰改了名字,所以需要重新拍照、更换州身份。Despite being turned down, he didn#39;t give up.此次虽然被拒,但他决不放弃。He contacted the Maine Civil Liberties Union. He went back to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and again asked for his photo to be taken. This time, the clerk took his picture and sent him on his way.他联系了缅因民权联盟。随后又到机动车辆局,再次要求他们给他拍戴犄角的照片。这一次,工作人员顺着他心意给他拍了照。His new card arrived last week.上周,他终于收到了自己的新身份。He#39;s not sure why his last visit to the BMV went fine. He#39;s just glad to have a government-issued photo ID.他不清楚为什么这次机动车辆局给拍了照,但新身份让他感到很开心。He doesn#39;t wear his horns 100 percent of the time, he said. But he does tie them on his head when he goes out in public.其实除了在公共场合,平时他也不怎么戴犄角。;A lot of people stare, especially children,; he said. His horns act as his ;spiritual antennae,; he explained.“公共场合有很多人盯着我看,尤其是小孩,”他说,“但这对犄角对我来说,是宗教灵魂的触角”。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201612/485216郑州/如何去斑

郑州e光祛斑哪家医院好Pregnancy is one of the most fascinating things that every woman will experience. There is nothing like growing a human inside of your own body. Did you know that your baby pees in the womb? 怀是每个女人都会经历的最神奇的事之一,没有什么事能跟育宝宝相提并论了。你知道宝宝在子宫里会尿尿吗?And do you know where that pee goes? They drink it. Kind of disgusting, right?! Here are 12 weird facts about pregnancy that will blow your mind!你知道尿去哪儿了吗?被宝宝喝掉了。有点恶心,对吧?下面这12件关于怀不可思议的真相绝对会让你脑洞大开!婴儿在怀21周左右开始有大便,直到出生才会排出来。妇的脚会涨一个码,因为脚部会保留额外液体和水。婴儿在子宫里真地能品尝妈妈吃的食物。2000个婴儿中有一个出生时就有一颗牙。经过整个期子宫从桃子那么大长到大约西瓜那么大。宝宝会在子宫里哭。整个期的90%女人肤色都在变化。多花时间抚摸肚子,和里面的宝宝说说话,因为胎儿有感觉,能看到,也能听到。婴儿会在子宫里尿尿,然后自己喝掉,然后再尿,再喝掉。羊水主要是无菌尿。中非比任何其他发展中地区的双胞胎数量都多。新晋妈妈和妇听到宝宝哭时会自动分泌乳汁,甚至哭的不是自己家孩子时也会如此。 /201612/481141南阳市中心医院整形中心 Online ads for food and drinks high in fat, salt or sugar aimed at children are to be banned under new rules.在新的规定下,针对儿童的高脂肪、高盐分或高糖分食物和饮料的在线广告将被封杀。The Committee on Advertising Practice (CAP) said its restrictions would also apply to all other media.广告实践委员会(CAP)表示,其限制也适用于所有其它媒体。The rules are an attempt to help tackle obesity when children are spending more time online than ever before.这些规定是为了在孩子们比以前花更多的时间上网时,帮助解决孩子们的肥胖问题。But critics say the new rules do not go far enough and may not have any impact.但批评人士表示,新的规定做的还远远不够,可能不会有任何影响。They point to the thousands of children watching TV shows and s online not specifically targeted at children.他们指出,成千上万的孩子在线观看的电视节目和视频并不是专门针对儿童的。Last month, the World Health Organization warned that governments should be protecting children from junk food adverts in apps, social media and blogs.上个月,世界卫生组织警告称,政府应该保护儿童免受应用程序、社交媒体和视频客中垃圾食品广告的影响。Recent figures showed a third of children in the UK were overweight or obese by the time they left primary school.最近的数据显示,英国有三分之一的孩子在小学毕业时处于超重或肥胖的行列。The measures would help in the fight against the damaging effects of junk food and fizzy drinks - but more could be done.这些措施将有助于对抗垃圾食品和碳酸饮料的破坏性影响--但还有很长的路要走。The Advertising Standards Authority, which regulates all media in the UK, has said it will administer the new rules. The rules will come into effect on 1 July 2017.负责监管英国所有媒体的广告标准已表示将执行这些新的规定。新规定将于2017年7月1日起生效。 /201612/484845郑州哪里去痔不会留疤

河南省郑州华山整形医院激光去痘手术价钱费用Joanne Reitano told me, ;I developed burning in my eyes that made it very difficult to work.;乔安·雷塔诺告诉我,;我的眼睛有灼烧感,很难工作。;After resting her eyes for a while, the discomfort abates, but it quickly returns when she goes back to the computer. ;If I was playing computer games, I#39;d turn off the computer, but I need it to work;.让眼睛休息一会儿,这种不适感会有所减轻,但是她再回到电脑前时,很快就会感到不适。;如果我在玩电脑游戏,那么我会关掉电脑,但是我需要用电脑工作;。Reitano has a condition called computer vision syndrome. It can affect anyone who spends three or more hours a day in front of computer monitors, and the population at risk is potentially huge.雷塔诺换上了电脑视觉综合症。它可以影响到任何面对电脑显示器三个小时或更多时间的人,处于这种风险中的人群规模十分庞大。Worldwide, up to 70 million workers are at risk for computer vision syndrome, and those numbers are only likely to grow.在全世界,极易患上电脑视觉综合症的工作者高达7000万,并且这些数字只会日益增加。In a report about the condition written by eye care specialists in Nigeria and Botswana, the authors detail a list of professionals at risk — accountants, architects, bankers, engineers, flight controllers, graphic artists, journalists, academicians, secretaries and students — all of whom ;cannot work without the help of computer.;尼日利亚和茨瓦纳的眼部护理专家撰写了一篇关于该病症的报告,报告的作者详细列出了可能患上这种病的职业群体——会计师、建筑师、家、工程师、空管员、平面设计师、记者、学者、文秘和学生——这些人;离开电脑就不能工作;。And that#39;s not counting the millions of children and adolescents who spend many hours a day playing computer games.这还没算上每天花很多小时玩电脑游戏的成百上千万儿童和青少年。Studies have indicated 70 percent to 90 percent of people who use computers extensively, whether for work or play, have one or more symptoms of computer vision syndrome.研究显示,在工作或中经常使用电脑的人中,70%至90%患有一种或多种电脑视觉综合症。The effects of prolonged computer use are not just vision-related. Complaints include neurological symptoms like chronic headaches and musculoskeletal problems like neck and back pain.长期使用电脑不仅会对视觉方面造成影响,还有神经性症状,比如慢性头痛,以及颈部、背部肌肉疼痛等肌肉骨骼问题。Still, the most common computer-related complaint involves the eyes, which can develop blurred or double vision as well as burning, itching, dryness and redness, all of which can interfere with work performance.不过,与电脑有关的最常见的症状是眼部不适,包括视线模糊、重影以及灼烧感、瘙痒、干涩、发红,所有这些都会影响工作表现。Another unconscious effect is a greatly reduced frequency of blinking, which can result in dry, irritated eyes.另一个不易察觉的影响是眨眼频率大大降低,导致眼睛干涩、疼痛。While working on a computer, the blink rate is often reduced from 17 or more blinks a minute to only about 12 to 15 blinks.用电脑工作时,眨眼频率从每分钟17次降到每分钟12至15次。While prevention is most important, if you aly have symptoms of computer vision syndrome, there are ways to reduce or eliminate them.预防是最重要的,如果你已经出现电脑视觉综合症的症状,这里有一些方法缓解或消除它们。Ophthalmologists suggest adhering to the ;20-20-20; rule: Every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break and look at something 20 feet away.眼科医生遵循;20-20-20;法则,即每20分钟,休息20秒,看20英尺以外的地方。Consciously blink as often as possible to keep eye surfaces well lubricated. To further counter dryness, redness and painful irritation, use lubricating eye drops several times a day.尽可能有意识地眨眼,保持眼睛表面顺滑。进一步应对干涩、发红以及让人难受的过敏症状,可以一天点几次润滑滴眼液。You can also reduce the risk of dry eyes by keeping air from blowing in your face and by using a humidifier to add moisture to the air in the room.此外,为了减少眼睛干涩的风险,你可以避免让风吹到脸上,使用加湿器增加房间的空气湿度。 /201609/468621 1. It has been around a long time1.玉米糖历史悠久This irresistible candy was supposedly created by a man named George Renninger back in the 1800s. He worked for Wunderlee Candy Company and was the genius who concocted this spooky treat. Mr. Renninger, we salute you.这一难以抗拒的糖果可能是由19世纪的一位叫做乔治·瑞宁格尔命名的。他在万得利糖果公司工作,是调制出这一可怕美食的天才。我们向瑞宁格尔先生致敬。2. He was not the best at names2.玉米糖的名字并不很好As much as we love George Renninger for coming up with the candy, he did not exactly come up with the best name. When it was first manufactured, it was called “Chicken Feed” since it looked so much like corn kernels. Not exactly appetizing! Luckily, as the sales of the candy stalled, someone had the bright idea to make some adjustments and the name was changed to “Candy Corn”.虽然我们对乔治·瑞宁格尔做出的之一糖果喜爱有加,但是他并没有想出最好的名字。当玉米糖开始第一批的生产的时候,因为糖果看起来非常像玉米粒,所以叫做“家禽饲料”。并不是那么让人有食欲!幸运的是,随着糖果摊上的销售,有人想出了很好的主意来调整这一糖果的名字,后来就改名为“玉米糖”。3. We eat a ton of it3.我们吃了很多玉米糖Apparently, we are not the only ones who love candy corn. Over 35 MILLION pounds of it are made each year. That’s 9 BILLION pieces! Now we do not feel so bad about the hundred or so that we eat each year.很显然,喜欢玉米糖的人并不只有我们。每年玉米糖的产量多达3500万磅以上。那可是90亿块玉米糖啊!现在我们并不因为我们每年吃的100块糖左右感到伤心。4. It is full of sugar4.玉米糖富含糖分As if you didn’t know that, right? But did you know that 19 pieces equal 28 grams sugar? Now, exactly how many pieces did your kid eat last night? No wonder they had so much energy!就像你根本不了解玉米糖一样,对吧?但是你知道19块玉米糖相当于28克的糖吗?现在,你的孩子昨天晚上到底吃了多少块糖?难怪他们有那么多的精力呢!5. It has its own special day5.玉米糖有自己特殊的日子We love Candy Corn so much that it is actually earned its own holiday. October 30th is officially national Candy Corn Day and has actually inspired quite a few candy corn themed desserts that you should try.我们太喜欢玉米糖了,实际上还给它争取了一个节日。10月30日是法定的玉米糖节日,实际上还激发了许多你应该试一试的玉米糖主题甜点。 /201702/490321郑州省人民医院绣眉价钱费用郑州那个医院可以去痣



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