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郑州/整形哪里比较好郑大二附院治疗痘坑多少钱河南省丰唇手术费用 A road safety campaign in Russia has come up with an inventive way to force drivers to slow down - by using topless women to carry speed limit signs.俄罗斯一个道路安全宣传活动用颇具创意的方式让路上的司机减速:让裸胸美女在路边举着限速牌。The scheme involves near naked women parading along the side of the road at accident blackspots.该活动还包括让衣着清凉的女性在事故多发路段游行。A trial showed that the idea significantly slowed traffic near a pedestrian crossing in Severny village, in the central Nizhny Novgorod region.在下诺夫哥罗德区中心的塞弗尼村开展的公路安全活动试点结果显示,这一举措的效果还不错,车辆在经过人行横道时会减速。Road safety campaign Avtodrizhenia, who staged the trial, said that #39;most speeding drivers, the majority of whom happened to be men, slowed down to admire the female road safety assistants.#39;本次交通安全宣传活动的发起人Avtodrizhenia说道:大多数超速司机(主要是男性)会把车速降下来欣赏这些协助维持交通安全的女性。While the trial dates from 2013, the idea has been revived as part of a new national debate on reducing the 30,000 a year deaths on Russia#39;s roads.其实这项试点活动从2013年就开始了,但近来由于俄罗斯国内又在争论如何减少每年3万起交通死亡事故,这个创意又获得新的关注。The topless women held signs warning of 60 and 40 kilometres per hour. 裸胸女性高举时速60公里和40公里的限速警告牌。There were no reports of accidents caused by drivers being distracted.目前还没有司机因此分心而造成事故的报道。Elderly pedestrians were grateful for the bizarre method, claiming they took their lives in their hands each time they use the designated road crossing.老年人对这一不走寻常路的活动十分持,他们说每次过交叉路口时,都好像与死神擦肩而过。One female pensioner said: #39;Drivers do not let us cross. Some of them do but many others just fly past.一名老妇说:那些司机从来不让我们先过马路,有些人会慢下来让我们通过,但其他人会飞快驶过。#39;They even shout at us - #39;why are you walking here?#39; Can you believe it?#39;你能相信吗?他们甚至朝我们大喊大叫——‘你们为什么从这儿走?’One of the models who stripped off for the experiment said: #39;Our drivers usually do not slow down when they pass a village or a settlement even though there are speed limit signs by the road. 为该活动宽衣的一位女模特说:司机们在通过村庄或交叉路口时通常不会减速。即使有限速标志,也没用。So we have to make them do it.#39;所以,我们必须让他们慢下来。A male driver said: #39;It#39;s super thing, amazing. I#39;d like to see more of this by the road, and yes I looked at speed limit sign this time. 一位男性司机说:这个主意太棒了,我很乐意在路边看到更多美女限速牌,而且这回我真的看到了限速标志。It will teach other drivers too.#39;别的司机也一定会看的。Igor Mikhailushkin, head of the regional police press service in Nizhny Novgorod region, where the experiment took place, said: #39;We have organised similar installations this and last year trying to make the drivers obey the speed limit.下诺夫哥罗德地区警方新闻发言人伊格尔#8226;米哈伊尔乌什琴表示,我们去年和今年都组织了类似的活动,希望司机能够遵守限速规则。 #39;But I must say our girls were dressed more than these women.#39;不过,我不得不说,我们警局的女同事比这些女士穿得要多一些。Figures suggest Russia#39;s roads are among the most dangerous in the world.有数据表明俄罗斯公路是世界上最危险的公路之一。 /201609/465886DONGGUAN, China — Walking around an abandoned furniture factory, Fang Minghua pointed out the workshops where several hundred employees once toiled, transforming sheets of raw wood into TV stands or wardrobes for the aspiring middle class in China and other emerging economies.中国东莞——方明华(音)在一家废弃家具厂的周围走着,指着曾经是上百名工人辛勤工作的厂房,工人们曾在那里用粗木板制造电视柜和衣柜,供应给中国及其他新兴经济国家里渴望成为中产阶级的人The factory is relocating to a new facility two hours away, priced out by rising costs and falling orders. Mr. Fang estimated that as many as a third of the furniture factories around town had gone out of business, while many others were struggling.这家工厂正在搬到距此地两小时车程的新址,由于成本不断上升、订单减少,它在这里已无法生存。据方先生估计,东莞有多达三分之一的家具厂已经倒闭,许多其他厂家也在苦苦挣扎。“The economic slowdown is real,” said Mr. Fang, 46, who over the past 22 years had worked his way up from -a-month laborer to production supervisor.46岁的方先生说,“经济放缓是真的。”在过去的22年里,他从每月挣50美元(约合400元人民币)的打工者升到生产主管的位置。The downturn in Dongguan, a once-thriving manufacturing hub, is part of the Chinese economic puzzle that global investors are trying to solve.东莞曾是繁荣的制造业中心,这里出现的衰退是全球投资者在试图解决的中国经济难题的一部分。While China has been moving away from the type of low-end manufacturing that has been Dongguan’s specialty, the protracted slump in the country’s vast industrial sector is a major threat to the nation’s aly slowing economy. As the government tries to manage the situation, the risk is that the Chinese economy is worse off than expected — a concern that has put markets around the world on edge.虽然中国已经逐渐从东莞特长的低端制造业转型,但国内庞大工业部门的长期低迷对国家已经放缓的经济是个严重的威胁。随着政府试图对情况进行控制,存在着中国经济情况实际上比预期差的风险,这种担忧已让世界各地的股票市场坐立不安。The latest signals from China don’t offer much reassurance, with the economic weakness showing little sign of abating. On Tuesday, China reported growth of just 6.8 percent for the fourth quarter, its slowest expansion since the depths of the financial crisis in 2009.来自中国的最新信号并没有给人提供多少安慰,经济疲软没有任何减弱的迹象。周二,中国公布的去年第四季度增长率只有6.8%,这是自2009年的金融危机深渊以来,最慢的经济扩张速度。When it comes to the economy, Mr. Fang said, politicians and business leaders talk about industrial innovation and upgrading, “but I think that is just a slogan. It’s really hard to carry out.”方先生说,每当说到经济时,政客和商业领袖们就大谈特谈产业创新和升级,“但我认为那只是个口号。其实很难实现。”Dongguan is at the heart of south China’s Pearl River Delta. For decades, the region drove the country’s global ascent in exports, rolling out furniture, garments, shoes and other goods.东莞位于中国南方珠江三角洲的核心位置。几十年来,这个地区推动着中国向全球出口量的上升,制造了从家具到装和鞋等各种商品。But the world’s workshop has been stumbling as cheaper production bases in Asia have gained ground. Last year, Chinese exports fell for the first time since the financial crisis — and for only the second time since the country’s economy began reopening to the outside world in the late 1970s.但是,随着亚洲成本更低的生产基地逐渐形成,东莞的世界工厂已经面临困境。去年,中国的出口量自金融危机以来首次下降,这也仅仅是经济自从在20世纪70年代末向世界开放以来,中国出口量的第二次下降。That position is likely to be further eroded by the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The ed States-led trade agreement deepens American ties with Asian countries like Vietnam and Malaysia, but it excludes China.中国在全球制造业的地位很可能会由于跨太平洋伙伴关系而受到进一步的削弱。这一以美国为首的贸易协议将深化美国与越南和马来西亚等亚洲国家的关系,但不包括中国。The slump has created a tricky situation for the government.经济低迷已给政府制造了一种棘手的局面。Officials have encouraged phasing out low-end exports in favor of promoting the service sector and high-tech manufacturing. While newer and more dynamic companies are on the rise in China, the risk is that they won’t develop fast enough to offset the hollowing out of light manufacturing, which remains a shrinking but significant employer across the country.官员们在鼓励逐步淘汰低端出口产品,同时在提倡务业和高技术制造业。尽管更新、更充满活力的公司在中国呈上升的趋势,但风险在于,这些公司的发展速度不够快,不足以弥补轻工制造业的空缺,轻工制造业虽然在收缩,但仍是全国各地的主要用人单位。Some traditional manufacturers have responded to the downturn by relocating farther inland or overseas, where costs are generally lower. Others are trying to reduce their reliance on export orders by establishing their own branded products for domestic sale.一些传统的制造商对经济衰退的响应,是把工厂向内地或海外搬迁,因为这些更远地方的成本通常相对较低。其他制造商则努力在国内市场上建立自己的品牌产品,以减少对出口订单的依赖。“This is an unfortunate pain being felt in traditional, older sectors,” said Louis Kuijs, the head of Asia economics at Oxford Economics. However, he added, the shift away from low-end, labor-intensive manufacturing “is an unavoidable part of the structural change that the economy is undergoing.”“这种不幸的痛苦正在传统老行业中感受到,”牛津经济研究院(Oxford Economics)亚洲经济负责人高路易(Louis Kuijs)说。他补充说,但是,从低端的劳动密集型制造业转型,“是正在发生的经济结构性变化的一个不可避免的部分。”Zhang Lin, 43, is trying to adapt to the shifting terrain.43岁的张林(音)正在努力适应这种转型。As a supervisor, Mr. Zhang, who left his home in western Sichuan Province 25 years ago to work in Dongguan shoe factories, once oversaw about 7,000 production-line workers at a Taiwanese-owned factory here. At their peak, before the financial crisis, factories in the city accounted for about one in every four pairs of athletic shoes sold globally, according to estimates from the Dongguan Shoe Industry Commerce Association.25年前,张先生离开了他在四川省西部的老家,到东莞鞋厂打工,后来当了主管,他曾在这里的一家台资工厂负责监督大约7000名生产线上的工人。在金融危机之前的鼎盛时期,东莞工厂生产的运动鞋,大约占到全球出售运动鞋的25%,据东莞鞋业协会的估计。But rising costs have weighed heavily on the shoemaking business. The Taiwanese factory where Mr. Zhang worked closed in 2012. He and several partners went out on their own, setting up a plant making shoes and leather boots for brands like K-Swiss and Durango. Today, Mr. Zhang’s factory employs about 700 people.但是,成本上升也给制鞋企业带来了沉重的压力。张先生为其工作的台资工厂已于2012年倒闭。他和几个伙伴一起办了一家自己的工厂,为盖世威(K-Swiss)和杜兰戈(Durango)等品牌生产鞋子和皮靴。如今,张先生的工厂雇了大约700名工人。While costs are rising, demand from overseas customers has also been declining. The company’s orders slipped to about 1.2 million pairs of shoes last year, down about 15 percent from 2014.成本在上升,海外客户的需求也在不断下降。去年,公司订单上的鞋子减少了约120万双,与2014年相比,下降了15%左右。 /201601/424057郑州市第一人民医院脱毛多少钱

漯河市激光祛疤多少钱郑州华山医院能不能祛痘坑 郑州市第一人民医院祛疤痕价钱费用

郑州华山整形医院激光去斑手术价钱费用 Debris found in Mozambique is “highly likely” to come from MH370, Australian authorities said on Thursday, providing further evidence of the fate of the Malaysia Airlines plane that disappeared two years ago with 239 people on board. 澳大利亚官方周四表示,在莫桑比克发现的残骸“极有可能”来自MH370,为这架两年前失踪、机上载有239人的马来西亚航空公司(Malaysia Airlines)飞机的下落提供了进一步据。 An investigation team from Malaysia has found that two pieces of debris are consistent with panels from a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777, according to Darren Chester, Australia’s transport minister. 澳大利亚交通部长达伦#8226;切斯特(Darren Chester)透露,来自马来西亚的一个调查小组发现,两块残骸与马航一架波音777(Boeing 777)客机的壁板一致。 “The analysis has concluded the debris is almost certainly from MH370,” Mr Chester said. “分析得出结论,这些残骸几乎肯定来自MH370,”切斯特表示。 Liow Tiong Lai, Malaysian transport minister, said in a statement that paint and stencilling on the parts matched those used by Malaysia Airlines, while the dimensions, materials and construction of the parts match those of a Boeing 777. 马来西亚交通部长廖中莱(Liow Tiong Lai)在一份声明中表示,残骸上的油漆和标志与马航所用的油漆和标志相符,而其尺寸、材料和构造与波音777客机相符。 One of the pieces of debris was discovered by an American lawyer and amateur investigator Blaine Gibson in February while the other was found by a South African teenager Liam Lotter, who was on holiday in Mozambique in December. 其中一块残骸是美国律师及业余调查者布莱恩#8226;吉布森(Blaine Gibson)在2月份发现的,而另一块残骸是由南非少年利亚姆#8226;洛特(Liam Lotter)去年12月在莫桑比克度假时找到的。 Only four other 777s have been written off due to accidents since the aircraft type entered service in 1994. None of those were lost over the sea and all are accounted for. 自波音777飞机在1994年投入商用以来,迄今只有另外四架此型飞机因意外事故坠毁。这些事故没有一起发生在海上,而且均已找到残骸。 The Australian minister said the discovery on the east coast of Africa was consistent with drift modelling, which maps how ocean currents and wind would have dispersed floating debris from the search area in the southern Indian Ocean. 澳大利亚交通部长称,在非洲东海岸发现残骸,与漂移模型的预测是相符的,该模型绘制出洋流和风将使南印度洋搜索区域的漂浮物如何漂移。 A piece of the aircraft’s wing, called a flaperon, was found on the Indian Ocean island of Reunion last July. It was discovered by an islander, Johnny Bègue, who was in charge of a beach cleaning team. 去年7月在印度洋上的留尼汪岛(Reunion)发现了一块襟副翼残骸,那是飞机机翼的一个部件,它是被负责一个海滩清洁团队的本地人约翰尼#8226;贝格(Johnny Bègue)发现的。 A further piece of debris, suspected to be an engine cowling, has been found in South Africa, and Malaysian authorities are working to arrange examination of the object. 还有一块疑似发动机罩的残骸已在南非被发现,马来西亚有关部门正安排对其进行检查。 Air traffic controllers lost contact with MH370 less than an hour after take-off from Kuala Lumpur on March 8 2014. The passenger jet, bound for Beijing, changed course to the west. Analysis of satellite signals showed it then turned south and headed out over the Indian Ocean. 2014年3月8日,马航MH370航班从吉隆坡起飞不到一小时后就与空中交通管制失联。这架本应飞往北京的喷气客机改变航向,向西飞行。对卫星信号的分析表明,它随后掉头向南,飞向浩瀚的印度洋。 /201603/433534郑州华山整形做祛疤手术价钱费用新乡市治疗狐臭多少钱



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