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TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201510/400103To get some idea of this extraordinary distance为让大家更直观地认识这段惊人的距离and the challenge it presents,和它所意味着的挑战I#39;m going to imagine that we could hitch a ride想象一下,如果我们能搭上on the fastest man-made object in existence.现存最快的人造交通工具Voyager one was launched in 1977.旅行者一号 1977年发射Now over 30 years old,30多年后的今天it#39;s traveled more than 13 billion miles.它航行的路程已逾130亿英里It#39;s mission so far has taken it to Jupiter and Saturn.它已完成了到木星与土星航行By using their gravity to boost speed,借用行星的重力作用加速the little spacecraft has entered the record books.这艘小型飞船已被载入了史册It might not look fast,或许这样看起来不快but Voyager is racing through space at 11 miles a second.却在以每秒十一英里的速度于宇宙中穿梭On Earth, 11 miles a second looks like this.在地球上,秒速十一英里是这样的It#39;s 39,000 miles an hour.时速三万九千英里At this speed, we could circle the globe one and a half times in an hour.以此速度,我们每小时能绕地球一周半How long would it take a spaceship那么一艘速度达到旅行者号的飞船 traveling at Voyager#39;s speed to get to the nearest earth-like planet, Gliese?究竟要多久能抵达最近的类地行星葛利斯呢The answer reveals the true scale of the cosmos.问题的让我们真正见识了宇宙之浩淼For even traveling at 11 miles a second,即使秒速达到11英里the journey to Gliese would still take over 350,000 years.到达葛利斯仍需三十五万年以上I think we have a chance to我认为我们还是有机会become a lasting part of the ever-changing universe成为这瞬息万变的宇宙中永恒的一部分and to discover what other wonders it might hold,并去探索它的众多奥妙but to do this, we will have to develop但为达到这一目的,我们必须在new technology on an enormous scale.科技发展上跨出一大步And that#39;s going to take some serious engineering.而这将需开启巨大的工程There are many in the field of cosmology who believe as I do,宇宙学领域有观点与我一致的众多专家that finding ways to travel great distances认为找出一种在太空远距离航行的方法will be essential to keeping human life amazing in the universe.是让人类在宇宙中幸存的关键If we could build a machine如果我们能建造一台机器capable of traveling to other solar systems,在其他太阳系中穿梭we would open up a fascinating possibility.我们将开创一种美好的可能The survival of the human race for billions of years.即人类在数亿年后依然幸存 Article/201510/405841

Over 1,100 die in heat wave across India酷暑“烤”验印度 已致超过1100人死亡A heat wave is continuing to scorch India. It has now killed over 1,100 people, with most of the victims in the southern states.今年印度部分地区持续高温天气造成死亡人数已超过1100人。其中大多数受害者生活在南方各地。People are doing all they can to cope with the sweltering heat as temperatures soar to nearly 50 degrees Celsius in some places.一些地方气温迅速攀升至近50摄氏度,人们想尽一切办法进行解暑。In the most severely affected states-Andhra Pradesh and Telangana-more than 330 and 200 people respectively have died.在受影响最为严重的安得拉邦和特仑甘纳两个地区各造成330多人及200多人死亡。The government has announced that compensation of 1,500 US dollars will be given to the families of the deceased.印度政府已宣布为死者家属提供1500美元的补偿金。The Indian weather department has issued a red alert for these two states and has forecast that the heat wave will be lingering.印度气象部门已经在这两个地区发出红色警报并且预测高温热潮将会持续一段时间。 Article/201505/377550

无人驾驶汽车只是大数据时代的开始。由大数据所带来的未来技术和设计将会是什么样子的?Kenneth Cukier的精演讲给我们展现了由大数据给机器学习和人类知识带来的翻天覆地的变化。 Article/201501/350464

Taiwan#39;s ;Beehive; Fireworks Festival台湾盐水蜂炮节We are demonstrating the proper way to suit up for the Yuenshui Fireworks Festival. You want to make pretty damn sure that no bottle rockets can get underneath the helmet. Full-face helmet... Full-face helmet... Hmm... gloves... make it really hard to operate the camera, and my glasses just fell off, whatever. And the gloves have to be made of cotton so they don#39;t catch on fire.我们正在展示盐水蜂炮节的正确着装方式。你要真的非常确定没有冲天炮能从底下钻进安全帽。全罩式安全帽...全罩式安全帽...嗯...手套让人真的很难操作摄影机还有我的眼镜掉下来了,管他的。然后手套必须是棉制的,以免它们烧起来。As a first test, I walk beneath the rain of industrial grade sparklers. It burns like hell. Statues of the Gods are carried through the rain of fireworks throughout the night. Festival veterans light up hand-held fireworks and point them into the crowd. I decide to lead a temporary, strategic retreat.作为初步测试,我走到工业级烟火的火雨之下。烫死了。整个晚上,神像被扛着穿越在烟火雨之中。节庆老手点燃手持烟火并把它们指向群众。我决定做个暂时性、策略性的撤退。The spectacle attracts local and international media, not to mention many die-hard champions. Behind the scenes: a larger castle is prepared for its date with immolation, while smaller ones are satellites. Stoically and solemnly, the crowd hops in place; heads bowed against the onslaught. After all, this is a religious thing.这奇观吸引了当地和国际媒体,更不用说许多不怕死的斗士。幕后花絮:一个较大型的城堡被准备来作为当天的祭品,而较小的是附属品。坚忍且严肃地,群众跳来跳去;头低下来面对猛攻。毕竟,这是个宗教的事情。Some said the bouncing minimize the chance of bottle rockets getting caught in clothing. Other said, ;protect the feet.; I think it#39;s just nerves. The Yuenshui Beehive Bottle Rockets Festival. Taiwan#39;s burning men! Only with Real... Burning... Men...有些人说跳跃降低冲天炮黏附到衣上的机率。其他人说是“保护脚”。我认为只是紧张的关系。盐水蜂炮节。台湾的火烧人!只有真正的...火...烧...人... Article/201506/380120

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