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Despite the risk, Spence allows the FBI to rig a camera in the dashboard of his truck. Here, the hidden camera records one of the suspects describing how he is going to make a bomb. But getting a conviction in this case will require more than just words caught on tape. Garrity says the FBI has to prove that the suspects intend to kill. With the conspiracy, there has to be some overt acts committed, there has to be a point, when they go beyond speaking, and go towards acting. Finally, the bureau gets the break it needs, when it learns that the Klansmen are going to a field to test their homemade bombs. The Feds come up with a simple and remarkably effective plan. They give Spence an ordinary home camera and tell him to record his friends as they prepare and detonate the explosives. In case the Klansmen question why Spence has a camera, the FBI gives him a cover story. To watch tape goes was kind of amusing really. I told them that I was trying the thing out----see if it won't abide. So that was a good time to test it. The actions caught on tape are enough to convince the agents that the Klansmen are about to follow through with their terrifying scheme.I have gotten certain of homemade explosives around. And I have got to remind you what they set off over two min.But even though the tape is startling, the FBI still needs more evidence. Four weeks into the operation, they finally get it. The Klansmen go to the refinery to finalize their plans. They talk about the bombing in explicit detail. This is the tape, it seals the Klansmen's fate. Then comes the most chilling evidence of all. As the conspirators drive by a house across the street from the refinery, a tragic consequence of their plan is revealed. The FBI now has all it needs to make the arrest, they instructs Spence to drive the Klansmen to a gas station, there, the Feds make their move. rig: to furnish with special gearovert: plain, clear, visible; done or shown openlyfollow through: continue in an activity until its conclusion, complete200809/51117Blast Kills at Least 8 Near Danish Embassy in Pakistan丹麦谴责丹麦驻伊斯兰堡使馆遇袭 A large car bomb blast outside the Danish embassy in Pakistan's capital has killed at least 8 people and wounded dozens of others.  驻巴基斯坦首都的丹麦大使馆外面发生了一起威力强大的汽车爆炸,这起在伊斯兰堡高尚区的袭击炸死至少8人,炸伤数十人。Witnesses say a car parked just outside the embassy gates detonated in the early afternoon, tearing through the outer security walls, wrecking nearby vehicles and demolishing security posts of the Danish mission. The blast littered the suburban street with debris and left a one-meter-deep crater in the asphalt. 目击者说,在丹麦大使馆大门外停靠的一辆小汽车中午过后发生爆炸,大使馆的安全外墙、附近的车辆,以及保安岗哨都被炸毁。这条位于市郊的街道上散布着爆炸留下的残骸,并在柏油路上留下一个一米深的弹坑。The main embassy building was largely intact, but a ed Nation's-funded office across the street from the embassy sustained significant damage. Police say most of the casualties appeared to be Pakistani police and private security guards posted outside of the compounds. 丹麦大使馆的主要建筑基本上没有受损,但是大使馆马路对面的一个由联合国资助的办公室却有相当严重的毁坏。警方说,大多数伤亡者看起来是在大使馆外值勤的巴基斯坦警察和私营保安人员。Danish Foreign Minister Per Stig Moller immediately condemned the blast. He told Danish media that the embassy attack targeted the cooperation between Denmark and Pakistan. 丹麦外交大臣默勒立即谴责了爆炸袭击。他对丹麦媒体说,针对大使馆的袭击,打击目标是丹麦与巴基斯坦之间的合作。Pakistan's Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir visited the scene and vowed to boost security around foreign missions.  巴基斯坦外长巴希尔视察了现场,誓言将加强外国使领馆四周的安全。"I think the Pakistani nation feels very ashamed today as incidents such as these certainly damage the fair image of my country," he said. 巴希尔说:“我想巴基斯坦今天一定感觉非常丢人,因为像这样的安全事故肯定会损害我们的国家形象。”Cartoons published in Danish newspapers in 2005 that satirized the Prophet Muhammad provoked widesp protests in Pakistan and other Muslim countries. Danish newspapers reprinted the cartoons in February. In April, Danish embassies in Muslim countries increased security because of concerns about another backlash. 丹麦报纸于2005年刊登嘲讽先知穆罕默德的漫画,这件事曾经在巴基斯坦和其他穆斯林国家激起广泛抗议。丹麦报纸今年2月再次刊登了这些漫画。今年4月,丹麦在穆斯林国家的大使馆因为担心激起反弹而加强安全。South of Islamabad, in Multan, about 200 Islamic students were protesting the cartoons when they learned of Monday's blast. The demonstrators praised attack, shouting "God is great."  在伊斯兰堡以南的穆尔坦,有大约200名伊斯兰学生在得知星期一的攻击后,抗议这些漫画。他们称赞这次攻击,并且高呼“真主伟大”。The blast was the second targeting foreigners in Islamabad. In March, a blast at an Italian restaurant in the city killed one foreigner and wounded several others. The Danish mission is located in a wealthy area of Islamabad that includes diplomat residences and foreign organizations. Many other large diplomatic missions, including the American Embassy, are located in a gated, high-security area of the city, several kilometers away from Monday's blast.  这是在伊斯兰堡第二次针对外国人的攻击。今年3月,伊斯兰堡一家意大利餐厅发生爆炸,炸死一名外国人,炸伤多人。丹麦大使馆位于伊斯兰堡的高尚区内,那里有很多外交官住宅和外国机构。许多其他大型外交机构,包括美国大使馆在内,则座落在大门深锁高度警戒的地区,那里距星期一的爆炸现场有几公里之遥。200806/41036

blind as a bat ------ 睁眼瞎(成语) 英文释义(IDIOM) Completely blind; unable to move safely. 例句Without my glasses, I am blind as a bat, so I have two pairs in case I lose one of them.不戴眼镜,我就成了睁眼瞎,所以我有两副眼镜,以防其中之一丢失。 /201609/466482

US Warns of Further Sanctions Against Iran美国警告对伊朗实施更多制裁The ed States says major world powers will have no choice but to pursue new sanctions against Iran in the absence of a positive reply to their offer of incentives for it to halt uranium enrichment. The State Department says a written response to the offer is expected Tuesday. 美国说,在伊朗对国际社会向其提出的激励方案不做出肯定答复的情况下,世界主要大国别无选择,只能对伊朗实施新的制裁。向伊朗提出激励方案是为了促使它停止浓缩铀活动。美国国务院说,预计伊朗将于星期二就国际社会的提议做出书面答复。With a two-week deadline for an Iranian reply having passed over the weekend, senior diplomats of the five permanent U.N. Security Council member countries and Germany conferred by telephone and renewed their warning of further sanctions against Iran. 在上周末国际社会给伊朗设定的做出答复的两个星期期限过去后,安理会五个常任理事国和德国的高级外交官举行电话会议进行协商,并重新提出要对伊朗实施新制裁的警告。The so-called P Five Plus One offered Iran an enhanced package of incentives in June, including aid for a civil nuclear program, if it dropped a uranium-enrichment project the ed States and European allies believe is weapons related. 所谓的5加1国今年6月向伊朗提出了更进一步的激励方案,其中包括为伊朗的民用核项目提供援助,但前提是伊朗必须放弃浓缩铀项目。美国和欧洲盟国相信,伊朗的浓缩铀项目同核武器有关。Iran was non-committal about the offer at a July 19 meeting in Geneva and was given an additional two weeks to respond.  在7月19日的日内瓦会议上,伊朗没有对这个提议做出肯定的表态,因此国际社会再给伊朗两个星期的时间做出答复。In a talk with reporters, Acting State Department Spokesman Gonzalo Gallegos said Iranian nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili has told European Union chief diplomat Javier Solana Iran will give a reply in writing on Tuesday. 国务院代理发言人加莱戈斯对记者说,伊朗的核谈判代表贾利利对欧盟首席外交代表索拉纳说,伊朗将于星期二做出书面答复。Gallegos said the major powers are disappointed at the lack of a response thus far, and he made clear that if Tuesday's reply is not positive, Iran can expect more sanctions: 加莱戈斯说,世界主要大国对于伊朗迄今为止仍未做出答复表示失望。他明确表示,如果星期二的答复不是肯定的话,伊朗将面临更多的制裁。"We remain committed to both tracks of the P Five Plus One dual-track strategy," said Gonzalo Gallegos. "Accordingly, we agreed in the absence of a clear, positive response from Iran that we have no choice but to pursue further measures against Iran as part of this strategy. Iran has a clear choice: engagement or isolation. The P Five Plus One incentives package contained everything Iran needed to pursue a modern civil power nuclear program which Iran's leaders claim is their aim." 加莱戈斯说:“我们仍致力于5加1的双轨战略。因此,我们商定,如果伊朗未能对有关提议做出清楚、肯定的答复,作为我们战略的一部分,我们别无选择,只能对伊朗采取新的制裁措施。伊朗有一个明确的选择,那就是,要么接触,要么孤立。伊朗领导人宣称他们的目的是发展民用核项目,5加1激励方案包括他们在这方面所需的一切。”The U.N. Security Council has aly approved three sanctions resolutions against Iran. The P Five Plus One, in the incentives plan, offered to suspend sanctions, if Iran suspended enrichment and returned to negotiations over the future of its nuclear program.  联合国安理会已经批准对伊朗的三次制裁决议案。在激励方案中,5加1提出,如果伊朗停止其浓缩铀活动,并重新就其核项目前途举行谈判,他们将终止对伊朗的制裁。EU diplomat Solana and Jalili had what a European spokesman described as an inconclusive telephone discussion Monday. 欧盟外交官索拉纳和贾利利星期一举行了电话磋商。欧盟发言人说他们的谈话没有得出结论。Iran has insisted that its nuclear program is entirely peaceful and that it has a right to pursue an enrichment capability. 伊朗坚持说,它的核项目完全用于和平目的,伊朗有权谋求浓缩铀的能力。Tehran submitted a document to Solana July 19 that is understood to have proposed several rounds of ministerial level negotiations while avoiding any promise to halt enrichment.  德黑兰7月19日向索拉纳提交了一个文件,据信这份文件提出要举行几轮部长级的会谈,但回避在停止浓缩铀活动的问题上作出任何承诺。U.S. spokesman Gallegos said P Five Plus One political directors will confer by telephone again soon, presumably after submission of the Iranian paper to Solana. 美国发言人加莱戈斯说,5加1的政治主管们不久将再次举行电话会议,可能会在伊朗向索拉纳提交他们的声明之后。The U.S. political director is Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs William Burns, who attended the July 19 meeting with Jalili, despite the absence of U.S. diplomatic relation with Iran. 美国的政治主管是国务院负责政治事务的国务次卿伯恩斯。尽管美国和伊朗没有外交关系,伯恩斯还是参加了7月19日同伊朗谈判代表贾利利举行的会谈。200808/45488

We had a very small budget and I had to make decisions on what to buy.我们的预算很小,所以我必须决定买什么。I like it! ;Im particularly proud of; - Positive but not boasting.我喜欢!“我特别自豪”——积极但又不是在吹嘘。Youre doing well.你做的很好。Very impressive – so youre a good planner Anna!真厉害,那么安娜,你是一个好的规划者!We like organised people here...ooops, silly me.我们喜欢有条理的人……哎呀,我真笨。I seemed to have spilt tea over your CV.我似乎把茶洒到你的简历上了。Oh, do you need some help?你需要帮助吗?Oh no…Im sure itll dry out… carry on please…没事,它肯定一会儿就干了,请继续。Also… timekeeping is important to me…而且,守时对我很重要。;Timekeeping is important to me; – thats good!“守时对我很重要”——说的好!I always try to complete my work on time.我总是努力按时完成工作。At university I never handed my assignments in late.在大学里,我从不晚交作业。Thats good to hear. We like punctuality here…听你这么说太好了。我们这里喜欢守时的人。Excuse me Paul. Sorry its a bit late – but I thought you might like a biscuit with your tea.打扰了,保罗。不好意思有点晚了,但是我想你可能喜欢就着饼干喝茶。 /201611/479858

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