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Doting owners are often blamed when pets put on a few pounds.当家里的爱宠增重了,人们往往归咎于溺爱它的主人喂食太多。But experts say that in many cases obese dogs and cats are #39;emotional eaters#39;.然而专家们说,在很多情况下,超重的喵星人和汪星人都是在“借食消愁”。They also consume more than they need simply to cope with boredom or stress, research has found.研究表明,它们过量贪食的目的也许仅仅是为了应对烦恼和压力等不良情绪。That means, if they have gained weight, it could be because they have been through a traumatic or emotional event.这意味着,如果宠物们增重了,有可能是因为它们正在经历心理创伤或情感事件。New claims have also suggested that putting an overweight cat or dog on a diet could make them unhappy, because the owner is taking away their #39;coping mechanism#39;.新的研究结果也表明,如果主人要让超重的宠物节食,很可能会使影响它们的心情,因为如此它们应对不良情绪的机制就被扰乱了。The study claims the obesity rate is as much as 25 per cent in cats, and 45 per cent in dogs.研究表示,喵星人的肥胖率高达25%,而汪星人的肥胖率更高达45%。The problem has been likened to that of Bridget Jones, the singleton who hides away from her troubled love life by eating, with vets believing some pets use food to cope with sadness, according to The Sunday Telegraph.这一问题自然让人联想到电影《BJ单身日记》中的女主角布里吉特·琼斯这个典型范例,这位大龄剩女也是通过吃喝来逃避感情生活中的烦恼。根据《周日电讯报》相关报道,兽医相信宠物会通过吃食来排忧解闷。Comfort eating in humans tends to involve high calorie foods which the individual chooses, including ice cream, and chocolate.“借食消愁”的人往往会选择个人喜欢的高热量食物,如冰淇淋、巧克力等等。But research shows animals are less fussy, and will go on a comfort binge even if the only food on offer is their usual dog or cat food.而研究结果显示,动物们不会像人那样挑剔,即使主人给的仅是它们通常吃的粮或猫粮,它们也可以借用饕餮一番来缓解压力。The claims are made in research contained in the latest edition of the Journal of Veterinary Behavior by Dr Franklin McMillan, a vet and former clinical professor of medicine at the Western University of Health Sciences College of Veterinary Medicine, in California.这项研究是由位于加州的卫生科学西部大学兽医学院前任临床医学教授、兽医富兰克林·麦克米兰指导研究的,相关文章发表于最新一期的《宠物行为杂志》上。He said #39;emotional eating#39; in pets, could be triggered by feelings including boredom, anxiety and depression.富兰克林·麦克米兰教授表示,宠物“借食消愁”的行为可能有多种引发原因,如厌烦、焦虑、抑郁等。But the research has also suggested overeating could also be a sign of pleasurable emotional state, as well as a psychological state of turmoil.但此项研究也表示,贪食可以作为两种截然相反的情绪状态的表征:它既可能表示宠物心情良好,也可能表示宠物心情极为糟糕。 /201408/317225。

Sushi is no longer the sole preserve of the adventurous diner. These days, grabbing a pack for lunch is almost as common as picking up a cheese and pickle sandwich.寿司不再是美食冒险家的专利了。如今,买一盒寿司作午餐几乎就像买奶酪泡菜三明治一样稀松平常。The Japanese dish can be bought from every major supermarket (where sales have risen a staggering 88 percent in the past two years).在每个大型超市都可以买到这一日本料理(在过去两年内寿司销售量猛增了88%)。Indeed, the British sushi industry — of which Tesco has a 60 percent market share — is worth more than #163;56#8201;million annually.事实上,英国的寿司产业(其中乐购公司占了60%的市场份额)每年收益超过了5600万英镑。The main reason for its surge in popularity is its reputation as a healthy meal. Japanese women are among the healthiest in the world, while slender celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Cheryl Cole and Keira Knightley are all fans of the raw fish dish.寿司变得如此受欢迎,主要原因是它被誉为健康食品。日本女性是全世界最健康的,而像维多利亚#8226;贝克汉姆、谢丽尔#8226;科尔和凯拉#8226;奈特莉这些拥有苗条身材的名人都是这种生鱼料理的粉丝。But do sushi’s nutrition credentials — especially the Western version — stack up? Not always, according to dietitian Rachel Beller. In her book Eat To Lose, Eat To Win, she says a ‘light lunch’ of sushi may mean you overdose on calories and carbohydrates.但是寿司(尤其是西方版寿司)确实有营养学明吗?营养学家瑞秋#8226;贝勒表示,并非总是如此。她在自己的书《瘦在饮食,赢在饮食》中说,一份“简单的”寿司午餐可能意味着你摄入了过量卡路里和碳水化合物。‘A typical sushi roll contains 290 to 350 calories and has the carbohydrate equivalent of two-and-a-half to four slices of b,’ says Ms Beller.贝勒女士说:“一个典型的寿司卷含有290至350卡路里,其碳水化合物含量相当于两片半到四片面包所含的碳水化合物。”‘So a California roll (round rolled sushi, containing a small piece of fish and avocado plus fatty mayonnaise) equals two sandwiches filled with crab sticks (processed fish that is flavoured and coloured to look and taste like crab), a sliver of avocado and a tiny bit of veg.’“因此一个加州卷(圆形的卷状寿司,含有一小片鱼、鳄梨和含油脂的蛋黄酱)相当于两个夹有蟹肉棒的三明治(蟹肉棒是经过调味和上色、使其具有蟹肉的外观和口感的一种鱼类加工产品)、一片鳄梨和一点蔬菜。”Bear in mind a sushi lunch contains two or three of these rolls, a total of up to 1,050 calories, and it’s easy to see how we’re conning ourselves that we’re enjoying a low-calorie, healthy lunch.别忘了一顿寿司午餐包含两到三个这种寿司卷,总热量达到1050卡路里,这样很容易可以看出,我们以为吃寿司午餐是在享用低热量健康饮食,其实是在自欺欺人。Many of us believe eating sushi is a good way to get the Government’s recommended two portions of fish each week, but here’s the problem: most sushi contains very little protein, despite its expense.许多人认为吃寿司是达到政府建议的每周两份鱼的饮食标准的好方法,但是问题是:尽管寿司价格不菲,但大部分寿司所含的蛋白质很少。Health experts say a portion of fish should weigh 140g, but on average, the fish in a California roll or piece of nigiri (rice with fish balanced on the top) weighs just 5g.健康专家称,一份鱼的重量应为140克,但是平均来看,一个加州卷或一个生鱼片寿司(把鱼片均匀地放在米饭上的料理)中的鱼肉重量只达到5克。You’d need to eat 28 pieces of sushi to reach your 140g portion — or more, if you choose a mixed sushi box containing vegetarian varieties.你将需要吃28个寿司才能达到140克的鱼肉摄入标准,或需要吃更多——如果你选择的是含有多种蔬菜的混搭寿司盒。Even ‘fish’ sushi boxes don’t contain much. Marks amp; Spencer Fish Sushi Selection (191g, #163;4.68) has just 36g of fish, meaning you would have to eat four boxes and consume 1,184 calories to get one of your recommended fish portions.即使“全鱼”寿司盒所含的鱼肉也不多。玛莎百货的精选鱼片寿司(191克,4.68英镑)只含有36克鱼,这意味着你将必须吃掉四盒这样的寿司,摄入1184卡路里才能达到建议的鱼肉摄入量。 /201403/280681。

Older fathers have uglier children, researchers have claimed after linking age to genetic mutations.研究发现,父亲年龄大的孩子相貌也较丑,但是这些丑孩子的寿命却会比其他人长。The finding comes weeks after leading scientists reported children born to men over the age of 45 run a higher risk of having autism and psychiatric disorders.研究指出,45岁以上的男人生出的孩子患自闭症和精神疾病的风险比其他孩子更高。父亲年龄越大,基因突变的概率也会成倍增加。#39;The effect is very visible - someone born to a father of 22 is aly 5-10 per cent more attractive than those with a 40-year-old father and the difference grows with the age gap.#39;科学家称,22岁的父亲生出的孩子比40岁的父亲生出的孩子相貌水平要高出5%到10%。In contrast, women pass on a maximum of 15 mutations to their baby, regardless of age, according to the study published in the journal Nature.相比之下,母亲遗传给孩子的基因最多只会发生15个突变,不管母亲年龄多大。 /201403/282077。

Flanked by a DJ and a drummer, South Korean pop group Exo sauntered onto the stage at the Hunan Satellite TV station on Friday, joining the line-up for the Lantern Festival Show. The studio was flooded with fans holding light sticks in various colors, signifying allegiance to one or other group member.2月14日,伴随着现场动感的音乐和富有节奏性的鼓点,韩国人气天团EXO登上了湖南卫视的舞台,加入到于当晚举办的元宵喜乐会的强大阵容中去。热情的粉丝们挤满了演播厅,使劲挥着手里五颜六色的荧光棒,争相朝自己所崇拜的组合成员展示忠实的喜爱之情。On the same day, thousands of kilometers away at Shanghai#39;s Pudong International Airport, the arrival of heartthrob Lee Min-ho, who starred in the TV series The Heirs, attracted a hardcore of young women willing to pay 3,800 yuan (6) to access his half-hour media briefing.而就在同一天,千里之外的上海浦东国际机场迎来了另一位韩国客人:前不久热播韩剧《继承者们》中的主演——“万人迷”李敏镐。一部分以年轻女性为主的影迷,甚至不惜买下3800元一张的门票,只为在那短短半小时的简短发布会上看他一眼。;I#39;m totally attracted by his slim figure, chiseled abs and perfect complexion,; said Li Min, a primary school teacher in Shanghai, who rushed to the scene for her dearest ;oppa;, a respectful Korean term used by women to refer to older males.“我完全被他那修长的身材、轮廓分明的腹肌还有完美的脸庞吸引了!”上海小学教师李敏(音)说。她飞快地向人群那边冲去,急着看她最最亲爱的“欧巴”——韩语里女性对年长男性的尊称。The popularity of the mobile Internet has helped to promote the phenomenon of Hallyu - or the wave of South Korean culture flooding other countries. Live concerts and entertainment shows become immediately available to thousands of die-hard fans who discuss endlessly the whereabouts of their favorite celebrities.其实,手机移动网络的普及应用可以说是在助推着“韩流”——也就是韩国文化潮流涌入他国的现象——的发生。现在,演唱会、节目都可以直接在手机上看,这对热衷于谈论最喜爱的明星们的一举一动的铁杆粉丝们来说,的确方便了不少。Avid viewers of the South Korean drama My Love from the Star took note when the female protagonist said she adored ;beer and fried chicken; as her favorite food when the first winter snow began to fall.这部热播韩剧叫做《来自星星的你》,而当中女主角的一句“初雪时,怎么能没有炸鸡和啤酒”已迅速成为了狂热的剧迷们津津乐道的台词。Barbecue houses and lemonade booths along Hongquan Road in Shanghai#39;s Korean area have become new favorites for Chinese women hungry for a genuine taste of Korea.时下,在有“韩国街”之称的上海虹泉路边,韩式烧烤店和柠檬汁铺已经成了急于尝试正宗韩式美食的中国女人们的新宠。;I lined up for three hours simply to get a piece of fried chicken. It was on a work-day afternoon and raining heavily. Like-minded friends often go there every month,; said Zhang Yuting, a big fan of Korean culture, who takes trips to South Korea to watch concerts every year.“那天下午下着大雨,我下了班之后到这里排了三个小时的队,就为买块炸鸡。我和一些朋友每个月都会去几次。”张玉婷(音)说。她是个超级韩迷,每年都会专程几次去到韩国看演唱会。The droves of people and the long lines are often seeking the spicy side dish kimchi or a spicy broth containing soft tofu, clams and an egg, said Kim Gi-chan, owner of Korean restaurant Gubaowu.据韩式餐厅古宝屋的店长金基灿(Kim Gi-chan)说,这些大批大批前来排队点餐的客人最常点的菜有两种,一种是韩式辣泡菜,一种是那种有豆腐、蛤喇和鸡蛋在内的韩式大酱汤。;My store usually closes at 10:30 pm. But I haven#39;t finished work before 3 am every day since January. Fried chicken is the must-order dish for each table,; he said.“我以前一般10点半闭店,但从一月份以来,我每天都是凌晨3点以后才能忙完。炸鸡是每桌必点之餐。”Zhou Zhou, a student at Beijing Foreign Studies University, who took three exchange programs in Seoul and found popular items there and in Beijing were ;strikingly similar;, said, ;Clearly the shows help popularize street food and spicy stews that are essential to the Korean heart and digestive tract.;曾到首尔参加过三项交换项目的北京外国语大学学生周舟发现,韩国当地的风味小吃与在北京看到的“惊人地相似”,说道:“显然,韩国的节目也让街边小吃、辣味炖汤等等越来越火了,而这两样其实都是适应韩国人饮食习惯的、对他们来说必不可少的食物。”The real draw is the crossover between Eastern and Western cultures, said Dai Yunjie, a seasoned concert promoter in Shanghai.上海一名经验丰富的演唱会承办人戴云杰(音)认为,这可以真切地反映出东西文化的交流与融合。;The performers#39; synchronized dance moves and hand gestures do have an Asian flavor, but their music is really blended with Western elements, like hip-hop and rapping,; said Dai.戴云杰说:“虽然这些韩国表演者统一一致的舞步和手势都颇有亚洲气息,但是他们所用的音乐都是融合了西方元素的,比如像是嘻哈还有饶舌。”Intrusive ads and a ;going-mobile; trend have in part helped the Hallyu phenomenon to proliferate, said Michael Tang, president of hdtMEDIA, a digital advertising company.互动通数字广告平台(hdtMEDIA)总裁邓广梼(Michael Tang)认为,侵入式的广告和手机移动网络普及的趋势是促进韩流现象迅速发展壮大的部分原因。;As people make trips to South Korea and see the latest line-ups or make big purchases, they are eager to #39;share#39; instantly via Weibo or WeChat. It helps things to go viral much quicker than before,; he said.邓广梼说:“任何人去韩国旅行,当他们看到了最新的产品或者是刚刚买下什么好东西时,他们都忍不住马上在微或是微信上‘分享’,这样一来,肯定会比以前传播得快得多了。”The growing popularity of Korean culture may also derive from a maturing business model, by which shows are tailored to the tastes of Chinese viewers, said Eric Moon, a senior manager at a South Korean firm in Shanghai.而位于上海的一家韩国公司的高级经理Eric Moon则认为,受韩国文化影响的人数不断扩大可能源于韩国日渐成熟的商业运营模式,甚至会为了迎合中国观众的口味而专门定制一些节目。;We are seeing a steady growth of Chinese indigenous entertainment shows in which more international elements are included. At the end of the day, the trend may even be reversed, with Koreans embracing a similar craving for Chinese products,; Moon said.Moon说:“我们也看到中国本土的一些节目在吸收更多的国际元素,稳定地发展壮大。或许到最后,现在的潮流甚至就被完全颠覆,韩国人反而开始狂热地喜爱中国的产品。”But some people disagreed with the Hallyu phenomena.不过,也有一些人对韩流现象表达了不满。;I accompanied my wife to eat Korean-style fried chicken, and I really don#39;t like it. It#39;s not even as good as KFC,; said Dai Qiming, 30, a civil servant in Shanghai.30岁的戴启明(音)是上海的一名公务员,他说:“我陪妻子去吃过韩式炸鸡,可我真的一点儿也不喜欢,还不如肯德基呢。”South Korean TV drama is popular only because it creates unreal characters that satisfy women#39;s imaginations, he said.他认为,韩剧受欢迎,只是因为剧中不切实际的人物设定满足了女人的幻想而已。He said the Hallyu phenomenon is also worrying to some extent, as under its influence the younger generation may abandon Chinese culture.他还说,在某种程度上,韩流现象令人忧虑,因为在它的影响之下,年轻的一代可能会将中华文化忘在脑后。 /201402/276825。

With all-glass windows from floor to ceiling, sitting five metres below the surface of the Indian Ocean, this is the world#39;s first underwater restaurant.这是世界上第一家水下餐厅,位于印度洋海面下5米处,从地面两侧到天花板都由玻璃窗构成。Boasting unrivalled views of sharks, stingrays, turtles and stunning coral, the five-star eatery at the Conrad Maldives Hotel was built so that guests can enjoy the beauty of the ocean without getting their feet wet.马尔代夫港丽酒店的这家五星级餐厅自称能让顾客最好地观看鲨鱼、黄貂鱼、海龟和绚丽珊瑚。餐厅建造的目的就是让顾客不用下海便能欣赏大海的美丽景致。Set under the crystal-clear blue water, the restaurant is so bright, diners and staff are required to wear sunglasses.因为是在清澈似水晶的湛蓝海水下,餐厅里亮度很高,用餐者和务人员都被要求戴上太阳眼镜。Rated #39;the most beautiful restaurant in the world#39; by the New York Daily News this year, Ithaa - meaning #39;mother of pearl#39; in the Maldivian language of Dihevi - offers breathtaking 180-degree panoramic views.该餐厅名为;Ithaa;,在马来语中意为“珍珠之母”。餐厅提供壮观的180度全景景观,今年被《纽约每日新闻》评为了“全球最美餐厅”。The unusual building seats 14 people - and will set you back £190 per person for dinner.这座与众不同的建筑里可坐下14位顾客,而一顿晚餐的费用高达190英镑(约1993RMB)一人。It serves contemporary European cuisine in a six-course set dinner - including dishes such as caviar and lobster for dinner while the four-course lunch offers lighter fare.餐厅提供现代欧式餐饮,6道菜式的晚餐中包括鱼子酱和龙虾。午餐则是4道菜,费用也相对便宜些。The ingeniously designed restaurant has never had water inside, instead it was built on dry land in Singapore before workers carefully lowered it into the ocean in one piece.这家设计精妙的餐厅中从未进过水,因为它是在新加坡的陆地上建造完成,然后由工人小心翼翼地整个放入海中。 /201405/297357。