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河南绣眉到哪里比较好郑州大学第三附属医院隆鼻多少钱1. What time of day does this conversation take place?A. in the morningB. in the afternoonC. in the evening. Why doesnt the father give his son something to eat?A. There isnt any food to eat.B. The boy just ate something.C. They are going to eat soon.3. What snack does the boy want at the beginning of the conversation?A. potato chipsB. candyC. donuts. Which one food does the father NOT offer to his son a snack?A. tomatoesB. broccoliC. carrots5. What does the father ask the boy to do while he is preparing the snack?A. watch TVB. play with toysC. look at books 37郑州妇保医院韩式隆鼻价钱费用 Nurse: I’m here to prep you your procedure. Did the doctor aly talk to you about the general anesthetic you’ll be getting?护士:我来帮您准备接下来的手术医生是否已经提前告知你要进行全身麻醉?Bruce: I don’t need a general anesthetic. I want to be conscious during the procedure.布鲁斯:我不需要全身麻醉我想在手术期间保持清醒Nurse: You’ll be inhaling a general anesthetic and getting an intravenous muscle relaxant. That’s standard this procedure.护士:你得接受全身麻醉还需要静脉注射一肌肉松弛剂这是手术的要求Bruce: I’m not a wimp. Tell the doctor all I need is a local anesthetic to numb the area.布鲁斯:我不是懦夫告诉医生我只需要局部麻醉Nurse: You’ll need something stronger. You don’t want to feel any sensation or pain during the procedure.护士:你必须得接受更多剂量的麻醉你也不想在手术过程中感到任何不适或者疼痛吧Bruce: I’m not afraid of a little pain. Bring it on!布鲁斯:小小疼痛岂能难倒我尽管来吧!Nurse: Anyway, the general anesthetic will wear off soon after the procedure. However, the doctor will keep you under sedation the rest of the day so you can rest.护士:不管怎么说,手术结束不久全身麻醉就会消退但是,医生还会让你在接下来的日子里保持镇静状态,这样你就可以好好休息Bruce: get it. When it’s done, I’m going home. I’m not staying here overnight.布鲁斯:得了吧手术结束,我就要回家了我不会在这里过夜的Nurse: That’s not advisable. You need to remain under observation hours.护士:医生不建议这样做你需要在医院里继续观察小时Bruce: That’s other people. I’m tough. I’ll be up and y to go. What’s that needle ?布鲁斯:那是说别人的,我身体很壮实我准备好可以出发了、这针是干嘛用的?Nurse: It’s to give you a shot bee your procedure.护士:手术前我得给您注射一下Bruce: I don’t like needles. Get that away from me!布鲁斯:我不喜欢这些针快给我拿开!译文属 3633Olympic Dogs Saved By Billionaire亿万富翁救助“奥运”Hundreds of stray dogs wandering around Sochi were at risk of being disposed of last week until a Russian billionaire swooped in to save the day. Prior to the opening of the XXII Winter Olympics, the dogs had been looked after and fed by the builders working at Olympic Park. The stray dogs began to go hungry after Olympic Park was finished, and became a concern to organizers. When a multi-billionaire heard the news that the animals were going to be disposed of, it reminded him of the stray dog he rescued as a child. He decided to help fund a nearby shelter to pick up the strays. Since then, the shelter has saved over 0 stray dogs in Sochi. Many of the animals have aly been adopted by local families.上周,数百只流浪“漫步”索契,并遭屠杀危险,俄罗斯亿万富翁救了它们第届冬奥会开赛在即,奥林匹克公园内的建筑工人曾一直照料它们公园建成后,小们开始挨饿,并引起了主办方的担心当亿万富翁听到小即将遭到屠杀时,这让他想起了小时候曾经救过的一只流浪犬并决定在附近寻找庇护所收养小自此,救护所收养了0多只索契流浪许多已得到了当地民众的收养译文属原创,,不得转载 18970河南省郑州华山整形医院口腔美容中心

郑州金水区褐青色痣多少钱Sun smile阳光般的微笑The sun shone brightly on the ground in front of her feet as she pondered the reality of light.太阳光芒四射地照耀这她脚前这片大地她在沉思,思考着阳光是怎么一回事:How did light get here? Who made it and why?它是怎么来到这儿的?谁让它来的?来做什么?She instinctively stepped into the sun spot and instantly felt warmer, brighter, and fuller of life and energy.她下意识地踏进阳光里,整个人立刻觉得暖和,清醒起来,浑身充满了生机和活力The sun wrapped her in comt and stability , if nothing else,she could always count on the sun waking her up most mornings.阳光笼罩着她,她感到很舒很踏实,如果没有其他事情,大多数早晨,她都会让阳光叫她起床Its predictable radiance felt like the mother she never had as her childhood was characterized more so by pain and heartache than comt and love.太阳那如期而至的光芒就像妈妈一样,虽然她从来就没有感受过母爱,她的童年记忆里满是痛苦和伤心,而不是关怀和爱She stepped out of the sunlight and felt that all-too-familiar anxious pang in the pit of her stomach as she remembered how horrible it was to live in her childhood home.她从阳光里走出来,一阵再熟悉不过的恼人的悲痛袭击了她的胸口,让她回忆起童年时的可怕生活Memories flooded her mind as she unsuccessfully tried to block them out by thinking good thoughts.她努力朝好的方面想,希望能抵挡住如洪水般泛滥的痛苦回忆,但是无济于事Oh how she wished she could curl up in the middle of the sun and allow its love to encase her all eternity.她是多么希望可以蜷缩在温暖的阳光里,让太阳的爱包裹着她直到永远But, no, she was stuck here on earth with those who didnt feel the sun rays the same way she did,who didnt feel deeply connected to this amazing source of life.然而,这是不可能的她只能在这儿,和其他人一起其他人不像她一样渴望阳光,也不曾觉得自己与这神奇的生命之源有什么紧密联系All she could do was stand in the sun on occasion and shut out the rest of the world a little while.她唯一能做的就是偶尔站在阳光里,和阳光以外的世界短暂地隔离Maybe if she stood here long enough they would cease to exist.她想也许只要一直站在阳光里,外面的世界也就不复存在了The sound of her cell phone playing its predictable tune brought her out of her thoughts and the warmth of the sun as she went inside to take the call.手机响起熟悉的铃声,把她带回到现实,她从温暖的阳光里走出来,进屋接电话Another client, another sales pitch, another moment of feeling disconnected from people.又是一个客户,又是一通兜揽生意的套话,又是一阵脱离人群的空虚Tonight would be no difference as she would go home and try to make small talk with her husband over the dinner table,all the while wishing she was communing with the sun instead.今晚又会是老样子:回家,尽量在晚餐时和丈夫聊几句,她倒希望这时候和自己交流的是太阳Just as she was feeling really sorry herself, she was met with a smile from a perfect stranger, passing through the office.正当她为自己难过的时候,她看到一个完全陌生的人在对着她微笑,微笑穿透了整个房间The feeling created by the smile reminded her of something very familiar.这个微笑带给她一种似曾相识的感觉She paused, reflecting on the sensation deep inside of her and realized that she just felt the sun shining on her, only this time it was in the m of another human being.她愣了一会儿,回想起刚才内心深处的感受,顿时明白了那是阳光的温暖,只不过这次带给她这种感觉的是一个活生生的人Funny how she had been smiled at a million times bee, but this was the first time she felt the actual essence of it.然而有趣的是,千千万万的人都对她微笑过,这次却是她第一次感受到微笑的真谛At that moment she saw that humans have as much of the sun in them as the sun itself;theyre just not used to letting themselves shine.就在那一刻,她发觉在人身上也有像太阳一样的热情,只是人们不习惯表达这种热情而已“Why bother when very few of us embody this? Why does it matter since were all just out ourselves?”既然大家都不太愿意表达,我们又何必自找麻烦呢?反正我们只代表着自己,都只为自己而活?She now knew that all it took was one smile—one ray of light to change the world, in that smile shines the entire ce that is the giver of all that is.现在她明白了,仅仅一个微笑,一道光芒,就可以改变整个世界,这个微笑闪耀着微笑者的整个光辉One smile passed from stranger to stranger will lighten the whole world.人人都以微笑示人,那么这一道光芒就能照亮全世界 370郑州省妇幼保健院点痣价钱费用 carburetor化油器,offensively冒犯地,definitely确实In the LakeMy wife came home yesterday and said, “Honey, the car won’t start, but I know what the problem is.”I asked her what it was, and she told me there was water in the carburetor. I thought moment, then said, “You know, I don’t mean this offensively, but you even don’t know where the carburetor was.”“No, there’s definitely water in the carburetor,” she insisted.“Ok Honey, that’s fine, I’ll just take a look. Where is it?”“In the lake.”在湖里我的妻子回家跟我说:“亲爱的,车发动不了了,但是我知道出了什么问题”我问她是什么问题,她告诉我化油器里进水了我想了一会儿说:“我这么说不是冒犯你,可是你连化油器在哪里都不知道”“不,化油器确确实实进水了”她坚持说“好吧,亲爱的,没问题,我去瞧瞧吧车在哪儿呢?”“在湖里”1. won’t start 发动不了在英语中表示机械类东西坏了的简单句子还有: It doesn’t work. It’s broken. There’s something wrong with it.. moment一会儿同义词还有:a little while, an instant, presently, soon3. offensively冒犯地,是由形容词offensive变来的Offensive remarks冲撞的话语,a sight too offensive to look at 不堪入目的景象,offensive weapons进攻性武器. definitely确切地Say definitely what you have in mind.把你所想的确切地说出来单独使用的时候表示肯定的回答:-“Is he coming?” “Definitely!”“他会来吗?”“当然会啊!”5. insist坚持作不及物动词时,insist onupon sth.表示坚持某事;而作及物动词时后面可加从句表述具体内容6. take a look看一看其实这里有一些省略,完整的应该是“I’ll just take a look at it.”省略了就避免了重复,使句子更简洁,不拖沓 60河南省郑州/华山医院修眉手术多少钱

河南省郑州华山整形美容医院自体脂肪移植怎么样Charlotte:Mmm, something smells good.夏洛特:嗯,什么闻起来好香Mohamed:Hey, put down that lid!默罕默德:嘿,把锅盖盖上!Charlotte:Sorry, I just wanted to see what youre making.夏洛特:对不起,我只想看看你在做什么Mohamed:Im making chicken soup.默罕默德:我在做鸡汤Charlotte:Im really in the mood a hearty stew.夏洛特:这锅丰盛的炖菜勾起了我的馋虫There nothing more appetizing on a cold day than a good stew.没什么比大冷天吃美美的炖菜更让人充满食欲了Mohamed:Right, well, this is a simple chicken soup with a clear stock and vegetables.默罕默德:是啊,这就是清汤熬煮简简单单的鸡汤,再配以蔬菜Charlotte:All you would have to do is thicken the soup and let it simmer a little longer.夏洛特:你必须做的就是让汤汁变浓,并且小火慢煨再久一点Then, presto! You have a stew.然后,很快!你的炖菜就做好了Mohamed:I get it. Youre partial to thick soups, but I feel like making a simple chicken soup.默罕默德:我懂了你偏爱浓汤,但我就是想做道简单的鸡汤I dont have time to cook a stew in a slow cooker, which is how I usually make it, not in a pot.我可没时间用慢炖锅久煮,我通常连锅都不用Charlotte:All right, all right.夏洛特:好吧,好吧Oh, a nice puree or bisque would be nice too.哦,一道浓汤或浓菜汤也不错Doesnt a chowder sound good right now?杂烩浓汤听起来是不是很不错呢?I could really go a nice bowl of chowder.我真想来碗杂烩浓汤Mohamed:Fine, well have chowder dinner tomorrow.默罕默德:好吧,我们明天晚饭就做杂烩浓汤Charlotte:Really?夏洛特:真的吗?Mohamed:Yes, and itll be the best chowder youve ever tasted-that comes out of a can.默罕默德:是的,这会是你品尝过最好的杂烩浓汤,我会用罐头做 536 由于在艾美奖得主《发展受阻中的优异表现,贝特曼不仅受到电视观众的好评,还很快就获得了电影业的注意年底《发展受阻停拍后,贝特曼立刻成为剧情片市场的抢手男演员在环球公司出品的由乔#86;卡纳汗执导的《呛烟高手中,贝特曼呈现了非常引人注目的演技之后贝特曼又与贾米#86;福克斯、克里斯#86;库珀、詹妮弗#86;加纳尔在彼得#86;格的动作片《改朝换代中合作本期做客的他要谈谈新戏《互换身体中的帅哥瑞安雷诺兹有趣的拍摄趣闻……Give yourself a brain damage view, lost in the desert, helpless dumb,想象自己的脑部受到伤害,在沙漠中迷失方向,无人帮助,dont know the direction,不知道方向,never take initiative,从不采取主动,never strike on your own and never it on the planet. Why?从不自己奋发,好像不曾在这个星球上为什么?Because you are a brain damage fool.因为你是一个脑损伤的傻瓜You are lost in the damn desert!你迷失在这该死的沙漠中!In the movie, it looks like you guys actually like each other.在这部电影中,看起来你们实际上喜欢对方Well, we are actors.嗯,我们是演员That son of bitch, is euh, well don’t get me started on him, but the film is great.那个娘养的,恩,别让我开始谈他,但是这部电影非常伟大Did you hang out with each other to learn how to be in each other bodies in it?你有没有跟对方一起出去,学习如何在电影中的那些身体接触?No, weve been friends about years.没有,我们已经是有年交情的好朋友And of course now, we are now even tighter friends having worked together.当然了,我们现在一起工作,友情更为牢固It could have been the other way around.而这可能是相反的It could have been. You are right.它可能是你是对的A lot of relationships are ruined on the step.很多友谊都是而荒废But no. Ours is a...但是没有我们的是一个…My wife keeps saying let’s just move him in.我妻子一直说让我们只要把他But I dont take that because we are such good friends.但我不认为这是因为我们是很要好的朋友The euh, you know, we decided earlier it would be a mistake to do impressions on one another which some people might say that what you are supposed to do,恩,你知道,我们早些时候的决定这将是一个错误的印象,有些人可能会说这是你该做的,the bodyswapping thing. But A, we are not talented enough to pull that off,摇摆身体之类的事情但是,首先,我们没有有足够的天赋把这些取消,B, it would distract from what is so funny about the film which is the situations.其次,它将分散电影中有趣的部分You know the script the dialogue.你知道剧本和对话If you were an audience member, thinking oh you really have that tick Ryan down or his walk or whatever.如果你是一个观众成员,思考你真的会让雷恩下来That’s, we are not doing a drama.那是,我们不是在演一出戏So I am basically doing my version of an idiot and he is doing his version of a straight guy.所以我基本上是在扮演自己版本的白痴,他在演他的版本的一个正直的人And the majority of the film I am the idiot.大多数的电影中我都是白痴That what looks on the first pages when we started our original character and switch us.这就是看起来在前页我们开始的时候,我们要进行原来的角色转换But while you are working on this and putting this on screen and doing the scenes,但在这项工作中,当出现在屏幕上开始表演的时候,is there competitiveness?存在有竞争力?Does any of that come up or is this just pure good nature fun that happens while you are making a movie?你正在拍摄一部电影会带给你那种或者只是单纯的自然使然乐趣吗?Did I keep a score card of how many scenes we suck, man.哦,伙计,我可没有留着个积分卡,上面记录着多少场景让我们感到恶心Yeah, really, because you know come on.是啊,真的,因为你了解,来吧He lost. But we cut around him .他迷失了但我们就在他周围We got plenty usable stuff him.我们给他很多可用的东西I think he is still pretty much in the movie.我认为他对这部电影仍然做的相当多Just enough to trigger and things like that keep his health benefits up.只是足够多能够让他的健康受益更多Hell do fine.他将做的很好注:听力文本来源于普特 1850郑州市第二人民医院口腔科周口市开韩式双眼皮多少钱



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