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厦门口腔医院地址查询厦门去痣团购7.Tomb-sweeping Day Dialogue7.清明节 对话Steven is curious about the Tomb-sweeping Day of China. His Chinese friend, Li Lei, is telling him some customs about it. 史蒂文对中国的清明节很好奇。他的中国朋友李雷正在给他讲一些清明节的习俗。Steven: Why are those people crying?史蒂文:那些人怎么都哭了?Li Lei: They must have just come back from tomb sweeping because today is Tomb Sweeping Day.李雷:他们准是刚扫墓回来,因为今天是清明节。Steven: Tomb Sweeping Day? What is it?史蒂文:清明节?那是什么?Li Lei: Tomb Sweeping Day is a traditional festival in China, on which many Chinese mourn the dead.李雷:清明节是中国的传统节日,在这天中国人要祭奠死者。Steven: What do they do?史蒂文:他们都做什么?Li Lei: People go to the cemetery to pay their respects to the dead.李雷:他们去墓地。向已故家人表达敬意。 /201604/439448厦门中医医院做丰胸手术多少钱 9.We cannot find your name.我们找不到你的姓名。Useful Expressions常用语句1.Id like to check in,please.我要办理住宿手续。2.I made a reservation aly.我已经办理了预约。3.I need a single room with bath for two nights.我需要带有浴室的单人房住两个晚上。4.Do you have any vacant rooms available?你们还有空的房间吗?5.What is the room rate?住房费多少钱呢?6.Is the tax and service charge included?包括税金和务费吗?7.Is there any other same class hotel near here?这附近还有其他同样等级的饭店吗?Practical Conversation实用会话A:Do you have a reservation?你有预约吗?B:Yes,heres our confirmation slip.是的,这就是我们的确认单。A:Im afraid we have no reservation by this name.我恐怕我们找不到这个名字的预约。B:No reservation?Well,then,do you have any rooms available?没有预约?哦,那么你们还有空房间吗?A:Im afraid all the rooms are fully booked.我恐怕所有房间都订满了。B:You mean we cant stay in this hotel tonight?你意思是我们今晚不能进住这家饭店吗?A:Youre right.We have no more rooms available for tonight.你说对了。我们今晚没有多余的空房间了。B:Then,would you recommend any other nearby hotel?那么,请你推荐附近其他饭店好吗?A:OK,Ill call ahead.好的,我就打电话。 /201501/355321讲解文本:lamb 小乖乖,乖宝宝,温顺的人She came and said, You poor lamb. Whats wrong?她走过来对我说,“可怜的乖宝宝,出什么事儿啦?”Little Mike took his medicine like a lamb.小Mike很乖的吃了药。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201705/509052三明打美白针医院价格

厦门市妇幼保健院打溶脂针多少钱unit 487询问货币兑换业务dialogue 英语情景对话A:May I help you?A:您需要什么务吗?B:Yes. Do you exchange foreign money here?B:需要。请问你们这儿兑换外币吗?A:Yes. Our bank is authorized to deal with foreign exchange.A:晃。我行经授权可以办理外汇业务。B:What kinds of currency do you change?B:你们兑换哪几种货币?A:We can change only three kinds of currency, USD, Japanese Yen and HK Dollar in our savings office.A:我们储蓄所只能兑换三种货币,美元、日元和港币。B:Could you tell me what the exchange rate for USD is today?B:您能告诉我今天的美元汇率是多少吗?A:The buying rate is 826.44 yuan for 100 dollars.A:买入价是每100美元换826. 44元人民币。B:I want to change some US dollars to cover my expense here.B:我想换一些美元来付我在这里的一些费用。A:Please go to Counter No.2, the foreign exchange counter. Its over there.A:请到2号柜台,外汇柜台办理。兢在那边。B:Thank you.B:谢谢。 /201607/454666厦门地区脱唇毛一般多少钱 Valeria: For example in Argentina if it is raining, its like you change your schedule a little, right?瓦莱里娅:在阿根廷,如果下雨的话,就要稍微改变一下行程安排,对吧?Diego: Yeah.迭戈:对。Valeria: Because of the rain, because its not like every day raining. But here you have to do everything under the rain.瓦莱里娅:因为不是每天都下雨。不过在这里,就要顶着雨做事了。Diego: Yeah, but at the same time it, everything is made and its built to kind of you know work with the rain.迭戈:对,不过这里的一切都是为了应对在下雨天工作而准备的。Valeria: Yeah, for instance, the clothes, right?瓦莱里娅:没错,比如衣,对吧?Diego: Yeah, the clothes and all the facilities, you know everything is made for that.迭戈:对,衣,还有所有的设施,你知道所有的东西都是为了应对天气设计的。Valeria: Its preparing for having a lot of water.瓦莱里娅:为了应对大量的雨水而准备的。Diego: Yeah, exactly. If you have, I dont know, two or three days in a row that its raining in Chile, we will have serious problems.迭戈:没错。如果智利连续下两三天雨,那我们就会面临严重的问题。Valeria: The same happens in Argentina.瓦莱里娅:阿根廷也是如此。Diego: Floods and that would be an issue so for me the weather thing is I like rain, just a little bit.迭戈:可能会引发洪水等问题,对我来说,我喜欢下雨,但是不喜欢雨水太多。Valeria: Yeah, from time to time its really nice.瓦莱里娅:对,偶尔下点雨还是很好的。Diego: Yeah, exactly.迭戈:对,没错。Valeria: And enjoyable.瓦莱里娅:很享受。Diego: Yeah.迭戈:对。Valeria: But every day? Yes, its true. The thing is that the weather is changing, right?瓦莱里娅:可是每天下雨?没错,问题是天气很多变,对吧?Diego: Yeah.迭戈:对。Valeria: And the infrastructure of my country wasnt prepared for this weather.瓦莱里娅:我们国家的基础设施并没有准备好应对这种天气。Diego: Thats true.迭戈:没错。Valeria: So if it rains a couple of days in a row, sometimes the city collapses.瓦莱里娅:如果连续下几天雨,城市可能就毁了。Diego: Thats true. A lot of cities in Latin America have the same problem. Theyre poorly constructed and for that specific thing and we have a lot of problems especially with poor people. So when you talk about the weather I think its not only your personal thing, sometimes you have to consider a couple of other factors as well.迭戈:没错。拉美很多城市都有同样的问题。这些城市构造不佳,而且由于贫穷人口,我们有很多问题。所以在谈论天气时,我认为这并不是个人的事,也要考虑许多其他的因素。Valeria: And the public transport?瓦莱里娅:公共交通呢?Diego: Yeah, I think thats another issue because for us public transportation is just a complete mess.迭戈:对,我认为公共交通是另一个问题,我们认为公共交通完全是一团糟。Valeria: There are a lot of public transport in Argentina but the thing is that all the infrastructure is not prepared for a lot of rain so when it happens sometimes the subway should stop for a couple of hours and that is very annoying.瓦莱里娅:阿根廷有很多公共交通工具,但是问题是所有的基础设施都没有为多雨天气做准备,所以当连续下雨时,地铁就会停运几小时,这令人非常恼火。Diego: Because it changes the whole schedule, right?迭戈:因为这会改变整个行程计划,对吧?Valeria: Yes, definitely.瓦莱里娅:没错。 译文属 /201610/472024厦门去疤哪家好

厦门哪家纹眉好1.I like this dress very much.我非常喜欢这件衣。2.Ill get this dress.我要买这件衣。3.Can I pay only earnest money,because I dont have enough money now?因为我现在没有带够钱,可以只付定金吗?4.Ill fetch the balance soon.我很快就会付足余款的。5.Could you wait till tomorrow?你可以等到明天吗?6.How much shall I pay now?我现在该付多少钱?7.Will ten dollars be all right?十元够了吗?8.Ill pay the balance,fifty dollars tomorrow.明天我会付五十元的余款。9.Please give me an interim receipt.请给我一张临时的收据。10.Please dont sell it to others.请别把它卖给别人。11.Can I have it on my payment of the balance?等我付足了钱之后可以拥有这件东西吗?12.Is a travelers check all right?可以用旅行票吗?13.Do you want cash payment?你们需要现金付吗?14.Ill cash my travelers check in the bank.我要到兑现票。15.Is there a bank near here?这附近有吗?16.Ill come again after encashment.兑现之后我会再来的。17.Will you keep it for me?请你为我保留好吗?18.Is this the only one article you have?你们只有这么一件吗?19.Cant I have things first?我不能先拿东西吗?20.What time do you close?你何时打烊?21.Ill come before the closing time.在打烊之前我会来的。22.Ill come tomorrow when the store opens.明天店开门时我会来的。1.What time does a bank open?何时开门?2.Where can I cash my travelers check?哪里可以兑现旅行票?3.Id like to encash my travelers check.我想要兑现旅行票。4.Is a fifty dollar bill all right?五十元的纸币可以吗?5.Four pieces of ten dollar bill and ten pieces of a dollar bill,please.四张十元的钞票和十张一元的钞票。6.Do you want a passport?你们要看护照吗?7.Can I sign now?我现在可以签名吗?8.Id like to exchange this travelers check.我想要兑换旅行票。9.How is the conversion rate today?今天兑换率多少?10.Please exchange twenty thousand yen into dollars.请将两万日元换成美金。11.Please change ten dollar bills.请换成十元的纸币。12.Is it all right if theyre all a dollar bills?如果都是一元的纸币可以吗?13.Well,mix coins a little,too,please.也换一点硬币吧!14.Please break this into all fifty cent coins.请把这个换成五十分的硬币。15.Can I exchange money in this hotel?我可在这间旅馆换钱吗?16.Will either a bill or a travelers check do?纸币或旅行票都可以吗?17.Is the handling fee the same in the bank?和里的手续费一样吗?18.Can I exchange ;yen; in this hotel?我可以在这个旅馆里换日元吗?19.Is a bank opened on saturday?星期六开门吗?20.Where can I exchange on holidays?假日里我可以到哪里换钱?21.You had better exchange money since we have Christmas holidays soon.圣诞节很快就要到了,你最好换点钱。 /201502/360883 漳州总医院整形科福建省厦门市中医医院打瘦脸针多少钱




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