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The Qinghai-Tibet Railway青藏铁路The Gtinghai-Tibet Railway ( also “Qingzang Railway”)begins from Xining-the capital of Qinghai Province to Lhasa-the capital of Tibet self-governing province. Begun in 1958 and opened in 2006, it is 1956 km long.青藏铁路起自青海省省会西宁市,终至西藏自治区首府拉萨市,全长1956千米。从1952年中国人民解放军入藏之后,中华人民共和国政府就计划修建一条到西藏的铁路,其政治、军事、经济的重大意义是不言而喻的。The Xining-Golmud railway was finished in 1979 and put into operation in 1984. The Golmud-Lhasa railway was constructed from 2001 t0 2005. The total Qinghai-Tibet Railway was officially opened on July lst, 2006. And the Shanghai- Lhasa, Guangzhou-Lhasa, Lhasa-Shanghai and Lhasa-Guangzhou railways began to work in October that year. There are 45 stations along the Qinghai-Tibet Railway with the bridges and tunnels covering 8%of the total length.The train runs at a speed of 100km per hour on the permafrost zones and 120km per hour out of the permafrost zones. The whole journey costs 26 hours.其中西宁至格尔木段(814千米)已于1979年铺通,1984年投入运营。格尔木至拉萨段2001年2月8日宣布修建,2001年6月29日正式开工,2005年10月12日全线贯通;2006年7月1日,青藏铁路正式通车。2006年10月1日和10月2日,上海一拉萨与广州一拉萨列车分别开始运行,2006年10月4日和10月5日,拉萨一海和拉萨一广州列车分别开始运行。铁路沿线设有45个车站,位于西藏境内的车站均充满了藏族特色,且无一相同。全线桥隧总长约占线路总长的8%,冻土层行车时速为lOOkm,非冻土层时速为120千米,全程行车时间约为26小时。The Golmud-Lhasa railway is 1142 km, about 930 km of which would have an elevation of over 4,000 meters, with the highest point at 5,072 meters at Tanggula railway station. It also passes the longest plateau permafrost tunnel in the world, Kunlun Mountain Tunnel (1686 meters) with an elevation of 4648 meters. The completion and opening of Qingzang railway will play a large role in advancing the development of economy and society, improving the life of people, strengthening the solidarity of nations and promoting the communication of culture in the areas of Qinghai and Tibet.格尔木一拉萨段全长1142千米,其中930千米的铁路线位于海拔4000米以上,穿过世界最长的高原冻土隧道:昆仑山隧道(海拔4648米,全长1686米)和世界海拔最高的火车站:唐古拉山火车站(海拔5072米)。青藏铁路的建成通车将对推进青海、西藏的经漭社会发展、改善人民生活、加强民族团结、促进文化交流起到重要作用。 /201603/430091

Four years after being labelled a security threat by the US Congress, Chinese telecom equipment maker ZTE has quietly grown into the third-largest seller of Android smartphones in the country.四年前,中国电信设备制造商中兴(ZTE)被美国国会贴上了“安全威胁”的标签,如今这家公司已悄然成长为美国安卓(Android)智能手机的第三大销售商。The success of the Shenzhen-based company shows that while high technology remains one of the most politicised economic aspects in US-China trade relations as each country cracks down on the others’ imports, some companies are finding ways to thrive.这家深圳公司的成功表明,尽管高科技仍是美中贸易关系中最具政治色的经济领域之一——两国互相限制对方产品的进口——但有些公司还是想方设法获得了茁壮成长。“It’s kind of a myth that Chinese companies can’t crack the US market,” said Bryan Ma of IDC, the technology consultancy. “ZTE is exhibit A.”科技咨询机构IDC的马伯远(Bryan Ma)说:“说中国企业无法打入美国市场是无稽之谈。中兴就是头号据。”While rivals including Huawei and Xiaomi have been expanding into cheaper phone markets such as India and Brazil, ZTE has embarked on a full-blown public relations push into premium market in the US. From no presence in 2010, it had 7.5 per cent of the US smartphone market in the third quarter of last year, according to IDC, up from 6.8 per cent in the same period the year before — beating all but Samsung, LG, and Apple.当华为(Huawei)、小米(Xiaomi)等竞争对手致力于开拓印度、巴西等较低端的手机市场时,中兴已经开始在美国的高端市场展开全方位的公关活动。2010年中兴手机在美国还没有立足点,而据IDC的数据,2015年第三季度其在美国智能手机市场占有率达到了7.5%(2014年同期为6.8%),紧随三星(Samsung)、LG和苹果(Apple)之后。ZTE’s PR push has ranged from a new, friendlier font for its logo to sponsoring five US National Basketball Association teams including the Houston Rockets, the Golden State warriors, and the Chicago Bulls.中兴的公关活动包括推出字体更讨喜的新商标,赞助美国职业篮球联赛(NBA)的五球队,其中包括休斯顿火箭(Houston Rockets)、金州勇士队(Golden State warriors)和芝加哥公牛队(Chicago Bulls)。The company has found its niche as the cheap option for phones offered by carriers in the US, where they cost as little as .中兴在美国找到了自己的市场定位:运营商发售的手机中的低价之选。其手机在美国的售价低至30美元。“Customers are getting savvier about smartphones,” ZTE said, arguing that high-end components make its phones competitive with much more expensive alternatives.中兴表示:“消费者对智能手机越来越了解。”该公司表示高端元件让其手机能与贵得多的产品相竞争。It also said that as US carrier operators move away from a two-year contract subsidy model to one involving no subsidies, “consumers are becoming clearer on the cost of devices since they are now paying for them” and this is driving demand for low-cost high-spec phones such as theirs.中兴还表示,随着美国移动运营商减少使用两年期合约补贴模式,转向没有任何补贴的模式,“消费者对设备成本越来越清楚,因为现在他们要在硬件上花钱”,这推动了对中兴这种高配置低成本手机的需求。Wang Yanhui, head of the Beijing-based China Smartphone alliance, an industry advocacy group, said that the cheaper end of the US smartphones market “is practically up for grabs. Anyone who wants to devote resources to this market will get it.位于北京的行业协会“手机中国联盟”(Mobile Phone China Alliance)秘书长王艳辉表示,美国较低端智能手机市场“实际上是容易进入的,只要愿意向该市场投入资源就能进入。”“Nobody really has any security concerns over phones that are practically free,” he said.王艳辉表示:“如果手机便宜到跟不要钱一样,没人会在意什么安全问题。”ZTE is placing its hopes on the ZTE Axon, an Android device with a 5.5in screen and dual-lens camera using mainly US parts such as Gorilla Glass from Corning and a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.中兴目前将希望寄予旗下的Axon天机,这款安卓手机配置了5.5英寸屏幕,两个摄像头,部件主要为美国品牌,比如康宁(Corning)的大猩猩玻璃(Gorilla Glass),高通(Qualcomm)的骁龙(Snapdragon)处理器。Though better-known for making large scale telecoms equipment, ZTE has been blocked from selling these products in the US since 2012, when the House Intelligence Committee accused both ZTE and Huawei of spying on behalf of Chinese authorities. “The risks of Huawei’s and ZTE’s provision of equipment to US critical infrastructure could undermine core US national security interests” and both companies “cannot be trusted to be free of foreign and state influence,” the committee’s report .中兴虽然以制造大型电信设备著称,但从2012年起被禁止在美国销售此类产品,因为当时美国众议院情报委员会(House Intelligence Committee)指控中兴和华为充当中国政府的间谍。该委员会在报告中写道:“由华为和中兴为美国关键基础设施提供设备,可能会损害美国的核心国家安全利益,而且无法相信这两家公司不受外交和国家影响。”The investigation meant both companies were informally barred from investing in or acquiring firms in the US, or from doing any major technology deals with the government. However, smartphones were left alone, and ZTE moved quickly to take advantage.那次调查使得中兴和华为受到了非正式限制,不能投资或收购美国公司,或与美国政府进行任何重大技术交易。但唯独智能手机除外,而中兴迅速采取行动利用了这一点。Huawei, meanwhile, has since shifted its focus to Europe and emerging markets.华为则将重点转移到欧洲和新兴市场。ZTE credits its success in the US smartphone market to high-quality, low-cost phones, as well as an “open dialogue” with Washington, which its chief executive visits frequently, usually twice a year.中兴将自己在美国智能手机市场的成功归因于高品质低价手机,以及与华盛顿方面的“公开对话”,其首席执行官频繁前往华盛顿,通常是一年两次。Both companies have long rejected the spying accusations. According to a person familiar with the company, ZTE has dismissed its inclusion in the 2012 probe as “collateral damage” for being associated with Shenzhen-based rival Huawei, which ZTE says was the real target.两家公司长期以来一直否认间谍指控。一位了解中兴的人士透露,中兴认为自己卷入2012年的调查是受到“附带损害”,华为才是真正的目标,自己被与华为联系在了一起。Huawei has recently been taking steps to get into the US smartphone market as well, last year partnering with Google to produce the Nexus 6P.华为最近也采取行动以进入美国智能手机市场,去年华为与谷歌(Google)合作开发了Nexus 6P。 /201602/425887

SoftBank Corp. said Wednesday its Pepper humanoid robots will staff a cellphone store in Tokyo for a week this spring.日本软银公司周三表示,将在东京开设以人形机器人Pepper为员工的手机店,在一周时间里限期营业。The firm said the static, talking machines will run the store from March 28 to April 3 in the city#39;s upscale Omotesando shopping district. SoftBank aly operates a separate store in the neighborhood.该公司表示,这款静态的,说话的机器将会于3月28日至4月3日在东京的高级商业区表参道营业。软银公司已经在附近开设了一家分店。;I don#39;t know how this will turn out, but it should be a quite interesting experiment,; said SoftBank CEO Ken Miyauchi during a two-day exhibition called Pepper World.软银公司的董事宫内谦在一次为期两天的名为“Pepper World”的展示会上说道;“我不知道结果会怎样,但它应该是一个很有趣的实验。”The telecoms giant said it will deploy five to six Peppers at the shop. Customers will be able to ask the robots for explanations of the various cellphone options, and for those that decide to buy, the robot will attempt to complete the sales process.这家电信巨头表示,店内将配备5、6台Pepper机器人。顾客可以要求机器人讲解各种手机的选项设置,机器人也会尝试着为那些决定购买手机的顾客完成整个销售手续。However, SoftBank says it is difficult for the robots to check people#39;s IDs when signing a contract, so humans will be on hand to intervene.但是,软银公司也表示,由于签约时,机器人很难核实顾客的身份,因此店员将介入这项工作。Pepper made its commercial debut in June last year. Miyauchi said the device had acquired quite a following aly, as more than 500 firms were now using it.去年六月,Pepper完成了它的商业处女秀。宫内谦表示,该设备已经获得了相当的认可,有超过500家公司正在使用它。He said the machine may represent a labor-saving solution to companies short of manpower.他说道,这台机器将可能是一种解决公司人手短缺问题的省力方案。 /201602/425093

Fast food giant Domino#39;s has developed a self-driving robot that can deliver hot food and cold drinks.快餐巨头达美乐公司研发出了一款可以配送热食和冷饮的自动驾驶机器人。The four-wheeled machine dubbed DRU - for Domino#39;s Robotic - completed its first trial delivery earlier this month.这款四轮机器人名为;达美乐机器人部队;,简称DRU,在本月初已成功完成初次试配送。It looks like a gussied-up R2-D2 with a warming drawer. And it#39;s apparently the real deal: Domino#39;s worked with a robotics company that usually develops equipment for the army.它看起来像一个自带保温抽屉、经过装饰的R2-D2。而且明显是货真价实的:达美乐公司经常与机器人技术公司合作,为军队研发装备。The robot uses GPS for navigation and can sense and avoid obstacles as it travels. It is designed to travel on bike paths or footpaths and can reach speeds of 12 mph. The customer can get at the pizza by using a security code sent to the customer#39;s phone.DRU使用GPS导航,在配送途中能够感应和躲避障碍物。DRU可以在自行车道或人行道上行驶,时速可达12英里(约19.3千米)。顾客输入下单后发送到手机上的安全码便可取走披萨。To mark this momentous occasion of human ingenuity, the company released a three-minute that resembles a trailer for an action movie.为了纪念这一展现人类聪明才智的重大时刻,该公司发布了一个就像动作电影的预告片的3分钟视频。Domino#39;s is doing test runs over the next six months in Australia, but it will likely be a couple of years before we see DRU cruising the streets.达美乐公司将于接下来的半年内在澳大利亚试运行该机器人,但我们要看到DRU在街道上驰骋可能还需要几年的时间。 /201603/433132

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