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PHILADELPHIA — Anger and frustration reigned on the first day of the Democratic National Convention, as a divided party grappled Monday with fallout from a email leak that showed its officials trying to ease Hillary Clinton’s path to the presidency while plotting to undermine Sen. Bernie Sanders, her rival for the nomination.费城——周一,内部存在分歧的民主党努力应对一起电子邮件泄露事件造成的后果,民主党全国大会的第一天充斥着愤怒和不满情绪。这些电子邮件显示,民主党官员暗中策划削弱同希拉里·克林顿(Hillary Clinton)争夺提名的参议员伯尼·桑德斯(Bernie Sanders),试图为她铺平总统之路。Democrats were supposed to be forging a unified front to take on Donald Trump this week, but instead more than 1,000 supporters of Sanders took to the scalding streets of Philadelphia to vent their frustration, some adopting a Republican rallying cry about Clinton: “Lock her up!”民主党人本应在本周结成统一战线,对抗唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump),但现实情况却是,逾千名桑德斯的持者不顾烈日走上街头,发泄他们的不满。一些人喊出了共和党的一句有关克林顿的集结口号:“把她关起来!”Others jeered Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the outgoing party chairwoman, as she gave a speech to Florida delegates. And they even booed Sanders himself as he encouraged them back Clinton.其他一些人在即将卸任的民主党主席黛比·沃瑟曼·舒尔茨(Debbie Wasserman Schultz)面向佛罗里达州的代表发表演讲时,对她起哄。他们甚至在桑德斯本人鼓励他们持克林顿时,对他发出了嘘声。The convention was called to order Monday afternoon, and nearly every mention of Clinton brought a smattering of cheers and boos, but so far, it did not match the messy, more organized floor fight that greeted the opening of the Republican convention a week before.周一下午,与会者被要求肃静。几乎每次提到克林顿都会引来少许欢呼和嘘声,但迄今为止,民主党大会并不像一周前的共和党全国大会那样,一开幕会场便出现了更有组织的喧嚣争吵。Perhaps none were more divided — or loud — as the California delegation. Delegates waved “Nay!” signs and actively booed every mention of her, while those seated on either side cheered back, waving Hillary buttons and chanting “Hill-a-ry!”加利福尼亚州代表团或许是分歧最严重的——或者说声音最大的。有代表挥舞着“不!”的牌子,每次听到克林顿的名字时都积极地发出嘘声,而坐在两边的人则会发出喝声作为回应,同时挥舞着希拉里徽章,嘴里反复喊着“希-拉-里!”“I’m going to boo, and I’m going to do it for the next four days,” said Jody Feldman, 62, of Sacramento, a lifelong Democrat.“我会嘘她,而且接下来四天都会这么做,”来自萨克拉门托的62岁资深民主党人乔迪·费尔德曼(Jody Feldman)说。But Sanders issued a statement Monday afternoon warning his delegates against “booing, turning our backs, walking out or similar displays” because “that’s what Mr. Trump wants.”不过,周一下午,桑德斯发布了一份声明,告诫持他的代表不要“喝倒、背弃自己人、退场或做出类似的表现”,因为“那正是特朗普想要的结果”。Hopes that Wasserman Schultz’s decision on Sunday afternoon to resign would calm nerves were dashed as the Florida congresswoman publicly addressed her state delegation at a breakfast Monday morning. For those who believed for months that she was rigging the nominating fight, nothing would be forgiven so quickly.一些人本以为沃瑟曼·舒尔茨周日下午做出的辞职决定会安抚人心。但周一早上,当这名来自佛罗里达州的众议员在早餐会上面向自己州的代表团发表公开讲话时,他们的愿望落空了。那些几个月来一直认为是她在暗箱操纵提名大战的人,是不会轻易原谅任何事的。Protesters at her address, wearing Sanders T-shirts and buttons, stood and held signs that “E-MAILS” and “We Don’t Want Cheaters In Our Party Anyway.”在她的演讲现场,身穿桑德斯T恤并戴着桑德斯徽章的抗议者一直站着,举着标语牌,上面写着“电子邮件”和“我们绝不想要党内有骗子”。They booed, loudly, and screamed “fair elections” as Wasserman Schultz took the lectern and said: “It is so wonderful to be able to be here with my home state. All right everybody now, settle down. Everybody settle down, please.”他们发出巨大的嘘声,并高喊“公平选举”,看着沃瑟曼·舒尔茨走上讲台并说:“非常高兴能站在这里,和家乡的代表在一起。好了,大家现在都坐下来。请大家都坐下。”They refused.他们拒绝了她的请求。Sanders, who has vowed to do whatever it takes to stop Trump from winning in November, had little luck trying to make the case to his followers that they should vote for Clinton. In a rare display of rebellion at a gathering of his delegates, the Vermont senator was drowned out by boos when he mentioned the name of the presumptive Democratic nominee.桑德斯承诺不惜一切代价阻止特朗普在11月获胜,却几乎没机会向自己的持者明,他们应该投给克林顿。在持他的代表举行的一场聚会上,这位来自佛蒙特州的参议员罕见地遭到了反对。在提到稳获民主党提名的克林顿的名字时,他的声音被嘘声淹没了。“We have got to defeat Donald Trump and we have got to elect Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine,” Sanders said to a round of jeers.“我们必须打败唐纳德·特朗普,必须选择希拉里·克林顿和蒂姆·凯恩(Tim Kaine),”桑德斯的话引发了一阵起哄。Over chants of “we want Bernie,” he added: “This is a real world we live in. Trump is a bully and a demagogue.”在“我们要选伯尼”的口号中,他接着说:“这是我们所生活的现实世界。特朗普是恶霸,是煽动者。”The dissension comes as Democrats are facing an increasingly tough challenge from Trump, the Republican nominee. A national poll from CNN/ORC released on Monday showed Trump receiving a big bounce from his convention, leading Clinton 44 percent to 39 percent in a four-way race including Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, the Libertarian and Green Party candidates.这场纷争出现时,民主党正面临着共和党提名人特朗普发起的日渐严峻的挑战。CNN/ORC周一公布的一项全美民调结果显示,共和党全国大会过后,特朗普的持率大幅反弹,在包括自由意志党候选人加里·约翰逊(Gary Johnson)和绿党候选人吉尔·斯坦(Jill Stein)在内的四人竞争中,以44%的持率领先于克林顿的39%。Richard Ross Jr., the head of the Police Department, estimated that about 1,500 people marched, and around 5 p.m. roughly 30 people were arrested after they tried to breach the barriers outside the Wells Fargo Center, where the convention was getting underway.费城警察局局长小理查德·罗斯(Richard Ross Jr.)估计大约有1500人参加了游行,并表示下午5点左右,大约30人因试图突破会议举办地富国中心(Wells Fargo Center)外面的障碍物而被捕。 /201607/456735

Yes, It’s Your Parents’ Fault缺乏安全感吗?这真的要怪你父母We live in a culture that celebrates individualism and self-reliance, and yet we humans are an exquisitely social species, thriving in good company and suffering in isolation. More than anything else, our intimate relationships, or lack thereof, shape and define our lives.我们的文化赞美个人主义和自力更生,但人类是一种敏感的群居物种,相处良好的关系让人精神抖擞,孤独的人则感到痛苦。有没有亲密的人际关系,对于塑造和定义我们生活具有非同一般的作用。While there have been many schools of thought to help us understand what strains and maintains human bonds, from Freudian to Gestalt, one of the most rigorously studied may be the least known to the public.从佛洛伊德到格式塔,有很多学派在帮助我们了解维系人际关系,导致关系紧张的因素,但有一种理论对这方面进行了最为细致的研究,却有可能是最不为人所知的一个。It’s called attachment theory, and there’s growing consensus about its capacity to explain and improve how we function in relationships.它就是依恋理论,人们对其解释和改进人际关系的能力正产生越来越多的共识。Conceived more than 50 years ago by the British psychoanalyst John Bowlby and scientifically validated by an American developmental psychologist, Mary S. Ainsworth, attachment theory is now having a breakout moment, applied everywhere from inner-city preschools to executive coaching programs. Experts in the fields of psychology, neuroscience, sociology and education say the theory’s underlying assumption — that the quality of our early attachments profoundly influences how we behave as adults — has special resonance in an era when people seem more attached to their smartphones than to one another.这个理论是50多年前英国心理学家约翰·巴比(British Bowlby)设想出来的,美国发展心理学家玛丽·S·安斯沃思(Mary S. Ainsworth)以科学方法对其进行了验。依恋理论现在获得了前所未有的普及,从老城区的幼儿园到企管培训课程,很多地方都运用在这个理论。其基本假设是,我们的早期依恋的质量深刻影响了我们的成年阶段。心理学、神经科学、社会学和教育领域的专家说,如今人们似乎更依恋智能手机而不是依恋彼此,依恋理论的基本假设在这个时代存在一种特别的反响。By the end of our first year, we have stamped on our baby brains a pretty indelible template of how we think relationships work, based on how our parents or other primary caregivers treat us. From an evolutionary standpoint, this makes sense, because we need to figure out early on how to survive in our immediate environment.婴儿一周岁的时候,大脑中就已经形成了一个几乎不可磨灭的对关系的思考模式,父母或其他看护者对待婴儿的方式塑造了这个思考模式。从进化的角度来看,这是有道理的,因为婴儿需要早点弄清楚如何在当前的环境中生存下去。“If you’re securely attached, that’s great, because you have the expectation that if you are distressed you will be able to turn to someone for help and feel you can be there for others,” said Miriam Steele, the co-director of the Center for Attachment Research at the New School for Social Research in New York.“如果你能安全地依恋某人,那非常好,因为你会觉得,在心情不好的时候,你可以向某人寻求帮助,而且觉得你也可以帮助别人,”纽约社会研究新学院依恋研究中心(Center for Attachment Research at the New School for Social Research)联合主任米里林·斯蒂尔(Miriam Steele)说。It’s not so great if you are one of the 40 percent to 50 percent of babies who, a meta-analysis of research indicates, are insecurely attached because their early experiences were suboptimal (their caregivers were distracted, overbearing, dismissive, unreliable, absent or perhaps threatening). “Then you have to earn your security,” Dr. Steele said, by later forming secure attachments that help you override your flawed internal working model.一项综合分析表明,40%到50%的婴儿在这方面的状况不佳,具有不安全的依恋模式,因为他们的早期经历不理想(看护者心不在焉、霸道专横、不上心、不可靠、不在场,或者可能进行了胁迫)。“这样你就必须努力去争取获得安全感,”斯蒂尔说,晚一些时候形成的安全依恋风格,可以帮助你改写有缺陷的内在运作模式。Given that the divorce rate is also 40 percent to 50 percent, it would seem that this is not an easy task. Indeed, researchers said, people who have insecure attachment models tend to be drawn to those who fit their expectations, even if they are treated badly. They may subconsciously act in ways that elicit insensitive, unreliable or abusive behavior, whatever is most familiar. Or they may flee secure attachments because they feel unfamiliar.鉴于离婚率也是40%至50%,这看上去不像是一个容易的任务。事实上,研究人员说,如果你的依恋模式属于不安全的类型,你容易被符合你的期望的人吸引,即使他们对你并不好。你可能会在潜意识的驱使下做一些事情,引起不敏感、不可靠或虐待行为,这些是你最熟悉的行为。你也可能会逃离安全的依恋关系,因为这让你感到陌生。“Our attachment system preferentially sees things according to what has happened in the past,” said Dr. Amir Levine, a psychiatrist at Columbia University and the co-author of the book “Attached,” which explores how attachment behaviors affect the neurochemistry of the brain. “It’s kind of like searching in Google where it fills in based on what you searched before.”哥伦比亚大学的精神病学家阿米尔·列文(Amir Levine)和《依恋》(Attached)一书的合著者说:“我们的依恋系统优先看到过去发生的事情。这就像是谷歌搜索务会根据你之前搜索的内容进行自动填充一样。”《依恋》探索了依恋行为如何影响大脑的神经化学机制。But again, history is not necessarily destiny. Intervention programs at the New School and the University of Delaware are having marked success helping at-risk groups like teenage mothers change their attachment behaviors (often passed down through generations) and establish more secure relationships. Another attachment-based intervention strategy called Circle of Security, which has 19,000 trained facilitators in 20 countries, has also proved effective.但是,历史不一定就会决定命运。新学院和特拉华大学的干预项目取得了显著的成功,这些项目帮助少女母亲这样的高危群体改变依恋行为(通常会代代相传),并建立更安全的关系。另一个称为安全圈(Circle of Security)的项目也被明是有效的,这是一个基于依恋的干预项目,在20个国家有1.9万名训练有素的协调员。What these protocols have in common is promoting participants’ awareness of their attachment style, and their related sabotaging behaviors, as well as training on how to balance vulnerability and autonomy in relationships.这些协议的共同点是促进参与者对自己的依恋风格及其相关破坏行为的认识,训练他们去平衡关系中的脆弱性和自主性。One reason attachment theory has “gained so much traction lately is its ideas and observations are so resonant with our daily lives,” said Kenneth Levy, an associate professor of psychology at Pennsylvania State University who researches attachment-oriented psychotherapy.宾夕法尼亚州立大学依恋心理疗法的心理学副教授肯尼思·利维(Kenneth Levy)说,依恋理论“获得了这么多的关注的一个原因是,它的理念和观点与我们的日常生活存在很多共鸣。”Indeed, if you look at the classic categories of attachment styles — secure; insecure anxious; insecure avoidant; and insecure disorganized — it’s pretty easy to figure out which one applies to you and others in your life. The categories stem from tens of thousands of observations of babies and toddlers whose caregivers leave them briefly, either alone or with a stranger, and then return, a test known as the “strange situation.” The labels can also apply to how adults behave toward loved ones in times of stress.事实上,如果你看看经典的依恋风格类型——安全型、不安全焦虑型、不安全回避型,和不安全紊乱型——很容易看出你和你遇见过的人属于哪种类型。这种分类来自于对数以千计的婴儿和幼儿的观察,他们的看护者离开一会儿,留下他们独自一人或者是和陌生人待一起,然后看护者再返回,这称为“陌生情景”的测试。而成年人在遇到压力的时候如何对待他们喜欢的人,也可以分为这些类型。Secure children get upset when their caregivers leave, and run toward them with outstretched arms when they return. They fold into the caregiver and are quickly soothed. A securely attached adult similarly goes to a loved one for comfort and support when they, say, are passed over for a promotion at work or feel vulnerable or hurt. They are also eager to reciprocate when the tables are turned.安全型的孩子在看护者离开时表现出不安,并在看护者回来时伸出手臂向他们跑去。他们抱住看护者,情绪很快就舒缓下来。类似地,安全型的成年人如果错过晋升,或感觉脆弱受伤时,也会向亲人寻求安慰和持。而当亲人遇到问题时,他们也乐于提供安慰和持。Children high on the insecure anxious end of the spectrum get upset when caregivers leave and may go to them when they return. But these children aren’t easily soothed, usually because the caregiver has proved to be an unreliable source of comfort in the past. They may kick and arch their back as if they are angry. As adults, they tend to obsess about their relationships and may be overly dramatic in order to get attention. They may hound romantic interests instead of taking it slow.不安全焦虑型的儿童在看护人离开时会感到不安,并且可能在看护人回来的时候走向他们。但是这些孩子的焦虑情绪不容易缓解,这通常是因为过去的一些事情已经明看护者作为安慰的来源不太可靠。孩子可能会有踢打、弓背等动作,好像在生气。作为成年人,这种类型倾向于对关系过于沉迷,可能会做出过度戏剧化的事情,以便获得注意。他们可能会迅速升温恋情,而不是慢慢发展。Insecure avoidant children don’t register distress when their caregivers leave (although their stress hormones and heart rate may be sky high) and they don’t show much interest when caregivers return, because they are used to being ignored or rebuffed. Alternatively, a parent may have smothered them with too much attention. Insecure avoidant adults tend to have trouble with intimacy and are more likely to leave relationships, particularly if they are going well. They may not return calls and resist talking about their feelings.不安全回避型的孩子在看护者离开时,没有表现出痛苦(尽管他们的压力激素和心率可能大大升高),并且在看护者回来时,他们也不会表现出很大的兴趣,可能因为他们习惯了被忽略或拒绝,或者可能是父母太多的关注让他们感到窒息。不安全回避型成年人容易在亲密关系中感到别扭,离开一段关系的可能性更大,特别是在关系发展顺利的时候。他们可能会不回电话,拒绝谈论自己的感觉。Finally, insecure disorganized children and adults display both anxious and avoidant behaviors in an illogical and erratic manner. This behavior is usually the lingering result of situations where a childhood caregiver was threatening or abusive.最后,不安全紊乱型儿童和成人会用不合逻辑、不稳定的方式来表现焦虑和回避行为。这通常是儿童遭到看护者威胁或虐待的长期结果。Tools to determine your dominant attachment style include the Adult Attachment Interview, which is meant to be administered by a clinician, or self-report questionnaires like the Attachment Styles and Close Relationships Survey. But critics said their accuracy depends on the skill and training of the interviewer in the case of the former and the self-awareness of the test taker in the latter, which perhaps explains why you can take both tests and end up in different categories.要确定你的主要依恋风格,可以到临床医生那里进行成人依恋面谈(Adult Attachment Interview),或者是填写自我调查问卷,比如《依恋风格和紧密关系调查问卷》(Attachment Styles and Close Relationships Survey)。但批评者说,该工具的准确性在前一种情况下取决于受访者的技能和受过的训练,后一种情况下取决于测试者的自我意识,这也许可以解释为什么你参加的这两种测试结果可能会不一样。“It can also be possible that people should be viewed as along a continuum in all categories,” said Glenn I. Roisman, the director of the Relationships Research Lab at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis.“我们可能也应该把所有类别看成渐变的连续带,”明尼阿波利斯明尼苏达大学关系研究实验室主任格伦·I·若斯曼(Glenn I. Roisman)说。It’s worth noting that just as people in the insecure categories can become more secure when they form close relationships with secure people, secure people can become less so if paired with people who are insecure. “You need social context to sustain your sense of security,” said Peter Fonagy, a professor of psychoanalysis at University College London.值得注意的是,正如一个不安全类别的人,在与安全型的人建立密切关系时可以变得更趋向于安全型,那些安全型的人在与不安全类别的人交往时,也可能会变得缺乏安全感。伦敦大学学院心理分析教授彼得·方纳吉(Peter Fonagy)说:“你需要社交背景来维持安全感。He added that having secure attachments is not about being a perfect parent or partner but about maintaining communication to repair the inevitable rifts that occur. In the daily battering of any relationship, Dr. Fonagy said, “if free flow of communication is impaired, the relationship is, too.”他说,拥有安全型的依恋风格,重点并不在于成为完美的父母或伴侣,而是在于维持沟通、修复难以避免的裂痕。任何关系都会有日常的磕磕碰碰,方纳吉说,“如果自由的交流沟通受到损害,关系也会蒙受损失。” /201701/487659

South Korean Villagers Protest Plans for U.S. Missile Defense System韩国农民集会,反对部署“萨德”SEOUL, South Korea — South Korea announced on Wednesday that a rural southern county would be the site of an advanced American missile defense battery, the planned deployment of which has angered China and North Korea — and, now, thousands of local residents, who demonstrated against the plan.韩国首尔——韩国于周三宣布,将把一种先进的美国导弹防御系统部署在南方的一个农业郡,引发了当地数千居民的抗议。部署该系统的计划此前已经惹怒了中国和朝鲜。Villagers rallied under a sweltering sun to condemn the choice of their county, Seongju, which is about 135 miles southeast of Seoul, the capital, for the so-called Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense system, known as Thaad. South Korea and the ed States say the powerful missile and radar system is needed to defend the country, and American forces stationed here, against North Korean missiles, but residents fear it will threaten their health and ruin their agricultural economy.星州郡位于韩国首都首尔东南方135英里处,那里的居民顶着炎炎烈日聚到一起,谴责政府把所谓的末段高空区域防御系统(Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense,简称“萨德”)的部署地点选在自己的家门口。韩国和美国称,为了保卫韩国以及驻韩美军的安全,必须部署这一强大的导弹和雷达系统,但居民们担心它会危及他们的健康,并毁掉当地的农业经济。“We oppose Thaad with our lives!” the residents chanted, holding banners that bore the same slogan. Local political leaders, wearing red headbands, wrote the same vow in blood after cutting their fingers, a dramatic form of protest that has a long history in South Korea. Some of the politicians and protest leaders also began a hunger strike.“我们以命相搏反对部署‘萨德’!”居民们高呼道,手里举着带有同样口号的条幅。头勒红色头带的当地政治领袖割破手指,以鲜血写下了同样的誓言——在韩国,这种戏剧化的抗议形式有很长的历史。一些政治人物和抗议活动的领导者还开始了绝食抗议。“If we lose our precious land to Thaad, we will be ashamed before our ancestors and posterity,” Kim Hang-gon, who oversees the Seongju county government, told the crowd, many of them aging melon farmers, according to the news agency Yonhap. The county, which has a population of about 50,000, provides 60 percent of all melons sold in South Korea.“如果让宝贵的土地被萨德占据,我们有何面目面对祖宗和后人,”据韩联社(Yonhap)报道,星州郡郡长金恒坤(Kim Hang-gon,音)对着抗议的人群说道。人群中许多人是上了年纪的瓜农。在韩国销售的瓜有60%产自这个人口约5万的郡。The opposition could bode ill for the American and South Korean militaries, which hope to install the Thaad battery by late 2017. In the past, villagers have joined forces with environmental and political activists to initiate prolonged and often violent campaigns against new ed States military bases.美国和韩国希望在2017年末完成萨德的部署事宜,但当前的抗议活动可能是一个不好的兆头。过去,居民们曾与环保及政治活动人士联手发起持久的抗议活动,反对新建美军基地,其间时有暴力事件发生。Most South Koreans support the country’s military alliance with the ed States, citing the need to deter the North. But many also fear that any expansion of the American military presence could worsen tensions with the North and with China, and in some cases could damage local ways of life.大多数韩国人都持韩国与美国结成军事联盟,理由是需要给朝鲜以震慑。但很多人担心,驻韩美军军力的任何增强,都可能让韩国与朝鲜以及中国之间的紧张关系出现恶化,在某种情况下还有可能破坏当地的生活方式。After South Korea and the ed States announced the agreement to deploy Thaad on Friday, local news reports mentioned Seongju and several other towns as possible sites. Protests against Thaad have since been held in those communities. Some demonstrators expressed concern that hosting the system could make their towns high-priority targets for North Korea in the event of war.韩国和美国于上周五宣布达成部署“萨德”的协议后,当地媒体报道称,备选部署地点包括星州郡和其它几个城镇。此后,针对萨德的抗议活动在这些地方不断爆发。一些抗议者担心,自己所在的城镇如果部署了“萨德”,一旦战事爆发,就有可能成为朝鲜的首选打击目标。South Korea’s Defense Ministry said on Wednesday that the Thaad battery would be installed at an existing South Korean Air Force radar and missile base on a mountain in Seongju. The South Korean unit will be moved elsewhere, it said.韩国的国防部周三表示,“萨德”系统将部署在星州郡一座山上的空军雷达和导弹基地,并称韩军单位将转往别处。The deployment in Seongju will allow the Thaad system’s interceptor missiles to protect from half to two-thirds of the country from North Korean missiles, the ministry said. It said the radar system would be positioned in such a way that its powerful signals would pose no threat to human health, an assurance that villagers in Seongju did not accept.韩国国防部称,部署在星州郡使萨德系统的拦截导弹能够覆盖韩国一半到三分之二的国土,使其免受朝鲜导弹的袭击。国防部还表示,雷达系统将采取特定的安置方式,这样其强烈的信号便不会对人体健康构成威胁。但星州郡的村民并不接受这个保。South Koreans are divided over the Thaad system, whose deployment has been sought for years by the ed States but angrily opposed by China, South Korea’s top trade partner. China asserts that it, not the North, is the system’s true target, and Russia has joined Beijing in contending that its deployment would compromise their security and worsen tensions in the region, making it even more difficult to persuade North Korea to end its pursuit of nuclear weapons.韩国民众在萨德系统上存在分歧。美国多年来一直试图部署该系统,但遭到了韩国最大的贸易伙伴中国的愤怒反对。中国称该系统真正的目标不是朝鲜,而是自己。俄罗斯也加入了中国的阵营,称部署该系统会危害它们的安全,并导致该地区的紧张局势恶化,使得说朝鲜放弃发展核武器的难度加大。On Monday, President Park Geun-hye said that the deployment “neither targets third countries nor undermines their security interests.” But critics of the government, including many opposition lawmakers, worry that China will engage in economic retaliation against South Korea and cooperate less on reining in the North’s nuclear ambitions.周一当天,韩国总统朴槿惠(Park Geun-hye)表示,部署萨德系统“既不是将第三方国家作为攻击目标,也不会损害它们的安全利益”。但包括很多反对党议员在内的政府批评人士担心,中国会对韩国进行经济报复,并在限制朝鲜的核野心上减少合作。“It will do more harm than good to our national interest,” a prominent opposition leader, Moon Jae-in, said in a statement on Wednesday. He also called on the government to submit the deployment for parliamentary approval.“它对我们的国家利益弊大于利,”著名的反对派领袖文在寅(Moon Jae-in)在周三的一份声明中说。他还要求政府将部署计划提交给议会,取得议会的批准。Under its deal with Washington, South Korea will provide land and build the base for the Thaad battery, but the ed States will pay for the missile system, to be built by Lockheed Martin, as well as its operational costs.根据与华盛顿签订的协议,韩国将提供土地,并为萨德系统修建基地,但购买该导弹系统的费用和它的运行成本将由美国承担。该系统将由洛克希德·马丁公司(Lockheed Martin)建造。Some critics in South Korea found fault with the government’s choice of Seongju as the Thaad site, noting that Seoul, with its 10 million people, will lie outside the coverage of its intercept missiles, which have a range of just under 125 miles. The Defense Ministry said it would operate low-altitude Patriot missile defense systems together with Thaad to help defend the capital.韩国的一些批评人士不满于政府选择将萨德系统部署在星州郡,称有着1000万人口的首尔将位于其拦截导弹的覆盖范围外。萨德系统的拦截导弹射程不到125英里。国防部表示低空爱国者导弹防御系统会和萨德一同使用,以帮助保卫首都。 /201607/454557

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