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国际英文演讲高手 Chapter3-3暂无文本 200709/17879演讲文本US President's speech on Iraq (March 19,2005)THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. On this day two years ago, we launched Operation Iraqi Freedom to disarm a brutal regime, free its people, and defend the world from a grave danger. Before coalition forces arrived, Iraq was ruled by a dictatorship that murdered its own citizens, threatened its neighbors, and defied the world. We knew of Saddam Hussein's record of aggression and support for terror. We knew of his long history of pursuing, even using, weapons of mass destruction, and we know that September the 11th requires our country to think differently. We must, and we will, confront threats to America before they fully materialize. Now, because we acted, Iraq's government is no longer a threat to the world or its own people. Today the Iraqi people are taking charge of their own destiny. In January, over eight million Iraqis defied the car bombers and assassins to vote in free elections. This week, Iraq's Transitional National Assembly convened for the first time. These elected leaders broadly represent Iraq's people and include more than 85 women. They will now draft a new constitution for a free and democratic Iraq. In October, that document will be presented to the Iraqi people in a national referendum. Another election is planned for December to choose a permanent constitutional government. Free governments reflect the culture of the citizens they serve, and that is happening in Iraq. Today, Iraqis can take pride in building a government that answers to its people and honors their country's unique heritage. Millions of Americans saw that pride in an Iraqi woman named Safia Taleb al-Suhail who sat in the gallery during the State of the Union address. Eleven years ago, Saddam Hussein's thugs murdered her father. Today, Safia's nation is free, and Saddam Hussein sits in a prison cell. Safia expressed the gratitude of the Iraqi nation when she embraced the mom of Marine Corps Sergeant Byron Norwood who was killed in the assault on Fallujah. To all the brave members of our Armed Forces who have taken part in this historic mission, and to your families, I express the heartfelt thanks of the American people. I know that nothing can end the pain of the families who have lost loved ones in this struggle, but they can know that their sacrifice has added to America's security and the freedom of the world. Iraq's progress toward political freedom has opened a new phase of our work there. We are focusing our efforts on training the Iraqi security forces. As they become more self-reliant and take on greater security responsibilities, America and its coalition partners will increasingly assume a supporting role. In the end, Iraqis must be able to defend their own country, and we will help that proud, new nation secure its liberty. And then our troops will return home with the honor they have earned. Today we're seeing hopeful signs across the broader Middle East. The victory of freedom in Iraq is strengthening a new ally in the war on terror, and inspiring democratic reformers from Beirut to Tehran. Today, women can vote in Afghanistan, Palestinians are breaking the old patterns of violence, and hundreds of thousands of Lebanese are rising up to demand their sovereignty and democratic rights. These are landmark events in the history of freedom. Only the fire of liberty can purge the ideologies of murder by offering hope to those who yearn to live free. The experience of recent years has taught us an important lesson: The survival of liberty in our land increasingly depends on the success of liberty in other lands. Because of our actions, freedom is taking root in Iraq, and the American people are more secure. Thank you for listening. 200603/5036

I have just repeated word for word the oath taken by George Washington 200 years ago, and the Bible on which I placed my hand is the Bible on which he placed his.刚才,我逐字逐句地重复了乔治华盛顿二百年前宣读过的誓词,我的手所按的也正是他当年按过的那部《圣经》。It is right that the memory of Washington be with us today, not only because this is our Bicentennial Inauguration, but because Washington remains the Father of our Country.今天,我们应当纪念华盛顿,这不仅是因为今天这次典礼乃是我国首任总统就职二百周年的纪念,同时也是因为华盛顿仍然是我们的国父。And he would, I think, be gladdened by this day; for today is the concrete expression of a stunning fact: our continuity these 200 years since our government began.我想他的在天之灵一定会为今天而感到高兴,因为今天具体体现了一个令人振奋的事实——我国政府自成立以来的二百年里,一直保持着连续性。We meet on democracys front porch, a good place to talk as neighbors and as friends.今天,我们相聚于民主大厦的前门走廊,这是一个我们以邻居和朋友的身分进行交谈的好地方。For this is a day when our nation is made whole, when our differences, for a moment, are suspended.因为今天我国人民变成了一个整体,我们的分歧也得以暂时搁置。And my first act as President is a prayer. I ask you to bow your heads:而我作为总统的第一个举动,就是要进行祈祷。Heavenly Father, we bow our heads and thank You for Your love.我请各位低下头来:“在天的父啊,我们俯首向您致谢,感谢您的垂爱。Accept our thanks for the peace that yields this day and the shared faith that makes its continuance likely.请接受我们的谢意吧,我们感谢促成今日盛典的安宁徉和局面,庆幸我们拥有使这种局面永世 长存的共同信念。Make us strong to do Your work, willing to heed and hear Your will, and write on our hearts these words: ;Use power to help people.;让我们变得强大有力以完成您的使命吧,我们愿意关注和听从您的意旨,把‘御力以助人’这一箴言铭刻在心头。For we are given power not to advance our own purposes, nor to make a great show in the world, nor a name.因为我们被赋予力量,并不是为了实现我们自己的目标,也不是为了在世界上大肆炫耀,更不是为了追逐浮名。There is but one just use of power, and it is to serve people. Help us to remember it, Lord. Amen.正当运用力量的途径只有一条,那就是务于人民。主啊,佑助我们牢记这些吧。阿门。”I come before you and assume the Presidency at a moment rich with promise.在这个充满希望的时刻,我来到各位面前,就任总统之职。We live in a peaceful, prosperous time, but we can make it better.我们生活在一个安宁、繁荣的时代,但我们有能力使之变得更加美好。For a new breeze is blowing, and a world refreshed by freedom seems reborn; for in mans heart, if not in fact, the day of the dictator is over.因为一股新的轻风正在吹拂,一个经过自由洗礼的新世界看来已经获得新生;因为独裁者的时代即便没有在事实上终结,它在人们的内心则已成为陈迹。The totalitarian era is passing, its old ideas blown away like leaves from an ancient, lifeless tree.极权主义的时代正在逝去,其过时观念就像一棵古老衰朽之树的叶片,已随风飘零。A new breeze is blowing, and a nation refreshed by freedom stands y to push on.一股新的轻风正在吹拂,经过自由洗礼的全国人民已经做好出发的准备。There is new ground to be broken, and new action to be taken.新的阵地有待我们去占领,新的行动有待我们去着手。There are times when the future seems thick as a fog; you sit and wait,有时未来似乎为重重迷雾所遮蔽;于是人们就坐下来等待,hoping the mists will lift and reveal the right path.盼望迷雾自行散去,正确的道路会清晰地出现在脚下。But this is a time when the future seems a door you can walk right through into a room called tomorrow.但在这个时代,未来就像一扇打开的门,人们可以直接穿过,进入一个叫做明天的房间。Great nations of the world are moving toward democracy through the door to freedom.世界各个大国正在经过通向自由的大门走向民主。03/64203

Good morning. As families across our Nation gather to celebrate Christmas, Laura and I send our best wishes for the holidays. We hope that your Christmas will be blessed with family and fellowship.At this special time of year, we give thanks for Christ's message of love and hope. Christmas reminds us that we have a duty to others, and we see that sense of duty fulfilled in the men and women who wear our Nation's uniform. America is blessed to have fine citizens who volunteer to defend us in distant lands. For many of them, this Christmas will be spent far from home, and on Christmas our Nation honors their sacrifice, and thanks them for all they do to defend our freedom. At Christmas, we also recognize the sacrifice of our Nation's military families. Staying behind when a family member goes to war is a heavy burden, and it is particularly hard during the holidays. To all our military families listening today, Laura and I thank you, and we ask the Almighty to bestow His protection and care on your loved ones as they protect our Nation.This Christmas season comes at a time of change here in our Nation's capital -- with a new Congress set to arrive, a review of our Iraq strategy underway, and a new Secretary of Defense taking office. If you're serving on the front lines halfway across the world, it is natural to wonder what all this means for you. I want our troops to know that while the coming year will bring change, one thing will not change, and that is our Nation's support for you and the vital work you do to achieve a victory in Iraq. The American people are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers, and we will make sure you have the resources you need to accomplish your mission.This Christmas, millions of Americans are coming together to show our deployed forces and wounded warriors love and support. Patriotic groups and charities all across America are sending gifts and care packages to our servicemen and women, visiting our troops recovering at military hospitals, reaching out to children whose moms and dads are serving abroad, and going to airports to welcome our troops home and to let them know they are appreciated by a grateful Nation.One man who's making a difference this holiday season is Jim Wareing. Jim is the founder of New England Caring for Our Military. This year, Jim helped organize a gift drive by thousands of students from Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Students from kindergarten to high school collected more than 20,000 gifts for our troops abroad. The gifts are being sent to troops stationed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Korea, Japan, and Africa. The care packages include books and puzzles, board games, phone cards, fresh socks, and T-shirts, and about 7,000 handmade holiday greeting cards and posters. Jim says, e "It's probably always hard for troops to be far away from home, but especially hard on the holidays. I use this as an opportunity to try to pay them back for my freedom."Citizens like Jim Wareing represent the true strength of our country, and they make America proud. I urge every American to find some way to thank our military this Christmas season. If you see a Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine, or a member of the Coast Guard, take a moment to stop and say, "Thanks for your service." And if you want to reach out to our troops, or help out the military family down the street, the Department of Defense has set up a website to help. It is: AmericaSupportsYou.Mil. This website lists more than 150 compassionate organizations that can use your help. In this season of giving, let us stand with the men and women who stand up for America.At this special time of year, we reflect on the miraculous life that began in a humble manger 2,000 years ago. That single life changed the world, and continues to change hearts today. To everyone celebrating Christmas, Laura and I wish you a day of glad tidings.Thank you for listening, and Merry Christmas. 200703/11502

  In his press conference last night, the President explained why he is committed to the change in course on the nation’s priorities that his budget represents. In response to a question about the deficit, he expounded on the reasons for addressing so many decades-old problems head-on: OBAMA: Of course I do, Ed, which is why we're doing everything we can to reduce that deficit. Look, if this were easy, then, you know, we would have aly had it done, and the budget would have been voted on, and everybody could go home. This is hard. And the reason it's hard is because we've accumulated a structural deficit that's going to take a long time, and we're not going to be able to do it next year or the year after or three years from now. What we have to do is bend the curve on these deficit projections. And the best way for us to do that is to reduce health care costs. That's not just my opinion. That's the opinion of almost every single person who has looked at our long-term fiscal situation. Now, how do we -- how are we going to reduce health care costs? Because the problem is not just in government-run programs. The problem is in the private sector, as well. It's experienced by families. It's experienced by businesses. And so what we've said is, look, let's invest in health information technologies. Let's invest in preventive care. Let's invest in mechanisms that look at who's doing a better job controlling costs while producing good quality outcomes in various states and let's reimburse on the basis of improved quality, as opposed to simply how many procedures you're doing. Let's do a whole host of things, some of which cost money on the front end, but offer the prospect of reducing costs on the back end. Now, the alternative is to stand pat and to simply say, "We are just going to not invest in health care. We're not going to take on energy. We'll wait until the next time that gas gets to a gallon. We will not improve our schools. And we'll allow China or India or other countries to lap our young people in terms of their performance. We will settle on lower growth rates, and we will continue to contract, both as an economy and our ability to -- to provide a better life for our kids." That, I don't think, is the better option.mp4视频下载 03/65491

  Only a few short weeks ago, we shared the glory of mans first sight of the world as God sees it, as a single sphere reflecting light in the darkness.就在几星期以前,人类如同上帝凝望这个世界一样,第一次端视了这个世界,一个在冥冥黑暗中辉映发光的独特的星球。我们分享了这一荣光。As the Apollo astronauts flew over the moons gray surface on Christmas Eve, they spoke to us of the beauty of earth阿波罗号上的字航员在圣诞节前夕飞越月球灰色的表面时,向我们说起地球的美丽and in that voice so clear across the lunar distance, we heard them invoke Gods blessing on its goodness.从穿过月距而传来的如此清晰的声音中,我们听到他们在祈祷上帝赐福人间。In that moment, their view from the moon moved poet Archibald MacLeish to write:在那一时刻,他们从月球上发出的意愿,激励着诗人阿奇尔德?麦克利什写下了这样的篇章:;To see the earth as it truly is, small and blue and beautiful in that eternal silence where it floats, is to see ourselves as riders on the earth together,在永恒的宁静中,那渺小、斑斓、美丽的地球在浮动。要真正地观望地球,就得把我们自己都看作是地球的乘客,brothers on that bright loveliness in the eternal cold--brothers who know now they are truly brothers.;看作是一群兄弟,他们共处于漫漫的、寒冷的字宙中,这群兄弟懂得,而今他们是真正的兄弟。”In that moment of surpassing technological triumph, men turned their thoughts toward home and humanity seeing in that far perspective that mans destiny on earth is not divisible;在那个比技术胜利更有意义的时刻,人们把思绪转向了家乡和人类——他们从那个遥远的视角中发现,地球上人类的命运是不能分开的telling us that however far we reach into the cosmos, our destiny lies not in the stars but on Earth itself, in our own hands, in our own hearts.他们告诉我们,不管我们在宇宙中走得多远,我们的命运不是在别的星球上,而是在地球上,在我们自己手中,在我们的心头。We have endured a long night of the American spirit.我们已经度过了一个反映美国精神的漫漫长夜。But as our eyes catch the dimness of the first rays of dawn, let us not curse the remaining dark. Let us gather the light.可是,当我们瞥见黎明前的第一缕曙光,切莫诅咒那尚未消散的黑暗。让我们迎接光明吧。Our destiny offers, not the cup of despair, but the chalice of opportunity.我们的命运所赐予的不是绝望的苦酒,而是机会的美餐。So let us seize it, not in fear, but in gladness and, ;riders on the earth together,; let us go forward, firm in our faith, steadfast in our purpose, cautious of the dangers;因此,让我们不是充满恐惧,而是满怀喜悦地去抓住这个机会吧——“地球的乘客们”,让我们以坚定的信念,朝着稳定的目标,在提防着危险中前进吧!but sustained by our confidence in the will of God and the promise of man.我们对上帝的意志和人类的希望充满了信心,这将使我们持之以恒。02/437818。

  演讲文本US President's radio address on economy security (June 11,2005)THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. As we enter the summer season, my administration is working hard to keep our economy growing and creating jobs. Next week, I will talk about some of my plans to help American families achieve long-term economic security. On Tuesday, I will discuss Social Security reform with young people in Pennsylvania. I will remind them that the Social Security system is in good shape for their grandparents and for anybody born prior to 1950. I will also tell them that we must act now to strengthen and modernize Social Security so these young people can have a secure retirement. Our young people understand that if we fail to act, Social Security will not be sound when they need it. They know that the millions of baby boomers about to retire will live longer and collect benefits that the system cannot afford. As we make Social Security permanently sustainable, we must also make it a better deal for younger workers, by allowing them to set aside a portion of their payroll taxes in voluntary personal savings accounts. These accounts would provide the opportunity to earn a higher rate of return than the current system can offer. Personal accounts would contribute to the economic security of Americans by allowing them to build up a real nest egg, something they own and can pass on to their spouse or children, and that government cannot take away. On Wednesday, I will address the Energy Efficiency Forum here in Washington, and renew my call for Congress to act on the energy plan I proposed four years ago. Today's high energy prices are like a tax that drags on our economy. We must ensure that American families and small businesses have access to a reliable supply of affordable energy. My energy strategy will lessen our dependence on foreign oil by encouraging conservation, promoting domestic production in environmentally friendly ways, and funding promising new sources of energy such as hydrogen, ethanol, and biodiesel. It will also modernize our aging electricity grid. The House has passed a good energy bill; now the American people expect the Senate to act. For the sake of our economic and national security, Congress needs to get a good energy bill to my desk by August. On Thursday and Friday, I will discuss a key element of ensuring health care security for our nation's seniors. The Medicare modernization bill I signed into law in 2003 created a new prescription drug benefit, so our seniors could have more choices and receive the affordable modern health care they deserve. This voluntary benefit begins next January, and seniors will be eligible to enroll starting this November. The plan will provide many options for dependable prescription drug coverage through Medicare. During the coming months, we will work to educate all of our seniors about this new benefit, so they can choose confidently the drug plan that best meets their needs. Finally, to ensure economic security for all Americans, Congress needs to keep your taxes low and be wise with taxpayers' dollars. I proposed, and the House and Senate passed, a responsible budget resolution that meets our priorities and keeps us on track to cut the deficit in half by . The weeks ahead will bring important decisions on government spending, including the highway bill. Congress needs to soon send me a fiscally responsible highway bill that modernizes our roads and bridges and improves safety and creates jobs. Achieving economic security for all Americans requires us to confront challenges now, not pass them on to future generations. In the coming weeks I will work with Congress on all these priorities, so we can strengthen our nation's prosperity for generations to come. Thank you for listening. 200603/5049

  President's Radio Address   THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. This weekend, families across America are coming together to celebrate Easter. This is the most important holiday in the Christian faith. And during this special and holy time each year, millions of Americans pause to remember a sacrifice that transcended the grave and redeemed the world.Easter is a holiday that beckons us homeward. This weekend is an occasion to reflect on the things that matter most in life: the love of family, the laughter of friends, and the peace that comes from being in the place you call home. Through good times and bad, these quiet mercies are sources of hope.   On Easter, we hold in our hearts those who will be spending this holiday far from home -- our troops on the front lines. I deeply appreciate the sacrifices that they and their families are making. America is blessed with the world's greatest military, made up of men and women who fulfill their responsibilities with dignity, humility, and honor. Their dedication is an inspiration to our country and a cause for gratitude this Easter season.   On Easter, we remember especially those who have given their lives for the cause of freedom. These brave individuals have lived out the words of the Gospel: "Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." And our Nation's fallen heroes live on in the memory of the Nation they helped defend.   On Easter, we also honor Americans who give of themselves here at home. Each year, millions of Americans take time to feed the hungry and clothe the needy and care for the widow and the orphan. Many of them are moved to action by their faith in a loving God who gave His son so that sin would be forgiven. And in this season of renewal, millions across the world remember the gift that took away death's sting and opened the door to eternal life. Laura and I wish you all a happy Easter.   Thank you for listening. 200806/41152Weekly Address: Opening Doors for Small BusinessReiterating once again his commitment to small business as the engine of our economy, the President urges Congress to move forward immediately on steps to help them expand and create jobs. These proposals include using billion in TARP funds to create a new Small Business Lending Fund to provide capital to community banks to increase lending to small businesses, offering a new tax credit for over one million small businesses that hire new workers or raise wages, and providing targeted support for the most innovative small businesses with the potential to export new goods and products.Download Video: mp4 (140MB) | mp3 (5MB)201002/96335Renewing American Competitiveness 重塑美国竞争力RENEWING AMERICAN COMPETITIVENESSJune 16, 2008 | Flint, Michigan It’s great to be at Kettering—a university that is teaching the next generation of leaders and training workers to have the skills they need to advance their own careers and communities.For months, the state of our economy has dominated the headlines—and the news hasn’t been good. The subprime lending debacle has sent the housing market into a tailspin and caused a broader contraction in the credit markets . Over 360,000 jobs have been lost this year, with the unemployment rate registering the biggest one-month jump since February 1986. Incomes have failed to keep pace with the rising costs of health insurance and college, and record oil and food prices have left families struggling just to keep up.Of course, grim economic news is nothing new to Flint. Manufacturing jobs have been leaving here for decades now. The jobs that have replaced them pay less and offer fewer, if any, benefits. Hardworking Americans who could once count on a single paycheck to support their families have not only lost jobs, but their health care and their pensions as well. Worst of all, many have lost confidence in that fundamental American promise that our children will have a better life than we do.So these are challenging times. That’s why I spent last week talking about immediate steps we need to take to provide working Americans with relief. A broad-based, middleclass tax cut, to help offset the rising cost of gas and food. A foreclosure prevention fund, to help stabilize the housing market. A health care plan that lowers costs and gives those without health insurance the same kind of coverage members of Congress have. A commitment to retirement security that stabilizes Social Security and provides workers a means to increase savings. And a plan to crack down on unfair and sometimes deceptive lending in the credit card and housing markets, to help families climb out of crippling debt and stay out of debt in the first place.These steps are all paid for and designed to restore balance and fairness to the American economy after years of Bush Administration policies that tilted the playing field in favor of the wealthy and the well-connected . But the truth is, none of these short-term steps alone will ensure America’s future. Yes, we have to make sure that the economic pie is sliced more fairly, but we also have to make sure that the economic pie is growing. Yes, we need to provide immediate help to families who are struggling in places like Flint, but we also need a serious plan to create new jobs and industry.We can’t simply return to the strategies of the past. For we are living through an age of fundamental economic transformation. Technology has changed the way we live and the way the world does business. The collapse of the Soviet Union and the advance of capitalism have vanquished old challenges to America’s global leadership, but new challenges have emerged, from China and India, Eastern Europe and Brazil. Jobs and industries can move to any country with an Internet connection and willing workers. Michigan’s children will grow up facing competition not just from California or South Carolina, but also from Beijing and Bangalore. A few years ago, I saw a picture of this new reality during a visit to Google’s headquarters in California. Toward the end of my tour, I was brought into a room where a three- dimensional image of the earth rotated on a large flat-panel monitor . Across this image, there were countless lights in different colors. A young engineer explained that the lights represented all of the Internet searches taking place across the world, and each color represented a different language. The image was mesmerizing —a picture of a world where old boundaries are disappearing; a world where communication, connection, and competition can come from anywhere.There are some who believe that we must try to turn back the clock on this new world; that the only chance to maintain our living standards is to build a fortress around America; to stop trading with other countries, shut down immigration, and rely on old industries. I disagree. Not only is it impossible to turn back the tide of globalization, but efforts to do so can make us worse off .08/81864

  Richard M. Nixon: "Checkers""...the kids, like all kids, love the dog, and...regardless of what they say about it, we're gonna keep it."[AUTHENTICITY CERTIFIED: Text version below transcribed directly from the audio]My Fellow Americans, I come before you tonight as a candidate for the Vice Presidency and as a man whose honesty and integrity has been questioned.Now, the usual political thing to do when charges are made against you is to either ignore them or to deny them without giving details. I believe we've had enough of that in the ed States, particularly with the present Administration in Washington, D.C. To me the office of the Vice Presidency of the ed States is a great office, and I feel that the people have got to have confidence in the integrity of the men who run for that office and who might obtain it.I have a theory, too, that the best and only answer to a smear or to an honest misunderstanding of the facts is to tell the truth. And that's why I am here tonight. I want to tell you my side of the case. I'm sure that you have the charge, and you've heard it, that I, Senator Nixon, took ,000 from a group of my supporters.Now, was that wrong? And let me say that it was wrong. I am saying it, incidentally, that it was wrong, just not illegal, because it isn't a question of whether it was legal or illegal, that isn't enough. The question is, was it morally wrong? I say that it was morally wrong -- if any of that ,000 went to Senator Nixon, for my personal use. I say that it was morally wrong if it was secretly given, and secretly handled. And I say that it was morally wrong if any of the contributors got special favors for the contributions that they made.And now to answer those questions let me say this: not one cent of the ,000 or any other money of that type ever went to me for my personal use. Every penny of it was used to pay for political expenses that I did not think should be charged to the taxpayers of the ed States. It was not a secret fund. As a matter of fact, when I was on "Meet the Press"-- some of you may have seen it last Sunday -- Peter Edson came up to me after the program, and he said, "Dick, what about is fund we hear about?" And I said, "Well, there is no secret about it. Go out and see Dana Smith who was the administrator of the fund." And I gave him [Edson] his [Smith's] address. And I said you will find that the purpose of the fund simply was to defray political expenses that I did not feel should be charged to the Government. And third, let me point out -- and I want to make this particularly clear -- that no contributor to this fund, no contributor to any of my campaigns, has ever received any consideration that he would not have received as an ordinary constituent.I just don't believe in that, and I can say that never, while I have been in the Senate of the ed States, as far as the people that contributed to this fund are concerned, have I made a telephone call for them to an agency, or have I gone down to an agency on their behalf. And the records will show that, the records which are in the hands of the administration.Well, then, some of you will say, and rightly, "Well, what did you use the fund for, Senator? Why did you have to have it?" Let me tell you in just a word how a Senate office operates. First of all, a Senator gets ,000 a year in salary. He gets enough money to pay for one trip a year, a round trip, that is, for himself, and his family between his home and Washington, D.C. And then he gets an allowance to handle the people that work in his office to handle his mail. And the allowance for my State of California, is enough to hire 13 people. And let me say, incidentally, that that allowance is not paid to the Senator. It is paid directly to the individuals that the Senator puts on his pay roll. But all of these people and all of these allowances are for strictly official business; business, for example, when a constituent writes in and wants you to go down to the Veteran's Administration and get some information about his GI policy -- items of that type, for example. But there are other expenses that are not covered by the Government. And I think I can best discuss those expenses by asking you some questions.Do you think that when I or any other senator makes a political speech, has it printed, should charge the printing of that speech and the mailing of that speech to the taxpayers? Do you think, for example, when I or any other Senator makes a trip to his home State to make a purely political speech that the cost of that trip should be charged to the taxpayers? Do you think when a Senator makes political broadcasts or political television broadcasts, radio or television, that the expense of those broadcasts should be charged to the taxpayers? Well I know what your answer is. It's the same answer that audiences give me whenever I discuss this particular problem: The answer is no. The taxpayers shouldn't be required to finance items which are not official business but which are primarily political business.Well, then the question arises, you say, "Well, how do you pay for these and how can you do it legally?" And there are several ways that it can be done, incidentally, and it is done legally in the ed States Senate and in the Congress. The first way is to be a rich man. I don't happen to be a rich man, so I couldn't use that one. Another way that is used is to put your wife on the pay roll. Let me say, incidentally, that my opponent, my opposite number for the Vice Presidency on the Democratic ticket, does have his wife on the pay roll and has had her on his pay roll for the past ten years. Now let me just say this: That' his business, and I'm not critical of him for doing that. You will have to pass judgment on that particular point.But I have never done that for this reason: I have found that there are so many deserving stenographers and secretaries in Washington that needed the work that I just didn't feel it was right to put my wife on the pay roll. My wife's sitting over here. She is a wonderful stenographer. She used to teach stenography and she used to teach shorthand in high school. That was when I met her. And I can tell you folks that she's worked many hours at night and many hours on Saturdays and Sundays in my office, and she's done a fine job, and I am proud to say tonight that in the six years I have been in the House and the Senate of the ed States, Pat Nixon has never been on the Government pay roll.What are other ways that these finances can be taken care of? Some who are lawyers, and I happen to be a lawyer, continue to practice law, but I haven't been able to do that. I am so far away from California that I have been so busy with my senatorial work that I have not engaged in any legal practice, and, also, as far as law practice is concerned, it seemed to me that the relationship between an attorney and the client was so personal that you couldn't possibly represent a man as an attorney and then have an unbiased view when he presented his case to you in the event that he had one before Government.And so I felt that the best way to handle these necessary political expenses of getting my message to the American people and the speeches I made -- the speeches I had printed for the most part concerned this one message of exposing this Administration, the Communism in it, the corruption in it -- the only way that I could do that was to accept the aid which people in my home State of California, who contributed to my campaign and who continued to make these contributions after I was elected, were glad to make.And let me say I am proud of the fact that not one of them has ever asked me for a special favor. I am proud of the fact that not one of them has ever asked me to vote on a bill other than my own conscience would dictate. And I am proud of the fact that the taxpayers by subterfuge or otherwise have never paid one dime for expenses which I thought were political and shouldn't be charged to the taxpayers.Let me say, incidentally, that some of you may say, "Well, that is all right, Senator, that's your explanation, but have you got any proof?" And I'd like to tell you this evening that just an hour ago we received an independent audit of this entire fund. I suggested to Governor Sherman Adams, who is the chief of staff of the Dwight Eisenhower campaign, that an independent audit and legal report be obtained, and I have that audit in my hands. It's an audit made by the Price Waterhouse amp; Co. firm, and the legal opinion by Gibson, Dunn, amp; Crutcher, lawyers in Los Angeles, the biggest law firm, and incidentally, one of the best ones in Los Angeles.I am proud to be able to report to you tonight that this audit and this legal opinion is being forwarded to General Eisenhower. And I'd like to to you the opinion that was prepared by Gibson, Dunn, amp; Crutcher, and based on all the pertinent laws and statutes, together with the audit report prepared by the certified public accountants:"It is our conclusion that Senator Nixon did not obtain any financial gain from the collection and disbursement of the fund by Dana Smith; that Senator Nixon did not violate any federal or state law by reason of the operation of the fund; and that neither the portion of the fund paid by Dana Smith directly to third persons, nor the portion paid to Senator Nixon, to reimburse him for designated office expenses, constituted income to the Senator which was either reportable or taxable as income under applicable tax laws." (signed) Gibson, Dunn, amp; Crutcher, by Elmo H. ConleyNow that, my friends, is not Nixon speaking, but that's an independent audit which was requested, because I want the American people to know all the facts, and I am not afraid of having independent people go in and check the facts, and that is exactly what they did. But then I realized that there are still some who may say, and rightly so -- and let me say that I recognize that some will continue to smear regardless of what the truth may be -- but that there has been understandably, some honest misunderstanding on this matter, and there are some that will say, "Well, maybe you were able, Senator, to fake this thing. How can we believe what you say? After all, is there a possibility that maybe you got some sums in cash? Is there a possibility that you might have feathered your own nest?" And so now, that I am going to do -- and incidentally this is unprecedented in the history of American politics -- I am going at this time to give to this television and radio audience, a complete financial history, everything I've earned, everything I've spent, everything I own. And I want you to know the facts.I'll have to start early. I was born in 1913. Our family was one of modest circumstances, and most of my early life was spent in a store out in East Whittier. It was a grocery store, one of those family enterprises. The only reason we were able to make it go was because my mother and dad had five boys, and we all worked in the store. I worked my way through college, and, to a great extent, through law school. And then in 1940, probably the best thing that ever happened to me happened. I married Pat who is sitting over here. We had a rather difficult time after we were married, like so many of the young couples who may be listening to us. I practiced law. She continued to teach school.Then, in 1942, I went into the service. Let me say that my service record was not a particularly unusual one. I went to the South Pacific. I guess I'm entitled to a couple of battle stars. I got a couple of letters of commendation. But I was just there when the bombs were falling. And then I returned -- returned to the ed States, and in 1946, I ran for the Congress. When we came out of the war -- Pat and I -- Pat during the war had worked as a stenographer, and in a bank, and as an economist for a Government agency -- and when we came out, the total of our savings, from both my law practice, her teaching and all the time I was in the war, the total for that entire period was just a little less than ,000 -- every cent of that, incidentally, was in Government bonds. Well that's where we start, when I go into politics.Now, what have I earned since I went into politics? Well, here it is. I've jotted it down. Let me the notes. First of all, I have had my salary as a Congressman and as a Senator. Second, I have received a total in this past six years of ,600 from estates which were in my law firm at the time that I severed my connection with it. And, incidentally, as I said before, I have not engaged in any legal practice and have not accepted any fees from business that came into the firm after I went into politics. I have made an average of approximately ,500 a year from nonpolitical speaking engagements and lectures.And then, fortunately, we have inherited little money. Pat sold her interest in her father's estate for ,000, and I inherited ,500 from my grandfather. We lived rather modestly. For four years we lived in an apartment in Parkfairfax, in Alexandria Virginia. The rent was .00 a month. And we saved for the time that we could buy a house. Now, that was what we took in. What did we do with this money? What do we have today to show for it? This will surprise you because it is so little, I suppose, as standards generally go of people in public life.First of all, we've got a house in Washington, which cost ,000 and on which we owe ,000. We have a house in Whittier, California which cost ,000 and on which we owe ,000. My folks are living there at the present time. I have just ,000 in life insurance, plus my GI policy which I've never been able to convert, and which will run out in two years. I have no life insurance whatever on Pat. I have no life insurance on our two youngsters Tricia and Julie. I own a 1950 Oldsmobile car. We have our furniture. We have no stocks and bonds of any type. We have no interest of any kind, direct or indirect, in any business. Now, that's what we have. What do we owe?Well in addition to the mortgage, the ,000 mortgage on the house in Washington, the ,000 one on the house in Whittier, I owe 00 to the Riggs Bank in Washington, D.C., with interest 4 and 1/2 percent. I owe ,500 to my parents, and the interest on that loan, which I pay regularly, because it's a part of the savings they made through the years they were working so hard -- I pay regularly 4 percent interest. And then I have a 0 loan, which I have on my life insurance.Well, that's about it. That's what we have. And that's what we owe. It isn't very much. But Pat and I have the satisfaction that every dime that we've got is honestly ours. I should say this, that Pat doesn't have a mink coat. But she does have a respectable Republican cloth coat, and I always tell her she'd look good in anything. One other thing I probably should tell you, because if I don't they'll probably be saying this about me, too. We did get something, a gift, after the election. A man down in Texas heard Pat on the radio mention the fact that our two youngsters would like to have a dog. And believe it or not, the day before we left on this campaign trip we got a message from Union Station in Baltimore, saying they had a package for us. We went down to get it. You know what it was? It was a little cocker spaniel dog, in a crate that he had sent all the way from Texas, black and white, spotted, and our little girl Tricia, the six year old, named it Checkers. And you know, the kids, like all kids, love the dog, and I just want to say this, right now, that regardless of what they say about it, we're gonna keep it.It isn't easy to come before a nationwide audience and bare your life, as I've done. But I want to say some things before I conclude, that I think most of you will agree on. Mr. Mitchell, the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, made this statement that if a man couldn't afford to be in the ed States Senate, he shouldn't run for the Senate. And I just want to make my position clear. I don't agree with Mr. Mitchell when he says that only a rich man should serve his Government in the ed States Senate or in the Congress. I don't believe that represents the thinking of the Democratic Party, and I know that it doesn't represent the thinking of the Republican Party.I believe that it's fine that a man like Governor Stevenson, who inherited a fortune from his father, can run for President. But I also feel that it's essential in this country of ours that a man of modest means can also run for President, because, you know, remember Abraham Lincoln, you remember what he said: "God must have loved the common people -- he made so many of them."And now I'm going to suggest some courses of conduct. First of all, you have in the papers about other funds, now, Mr. Stevenson apparently had a couple. One of them in which a group of business people paid and helped to supplement the salaries of State employees. Here is where the money went directly into their pockets, and I think that what Mr. Stevenson should do should be to come before the American people, as I have, give the names of the people that contributed to that fund, give the names of the people who put this money into their pockets at the same time that they were receiving money from their State government and see what favors, if any, they gave out for that.I don't condemn Mr. Stevenson for what he did, but until the facts are in there is a doubt that will be raised. And as far as Mr. Sparkman is concerned, I would suggest the same thing. He's had his wife on the pay roll. I don't condemn him for that, but I think that he should come before the American people and indicate what outside sources of income he has had. I would suggest that under the circumstances both Mr. Sparkman and Mr. Stevenson should come before the American people, as I have, and make a complete financial statement as to their financial history, and if they don't it will be an admission that they have something to hide. And I think you will agree with me -- because, folks, remember, a man that's to be President of the ed States, a man that's to be Vice President of the ed States, must have the confidence of all the people. And that's why I'm doing what I'm doing. And that's why I suggest that Mr. Stevenson and Mr. Sparkman, since they are under attack, should do what they're doing.Now let me say this: I know that this is not the last of the smears. In spite of my explanation tonight, other smears will be made. Others have been made in the past. And the purpose of the smears, I know, is this, to silence me, to make me let up. Well, they just don't know who they're dealing with. I'm going to tell you this: I remember in the dark days of the Hiss case some of the same columnists, some of the same radio commentators who are attacking me now and misrepresenting my position, were violently opposing me at the time I was after Alger Hiss. But I continued to fight because I knew I was right, and I can say to this great television and radio audience that I have no apologies to the American people for my part in putting Alger Hiss where he is today. And as far as this is concerned, I intend to continue to fight.Why do I feel so deeply? Why do I feel that in spite of the smears, the misunderstanding, the necessity for a man to come up here and bare his soul as I have? Why is it necessary for me to continue this fight? And I want to tell you why. Because, you see, I love my country. And I think my country is in danger. And I think the only man that can save America at this time is the man that's running for President, on my ticket -- Dwight Eisenhower. You say, "Why do I think it is in danger?" And I say, look at the record. Seven years of the Truman-Acheson Administration, and what's happened? Six hundred million people lost to Communists. And a war in Korea in which we have lost 117,000 American casualties, and I say to all of you that a policy that results in the loss of 600 million people to the Communists, and a war that cost us 117,000 American casualties isn't good enough for America. And I say that those in the State Department that made the mistakes which caused that war and which resulted in those losses should be kicked out of the State Department just as fast as we get them out of there.And let me say that I know Mr. Stevenson won't do that because he defends the Truman policy, and I know that Dwight Eisenhower will do that, and that he will give America the leadership that it needs. Take the problem of corruption. You've about the mess in Washington. Mr. Stevenson can't clean it up because he was picked by the man, Truman, under whose Administration the mess was made.You wouldn't trust the man who made the mess to clean it up. That's Truman. And by the same token you can't trust the man who was picked by the man who made the mess to clean it up and that's Stevenson. And so I say, Eisenhower, who owes nothing to Truman, nothing to the big city bosses -- he is the man that can clean up the mess in Washington. Take Communism. I say that as far as that subject is concerned the danger is great to America. In the Hiss case they got the secrets which enabled them to break the American secret State Department code. They got secrets in the atomic bomb case which enabled them to get the secret of the atomic bomb five years before they would have gotten it by their own devices. And I say that any man who called the Alger Hiss case a red herring isn't fit to be President of the ed States.I say that a man who, like Mr. Stevenson, has pooh-poohed and ridiculed the Communist threat in the ed States -- he said that they are phantoms among ourselves. He has accused us that have attempted to expose the Communists, of looking for Communists in the Bureau of Fisheries and Wildlife. I say that a man who says that isn't qualified to be President of the ed States. And I say that the only man who can lead us in this fight to rid the Government of both those who are Communists and those who have corrupted this Government is Eisenhower, because Eisenhower, you can be sure, recognizes the problem, and he knows how to deal with it.Now let me that finally, this evening, I want to to you just briefly excerpts from a letter which I received, a letter which after all this is over no one can take away from us. It s as follows: Dear Senator Nixon, "Since I am only 19 years of age, I can't vote in this presidential election, but believe me if I could you and General Eisenhower would certainly get my vote. My husband is in the Fleet Marines in Korea. He' a corpsman on the front lines and we have a two month old son he's never seen. And I feel confident that with great Americans like you and General Eisenhower in the White House, lonely Americans like myself will be united with their loved ones now in Korea. I only pray to God that you won't be too late. Enclosed is a small check to help you in your campaign. Living on a month it is all I can afford at present, but let me know what else I can do."Folks, it's a check for , and it's one that I will never cash. And just let me say this: We hear a lot about prosperity these days, but I say why can't we have prosperity built on peace, rather than prosperity built on war? Why can't we have prosperity and an honest Government in Washington, D.C., at the same time? Believe me, we can. And Eisenhower is the man that can lead this crusade to bring us that kind of prosperity.And now, finally, I know that you wonder whether or not I am going to stay on the Republican ticket or resign. Let me say this: I don't believe that I ought to quit, because I'm not a quitter. And, incidentally, Pat's not a quitter. After all, her name was Patricia Ryan and she was born on St. Patrick's day, and you know the Irish never quit. But the decision, my friends, is not mine. I would do nothing that would harm the possibilities of Dwight Eisenhower to become President of the ed States. And for that reason I am submitting to the Republican National Committee tonight through this television broadcast the decision which it is theirs to make. Let them decide whether my position on the ticket will help or hurt. And I am going to ask you to help them decide. Wire and write the Republican National Committee whether you think I should stay on or whether I should get off. And whatever their decision is, I will abide by it.But just let me say this last word. Regardless of what happens, I'm going to continue this fight. I'm going to campaign up and down in America until we drive the crooks and the Communists and those that defend them out of Washington. And remember folks, Eisenhower is a great man, believe me. He's a great man. And a vote for Eisenhower is a vote for what's good for America.200606/7522It is good to be back here with all of you.很高兴能与大家相聚在这里。I’ve got a few acknowledgments I’ve got to make before I say what I’ve got to say. 在我发言之前我不得不进行一些确认。First of all, somebody who has served our country with the kind of distinction that doesn’t happen a lot, somebody who has been a leader for you and a leader for our country for a very long time -- give your commander,General John Allen, a big, big round of applause. 首先,是一位用荣誉效忠我们的国家的人,而这并不多见,这个人为一直是你们的领导,而且很长一段时间内也是我们国家的领导——向你们的指挥官约翰#8226;艾伦,致以热烈、非常热烈的掌声。We also have somebody who is John’s partner on the civilian side and has made extraordinary sacrifices, first in Iraq, now in Afghanistan -- Ambassador Ryan Crocker is here. 我们也有某人,曾经是约翰的伙伴,首先是在伊拉克,现在是在阿富汗以文官的身份做出了很大的牺牲——大使雷恩#8226;克罗克就在这里。Please give him a big round of applause.请也向他致以热烈的掌声。All right, now, let me just see if I’ve got this right. 好的,现在,让我就来看看我是否说的对。We’ve got the First Infantry Division in the house.这间屋子中有我们的第一步兵师。We’ve got the 455th Air Expeditionary Wing. 有我们的第455空中远征翼。We’ve got the Task Force Muleskinner.有我们的穆勒斯齐纳特遣部队。We’ve got the 101st Army Field Sustainment Brigade.有我们的101野战保障旅。We’ve got Task Force Paladin in the house.在这间屋子中有我们的圣骑士特遣部队。And we’ve got Task Force Defender in the house. 有我们的防御者特遣部队。And we’ve got me in the house.我自己也身在其中。Eighty-second in the house — 82nd in the house.在屋子中有82人。You know, somebody is going to be in trouble that they didn’t have 82nd on here.你知道,有人要有麻烦了,他们没有在这里排名第82位。Anybody else I’m missing? 还有我错过的人吗?There you go. All right. 我们开始。好的。I love all of you.我爱你们所有的人。Now, listen, I’m not going to give a long speech.现在,听着,我不打算发表长篇大论。I’m going to have the opportunity to address the nation from Bagram just in a little bit, and it’s going to be broadcast back home during primetime.我将有机会只是从巴拉格姆讲一点点这个国家,而且在回家的时候也会在黄金时段播放。So all I want to do is just say thank you. 所以我想做的只是说谢谢你们。The sacrifices all of you have made, the sacrifices your families make every single day are what make America free and what make America secure.所有你们所做的牺牲,你们的家人牺牲的每一天都使美国自由而且让美国的安全。And I know that sometimes, out here, when you’re in theater, it’s not clear whether folks back home fully appreciate what’s going on.我知道,有时,如果不在这里,当你在剧院的时候,现在还不清楚人们回家时是否完全理解发生了什么。And let’s face it, a lot of times it’s easier to get bad news on the news than good news.让我们面对这个问题,很多时候坏消息比好消息更容易得到。But here’s the good news, and here’s part of the reason that I’m here. 但现在是好消息,这是我在这里的一部分原因。I just finished signing a Strategic Partnership Agreement with Afghanistan that signals the transition in which we are going to be turning over responsibility for Afghan security to the Afghans.我刚与阿富汗签订完战略合作协议,这标志着为了阿富汗安全,我们将责任移交给阿富汗。Were not going to do it overnight.我们不会一夜之间完成的。Were not going to do it irresponsibly. 我们不会去不负责任的去做。Were going to make sure that the gains, the hard-fought gains that have been made are preserved.我们要确保那确实行之有效,所取得的来之不易的成果被保留下来。But the reason were able to do that is because of you.但我们之所以能够这样做是因为你们。The reason that the Afghans have an opportunity for a new tomorrow is because of you. 阿富汗人有新的明天的机会是因为你们。And the reason America is safe is because of you. 美国安全的原因也是因为你们。We did not choose this war. This war came to us on 9/11.我们并没有主动选择这场战争。这场战争因9/11而起让我们无从选择。And there are a whole bunch of folks here, Ill bet, who signed up after 9/11. 还有一大堆人在这里,我打赌,是在9/11后入伍的。We dont go looking for a fight.我们不会去主动寻找战斗。But when we see our homeland violated, when we see our fellow citizens killed, then we understand what we have to do.但当我们看到我们的国家遭到亵渎,当我们看到我们的公民死亡,然后我们知道我们需要做什么。And because of the sacrifices now of a decade, and a new Greatest Generation, not only were we able to blunt the Taliban momentum, not only were we able to drive al Qaeda out of Afghanistan, but slowly and systematically we have been able to decimate the ranks of al Qaeda, and a year ago we were able to finally bring Osama bin Laden to justice.由于现在十多年的牺牲及一个新的伟大的一代,我们不仅能够削弱塔利班的势头,我们还能让“基地”组织离开阿富汗,但慢慢地、系统地我们已经能够削弱基地组织的的等级,而一年前我们还能够最终把奥萨马#8226;本#8226;拉登绳之以法。That could have only happened because each and every one of you, in your own way, were doing your jobs. 那些能够发生的唯一原因是你们每一个人,你们以自己的方式,做好属于你们自己的工作。Each and every one of you -- without a lot of fanfare, without a lot of fuss — you did your jobs. 你们每一个人——没有浮夸,没有抱怨,你们就是做你们的工作。No matter how small or how big, you were faithful to the oath that you took to protect this nation.不管多么渺小或是多么庞大,你都们忠于自己的誓言保护着这个国家。And your families did their job -- supporting you and loving you and remembering you and being there for you.你们的家庭也在做他们的工作——持你们,爱你们,将你们铭记在心并永远是你们的坚强后盾。And so, together, you guys represent what is best in America. 因此,一起,你们这些人代表着美国最好的。And youre part of a long line of those who have worn this uniform to make sure that we are free and secure, to make sure that those of us at home have the capacity to live our lives. 你们是那一长排人中穿这件制的一部分,确保着我们的自由和安全,确保这些人在家里有能力过我们的生活。And when youre missing a birthday or youre missing a soccer game or when youre missing an anniversary, and those of us back home are able to enjoy it, its because of you. 当你错过了一次生日,你错过一场足球比赛或你错过一次周年聚会,我们回家后就能够享受,而这些权因为你们。And Im here to tell you, everybody in America knows that. 我来这里是告诉你们,每个美国人都了解这些。And everybody in America appreciates it. 在美国,每个人都充满感激。And everybody in America honors it. 在美国,每个人都以此为荣。And when the final chapter of this war is written, historians will look back and say, not only was this the greatest fighting force in the history of the world, but all of you also represented the values of America in an exemplary way.当战争的最后一章被谱写,历史学家回顾并会言道: 在世界的历史长河中这不仅是最伟大的战斗力量,而且你们所有人也代表着美国价值观的一种模范方式。I could not be prouder of you.我可能不会因为是你们自己而感到那种自豪。And I want you to understand, I know its still tough.但我想让你们知道,我知道前方道路仍很艰难。I know the battle is not yet over. 我知道战斗尚未结束。Some of your buddies are going to get injured, and some of your buddies may get killed. 你们的一些朋友已经负伤, 你们的一些朋友已经为国捐躯。And there’s going to be heartbreak and pain and difficulty ahead.悲伤,痛苦和困难永远排在首位。But there’s a light on the horizon because of the sacrifices you’ve made. 因为你们已经做出的巨大的牺牲,在地平线上有一道亮光。And that’s the reason why for Michelle and me nothing is more important than looking after your families while you’re here. 那就是为什么米歇尔和我认为当你们在这里的时候照顾你们的家庭是更重要的原因。And I want everybody here to know that when you get home, we are going to be there for you when you’re in uniform and we will stay there for you when you’re out of uniform.我希望这里的每个人知道当你回家的时候, 当你穿着制时,我们将会守候你;当你脱下制时,我们仍然将在那里守候你。Because you’ve earned it; you earned a special place in our hearts.为你们当之无愧,你们在我们心中处于一个特别的位置。And I could not be prouder to be your Commander-in-Chief.我可能不会因为是你们的总司令而感到那种骄傲。God bless you, and God bless the ed States of America. 上帝保佑你们,上帝保佑美利坚合众国。Now I want to shake some hands. 现在我想要跟诸位将士们握握手。201206/186160

  e09-,cnBiZ9B7.k]cRZ2_rMo8Lf!kLess than three months ago at platform hearings in Salt Lake City, I asked the Republican Party to lift the shroud of silence which has been draped over the issue of HIV and AIDS. I have come tonight to bring our silence to an end. I bear a message of challenge, not self-congratulation. I want your attention, not your applause.I would never have asked to be HIV positive, but I believe that in all things there is a purpose; and I stand before you and before the nation gladly. The reality of AIDS is brutally clear. Two hundred thousand Americans are dead or dying. A million more are infected. Worldwide, forty million, sixty million, or a hundred million infections will be counted in the coming few years. But despite science and research, White House meetings, and congressional hearings, despite good intentions and bold initiatives, campaign slogans, and hopeful promises, it is -- despite it all -- the epidemic which is winning tonight.In the context of an election year, I ask you, here in this great hall, or listening in the quiet of your home, to recognize that AIDS virus is not a political creature. It does not care whether you are Democrat or Republican; it does not ask whether you are black or white, male or female, gay or straight, young or old.Tonight, I represent an AIDS community whose members have been reluctantly drafted from every segment of American society. Though I am white and a mother, I am one with a black infant struggling with tubes in a Philadelphia hospital. Though I am female and contracted this disease in marriage and enjoy the warm support of my family, I am one with the lonely gay man sheltering a flickering candle from the cold wind of his familys rejection.p2PSsqD^Te-@BHqVI@c9V8fk*Ql@zb~,C78#0u~gm0TC]+lE)D6^oibbsGjYYooH(l_[vy166140

  Hi, everybody. Irsquo;m speaking to you this week from a factory in Petersburg, Virginia, where theyrsquo;re bringing on more than 100 new workers to build parts for the next generation of jet engines.Itrsquo;s a story thatrsquo;s happening more frequently across the country. Our businesses just added 233,000 jobs last month ndash; for a total of nearly four million new jobs over the last two years. More companies are choosing to bring jobs back and invest in America. Manufacturing is adding jobs for the first time since the 1990s, and wersquo;re building more things to sell to the rest of the world stamped with three proud words: Made in America.And itrsquo;s not just that wersquo;re building stuff. Wersquo;re building better stuff. The engine parts manufactured here in Petersburg will go into next-generation planes that are lighter, faster, and more fuel-efficient.That last part is important. Because whether yoursquo;re paying for a plane ticket, or filling up your gas tank, technology that helps us get more miles to the gallon is one of the easiest ways to save money and reduce our dependence on foreign oil.The recent spike in gas prices has been another painful reminder of why we have to invest in this technology. As usual, politicians have been rolling out their three-point plans for two-dollar gas: drill, drill, and drill some more. Well, my response is, we have been drilling. Under my Administration, oil production in America is at an eight-year high. Wersquo;ve quadrupled the number of operating oil rigs, and opened up millions of acres for drilling. But you and I both know that with only 2% of the worldrsquo;s oil reserves, we canrsquo;t just drill our way to lower gas prices ndash; not when consume 20 percent of the worldrsquo;s oil. We need an all-of-the-above strategy that relies less on foreign oil and more on American-made energy ndash; solar, wind, natural gas, biofuels, and more.Thatrsquo;s the strategy wersquo;re pursuing. Itrsquo;s why I went to a plant in North Carolina earlier this week, where theyrsquo;re making trucks that run on natural gas, and hybrid trucks that go further on a single tank.And itrsquo;s why Irsquo;ve been focused on fuel efficient cars since the day I took office. Over the last few years, the annual number of miles driven by Americans has stayed roughly the same, but the total amount of gas we use has been going down. In other words, wersquo;re getting more bang for our buck.If we accelerate that trend, we can help drivers save a significant amount of money. Thatrsquo;s why, after 30 years of inaction, we finally put in place new standards that will make sure our cars average nearly 55 miles per gallon by the middle of the next decade ndash; nearly double what they get today. This wasnrsquo;t easy: we had to bring together auto companies, and unions, and folks who donrsquo;t ordinarily see eye to eye. But it was worth it.Because these cars arenrsquo;t some pie in the sky solution thatrsquo;s years away. Theyrsquo;re being built right now ndash; by American workers, in factories right here in the U.S.A. Every year, our cars and trucks will be able to go further and use less fuel, and pretty soon, yoursquo;ll be able to fill up every two weeks instead of every week ndash; something that, over time, will save the typical family more than ,000 at the pump. Wersquo;ll reduce our oil consumption by more than 12 billion barrels. Thatrsquo;s a future worth investing in.So we have a choice. Right now, some folks in Washington would rather spend another billion on subsidies to oil companies each year. Well you know what? Wersquo;ve been handing out these kinds of taxpayer giveaways for nearly a century. And outside of Congress, does anyone really think thatrsquo;s still a good idea? I want this Congress to stop the giveaways to an oil industry thatrsquo;s never been more profitable, and invest in a clean energy industry thatrsquo;s never been more promising. We should be investing in the technology thatrsquo;s building the cars and trucks and jets that will prevent us from dealing with these high gas prices year after year after year. Ending this cycle of rising gas prices wonrsquo;t be easy, and it wonrsquo;t happen overnight. But thatrsquo;s why you sent us to Washington ndash; to solve tough problems like this one. So Irsquo;m going to keep doing everything I can to help you save money on gas, both right now and in the future. I hope politicians from both sides of the aisle join me. Letrsquo;s put aside the bumper-sticker slogans, remember why wersquo;re here, and get things done for the American people.Thank you, God bless you, and have a great weekend.201203/174060。

  The Chief Magistrate derives all his authority from the people, and they have referred none upon him to fix terms for the separation of the States.合众国总统的一切权威都来之于人民,人民并没有授于他规定条件让各州脱离出去的权力。The people themselves can do this if also they choose, but the Executive as such has nothing to do with it.人民自己如果要那样干,那自然也是可以的;可是现在的行政当局不能这样做。His duty is to administer the present Government as it came to his hands and to transmit it unimpaired by him to his successor.他的职责,是按照他接任时的样子管理这个政府,然后,毫无损伤地再移交给他的继任者。Why should there not be a patient confidence in the ultimate justice of the people?我们为什么不能耐心地坚决相信人民的最终的公道呢?Is there any better or equal hope in the world? In our present differences, is either party without faith of being in the right?难道在整个世界上还有什么更好的,或与之相等的希望吗?在我们今天的分歧中,难道双方不都是认为自己正确吗?If the Almighty Ruler of Nations, with His eternal truth and justice, be on your side of the North, or on yours of the South,如果万国的全能统治者,以他的永恒的真理和公正,站在你们北方一边,或你们南方一边,that truth and that justice will surely prevail by the judgment of this great tribunal of the American people.那么,依照美国人民这一伟大法官的判决,真理和公正必将胜利。By the frame of the Government under which we live this same people have wisely given their public servants but little power for mischief,按照目前我们生活其下的现政府的构架,我国人民十分明智;授于他们的公仆的胡作非为的权力是微乎其微的;and have with equal wisdom provided for the return of that little to their own hands at very short intervals.而且同样还十分明智地规定,即使那点微乎其微的权力,经过很短一段时间后,就必须收回到他们自己手中。While the people retain their virtue and vigilance no Administration by any extreme of wickedness or folly can very seriously injure the Government in the short space of four years.由于人民保持他们的纯正和警惕,任何行政当局,在短短的四年之中,也不可能用极其恶劣或愚蠢的行为对这个政府造成严重的损害。My countrymen, one and all, think calmly and well upon this whole subject. Nothing valuable can be lost by taking time.我的同胞们,请大家对这整个问题平心静气地好好想一想,真正有价值的东西是不会因从容从事而丧失的。If there be an object to hurry any of you in hot haste to a step which you would never take deliberately, that object will be frustrated by taking time;如果有个什么目标使你迫不及待地要取得它,你采取的步骤是在审慎考虑的情况下不会采取的,那个目标的确可能会由于你的从容不迫而达不到;but no good object can be frustrated by it. Such of you as are now dissatisfied still have the old Constitution unimpaired, and, on the sensitive point,但一个真正好的自标是不会因为从容从事而失去的。你们中现在感到不满的人,仍然必须遵守原封未动的老宪法,新个敏感的问题上,the laws of your own framing under it; while the new Administration will have no immediate power, if it would, to change either.仍然有根据宪法制订的法律;而对此二者,新政府即使想要加以改变,它自身也立即无此权力。If it were admitted that you who are dissatisfied hold the right side in the dispute, there still is no single good reason for precipitate action.即使承认你们那些心怀不满的人在这一争执中站在正确的一边,那也丝毫没有正当的理由要采取贸然行动。Intelligence, patriotism, Christianity, and a firm reliance on Him who has never yet forsaken this favored land are still competent to adjust in the best way all our present difficulty.明智、爱国主义、基督教精神,以及对从未抛弃过这片得天独厚的土地的上帝的依赖,仍然完全能够以最理想的方式来解决我们当前的一切困难。In your hands, my dissatisfied fellow-countrymen, and not in mine, is the momentous issue of civil war.决定内战这个重大问题的是你们,我的心怀不满的同胞们,而并非决定于我。政府决不会攻击你们。The Government will not assail you. You can have no conflict without being yourselves the aggressors.只要你们自己不当侵略者,就不会发生冲突。You have no oath registered in heaven to destroy the Government, while I shall have the most solemn one to ;preserve, protect, and defend it.;你们并没有对天发誓必须毁灭这个政府,而我却曾无比庄严地宣誓,一定要“保持、保护和保卫”这个政府。I am loath to close. We are not enemies, but friends.我真不想就此结束我的讲话,我们不是敌人,而是朋友。We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained it must not break our bonds of affection.我们决不能成为敌人。尽管目前的情绪有些紧张,但决不能容许它使我们之间的亲密情感纽带破裂。The mystic chords of memory, stretching from every battlefield and patriot grave to every living heart and hearthstone all over this broad land,回忆的神秘琴弦,在整个这片辽阔的土地上,从每一个战场,每一个爱国志士的坟墓,延伸到每一颗跳动的心和每一个家庭,will yet swell the chorus of the Union, when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature.它有一天会被我们的良知所触动,再次奏出联邦合唱曲。02/436724

  President Bush Meets with 2008 Bassmaster Classic Champion and 2008 Women's Bassmaster Tour Champion   THE PRESIDENT: I've got the fishing champs of this year. And, Judy, thanks for coming. She is from Many, Louisiana. She won the Women's Bassmaster. And Alton Jones from Waco, Texas, won the Bassmaster Classic.   And I thought it was important to welcome these champs here to the White House so that -- you know, to encourage people to fish. There's nothing better than fishing. I had a fantastic experience with Alton and our friend, Charlie Pack. He was a famous local fisherman. And he said, do you want to go fishing with a fellow named Jones? I said, I've never heard of him, there's a lot people named Jones. (Laughter.) It turns out the man I was fishing with is the -- wins the Bassmaster Classic.   This is a good, clean sport. It's a sport that requires good conservation in order to make sure our fisheries are good, and I love to welcome the champs here. And so we're glad you're here. The people of Louisiana and Texas are proud of you.   MR. JONES: Well, it's an honor to be here. You know, fishing with you, I've got to say that President Bush is actually a very good fisherman and a great conservationist. And I'm really not sure who's working who here. I'm hoping to get an invite to fish on his lake in Crawford, and he's looking for a free fishing guide. (Laughter.)   MS. WONG: I would be glad to take you any day on Toledo Bend.   THE PRESIDENT: That's good.   MS. WONG: And bring Laura, as well.   THE PRESIDENT: I'm a good fisherman; sometimes I'm a good catcher-man. (Laughter.)   MR. JONES: It's pretty good there --   THE PRESIDENT: Yes, there is. Anyway, thank you all for coming. 200806/41343

  21世纪爱立信杯全国英语演讲比赛 第一名 美国经典英文演讲100篇总统演讲布莱尔首相演讲美国总统布什演讲快报 200808/46835

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