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First dates are always nerve-wracking -- that#39;s a given. So many questions! Where will we go? What if I#39;m gassy? Should I let him pay or should I offer to split the tab? What will we talk about? Will he like me? More importantly, will I like him?第一次约会总是很紧张的,这是肯定的。你会有很多问题:我们去哪?他觉得我没内涵咋办?我是让他请还是各付各的?跟他说点啥?他会喜欢我吗?更重要的是,我会喜欢他吗?All valid queries, but possibly the most pressing question any of us worry about is, what in the hell am I going to wear?在我们担心的所有问题里,最正常但可能也是最有压力的一个是,我到底应该穿啥? /201402/277654。

As a freelance writer, I do most of my work wearing cotton Old Navy pants, slumped down in a squishy arm chair with a computer on my lap. I also spend a small fortune on massages trying to work the increasingly annoying kinks out of my shoulders and upper back. Coincidence? Nope. The more time we spend sitting in front of our computers, the worse our posture gets. Modern technology is turning us into literally twisted creatures.身为一个自由作家,我大部分工作都是这样完成的:穿着一条旧的棉质海军裤,蜷坐在一张软绵绵的椅子上,把电脑放在膝盖上。我还花了一小笔钱买了个器,希望能缓解我肩膀和上背部的疼痛。巧合吗?才不是!我们在电脑前待的时间越久,我们的坐姿就会越差。现代科技正将我们变成“畸形生物”。In addition to being detrimental to how your body functions, bad posture isn’t cute. It causes you to jut your hips forward, slump your shoulders, and even breathe inefficiently, according to Pat Davidson, a trainer with a PhD in Exercise Physiology who is the Director of Training Methodology and Continuing Education Coordinator at Peak Performance in NYC. I went to see him for a painstakingly objective and honest assessment of my posture.除了对人的身体机能有害之外,不良坐姿还会对你的身材造成影响。帕特·戴维森(Pat Davidson),是一名运动心理学的士。同时还是瑞典户外运动品牌Peak Performance纽约市健身教育协调部主任。他表示不良的坐姿会使你的胯部突出,肩膀下垂,甚至会导致呼吸不顺畅。我找到他,希望他能费心对我的姿势做个客观实在的评判。Davidson explained that bad posture compromises your diaphragm, the big muscle right below the ribs that helps you take deep breaths. So instead, you start using other muscles, like your shoulders, to help you breathe. I found out that I’m guilty of shoulder breathing, which is likely contributing to some of my upper back fatigue and discomfort. I also learned that I “walk with my lower back.” Turns out, people with lousy posture don’t walk correctly, and they count on their lower back muscles to help propel themselves forward. (An adulthood devoted to high heels probably hasn’t helped my walking problem either.)戴维森说道,不良坐姿会对隔膜造成一定伤害。隔膜位于肋骨正下方,在它的帮助下我们才能够深呼吸。因此,用不良坐姿坐着时,身体会调动像肩膀等地方的肌肉来帮助呼吸。由此,我发现正是我自己造成了自身上背部的疲劳和不适。我还得知,我“靠下背部走路”。事实明,坐姿不正确的人通常走路姿势也不正确。他们通常依靠下背部的肌肉撑,推着身体向前走(成年后常穿高跟鞋这一事实或许也导致了我走路姿势的问题)。Aubin Sullivan, a physical therapist and the Clinical Director of Cynergy Physical Therapy in New York City, sees a lot of women like me in her practice. Here are a few quick fixes she recommends for correcting your slump:理疗学家、纽约赛诺秀理疗中心的临床主任奥宾·沙利文(Aubin Sullivan),在临床实验中,见过很多情况跟我相似的女性。在这里,她提供了几条建议,可以快速帮你矫正姿势。#8226; If you sit at a desk all day, don’t perch on the edge of your seat at work trying to sit up straight. The best thing you can do is scoot your hips and butt against the back of the chair, and use it for support—that’s what it’s there for. “You have to support your spine. Your muscles are going to get tired, they will fatigue and you’ll slowly start slumping down, ” Sullivan says.1、如果你要在桌子旁呆一整天,工作时别坐在椅子的边缘,要尽量坐直。 最好的方法是臀部贴着椅背而坐,用椅背撑住你的腰——这正是它之所以在那里的原因。“你得利用椅子来撑着你的脊柱。肌肉可能有点酸,有点累,而你也会慢慢地放松,背又驼了起来。”沙利文说道。#8226; Get up frequently and walk around. (I wear a Jawbone fitness tracker that vibrates when it senses that I haven’t moved in a long time. I also sometimes set my phone alarm to go off every 30 minutes, and I do jumping jacks. Sometimes.)2、多起来到处走走。 (我手上带了个Jawbone的健身追踪器。当仪器感知到你长时间没有运动的话,就会震动提醒。通常,我会设置以30分钟为间隔的闹铃,提醒自己做些跳跃运动,不过只是“有时”而已。)#8226; If you carry a heavy shoulder bag, make sure to carry it on both your right and left shoulder, switching off as each gets tired. Even better: wear a cross-body bag so that the weight’s more evenly distributed.3、如果背包很重,确保两边肩膀都要用到。 一边肩膀累了,就换另一边背。更好的方法是背斜挎包,这样背包的重量会分布的更均匀。#8226; Work out your core. Never mind a six-pack—you need to concentrate on the transverse abdominus, the deep abdominal muscle that acts as a “corset” around the lumbar spine, according to Sullivan. To do this: lay on your back with your knees bent, put your hands on your hips, breathe normally, and pull your belly button straight down to your spine. You don’t want your pelvis to tilt or lift, which is why you have your hands on your pelvis. Hold it for 5 seconds and repeat. “Once you get it, you can do it all the time, just sitting at work and it becomes a habit, ” Sullivan says.4、锻炼核心肌肉。 沙利文表示,别再纠结六块腹肌了,要多注重腹横肌的训练。腹横肌是深层腹肌,做一下几个动作:平躺,膝盖弯曲,把上放在屁股上,正常呼吸。然后吸气,让肚脐慢慢贴近脊椎。把手放在骨盆上是为了防止骨盆的倾斜或者抬升。坚持5秒后,再重复这个动作。沙利文说:“学会这个动作后你可以经常做,就像坐着工作一样。慢慢地,你会逐渐成为习惯。#8226; You can work on your posture in a more hard-core way at the gym, too. Davidson told me to try backwards jump-roping. “If the rope hits you, you have the wrong posture, ” he says. He also recommends hula hooping. (Fun!)5、你还可以在健身时多练习核心肌肉。 戴维森建议我向后跳绳。他说:“如果绳子打到你了,则说明你的姿势有问题。”他还建议可以转呼啦圈。(真有趣!)#8226; Sullivan recommends focusing on the upper back and shoulder muscles. One of her favorite exercises is having clients stand up against a wall, with their hips touching the wall. Put a tennis ball between your shoulder blades and try to squeeze the ball. Rows are also excellent for improving posture, since it causes you to pull your shoulders up and back.6、沙利文建议要加强对背部肌肉和肩膀肌肉的训练。 她最喜欢的训练就是让学员贴墙站立,并且臀部要触到墙面。还将一个网球放在肩胛骨处,然后学员得努力地挤压那个球。划船也能够很好的改善姿势,因为划船使肩膀得以前后拉伸。Now stop ing this article and go for a walk.好了,文章读完了,快出去走走吧! /201408/321011。

In 2008, the murder of Canadian model Diana O#39;Brien in her Shanghai stairwell rocked the city#39;s Chinese and expat community. Years later, author Mara Hvistendahl revisited the story, interviewing the family of the victim and accused killer, police investigators and other models working in China.2008年,加拿大模特戴安娜#8226;奥布赖恩(Diana O#39;Brien)在上海居民楼内遇害,在上海中外社区引发了震动。几年后,作家马语琴(Mara Hvistendahl)回顾了这一事件,对受害者家庭、被控杀人者、警方调查人员和其他在中国工作的外籍模特进行了采访。Her new book, #39;And The City Swallowed Them,#39; looks at the world that brought two different kinds of newcomers together--foreigners, including young models fighting for emerging opportunities in high fashion, and China#39;s own migrants, including those traveling from poor villages who were willing to go to desperate measures to scrap together their own living.她的新书《And The City Swallowed Them》(意为:他们被城市吞没)探究了一个将两类不同的外来者联系起来的世界。其中一类是外国人,包括为获得高端时尚业的机遇而努力的年轻模特,另一类是外地人,包括那些来自贫困农村、不得不在绝望时用极端手段谋生的人。Ms. Hvistendahl has lived in Shanghai for eight years. Her first book, #39;Unnatural Selection,#39; was a 2012 Pulitzer Prize finalist. China Real Time sat down with the author to talk about her latest story. Edited excerpts:马语琴在上海生活了八年。她的第一本书《非自然选择》(Unnatural Selection)是2012年普利策奖(Pulitzer Prize)入围作品。中国实时报栏目与马语琴探讨了她的新书。以下是经过编辑的访谈摘录:You were living in Shanghai at the time of the murder, also a young single woman. What was your reaction at the time?那起谋杀案发生时你在上海,也是一名年轻单身女士。当时你的反应是什么?When the crime happened, I lived in a pretty low-end apartment, a six-floor walkup, a gong fang, cement building with no security. It never occurred to me living there and sometimes coming home late at night that Shanghai could be unsafe. I would walk home from the subway carrying keys in my hand. Like a lot of foreigners, I thought it was pretty shocking somebody had been killed in the center of the city, and that there didn#39;t seem to be an immediate reason for it. The victim wasn#39;t involved in crime or anything nefarious.在罪案发生时,我住在一座非常低端的居民楼中,那是一座六层的楼房,没有电梯,是所谓的公房,没有任何安保。我住在那里,有时会很晚回家,从没想到上海可能是不安全的。我会从地铁站步行回家,手中拿着钥匙。与许多外国人一样,我也认为有人在市中心被害、却似乎无法立即找出原因的情况是非常令人震惊的。受害者并未参与犯罪活动,也没有任何极端恶劣的行为。Both international and local media jumped to cover the story. What kind of insight did you draw from their coverage?中国本地媒体和海外媒体均对此事进行了报道。你从他们的报道中获得了什么灵感?After the murder happened, the Chinese press didn#39;t report on it for a few days. Probably because there wasn#39;t good reporting coming out of China, all kinds of rumors circulated among foreign press. It was reported that Diana was killed on Chongming Island, rather than her building, and that she was a bar dancer, a go-go dancer.谋杀案发生后的最初几天,中国媒体并未报道此事。或许是因为中国没有好的报道,因此外媒有了各种各样的传言。有外媒报道说,戴安娜是在崇明岛而不是在她居住的楼内遇害,还说她是酒吧的舞女。In the end, the PSB [Shanghai#39;s Public Security Bureau] issued a notice on its website that allowed Chinese reporters to take up the story. By the time the trial happened, the coverage was pretty detailed. But for a few days, there was a lot of speculation. You saw the local reporters really following the PSB#39;s lead or really waiting for their signal. I don#39;t know if there was a specific censorship directive or not. My guess is there more likely was self-censorship.最后,上海公安局在其网站上发布了一则公告,允许中国记者采访报道此事。到案件开庭时,媒体报道已经相当详尽。但是在案件刚刚发生的那几天,流言满天飞。当时,本地记者真的很相信公安局,等待公安局的消息。我不知道是不是上头有专门的审查命令。我猜,可能更多地是媒体的自我审查。In China, the police often write their own news. A story that comes out with a lot of detail on a case or investigation often originates from the police. In this case, a lot of the detail that I had of the investigation came from a lengthy feature article published by a publication that was affiliated with the police.在中国,警方通常会自己发布消息。关于某起案件或调查、有着大量细节的报道通常都来自警方的消息。在这起案件中,我了解到的关于调查的许多细节都来自一篇长篇特写,发表特写的媒体与警方有联系。What#39;s changed about the modeling industry in Shanghai since this case?这起谋杀案发生后,上海的模特业有了哪些变化?If anything, the conditions for models here have gotten worse. There are more and more small, fly-by-night modeling agencies. It#39;s harder to keep track of how many there are and their names. As models flood the market, wages have gone down as well. One model I talked to who worked on and off in China, used the phrase #39;bottom of the barrel.#39;如果说有什么改变的话,那就是模特们的生存状况变得更糟糕了。不可靠的小型模特机构如雨后春笋般冒了出来,想要追踪有多少家、各叫什么名字也越发困难。随着大量模特涌入市场,其薪资也跟着下降。我与一位在中国时断时续工作的模特交谈时,她说自己的状况已经跌至谷底。When Diana was here, Shanghai was a pretty lucrative place to work. It was grueling--the hours were long and conditions on the job weren#39;t great--but you could still make good money. Now, there are agencies here that can get models good jobs, but it#39;s not Paris or Milan.戴安娜在的时候,上海还是一个非常有利可图的市场。模特一行确实很累人,需要一连工作数个小时,条件也不怎么好,但收入颇丰。而现在,上海确实也有一些机构能给模特找到不错的工作,但比不上巴黎、米兰。Diana and her killer came from different backgrounds, traveling to Shanghai from two completely different corners of the world. The victim was from idyllic Salt Spring, one of Canada#39;s Gulf Islands, and the killer was an 18-year old migrant worker from a remote village in Anhui province. But your book suggests parallels between the two characters. What are they?戴安娜和杀死她的凶手有着完全不同的背景,从两个天差地别的世界角落来到上海。戴安娜来自加拿大海湾群岛(Gulf Islands)中具有田园风情的小岛盐泉岛(Salt Spring),凶手则是一个来自安徽省偏僻山村、年仅18岁的农民工。但你的书中写了这样的两个人物之间也有平行线,是什么?In 2008, Shanghai was in transition, in the lead up to the Olympics and the Expo. The city was being remade overnight. You had two populations flooding in--the expats and immigrants.2008年,上海还处在过渡时期,为了迎接北京奥运会(Olympics)和世会(Expo),几乎在一夜之间,上海的面貌就发生了天翻地覆的变化。有两种人大批涌入:外国移居者和中国农民工。People often think of expats as foreigners on packages for two to three years, who have drivers and lots of expendable income. In this case, I was interested in foreigners with temporary visas who work short-term jobs, often for very low wages, the people who end up as waiters, models, DJs or promoters. The migrant workers who come here face some of the same employment issues. They often don#39;t have real papers, or a hukou [household registration], that would qualify them for social services. They also work without contracts.人们通常将外国移居者视作暂且在中国居住两到三年的“老外”,拥有专职司机和大把大把的钞票。在我所指的是那些打短期零工、持临时签的外国人,他们拿的薪水通常极低,干的是侍应生、模特、DJ或促销员这样的工作。而来到上海的中国农民工也面临着一些相同的问题。好多人都没有户口,无法享受社会福利。他们的工作也没签合同。The migrants have it much worse off than the foreigners, but I could see parallels between their two experiences. The city is pretty oblivious to both groups, yet relies on a constant flow of Chinese migrants and foreigners coming in to revitalize. Models were especially important to the image that Shanghai was trying to represent--an international city and of place where foreign faces graced whatever products were on billboards.而从中国其他地方来到上海生活的外地人境遇远不如这些外国人。但我还是可以看到他们之间的相似之处。上海对这两个群体都很冷漠,尽管这个城市需要外地人和外国人源源不断地流入才能保持活力。模特对于上海的城市形象特别重要,上海希望以国际城市的形象示人,希望这个城市的商品广告牌上处处有外国人的面孔。What was most surprising in writing the book?在写这本书的过程中最让你感到意外的是什么?I went into it with assumptions about how China#39;s criminal justice system worked, thinking like many people who were in Shanghai at the time, that the police had just found and arrested someone who was not the murderer.在我写这本书的时候,我曾经对中国刑事司法系统如何运行有过种种猜想,当时我和很多在上海生活的人一样,认为警察可能抓错了人。By the end, the situation became a lot more complex. I didn#39;t expect the degree to which the police involved Diana#39;s parents in the investigation. The parents were consulted on the sentence for their daughter#39;s killer. They didn#39;t want the death sentence and that opinion had an impact on the outcome.但最终的情况要复杂得多。我没有料到警察会让戴安娜的父母参与到调查中来。在对杀害女儿的凶手的量刑问题上,警方曾征询过戴安娜父母的意见。他们并不希望判处凶手死刑,这个意见影响了最终结果。Did that give you hope for China#39;s justice system?这件事是否让你看到了中国司法系统的希望?I#39;m not sure. I also learned a lot of discouraging things about the Chinese justice system--the confession rate is really high, suspects can be detained up to 37 days without being formally arrested. Allegations they are tortured and wrongful convictions are common. In one recent case, a man who had been convicted of murder was released after the victim turned up alive.这我不太确定。我也了解到有关中国司法系统的不少负面的东西,例如认罪率相当的高、嫌疑人可以在没有正式被逮捕的情况下被扣押最多37天。也经常听到有关嫌疑人遭到刑讯逼供以及误判的事情。近期就有一宗案例,一个人被判犯有杀人罪,但之后被杀的人却活着回来了,在这种情况下此人才被释放。There is hope that the system is changing. Voices that are calling for reform and the number of executions has declined. Still, the system is not not changing as fast as some people would like.中国司法制度有改变的希望。司法改革的呼声很大,死刑执行的数量也有所下降。但司法改革的推进速度仍没有达到一些人的期望值。The book is the first story published by a digital platform that you helped start called Deca. Why choose an e-book format?这本书是你帮助发起的称作“Deca”的数字平台出版的第一本书。为什么选择以电子书的形式出版?No one#39;s really figured out a good word for these sort of pieces. They#39;re short books, long-form pieces, or singles. They are somewhere in between a magazine article and full-length book, that seem to work well on an e-er, Kindle or iPad.还没有人真正为这类作品想出一个好名字。可以叫短书,也可以叫长文章,或者叫单行本,介于杂志文章与足本书籍之间,似乎用Kindle或iPad等电子阅读设备看最合适。Initially, one of the big surprises of digital publishing was that people were ing long stories. There was a fear that people would just stop ing. Instead, pieces that were driven by narrative took off.最初,电子出版领域一个出人意料的现象是,人们都在读长篇文章。有人担心过段时间大家就不会再读了。而实际上,叙述体的作品获得了飞跃式发展。The writers that started Deca are all experienced magazine writers. We#39;ve seen the feature world shrinking. The number of pages devoted to full length features has declined over the past few years, as have the number of outlets that we can publish in. Meanwhile, digital publishing has emerged. The margins are actually better for writers as well. I#39;m pretty hopeful about it.发起Deca的作者都是富有经验的杂志写手。我们发现,特写创作正出现萎缩。过去几年,标准长度的特写所占页面数量出现下降,刊发这类特写的出版物的数量也在减少。而与此同时,数字出版业务则应运而生。实际上,数字出版给作者带来的利润率也更高。我对此还是抱着很大希望的。 /201406/307969。

March 13 deputies of the Supreme Council of Crimea approved the 33-year-old Sexy Natalia Poklonskaya as prosecutor of Crimea.3月11日克里米亚最高苏维埃代表一致同意通过,任命33岁的性感美女娜塔莉亚·波克隆斯卡娅为克里米亚新任检察长。Prior to his appointment Poklonskaya served as chief prosecutor of a department of the Main Department of the Attorney General in Simferopol.在此之前,波克隆斯卡娅担任辛菲罗波尔市司法总部检察长。Ms Poklonskaya was introduced by Sergey Aksyonov, Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, at a ceremony attended by officials.波克隆斯卡娅是由克里米亚自治共和国部长理事会主席Sergey Aksyonov在一次官员出席的会议中推荐的。Immediately after the appointment, Ms. Poklonskaya gave a press conference broadcast, where, in particular, called the Kiev authorities “devils from the ashes.”任命为克里米亚新任检察长之后,波克隆斯卡娅女士召开了新闻发布会,会上对乌克兰现政府做出尖锐批评,称其为“灰烬之中诞生的魔鬼”。Soon this young beautiful girl#39;s speech at the press conference became popular in the website. Her charming face draws netizens#39; attention.很快这位美女检察长在发布会上的讲话就走红网络,她呆萌而又充满御范的美貌受到网友追捧。It was announced she held a sitting with law-enforcement representatives over the situation in Crimea and the measures aiming at preserving the region’s stability.据称,她就克里米亚局势和维持地方稳定问题与执法部门代表召开了会议。Photos from her pages in social networks have sp all over the Internet and became a hit.随后,娜塔丽娅在社交网站上的照片在网络上疯传,红极一时。 /201403/281628。

Eight out of ten women #39;edit#39; their holiday snaps before uploading them to social media so only their slimmest angles are shared, according to new research.据英国《每日邮报》报道,最新调查显示,八成女性往社交网站上传照片之前,都会修图,好让朋友们看到自己苗条漂亮的一面。Most women will also delete unflattering pictures of themselves even if other people in the frame look good.多数女性还会删除自己拍得不好看的照片,即使这些照片中其他人拍得不错。More than half of women (58 per cent) will remove pictures taken by their husbands or boyfriends to make sure only the most flattering pictures survive.为确保只留下照得最好看的照片,超过半数女性(58%)都会删除丈夫或男朋友为其拍摄的照片。And women take charge of distributing holiday pictures in 74 per cent of couples.74%的情侣中,女方占据发布假日照片的主力。The unflattering picture black-out was revealed in a new survey of 1, 000 women by the diet firm Forza Supplements.近日,饮食公司能量供应商( Forza Supplements)一项新调查曝光这类不好看的照片。The poll highlighted the five pictures women most hate of themselves on holiday.该调查列出五种女性最不喜爱的度假照。Number one were those showing them sitting down with a bare midriff showing rolls of fat around the tummy.排名第一的是女性身穿露脐装坐着的照片,肚子上的赘肉显露无疑。The second worst picture nightmare is being caught with tight jeans and a muffin top bulging out of the sides.被抓拍到身穿紧身牛仔、肚腩肉呼之欲出对女性而言是第二大恶梦。The third picture #39;no no#39; is being shot with a double chin and fourth on the blacklist were obvious drunken shots.第三种不尽人意的照片是拍到双下巴;而女性喝得醉醺醺的照片被列入了黑名单第四位。The final picture nightmare is those taken straight after swimming where the hair is wet and unkempt.最后一种不得女性欢心的照片,是游泳过后头发湿漉漉、乱糟糟的邋遢样。The Forza survey found that 95 per cent of holiday-makers now share their pictures via social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or simply by emailing them on PCs and phones.该调查还发现,目前,95%度假者通过脸书、Instagram(增译:一款运行在iPhone平台上的照片分享应用程序)和推特等社交网站分享她们的照片,或利用个人电脑或手机发送邮件。A staggering 76 per cent of women have been #39;embarrassed#39; after a friend or relative have shared a picture of them which they didn#39;t like.难以置信的是,76%女性表示,曾因亲戚朋友分享她们不喜欢的照片而感到尴尬。A further 57 per cent have asked friends or relatives to delete pictures from sites like Facebook because they were unflattering.更甚一步,57%女性曾要求亲戚朋友删除脸书等网站照片,只因她们拍得不好看。The most popular reason for picture deletions was, #39;because I looked fat.#39;删除照片最常见理由是:“因为我看起来很胖。”The overwhelming majority of women (82 per cent) admitted that they edited holiday pictures - removing pictures of themselves which were unflattering even if the other people in the frame looked good.绝大多数女性(82%)承认其度假照经过筛选——删除自己拍得不好看的照片,即使这些照片其他人拍得不错。More than third of women (34) use filters on sites such as Instagram to make themselves look better in pictures before sharing them with friends.超三分之一女性(34%)在向好友分享照片前,都会事先使用如Instagram等网上滤镜美化照片。A quarter of women said they had been inspired to edit their holiday pictures because they were #39;intimidated#39; by beach pictures of celebrities looking great in their bikini such as Elle Macpherson and Gwyneth Paltrow.四分之一女性表示,她们曾对诸如艾拉-麦克弗森(Elle Macpherson)和格温妮丝-帕特罗(Gwyneth Paltrow)等名人惊艳无比的比基尼沙滩照感到自愧不如,如今,修图软件却鼓舞了她们。Forza Supplements#39; sales shoot up by a third between May and August as women go on diets to prepare for the beach.由于多数女性为沙滩美照而节食塑身,能量供应商公司今年5至7月份的营业额增长了三分之一。Lee Smith, managing director of Forza Supplements, said: ‘It is very clear that women rule the roost when it comes to holiday pictures.能量供应商总经理里·史密斯(Lee Smith)表示,“很明显,一提到度假照,女性们都当仁不让。‘Whether they take the pictures or not, they decide which shots get shared with family or friends and they will delete any in which they looking overweight.不管是不是她们拿相机,她们都可以决定分享哪张照片给家人朋友,同时可以删除任何自己看起来显胖的照片。‘They are not slow in gently asking friends to remove pictures which they don#39;t like.’并且,在要求朋友删除这类照片时,她们语气从不温和平缓。” /201408/317557。

1. Your Daily Activities1. 你的日常活动All of your conversations don’t have to be earth shattering. Spend time talking about your day-to-day activities. Discuss what time you woke up, what you ate for lunch, or what you discussed with a co-worker and help your partner understand what happens when you’re apart.不需要所有的谈话都轰动世界,花点时间谈一谈你的日常活动吧。谈一下你醒来的时间,你吃午饭的时间,或者讨论一下你和你同事讨论了什么,你还可以让你的另一半知道你独处的时候发生了什么。2. Money2.财富Talk about your budget. Discuss your saving and spending habits. If you combine your finances, set some financial goals and discuss strategies to help you reach those goals.谈一下你的预算。讲一下你省钱和花钱的习惯。结合你的财政状况,可以设定一些财政目标以及实现这些目标的策略。3. Places You Want to Explore3. 你想去的地方Start a conversation about the places you’d like to visit. Whether you want to travel to your grandmother’s house or you want to go on a cruise around the world, a discussion about travel can spark a lot of new conversation.开始一个谈论你想去的地方的话题。不管你是想去你祖母的老屋还是想去周游世界,一个关于旅游的话题总能迸发出更多话题的火花。4. Emotional Growth4. 情绪管理Share some information about your emotional growth. If you notice you’ve become wiser, less reactive, or more compassionate, share that with your partner. Point out the emotional growth you see in your partner as well.分享一些关于你情绪管理的信息。如果你意识到自己变得更加睿智,少了点浮躁,多了点同情心,那么和你的另一半分享吧,同时也要指出你眼中的另一半的情绪管理。5. Individual Goals5. 个人目标It’s healthy to have individual goals. Whether you want to lose weight, learn how to prepare Chinese food, or learn how to line dance, set some goals for yourself and discuss those goals with your partner.拥有个人目标是一件很值得提倡的事情。不管你是想要减肥,学习如何做中国菜或者学习如何排舞,给自己定一些目标,并且和另一半讨论你的这些目标。6. Spiritual Beliefs6. 精神信仰Start conversations about your spiritual beliefs. Be willing to listen to your partner’s beliefs and be open to talking about the similarities and differences in your beliefs.开始关于信仰的话题。要愿意去听另一半的信仰,并且可以讨论和你的信仰的相似点和不同点。7. What You’re Watching on TV7. 你看的电视节目Although watching TV isn’t an active way to grow together as a couple, discussing what you’re watching can help you learn something new about one another.尽管看电视并不是两个人共同成长的好方法,但是通过你看的电视节目可以了解对方更多。8. Politics8. 政治You don’t have to agree on politics in order to have a discussion about it. You can learn a lot about your partner if you have a conversation about politics. Any healthy relationship should allow each partner to feel respected enough to share an opinion, even if it opposes the other partner’s opinion.你不必为了讨论政治而去相信某种政治观点。如果你们讨论政治,是一个很好的了解另一半的窗口。任何一种健康的人际关系应该允许任何一个人去表达任何一种观点,尽管那个观点和其他人的相反。9. Goals to Address as a Couple9. 组建家庭的目标Discuss the goals you want to reach together as a couple. All healthy relationships should include shared goals for the future. Whether your goal is to volunteer at a homeless shelter together or save enough money for a new car, working together to reach your goal can help you stay close as a couple.讨论一下组建一个家庭需要达到的目标。所有健康的关系里面都应该包含对未来的目标。不管你的目标是在一个无家可归者的庇护所里面当一个志愿者,还是攒足够的钱去买车,一起努力去实现目标可以使你们更加亲密。10. Your Past10. 你的过去Your partner doesn’t need to know every skeleton in your closet. However, sharing information about your past can be very helpful. Talk about your childhood, past experiences, or obstacles you’ve overcome. You can also share how much you’ve learned and changed over the years.你的另一半不需要知道你过去所有的丑事。但是,分享一些你过去的事情非常有必要。可以说一下你的童年,小时候的经历,或者你克的阻碍困难。你也可以分享一下你在过去几年里学到和改变的东西。11. Your Values11. 你的价值观It’s important to share your values with one another. Talk about your priorities in life. It’s important for your partner to know how you feel about work, family, education, friends, and leisure time. Let your partner know what types of things you value the most and what changes you may want to make to ensure that you’re living according to your values.和别人分享你的价值观非常重要。谈论一下你生活中重要的事情。让你的另一半知道你对工作,家庭,教育,朋友以及闲暇时间的看法很重要。要让你的另一半知道,什么事情对你而言最重要,你想要做什么改变以确保遵循自己的价值观而活。12. Your Dreams12. 你的梦想Daydreaming together can be a great activity in any healthy relationship. Discuss dreams you had as a child, dreams you’ve let go, and dreams you still hold onto.在一段健康的关系中,一起做白日梦是很好的“活动”。讨论一下儿童时期的梦想,梦里你去过的地方,还有你现在仍然怀有的梦想。13. Your Feelings13. 你的感觉Of course, talking about your feelings is an important part of communication. Be willing to share your joys and sorrows with your partner. Also, be willing to talk about what makes you feel angry, when you’re disappointment, and when you feel embarrassed or hurt.当然,谈你的感受是交谈中很重要的一个部分。要和你的另一半分享你的喜悦和伤心。当然,还有你生气的时候,你失望的时候,你不好意思的时候,或者受伤的时候。14. Family14. 家庭Whether you’ve got a close relationship with your family or not, talking about family can be important. It can give your partner an inside look at what type of childhood you had as well as what type of relationship you have with your family members. Discuss how you want your family to be different from your family of origin, as well as which aspects you want to replicate.不管你和你的家人关系是否亲密,谈论你的家庭非常重要。它可以向你的另一半展示你的童年,以及你和你的家庭成员之间的关系。谈谈你想让你的家庭和原来有什么不同,以及你想保留的方面。15. Your Relationship15. 你的人际关系Discuss the aspects of your relationship that are working well and make sure to also discuss problematic areas. Talking openly about your relationship can ensure your relationship stays fresh and exciting.谈谈你人际关系中好的方面,对有疑问的地方进行讨论。畅谈你的人际关系可以让你们的关系保持新鲜,充满。 /201312/268212。

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. is bringing its newest ship to China in an effort to draw more revenue from the world#39;s biggest travel market. 皇家加勒比游轮有限公司(Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.)将把最新型的游轮带到中国,希望从全球最大的旅游市场分走更大一块“蛋糕”。The cruise company plans to move the Quantum of the Seas to Shanghai in 2015 from its current port in New York, said Adam Goldstein, Royal Caribbean#39;s president and chief operating officer. It will add to Royal Caribbean#39;s existing two ships in China. 皇家加勒比游轮的总裁兼首席运营长戈尔茨坦(Adam Goldstein)在采访中说,公司计划在2015年把停泊在纽约港口的顶级豪华游轮“海洋量子号”(Quantum of the Seas)迁到上海。目前皇家加勒比在中国共有两艘游轮。The ship, which has 16 decks and features attractions like simulated sky diving, can carry 4,180 guests and will sail from Shanghai to destinations in Japan and South Korea, Mr. Goldstein said in an interview. “海洋量子号”有16层甲板,可载4,180名乘客,配备模拟跳伞装置等特色游乐项目。戈尔茨坦介绍,这艘游轮将运营上海至日本、韩国等航线。 The move was prompted in part by Chinese consumers who want access to the biggest and newest offerings, he said. Quantum of the Seas has an indoor sporting complex where tourists can drive bumper cars, play table tennis and learn the trapeze. 他说,这在一定程度上是受中国消费者对更大更新游轮务的需求推动。“海洋量子号”建有室内运动场馆,游客可以开碰碰车、打乒乓球、玩“空中飞人”项目。 #39;We#39;re looking to get first-time cruisers to choose our brand,#39; Mr. Goldstein said. Associated Press皇家加勒比的顶级豪华游轮“海洋量子号”配有室内运动场馆,游客可开碰碰车、打兵乓球、玩“空中飞人”项目。戈尔茨坦说,希望首次尝试游轮旅行的人能够选择他们的品牌。China#39;s travel market is booming. Brokerage CLSA estimates that as China#39;s per capita income rises, outbound mainland tourists will reach 200 million by 2020, doubling from 2013. Chinese tourists became the world#39;s biggest travel spenders in 2012, when outlays on outbound travel swelled to 2 billion, up 40% from 2011, according to the most recent annual figures from the ed Nations World Tourism Organization. 中国旅游市场正在繁荣发展。里昂券(CLSA)估计,随着中国人均收入增加,到2020年出国旅行的中国大陆游客将达到2亿人次,较2013年增长一倍。联合国世界旅游组织(ed Nations World Tourism Organization)的最近数据显示,中国游客2012年出境游出跃居全球首位,达到1,020亿美元,较2011年增加40%。Efforts to attract China#39;s tourists are heating up, as everyone from the Hawaii Tourism Authority to Air New Zealand Ltd. executives are launching campaigns to win over the tourism dollars. Vancouver#39;s tourism office is tapping Chinese celebrities to tout trips to the Canadian city. 吸引中国游客的努力正在升温。从夏威夷观光局(Hawaii Tourism Authority)到新西兰航空(Air New Zealand Ltd.),高管们都在争相推出各种活动来争取中国游客。温哥华旅游局通过邀请中国名人来宣传当地旅游。Miami-based Royal Caribbean said sales in China have doubled over the past five years, though it won#39;t disclose specific figures. But it says the cruising market in the country is still nascent. U.S. travelers account for 52% of world-wide passengers on cruises, followed by U.K. and Ireland, with 8%, according to industry association Cruise Lines International Association. China doesn#39;t yet appear in the top 10, according to the group. 皇家加勒比游轮公司称,过去五年公司在中国市场的销售额增长了一倍,但它不愿披露具体数字。不过该公司称,中国的游轮巡游市场仍处在萌芽阶段。国际游轮协会(Cruise Lines International Association)的数据显示,全球游轮巡游市场上,52%的游客来自美国,来自英国和爱尔兰的游客占到8%,位列第二。中国尚未跻身前十。The industry has been under scrutiny in recent years. In January hundreds of passengers on Royal Caribbean#39;s Explorer of the Seas ship from New Jersey to the Caribbean were stricken with a gastrointestinal illness. The cruise operator cut short the 10-day trip. Rivals have also faced graver problems over the past couple of years, such as a tragic sinking and engine fires. 最近几年游轮行业受到了审查。今年1月份,皇家加勒比游轮公司的“海洋探险者号”(Explorer of the Seas)离开新泽西港口,前往加勒比海巡游,途中爆发胃肠道疾病疫情。“海洋探险者号”因此缩短了十天的行程,提前返回。过去几年,其他游轮公司面临过较为严重的问题,如悲剧性的沉船事故和引擎起火事件。Mr. Goldstein said incidents such as these have received widesp media attention but predominantly because they are so rare. 戈尔茨坦说,这类事件受到了媒体的广泛关注,但很大程度上是因为这种事情非常罕见。Royal Caribbean, which operates its namesake line and Celebrity cruises, reported in January a fourth-quarter profit of million, compared with a 3 million loss in the same period a year earlier. Revenue in the fourth quarter improved to .85 billion, up 2.7% from the same period a year earlier. 皇家加勒比游轮公司运营“皇家加勒比”、“名人”(Celebrity)等游轮品牌。该公司1月份公布,第四财季实现利润700万美元,上年同期亏损3.93亿美元。第四财季收入为18.5亿美元,同比增长2.7%。Laurie BurkittLaurie Burkitt /201404/288633。