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The scale of the challenge across Africa is enormous.整个非洲面临的挑战是巨大的After all, its a huge continent.毕竟 这是一个广袤的大陆The ed Kingdom, China,英国 中国the ed States of America, India,美国 印度Japan and most of the rest of Europe日本和欧洲大部分would all fit within its borders.都能够容纳进其边界里Africa still retains 45% of the Earths uncultivated land.非洲仍然占据着地球未开发土地总面积的45%Its still the greatest wilderness on Earth那里仍然是地球上最大的荒野之地and that is why its important.这就是为什么它很重要Human beings have lived alongside wildlife here人类和野生生物毗邻而居的历史longer than anywhere else.比其他任何地方都长But now in the 21st century,但进入21世纪animal numbers are at a critical level.动物的数量降低到一个危险的水平Like it or not, this generation is responsible不管喜欢不喜欢 这一代人都有责任for handing on the worlds wildlife to the next.将保护世界野生动物的火炬传递下去That means taking care of the animals and lands where they live,那意味着照顾动物及它们赖以生存的家园so there is still space for us all to coexist.以使得仍有足够的空间 让我们共存201408/323163These hill slopes of Yuanyang County plunge nearly 2,000 metres to the floor of the Red River valley.元阳县的山坡以2000M之势,斜插于红河谷地的河床。Each contains literally thousands of stacked terraces carved out by hand using basic digging tools.包含了上千由原始刨掘工具所创造出的梯田。Yunnans rice terraces are among the oldest human structures in China.云南的梯田是中国最古老人类耕作痕迹之一。Still ploughed, as they always have been, by domesticated water buffaloes, whose ancestors originated in these very valleys.正如千百年来的习俗一样,并为云南河谷的家养水牛承担了耕作的重任,所以依旧被耕种使用的土地。This man-made landscape is one of the most amazing engineering feats of pre-industrial China.这片人力开拓的土地是工业化前中国最惊奇宏伟的壮景。It seems as if every square inch of land has been pressed into cultivation.似乎这里的每一寸土地都被打上了农耕的痕迹。 /201406/302940Responding to questions on US President Barack Obamas Asia trip in April, the Chinese Foreign Ministry says though China is not on the schedule, relations between the two countries have maintained stable growth.就美国总统奥巴马的4月亚洲行,中国外交部表示,尽管中国此次并未在美国的访问计划内,但两国之间的关系保持稳定。;The two sides have remained in close contact and cooperation to push for the construction of a new pattern of relationship between great powers. The healthy and steady development of China and US relations is in the interest of the two sides, and is beneficial for the prosperity and peace of the entire Asia-Pacific region,; said Hua Chunying, Spokeswoman of Chinese Foreign Ministry.中国外交部发言人华春莹表示“为推进构建中美大国关系新模式,两国保持着密切接触和合作。中美关系的健康和稳定发展符合双方利益,对整个亚洲-太平洋地区的繁荣与和平具有益处。”201402/275809Im Christopher Lloyd. And about 25 years ago, I played Doctor Emmett Brown in the film Back to the Future II, a landmark film that, amongst other things, introduced the concept of hoverboards to the world.我是Christopher Lloyd。大约二十五年前,我饰演布朗士,在电影《回到未来II》中,那是一部重要的电影,除了其他未来的事物之外,它还引进了悬浮滑板的概念到全世界。Now at the time—as much as we all wanted hoverboards to be real—of course, it was an impossibility. But Im proud to announce that thanks to the clever folks with HUVr Tech, the technology has caught up with the concept.当时--不管我们所有人多麽想要悬浮滑板能成真--当然,它还是件不可能的任务。但我很骄傲要宣布,感谢HUVr科技公司的聪明伙伴们,技术已经赶上了这个概念。In February, 2014, HUVr tech hosted an event in downtown Los Angeles. The following demonstrations are completely real.在2014年二月,HUVr科技公司在洛杉矶市区举办了一场活动。接下来的展示是完全真实的。HUVr, HUVr, HUVr, HUVr, HUVr, HUVr...HUVr、HUVr、HUVr、HUVr、HUVr、HUVr...I cant believe how well it works. I really...I didnt think it could be that smooth. You know, Id always looked into the movie. Its like it was just awkward. It was going sideways. And once I get on it, I feel nature. I feel like thats where its going. Thats where it should be.我不敢相信它运作得多麽流畅。我真的...我不认为它可以这么平稳。你知道,我过去总是深入研究电影。好像它就是很奇怪。它斜向一边滑。一当我站上它,我觉得很自然。我觉得那就是它去的地方。那就是它应该要去的地方。A lot of people that are skating nowadays, that are adamant skate fans, start skating because of that movie. You can ask them—current pros, you can ask them. Theyll say, ;Yeah, I started skating because of Back to the Future.;今天很多溜滑板的人、死忠的滑板迷们,都是因为那部电影而开始溜滑板。你可以问他们--现在的专家们,你可以问他们。他们会说:“对啊,因为《回到未来》我才开始溜滑板。”We wanted to show that anyone can enjoy the HUVr. So we invited a few other friends to try out the board. Most of whom have little to no experience skateboarding.我们想要表现出任何人都可以玩HUVr。所以我们邀请几个其他朋友来试试这个滑板。他们大部分只有一点或是根本没有溜滑板的经验。When I first got on, I thought it was gonna be incredibly awkward. I thought there would be this really sort of like extensive learning curve. And its intuitive. Like the moment you start riding it, you know what to do. Theres no precedent for this. I have no idea how it works. Im baffled by the technology. But then again, Im baffled by most technology.当我第一次站上去时,我想那将会是非常奇怪的。我想会有这种真的好像很漫长的学习过程。然而这是很直觉性的。就像你开始滑它的那一刻,你就知道要做什么。这没有先例。我完全不知道它会怎么运作。这科技使我困惑。但再次重申,大部分的科技都让我困惑。It was an experience Ive never experienced before. And the the feeling is indescribable, so I feel like I was out of this world for a second. And I look down and my feet are off the ground! And then Im like, ;This is really happening!;这是我以往从未经历过的体验。那感受是难以形容的,所以我觉得好像我离开了这个世界一下下。然后我往下看,我的脚离开了地面!然后我想着:这真的发生了!I didnt believe it. They told me that they have a hoverboard that can fly. I didnt believe it. This is a crazy board. I love it.我不相信。他们告诉我他们有块可以飞的悬浮滑板。我不相信。这是块疯狂的滑板。我爱它。It was crazy. I thought like, you know, the balance was gonna be hard, but it was pretty cool. Yeah, it was really easy. Can I keep this?那很疯狂,我想,你知道,会很难平衡,但那很酷。对啊,那非常简单。我可以留下这个吗?Uh, no.呃,不行。Dude, come on! Please?老兄,好嘛!拜托?The hoverboard has arrived. This board has more technology within it than the satellites that we sent to space in 2010.悬浮滑板已经来了。这块滑板用上的技术比我们在2010年送上太空的卫星还要多。I was in a dream, a real life dream. Its one of the greatest days in my life. I just wanna say thank you so much for letting me be one of the first people to try this out. Its just amazing. And Im still in shock that Im doing it, that Im just here actually riding this thing. I was hovering. It happened in my lifetime.我在做梦,一个现实生活的梦。这是我人生中最棒的日子之一。我只想说非常感谢你们让我当第一批试玩这个的人。它真是棒。我仍惊讶于我做到了,我就在这裡真的驾驭这玩意。我正飘浮著。这发生在我的人生中。Well, this just goes beyond. It goes way beyond. Thank you!嗯,这就是超越了一切。它远远超越一切。谢谢你们!Yeah, when I ride hoverboards, I have fun.耶,当我滑着悬浮滑板,我很开心。Yeah, when I ride hoverboards, I have fun.耶,当我滑着悬浮滑板,我很开心。201409/331846

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