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Language is one of the only things that we truly share,语言是我们真正共有的唯几样事物之一,and I sometimes used this joint inheritance to obfuscate and deflect and justify myself;而我有时候却用这共同的遗产,去混淆,去转移,去为自己辩护;to re-brand what was good for me as something appearing good for us both,当我抛出例如“共同经济”、“混乱”when I threw around terms like ;the sharing economy,; and ;disruption; and ;global resourcing.;“共享经济”这样短语的时候,去重新辩解对自身有力的,其实是对大家都有利的。I see now that what I was really doing, at times, was buying your pain on the cheap,我意识到我有时真正在从事的,是廉价买下你们的痛苦,sprucing it up and trying to sell it back to you as freedom.稍微改进一下,然后尝试重新卖给你们,凭借自由的旗号。I have wanted to believe and wanted you to believe that the system that has been good to me,我希望去相信,也希望你们去相信,那对我适用的体系,that has made my life ever more seamless, is also the best system for you.让我的人生天衣无缝的体系,也是最适合你们的体系。I have condescended to you with the idea that you are voting against your economic interests我自带优越感地向你们灌输观点:你们是在对经济利益投反对票voting against your interests, as if I know your interests.对你们自身的利益投反对票,仿佛我知道你们利益的样子。That is just my dogmatic economism talking.这只是我自身教条的经济论。I have a weakness for treating peoples economic interests as their only interest,我有这样一个问题,就是总把经济利益看作所有人的唯一利益。ignoring things like belonging and pride and the desire to send a message to those who ignore you.忽视了那些归属感,骄傲情绪和对于那些忽视你的人们发出信息的欲望。201703/496507目录:FRlENDLY COMMUNICATION友好交往Unll 1 Gfeetings问候 2 Introduction介绍 3 Goodbyes道别 4 Congratulations and Good Wishes祝贺和祝愿Unll 5 Thanksand Reply感谢及回答 6 Apologe sand Reply道歉及回答 7 lnvitations邀请CONVERSATIONAL STRATEGIES会话策略 8 Opening and Ending a Conversation开始和结束交谈 9 Maintaining a Conversation维持交谈 10 Controlling a Conversation控制交谈ATTITUDE态度 11 Plans and Decisions计划和决定 12 Agreement同意 13 Disagreement不同意 14 Likes and Dislikes喜欢和不喜欢Unll 15 Permission允许 16 Possibility and Impossibility可能与不可能 17 Ability and Inability有能力和无能力 18 Obligation and Necessity责任和必需 19 Compliment and Criticism赞扬与批评 20 Advice and Suggestion建议与劝告Un计 21 Opinions and Views意见和看法 22 Argument and Discussion辩论与讨论EMOTIONS AND FEELINGS情感与感觉 23 Apprehensionsand Pressure焦虑与压力 24 Surprise and Puzzlement惊讶与困惑 25 Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction满意与不满意 26 Disappointment and Regret失望与遗憾 27 Annoyance and Anger不快和恼怒 28 Love Sick失恋SITUATIONAL DlALOGUES情景会话 29 Making Telephone Calls打电话 30 Getting Directions问路 31 Banking 32 Post Office邮局 33 Restaurant餐馆 34 Shopping Mall and Supermarket购物中心和超级市场 35 Bargaining,Bargoin Hunting讨价还价/寻找打折 36 Taxi/Bus/Train出租车/公共汽车/火车 37 Airplane,Airport飞机/机场 38 Accommodation膳宿问题THEMES专题讨论 39 Sickness生病 40 Health Inqui ries询问健康状况 41 Family家庭 42 Campus校园 43 Curnculum课程 44 Extra—curricuIaf课外活动 45 Exams and Grades考试与成绩 46 Graduation毕业典礼 47 Job Interview48 Student Relations同学关系 49 Library图书馆 50 Asking For a Date约会 51 MeaI Time一日三餐 52 Date Conversation约会用语 53 Interests and Hobbies兴趣和爱好 54 Appearance/Figure外貌/体型 55 Dressing衣着 56 TV/Movie电视/电影 57 Marriage/Weddings结婚/婚礼 58 Computers电脑 59 The World世界 60 Travel/Travel Information旅行/旅游信息 /200701/10236See I trust Hillary to lead this country because I have seen her lifelong devotion to our nations children.我信任让希拉里领导我们的国家是因为,我亲见她毕生都在为我国儿童付出。Not just her own daughter, who she has raised to perfection, but every child who needs a champion: kids who take the long way to school to avoid the gangs.她不仅将自己的女儿培养成完美女性,更是去做所有儿童的守护者;他们之中那些孩子有的绕远路上学,为了躲避黑帮。Kids who wonder how theyll ever afford college.有些孩子为大学学费而苦恼。Kids whose parents dont speak a word of English, but dream of a better life;有些孩子的父母一句英语不会说,但梦想着改善他们的生活,Kids who look to us to determine who and what they can be.那些孩子们还要指望着我们做他们的榜样。You see Hillary has spent decades doing the relentless thankless work to actually make a difference in their lives.希拉里花了数十年不间断地去做这项吃力不讨好的工作,来改变这些孩子的生活。Advocating for kids with disabilities as a young lawyer, fighting for childrens health care as first lady, and for quality child care in the senate.做青年律师之时,就在为残疾儿童主张权益,做第一夫人之时,为儿童医保福利斗争,做参议员时,争取高品质的儿童保育。And when she did not win the nomination eight years ago, she did not get angry or disillusioned.当8年前她错失提名以后,她并没有愤愤不平或是一蹶不振。She...Hillary did not pack up and go home because as a true public servant Hillary knows that this is so much bigger than her own desires and disappointments.希拉里没有收拾东西放手回家,因为作为真正的公仆,希拉里知道,公职要高于她自己的欲望和失望。So she proudly stepped up to serve our country once again as secretary of state, traveling the globe to keep our kids safe.所以她再次挺身而出为国效力,担任国务卿,飞遍全球以保护我们子女的安全。And look, there were plenty of moments when Hillary could have decided that this work was too hard, that the price of public service was too high, that she was tired of being picked apart for how she looks, or how she talked, or even how she laughs.各位你们看,希拉里有很多时候可以觉得算了吧,太辛苦了,公职的代价实在太大,她可能会厌倦了她的外表,她的言论,甚至她的笑,都会被人指指点点。But heres the thing: What I admire most about Hillary is that she never buckles under pressure.但是我最敬仰希拉里的是,面对压力她从不崩溃。She never takes the easy way out.她从来不会选择那条最简单的路。And Hillary Clinton has never quit on anything in her life.希拉里克林顿的一生中没有放弃过任何事情。201611/479549英语日常口语 35:A letter from HR 本单元是关于人力资源信函的对话Tim: Dear Mr Hunter,Vacancy reference: Assistant managerFurther to your application for the above position, I am pleased to be able to invite you to attend an interview.Please report to the HR office on Tuesday 11th March at 1 pm.A job specification is enclosed.If you have any access needs in order to complete your job or be able to attend the interview, please let me know as soon as possible.Finally, it would be most helpful if you could confirm whether or not you will be able to attend.Yours sincerely,Jennifer SmithRecruitment Advisor Well, Kitty, 'Assistant manager', what do you think of that?Vocabulary(词汇):vacancy (n): 空缺职位position or job in a company that's availableHR (short for Human Resources): 人力资源department in a company which looks after the hiring, training etc of employees specification (n): 详细资料detailed description of somethingaccess needs 前往某地的特别需求special requirements or help to get to somewhereconfirm (v): 确认agree本单元语言点是工作信函,工作用信函使用比较正式的文字,我们日常生活里,和朋友们聊天的是比较不正式的语言。英语例句:we don't usually use contractions (I'd, won't, we're) in business writing.(我们在工作用信函里不使用英文缩写。)以下是一些可以用在工作用信函里的标准用法。Business lettersBusiness letters use more formal language that the day-to-day, informal language we use when we're talking to friends. For example, we don't usually use contractions (I'd, won't, we're) in business writing.Here are some standard business phrases which you can use in formal business letters. Starting your letter(信函的开头): Saying why you are writing(说明来信意图):I am writing to enquire about ... I am pleased to invite you ...Making requests(提出要求):Please let me know if you have ... I should be grateful if you would ... It would be most helpful if you could ... We would be delighted if you would ... I am pleased to invite you ...Enclosing documents(附带文件):Please find enclosed a job specification.A self-addressed envelope is enclosed.I enclose my CV.Talking about contact in the future(展望未来):I look forward to meeting you.hearing from you soon.seeing you.Ending your letter(信函的结尾):Yours faithfully, (if you don't know the name of the person you're writing to)Yours sincerely, (if you know person's name and have used it at the beginning of the letter) /200707/16037

Beyond these technical solutions,除了这些技术层面的措施意外,our work at the Georgetown Climate Center with communities我们位于乔治城气候中心和社区共同工作encourages them to look at what existing legal and policy tools are available鼓励他们参考现存的法律和政策and to consider how they can accommodate change.并且考虑如何才能适应变化。For example, in land use, which areas do you want to protect, through adding a seawall,譬如,用地,哪片地区你想要通过用建设防波堤的方式去保护,for example, alter, by raising buildings, or retreat from,再比方通过升高建筑,或向后搬迁to allow the migration of important natural systems, such as wetlands or beaches?去允许重要的自然系统迁徙,比方说湿地或者沙滩?Other examples to consider.这里同时有其余的例子,In the U.K., the Thames Barrier protects London from storm surge.在英国,泰晤士河保护伦敦免遭于风暴潮袭击。The Asian Cities Climate Resilience Network is restoring vital ecosystems like forest mangroves.亚洲城市气候变迁韧性组织正在修复类似于红树林的重要的生态系统。These are not only important ecosystems in their own right,这些生态系统不仅仅是本身是重要的but they also serve as a buffer to protect inland communities.而且同时充当了缓冲区的作用来保护内陆地区。New York City is incredibly vulnerable to storms,纽约在暴风雨面前显得十分脆弱,as you can see from this clever sign, and to sea level rise,就想你在这块指示牌上看到的一样,纽约同时也经不住海平面上升and to storm surge, as you can see from the subway flooding.暴风雨,正如你从这幅纽约地铁涨水图中看见的一样。But back above ground, these raised ventilation grates但是当我们返回到地面,这些上升的地铁通风格栏for the subway system show that solutions can be both functional and attractive.系统提醒我们措施可以同时是有功能效应且引人注意的。In fact, in New York, San Francisco and London,事实上,纽约,旧金山和伦敦,designers have envisioned ways to better integrate the natural and built environments with climate change in mind.设计师们已经设想出了能更加契合自然并且兼顾应对自然变化的建设方法。I think these are inspiring examples of whats possible我认为这些设想都是十分打动人心的例子when we feel empowered to plan for a world that will be different.让我们认为自己有能力去改变这个世界。But now, a word of caution.但是现在,请谨记着Adaptations too important to be left to the experts.对这些专家而言适应也是十分重要的。Why? Well, there are no experts.为什么?因为就没有所谓的专家。Were entering uncharted territory, and yet our expertise and our systems are based on the past.我们正在进入一个全新的领域,而目前为止,我们的专长和系统都仅仅是建立于过去的。;Stationarity; is the notion that we can anticipate the future“平稳”是我们将使用于未来的准则based on the past, and plan accordingly,基于经验,同时随机应变,and this principle governs much of our engineering,与此同时,这也是一个领导我们当今工程our design of critical infrastructure, city water systems,当今设计核心基础设施,城市排水系统,building codes, even water rights and other legal precedents.建筑规范,甚至用水权以及其余判例的词。But we can simply no longer rely on established norms.但是我们在也不能仅仅依靠建立规范了。Were operating outside the bounds of CO2 concentrations that the planet has seen for hundreds of thousands of years.我们已经超如了地球上已经恪守了成千上万年的二氧化碳浓度限制。The larger point Im trying to make is this.我在这里想说的是Its up to us to look at our homes and our communities,这是我们的责任去照顾我们的家园和社会our vulnerabilities and our exposures to risk,我们的脆弱且易暴露于危险之中的家园。and to find ways to not just survive, but to thrive,不仅仅是去找寻一个生存的办法,而是一个繁荣兴旺的办法。and its up to us to plan and to prepare而且这是我们的责任去规划和准备and to call on our government leaders and require them to do the same,提醒我们的政府领导并且要求他们去做同样的事,even while they address the underlying causes of climate change.即便与此同时他们正在强调潜伏的气候变化原因。There are no quick fixes.这没有权宜之计。There are no one-size-fits-all solutions.这里没有完全之策。Were all learning by doing.我们只有从实践中学习。But the operative word is doing.关键词是做去,去实践。Thank you.谢谢。201606/449018

055 doing business Words Market(ing) business contract subsidiary representative office branch office recruitment office space production line service franchise parent company multinational shareholder director manager investment warehouse capital cash flow overheads corporate law lawyer law firm sales expense import export public relations advertisement market leader profit invoice Ramp;D Phrases Invest in a company Purchase shares Do business with Go bankrupt Business is booming Market products Negotiate a contract Launch a product Reduce overheads Increase revenue Conduct Ramp;D Expand a business Beginner A; what do you thing are the most important things to do when running a business? B: well, there are several things. Of course, you must do everything you can to keep costs down and revenues high. A: so, do you think workers should be paid as little as possible? B: no. if you do that, the workers won’t like their jobs. They will be less efficient and you will get a high staff turnover. Those things will increase you costs. A: how can a business maxmise revenues? B: you need to invest in some good adverstising. You have to know where your potential customers are and target them. It’s no good trying to sell computer games to older people. The market is too small. A; what else do you suggest? B; find out what other companies charge for the same products or services. Price yourself near the low end. Don’t be much cheaper than everyone else, because many customers distrust very cheap things. They think that is must be poor quality if it’s that cheap. Intermediate A: what do you think we need to do to get our new branch office running well? B: first, I ‘d make sure that we have a good, local, corporate lawyer. He or she will know all the local laws and regulations. A; that’s very important. A firend recommended a good law firm to me. We’ll need someone to hire staff. B; I think that we should send one of our HR people to do that. I don’t think we should use an agency, because they won’t be familiar with the type of people we employ. Have we decide on the location of the branch office? A; yes. We have. We chose the location in the northeast of the city, not too far from the airport and on the edge of the CBD. B; why didn’t we choose an office in the CBD? A: the offices there were too expensive. Have we negotiated any contracts yes? B; yes. We’ve signed two contracts with companies that we aly do work for in other countries. We hope to sign another three this month. A: when will the branch office open? B: hopefully next month. Everything is a little rushed. We should be able to set up our branch office and expand our business quickly. A; has and advertising campaign been prepared? B; yes, it has. We’re going to target the business community through business magazine. A: I made plenty of business contract on my last visit and through the embassy. We should be able to get plenty of customers. /200705/13595

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