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You can’t stop the clock, you can’t turn back the hands of time, blah, blah, blah. But you can age more gracefully.你不能让时钟停止转动,也不能逆转时间之手,但是你可以更优雅地变老。You Will Need你需要Blueberries蓝莓Walnuts核桃Floss牙线Dark chocolate黑巧克力Red wine红酒Brain teasers脑筋急转弯Exercise运动Hobbies爱好Steps步骤STEP 1 Eat blueberries and walnuts1.多吃蓝莓和核桃Eat blueberries and walnuts. Two Tufts University studies found that just a cup of blueberries or an ounce of walnuts a day can protect the body against age-related nerve damage that can affect thinking, motor skills, and coordination.多吃蓝莓和核桃。塔夫斯大学两项研究发现,每天一杯蓝莓或一盎司核桃可以防止身体出现与年龄相关的神经损坏,这种损坏会影响思考,运动技能和协调能力。Blue fruits in general--purple grapes, blackberries, plums, boysenberries, black currants--top the list of anti-aging foods.一般来说,蓝色的水果——紫葡萄,蓝莓,李子,杂交草莓,红醋栗——都高居抗衰老食品列表榜首。STEP 2 Floss without fail2.用牙线剔牙Floss at least once a day. People with clean teeth don’t just look younger, they live up to 46% longer than those who don’t, because healthy gums help prevent strokes and heart disease.每天至少用牙线剔牙一次。牙齿清洁的人不仅看上去更年轻,寿命也比牙齿不清洁的人长46%。因为健康的牙龈可以防止中风和心脏病。STEP 3 Eat dark chocolate3.吃黑巧克力Have some dark chocolate. It contains magnesium and flavonol, which improve the supply of oxygen to the brain.吃一些黑巧克力。其中含有镁和黄酮醇,可以增加向大脑的供氧量。STEP 4 Drink red wine4.喝红酒Enjoy a glass or two of red wine every day. The resveratrol found in red and purple grape skins contains impressive anti-aging properties, according to a Harvard study.每天享用一两杯红酒。哈佛大学一项研究发现,红色和紫色葡萄皮中发现的白藜芦醇含有大量的抗衰老成分。STEP 5 Work your brain5.活动你的大脑Do some crossword puzzles; play Sodoku; join a bridge group; learn to speak Italian. Research shows that doing anything to exercise your brain keeps it sharp and prevents Alzheimer’s.做一些字谜游戏;玩数独;加入桥牌小组;学习说意大利语。调查发现,经常对大脑进行锻炼可以让大脑保持敏捷,防止老年痴呆症。STEP 6 Get moving6.运动起来Get moving. You don’t need to kill yourself with push-ups and jogging. Studies show that doing anything active--gardening, dancing, running around the mall--keeps your muscles in shape, your heart rate elevated, and your neurons firing.运动起来。你不需要做激烈的俯卧撑和慢跑。研究发现,做任何比较积极的运动——花园劳作,跳舞,围着商场跑动——都可以保持肌肉健康,提高心率,神经元活跃。STEP 7 Eat less sugar7.少吃糖Eat less refined sugar. It hardens the fibers and elastin in cells, making skin as tough and dry as an alligator’s.少制糖。糖会导致细胞中的纤维和弹力素硬化,让皮肤像鳄鱼一样粗糙和干燥。STEP 8 Get a life8.培养兴趣爱好Get a life--or, at least, a hobby. People with interests outside of work report less depression, get fewer illnesses, and have a lower rate of Alzheimer’s. In a survey of 600 folks over age 80, 93% credit their hobbies with helping them live longer.过充实的生活——或者至少有一项爱好。在工作之外有兴趣爱好的人更不容易抑郁,更少患病,患老年痴呆的可能性也更低。在对600名80岁以上的老人进行的调查中,93%的人认为他们的兴趣爱好帮他们更加长寿。Hawaii has the highest life expectancy in the ed States.在美国,夏威夷的人均寿命是最长的。 /201412/346191

  Lindsey Vonn Reveals Insecurities About Her WeightThe Olympic skier spoke to Self magazine about struggling with her body image.Now to Olympic ski star, Lindsey Vonn, opening up about her insecurities off the slopes. Speaking to SELF Magazine about its “what is like about the red carpet with women half of her size?” With A’s J.C. She’s over here with the story. Good morning.Good morning, Robin. Well, the skiing sensation with the killer physique admitted that she felt intimidated by the super skinny supermodels at a fancy gallery recently. But then, in a very candid interview, she says she also realized that her body is healthier because a lot of those women are what she calls “skinny fat”.Blonde bombshell Lindsay Vonn epitomizes of what means to be red carpet flawless, but the 29-year-old post girl for skiing admits she doesn’t always feel that way. In the latest issue of SELF Magazine, Vonn revealing from time to time, she battles insecurities, saying, “It was hard to go to the Met ball last May with people who eat lettuce and a Diet Coke for dinner. Its difficult to be at events with a room full of women who weigh half as much as you do. That’s always tough.”As long as I feel good about myself, it doesn’t really matter what I am wearing.And though attending the Met ball alongside boyfriend Tiger Woods was tough. Vonn says, “I don’t envy them, though, because so many of them are skinny-fat. They have more cellulite than most people. I feel like I need to give them a cheeseburger. It’s sexy and beautiful to be strong.”What is skinny-fat? It means that even you are an ideal weight, you may have too much fat and not enough muscle.Back in 2010, I had the pleasure of having my body fat measured. My body mass index was far from obese, but for a woman of my age, my body fat percentage put me at risk. The acceptable range is 23% to 35%. Mine was 37%.And that puts you at risk for all the things that being obese that will put you at risk for.Right.One in four chance of having diabetes. And…So we asked A’s nutrition and wellness group David Zinczenko for some diet tips to prevent being skinny-fat.Get lentils, black beans, high-fibre foods. What these are gonna do is to keep you fuller longer.Ok, and these?These are low glycemic index foods which means that it keeps your blood sugar stable.What about protein powder?This is a great metabolism booster.It’s funny because women avoid this, thinking it’s gonna bulk you up or something.This is not gonna bulk you up. You would have to spend hours in a gym to get to that point.Yeah. That’s not happening.You want good for you carbs? Not the stuff that’s been stripped of all of its fibre. You want healthy omega-3 fatty acids.All of these foods are designed to help you reduce your body fat percentage.Yes, and give you an overall balanced diet.And of course, it’s never just about diet but exercise too to help build muscles. Hitting the gym help you burn that fat, and this is, of course, yet another example of the fact that we need to eat right, work out, not to be skinny as the goal, but to be healthy. And with that, I’m going straight to the gym. /201402/275593

  a standing ovation for apple ceo steve jobs人们纷纷起立为这位苹果的CEO鼓掌,As he greeted the public for the first time In more than a year.在乔布斯告别人们一年多以后首度露面时he carried on working,他完成了工作,but the years that followed Were a roller coaster of hope and despair.随之而来的人生如同轮盘赌一样 伴随着希望与绝望Most poignantly he was asked最令他感受深刻的便是What the next few years might hold.他被告知时日无多The future is long.未来还很长.The last few years have reminded me that life is fragile.最后的几年提醒了我,生命是脆弱的Um, you know...恩,你知道 finally he withdrew from public life.最后他离开了公众生活.Only his closest friends saw how he was coping只有他最亲密的朋友见到他With the threat of an early death.整日面对着不断临近的死亡的压力steve jobs loved to take walks.史蒂夫乔布斯很喜欢散步He did a lot of his thinking and his talking他与他最亲密的朋友们总是在散步的时候With his close friends like larry ellison交流很多想法和交谈 比如 Larry EllisonAnd a number of other people that he was friendly with In silicon valley,或者其他硅谷的朋友and he would go On these long walks sometimes around palo alto,他有时会绕着他居住的Palo Alto附近Where he lived, and sometimes in other places.或者其他地方的路走很长一段It just was his preferred method of thinking And daydreaming ideas with people.这是他思考问题与白日梦般点子的特殊方式One day I was out in silicon valley.有一天我在硅谷外面He found out about it, and he conveyed to me他听说了,然后他来找我,That he would like me to come over to his house,让我去他家里And this was just after his liver transplant,这是在他刚刚进行肝脏移植手术之后Which as we all know is a very serious kind of thing我们都知道,那是很严重的,That takes a lot of recovery,需要很长时间才能恢复的And he wanted me to come over但是他要我过去,And just talk about industry gossip In a way or events聊一聊在他离开这段时间里that had gone on Since hed been kind of out of action.产业中的那些事件或者消息He was very frail.他非常虚弱.We talked about his health,我们谈到他的健康问题And he talked about how he felt he was recovering,他谈到了他康复时的感受,And in the middle of this, he said, ;lets go for a walk,;就在这时,他说, ;我们出去散散步吧; /201310/259223。

  Mike Rowe,“干尽苦差事”的主持人,亲身述说那些引人入胜的(和令人害怕的)工作经验。聆听他对这些苦差事的观察和心得,以及今日社会将这些工作视为畏途是如何有失公允。201409/331696

  Despite the mountains of footage,尽管影像记录堆积如山Deb Roy is aly uncovering the intricate effect戴布·罗伊已经发现了日常生活daily life has on language development.对语言发展的复杂作用It seems cooing to your baby is not just instinct,对自己的宝宝轻声低语不仅是种本能 its essential.也是必要的事In the months leading up to their sons first words,在引导儿子说出第一个词的日子里he and his wife unconsciously simplified their speech.他和妻子不知不觉中简化了自己的言语Then as their sons own speech develops,当他们的儿子开始自己讲话时they began to use longer sentences again,他们又重新开始使用较长的句子mirroring the childs own development.这反映出孩子自身的成长Whats that over there? Over there, that ball?那边那个是什么 那边的 那个球Green ball.绿球For the very first time, the analysis has also enabled Deb分析结果也破天荒地让戴布to piece together the precise emergence of individual words,拼凑出了单个词语出现的详细过程charting how a new word is born.描绘出新词诞生的图景OK, water, water.好了 水 水So my son, around his first birthday,我的儿子在一岁生日前后started using the sound ;gaga; to indicate water,开始使用;嘎嘎;的发音来指代水and then over the next several months在接下来的几个月里learned to slowly approximate the proper speech form.经过学习逐渐向正确的表达方式靠拢 201411/343814



  The educational materials教育材料presented here were developed by students是由爱荷华州立大学食品科学和人类营养系的and faculty of the department of food science全体教员和学生开发出来and human nutrition at Iowa State University.并呈现在这里的Funding for this project was provided by grants这个项目的资金from the American Cancer Society Midwest是由美国中西部癌症协会和and the Lance Armstrong Foundation.兰斯阿姆斯特朗基金会拨款的The materials are intended for educational use这些材料是供教育使用的and are not meant to provide medical advice.并不提供医疗建议We welcome your feedback about these materials;我们也欢迎你们对这些材料提供反馈please use the evaluation survey link on the请使用我们主页上的评估调查连接home page to provide your comments and suggestions.提供你们的和建议Oral cancer risks can be lowered or even理解简单的基本口腔卫生prevented by simply understanding basic oral hygiene,口腔里不同的细菌以及饮食如何影响口腔癌different bacteria found in the mouth and how diet可以降低甚至阻止患口腔癌风险influences oral cancers. Currently research is being目前正在进行研究饮食和done on the relationship between diet and oral cancer.口腔癌之间的关系Today I will share with you some of this research.今天我将会和你们分享其中的一些研究I will begin with some background on the oral首先,我将会向你们介绍一些有关口腔的背景cavity.According to the national cancer institute根据国家癌症协会the oral cavity includes the lips, gums, teeth,口腔包括嘴唇,牙龈,牙齿tongue, lining of the cheeks, salivary glands,舌头面颊内部,唾液腺floor of the mouth, roof of the mouth, soft palate,口腔底面,上腭,软腭uvula, oropharynx and tonsils. The most common target小舌,咽部以及扁桃体,最常见的目标是is the lining of the mouth and is commonly referred嘴巴内部,经常也称之为细胞癌to as squema cell carcinoma. The oral cavity is home口腔里有数以百万计的细菌to millions of species of microbes, most of these大多数细菌都是有益的microbes are beneficial and have specific functions在嘴巴里有具体的功能inside the mouth however there are some microbes然而,也有一些细菌是有害的that are harmful. After looking at what the oral在知道了口腔的定义后cavity is now lets look at some ways to keep it我们一起来看看那一些保持口腔干净clean and free from harmful bacteria. According to阻止细菌入侵的方式the American dental association practicing good oral据美国牙医协会,健康的口腔卫生可以hygiene can help protect your mouth in many ways.在很多方面帮你保护牙齿These recommendations include brushing twice a day,这些建议包括一天刷两次牙using a fluoride toothpaste, flossing or using a mouth使用含氟牙膏,牙线,或者在刷牙时使用wash between brushing to limit plaque and enamel loss,清洁刷,来减少噬菌或者清除牙釉质replacing toothbrushes every 3 o 4 months or when the每3到4个月或者牙刷毛有磨损时bristles begin to fray to prevent gum damage and poor更换一次牙刷,防止牙龈损坏刷牙没有效果brushing, and yearly dental visits for cleaning and每年去做牙齿清洁和检查examinations. Usually these visits are when oral通常,口腔癌是在做牙齿检查时发现的cancers are discovered. Good oral hygiene does not健康的口腔卫生看似并不是很难养成seem too hard to follow but many of us do not follow但是我们大多数人并不会严格遵守it very closely. It is easy to skip flossing, forget我们很少用牙线清洁牙齿when to replace your toothbrush or just too busy to经常忘记更换牙刷,忙得忘记了检查牙齿visit the dentist. When bad oral hygiene is practiced口腔卫生一旦变差the mouth is compromised and bacteria take over.口腔就易受到危害,细菌就会侵入One major negative of bad oral hygiene is the糟糕的口腔的最主要的一个负面结果就是development of dental carries or cavities.发展成拔牙和蛀牙These include holes or structural damage to the teeth在图片的右上侧和左下侧as seen in the picture on the top right and bottom left.我们会看到牙齿的洞和结构性破坏Another negative of bad oral hygiene is gingivitis.糟糕的口腔卫生的另一个负面影响就是This is the inflammation of the gums surrounding the牙龈炎,它是指在清洁之后仍然teeth because of plaque left behind after cleaning.有噬菌斑残留而形成的牙齿周围的牙龈发炎Bad oral hygiene also causes halitosis or what is糟糕的口气卫生会引起口臭commonly known as bad breath. Finally one of the worst也是我们通常指的口里有异味results of bad oral hygiene is oral cancer.最后,口腔卫生糟糕的最差的结果之一就是How many species of bacteria do you think call the口腔癌,你觉得口腔里有多少种细菌呢oral cavity home? There are over 600 different species在口腔里大约有600种已知的of known bacteria in the mouth. Why do these problems不同种类的细菌of bad oral hygiene occur? It is because of the 600这些口腔卫生问题为什么会发生呢different known species of microbes in the mouth.因为在口腔里大约有600种不同种类Although we know many bacteria that call the oral的已知细菌,尽管我们知道口腔是许多cavity home, new bacteria are continuing to be细菌的寄生场所,而且还正在继续发现discovered. It is estimated that over 100 million新细菌,据估计每毫升唾液有超过一亿的细菌microbes are in one milliliter of saliva. The majority大部分细菌是在帮助消化的口腔里发现的of the microbes found in the mouth aid in digestion并且是有害的and are harmless. Other bacteria in the mouth utilize口腔里其他的细菌利用残留下来的糖the sugars and carbohydrates left forming acids.和碳水化合物,形成酸As a result the acids destroy the enamel on the tooth结果,酸破坏了牙齿上的牙釉质causing tooth decay, dental carries, gingivitis and halitosis.引起龋齿,拔牙,牙龈炎,和口臭201501/352985。

  Its in Apples DNA that technology alone is not enough.苹果有个深入骨髓的理念 那就是 科技本身乏善可陈That its technology married with liberal arts,它只有与艺术相结合married with the humanities与人性相结合that yields us the result that makes our hearts sing.才能缔造出真正让人惊艳的产品From the launch of the Macintosh to the unveiling of the latest iPad,Mac电脑与最新款iPad的发布two events, which span a quarter of a century,时隔25年and yet which reveal a consistent vision in the company Jobs created.但它们都体现出了苹果一直以来秉承的精神It wasnt a vision born of a business school education.这种精神不是从商学理论中得出的It wasnt a product of consumer focus groups.也并非市场调查的产物The roots of that vision lay in the Californian counter culture它来源于伴随着乔布斯成长的in which he grew up.加州反主流文化运动Come gather round, people wherever you roam... 都聚集起来吧 不管你之前在何处游荡The young Steve Jobs came to believe technology could change the world.年轻的乔布斯相信 科技可以改变世界In California in the 1960s and 70s,在二十世纪六七十年代的加州Jobs found himself at the centre of two colliding worlds.乔布斯身处于两种矛盾的文化之中The hippy movement and computers.那就是嬉皮士运动和计算机热潮Oh, the times, they are a-changin... 哦 时代正在改变We spent a lot of time driving around in his old Volvo.我们经常开着他那辆老沃尔沃到处兜风I dont remember ever listening to anything除了鲍勃·迪伦的歌 other than Bob Dylan tapes.我不记得听过任何其他的歌了We would play them over and over again.我们把磁带放了一遍又一遍Born in 1955, Jobs was adopted by a modest family1955年出生的乔布斯 是一个普通人家的养子 and grew up in the Santa Clara Valley.他在圣克拉拉谷长大It was becoming better known as Silicon Valley圣克拉拉谷由于云集了许多新崛起的高科技产业as hi-tech firms sprang up.而更广为人知的名字是硅谷And nearby,不远处San Francisco was becoming the epicentre of the counter culture.旧金山正在成为反主流文化运动的中心Jobs opened himself up to both.乔布斯对这两种文化都抱有开放的态度 /201307/249814



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