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If youre torn every morning between hitting the snooze button and putting on your face, this accelerated regimen is for you.如果你每天早上都非常不情愿地被闹钟吵醒,然后匆匆忙忙地化妆,下面的小建议可以帮助你加速这个过程。You Will Need你需要A makeup tray or organizer化妆盘或整理器A tinted moisturizer with SPF有防晒效果的润色保湿霜Petroleum jelly凡士林An eye crayon眼笔An eyelash curler睫毛夹Mascara睫毛膏Lip gloss润唇膏A small mascara brush (optional)小睫毛刷(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Get three for one1.三合一Use a tinted moisturizer with SPF instead of separately moisturizing, putting on sunscreen, and then adding foundation.使用有防晒效果的润色保湿霜,而不是单独使用保湿霜,防晒霜和粉底。Step 2 Get a makeup tray2.化妆盘Get a tray or organizer for your makeup essentials, so you dont waste time digging through a cosmetic bag for each item.把化妆的所有必需品放在一个托盘或整理器上,这样就不用浪费时间在化妆包里翻来翻去寻找每一种物品。Step 3 Tame your eyebrows3.画眉Tame your eyebrows with a little petroleum jelly; it makes them look polished in an instant without the fuss of an eyebrow pencil. If youre in a real hurry, dab some on your lips, too, instead of lip color.用一点凡士林滋养一下眉毛,这样可以立即让眉毛看上去光泽,而不需要眉笔。如果时间确实比较紧急,也可以用凡士林涂一下嘴唇,而不需要唇。Step 4 Use a crayon4.使用眼笔Swipe an eye crayon across your lids, near the lash line. Theyre more forgiving than pencils or liquid eyeliners, and you wont have to bother with time-consuming contouring.用眼笔涂一下眼线附近。眼笔比眼线笔或眼线液更容易驾驭,不需要浪费时间修整。Step 5 Curl your eyelashes5.夹睫毛Curl your eyelashes. If you do, youll only need one fast coat of mascara for your eyes to really pop.将睫毛夹弯。然后只需要快速地用睫毛膏涂一下,让眼睛更加出就可以了。Use a separate, smaller mascara brush for the lower lashes; its less likely to cause smudges that need to be cleaned up.下睫毛用单独的更小的睫毛刷,这样不会造成晕染,不需要额外进行清理。Step 6 Apply lip gloss6.涂唇Apply lip gloss, which doesnt require the steady hand that lip liner and lipstick do.使用唇,这样不需要像唇线笔和口红那样的技巧。Step 7 Admire yourself7.欣赏Give yourself an admiring glance in the mirror and go!在镜子里照一下自己容光焕发的妆容,出发!A survey found the average woman uses 12 beauty products per day, while teen girls use about 17.一项调查发现女性平均每天使用12种美容产品,而少女每天大约使用17种。视频听力译文由。201402/277886现代建筑里从地板到天花板都镶嵌着玻璃窗。它可以给我们一个壮观的景色,但是它们也需要消耗很多的能量去降温。Doris Kim Sung 研究的热双金属和智能材料会动态地和感应地调节温度,就好似人的皮肤一样,并且可以为房间遮挡阳光和自我通风。201306/245090

Put down that donut. Tweak a few unhealthy habits, and you can beat those chronic stomach problems before they flare up.放下炸面圈。戒除一些不健康的习惯,你肯定可以在困扰你已久的胃痛发作之前将它消灭在萌芽状态。You Will Need你需要A food diary饮食日记Exercise运动Fermented foods发酵食品Herbal tea, rice water, or apple cider清凉茶,淘米水或苹果醋Vegetables蔬菜Yoga瑜珈Steps步骤Step 1 Start a food diary1.饮食日记Start a food diary and make a note every time a food irritates your stomach.开始记食品日记,每次食物刺激你的胃的时候做出记录。Step 2 Exercise2.运动Exercise 30-60 minutes a day to maintain a healthy weight and reduce stress. Even a short walk after dinner will help.每天运动30至60分钟,保持健康的体重,减少压力。即使晚餐后短暂的散步也有所帮助。Step 3 Eat smaller meals3.少食多餐Eat smaller meals and avoid alcohol, cigarettes, and regular use of pain relievers such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen, which can inflame the stomach lining.少食多餐,避免烟酒,避免经常用阿司匹林,布洛芬,萘普生等刺激胃粘膜的止痛片。Step 4 Eat fermented food4.食用发酵食品Whenever you indulge in a meal of fatty or fried foods, try to also eat fermented foods like pickles, sauerkraut, kimchi, tempeh, and yogurt. The bacteria in these products help break down and absorb fatty foods that are difficult to digest.Some yoga poses aid digestion by increasing blood flow to the digestive system.当你毫无顾忌地暴饮暴食了高脂肪或油炸食品,同时也进食一些发酵食品,例如腌菜,德国泡菜,韩国泡菜,印尼豆豉和酸奶。这些食品中的细菌可以分解和吸收难以消化的脂肪食品。一些瑜珈姿势也可以通过增加消化系统的血液流动来帮助消化。Step 5 Drink herbal tea5.喝清凉茶Drink soothing herbal drinks, such as ginger or chamomile teas, rice water, or apple cider.饮用有舒缓作用的清凉茶,例如生姜或甘菊茶,淘米水,或苹果醋。Step 6 Eat raw or steamed vegetables6.食用生蔬菜或蒸蔬菜Eat raw or steamed vegetables. Cooked veggies are depleted of some of the enzymes that benefit digestion.食用生蔬菜或蒸蔬菜。煮过的蔬菜耗尽了对消化系统有益的酶。Step 7 See a doctor7.看医生If you still experience frequent upset stomach, see a doctor about possible food allergies, ulcers, or other conditions that irritate the gastrointestinal tract and need further treatment.如果你仍然经常胃痛,让医生帮你检查是否患有食物过敏,溃疡或其它刺激胃肠道的疾病,是否需要进一步治疗。Abdominal pain can stem from a pinched nerve in the spine.腹部疼痛可能是由于脊椎神经紧张造成的。视频听力节目由。 /201309/256017

Hes got a lot of compartments in his mind.他的思维十分多面化He was intense and thoughtful and I liked that about him.他既热情又睿智 我很欣赏这一点At college, Jobs met Daniel Kottke.大学时 乔布斯认识了Daniel KottkeJobs quickly dropped out of his course不久后 他就退了学and lost no time tuning in.并迅速地步入了人生的下一个阶段We both got copies of this new book, Be Here Now.我们都买了一本新书 叫《此时此地》It was written by Ram Dass and all about his trip to India,它由Ram Dass所著 讲述了作者去到印度searching for a holy man who could explain what psychedelics do.寻找一位可以解释迷幻剂奥妙之处的圣人的故事It was fascinating for me and for Steve also我和史蒂夫对此都很着迷and so that was the basis of our friendship.我们的友谊就是由此开始的Jobs became a hippy,乔布斯变成了一个嬉皮士pursuing paths to personal liberation.寻求着自我解放之路He and Kottke took their own trip to India,他和Kottke开始了属于他们自己的印度迷幻药之旅and LSD, as this extraordinary tape reveals.正如他在这盘难得的磁带里所说The time we grew up was a magical time.我成长的时代是一个神奇的时代It was also a very spiritual time in my life.它对我的精神世界影响颇深Definitely taking LSD was one of the most important things in my life.用迷幻药绝对是我这辈子做过最重要的事情之一Not the most important but right up there.不是最重要的 但也差不多了He spent long periods at a commune on a farm in Oregon.他经常去俄勒冈州的一个农场公社长住We spent a whole week harvesting apples and, while we were at it,我们曾花了一整周的时间摘苹果we decided we would just fast on apples and see how that worked并且除了苹果什么也不吃 看看会怎样and, um...结果发现it makes you every light-headed, cos it`s just like sugar.这样只会让你头晕目眩 就跟糖吃多了一样Jobs was inspired by the counter culture乔布斯受到反主流文化的启发to believe society was there to be reshaped.相信这个社会面临着改变As near as I can tell,据我所知Steve Jobs always had that ambition to change the world.史蒂夫·乔布斯一直有改变世界的野心And he expected to do that by empowering, um...everybody.而他的方式 就是要赋予每个人改变自己的能力But Jobs didnt share all the views of his counter culture buddies.不过 乔布斯也不是一个彻底的反主流文化份子Many hippies saw computers as tools of oppression,很多嬉皮士都把电脑看作一种压迫剥削工具produced by big businesses它们被大公司制造出来to extend the sway of other big businesses.为的是实现其他大公司的狼子野心Jobs, though, had grown up experimenting with electronics at home.然而 乔布斯从小就在家与电子器件为友 /201307/250013Fostering that sense of an imagined community was a key Imperial strategy-and it didnt come cheap. Typically, the emperor paid out a large chunk of state revenue every year to provide allies and vassal states with luxury gifts, including thousands of rolls of silk and hundreds of lacquer cups. So, our cup is very much part of a system-it was given either as an Imperial gift or in lieu of a salary, to a senior official at the Han military garrisons near present day Pyongyang in North Korea. We can be pretty sure that, apart from its sheer monetary value, it was intended to bestow prestige and to suggest a personal link between the commander and the emperor.给人民一种“想象的共同体”的归属感是巩固帝国的重要策略,但这种归属感代价高昂。皇帝每年都要花费大量税收赠送珍贵的礼物给盟国和属国,包括成千匹丝绸及数百件漆器。因此,我们这只漆杯是帝国体系的一部分,被当作礼物(或某种形式的俸禄)送给了驻扎在今朝鲜平壤附近的一位高级官员。除了货币价值之外,它还代表着荣耀,体现出皇帝与官员之间的亲密关系。At this point in the Hans history, however, the affairs of state were not in the hands of the emperor but of the dowager empress, the formidable Grand Empress Dowager Wang, who effectively ran the state for 30 years, as none of the emperors had much time for business. She had one emperor son-who spent most of his time with his concubine, Flying Swallow, who, it was said, was so light that she could dance on the palm of his hand-one grandson emperor-who was besotted with his male lover-and another grandson the one on the throne at the time of our cup, who had acceded at the age of nine, and was to be poisoned with pepper wine at the age of fifteen, two years after our cup was made. So this cup lived in interesting times, and its making was almost certainly organised by the Grand Dowager Empress.但在当时的汉朝,国家事务并非由皇帝掌管,太皇太后独揽了朝政大权。这位太后实际掌管了朝政三十余年,因为当时的几个皇帝要么平庸无能,要么沉迷声色。她的儿子成帝与妃子赵飞燕(相传体态轻盈,能在皇帝的掌上舞蹈)终日厮混,一位皇孙沉迷男色,另一位皇孙九岁即位,十五岁便被人用酒鴆杀,就在本文中的酒杯制成两年之后。因此,这个酒杯一定是在太皇太后的授意下制作的。The machinery of the state, and the production of luxury goods, was so well structured that it could work perfectly well despite any foibles at the top. This cup is remarkable for the supreme craftsmanship of its making, and even more so because it was subjected to a level of quality control that far exceeds any designer handbag today.尽管宫闱中丑闻不断,但当时的国家机器运行良好,包括奢侈品制作在内的一切仍在有条不紊地进行。我们的耳杯除了有登峰造极的制作工艺之外,对其生产品质的监管甚至超过了今天的许多奢侈品。201411/344515

In the time it takes to wait for take out, you can have a delicious dinner on the table. You just have to be a little organized.等待端菜上桌的漫长的时间,你原本可以舒地坐在桌前享受美食。你只需一点条理和组织就可以了。You Will Need你需要Meal plans餐饮计划Frozen vegetables冰冻蔬菜Advance preparation提前准备Meal exchange (optional)餐点交换(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Plan ahead1.提前计划Plan a week’s worth of meals in advance so you don’t waste time staring into the fridge, wondering what to cook.提前计划一周的餐饮,这样就不需要浪费时间在冰箱里翻来翻去,思考煮什么。STEP 2 Rely on frozen vegetables2.依赖冰冻蔬菜Rely on frozen vegetables. Because they’re flash frozen as soon as they’re picked, they’re usually just as fresh, or even fresher, than non-frozen.依赖冰冻蔬菜。因为蔬菜摘来之后瞬间冷冻,通常和刚摘来的蔬菜一样新鲜,甚至更加新鲜。STEP 3 Cook in batches3.大量烹煮Always cook in batches. It’s just as easy to roast two chickens as it is one – or three for that matter.经常多煮一点。就好像一次烤两只鸡甚至三只鸡一样简单。Start a meal exchange with friends: Each person makes several batches of a main course, and then swaps with each other. Everyone ends up with several meals for just one cooking session.和朋友一起交换餐点:每个人大量制作一道主菜,然后互相交换。最终每个人只需制作一道菜,却可以享受各种各样的丰富美食。STEP 4 Do prep work4.做准备工作Do prep work in advance, like boiling a whole bag of rice that can be reheated in portions later in the week, or cooking a big batch of potatoes that can be served scalloped one night and made into home fries on another.提前做好准备工作,比如提前煮好一袋米,然后一周之内每天只需拿出一份提前加热就可以了,或者煮好大量土豆,每晚端出一份,另外一份制作炸土豆条。STEP 5 Get kids involved5.让孩子参与If you have kids, get them involved in prep work, like washing and spinning greens for salad, and setting the table.Kids who help make a meal are more likely to eat it, even if it’s something they don’t like.如果你有孩子,让他们参与准备工作,比如洗菜或制作沙拉的绿色蔬菜,或者端菜上桌。如果孩子帮忙煮饭,好好吃饭的可能性更大,即使是他们原本不喜欢吃的东西。STEP 6 Think in threes6.花样翻新Think in threes when you cook, as in how you can get three meals out of one main course. A ham dinner one night might be ham paninis two nights later, and the scraps can be thrown into a hearty bean soup or vegetable-heavy stir-fry that you freeze for another time.煮饭的时候要多思考,比如一道主菜如何煮三餐。一个晚上的火腿大餐可以用作另外两个晚上的三明治,残羹剩饭可用于制作美味的蚕豆汤, 或者干煸蔬菜,冰冻起来日后食用。The average American cooks and eats a frozen packaged dinner about six times per month.一般美国人平均每个月烹煮和食用六次冰冻食品晚餐。201408/321536Some foods, however, are only available不过有些食物是双手灵巧to those who have skilful hands and sharp intelligence.脑筋灵活者的专利On the coast of Costa Rica, among the mangroves,在哥斯大黎加海边的红树林里live some of the most intelligent monkeys住着某些全美洲in the whole of the Americas.最聪明的猴子White-faced capuchins.白喉卷尾猴They too have learnt to work the tides.它们也学会了如何利用潮水They are after clams.白喉卷尾猴的目标是蚌But capuchins are quite small但卷尾猴的体型娇小and dont have the brawn to open such shellfish.没有力气撬开蚌壳But they do have the brain,还好脑力可以弧补体力的不是and theyve devised an ingenious way to solve the problem.它们发明了一种解决问题的妙招They hammer the clams.那就是把蚌壳敲开They are not trying to crack the shells,它们并不是想把蚌壳敲碎all this pounding and rolling has another purpose,这种敲滚的动作有另一种功用to tire the muscle with which the clam is holding itself shut.让蚌用来紧闭蚌壳的肌肉疲乏201311/265816

Did you see that?你看到没有?Come on,ref.拜托,什么裁判。Munez.蒙尼兹。Munez,youre going on.蒙尼兹,换你上场。重点词汇:ref 裁判例句:The games not over till the ref blows the whistle.裁判吹响哨子,比赛才算结束。 201406/303281But there was always … in Pre-Mackintosh days and early Mackintosh days, there was always Steven and John show. You two were kinda joined at the hip for a while there.可是在Mackintosh时期,你俩总是一起出现在媒体上,几乎形影不离。Thats right.没错。And then something happened to spilt you, what was that, what was that?后来怎么会产生矛盾呢?Well, what happened was … that the industry went into a recession in late 1984, sales started seriously contracted, 1984年底IT行业进入萧条期,销售业绩大幅下降and John didnt know what to do, John开始惊慌失措and he had not a clue. And there was a leadership vacuum at the top of Apple. There were fairly strong general managers running the divisions, 这时苹果公司正好群龙无首,各个部门的负责人都很强势,互不相让and I was running the Mackintosh division, somebody else was running the Apple II division etc. 我管理Mackintosh部门,有人管理Apple II 部门There were some problems with some of the divisions, and there was a person running the storage division that was completely out of lunch. 还有些部门已经濒临关闭A bunch of things needed to be changed.比如存储部门,公司百废待兴But all those problems got put into a pressure cooker, 市场疲软又进一步激化了公司的内部矛盾because of this contraction in the market place, and there was no leadership, 大家各自为阵and John was in a situation where the board was not happy, and where he was probably not long for the company. 董事会对公司的业绩很不满意,John的职位岌岌可危And one thing I did not ever see about John, until that time was, he had incredible survival instinct. 那时我才发现John有一种很强烈的自救本能Someone once told me ;this guy didnt get to be the this you know president of Pepsi co without these kind of instincts;, and it was true. 有人曾提醒我百事前总裁绝非善茬儿,他说得没错And John decided that a really good person to be the root of all the problems would be me. John把一切问题都归咎到我头上And so we came to loggerheads, 我们因此反目and John had cultivated a very close relationship with the board, and they believed him, so thats what happened.董事会一向很信任John,所以我被扫地出门了 /201307/247836Did you see that?你看到没有?Come on,ref.拜托,什么裁判。Munez.蒙尼兹。Munez,youre going on.蒙尼兹,换你上场。重点词汇:ref 裁判例句:The games not over till the ref blows the whistle.裁判吹响哨子,比赛才算结束。 201406/303281

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