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雅安化妆造型个人生活妆造型培训课程多少钱广元市美甲美容微整形培训课程报名地址官网在哪里Italys illegal immigrants意大利非法移民Tidal wave海啸More horrific deaths in the Mediterranean地中海发生耸人听闻的惨案FEW images of immigrant traffic across the Mediterranean have been as harrowing. Italian TV viewers this week saw the lifeless bodies of 45 African men being lifted, like animal carcasses, from the hold of a fishing boat in which they had tried to reach Europe. Others on the vessel said the men begged to be let out but, for fear of it capsizing, they were forcibly kept below and suffocated.每次发生在地中海的移民惨案都令人异常痛心。这周,意大利电视台播报了一组新闻。54个非洲人乘坐一艘渔船想前往欧洲,却不想在船上命丧黄泉。船上的人说这些人祈求将他们放出来,但是为了防止船只颠覆,他们被关在舱底窒息而死。Around 5,000 people were picked up by patrol boats on June 28th-29th, the busiest weekend of the year so far. On July 2nd another 70 migrants were reported lost at sea in a separate incident. All this comes after Italy began a search-and-rescue effort called Operation Mare Nostrum, in response to the tragedy last October in which 360 people drowned off Lampedusa, an island half-way between Sicily and the North African coast. On July 1st the police arrested five Eritreans who prosecutors said were part of a ring, with bases in Sudan, Libya and Italy, that arranged the latest ill-fated journey. In a wiretapped phone call, one was heard disowning responsibility for their deaths because “it was their fate”.6月28、29日两天,巡逻船逮捕了大约5000人,这是今年截至目前最忙碌的一周。7月2日,据报道70个移民在另一场事故中葬身海底。这些都是在意大利开始称作《地中海运营条例》的搜救工作之后发生的。该项搜救工作是针对去年十月份360人在蓝佩杜萨岛(意属地中海岛屿,位于西西里岛和北非海岸之间)溺亡的事件提出的。7月1日,警察逮捕了5名厄立特里亚人。其检察官说这些人属于一个组织,基地在苏丹、利比亚和意大利,就是他们策划了近期的这些惨案。警察通过窃听器听到其中一个人说否认将他人致死的罪行,因为“这就是他们的命运”。The latest horrors produced more agonised hand-wringing, but no sign that Italian or European Union leaders are any closer to agreeing what should be done. Mare Nostrum completed a U-turn for a country that until 2011 blocked immigrants at sea, returning many to Libya, their main point of departure. Some Italians believe this policy deterred people from attempting the perilous crossing, whereas Mare Nostrum encourages them. Matteo Salvini, leader of the xenophobic Northern League, said Italys prime minister, Matteo Renzi, and his interior minister, Angelino Alfano, were “stained with blood”.最近的恐怖事件引起了更多令人苦恼的绝望情绪,但是意大利或欧盟领导人对应做的措施没有表现出明确的赞同意向。地中海国家的态度有了180度的大转弯,直至2011年,它们拦截了海上的移民,大多数都遣返回到了利比亚——人们主要想逃离的国家。有些意大利人认为这项政策阻止人们尝试这项危险的越境行动,另一方面又在鼓励他们。排外北方战线联盟的领导人Matteo Salvini表示意大利总理Matteo Renzi和司法部长安杰利诺·阿尔法诺“双手沾满了鲜血”。It is true that, since Operation Mare Nostrum began, arrivals in Italy have soared (more than 65,000 so far this year, against around 8,000 in the first half of 2013). But Greece also saw a large rise, of 142%, in the first four months of 2014, as fighting in Syria intensified. The “cruel to be kind” argument for returning migrants has become harder to sustain as Libya lurches from dictatorship to anarchy.自从地中海运营条例开始投入实施,意大利的移民人数确是激增(2013年的上半年只有大约8000人,而今年目前已经超过65000人)。而在叙利亚内战激烈进行时,希腊的移民人数也是大幅上涨,2014年的前四个月增长率高达142%。随着利比亚独裁政权解体陷入无政府状态,就遣返移民的“善良就是残忍”的话题很难得到人们的认同。In ever harsher tones, Italian officials have protested that the EU is not helping enough. Mr Alfano has threatened unspecified reprisals if Cecilia Malmstrom, the European commissioner responsible, skips a meeting in Rome to launch Italys six-month EU presidency. But the real obstacles to burden-sharing lie not in Brussels but in national capitals. Italian efforts to put immigration at the top of the agenda for last months EU summit came to nought.意大利官员以发表了更激烈的言辞,抗议欧盟帮助不够。阿尔法诺曾威胁欧盟称如果欧洲委员会的负责人马姆斯壮不出席在罗马举行的意大利6个月的欧盟轮值主席国的就任会议的话,将对其进行报复。但是真正的分担负担的障碍并非来自布鲁塞尔,而是在国家资本。上个月欧盟峰会上,意大利将移民提上日程的头号事件的努力无济于事。Italys partners argue that they deal with proportionately far more asylum-seekers. In the fourth quarter of 2013 Germany received proportionally three times as many applications as Italy. But none of the others is mounting, for humanitarian reasons, a naval operation comparable to Operation Mare Nostrum. The cost, initially put at 1.5m (m) a month, has exploded to 9.5m. As it grows, the Italian government can expect to come under mounting pressure from public opinion to use its EU presidency to force the club to lend it a hand.意大利的伙伴们认为他们自己做出的努力比寻求政治庇护者的努力要多得多。2013年的第四个季度,德国收到的移民申请是意大利的三倍。但是出于人道主义,没有哪个国家的政策可以与《地中海运营条例》相比。搜救费用从最开始的每月150万欧元(折合200万美元)激增到950万欧元。随着费用上涨,意大利政府迫于压力希望能利用担任欧盟轮值主席国的权利强迫其他国家向自己伸出援手。译者:毛慧 校对:邵夏沁 译文属译生译世 /201508/390997内江市纹绣纹眉皮肤整形美容培训课程报名地址官网在哪里 And, it was...it was pretty rough there.挺艰辛的I have to say,I had the experience of moving out here,我得说 我是22岁时When I was 22 and it was like going to the moon.搬了过来 简直像登月一样you know,I was just getting started in the business and not having any idea,我刚刚入行 我根本不知道like, not really having a real job yet and not knowing what I was going to do and being freaked out.没有份正经工作 也不知道我能做什么 特别害怕Was it like that way for you?你也是那样吗Yeah,I mean, I had...I had a school that I was in,that I was able to go to for a little while but you dont have no money, you really...是啊 当时有所学校 我去了一阵子 但我没有钱You dont...I dont...I didnt know the area and I was living in a strange place.I didnt have a bed for a while.我不熟悉这一带 我住在一个很怪的地方 很长一段时间没有床睡what do you mean you didnt have a bed? -I just didnt have a bed. -I had a bed.-I didnt even have a什么叫没床睡 -我就是没床睡 -我都有床-我甚至都没有I started crashing at a friends house because I couldnt afford rent.我起初是住在朋友家 我付不起房租I laid down a bunch of towels,I slept on about five towels for a while.我放了一堆毛巾 有一段时间是睡在五条毛巾上的And then I got my..., and then I got an apartment, I was able to get an apartment in the complex 后来我在大楼里找到一间公寓 and actually found a mattress in the dumpster in the carport and I thought, sweet, free mattress.在车库的垃圾箱里找到了一张床垫 我还想 太棒了 免费床垫啊So I hauled it up to my new apartment,slept on it,woke up the next morning covered in red bumps.我把床垫拖进我的新公寓里 睡在上面 第二天早上醒来浑身是红点But I kept it.Thats when anyone else burns it.但我还是把它留下了 这个时候正常人都把床垫烧了so clearly there was vermin,there was vermin in your bed.那上面显然是有害虫啊I think I sprayed it with Lysol and I was just like我好像喷了来苏尔 然后就because when youre 20,youre just like and then eventually the bugs went away.20岁的时候 不在乎这种事 最后 虫子走了201607/452391乐山美甲美容微整形培训学校哪个好些

达州美甲精英全科新娘跟妆师培训中心怎么样好吗Surge pricing also boosts supply, at least locally. The extra money is shared with drivers, who therefore have an incentive to travel to areas with high demand to help relieve the crush.至少在局部地区动态价格策略增加了供给。司机们可平分额外费用,这使得他们愿意开车到需求高的地方拉客,这有助于缓解交通拥堵。A recent analysis published by Uber illustrates how the system is intended to work. Jonathan Hall, head of economic research at Uber, Cory Kendrick, a data scientist at the firm, and Chris Nosko, of the University of Chicago, compared two high-demand cases in New York city to illustrate how surge pricing is intended to work. In March 2015 it kicked in after a sold-out concert by Ariana Grande, a singer, in an arena in the middle of Manhattan. As the show came to an end, the number of people in the area opening the Uber app quadrupled in just a few minutes. Ubers algorithm swiftly applied surge pricing; the average waiting time for a car rose only modestly, while the “completion rate”—the share of requests for rides that are met—never fell below 100%. On New Years Eve in 2014, in contrast, Ubers surge-pricing algorithm broke down for 26 minutes, leaving New York without surge pricing. The average wait time for a car soared from about two minutes to roughly eight, while the completion rate dropped below25% (see chart).优步最近的一项分析解释了峰时价格工作的机制。优步的经济研究部主管约翰逊·霍尔、数据研究员科里·肯德里克还有芝加哥大学的克里斯·诺斯克比较了纽约两个高需求的案例以说明峰时价格的作用机制。2015年3月,爱莉安娜·格兰德在曼哈顿中央举办了一场演唱会,在这场门票销售一空的演唱会之后,峰时价格机制开始起作用。当演唱会接近尾声,仅几分钟内这个地区打开优步app的人数就是之前的四倍。优步的计算程序很快地启动了峰时价格机制;每辆车的平均等待时长只增长了少许,然而完成率——打的份额的完成度从没降到100%以下。相比之下,2014年新年除夕夜峰时价格机制崩溃了整整26分钟,致使纽约处于无峰时价格状态。每辆车的平均等待时长从两分钟涨到了八分钟,而完成率降到了25%以下。(见表格)The comparison may overstate the power of surge pricing. Even without the help of algorithms, cab drivers know to converge on a venue as an event finishes; more Uber drivers than normal were surely in the area at the end of Ms Grandes concert in expectation of the extra business. Yet the possibility of earning a surge fare may also strengthen drivers incentives to anticipate and respond pre-emptively to high demand. Ironically, the better Ubers surge-pricing algorithm works, the less the company will need to use it, since drivers pre-emptive responses will tend to eliminate the demand imbalances that make surge pricing necessary in the first place.这个对比可能夸大了峰时价格机制的作用。即使没有程序的帮助,司机们也知道如何在一场盛事结束后自行往利益靠拢;格兰德的演唱会结束时,冲着生意比以往多,这个地区的司机也比以往更多。趁价格处于峰时来赚取更高利润的机会激发司机们对高需求做出预测并先下手为强。讽刺的是,优步的峰时价格机制的作用越好,公司对其需求却越少,因为司机会先下手为强,这样就会消除供需不平衡,而峰时价格机制只有在供需不平衡时才会起作用。There are tantalising hints that Uber hopes to follow this logic to its conclusion. Mr Schneider noted that clever machine-learning tools could process Ubers piles of data and determine when and where demand is likely to outstrip the supply of cars. There would be no need to wait until demand starts to rise, nor for drivers to scan concert schedules. The ability to anticipate demand would be of some use to Uber today: it could tell drivers where they are likely to be needed. But they would presumably not respond as rapidly as they do to the inducement of surge fares. Eventually, however, Uber hopes to replace its human drivers with autonomous vehicles, which could be directed around the city by the companys computers without any pecuniary incentives. (The company still has an incentive to maximise earnings, though, so it might opt to keep surge pricing even if technology made it redundant, at the risk of further public rage.)但是总会有一些似有若无的暗示表明优步希望继续采用这样的机制。施耐德就指出过精明的机器研究工具能够处理优步的数据堆并且能够预测出乘车需求大于供给的时间和地点。无需等待需求上涨亦无需司机查看演唱会的日程。对如今的优步来说预测需求的能力是极有用的,因为司机可以知道哪些地方需求比较大。但是他们对于需求的反应可能没有对价格上涨的诱惑反应快。然而优步的最终目标是用自动驾驶来取代人类司机,这样的话公司便可以通过计算程序来操控,这样就不用受到金钱诱因的影响了。(然而公司还是有可以使利润最大化的激励机制,所以它还会保留峰时价格机制,即使这个机制会在技术的发展下变的多余,而且还会引起众怒。)Apps and downs应用软件的起伏变动Whether Uber remains a big part of the transport network in future, and whether it retains surge pricing, depends in part on how well local governments manage the transport system as a whole. In districts or cities where travellers have appealing alternatives, in the form of good public transport or private competitors to Uber, users will be more sensitive to price. Surge pricing will therefore not generate a big financial windfall for Uber (or its drivers). But where public transport is thin on the ground, or where Uber has little private competition, it is a different story. In other words, surge pricing is really only as painful as local officials allow it to be.未来优步是否能保持网络交通巨头之一的地位,是否继续保留峰时价格机制,都部分取决于当地政府能否统筹交通系统。在那些出行者可以有替代出行方式的街道和城市,比如运作良好的公共交通系统和像优步这样的私营竞争者,他们对价格也更加的敏感。因此峰时价格并不会让优步(或者其司机)坐享其成。但是在那种公共交通不发达地区或者优步的竞争者很少的地方,将会是另一番景象。换句话说,峰时价格机制的可恨程度取决于当地政府。翻译:李晶晶amp;周玮 校对:李晶晶 译文属译生译世 /201605/445886宜宾美甲美睫化妆造型学校机构 The Lions have won only one game this year, and in their most recent game, Matt Stafford suffered 13 hits, seven sacks, and the Lions went from a 17-6 lead over Minnesota to a 28-19 loss.Bacon says to the Ford familys credit, theyve stayed out of the way as the team struggles.;Theyre pretty much everything you want in owners except an inability to hire the right coach,; he says.Bacon thinks team president Tom Lewand is smart and will eventually get it right. But he doesnt feel that way about head coach Jim Caldwell.;Jim Caldwell is clearly not the guy, in my opinion,; he says.Bacon looks to Caldwells warning to his quarterback during a game as a sign of his bad coaching.;He told Matt Stafford ... If you throw one more pick, Im going to pull ya.;;Man, let me tell you right now. If a high school coach did that, I would throw a flag and say, this is the wrong approach. In the pros its no better,; says Bacon.Nor does he think Matt Stafford is good enough.;He has not won an away game over a winning team. He just cant. And youll not go very far in that league with an inability to play a good team at their place.;In terms of college football, Bacon gives both the U of M and MSU an ;A -; for different reasons.U of M for playing above their expectations, and MSU, at 8-0, for keeping that streak alive...even if some of those wins were a little ugly. 201510/405905彭州皮肤管理纹绣半永久加盟美甲学校培训

乐山美甲美容微整形培训学校排行榜 You are an animal lover and Im told you love snakes,你很爱小动物 听说你很喜欢蛇Which I find hard to believe because I love animals.You love snacks?yes,but are they an animal?我觉得难以置信 因为我爱小动物 你爱蛇 是的 但是他们是动物吗Im sorry.Theyre not a vegetable.Theyre animals.A reptile.a reptile,yes.抱歉 他们可不是蔬菜 他们是动物 爬行类 爬行类 是的But,I like all kinds of animals.我喜欢所有的动物I even like bugs but snakes I find a little bit creepy.Awesome.You love them?我甚至喜欢虫子 但是我觉得蛇还是有点吓人 厉害 你爱他们yes,I have been known to wrap myself in a snake or two.是的 我曾经试过身上缠着一两条蛇What?You wrap them?Just buy a belt.什么 你会身缠蛇 买个皮带行吗Wait,you wrap your body in snakes?Oh,yeah.Incredible,why?Is it just for fun?等等 你用蛇缠住身体 是的 难以置信 为什么 好玩吗I like it.yeah,I do.No,really,I dont know.its just something I really like snakes.我喜欢 真的 我也说不好 只是我非常喜欢蛇Its got to be a snake youve been hung around with.Youre not trekking through the wilderness and you see a snake and suddenly grab it and its a scarf.一定是你相处很久的蛇 你不会在荒野徒步时 看到一条蛇 抓起来 瞬间变围巾No,Ive certainly had,anyway.No,now Im really fascinated.不 我肯定是 算了吧 不 现在我真的是很感兴趣Youve had some weird encounters to snake?你和蛇有过不可思议的遭遇吗Im open to snakes.You are open to snakes?yes.我接受任何蛇 你接受任何蛇 是的There are snakes watching right now.Wait,they dont have fingers,what am I doing?现在有蛇正在看呢 等等 它们没有手指 我在干什么呢201610/469273内江刺青纹绣纹身美甲着装礼仪色彩顾问睫毛嫁接培训什邡美甲美睫化妆造型培训课程多少钱



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