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广安市纹绣美甲美睫批发商城市场培训学校哪个好些PART THREE - A YOUNG WOMAN AT THORNFIELDCHAPTER FOURTEENI return to Gateshead"Well, if you're going to go, you'll need some money. I haven't paid you yet! How much money have you got, Jane?" he asked, smiling at me. [-----1-----]"Here is 50 pounds," he said."But sir, that's too much! You only owe me 15 pounds for my teaching!" I cried."You're right. Give me that money back. If you had 50 pounds, you might stay away for months! Here's 10 pounds. Is that enough?""But now you owe me five pounds, sir.""you'll have to come back and get it then," he said, laughing."[-----2-----] "You have told me you're going to marry Miss Ingram soon, and that Adele should go away to school. So I must get y to find another job somewhere. I will begin looking.""Don't do that!" he said. "[-----3-----]"I didn't understand him at all, but he looked so worried that I said, "I promise, sir.""Good! And now I must go back to my guests. They are waiting for me.""Goodbye, Mr. Rochester," I said. 填空 :1、I showed him the few coins that I had and he laughed. Then took out some money.我把我仅有的几枚硬币拿给他看,他笑了,然后他掏出一些钱。2、There's something else I want to talk to you about, sir," I said. This was not going to be easy for me to say.“先生,我还有别的事想跟你谈一谈。”我说,这对我来说还真难以启齿。3、Promise me, Jane, not to look for another job. I'll take care of everything.“答应我,Jane,不要找别的工作,一切由我来处理。” Vocabulary Focusowe me 15 pounds:欠我15英镑。欠某人多少钱可用“owe+人+钱”或用“owe+钱+to+人”,因而原文可以改为“owe 15 pounds to me”。 Article/200905/69410都江堰市学习刺青纹绣纹身美甲Dairyman Crick insisted that all the dairy people should milk different cows every day, not just their favourites.奶场主克里克坚持让所有奶场的工人每天挤不同的奶牛,而不是只挤他们最喜欢的那几头。He was worried that a dairymaid might leave the dairy, and then her cows would not like being milked by a stranger.他担心一旦哪个挤奶女工离开奶场后,她的奶牛会不喜欢被一个陌生人挤奶。However, Tess began to find that the cows which came to her usually happened to be her favourites.然而,苔丝渐渐发现,分配给她的奶牛碰巧总是她最喜欢的几头。This made her milking much easier.这让她挤起来更加轻松。But she soon realized that it was not by chance,但她很快发现这不是什么凑巧的事儿,as it was Angel Clare who sent the cows in for milking.因为是安吉尔;克莱尔分派待挤的奶牛。lsquo;Mr Clare,you have sent me my favourite cows!rsquo;;克莱尔先生,你总是把我最喜欢的奶牛分给我!;she accused him one morning, blushing.一天早上,她红着脸指责他说。lsquo;Well, it doesn#39;t matter,rsquo; said he.;啊,这不要紧,;他说,lsquo; You will always be here to milk them.rsquo;;你反正会总在这儿挤它们的。;lsquo;Do you think so?I hope I shall.But I don#39;t know.rsquo;Afterwards she was angry with herself.;你这么以为吗?我希望如此,但我不知道。;She had spoken too seriously to him, as if he were involved in her staying or leaving.说完之后,她对自己有些恼火。她刚才对他说话时太严肃了,好像把他牵扯进了她的去留问题。In the evening after milking she walked in the garden alone, thinking about it.傍晚挤完奶后,她独自到园子里漫步,心里还想着这件事。It was a typical summer evening in June.这是6月间一个典型的夏日傍晚。The air was delicate and there was a complete, absolute silence.空气柔和清新,四周静悄悄的,没有一丝声响。It was broken by the sound of a harp.这份静谧被一阵竖琴声划破了。The notes floated in the still air, strong and clear.旋律在静止的空气中流动着,清晰有力。Tess listened like a fascinated bird.苔丝就像一只着了魔的鸟儿一般倾听着。She drew near to Clare, who still had not seen her.她走近克莱尔,但克莱尔仍没注意到她。She was conscious of neither time nor space.这时,苔丝心中已没有了时间和空间的感觉。The tune moved through her mind and body, bringing tears to her eyes.这旋律流进了她的心田,流遍了她的全身,令她热泪盈眶。The waves of colour of the wild flowers mixed with the waves of sound.野花的各种色摇摆着,与音乐声的波动混合在一起。Angel finished playing, and caught sight of her. She blushed and moved away.一曲终了,安吉尔看见了她。她脸刷地红了,赶紧走开了。lsquo;Why are you going, Tess?rsquo;he asked.lsquo;Are you afraid?rsquo;;为什么要走开呢,苔丝?;他问,;是害怕吗?;lsquo;Oh no, sir, not of outdoor things.rsquo;;噢,不是的,先生,不是怕野外的东西。;lsquo;But indoors?rsquo;;那么,是屋里的什么喽?;lsquo;Well, yes, sir.rsquo;;嗯,是的,先生。;lsquo;Life in general?rsquo;;概括地说,是人生?;lsquo;Yes,sir.rsquo;;是的,先生。;lsquo;Ah, so am I,very often.;啊,我也害怕这个,常常害怕。Being alive is rather serious,don#39;t you think so?rsquo;生活是相当严酷的,你是不是这样认为?;lsquo;It is, now you put it like that.rsquo;;是吧,既然你这么说了。;lsquo;All the same, I wouldn#39;t expect a young girl like you to feel that. Why? Come, tell me.rsquo;;虽然如此,我还是没有料到一个像你这样的年轻姑娘会有这种感觉,为什么?来,跟我说说吧。;After a moment#39;s hesitation she answered,lsquo;The trees ask questions with their eyes, don#39;t they?她踌躇了一会儿,回答道:;这些树都长着眼睛,它们用眼睛问问题,是不是?And you seem to see hundreds of tomorrows all in a line,the first big and clear, the others getting smaller.你仿佛看见许许多多的明天全都排成一行。最先的这个明天是最大、最清晰的,而后面的那些就变得越来越小了。But they all look fierce and cruel.但是,它们看起来都那么凶暴、残酷。But you can drive away all these ideas with your music, sir!rsquo;不过你可以用你的音乐把所有这些想法都驱散,先生!;He was surprised to find that this dairymaid had such sad thoughts.他吃惊地发现这个挤奶女工竟如此地愁绪满怀。She was expressing in her own words the ache of modern life.她用自己的话表达着现代生活的痛苦。This sadness made her more interesting to him.这种忧郁让他更加关注她了。He did not know that her experience had given her great strength of feeling.他并不知道她的经历给予了她如此强烈的感受。Tess, on the other hand, could not understand why a man of religious family, good education and financial independence should feel sorry to be alive.而另一方面,苔丝也不明白为什么像他这样一个出身于宗教家庭、受过良好教育、经济独立的人会对生活感到不幸。How could this admirable and poetic man have felt, as she did two or three years ago, that he would rather die?像他这样令人羡慕、才华横溢的人,怎么可能与她在两三年前感觉的一样,情愿死去呢?It was true that he was not at present living among gentlemen.他目前并没有生活在绅士们当中,这是事实,But he was studying what he wanted to know, and would become a rich farmer in time.但是他正在学习他想要了解的知识,而且很快,他就会成为一个有钱的农场主的。So,as they neither understood each other#39;s secrets, they were both puzzled and waited to find out more.正因为他们对彼此的内心世界都不了解,他们才都感到迷惑,并期待着进一步了解对方。At first Tess regarded Angel as an intelligence rather than a man.起初,苔丝把安吉尔;克莱尔看成是智慧的化身,而不是一个凡人。She became quite depressed as she realized the distance between her own knowledge and his.当她发现自己的知识和他的相比存在着如此之大的差距时,她感到非常抑郁。One day he asked her why she looked so sad.有一天他问她,为什么她看起来闷闷不乐。lsquo;Oh, it#39;s only that I feel I#39;ve been wasting my life!;哦,这只是因为我感到自己一直在浪费自己的生命!When I see what you know, I feel what a nothing I am!rsquo;当我了解到你所懂的知识,我觉得自己真是太渺小了!;lsquo;Well, my dear Tess,rsquo; said Angel with some enthusiasm,;噢,亲爱的苔丝,;安吉尔充满热情地说道,lsquo;I shall be only too glad to help you study history, for example;rsquo;;我非常乐意教你,比如说,历史;;;lsquo;I don#39;t know. What#39;s the use of learning that I#39;m one of a long row, and that my past and future are like thousands of other people#39;s?;我不知道。学习又有什么用呢?我只不过是长长一列队伍中的一员,自己的过去和未来与成千上万个别人没有什么区别。But there#39;s one thing I#39;d like to know;why the sun shines on the good and the bad just the same,rsquo; she said, her voice trembling.但是有一件事我想要弄清楚;;为什么太阳一视同仁地照在好人和坏人身上呢?;她说道,声音有些颤抖。lsquo;Oh,Tess,don#39;t be bitter!rsquo;Of course he had wondered this himself in the past.;哦,苔丝,不要这么愤世嫉俗!;他自己过去对此也困惑不解过。But as he looked at her innocent lips, he thought this pure child of nature could only have picked up the question from others.但是当他看到她那天真无邪的嘴唇时,他认为这个大自然的纯洁的孩子只不过从别人那里得到了这个问题。She could not possibly have any guilt in her past.在她的过去,是不可能有什么罪孽的。When he had gone, Tess felt again how stupid she must appear to him.当他离开以后,苔丝又觉得自己在他面前一定表现得十分愚蠢可笑。She wondered whether she could gain his respect by telling him of her drsquo;Urberville blood.她在考虑如果告诉他自己的德伯家血统,是否会赢得他的尊敬。She first asked the dairyman if Mr Clare was interested in old families who had lost their money and land.她先到奶场主那儿打听克莱尔先生是否会对一个失去了财富和土地的古老家族有好感。lsquo;No,rsquo;said Mr Crick firmly. lsquo;He#39;s a rebel, and the one thing he hates is an old family.rsquo;;不,;克里克先生肯定地说,;他是一个叛逆者,他痛恨古老的家族。;After hearing this not very accurate view of Clare#39;s opinions, poor Tess was glad she had not mentioned her ancestors.听完这番对克莱尔的观点并不十分准确的见解,苔丝庆幸自己没有提起她的祖先们。That summer, Tess and Clare unconsciously studied each other, balanced on the edge of a passion, yet just keeping out of it.那个夏天,苔丝和克莱尔都在无意中探究着对方,在感情的边缘徘徊,并试图避免陷入其中。But all the time, like two streams in a valley, they were destined to join.但是在这整段时间里,他们就像山谷中的两条溪流,终究是要汇合在一起的。Tess had never been so happy as she was now, and perhaps never would be so again.苔丝从来没有像现在这样快乐过,也许将来也不会再有。They met continually.They could not help it.他们频频相会,一天不见面心里就受不了。They met daily in the half-light, at three orsquo;clock in the morning, just before milking.每天凌晨3点钟,在开始挤奶之前,天还没有全亮呢,他们就在一起了。They felt they were the first two up in the whole world, like Adam and Eve.他们觉得自己是整个世界上起得最早的一对,就如同亚当和夏娃。Tess seemed like a queen to Clare, perhaps because he knew that she was the most beautiful woman walking about at this time of day.在克莱尔眼里,苔丝就像一个王后,也许是因为他知道她是一天中在这个时候走动的最美丽的女人。Lovely women are usually asleep at midsummer sunrise.漂亮可爱的女人在盛夏太阳初升时,通常还在睡觉。But Tess was near, and the rest were nowhere.但是苔丝就在身边,其他人却了无影踪。In the strange light she was no longer a milkmaid, but a vision of woman, the whole of womanhood in one form.在这种特别的光线中,她不再是一个挤奶女工,而是一个女人的幻象,她集所有女性气质于一身。One day just after breakfast they all gathered in the milkhouse.一天,刚刚吃过早饭,他们都聚集到牛奶贮藏室里。The milk was turning in the churn, but the butter would not come.Dairyman Crick was worried.牛奶倒进了黄油制造器,但是黄油却出不来。奶场主克里克很焦急。lsquo;Maybe someone in the house is in love,rsquo;suggestea his wife.;也许房子里有人恋爱了。;他的妻子提示道,lsquo;That sometimes causes it. Drsquo;you remember that maid years ago, and the butter didn#39;t come;?rsquo;;这种事情有时会导致这种后果的。你还记得多年以前的那个女工吗?那一次黄油就出不来;;;lsquo;Ah yes, but that wasn#39;t being in love,rsquo;replied Mr Crick.;哦,想起来了,但那不是恋爱。;克里克先生回答道。lsquo;That was damage to the churn.rsquo;He turned to Clare to tell the story.;那是把机器搞坏了。;他转向克莱尔讲起了这个故事。lsquo;Jack Dollop, one of our milkers, got a girl into trouble.;我们的一个牛奶工,杰克;多洛,让一个女孩子出了麻烦。One day her mother came looking for him with a great heavy umbrella in her hand.一天,姑娘的母亲手里拿着一把又大又重的雨伞找他来了。Jack hid in the churn,but she found him and turned it round and round.; Stop,stop!; cried Jack.杰克就藏到黄油机里去了,但她发现了,就一圈一圈地转机器。lsquo;停下,停下!rsquo;杰克哭叫道。;If you promise to marry my daughter!;shouted the mother.And so he did.rsquo;lsquo;如果你答应跟我女儿结婚的话!rsquo;母亲喊道。于是他跟她女儿结婚了。;Tess, very pale, had gone to the door for some fresh air.苔丝面色惨白地走到了门口,她需要一些新鲜空气。Fortunately the butter suddenly came. 幸好,黄油突然出来了。But Tess remained depressed all afternoon.但是,那一下午苔丝都郁郁寡欢。To the others the story wasfunny.对其他人来说,故事只是好笑而已,She alone could see the sorrow in it, and it reminded her of her experience.而她却独自体会到了其中的悲伤,这让她重新想起了她的遭遇。Tess was first in bed that night, and was half asleep as the other girls undressed. 那晚,苔丝第一个上床睡觉了。当别的姑娘们在脱衣时,她已经快要睡着了。She saw them standing at the window looking at someone in the garden with greatinterest.她发现她们站在窗前,兴致勃勃地看着园子里的某个人。lsquo;It#39;s no use you being in love with him any more than me,Retty Priddle,rsquo; said Marian, the eldest.;蕾蒂;普里德尔,你爱上他也没有用,这一点跟我一样,;年龄最大的玛丽安说道。lsquo;There he is again!rsquo;cried lzz Huett, a pale girl with dark hair.lsquo; I would just marry him tomorrow if he asked me,rsquo;said Marian, blushing.;他又来啦!;伊茨;休爱特叫道,她是一个皮肤白、头发黑的姑娘。lsquo;So would I, and more,rsquo;murmured Izz.;如果他向我求婚的话,我愿意明天就嫁给他。;玛丽安红着脸说道。lsquo;And I too,rsquo;whispered Retty shyly.;我也是,而且更愿意。;伊茨轻轻说道。lsquo;We can#39;t all marry him,rsquo;said Izz.;我也愿意,;蕾蒂羞涩地细声说。lsquo;We can#39;t anyway,rsquo;said Marian.lsquo;He likes Tess Durbeyfield best. I#39;ve watched him every day and found it out.rsquo;;我们不能都嫁给他。;伊茨说。;我们都不可能,;玛丽安说道,;他喜欢苔丝;德北。我一直天天观察他,我看出来的。;There was a thoughtful silence.大家都默不作声地想着什么。lsquo;How silly this all is!rsquo;said Izz impatiently.;这一切都太可笑了!;伊茨忍不住说道,lsquo;He#39;s a gentleman#39;s son. He won#39;t marry any of us or Tess either!rsquo;They all sighed, and crept into their beds, and fell asleep.;他是个绅士的儿子,他是不会娶我们中间任何一个的,包括苔丝在内!;一阵叹息之后,她们都爬上床,睡着了。But Tess, with her deeper feelings, could not sleep.但是苔丝,怀着更深的感情,却无法入睡了。She knew Angel Clare preferred her to the others.她知道,安吉尔;克莱尔喜欢她胜过其他姑娘。She was more attractive, better educated and more womanly.她更富有魅力,更有教养也更有女人味儿。She could keep his affection for her. But should she?她可以让他继续对她怀有爱慕之情。但是,她应该吗?Perhaps the others should have a chance of attracting his attention, and even of marrying him.也许其他人也应该有机会吸引他的注意,甚至与他结婚。She had heard from Mrs Crick that Mr Clare had spoken of marrying a country girl to help him farm, milk cows and reap corn.她曾从克里克夫人那儿听说,克莱尔先生说起过要娶一个乡下姑娘帮他经营农场,挤牛奶、割庄稼什么的。Tess had promised herself she would never marry and would never be tempted to do so.苔丝曾向自己保过,永远不结婚,也永远不被人引诱结婚。She ought to leave the field open for the other girls.她应该敞开这块天地,把机会留给别的姑娘们。Next morning Dairyman Crick sent all the dairy people out into a field to search for garlic plants.第二天早上,奶场主克里克派全奶场的人到地里寻找大蒜类的植物。One bite by one cow was enough to make the whole day#39;s butter taste of garlic.只要有一头牛咬了一口这种东西,就足以使一天的黄油都带上一股蒜味。It was not by accident that Clare walked next to Tess.克莱尔走在苔丝的旁边,这绝非偶然。lsquo;Don#39;t they look pretty?rsquo;she said to him.;她们看起来很漂亮,不是吗?;苔丝对他说。lsquo;Who?rsquo;;谁?;lsquo;Izzy Huett and Retty.rsquo;She had decided that either would make a good farmer#39;s wife.;伊茨;休爱特和蕾蒂。;她觉得她们无论哪一个都能成为一名称职的农场主夫人。lsquo;Pretty? Well, yes, I have often thought so.;你说漂亮?噢,是的,我一直这么觉得。;lsquo;They are excellent dairywomen.;她们是很出色的挤奶女工。;lsquo;Yes,though not better than you.rsquo;Clare observed them.;是啊,尽管没有你出色。;克莱尔观察着她们。lsquo;She is blushing,rsquo;continued Tess bravely,lsquo;because you are looking at her.rsquo;;她脸红了。;苔丝鼓足了勇气继续说道,;因为你在看着她。;She could hardly saylsquo;Marry one of them if you really don#39;t want a fine lady! Don#39;t think of marrying me!rsquo;她差点要说:;跟她们中的一个结婚吧,如果你真地不想娶一个高贵的话!不要考虑跟我结婚!;From now on she tried to avoid spending time with Angel.从现在起,她就尽力避免和安吉尔在一起。She gave the other three every chance.她把每一个机会都留给了另外三个姑娘。 Article/201203/174276My energy levels go up and down. Sometimes I’m full of energy, and sometimes I’m drained of energy. Mornings are when my energy levels are high. I wake up y to go. I don’t need 30 minutes to wake up, like some people I know. For some reason the food I eat doesn’t affect how energetic I am. Some people feel tired after lunch, while others complain they need to eat something for an energy boost. I seem to have the same level of energy even if I eat nothing all day. The one thing that does affect my energy is the weather. A bright, sunny day gives me lots of energy. A dull, rainy day makes me feel less energetic. I also have a lot of energy if I’m doing something exciting – even if it’s study or work. Article/201104/132392乐山美甲职业技能技术化妆纹绣培训学校

遂宁学习美甲精英全科新娘跟妆师半永久化妆术培训课程班乐山美甲着装礼仪色彩顾问睫毛嫁接培训课程报名地址官网在哪里Photographer Margaret Bourke-White Helped Create the Modern Art of PhotojournalismWritten by Shelley Gollust (THEME)VOICE ONE:I’m Barbara Klein.VOICE TWO:And I’m Steve Ember with People in America in VOA Special English. Today we complete our report about photographer Margaret Bourke-White. She helped create the modern art of photojournalism. (THEME)VOICE ONE: Margaret Bourke-White Margaret Bourke-White began her career as an industrial photographer in the early nineteen thirties. Her pictures captured the beauty and power of machines. They told a story – one image at a time. The technique became know as the photographic essay. In nineteen thirty-six, American publisher Henry Luce started a new magazine, called Life, based on the photographic essay. In this magazine, the pictures told the story. Bourke-White had worked as a photographer for one of Luce’s other magazines, called Fortune. Luce chose her to work on his new magazine.VOICE TWO:Margaret Bourke-White took the picture that appeared on the first cover of Life magazine. It was a picture of a new dam being built in the western state of Montana. The light on the rounded supports showed the dam’s great strength. The small shapes of two men at the bottom showed the dam’s huge size. Bourke-White was no longer satisfied just to show the products of industry in her pictures, as she had in the past. She wanted to tell the story of the people behind the industry: In this case, the people who were building the dam. VOICE ONE:The dam in Montana was a federal project. Ten thousand people worked on it. Bourke-White took pictures of those people – at the dam, in the rooms where they lived, and in the places where they had fun. With her pictures in Life magazine, she told a story about America’s “Wild West” in the twentieth century. (MUSIC)VOICE TWO:Margaret Bourke-White was a social activist. She was a member of the American Artists Congress. These artists supported state financial aid for the arts. They fought discrimination against African-American artists. And they supported artists fighting against fascism in Europe. In the nineteen thirties, Bourke-White met the American writer Erskine Caldwell. Caldwell was known for his stories about people in the American South. The photographer and the writer decided to produce a book to tell Americans about some of those poor country people of the South. They traveled through eight states, from South Carolina to Louisiana. Their book, “You Have Seen Their Faces,” was published in nineteen thirty-seven. It was a great success.Caldwell’s words were beautiful. But Bourke-White’s pictures could have told the story by themselves. They showed the faces of people in a land that still wore the mask of defeat in America’s Civil War.(MUSIC)VOICE ONE:In nineteen thirty-eight, some countries in Europe were close to war. Bourke-White and Caldwell went there to report on these events. They produced another book together, this time about Czechoslovakia. It was called “North of the Danube.” The next year Margaret Bourke-White and Erskine Caldwell were married. They continued to work together. By the spring of nineteen forty-one, Europe had been at war for a year and a half. Bourke-White and Caldwell went to the Soviet Union. They were the only foreign reporters there. For six weeks, Bourke-White took pictures of the Soviet people preparing for war. Then, one night in July, Soviet officials announced that German bomber planes were flying toward Moscow. No civilians were permitted to stay above ground because of the coming attacks.VOICE TWO:As others were hurrying to safety, Bourke-White placed several cameras in the window of her hotel room. She set the cameras so they would remain open to the light of the night sky. Then she joined the others in rooms under the hotel. While she waited for the bombing attack to end, her cameras recorded the explosions, which lit up the rooftops of the city.Before leaving the country, Bourke-White received permission to meet with Soviet leader Joseph Stalin. She returned home with his picture and a series of other photographic essays for Life magazine. She also had enough material for a book on the war in the Soviet Union. Margaret Bourke-White’s marriage to Erskine Caldwell ended in divorce in nineteen forty-two. Article/200803/30517Henry went out to the front of the apartment building and turned off the main water valve. No one was home in the building except Stanley, so Henry didn’t have to warn the neighbors about the shutoff. Back in the bathroom, Henry flushed the toilet. Then he used a couple of rags to dry and clean the bottom of the toilet tank. He unscrewed the plastic Fluidmaster 400A Fill Valve and removed it. He replaced it with a new fill valve. “When the water keeps running, it’s usually your fill valve. It could also be the flapper, but your flapper looks okay. Plus, it’s a weird-looking flapper. I’d probably have to special order it.”Henry tightened the plastic nut below the tank, securing the fill valve. “You mustn't over-tighten this, because it’ll break,” he said. “In the old days, we used rubber gaskets and metal nuts and washers. Nowadays, everything is cheap plastic.” He went back outside, turned on the main valve, and returned. He flushed the toilet, waited for the bowl to refill and for the new fill valve to shut off the water. It shut off exactly at the Water Line mark.“We got lucky,” Henry said. “I don’t have to fiddle around adjusting the fill valve. That’s good, because I’m a little late for another job right now.” Henry flushed the toilet again, and watched the bowl and the tank fill. "That does it," he told Stanley. Stanley thanked him and paid him.Three hours later, Stanley noticed a puddle of water, hardly bigger than a quarter, on the bathroom floor. He called Henry, who said the plastic nut just needed a little tightening. But because he was working all that day on another job, he wouldn’t be able to come over until tomorrow. He told Stanley to put a big plastic bowl under the tank and not to worry. “It’s just a tiny leak. Your bathroom won’t get flooded.” Article/201105/136841都江堰美甲2016款式时尚结婚美甲图片培训学校排行榜The Internet can be a scary place these days, especially because of cyber-bullying. It’s difficult to open a newspaper these days and not see a story about this. It’s a really nasty and growing problem. Cyber-bullies are real cowards. They hide behind their computer and scare people, send them hate mail or threaten them. Even worse is when they publish pictures of their victims online. I have a friend who had a really bad time at the hands of a cyber-bully. He or she sp lots of gossip and lies on the Internet. My friend’s reputation was badly damaged. A really bad thing is how young cyber-bullying starts. Many schoolchildren physically bully others in class and then continue online. Their victim isn’t safe anywhere. Article/201104/131460资阳学习皮肤管理纹绣半永久加盟

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