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China#39;s industrial growth engine increased output slightly less than economists had forecast in July, amid a sharp drop in new lending and a property downturn.7月份,中国工业产出增长略低于经济学家预期。Output rose by 9 per cent, year on year, last month. Analysts had forecast growth of 9.2 per cent, the same level as in June.中国工业产出当月同比增长9%,而此前分析师预计增幅将达到9.2%,与6月份持平。Data out earlier on Wednesday showed new Chinese lending has fallen unexpectedly to its lowest since October 2008.周三早些时候公布的数据显示,中国新增贷款出人意料地跌至2008年10月份以来的最低水平。Output has stayed resilient, however, as the Beijing government has reverted to tried-and-tested ways of juicing up growth as policy makers strive to meet a 7.5 per cent GDP growth target for 2014.而中国工业产出相对依然坚挺,这是因为中国决策者想努力实现2014年国内生产总值(GDP)增长7.5%的目标,为此又拿出久经考验的老办法:刺激措施。Recent stimulus measures have included a programme to extend credit to agricultural and small businesses. Meanwhile, a host of cities that previously had purchasing limits for properties have relaxed them.近期推出的刺激性举措包括向农业企业及小企业发放贷款,同时很多城市放宽了房产限购政策。Retail sales also rose at a slower rate than analysts expected in July, gaining 12.2 per cent against forecasts for a 12.5 per cent increase.此外,7月份社会消费品零售总额同比增长12.2%,也低于分析师给出的12.5%的预期。 /201408/321203

The shutdown of Asia’s largest maize refiner has left thousands of corn farmers in north-eastern China unpaid, adding to the unintended consequences of China’s policy of artificially propping up corn prices.亚洲最大玉米深加工企业大成生化科技(Global Bio-Chem Technology)陷入停产,令中国东北数千名种植玉米的农民粮款被拖欠,这是中国人为抬高玉米价格的政策的又一个意外后果。China this month cut the price at which its state reserves buy corn, but maintained the minimum price well above international market prices. Inflated Chinese prices have caused state reserves to bloat and attracted unprecedented imports while destroying margins for corn processors, feed companies and other private agricultural firms that are the mainstay of the rural economy.中国本月下调了国家临时存储玉米收购价格,但所维持的最低收购价仍远高于国际市场价格。中国玉米价格被抬高已造成国家储备膨胀,并吸引了空前大量的进口,同时让玉米深加工企业、饲料企业以及其他对农村经济起到柱作用的民营农企不复盈利。Global Bio-Chem Technology, the third-largest corn refiner in the world, has suspended all operations, Chinese media reported at the weekend, after announcements by the company that some of its lossmaking production lines had been halted. Calls to Global Bio-Chem went unanswered and the local government declined to comment.大成生化科技是全球第三大玉米深加工企业,据中国媒体上周末报道,大成现已暂停所有业务,此前该公司发布公告称部分生产线因亏损已停产。大成生化科技的电话无人应答,当地政府也拒绝就此发表。Farmers have protested in Changchun, the capital of Jilin province and heart of China’s corn belt, claiming the company’s shutdown has left them with unpaid bills. In one protest last month dozens of farmers knelt in front of the municipal government offices.农民们在吉林省会长春(中国玉米种植带的中心)举行了抗议,称大成的停产导致他们粮款被拖欠。在上个月的一次抗议活动中,几十名农民在长春市政府门前长跪不起。“We tried to find the boss but couldn’t find him. Many people in my village sold to them,” said farmer Lian Haikuan from Jilin’s Nongan County, who began petitioning authorities after bills went unpaid for two years. Mr Liao said he sold corn to Global Bio-Chem on credit because the company promised above-market prices.吉林省农安县农民连海宽(音译)说:“我们想找到老板,可找不到他。我们村很多人都把粮卖给了他们。”连海宽的账款被拖欠了两年,此后他开始不断上访。他说自己之所以将玉米赊销给大成生化科技,是因为该公司允诺的价格高于市场价。“The government pays no attention to the people! I may as well go home and plant sweet potato!” one distraught corn farmer with three years’ unpaid bills wrote in an online post.一名粮款被拖欠了三年、心急如焚的玉米农在网上发帖写道:“当官不为民做主,不如回家卖红薯!”China’s minimum price policy is designed to maintain stable incomes for farmers and guarantee national food security by ensuring they plant corn even if prices dip. But the market distortions created by the minimum price have left policymakers with a dilemma, since abandoning the policy could cause prices to crash.中国的最低价格政策原本是为了维持农民的稳定收入,并通过确保即便玉米价格下跌农民也会种植玉米,来保障国家粮食安全。但最低价格导致市场扭曲,令政策制定者陷入进退两难的境地,因为放弃该政策可能导致价格崩溃。Hong Kong-listed Global Bio-Chem said in its annual report last week that it had suspended production of lysine, an ingredient used to feed pigs and chickens, as state-set corn prices stayed high while its sales prices fell sharply.大成生化科技在香港上市,上周该公司在其中期报告中表示,因国家规定的玉米价格居高不下,而赖氨酸销售价格大幅下跌,该公司已暂停生产这种猪和鸡饲料添加剂。It had also stopped refining corn into a chemical feedstock, as falling oil prices made its product uncompetitive. It also makes corn sweeteners and corn starch, which it said had been rendered unprofitable by high corn prices.大成生化科技还停止了生物化工醇的生产,因为油价下跌令它的产品丧失了竞争力。该公司还制造玉米甜味剂和玉米变性淀粉,但该公司表示,由于玉米价格过高,这些产品已无利可图。High raw materials costs have impeded Chinese corn refiners’ ability to export lysine. The Chinese industry accounts for about 80 per cent of global lysine production and about a third of its consumption. Domestic demand has dropped as poorer margins on pork-rearing and outbreaks of bird flu led farmers to cull animals. Lucy Hornby原料成本过高拖累了中国玉米深加工企业出口赖氨酸的能力。中国玉米深加工行业占全球赖氨酸生产的约80%,占赖氨酸消费的约三分之一。由于养猪利润变薄,加上禽流感爆发导致农户选择性宰杀活禽,中国国内对赖氨酸的需求已下降。 /201510/401936

A brand new natural gas pipeline operated by China National Petroleum Corpin the southwestern province of Yunnan has sprung a leak, raising worries again about the safety of the nation’s vast network of oil and gas pipes.中国石油天然气集团公司(CNPC)在中国西南部云南省运营的一条全新天然气管道发生泄漏,再度令人担心中国庞大的油气管道网络的安全性。China is rapidly expanding its gas supply to cities and industry as part of a shift away from its reliance on coal as a fuel. The equally rapid expansion of sprawling cities into former industrial zones combined with lack of co-ordination among oil groups and local government bureaux raises the risk of a dangerous breach.中国正在快速扩建面向城市和工业的天然气供应基础设施,以减轻对煤炭作为一种燃料的依赖。同时,城市也以同样的高速度扩张,进入昔日的工业区,加上石油集团与地方政府部门之间缺乏统筹,这些因素加大了出现险情的风险。The nation is in the first year of a three-year campaign to improve pipeline safety after a November 2013 leak in a crude pipeline operated by fellow oil group Sinopec in the coastal city of Qingdao caused an explosion that ripped through residential streets and killed more than 60 people.2013年11月,另一家石油集团中石化(Sinopec)在海滨城市青岛运营的一条原油管道发生泄漏,造成一次爆燃事故,导致居民区街道被撕裂,60多人丧生。那次事故发生后,中国启动了提高管道安全性的三年行动,今年是这一行动的第一年。The Qingdao explosion prompted a year-long review of the national pipeline network. The top problem identified was rampant construction above buried pipelines. Other issues included construction closer than legally permitted, and pipeline corrosion.青岛爆燃事故引发了持续一年的全国管网评估。在评估中确定的最大问题是在埋设的管道之上大肆修建建筑。其他问题包括隔离距离不到法律规定的最低限度,以及管道腐蚀。A spur of CNPC’s gas pipeline in Yunnan, which carries gas from Myanmar, began commercial operations earlier in June. On Tuesday it began leaking gas near a highway tunnel about 30km from the city of Kunming after being damaged by an excavator.中石油在云南运营的输气管道输送来自缅甸的天然气。这条管道的一条线在6月上旬投入运行。周二,这条线管道在被挖掘机破坏后发生泄漏,事发地点距离昆明约30公里,靠近一个高速公路隧道。The leak was caused by “a third party”, the official People’s Daily reported, without elaborating. The local government said repairs were under way but referred all questions to CNPC. The CNPC bureau responsible for the pipeline declined to comment by telephone.据官方的《人民日报》报道,泄漏是由“第三方”引起的,该报没有详细说明原因。当地政府表示,抢修工作正在进行中,但要求记者向中石油查询。负责该管道的中石油旗下部门则拒绝在电话中置评。Wang Yutai, vice-director of safety at Sinopec, said theft of oil and gas from pipelines — which could lead to drops in pressure and potentially dangerous breaches — has been sharply reduced by stronger enforcement.中石化安全监管局副局长王玉台介绍说,从管道偷窃石油和天然气的行为,可能导致管道内压力下降,潜在酿成险情;但加强执法已大幅减少了此类行为。Inadvertent breaches by construction or road-building crews remains a concern. A construction company’s drilling caused a crude pipe explosion that tore up an intersection in the industrial city of Jinzhou near Dalian a year ago.建筑或路桥建设工程队在无意中损坏管道仍令人担忧。在邻近大连的工业城市锦州,一年前一家建筑公司的钻孔作业造成原油管道爆炸,撕裂了一个十字路口。Thornier issues include past leaks that have poisoned the soil around ageing and corroded pipelines, refineries and petrochemical plants. CNPC in March agreed to pay Rmb100m (m) to the inland city of Lanzhou to compensate for benzene leaks that contaminated the Yellow river as well as the city’s drinking water supply.更棘手的问题包括,过去发生的泄漏毒化了老化和腐蚀的管道、炼油厂和石化厂周围的土壤。今年3月,中石油同意向内陆城市兰州付1亿元人民币(合1600万美元),以赔偿对黄河乃至该市的饮用水造成污染的苯泄漏事故。Additional reporting by Owen Guo郭晨(Owen Guo)补充报道 /201506/383081

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