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Hello again.再次见面了。It’s the big day and Mr Socrates is about to arrive at the offices of Tip Top Trading to talk officially to the team.今天是重要的一天,苏格拉底先生将到访Tip Top Trading正式与员工们谈话。What is he going to say?他要说些什么呢?And more importantly, will he get his freshly squeezed orange juice?更重要的是,他能喝到鲜榨的橙汁吗?Quickly everybody… he’s coming out of the lift with Paul.大家快点……他和保罗从电梯里出来了。Anna quickly, get a glass of orange juice y.快点,安娜,准备好一杯橙汁。…and if we come through this door here we get to the office and… morning everyone.我们通过这扇门就到办公室了……大家早上好。I’m sure we’ve all met Mr Socrates on the day of the… fire… but today everything is a bit calmer and well he’s here to say hello.我肯定大家在失火那天都见过苏格拉底先生了,但今天一切都更平静了一些,他来向大家问好。Hi!你们好!Biscuit Mr Socrates? Biscuit? You mean a goddamn cookie. Thanks.苏格拉底先生,吃饼干吗? 饼干?你是指这该死的饼干。谢了。Err, Mr Socrates, I’m Anna.苏格拉底先生,我是安娜。Would you like some orange juice – freshly squeezed?你想来点鲜榨的橙汁吗?You betcha as long as it’s made from Florida oranges.当然,只要是佛罗里达橙制成的。Hey… Anna? Ain’t you the girl who booked my hotel room?安娜?你是那个给我订酒店房间的女孩吗?Oh yes, sorry about the bed and…是的,关于床的事很抱歉……Hey, you got me a new room, it was great.你给我换了新房间,太好了。You did a good job there. Well done.你工作得很出色,做得好。Oh thanks.谢谢。 /201702/491116

Chinese Researchers Say China's Labor Supply Drying Up报告:中国廉价劳动力资源在萎缩  Chinese reports say the country's vast pool of cheap labor is getting smaller, which could hurt an economy that is heavily dependent on labor-intensive manufacturing. 中国的研究显示,中国巨大的廉价劳动力资源正在萎缩。这可能对严重依赖劳动密集型制造业的经济造成伤害。China's vast supply of low-cost labor has been the backbone of its rapid economic expansion in the past three decades. But according to a leading research organization, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the days of a limitless oversupply of workers are coming to an end.  中国巨大的低廉劳动力资源是过去三十年间中国保持经济快速增长的柱。但是根据中国主要研究机构,中国社会科学院的研究,有无限剩余劳动力的日子行将结束。The academy's research shows that China's rural labor surplus, the source of migrant workers for the country's factories, is about 50 million people - far less than the previously estimated 150 to 200 million.  社科院的研究显示,中国农村剩余劳动力大约有5千万人,远低于此前估计的1.5亿到两亿的数量。这些人是中国工厂农民工的源头。Jonathan Unger, director of the Contemporary China Center at the Australian National University, says fewer rural residents are willing to leave their farms today. This is partly because there are more employment opportunities in rural areas, and because agricultural prices have gone up. 澳大利亚国立大学当代中国中心主任安戈(Jonathan Unger)说,如今愿意离开村庄的农村居民越来越少了。其中部分原因在于农村地区有了更多的就业机会,还有就是农产品价格的增长。"And at the same time taxes in the countryside, fees in the countryside have gone down because of new sets of government policies," he explained. "And so people are not desperately forced in the way they were five, six years ago to leave the farm in order to earn enough money for their families, in order to help support their families at home." 安戈说,“同时,政府制定的新政策降低了农村地区的税费。这样一来,人们就不象在5、6年前那样为了赚钱养家,或接济老家而迫不及待地离开农村。”The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences says another reason for the reduced labor pool is the country's population policy, which allows city dwellers to have just one child, and farmers up to two if the first one is a girl. 中国社科院表示,国家的人口政策是劳力减少的另一个原因。中国的人口政策允许城市居民生一个孩子,而农民则可以在第一胎是女孩的情况下生第二个孩子。A ed Nations study predicts that China's workforce will peak in 2015 and then gradually drop. Some of China's major manufacturing areas, such as Guangdong province, aly face labor shortages.  联合国的一项研究预测中国的劳动力到2015年时会达到顶峰,然后会逐渐下降。在中国一些主要的制造业地区,例如广东省,已经面临劳力短缺问题。Some economists think these shortages are, at least for now, a regional rather than a national problem. Sun Mingchun, an economist with investment bank Lehman Brothers in Hong Kong, points out that there are still millions of people in China who can not find work.  一些经济学家认为,这样的短缺至少在现在是区域性,而非全国性的问题。投资雷曼兄弟的经济学者孙明春指出,数百万中国人仍然找不到工作。"The government has a goal of creating like nine million, ten million jobs per year," Sun said. "But if you look at the new increase last year - the increase was only six million. There are still three, four million people who can't find a job." “政府有个目标,每年要创造出9百万到1千万个工作机会。但如果你看看去年的数字,新增加的工作只有6百万个,仍然有3、4百万人没有找到工作。”The average monthly income of rural migrant workers has increased significantly in the past few years, going up 11-and-a-half percent in 2006 and 20 percent in 2007. Sun and Unger say the main reason wages have gone up is inflation, which means spending power has not risen as much.  过去几年间,农民工的平均月收入有了显著的增长,2006年上涨11.5%,2007年增长20%。孙明春和安戈表示,工资上涨的主要原因是通货膨胀,也就是说消费能力没有多大提高。Rising labor costs and a shortage of workers in some areas are part of the reason that some foreign manufacturers have started to move production to other, cheaper parts of Asia, for example neighboring Vietnam. 一些外国制造商已经开始将制造业转移到更便宜的亚洲地区,例如中国的邻国越南。其中部分原因就是劳力成本的上升和一些地区缺少工人。200806/42723

All he has to do is be back on British soil, and the political pace quickens. In the prime minister's case though it's necessarily to a sprint to keep the demons at bay. Certainly the bank holiday weekend looks to be anything but time-off for Mr. Blair as he fine tunes a raft of initiatives and speeches and plans private meetings with his own turbulent backbenchers, all aimed at showing he's inclusive, in control and in touch, his new agenda being dominated by the interwoven themes of faster progress in the Middle East and greater security at home. While loyal ministers insist that far from contemplating his exit, he and the government are just getting on with their work. What we have to do is to engage with the Labor Party, and with members of the Labor Party, ah, with supporters of the Labor Party and also with the wider public, ah, making sure, that we deliver on all those commitments that we made in our manifesto a little over a year ago. For all his public protestations of commitment though to the New Labor Project, Gordon Brown will be less than overwhelmed that there is apparently no end in sight to the waiting, which has aly gone on for so long. In theory, Tony Blair could carry on for another couple of years or so, but in reality, the question of when he will go is aly convulsing the Labor Party. The endless speculation on this subject is in itself destabilizing and in the coming weeks and months, the business as usual agenda that Downing Street will try to set, will impact on many as some kind of parallel universe, Peter Spenser Sky News, Westminster.a raft of[informal] A great number, amount, or collection许多,大量,大批backbencher后座议员(指英国下院的后坐议员,普通议员)manifestoA public declaration of principles, policies, or intentions, especially of a political nature.宣言对理论、政策或动机的公开宣言,尤指具有政治性质的convulseTo shake or agitate violently使…强烈地震动或狂躁不安destabilizeTo undermine the power of (a government or leader) by subversive or terrorist acts.使动荡通过颠覆性的或恐怖性的活动破坏(一个政府或领导者的)统治 200805/39451

Israel Buries 2 Soldiers Returned in Hezbollah Prisoner Swap以色列下葬换俘换回的军人遗体  Israel was in mourning Thursday, following a controversial prisoner swap with the Islamic guerrilla group Hezbollah in Lebanon in exchange for the bodies of two Israeli soldiers who were captured in 2006. 以色列星期四沉浸在悲痛之中。在一次有争议的和黎巴嫩真主党游击队交换被俘人员的过程中,以色列换回了两名以色列军人的尸体。这两名以色列军人2006年被绑架。Thousands of people attended the funerals of the two Israeli soldiers. Mourners included government and military officials, family and friends.  成千上万人参加了两名以色列军人的葬礼。哀悼者包括政府官员、军官、以及他们的亲友。Karnit Goldwasser is the wife of one of the two soldiers, whose capture sparked the Lebanon War two years ago.  格尔德瓦瑟是其中一名军人的妻子。两年前这两名以色列军人被绑架曾经引发了黎巴嫩战争。"My heart is crying in pain," she said. "Although I am without you, I will always be with you."  格尔德瓦瑟说:“我的心在痛苦地哭泣。虽然我没有你,但是我将永远与你同在。”Goldwasser traveled the globe over the past two years, meeting with world leaders, in an effort to win the release of the captive soldiers. 格尔德瓦瑟的足迹过去两年遍及全球,她游说世界各国领导人,争取被抓走的以色列军人能够获释。 While the prisoner swap brings closure to the families, it has sparked heated debate, because Israel released five Lebanese prisoners, including top militant Samir Kuntar. He was convicted of killing an Israeli in front of his four-year-old daughter in 1979 and then smashing her head with a rifle butt.  这次被俘人员交换虽然给这两名以色列军人的家属带来了最后的结果,但是在以色列引发了一场激烈的辩论,因为以色列释放了5名黎巴嫩囚犯,包括一名极其凶残的激进分子昆塔尔。他由于当着一个4岁以色列女孩儿的面杀害了她的父亲,然后用托砸碎了这个女孩儿的头,被以色列法庭裁定有罪。Former Defense Minister Moshe Arens says the deal erodes Israeli deterrence. 前以色列国防部长阿伦斯说,这次交换削弱了以色列的威慑力。"This deal and the circumstances under which it was made will provide encouragement and incentive to Hamas and to Hezbollah to abduct soldiers in the future, and make even more extreme demands. And that means the sum-total is negative," he said. 阿伦斯说:“这次交易以及交换人员的条件会鼓励哈马斯和真主党将来绑架以色列军人,提出更极端的要求。也就是说,总的结果是负面的。”But current Defense Minister Ehud Barak, who spoke at the funerals, said the government made the right decision.  但现任以色列国防部长巴拉克在葬礼上发表讲话时表示,以色列政府作出了正确的决定。Barak vowed that, if soldiers fall into captivity, the State of Israel will take all the necessary steps to bring them home. 巴拉克坚决表示,如果以色列军人被俘,以色列将采取一切必要措施把他们救回以色列。200807/44267

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