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Pa won't like it爸爸会不高兴的It seems a farm boy accidentally overturned his wagon load of corn. The farmer who lived nearby heard the noise. "Hey Willis!!" the farmer yelled, "get your troubles. Come in with us. Then I'll help you get the wagon up." "That's mighty nice of you, " Willis answered, "but I don't think Pa would like me to." "Aw, come on," the farmer insisted. "Well okay," the boy finally agreed, and added, "but Pa won't like it." After a hearty dinner, Willis thanked his host and said, "I feel a lot better now, but I know Pa is going to be real upset." "Don't be foolish," the neighbor said with a smile, "by the way, where is he?" "Under the wagon."一个农家小孩好像意外打翻了一车玉米,住在附近的一个农夫听见了,喊道:“威利斯,先放那吧过来和我们呆会儿,一会儿我帮你扶起来”“太好了”,威利斯答道,“但是爸爸会不高兴的”“哎呀,快来吧”,农夫仍然在坚持“好吧”,小男孩终于点头答应了,“但是爸爸真的会不高兴”一顿丰盛的晚餐之后,威利斯向农夫表示感谢:“我觉得好多了,但是爸爸肯定很不高兴”“别傻了”,农夫笑着说,“哦,对了,你爸爸在哪了?”“车底下” 887Famous Americans-Magic Johnson; the role of ham radio operators in the U.S.; understanding versus knowledge versus acquaintance; below the waist and below the belt; earth to (someone)Words:draftedstatsabruptlyMVPsafe sexcommentatorto keep (something) in checkham radioto suspendlicensedto rise to prominenceto wipe outunderstandingknowledgeacquaintancebelow the waistbelow the beltearth to (someone) 3755

1.World News,International relations. Part 1.Warming up. A.keywords radical change, gun comtrol, further fighting, bomb, depleted uranium. Vocabularyallay, disquiet, ammion. Youre going to hear some sentences about international relations.Complete the statements.1.The mer American Defense Secretary William Perry has recommended a radical change of policy towards North Korea. .Hundreds of thousands of mothers from across the ed States gathered here in Washington Sunday to push tougher gun control laws. 3.There been further fighting between Macedonian ces and Ethnic Albanian guerrillas inside the Macedonian border with Kosovo. .A bomb dropped by ed States navy aircraft during training in Kuwait has hit a group of military observers, killing six of them. 5.NATO is taking a number of steps to allay growing disquiet about the possible health risks from ammions containing depleted uranium, which is used in Kosovo and Bosnia.

earn English While Learning About Daily Life in Australia — with Rob McCormack.和罗布·麦考马克一起学习英语,并了解澳大利亚的日常生活Podcast Number — Australian Rules Football播客第二期:澳式足球Hi. Do you like sport? Australians, and particularly those who live in Melbourne, are crazy about sport. In Melbourne you can watch a large range of competitive sports. example, I have been to see Australian rules football, rugby league, rugby union, cricket, basketball, hockey, Taekwondo, golf, tennis, car racing, motorcycle racing and athletics, just to name those which I have attended here in Melbourne. Now most cities in the world have lots of sports events, but in Melbourne we attend these events in large numbers. example, the Grand Final of the Australian Rules Football competition in September of each year has around 0,000 sports fans attend the match. And we have the sports ground big enough to hold such a large crowd, the Melbourne Cricket Ground (popularly called The MCG, or The G). In this podcast, I would like to talk about Australian Rules Football.大家好你们喜欢体育运动吗?澳大利亚人,尤其是生活在墨尔本的澳大利亚人,非常痴迷于体育运动在墨尔本可以观看到很多种竞技体育比赛比如,我在墨尔本看过澳式足球、橄榄球大联盟、橄榄球联合会、板球、篮球、曲棍球、跆拳道、高尔夫、网球、赛车、托车比赛和田径等各种各样的比赛,这些只是我列举的一些我在墨尔本看过的比赛世界上大多数城市都会举办多种体育赛事,但是墨尔本的体育赛事总能吸引到大批观众举例来说,每年九月举行的澳式足球总决赛会吸引约万名体育迷到现场观看比赛我们有足以容纳这么多观众的大型运动场,比如墨尔本板球中心(通常被称作The MCG或The G)在本期播客中,我将介绍一下澳式足球Australian Rules Football (called Footy by fans all around Australia) is around 0 years old. It is played with an oval shaped ball by two teams, each with 18 players. The team which kicks the most goals and points wins the game. It is a very physical game and it main characteristics are speed, strong tackling, long kicking (up to 70 metres), long handballs (up to 30 metres) and high marks. A mark is when someone catches a kicked ball.澳式足球(澳大利亚球迷通常称之为footy)距今已有约0年的历史澳式足球是两个球队用椭圆形球进行的比赛,每队18名球员进最多球、获得最多分的球队获胜澳式足球身体对抗激烈,主要特点是速度、强势抢断、长传(最远70米)、长距离手球(最远30米)和高跳接球“接球”是指球员接住被踢出的球 译文属 9N6 first exposed child modeling websites, sites that they’re still marketing provocative pictures of underage girls. Now our investigation stretches to Alabama where two south Florida men faced child porn charges. One young victim has a warning about how an innocent request to become a star turned into selling innocence. Some of the pictures are disturbing. Jeff Burnside reports:Savannah Haile is much like any other twelve-year-old girl growing up in eastern Alabama, Tiny Phoenix City. "Do your friends know what happened?""Two or three"Now she is talking about something that should never happen to a little girl." You’ve always liked being in front of a camera, haven't you?""Always."In Savannah and her mother Tabitha were contacted by a photographer who saw a picture she put on-line. It seemed stardom was in reach. "I was very excited, and I was jumping, literally jumping and screaming at the same time."The first of three shoots was fine. The second made her uncomtable. "Did you tell your mom?""No, ‘cause I didn't think anything of it.""And then the third shoot?""Very very uncomtable. I didn't like the way their outfits were, um, the way they were on me and the way that, the way I looked.""It was sexual, wasn't it?""Yes.""I never dreamed there was such a thing as websites like that children. I felt like I just destroyed my child and I scared her."Without knowing her photos under the name Bailey became part of the disturbing underworld of child websites showing girls as young as seven. These are by no means the most lurid. Our 01 N6 investigation exposed the operation that is the Webe Web, Jeff Libman, shirtless and Marc Greenberg , running these websites from t Lauderdale . They put Savannah's photos online."But the mother decided to fight back and take action. The very next day, she called the FBI." "I went non-stop. I was on the phone constantly -- Washington, House Representatives, everybody, I didn't care."Savannah's photographer Jeff Pierson used this Alabama studio to shoot the south Florida web operators whose sites have been shut down. Pierson pleaded guilty to child porn and he is now cooperating with prosecutors. Child advocates say they're not surprised kids like Savannah are tricked."We are dealing with manipulative, cunning, very greedy individuals who will find a way into exploit. They are going to look vulnerable people, maybe somewhat naive people."It 's the poses that lead to child porn charges against Greenberg and Libman even though the models were clothed. Both have pleaded not guilty. Tabitha Haile wishes she had seen our investigation bee that third photo session when from a waiting room she realized what was happening. “I didn't like that at all.”She felt helpless to stop the photo session she says, because the photographer had casually displayed a gun, something his attorney called absurd. I realized she was just intimidating me. And Savannah looked at me. She said, "Momma, let's wipe our face. How do I win, coming all crying?" She said:"Let's do this and get it over with and never come back."Now they want to warn others. "Yeah, so they wouldn't be in the same situation as I am."Pierson's attorney will not comment further. Greenberg and Libman's attorney did not respond to our repeated requests interviews. Both are out unbound awaiting trial. Jeff Burnside N6.And right now on N6.net, click on special reports and watch the full interview with Savannah, download the part of the cast and watch the original investigation. That's N6.net安德森bull;库帕美国家喻户晓的金牌新闻节目主持人,从年至今他一直占据了美国CNN黄金时段的电视节目;Anderson Cooper 360deg;;主持.他是CNN当红帅哥主播,本期访谈他讲详尽真实且直言不讳的讲述自己的故事!Yesterday, I think was, Iowa, somebody came up to Newt and said; you were-;昨天,我认为,爱荷华州,有人对纽特说,;你是;;OK.好吧And also (we were going there)我们也将;Yeah, and also it Christmas.是啊,而且已经圣诞节了Is this, are you on cinema now?这是,你看电影了吗?No, this is...没有,这是...No? it just Dave after dark?没有?这只是天黑之后的戴夫吗?Listen, just, It rehearsal.听着,这只是排练OK.好吧And earlier the day, somebody hit and ask you about position on whether regarding the gay, well, Goman said,I think you better support president Obama, now, I thought, those are interesting circumstances a candidate found themselves in. How did he handle each of those of questions?早些天,格曼说有人问关于你是否是同性恋,我认为你最好持奥巴马总统,现在,我想,那些是候选人发现自己的有趣情境他怎么处理上述问题?My understanding is the Goman asked about gay issues, they cant were hearing was from that person,not from Gingrich campaign,last I saw the paper Gingrich was in the campaign was asked about and he didnt respond, so I dont know.我的理解是格曼问及同性恋的问题,他们不能听到我们对于那个人的看法,而不是金里奇的竞选,我最后一次看到报纸金里奇是在竞选中被问及,他没有回应,所以我不知道I dont know, but you know it very well could be and that would be surprising response.我不知道,但是你很清楚将会是很奇怪的反应You know the little clip that I saw was a guy look like a regular citizen of Iowa or anywhere, look like an American, he said, I wanna tell you something, and he said you know you are what I said. And Newt said, something like Iowa was a free country, and need just keep move, and I thought, that too bad, because this would be a good time I didnt gage that guy. I would, and I would say what can I do to help you change your mind? why do think that about me? And let just chat about that...你知道我看到的小片段是看起来像一个普通公民或爱荷华州任何地方的家伙,看起来像一个美国人,他说道,我想告诉你一件事,他说你知道我所说的纽特说道,就像爱荷华是一个自由的州,需要继续向前,而我想,那太糟糕了,因为这将是一个很好的时间我会,我要我想帮助你改变主意你为什么选择我?让我们聊一聊Yeah. I think, yeah, I mean, I get that one way I will handle it, and I think seeing so many people on any given day, I think there just kind of move along, like, I think, they feel like, you know, this is no one situation, Im not getting some, remember the John, the plumber, and that was kind of back and th in president, candidate president Barack Obama, (yeah)the John plumber, Im not sure anyone really comes out that looking too good.是啊我认为是的,我的意思是,我知道我能应付一切,并且我看到这么多人,我认为这只是一种向前,就像,我认为,他们感觉,你知道,以前没有这种情况,我没了,记得约翰,水管工,那是总统的回归,总统候选人巴拉克bull;奥巴马,水管工约翰,我不知道有谁能真正出来,看上去不算太好Well, that , see that my point if you wanna be considered the presider material.Should be.嗯,那是,看,我的观点是如果你想当主席,那就应该去试试Maybe this is an oppoty to come up looking good, I mean, I put up they can like crape everday the stuff.So, um.应该的也许这是一个看起来还不错的机会,我的意思是,我做好自己应该做的就够了听力文本来源于普特英语 6557

In contrast, now in the 1990s, as we move into the new millennium, when people communicate on the web and through the Internet, they are not only doing and hearing and seeing the same thing, they also participating, communicating among each other.And so the notion of village becomes much more meaningful and real in our digital age.TV was a... or is a one-way medium, whereas the Internet is a... is two-way.That right, and there is a crucial difference right there.Most media in the th century, in fact all the major media of th century, radio, motion pictures, television, were and are like newspapers and books: one-way media.The telephone which of course was invented in 1876, is a two-way media.But it a two-way personal medium. There nothing public, or there shouldnt be much public about a telephone conversation.What makes Internet so different is that it is public but it is also interactive and two-way.Marshall McLuhan saw a time when everyone would be a publisher. He was referring to the Xerox machine, the copying machine.Today, we have the Internet which makes everybody an editor and... or makes everybody a publisher but not an editor.Isnt this a problem when everybody is a publisher but there is not an editor around?The traditional value of the editor is to, in some way, stipulate and vouch the quality of the publication or the production.So yes, there concern that when anyone can put anything on a web page, you know, there is no safeguard the quality.But on the other hand, and there is always another hand, I think the reason why McLuhan celebrated first the Xerox, allowing every author to be publisher,and why I am now so pleased that the web is even expending and amplifying that, is...there is also the danger of editors keeping out of the mix things that are good.What the web does is it removes the middle man and allows the creator to communicate directly with his or her audience and on balance I think that a good thing.There will be more drivel available, but therell also be more gems that would otherwise be hidden from public view. 6Foo Fighters’ Singer Finishes Concert with Broken Leg喷火战机乐队主唱断腿结束演唱In the middle of the second song at a concert in Sweden last weekend, Foo Fighters’ front man Dave Grohl fell off the stage. Grohl told the crowd that he thought he had broken his leg, but promised to return. At Grohl’s request, drummer Taylor Hawkins and the remaining band members continued without him. About an hour later, Grohl returned to the stage on a stretcher with a bandaged leg. He fulfilled his promise and played a three-hour concert his fans. He played some of the concert from a chair with his leg propped up. other songs he stood up with crutches and sang. After the concert, x-rays confirmed that Dave Grohl had broken his leg.上周末在瑞典,就在演唱第二首歌时,喷火战机乐队主唱大卫·格鲁摔下舞台格鲁对歌迷说他可能摔断了腿,但是他承诺将返回舞台在格鲁的要求下,鼓手泰勒·霍金斯和其他乐队成员继续演出大约一个小时之后,格鲁坐在担架上被抬回了舞台,腿上扎着绷带他兑现了自己的承诺,并为歌迷演唱了3个小时他的腿被架起,坐在椅子上弹起了乐器在唱到某些歌曲时,他拄着拐,站着演唱演唱会之后,X光显示出格鲁确实骨折译文属原创,,不得转载 38181. How much does the father owe his son in allowance?A. three dollarsB. thirteen dollarsC. thirty dollars. Why hasnt the father given his son allowance?A. because he didnt remember to do itB. because he doesnt have any money nowC. because his son aly has money3. When does the father usually give his son money?A. on FridayB. on SaturdayC. on Sunday. Where does the man get money to pay his son?A. in his bedroomB. at the bankC. from the bookstand5. Choose one thing the boy does NOT mention about how he will spend his money.A. He will buy some toys.B. He will save some of it.C. He will give part to the needy. 3718

When you buy a Myki card, you can also load some money onto it at the same time. It really quite easy. Every time you travel, you must touch on at the Myki er machine at the entrance to the station where you begin your journey. When you get off at the end of your journey, you must touch off with your card at the Myki er machine at that station. The Myki system subtracts your fare from the amount you loaded onto your Myki. I put on my Myki when I first bought it. It costs about .50 to go from my nearest station into the City. That about 5 kilometres. So it not too expensive.当你买到一张Myki卡,你可以同时在上面存点钱真的很容易每次你要出门,你都得在站点入口的Myki读卡器那里刷一下卡你下车以后,要在出站时再刷一下卡Myki系统会从你存在Myki卡上的总金额中扣去所需的费用我第一次购买时存入了30美元,从离我最近的站进城扣去我5.5美元行程约5千米,所以还不算贵Of course, at peak travel times around 5pm to 6pm in the evening and from 7.30am to 9am in the morning, Melbourne trains are usually full. But even at these times, I can always find a space to stand comtably, or sometimes even get a seat. At other times, there will always be a seat you.当然,在傍晚5点到6点,早上7点半到9点的出行高峰时段,墨尔本地铁通常是满员的但即使是在这些时段,我也总能找到一个能够让自己舒地站着的位置,有时我甚至能找到个座位其他时段里,总是会找到个座位的I hope that has given you some basic inmation about Melbourne train system. When you come to Melbourne, you should try it.我希望你已对墨尔本的地铁系统有了基本的了解当你有机会来墨尔本时,应该尝试一下If you have a question or a comment to make, please leave it in the comments box on on my website at www.slowenglish.info. You can leave your comment in English or in any language and I will translate it. Or, you can send me an email at rob@slowenglish.info. I would like to hear any suggestions you may have. Goodbye until next time.如果大家有问题或者想留言,请在www.slowenglish.info网站上的栏处留言你可以用英语留言,也可以用其他语言留言,我可以自己翻译或者大家也可以发送邮件到rob@slowenglish.info我希望听到大家的建议下期见Rob.罗布 译文属 37976

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