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How can I convince my child to eat organic food?我怎样才能说孩子进食有机食品呢?Weve got lots of different ways and ideas of how you can get children to eat organic food. One of the best ways is to take children to an organic farm. The Soil Association has about 70 organic farms all over the country which are open to the public. So you can take your children along and go for walks and see how the chickens are growing up and how crops are raised and so on. Once you actually involve children in the process of producing organic food then theyre much more likely to eat organic food--or have an interest in it anyway. Weve had lots of schools that involve children in growing their own cabbages. Children hate cabbages, but evidence shows that if theyve actually planted the cabbage themselves and theyve gone back to the farm later, every single one of those children ate the cabbage. So if you can involve them in the cooking, or in picking up your veg box--or anything, actually--evidence shows that the children are much more likely to eat the organic food.我们有许多不同的方法和主意来说孩子们食用有机食品。其中一个最佳方法就是带孩子们去有机农场。土壤联合会在全国各地拥有大约70个有机农场,并且向公众开放。所以,你可以带上孩子们去散步,看一下鸡是怎样长大的,玉米是怎样种植的。孩子们一旦参与到有机食品的生产过程,他们可能就会更加喜欢食用有机食品——至少对有机食品更加感兴趣。许多学校让孩子们种植自己的卷心菜。孩子们讨厌卷心菜,但是有据表明,如果他们自己种植,稍后再回到农场去看,每个孩子都会吃卷心菜。所以,如果你能让他们参与烹调,或者提菜篮,或者任何事情,据表明,孩子们食用有机食品的可能性大的多。Thanks for watching How To Convince Your Child To Eat Organic Food.感谢收看“怎样说孩子进食有机食品”视频节目。201210/203228Step 1 Just ask1.直接询问Ask your partner who their new ;friend; is, and then look at their pupils. If they dilate, your question may have touched a nerve. And if they touch their mouth, nose, or ears a lot and launch into a detailed explanation of how innocent the relationship is, you may have cause for concern -- all of these are signs that they could be lying.问一下你的伴侣,他们的“新朋友”是谁,然后看着他们的瞳孔。如果瞳孔变大,你的问题可能触动了他某根神经。如果他们老是触摸自己的嘴巴,鼻子或耳朵,笑着详细解释他们之间是清白的,你就有理由担心了——这些都是他们在说谎的征兆。Step 2 Friend their friend2.加好友Dig deeper by friending your partners new buddy. If they dont accept, or they accept but dont let you see all their information, they may be hiding something. And if your partner is annoyed or angry with you for friending their friend, that may indicate another warning sign.加你伴侣这个新朋友为好友,如果他们不接受,或者接受了却不让你看到全部资料,他们可能在隐藏什么。如果你的伴侣生气你加他的好友,这是另外一个信号。Step 3 Set up a fake Facebook account3.使用马甲If your friend request is denied, go undercover. Set up a fake Facebook account and request their friendship; some people automatically accept -- even if they dont know the person -- just to boost their friend count. If it works, you might be able to see flirty wall posts that aren’t visible to non-friends, and that they would block if they knew you were looking.如果你的好友申请被拒绝,可以转为秘密工作。申请一个虚假帐号,申请加为好友;一些人会不假思索地接受——即使他们根本不知道你是谁——他们仅仅是为了扩大好友圈。如果申请成功,你就可以看到非好友不能看到的隐秘信息,如果他们知道你在探查的话就会设置障碍。Step 4 Open their account4.登录伴侣的帐号If friend requests fail and you have access to your partners computer, try logging onto their Facebook page -- many people forget to sign out. Or try to guess your way in.如果申请好友失败,而你可以打开伴侣的电脑,尝试登录他们的Facebook帐号——许多人会忘记退出。或者猜一下登录密码。Tip Some of the most of the most common passwords are: password, abc123, letmein, monkey, and the persons first name.小贴士:最常用的密码是:abc123, letmein, monkey和姓氏。Step 5 Send a message5.发送信息If youre successful, send the so-called friend a flirty message and see what comes back. Keep in mind that your partner will see that youve sent a message posing as them and youll have some explaining to do if the friendship really is innocent.如果成功登录伴侣的帐号,发送一条所谓的朋友的调情信息,看一下对方如何回复。要记住,你的伴侣能够看到你冒充他的身份发送了一条消息。如果他们确实是清白的,你要想好怎样解释。Step 6 Get serious6.严肃一点For foolproof evidence, install monitoring software on your partners computer: it records their every keystroke, enabling you to e-mails, chats, and instant messages. Just make sure youre prepared for what you find out.为了简单明了地获得据,可以在伴侣的电脑上安装监控软件,可以记录他们的一举一动,让你能够阅读他们的邮件,聊天和即时消息。一定要为你可能发现的一切做好心理准备。Fact In a survey, 42 percent of men admitted to ing their partners Facebook messages or e-mail without their partners knowledge.事实:在调查中,42%的男性承认在伴侣不知情的情况下阅读过对方的Facebook信息或邮件。201212/216538

Step 1 Seek stability1.追求稳定性Surround yourself with good, stable friends. Keeping up and socializing with old buddies can help you maintain the critical connection to good advice and needed perspectives.结交品行好的固定的朋友。和老朋友相聚可以帮助你获得关键的建议和必要的观点。Tip Before starting a new relationship, make sure you are over your previous one.小贴士:开始一段新的恋情前,之前一段恋情一定要完全结束。Step 2 Discuss sexual problems2.处理两性问题Discuss and work on sexual problems rather than ignoring the destruction that can result. Seek to experiment and challenge discomforts rather than let things worsen.积极的探讨和处理两性问题,而不是忽略可能造成的破坏。不断试验和挑战不适,而不是让情况继续恶化。Step 3 Pull back3.放松Pull back and recharge periodically, and dont be afraid to say no when life is getting confusing or too busy. Have some fun once in a while and turn off the brain.定期放松充电,当生活非常繁忙,充满困惑的时候,不要害怕拒绝。偶尔轻松一下,放松一下大脑。Step 4 Stop yourself4.约束自己Stop yourself from rejecting the other person before -- as you might fear -- they reject you. Learn to accept yourself or your self-doubt and confusion may sink the relationship.在别人拒绝你之前不要拒绝别人。学会接受自己,否则你的自我困惑会埋葬一段恋情。Tip Forgive rather than nurture injured feelings. Sometimes we have to let cherished illusions go.小贴士:原谅而不是滋养受伤害的感觉。有时我们需要抛开幻觉。Step 5 Confront jealousy5.正视嫉妒感Confront jealousy before trust and intimacy are destroyed.在信任和亲密被摧毁之前要正视嫉妒感。Tip Everyone needs a degree of privacy, including the desire not to share past lives and relationships.小贴士:每个人都需要一定程度的隐私,包括不希望分享过去的生活和恋情。Step 6 Require trust first6.信任Earn trust and require the other to earn theirs before sharing your secrets and declaring feelings of love. Respect yourself and take time to know someone.在分享秘密,宣布爱的感觉之前首先要赢得信任。尊重自己,花一点时间来了解别人。Step 7 Model healthy relationships7.树立典范Model a good, healthy relationship for the children. Keep children away from negative situations, such as a partner if youre planning on ending the relationship -- it will only make matters worse in the end.为孩子们树立一个良好的典范。不要让孩子接触负面的环境,例如结束一段恋情——最终这只会让事情更加糟糕。201211/210656

Tennis has a long history at the Olympic Games. Tennis appeared at the first modern Olympic Games in 1896 but was dropped from the programme after the Paris 1924 Games. Every four years, the Olympic Tennis tournament attracts the worlds top stars. At Beijing in 2008, for instance, Rafael Nadal won the mens Singles, while the Williams sisters triumphed in the womens Doubles. Today ;Science in the Olympic Games will show the science and technology of Tennis.网球在奥运会比赛中已经有悠久的历史。这一项目首先出现于1896年第一届现代奥运会而在巴黎1924年巴黎奥运会又被迫退出。每隔四年,奥运会网球比赛吸引着全世界的顶尖球星。比如在2008年北京奥运会中,,拉斐尔;纳达尔摘得男单桂冠,而威廉姆斯获得女双冠军。今天;科学奥运;将带您走进网球寻访其中科学和技术的应用。词语解释:1. attract v. 吸引2. triumph v. 胜利201111/161399

  A perfect, green lawn and colorful flower garden are worth your time and effort. Dont let weeds ruin your hard work.完美翠绿的草坪和五缤纷的花园值得你花费时间和精力。不要让杂草毁了你的辛勤劳作。You Will Need你需要Water水Garden tools, such as a trowel, fork, or hoe花园工具,例如泥铲,耙子或锄头Mulch or lawn seed护根物或草坪种子Herbicide除草剂A bag for recycling compost回收堆肥的袋子Black plastic bag or tarp黑色塑料袋或防水布Steps步骤Step 1 Prepare the soil1.准备土壤Check the soil. The ground should be moist but not soggy; if its dry, pour water on the area and let it soak in. The soil should also be loose. If its compacted, use a gardening fork or trowel to dig around the weed.检查土壤。地面应该湿润但是不能湿透;如果土壤干燥,倒一点水,让其渗透。土壤还应该比较松散。如果非常坚实,使用耙子或泥铲挖一下杂草周围。Using scalding hot water helps loosen the soil and can kill weeds. Be careful not to splash yourself, though!使用滚烫的热水可以帮助松土,也可以消灭杂草。然而要小心不要烫伤自己。Step 2 Remove the weeds2.清除杂草Grasp the weed at the base of the plant and pull gently until the entire root comes out. If the root is stuck, dig into the soil with a spade at an angle, toward the center of the root. Push down on the handle while you gently pull on the weed. Shake excess dirt off the roots.抓住杂草植株底部,轻轻地拔,直到根系全部被拔出来。如果根系拔不动,用铲子向根系中心的位置倾斜着插入泥土。向下压把手,同时轻轻地拔除杂草。抖掉根部多余的泥土。Dont wait to weed! It is easier to remove weeds when their roots are smaller, and before they have flowered or gone to seed.不要等到杂草长大。当根系比较小,没有开花结籽的时候比较容易清除。Step 3 Get rid of roots3.根除根部If the root breaks, remove any leftover pieces with a hoe, spade, or garden fork to dig up any weed pieces. If you miss one, the weed will regrow and youll have to pull it again!如果根系断裂,用铲子,锄头或叉子深挖,清除任何残余的杂草碎片。如果错过的话,杂草会继续生长,你不得不从头再来。Stubborn weeds may require the use of herbicides. Follow instructions and apply carefully.顽固的杂草可能需要使用除草剂。遵循包装上的说明,谨慎使用。Step 4 Dispose of weeds4.处理杂草Check local regulations regarding weed disposal. In some states, it is illegal to combine yard waste with household trash. If you have a compost pile, make sure the pulled weeds are completely dead and dried before you add them - two weeks in the sun should do it.查看当地关于杂草处理的规定。在一些州,将花园废物与日常垃圾一起处理是非法的。如果你制作堆肥的话,确保拔掉的杂草完全干枯,可以在阳光下暴晒两个星期。To create a weed compost pile, cover the weeds with a black plastic bag or tarp and leave them to decompose for up to 2 years.如果用杂草制作堆肥,用黑色塑料袋或防水布覆盖杂草,让其腐烂两年的时间。Step 5 Prevent regrowth of weeds5.防止杂草继续生长Make sure to reseed any bare patches of lawn caused by weeding. Thicker grass means less room for weeds.确保在杂草造成的空白区域重新种植草坪。草坪越浓密,杂草的生存空间越小。Step 6 Prevent weeds6.防止杂草Prevent weeds from coming back by applying a one- to four-inch layer of organic mulch to the area. Just be careful not to smother your plants!为了防止杂草卷土重来,在该区域覆盖一至四英寸厚的有机护根物。注意不要闷到草坪。One of the most troublesome weeds – dandelion – is also one of the most nutritious plants.最难消灭的杂草蒲公英也是最有营养的植物之一。视频听力栏目译文属。201304/236946

  Clean Suede Shoes. Suede is susceptible to scuffing, oil marks, and becoming damaged with wear. This film will show you how to safely clean your suede without shrinkage or causing further damage.清洁绒面皮革鞋。绒面皮革容易受油污污染和擦痕的损坏,而且不耐磨。本期节目将告诉你如何安全地清洁绒面鞋而不让它缩水或者损坏。Step 1: You will need:1.所需工具#8226;1 suede protector spray1只防护性喷雾剂#8226;1 suede cleaning brush1只绒面清洁刷#8226;1 small knife1把小刀#8226;1 nail brush1只指甲刷#8226;1 sponge1块海绵#8226;1 shoe tree/ white tissue paper1只鞋撑#8226;1 crepe rubber/ pencil eraser1只橡皮或者1块皱胶Step 2: Introduction2.介绍Suede is a kind of leather with a soft raised surface called a nap. It can spoil more easily than leather so needs a special level of care. It makes sense to always spray new shoes with a protecting spray.绒面皮革是一种表面有一层绒的皮革。它比皮革更容易受到污染,所以特别需要保养。因此经常喷涂保护性喷剂也就很有必要Step 3: Protection spray3.保护性喷剂These sprays can be bought from footwear shops, and will protect your shoes from the water damage and staining. Before applying the spray, lightly brush your shoes to remove any dust or dirt. Always brush in the same direction to lift the nap. Make sure you follow the manufactures instructions on the side of the aerosol can. Shake well, spray away from your face, and as with all aerosols, only use in a well ventilated area.这类喷剂可以从鞋店里买到,能有效防止鞋子受到水的损坏,还能有效去除污点。在喷洒前,要用刷子轻轻刷去沙子和尘土。刷的时候要顺着绒的方向,而且要遵守喷剂瓶身上的使用说明。摇匀,然后避开自己的脸部,同时要在通风的地方使用。Step 4: Scuff marks4.刮擦痕迹Even with a protection spray, shiny marks can still appear if you scuff suede shoes. Flattening down their surface. Restore by brushing back and forth with a suede brush. If the shoes are very worn, scrape with a sharp knife to lift the nap.如果有擦痕或者刮痕,保护性喷剂就无用武之地了。把表面的绒弄平整,然后用鞋刷前后交替擦拭,如果鞋子很旧了,可以用刀子使绒毛立起来。TOP TIP高级技巧Experts recommend using a little crêpe rubber, or even a pencil eraser to lift the marks from you shoes. The dirt will transfer from the suede to the rubber专家建议使用一些皱胶或者橡皮去擦除污点,这样脏污就会黏着在橡皮上。Step 5: Removing mud5.除尘If your shoes get muddy, wait till the mud dries, then use a stiff brush, such as a nail brush to remove the dirt. Move with a sweeping action, and keep all your strokes in the same direction. Work all the way around the shoe, including the edges of the sole. Pay special attention to any dirt stuck in detailing.如果鞋子上都是泥土,等待泥土变干之后再用硬毛刷清除掉。用同样的动作方向进行“扫除”。把鞋子通体清理一遍,包括鞋帮的地方,尤其要注意零星的污痕。Step 6: Wet suede6.湿的绒面革If part of the shoe gets wet, the water can leave a tide mark and dry a different colour. So wet the shoes all over, sponge off any excess water and insert a shoe tree to keep the shoe in shape as it dries. If you dont have a shoe tree, stuff the toes shoes with white tissue paper, or any white paper to hold them firm.如果鞋子的一部分弄湿了,在干湿界限之间会有一道明显的痕迹。所以把整只鞋子弄湿,之后往鞋子里塞进去一只鞋撑,使鞋子保持形状。如果没有,可以往鞋子里塞入衬纸,或者别的白纸。WARNING警告Dont use newspaper if your shoes are very wet, as the print may leech into the shoes如果鞋子很湿,不要使用报纸,因为报纸上的印刷痕迹会印在鞋子上面。Leave the shoes to dry overnight. Then gently brush to restore the texture.把鞋子放一夜晾干。然后再用刷子使它回复纹理。Step 7: Stains7.污点Stains like oil and grease are almost impossible to remove. Work into the area with a suede brush to see if that lifts the stain, treating it as you would a scuff.油脂污点几乎是不可能完全清除的。用刷子试着清除污点,要尽量清除掉。If not, remove the laces, and wash the shoes with a little water and a stiff brush.如果不行,可以取下鞋带用水洗,试着用硬毛刷清除掉这些污点。If this doesnt work, it may be time to say goodbye to your dirty shoes如果这还不管用,也许你唯一能做的就是跟鞋子说再见了。Step 8: Storing suede8.保存鞋子When youre not wearing your shoe, wrap them in tissue paper and put in a shoe box, heel to toe. Dont keep them in plastic bags or airtight boxes and avoid humidity, which can make them mouldy and avoid bright light, which can discolour suede. Keep them in a dark dry place.不穿的时候,用衬纸从鞋跟到鞋尖把鞋子裹起来放在鞋盒子里。不要放在塑料袋子里,或者不透气的盒子里,而且要注意防潮,以免发霉;注意防晒,以免掉色。最好是把它们放在阴凉干燥处。Thanks for watching How To Clean Suede Shoes谢谢收看本期“清理绒面革鞋”节目。 /201208/196721。

  Today in History: Thursday, January 03, 2013历史上的今天:2013年1月3日,周四On Jan. 3, 1959, Alaska became the 49th state.1959年1月3日,阿拉斯加成为联邦第49州。1521 Martin Luther was excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church.1521年,马丁·路德被罗马天主教教会驱逐。1777 Gen. George Washingtons army routed the British in the Battle of Princeton, N.J.1777年,乔治·华盛顿将军率领的军队在美国新泽西州普林斯顿战争中击溃了英国军队。1868 The Meiji Restoration re-established the authority of Japans emperor and heralded the fall of the military rulers known as shoguns.1868年,明治维新重建日本天皇权威,预示着德川幕府军事统治的衰亡。1892 J.R.R. Tolkien, author of the ;Lord of the Rings; trilogy, was born in Bloemfontein, South Africa.1892年,《指环王》三部曲的作者J.R.R. Tolkien在南非布隆方丹出生。1938 The March of Dimes campaign to fight polio was organized.1938年,组织了抵抗小儿麻痹症运动The March of Dimes。1961 The ed States severed diplomatic relations with Cuba.1961年,美国同古巴断绝外交关系。1990 Ousted Panamanian leader Manuel Noriega surrendered to U.S. forces, 10 days after taking refuge in the Vaticans diplomatic mission in Panama City.1990年,被赶下台的巴拿马领袖Manuel Noriega将军躲在巴拿马城梵蒂冈使馆十天后向美军投降。2000 The last new daily ;Peanuts; comic strip by Charles Schulz ran in 2,600 newspapers.2000年,查尔斯·舒尔茨的连环画《花生漫画》在2600家报纸上刊登。2004 NASAs Mars rover, Spirit, touched down on the red planet.2004年,美国宇航局火星探测器;精神;降落在火星上。2006 Lobbyist Jack Abramoff pleaded guilty to conspiracy, mail fraud and tax evasion and agreed to cooperate in investigations of corruption in Congress.2006年,游说者杰克·阿布拉莫夫承认犯有阴谋、邮件欺诈和逃税并同意配合国会调查腐败。 After seven days of pummeling the Gaza Strip from the air, Israel launched a ground offensive.年,在空袭加沙地带七天后,以色列发动地面攻击。 /201301/218192

  In one campaign, with General Lees forces threatening Washington,在其中一场战役里,当李将军的部队逼近华盛顿Lincoln responds by telegraphing direct orders to his generals.林肯用电报直接向将军们下令The exposed position of General Banks makes his immediate relief a point of paramount importance.班克斯将军的位置已暴露,因此当务之急是解除他的指挥权You are therefore directed by the President to move against Jackson at Harrisonburg.你现在直接听命于总统立刻移师哈里斯堡迎战杰克逊部This movement must be made immediately.务必立即出发In the course of the war,Lincoln sends almost 1000 telegrams from the small office.整个南北战争期间林肯从这个小办公室发出了约1000份电报But the South never grasps the potential of the telegraph in creating a centralized command and control system.但南方从未意识到电报的这一潜力它可以建立一个集中的指挥和控制系统It means Southern generals like Lee must plan their battles without that kind of strategic overview.这也意味像李这样南方的将军们只能在没有战略全局观的条件下指挥作战As the war continues,Lincoln brings down the hammer of his war machine.随着战争的继续,林肯使出了他那战争机器的致命杀招Industry,Lines of communication and supplies,manpower and firepower, are all marshalled to deliver a blow after blow to the Confederate Army.工业,通讯和供给线路,兵力火力都被调动起来向南方联盟军发动一波接一波的攻击 But the South,bolstered by the belief in the rightness of its cause doggedly refuses to give in.然而南方坚信他们是在为正义而战, 仍旧负隅顽抗拒绝投降As a result, the death toll just keeps rising.因此,死亡人数不断攀升At Antietam in 1862, 6,000 are killed,17,000 wounded.1862年安提耶坦一役中6000士兵阵亡, 17000士兵负伤Over four times as many as during world War IIs D-Day landings.是二战时诺曼底登陆死伤人数的四倍The carnage will trigger a revolution in battlefield medicine.巨大的伤亡催生了一场战地医疗的革命3/4 of all operations conducted by army surgeons during the Civil War are amputations.内战时期军队外科医生实施的手术四分之三均为截肢Letters from surgeon William Watson record what these battlefield ERs were like.外科医生威廉·沃森所写的信里记录了当时战场上急诊医师的工作状况Day before yesterday I performed 14 amputations without leaving the table.前天,我一共进行了14个截肢手术一刻也没有离开手术台 I do not exaggerate when I say我可以毫不夸张地说I have performed at the least calculation, 50 amputations.算起来我起码做了50台截肢手术There are so many severely wounded to the joints.很多士兵的关节受了重伤There are so many operations yet to be performed.还有很多手术要做Surgeon Theodore Dimon describes the hideous wounds left by weapons like the Minie ball.外科医生西奥多·戴蒙描述了由迷你弹这类武器所造成的可怕伤口 /201211/207392



  gIBAuoTUWF,kg7QCEQZl@X0[@NRroIB.lRml8FkD!gLrpArgentinas transport minister says its too early to speculate about the cause of morning train crash that killed at least 49 people.J.P. Schiavi said some 600 people were injured, and 461 of them required hospitalization. The train packed with morning commuters slammed into a barrier at the end of a line in Buenos Aires on Wednesday. Most of the damage was in the first car, where passengers were crowded in among bicycles.It was Argentinas worst train accident in decades. President Cristina Fernandez cancelled her agenda for the day due to the accident, which raised fresh doubts about government investment in the train system. While largely privatized, the system depends on huge state subsidies, and passengers pay relatively little compared to other countries.RcXsn8w1;pk@~阿根廷首都布宜诺斯艾利斯发生火车出轨事故,目前已造成49人死亡,约600人受伤CT8PIfD.E(,a5%。22日早高峰时段,布宜诺斯艾利斯一辆城铁列车冲入车站铁轨尽头的障碍物,经撞击后出轨l+A)CD%8PP73。列车发动机前端和第一节车厢严重受损Y5YAD|26S;xR+Aj09S。强行停车的冲击力造成多名乘客死伤nlkICdG1ck[xu(2,gIf。#y^5XeefApZ4XyG(oSJ]DAs_#NUV,EOKu-JRMev3GJd8@201202/172508。




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