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南充美甲着装礼仪色彩顾问睫毛嫁接培训学校哪个好些攀枝花市美甲美睫化妆加盟批发市场培训World Emoji Day#39; has been designated as 17 July because the date famously features on the #39;Calendar#39; emoji in iOS operating systems. To celebrate the day, Twitter analysed how emojis are used around the world.7月17日是“世界表情包日”,因为在iOS操作系统中,“日历”表情上面的日期就是7月17日。为了庆祝这一天,推特分析了全球用户的表情包使用情况。Somewhat expectedly, Australians are optimistic Tweeters, choosing the thumbs up emoji. Perhaps more surprisingly, the Germans also use the symbol, despite often being characterised as somewhat serious.跟预期的差不多,澳大利亚的推特用户们很乐观,他们最喜欢竖起大拇指的表情。但是让人非常吃惊的是,德国人也喜欢使用这个表情,尽管他们经常给人以很严肃的印象。South Africans are keen on putting their hands in the air and the Spanish like to show off their arm muscles. While people in India and Mexico are more religious or spiritual, favouring the #39;person with folded hands#39;.南非人喜欢使用一双手的那个表情,而西班牙人则更喜欢展示肌肉的表情。印度和墨西哥的人更加虔诚一些,他们更加喜欢“双手合十”的表情。The people of France and Italy live up to their romantic stereotypes, the Spanish prefer to flex their muscles while the British and Americans mainly seem to be weary.法国人和意大利人保持了他们一贯浪漫的态度,西班牙人却更喜欢展示自己的肌肉,而大多数英国和美国人则看起来很疲倦。This is the view of the world that appears when looking at the most popular emojis that are used on Twitter in different countries.通过统计各个国家推特用户们最喜欢的表情,就可以看到这些国家存在着这样的倾向。The unquellable positivity of Americans, for example, seems to be lacking from their use of emojis as they seem to most often use the weary face icon. Turkey, by comparison, favours a more classic smiley face.举例来说,从使用的表情包来看,美国人似乎不像人们认为的那样积极乐观,他们最经常使用的是一张疲惫的脸。和美国人相比,土耳其人更喜欢一张经典的笑脸。France and Italy most often use heart shaped emojis related to love - perhaps not surprising for countries that are most commonly regarded as the most romantic in the world. Surprisingly, however, the Japanese also seem to like using a beating heart emoji that is often used to denote love.法国和意大利的人则更经常使用和爱有关的心形表情--也许对这两个被认为是世界上最浪漫的国家来说并不是一件让人惊讶的事。但是令人吃惊的是,日本人似乎也非常喜欢使用一个跳动的心脏的图案,这个图案一般被用来示爱。In Brazil, Colombia and Argentina, countries known for their love of rhythm, people favour musical notes..在巴西、哥伦比亚和阿根廷这些以喜好音乐而出名的国家,人们最喜欢的是音乐符。In May last year, emoji was named as the world#39;s fastest growing language. Earlier this week, Google revealed a series of new emojis in efforts to better embrace the diversity of its many users.去年5月份,表情包被称之为全世界发展最快的语言。本周早些时候,谷歌发布了一系列新表情包,以此来更好的吸引其多样化的用户群。The new emojis include 11 new professions, from rock star to scientist, each available in both male and female, and across all skin colours. In addition to this, 33 existing emojis are set to be updated to include a version for both genders.谷歌的新表情包有摇滚明星和科学家等11个新职业,每一种职业都有男性和女性两种表情,并且涵盖了所有的肤色。另外,谷歌还把已有的33个表情进行了更新,使得每一个表情都有男女两种版本。 /201607/456159遂宁加盟美甲用品工具批发化妆纹绣培训学校 Mirrors are being removed from changing rooms in some of Britain#39;s biggest shopping centres after new research revealed they make customers more ;body conscious;.一项最新研究表明,试衣镜会让顾客对自己的身材更在意,因此英国一些大型购物中心正在移除试衣间里的镜子。Almost three-quarters of British women (71 percent) are put off buying clothes after they have tried them on in front of a changing room mirror, a survey found.一项调查发现,近四分之三(71%)的英国女性在试衣镜前试穿之后,就打消了买衣的念头。More than half of woman (52 percent) are left feeling down after seeing themselves in the mirror, the research discovered. And a fifth (22 percent) of women will only allow close friends and family to see them try on clothes in a changing room.该研究还发现,超过半数(52%)的女性看到镜中的自己后感到沮丧。五分之一(22%)的女性只允许好友和家人看她们在试衣间里试穿衣。Retail giant Hammerson is now taking down mirrors from its Birmingham Bullring, Bristol Cabot Circus and Croydon Centrale malls in a bid to boost the confidence of female shoppers.零售巨头汉莫森集团正从伯明翰的斗牛场购物中心、布里斯托尔的卡特广场以及克罗伊登的中央商场撤下镜子,以增加女性消费者的信心。Alex Thomas, regional marketing manager for Hammerson, said: ;One of the main reasons people come to our shopping centres is to buy clothes, whether that be a brand new wardrobe or a one off item for a special occasion.;汉莫森集团的区域营销经理亚历克斯·托马斯表示:“人们来购物中心的主要原因之一是买衣,不论是买一套崭新的行头,还是为某个特殊场合买件不会穿第二次的衣。”;We want to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and confident when trying on clothes, so that#39;s why we#39;re trialling banning the mirrors. We hope that women in particular will try something on and feel gorgeous and glamorous. Hopefully this will be a success and we can roll it out across our shopping centres for the summer.;“我们要确保每个人试衣时都感到舒适和自信,所以我们正尝试着不安装镜子。我们希望人们,尤其是女性,在试穿衣时能认为自己美丽迷人。我希望这一做法会取得成功,这样今夏我们就会在各大购物中心进行推广。”The company, which carried out the research on women#39;s approach to trying on clothes, said many prefer the opinions of shop assistants or friends to relying on how they think they look in the mirror.此外,在对女性试穿衣的方式进行研究之后,该公司表示,相比自己照镜子做出判断,许多人更倾向于听取店员或朋友的意见。 /201607/454699广安市美甲职业技能技术培训班

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绵阳美甲美睫睫毛嫁接半永久化妆纹绣培训学校Laid out in the hot sun after being killed and then dumped in a rubbish pile, these are the stray dogs of Karachi which have been rounded up and culled.近日,在巴基斯坦卡拉奇市,无数流浪被围捕、扑杀,丢到烈日下的垃圾堆上。Municipal workers were seen laying out the bodies of the dead animals on the road after they were killed. They were then thrown and dumped into a truck y for them to be taken away and be disposed of.有人看到市政工人把流浪尸体放到马路上。然后这些流浪的尸体就会被装上卡车,拉走进行无害化处理。It comes after they were rounded up and exterminated after being classed as strays after being found wandering the streets. The increasing number of unwanted dogs in Karachi prompted the city officials to act and they decided to launch the culling campaign.在被确认是街上游荡的流浪之后,这些就会被围捕和扑杀。流浪的数量越来越多,促使当地官员决定开展围捕行动。The campaign follows a similar scheme in Lahore, where stray dogs are culled in order to keep citizens safe from dog biting incidents.拉合尔市也开展了类似的清剿流浪的行动,以防市民被咬。Pakistan is one of several countries that is still to eliminate rabies, meaning that receiving a bite from an infected dog could be deadly. The disease affects the central nervous system of most warm-blooded animals.巴基斯坦是尚未能够清除狂犬病的国家之一,这意味着被感染过的咬一口就有可能丧命。这种疾病会影响大多数恒温动物的中枢神经系统。According to the World Health Organisation few activities are underway to try to eliminate the infection in Pakistan, meaning people are at risk from rabid dogs. They add that culling alone will not eliminate the threat of rabies as there is no evidence to suggest it reduces the sp of the disease.根据世界卫生组织的报告显示,巴基斯坦在消除狂犬病方面几乎没有做什么努力,这意味着人们面对着来自患病犬只的高风险。该组织补充说道,仅有围捕行动是无法消除狂犬病的威胁的,因为没有据明这会减少该病的传播。Last year, officials in Russia came under fire after it was reported that the city of Sochi had hired a private company to kill as many stray dogs as possible before the Winter Olympics.去年,索契市在举办冬奥会之前雇了一家私人公司扑杀尽可能多的流浪,之后就有俄罗斯官员遭到了炮轰,Russia#39;s stray dog problem appears to stem from decades of animals being dumped on the streets when their owners realise they can no longer afford to keep them. These dogs then breed among themselves, giving rise to a population of animals that have never been properly domesticated.俄罗斯的流浪问题,源自街上大量被弃置的动物,它们的主人养不起它们之后就会抛弃它们。然后这些就开始自行繁殖,导致未能被合理饲养的数量越来越多。 /201608/460373 广汉皮肤管理纹绣半永久加盟学费课程需要多少钱广元市皮肤管理纹绣半永久加盟培训中心怎么样好吗



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