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President Obama: Hello, everybody! Welcome to the White House, and give it up for the World Champion, Cleveland Cavaliers! Thats right, I said ;World Champion; and ;Cleveland; in the same sentence. Thats what were talking about when we talk about hope and change. Weve got a lot of big Cavs fans here in the House –– including Ohios Governor, John Kasich, and his daughters, Emma and Reese. We got some outstanding members of Congress that are here. And obviously, we want to recognize Cavs owner Dan Gilbert, who put so much of himself into trying to make sure this thing worked. One of the great general managers of the game, David Griffin. And the pride and joy of Mexico, Missouri – Coach Tyronn Lue. I, also, before I go any further, want to give a special thanks to J.R. Smiths shirt for showing up. I wasnt sure if it was going to make an appearance today. Im glad you came. Youre a very nice shirt. Now, last season, the Cavs were the favorites in the East all along, but the road was anything but stable. And Im not even talking about what happened on the court. There were rumors about who was getting along with who, and why somebody wasnt in a picture, and Lebron is tweeting, and you know, this was all big news. But somehow Coach Lue comes in and everything starts getting a little smoother, and they hit their stride in the playoffs. Yeah, everybody can sit down, Ill be here for a while. They start winning their first 10 games in the playoffs, setting record after record for three-point shooting. But obviously, what this all comes down to is a team that, for the first time in NBA history, comes back from being down 3-1 in the finals -- the first team in history to dig themselves out of a hole like that. And, I should add, that by knocking off the Warriors, they cemented the 1996 Bulls as the greatest team of all time. So your President, thanks you for that. Now – (baby cries) – I know, thats funny, isnt it? Yes, it is. See, everybody is happy when their team wins. The comeback was remarkable – and you learn about people when theyre down – against a historically good Warriors team. Cavs won Games 5 and 6 by double digits. You had both LeBron James and Kyrie Irving becoming the first duo ever to score 40 points apiece in a Finals game. And then, in Game 7, the Cavs fall behind on the road, only to fight back and lock up the title with an unbelievable two minutes. There was ;The Block; – what LeBron has said was the defining play of his career. ;The Shot; by Kyrie putting the Cavs up five. ;The Stop; by Kevin Love. Boy – I mean, Kevin was moving. I hadnt seen defense like that. But it wasnt just those outstanding players, not then and not throughout the year, because this was always a team effort. J.R. always seemed to hit those shots – you know, ;No, no, dont shoot that!; and then it goes in and, ;Man, that a great shot.; You got Tristan Thompson who has as great of a motor as anybody and put in extra work to teach himself how to shoot free throws with the wrong hand. I should have tried that with some bill signings around here. You got Channing Frye who came in right over the trading deadline and changed the tone of the locker room, and his sharpshooting. Richard Jefferson, Dahntay Jones providing leadership and giving inspiration to all of us old people that, you know, you can still do something at that age. Iman Shumpert playing not only great defense and scoring, but also delivered his wifes baby in the bathtub, using a pair of headphones to tie off the umbilical cord. Now, thats something right there. That was an all-star move. Got the MacGyver flat top, which we miss. And of course, theres the guy LeBron calls his ;favorite player of all time; – James Jones. The two were a package deal – six straight finals appearances. Their names even go together: LeBron James Jones. But, the truth is, LeBron wouldnt be LeBron without his teammates – Kyrie, Kevin, Tristan. Michelles brother, who was an excellent basketball player, always says that you can learn a lot about somebodys character by the way they play basketball. And when you see LeBron James, it is not just his power and his speed and his vertical. It is his unselfishness, it is his work ethic, it is his insistence on always making the right play, it is his determination – all of which makes him one of the great players of all time. And you saw it in those last three games, put up some of the most staggering statistics in Finals history. He did it the year before despite injuries, dragging his team along to make a very competitive series. You saw it when this kid from Akron broke down and fell to his knees when he realized that he had finally fulfilled a promise that he had made all those years ago and delivered that championship back to Northeast Ohio. So, this is a player and this is a team that knows what this title means to Cleveland. This is a city thats, throughout sports history, been through a lot. The fumble. The drive. Jordan over Ehlo. A whole lot more. But, through it all, Cleveland was always ;Believeland.; And thats why…and thats why the Cavs have always given back to their fans and the community thats been so loyal to them. Over the last 22 years, theyve given more than million to local charities. And more than just the money – players and coaches made about 200 visits annually to schools, hospitals, food kitchens, and more, including assisting educational programs that reach more than 100,000 kids in Northeast Ohio. And these Cavs exemplify a growing generation of athletes that are using their platforms to speak out. Weve seen Kevin on combatting campus sexual assault; LeBron on issues like gun violence and working with Michelle to help more kids go to school, go to college. His foundation is doing something incredible – paying college tuition for 1,100 kids from Akron. I should mention that, as we were walking out, Dan Gilbert has been unbelievable in the work hes been doing in Detroit – his hometown – and giving back. And finally, earlier today, the Cavs met with Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and my senior advisor, Valerie Jarrett, to discuss steps theyre taking to help build understanding between law enforcement and the Cleveland community, part of a league-wide effort to build stronger communities all across the country – (applause) – including holding open conversations so we can begin to bridge divides and defuse tensions, and see each other as one American family. Its really important work. Its one – just one of a number of recent efforts weve been proud to partner with the NBA during my time as President. From the leagues support of My Brothers Keeper initiative, to the mentoring initiatives, to Michelles Lets Move! and Joining Forces efforts, the NBA has been a model for positive change, and the fact that its not just a responsibility of government, it takes all of us – businesses, nonprofits, athletes, role models, working together to achieve the progress that we seek. So, I know that Cleveland could not be happier and prouder of having this trophy. But this was aly a championship group of guys, even before last year, and you should be very proud of them. Give it up for the world champs one last time. You guys got anything to say? Come on, Kevin. Mr. Love: So from the 2016 World Champion Cleveland Cavaliers, we wanted to present this ‘16 Obama jersey. President Obama: I like this. Mr. Love: Come on, guys. You got anything else? President Obama: Now, the only thing is, though, I dont – these sleeves get tight. Can I tear these out? Can I rip them? Mr. Love: You can rip them. President Obama: Can I rip them? Mr. Love: Ron rips them. Ill show you exactly how to do it. President Obama: Im joking. …201611/480062乐宁外教口语天天练No.20The soldiers were defeatedbecause they were unarmedwhen they were attacked.Unarmed 意指 that they did not have weaponsThe soldiers were defeatedecause they were unarmedwhen they were attacked.译文:军队战败了,在受到袭击时,士兵们根本没有武装。 /200609/9418

1.All in all... 总的来说······ 用法透视 在你说了很多观点之后,用这一短句,进行总结,表示你的讲话即将结束。 持范例 1. All in all, things worked out for the better. 总的来说,情况好转了。 2. All in all, it was less than satisfactory. 总之,那无法令人满意。 3. All in all, the weather this year has been quite mild. 总之,今年的气候蛮温和的。 会话记忆 A: You know... I did very poorly on that test. 你知道的,那次测验我考砸了。 B: Cheer up! It's not the only chance in life to do well on a test. There'll be many more. 别泄气!又不是一辈子只有一次机会考试得好成绩。以后还有嘛。 A: Well, you know how I am about exams. I'm a perfectionist. 你了解我对考试的态度。我是个完美主义者。 B: Don't worry about it. All in all, you've done very well in school. 别担心了,总的来说,你在学校的表现很不错 /200705/13023

According to the B and the Chinese governments press release,根据B和中国政府的官方消息January 2015 saw a peak of Cesarean sections. Why?2015年1月迎来了剖腹产的高潮。为什么?That was the last month for the Year of the Horse.因为这是马年的最后一个月。Its not because they like horses so much,并不是大家喜欢生肖马its because they try to avoid having unlucky Goat babies.而是大家尽量避免不祥的属羊的孩子。If you are a Goat, please dont feel bad.如果你属羊,也不要伤心Those are Goat babies. They dont look like losers to me.这些都是属羊的人。我可不觉得他们是失败者。Tiger is another undesirable animal, due to its volatile temperament.还有一个不受欢迎的生肖是虎,也许和它的喜怒无常有关。Many Chinese regions saw a sharp decline of birthrate during those years.在不受欢迎生肖的年份,中国很多地区的婴儿出生率都有明显下降。Perhaps one should consider zodiac in reverse,也许对于生肖我们应该逆向思维as those Tiger and Goat babies will face much less competition.因为虎宝宝和羊宝宝将会面临最少的竞争Maybe they are the lucky ones.也许他们才是最幸运的。I went through the Forbes top 300 richest people in the world,我调查了世界福布斯财富榜前300位的生肖and its interesting to see the most undesirable two animals, the Goat and Tiger,有趣的是,属最不受欢迎的羊和虎的人数are at the top of the chart, even higher than the Dragon.反而排在前两位,甚至高于龙。So maybe we should consider, maybe its much better to have less competition.也许我们应该考虑减轻竞争压力才是更好的选择。One last but interesting point:最后一个有趣的事情是many Chinese people make their investment decisions based on the zodiac sign index.很多中国人依据生肖图作为索引进行投资。Although the belief and tradition of the zodiac sign has been over thousands of years,尽管生肖的信仰和传统由来已久,the trend of using it in making major decisions did not really happen until the past few decades.使用生肖作重大决定的风潮近几十年才开始出现。Our ancestors were very busy surviving poverty, drought, famine, riot, disease and civil war.我们的祖先忙于战胜贫穷,干旱,饥荒,动乱,疾病甚至国内战争。And finally, Chinese people have the time, wealth and technology终于中国人有时间,有财富和科技to create an ideal life theyve always wanted.可以过上他们梦想中的生活。The collective decision made by 1.3 billion people13亿人做出的集体决定has caused the fluctuation in economics and demand on everything,足以在经济上掀起巨大的波澜,足以改变很多事情的走向from health care and education to property and consumer goods.无论是医疗还是教育领域,无论是财产还是消费品方面。As China plays such an important role in the global economy and geopolitics,随着中国在全球经济和地域政治中,扮演越来越重要的角色,the decisions made based on the zodiac and other Chinese traditions基于生肖和其他中国传统而作出的决定end up impacting everyone around the world.将会最终影响世界上的每一个人。Are there any Monkeys here?在座的有属猴的吗?2016 is the Year of the Monkey.2016年是猴年Monkeys are clever, curious, creative and mischievous.猴意味着聪明,好奇,创造力和顽皮。Thank you.谢谢。201607/455006

  突破口语之情景对话(27):Being misunderstood被误解Kitty: Hi, why do you look so depressed today, Mike?Mike: I had a terrible quarrel with my neighbor yesterday.Kitty: How come?Mike: It is a long story. Basically, she thought I had laughed at her while I didn't.Kitty: I know everyone suffers when he is misunderstood. But why not take it easy?Mike: Yeah. It's so nice of you to comfort me.译文:凯蒂: 你好,迈克,你今天看上去怎么这么不高兴啊?迈克: 我昨天和邻居大吵了一架。凯蒂: 怎么搞的啊?迈克: 说来话长了。简单的说呢,她误认为我嘲笑过她,其实我没有。凯蒂: 被误解的时候每个人都很难受,但干嘛不放开一点呢?迈克: 是啊。你这样安慰我真是太好了。 注解 :1) depressed (adj): sad 消沉的,沮丧的例: She was depressed at the news.听到这消息后她万分沮丧。2) quarrel (n): 争吵3) suffer (v): 难受例: He suffered from poverty all his life. 他一生受贫穷之苦。4) misunderstand (v): mistake 误解例: You misunderstood what I said.你误解了我说的话。5) comfort (v): console 安慰例: They tried to comfort her, but what could they say? 他们想要安慰她,但能说什么呢? /200708/16456


  【学习提示】第一步:先听,理解句子;第二步:看原文模仿!【原声模仿】1. Well, some people use their imagination.2. Gaston, you are positively primeval.3. Maybe some other time. /200605/7324

  So a word without its source is like a cut flower.一个没有来源的词就像一朵被剪下来的花。You know, its pretty to look at for a while, but then it dies. It dies too fast.看一会还可以,不久就蔫了。蔫得太快了。So, this whole time Ive been saying, ;The dictionary, the dictionary, the dictionary, the dictionary.;我一直在说,“字典,字典,字典,字典。”Not ;a dictionary,; or ;dictionaries.;而不是“一本字典”,或“很多字典”。And thats because, well, people use the dictionary to stand for the whole language.这是因为,人们用字典去代表整个语言。They use it synecdochically.这是一种借代(以点代面)的说法--And one of the problems of knowing a word like ;synecdochically; is that you really want an excuse to say ;synecdochically.;知道“synecdochically”会引起的问题是,你真的很想找个理由去说synecdochicallyThis whole talk has just been an excuse to get me to the point where I could say ;synecdochically; to all of you.这整个演讲也就是个借口,为了能让我可以有机会跟你们说synecdochically这个词。So Im really sorry. But when you use a part of something -- like the dictionary is a part of the language,真对不起。但如果你用一样事物的一部分,例如字典是语言的一部分,or a flag stands for the ed States, its a symbol of the country -- then youre using it synecdochically.或者用国旗代表美国作为一个国家的象征--那样你在用借代。But the thing is, we could make the dictionary the whole language.不过,我们可以让字典成为语言的全部,If we get a bigger pan, then we can put all the words in. We can put in all the meanings.如果我们有个大一点的锅,那我们就可以把所有的单词都放里边了,还可以把所有的单词解释都放里边。Doesnt everyone want more meaning in their lives?每个人不都想人生更有意义吗(英语里,意义和单词解释是同一个单词)?And we can make the dictionary not just be a symbol of the language -- we can make it be the whole language.那样,我们就可以让字典不仅仅是语言的象征,我们就可以让字典涵盖整个语言。You see, what Im really hoping for is that my son,你看,我真希望到我儿子的时候--who turns seven this month -- I want him to barely remember that this is the form factor that dictionaries used to come in.这个月他就满7岁了--我想他只记得这是过去的字典的形式,This is what dictionaries used to look like.这是过去的字典的样子。I want him to think of this kind of dictionary as an eight-track tape.我想他把这种字典当成8轨录音带类似的东西,Its a format that died because it wasnt useful enough. It wasnt really what people needed.是种已经过时的形式,不再适合人们的需求。And the thing is, if we can put in all the words,如果我们可以涵盖所有单词,no longer have that artificial distinction between good and bad, we can really describe the language like scientists.不再人为的区分好词坏词,我们就可以像科学家那样的描述语言,We can leave the aesthetic judgments to the writers and the speakers.我们可以把审美判断留给作家和演讲者。If we can do that, then I can spend all my time fishing, and I dont have to be a traffic cop anymore.如果我们可以做到这点,那我就可以把我所有的时间花在上,用不着再当交警。Thank you very much for your kind attention.谢谢,感谢您的关注。201704/504736The other thing that religions know is were not just brains, we are also bodies.宗教还知道我们人类不仅仅有智慧,我们还有躯体And when they teach us a lesson, they do it via the body.所以他们通过身体来教会我们道理So for example, take the Jewish idea of forgiveness.举个例子,像是犹太人懂得宽容Jews are very interested in forgiveness and how we should start anew and start afresh.他们很喜欢饶恕宽让,也喜欢重新有个崭新的生活They dont just deliver us sermons on this.他们不仅仅通过传教来告诉我们They dont just give us books or words about this.也不仅仅给我们书本去学习They tell us to have a bath. So in Orthodox Jewish communities, every Friday you go to a Mikveh.他们告诉我们去沐浴。在正统的犹太社会里,每个星期五他们都去一个池子You immerse yourself in the water, and a physical action backs up a philosophical idea.让身体浸没在水里,身体上的动作撑着哲学思想We dont tend to do that. Our ideas are in one area and our behavior with our bodies is in another.而世俗的人们不这么做,我们的身体和智慧在不同的世界里Religions are fascinating in the way they try and combine the two. Lets look at art now.而宗教却把智慧和躯体结合起来,现在看看我们的艺术Now art is something that in the secular world, we think very highly of. We think art is really, really important.在世俗的世界里,我们认为艺术是崇高的,我们认为艺术是非常重要的A lot of our surplus wealth goes to museums, etc.许多盈余的钱财都花在了艺术馆里We sometimes hear it said that museums are our new cathedrals, or our new churches.有时候我们听到有人说物馆是我们新的教堂Youve heard that saying.你们一定听过这句话Now I think that the potential is there, but weve completely let ourselves down.我觉得物馆是有潜力成为新的教堂,但是我们完全没有那样去做And the reason weve let ourselves down is that were not properly studying how religions handle art.我们让自己失望的原因是我们没有适当地学习宗教的艺术,是我们没有适当地学习宗教的艺术201608/460889

  即学即用英语会话词典A部分:陈述症状 即学即用英语会话词典文本下载即学即用英语会话词典这部词典着眼日常生活、学习、工作等语言环境,囊括了当今美国最最简洁、最地道的日常口语表达方式。本词典获得2002年全国优秀畅销书奖 /200706/14899

  即学即用英语会话词典E部分:在饭店务台进入《即学即用英语会话词典文本》下载页面即学即用英语会话词典这部词典着眼日常生活、学习、工作等语言环境,囊括了当今美国最最简洁、最地道的日常口语表达方式。本词典获得2002年全国优秀畅销书奖 /200708/16385

  英语会话800句 59 /200608/9222。


  So every noise you can hear there is my voice.所以说,你们听到的所有声响都是我的声音I didnt just trigger something which sounds like that.我并没有触发一个那样的装置Theres no samples. Theres no synthesizers.根本没有样本,没有音响合成器That is literally all my voice being manipulated,只是我在控制我的声音and when you get to that point, you have to ask, dont you, whats the point? Why do this?当你意识到那个的时候,你就会问,那有什么意义啊?为什么这样做呢Because its cheaper than hiring the whole of Pink Floyd, I suppose, is the easy answer.因为这比雇Pink Floyd乐队便宜呀,我想这个比较简单But in actual fact, I havent made this machine so that I can emulate things that aly exist.但事实上,我们造出这个机器,不是为了模仿已经存在的声音Ive made this so that I can make any noise that I can imagine.我制造这个机器是为了演奏我能想象到的所有声音So with your permission, Im going to do some things that are in my mind,接下来,如果你们允许的话,我就演奏一些我脑子里的声音and I hope you enjoy them, because theyre rather unusual,希望你们喜欢,因为它们相当与众不同especially when youre doing things which are as unusual as this, it can be hard to believe that it is all my voice, you see.尤其是当你们在做这类不寻常的事情时,你很难相信那都是我的声音,你们瞧着啊So, loosely defined, that is whats possible with the human voice.所以,简单说来,这就是人声能干的事儿Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen.谢谢,女士们先生们201612/484790

  即学即用英语会话词典C部分:同意 即学即用英语会话词典文本下载即学即用英语会话词典这部词典着眼日常生活、学习、工作等语言环境,囊括了当今美国最最简洁、最地道的日常口语表达方式。本词典获得2002年全国优秀畅销书奖 /200706/15070

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