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1. Home1.家Nothing can be better than to have your own house (apartment). When you come home after a long, exhausting day, you can experience all the best feelings. Just kick off heels and relax on the couch. Nowadays many people, especially students, are tired of cohabitation and urge to have a free space, no matter rental or private. If you have a house, you can invite guests or enjoy your free time in solitude. Moreover, you can make a desirable repair and decorate the house any way you want.没有什么比拥有自己的房子(公寓)更好的事情了。当你在漫长疲惫的一天结束后,回到家里,你可以体会到所有最好的感觉。扔掉高跟鞋,在沙发上放松。现在许多人,尤其是学生,厌倦了合住,迫切需要有自由的空间,无论是租的,还是个人的。如果你拥有一个房子,你可以邀请客人,或者享受独处的时间。而且,你可以按照自己需要的方式,去装修装饰你的房子。2. Job2.工作If you have a job, it’s a good reason to feel blessed. Both full-time and part-time jobs help you gain valuable experience. There are millions of people who have lost their job and don’t have any opportunities to pay bills and loans every month. Moreover, a job keeps the mind busy and therefore reduces the chances of stress or depression due to idleness.如果你有工作,这是感到幸福的一个很好的原因。全职和兼职的工作都能帮助你获得由价值的经验。上百万的人都处于失业中,没有任何机会去付每月的账单和贷款。而且,一份工作可以让你的思绪铓锣,这样就会因为忙碌而减少你感到压力或者抑郁的机会。3. Family and friends3.家人和朋友Having somewhere to go is a home. Having someone to love is a family. Having both is a blessing. It is a big treasure to have people around who sincerely love you. Your friends are people who are closely tied with you. They seem to know everything about you and they can help you take important life decisions and talk about silly things. It’s not a good idea to take your friends and close people for granted. After all, you can always share your joys and cries with your dearest and nearest.家是可以随时回去的地方。家人就是需要爱的人。有家和家人就是一件幸福的事情。身边有真正爱你的人,是非常珍贵的事情。你的朋友就是那些和你紧密联系在一起的人。他们似乎知道你的任何事情,能帮助你做出生活的重要决定,谈论很傻的问题。不把你的朋友和亲近的人当回事,这并不是一个好的想法。毕竟,你总能和你最亲近的朋友分享你的快乐和悲伤。 /201701/488420

Styles Facing Extinction刺绣的类型面临减少Bian Embroidery was regarded as a National Treasure during the Northern Song Dynasty. Bian refers to the capital of the Northern Song Dynasty, Bianliang, today’s Kaifeng. Bian Embroidery was mainly used by the royal family so it was also known as Court Embroidery or Official Embroidery. The style was exquisite,precise and elegant to match the demeanor of the royal family. However,with the collapse of the dynasty,Bian Embroidery collapsed, too.汴绣在北宋被视为国宝。汴指北宋的首都汴梁,今开封。汴绣主要用于皇室所以它也被称为皇家刺绣或官方刺绣。风格优美,精确和优雅,与王室风范相配。然而,随着宋王朝的灭亡,汴绣灭亡了。Han Embroidery originated from Chu (Hubei Province) and flew to Wuhan from Jingzhou and Shashi. Tinted by the Chu Culture,Han Embroidery is characterized by a rich and gaudy color with bold patterns and exaggerated techniques. Han Embroidery came to its heyday in the middle and later Qing Dynasty and obtained golden medals in international expos and competitions. Embroidery Street was formed in Daxing Road,Hankou,with nearly 40 workshops engaged in it. Bombing by the American planes of a Japanese magazine nearby destroyed the street as weavers fled.汉绣源于楚国(湖北)和从荆沙传到武汉。由楚文化着色,汉绣的特点是浓艳的色搭配大胆的图案和夸张的技巧。汉绣在清朝中后期达到鼎盛并获得国际览会和比赛的金牌。绣品街成立于汉口大兴路,有近40个商店。随着美国飞机轰炸附近的日本杂志,织工逃离,绣品街摧毁。 /201609/465674

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