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乐山市刺青纹绣纹身美甲定妆化妆纹绣培训学校崇州美甲2016款式时尚结婚美甲图片培训中心怎么样好吗Like I just says,Sp the weight between the legs and the arm.Try not panic,try to consider veilige正如我所说的 将重量分散于两腿和手臂之间 不要慌张 要保安全Weather-proofed power lines are not made for climbing and not for much more resistance in rope.耐腐蚀电线不适合用来攀爬 也不能承受过大拉力Come on! Last bit!This is the hardest section of the traverse.加油 最后一点 这是横穿过程中最困难的部分Im tired, and the slack in the wires means that here is a serious uphill battle.我很累 松弛的绳子意味着 这里是一个严峻考验And the lip of the building is the final obstacle,acting just like a dangerous overhang of a cliff.屋顶的边缘是最后的障碍 就像悬崖上一块危险的峭石Yeah, Im across.Okay, lets bring you across.Okay, go.好的 我过来了 好了 该你过来了 好的 过来Theres something about the hard edges of buildings that make this crossing a stomach-turner,even for experienced climbers.这栋建筑的坚硬的边缘 使得这次横穿催人反胃 即使很有经验的攀爬者亦如此Get the arm over the edge, thats it - right over it.Thats it.Thats it.Okay, lets find a way off this roof.手臂撑上来 对 撑在这上面 就是这样 好了 你上来了 好 我们来寻找一条离开屋顶的路Making your way through the urban jungle can be every bit as challenging as a natural one.在水泥森林中求生 与在自然丛林中一样具有挑战性But here, as there,you need to know how to move for speed and safety.但这里 和那里一样 你需要知道如何快速 安全地前行Its all about balance, confidence, and planning ahead eyes and feet in perfect harmony.这关乎平衡 信心 以及提前计划 眼和脚的完美协调201609/468212宜宾市纹绣半永久加盟美甲学校培训 栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。201606/431419John Ball is a recognisable type, a preaching friar who pushes Black Death radicalism to its logical extreme.约翰·保尔 一名布道的教士 他将黑死病引发的激进主义浪潮推向高潮Get rid of the priesthood and the property owners,Ball argued,消灭教会和有产者 保尔主张And Christs embrace of the poor will once again be honoured.上帝一视同仁的拥抱 必将重获Are we not descended from the same parents, Adam and Eve?我们不都是同一祖先亚当夏娃的子孙吗What reason can they give why they should be more masters than ourselves?他们有什么理由认定 他们应该是我们的主人They are clothed in velvet and rich ermine,while we are forced to wear poor clothing.他们能够穿丝绒 披貂皮 而我们只能衣衫褴褛They have wines and fine spices and fine b,while we have only rye and the refuse of the straw,他们享用美酒佳宴 而我们只能粗茶淡饭and when we drink it must be water.只能饮水止渴We are called slaves,and if we do not perform our services, were beaten.我们被称作奴隶 不干活 就要挨打Let us go to the king and remonstrate with him.We may obtain a favourable answer.我们去找国王理论理论 也许能得到一个好结果And if not,we must seek to amend our conditions ourselves.如果不能 我们必须自己改变现状And so they marched,the levelling fever of the Black Death buzzing in their brains,于是 他们游行 黑死病引发的对均分的狂热 在他们头脑中萦绕slogans of equality and retribution in their mouths.高举平等标语 高喊赔偿口号After all, who were Wat Tyler, John Ball and Robert Cave of the Dartford Baker瓦特·泰勒 约翰·保尔 达特福德的面包师罗伯特·凯夫but the three dead confronting the spoiled,rich and mighty with their day of judgement.就像故事中的三个死人一样 对那些骄纵的 有钱有势的人进行审判 /201611/480190广安纹绣美甲美睫批发商城市场培训学校哪个好些

眉山纹绣美甲美发业彩妆培训学校哪个好些栏目简介:Its been a month since students at a Changzhou school reportedly became ill in a case linked to soil pollution. While the investigation continues, a revised law on land contamination is expected soon. The story has led many to wonder about the state of land contamination and whether it can be reversed. My colleague Qin Yi recently spoke with a land treatment expert to find out more.201704/499939达州纹绣半永久加盟学费课程需要多少钱 Bear is very kind of inspiration that makes you feel that you can do it and everything is ok.贝尔很擅长鼓舞人心 会让你觉得你能做到 任何事都没问题Before you know it hes done near in the water,gush it for breath.在你反应过来之前 他就已经快入水了 已经浮出水面换气了The teamve became very accustomed to me to jump from the choppers,and generally lounge myself out to be unknown.整个团队看惯了我跳机 投身于未知的环境But in southern Texas,were heading into the heart of Chihuahua desert.但是在德克萨斯州南部 我们要进入奇瓦瓦沙漠Biplane was my means of entry.The plan was for the plane to invert and drop me out.我想乘坐复翼飞机进入 计划是让机身翻转 然后把我扔下去but the large tail is causing concern.If I head it when I jumped,it would be curtains.we had to find the solution.但是巨大的机尾会引起麻烦 如果我跳机的时候撞上了机尾 我就翘辫子了 我们必须要找到解决之道What we try to do for this one is trying to drop out a biplane where that you get inverted and I can just, disappear from it.这次我要从复翼机机翼跳下去 机身翻转的时候 把我扔下去The pilot is going this is called a mad one to do.Im thingking,you know, ;help;.飞行员说这太疯狂了 我认为 救命啊But you know we can work well in a team we try to minimize the risk while we doing it.You know, Im pretty confident we can we can do this.但是我们合作无间 我们尽可能将风险减到最低 我很有信心我们能 我们能做到Yes, its definitely got to be an exciting entrance,and probably one the best one youve done.显然 这次进入地区是激动人心的一次 可能是最棒的一次Before take off, Simon had to work out how to film the sequence.在起飞前 西蒙需要先设定好拍摄的顺序It is a big dilemma:where the position of himself to get shots of me sitting in the cockpit.简直左右两难 不知道他要从哪里 拍摄我在座舱的位置This is a new challenge first cause its only the beginning of the show.这是一次全新的挑战 因为这才仅仅是这期节目的开头而已Bear jumped out of an aircraft and Im sitting around next to him.Helicopter,plane, whatever.贝尔跳出飞机了 我就坐在他旁边 直升机 飞机 无论什么This one is, look, a plane that has two seats.and one for the pilot there and one for Bear there.看看这架 只有两个位置 一个是给飞行员坐的 一个是贝尔坐的Where...where I gonna go.So Im talking to the pilot,he says I can be on the wing.我要坐哪儿 所以我跟飞行员说这个问题 他说我可以待在机翼上I cant be in the draft of this prop,cause its gonna be 200 miles on the wind So Id be just outside that,which means Im right here, about the six feet away from Bear.我不能待在推进器上 因为风速高达时速200英里 所以我就待在外面 我就在这儿 离贝尔大约6英尺远which, um...there is no other place to be,so thats where Im gonna be for the shot.那里 也没有其他地方可以待了 所以我在那里进行拍摄201605/446295广安美甲纹绣半永久培训学校哪个好些

凉山彝族自治州市半永久化妆术课程班培训课程多少钱 5 Days of No Coffee我的五天不喝咖啡日记Hey, guys! Im Lucie Fink. This is ;five days of no coffee.;嘿大家!我是 Lucie Fink。这是“五天不喝咖啡挑战”。Monday星期一I love coffee. I myself started drinking it at about age 15. I drink about two to four cups of coffee every day. But I dont think that I drink it only for energy. I genuinely enjoy coffee. Coffee is such a huge part of social culture around the world. I mean, think about it, when you go to meet up with a friend that you havent seen in a while, where do you go? To get a cup of coffee!我爱咖啡。我自己在十五岁左右开始喝。我每天大概喝二到四杯咖啡。不过我不认为自己只是为了提神才喝。我真心喜欢咖啡。咖啡是全世界社交文化如此重要的一部分。我是说,想想看,当你和一个一阵子没看到的朋友约见面时,你会去哪?喝一杯咖啡!There are so many proven benefits of coffee, but there are also some drawbacks. It can be dehydrating, it can disrupt sleep patterns, caffeine increases your stress hormone, and also, coffee tends to lead to unplanned trips to the bathroom (side note). So, Im going off of it this week, and well see how my body responds.喝咖啡有许多经明的好处,不过也有一些坏处。咖啡可能造成脱水、可能打乱睡眠型态、咖啡因会增加你的压力荷尔蒙,还有,咖啡容易让你意外多去厕所几趟(题外话)。所以,我这礼拜要戒咖啡,然后我们就知道我的身体会如何反应了。I have a garbage can here. I didnt just pour that on the floor. Gotcha!这有一个垃圾桶。我没有直接倒在地板上啦。骗到你了!I have a really bad headache, and Ive had it all freaking day. It was almost as if the moment I started thinking this morning, my head started hurting. Happy Monday. Good night.我头超痛,而且已经痛一整天了。几乎是在我今天早上开始思考那刻,我的头就开始痛了。星期一快乐。晚安。Tuesday星期二Hi. The sun hurts. Twenty-four hours with no coffee... I didnt think I needed coffee, but let me tell you, I was wrong. Yesterdays headache was just the tip of the iceberg. Todays is even worse. Yesterday I felt really disorganized. I had a couple of morning meetings that I just could not pull myself together, and papers were flying around my desk! People would come over to talk to me and I continuously forgot what I was about to say. Blame it on the fact that it was Monday or blame it on the lack of coffee—who knows.嗨。太阳好刺眼。二十四小时没喝咖啡……我之前不觉得我需要咖啡,但告诉你,我错了。昨天的头痛不过是冰山一角。今天更惨。昨天我觉得思绪很没条理。我早上要开几个会,我就是没办法集中精神,然后文件还在我桌上四处飞!人们过来和我说话然后我一直忘记我要说什么。把错推给昨天是星期一,或是怪没有咖啡吧——天晓得。But instead of just giving in and assuming I must be addicted to coffee, I decided to do some research about foods that naturally will energize my body and make me feel more alert and awake. So heres what I got: some fresh fruit for natural sugar, trail mix, dark chocolate, and in the fridge, I have coconut water and get this...raw sauerkraut. Lets do this. Ouch...不过我没有就这样让步然后觉得我一定是咖啡成瘾,我决定调查一下哪些食物能自然帮我的身体充电,还有让我感觉更头脑清醒些。所以这里是我得到的结果:一些新鲜水果来提供天然糖分、综合坚果、黑巧克力,然后冰箱里我冰了椰子水,还有这个……没加工的德式酸菜。来吧。痛啊……Wednesday星期三I made a mistake this morning. The point of this five days was to give up coffee, which naturally led to me giving up caffeine, considering coffee is my biggest source of caffeine. So I thought I was being so good and I poured myself a cup of tea instead of coffee. You know, I had another cup...and another cup. Later in the day, my co-producer asked me, ;What are you drinking?; And I said, ;Tea.; She looked at me and asked, ;Can I see the label for that?; As it turns out—and Im so ashamed—I was drinking caffeinated black tea.我今天早上犯了个错。这五天挑战的重点是戒掉咖啡,那很自然就连到我戒掉咖啡因,有鉴于咖啡是我最主要的咖啡因来源。所以我想说我做得很好,然后我替自己倒了杯茶而非咖啡。你知道,我喝了另一杯……又一杯。那天稍晚,我的协同制作人问我:“你在喝什么?”我回:“茶。”她看着我然后问:“我可以看看那的标签吗?”结果呢——我觉得很羞愧——我喝的是含咖啡因红茶。Since one cup of black tea has half of the caffeine content of a cup of coffee, and I had three cups of tea, I have today had 1.5 cups of coffees worth of caffeine. Needless to say, my headaches are gone. If nothing else, this grand mistake of mine has taught me that the headaches and the irritability were from a lack of caffeine. Even still, without the headaches, and even with all the food Ive been eating to keep my energy levels up, I still want coffee.因为一杯红茶含一杯咖啡的一半咖啡因含量,然后我喝了三杯茶,所以我今天喝下一杯半咖啡的咖啡因含量。不用说,我的头痛没了。至少,这个天大的错误告诉我,头痛和易怒确实是缺少咖啡因造成的。然而即使头不痛了,还有即使有我吃的那所有提神的食物,我还是想喝咖啡。Today, I ran out in the rain, and I went to a coffee shop, and I just sat there and inhaled the fumes. Do you see how crazy this week is making me?今天,我在雨中跑出去,我去了间咖啡厅,然后我就只是坐在那吸咖啡的香气。你看到这礼拜把我搞得多疯了吧?Thursday星期四My five days of no-coffee challenge has turned into a big, buzzing topic around the R29 office. Everyones got a coffee story. This person drinks coffee for two weeks and then goes off of it so that they dont get addicted. This other person drank so much coffee that she became allergic to it. That is a true story.我的五天不喝咖啡挑战已经变 R29 办公室的热门话题。每个人都有咖啡故事。这个人喝咖啡喝了两个星期然后戒掉,这样才不会上瘾。另一个人喝太多咖啡,喝到变对咖啡过敏。那可是真实故事。My focus this week was to really dive deep and understand my personal relationship with that dark, steaming roast. As we saw, on Monday and Tuesday, Im kind of addicted to caffeine. To be honest, even though the caffeine got rid of my headaches, caffeine alone doesnt cut it. That feeling for me of holding a cup of coffee and just inhaling and breathing deeply, taking that first sip—its a mind, body, and soul experience. So, Im not sure that Im addicted as one would say, but I might be...in love. Interesting.我这礼拜的重点是真的深入探索并了解我自己和那浓黑、冒着蒸气的烘焙咖啡的关系。如我们所见,星期一和星期二,我有点咖啡因成瘾。老实说,即使咖啡因解决掉我的头痛,单只有咖啡因还是不够。对我来说,手握一杯咖啡然后深吸一口气的感觉、啜饮那第一口——那是身心灵的体验。所以,我不太确定我是人家说的对咖啡上瘾,但我可能……恋爱了。有意思。Friday星期五Happy Friday, guys! Wow, what a week! Am I right? Lets break down how the week went, shall we?大家,周五快乐!哇,真精的一周!对吧?我们来简单讲一下这礼拜过得怎样,好吗?Cons: massive headaches, irritability, and the inability to form sentences. Pros: I was able to get to sleep a little bit easier than I am normally and, potentially, made fewer trips to the bathroom. So, where does that leave me? Clearly, some addictive personality traits that I didnt even know I had came shining through this week, so I really learned a lot about myself and my addiction. Nothing in my life can really replace a cup of coffee.坏处:严重头痛、易怒,还有说话无法成句。好处:我能够比平常稍微容易入睡些,还有,很可能,少去几趟厕所。所以,这挑战对我有什么意义?很显然,有一些以前我甚至没发现的成瘾人格特质在这礼拜全都显现出来,所以我真的认识自己和我的咖啡瘾许多。我生命中没有任何事物能真正取代一杯咖啡。Now I wanna know what you could not give up for one entire week. Subscribe to Refinery29 on YouTube for some more challenges like this one. Drop us a line. Let me know what you wanna see me try.现在我想知道什么是你没办法一整个星期都不碰的。在 YouTube 上订阅 Refinery29 频道好收看更多像这样的挑战。留言给我们。让我知道你想看我尝试什么。201607/452466绵阳皮肤管理纹绣半永久加盟培训中心怎么样好吗邛崃刺青纹绣纹身美甲定妆培训课程多少钱



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泸州美甲美睫睫毛嫁接半永久培训班 彭州市加盟美甲用品工具批发学校机构 [详细]
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