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ANNOUNCER: See if you can I.D. me. 看你能否鉴别出我。I#39;m a U.S. government agency that was established in 1946. 我是于1946年建立的一个美国政府机构。My original mission was to fight the sp of malaria. 我最初的目标是与疟疾的散步作斗争。Now, I work to prevent and control all types of diseases. 现在,我致力于防控所有的疾病。I#39;m the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more commonly known as the CDC.美国疾病控制与预防中心,大家更多的叫我疾病控制中心。AZUZ: It#39;s a knee-jerk reaction for a lot of folks, you get sick, you go to the doctor and ask for an antibiotic. 对于大多数民众来说,当你生病了,你去看医生并要求使用抗生素,就像是膝跳反射一样。But you don#39;t always need one. 但你通常并不需要抗生素。Doctors say it won#39;t kill off a virus like the common cold, and overuse of antibiotics is blamed for the rise of what some call, Superbugs. 医生说它并不能杀死像普通感冒一样的病毒,而抗生素滥用被认为是超级菌产生的罪魁祸首。Bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics, infections that are harder for medicines to kill. 药物很难杀死对抗生素产生抗体的细菌和传染病。The CDC says these things have gotten so bad, they are now officially considered a threat to human health. 疾控中心表示事情已经很严重了,他们现在被看成了对人类健康的威胁。2 million people in America get superbug infections every year. 每年,美国有两百万人被超级菌感染。At least 23,000 people die because current drugs can#39;t cure them. 至少有两万三千人因为当今的药物无法治愈他们而丧生。So, what can we do about it?那么,我们能做些什么呢? /201309/257923

Ten days later, the trap re-opens.十天以后,陷阱打开,苍蝇只剩下一个空壳子,饱餐的捕蝇草重新设定,等下一个倒霉鬼送上门来。All that remains is a husk.苍蝇只剩下一个空壳子The plant has finished its meal and resets itself饱餐的捕蝇草重新设定for its next victim.等下一个倒霉鬼送上门来But there is one time of year when the Venus fly trap但每到特定时节needs some of the visiting insects to live.捕蝇草会给路过的昆虫一条生路It needs their help to be pollinated.它需要昆虫帮忙授粉It sends up flowers on tall stems,所以在远离下方陷阱的well away from the danger of the traps below.长梗上开花Here, insects can feed safely on nectar.昆虫可以放心地在这里吸食花蜜In return, they provide a vital service,并提供重要的carrying pollen from flower to flower.授粉务But the truce is only temporary.但和平是短暂的When pollination is over, it#39;s back to business as usual.授粉作用完成之后 一切恢复正常 Article/201311/263061

I learned APL, you know, obviously, is part of the reason why I#39;m going through life sideways.我学了APL,很明显它丰富了我的人生Was it you look back and consider it, enriching experience that taught you to think in a different way, or not?你有没有觉得它教给你独特的思考方式?Err... No, not that particularly. Other language perhaps more so, I started with APL. 他语言也许更明显些,我最先学的APLSo I mean, obviously, the Apple II was a terrific success, just incredibly so.And the company grew like topsy and eventually went public. 显然Apple II很成功,公司飞速发展,成功上市and you guys got really rich. What#39;s it like to get rich?你们都成了富翁,富有的感觉如何?It#39;s very interesting. I was worth, err, about over an million dollars when I was 23, 很有趣,我23岁拥有超过100万美元的财产and over 10 million dollars when I was 24, and over a hundred million dollars when I was 25. 24岁超过了一千万,25岁超过了一亿And it wasn#39;t that important, Because I never did it for the money. 但这不重要,我不是冲着钱去的I think money is wonderful thing because it enables you to do things; it enables you to invest ideas that don#39;t have a short term payback and things like that. 钱允许你做想做的事. 钱让你实现那些短期内看不到效益的创意But especially at that point in my life, it was not the most important thing.但钱不是最重要的The most important thing was the company, the people, the products we were making, what we were going to enable people do with these products. 重要的是公司、人才、产品,是产品带给客户的价值So I didn#39;t think about it a great deal and I never sold any stock, 所以我不太看重金钱,我从不出售苹果的股票and just really believe the company would do very well over the long term. 我相信公司会发展得越来越好 /201306/244363

Jon Stewart采访嘉宾谈白宫里的奴隶。美国8个早期的总统在白宫期间都有奴隶,这些建国之父们在美国《独立宣言》和《宪法》中都写下了“人人生而平等”这句话,是从心里认为是“白人生而平等”呢,还是立下了实现“人人生而平等”的目标? Article/201312/270577

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