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President Xi visits Huawei office in Reading习近平主席参观华为英国公司On Wednesday, Chinese President Xi Jinping visited offices of Huawei, the Chinese telecommunications giant, in the town of Reading, about 40 miles west of London.周三,中国国家主席习近平参观了总部位于伦敦附近的雷丁的中国通讯业巨头华为英国公司。He listened to reports on the development of the company and approved of its concepts and innovation.习近平主席听取了华为公司在英国的发展情况汇报,并对创新和理念做出肯定后,。Xi was shown some products in the company#39;s technology showroom, and communicated with staff who are in charge of creativity and design.习近平走进公司展厅,驻足参观机械手和终端产品展示,与发明设计的英国员工亲切交谈,不时询问有关情况。 译文属 Article/201510/405324。

Around 7 hundred million years, our planet started to cool.大约7亿年前 地球开始降温。It was the beginning of an Ice Age.是一次冰河时代的发端No one is quire sure why it happened,没人能确定发生原因,but it seems that our entire word was plungedces into an interminable winter.冰从地球两极不断蔓延 直至将整个世界拖入一个漫长的冰封冬季。Some scientists have called it the time of snowball Earth.某些科学家称这段时期为“雪球地球”because the whole planet would appear as an icy ball.因为当时整个行星 看起来就是一个冰球。Others believe that the Earth was cold but not completely frozen.其他一些人认为地球是冷的 但是并没有完全冰冻Traveler to Jupiter and you can get some idea of what Earth might have looked like.去木星看看 您对地球当时可能的模样就有些概念Europa is one of Jupiter#39;s moons.A frozen landscape欧罗巴是木星卫星之一that might mirror parts of Earth millions of years ago.冰冻现象可能是地球 数百万年前的一面镜子but knowing what earth look like 仅仅知道地球的模样doesn#39;t convey just how terrible the conditions would have been.并不能准确体会到当时的情况A blizzard, high in the Alps, in mid-winter, is as close as I can get.冬季阿尔卑斯高处的暴风雪 是我能接触到的与当时最接近的情况 Article/201508/395271。

My name is Zlatan Ibrahimovic.我的名字是兹拉坦·伊布拉西莫维奇Wherever I go, people recognize me. Call my name. Cheer for me.不管去到哪里,人们都会认出我。叫着我的名字,为我欢呼。But there are names no one cheers for.但有些名字却无人喝。Carmen… Rahma… Antoine… Lida… Chheuy… Mariko…卡尔马,拉赫马,安托万,利达,楚伊,马利克。If I could, I would write every single name on my body.如果可以,我真想把他们每一个的名字都纹在身上,But there are 805 million people suffering from hunger in the world today.但如今的世界上,有整整八亿五百万人因饥饿而受苦。Too many of them are children.其中有着太多的儿童。They are struck by war, natural disasters and extreme poverty.他们经受战争、自然灾害与极度贫困的磨难。I have supporters all over the world.在全世界,我有很多持者。Beginning today, I want the support to go to the people who really need it.从今天开始,我希望他们能将这份持给予真正需要的人们。So whenever you hear my name, you will think of their names.这样一来,每当你听到我的名字,你都会想起他们的名字。Whenever you see me, you will see them.每当你看到我,你都会看见他们。 Article/201701/488644。

NARRATOR: See if you can ID me. 看你能否鉴别出我。I#39;m found in the Earth#39;s crust. 我是在地壳中被发现的。I contain carbon. 我含有碳元素。I can be used as a nonrenewable energy source. 我是一种不可再生能源。One example of me is coal.举个例子,我可以是煤。I#39;m a fossil fuel and scientist say I won#39;t be available forever as a fuel source.我是一种化石燃料,科学家说我作为一种化石燃料不可能永远存在。AZUZ: That#39;s one reason for national efforts for homes, business and vehicles to use renewable resources. 这就是为什么举国上下的家庭、企业、车辆都开始使用可再生能源的原因。So, think water, wind and solar power instead of coal, oil and natural gas.想想用水、风、太阳能来取代煤、天然气和石油吧。Hydrogen-fueled cars are an example. 氢燃料车就是一个例子。They use renewable energy. 他们使用的是可再生能源。Some models can get great mileage and they don#39;t add pollutants to the atmosphere in the form of carbon dioxide. 有些车型能走很长的里程,他们都不会以二氧化碳的形式向大气里排放污染物。The cons: they#39;re more expensive. 反对观点是:这些车更贵。Their fuel cells may not last as long as gas engines and it#39;s hard to transport hydrogen fuel. 它们的燃料电池的持续时间没有汽油发动机持续的长,氢燃料很难运输。Still, a fast moving sport is driving attention to it.速度很快的运动型车引起了很多注意。 /201505/373882。

During pregnancy, many women will have food cravings怀期间,许多女性会突然很想吃一些食物based on taste, smell, or texture.食物种类因味道,气味,或材料不同In some women, these cravings can be dangerous.对一些女性而言,这种渴望有可能很危险PICA is an abnormal ingestion of non-food items异食癖是指一种不正常的摄入非食物类or ingestion of food in excessive amounts.或过量摄入食物PICA is a potentially fatal and may lead to异食癖很可能是致命的,也许会complications to the pregnancy影响怀depending on what substance is consumed.这主要取决于食用了什么物质Consumption of laundry detergent, baking soda,异食癖的妇食用洗衣粉,小苏打corn starch, or coffee grounds has been reported玉米淀粉,或咖啡渣都in women with PICA.已经是报道过的了Intestinal disturbances, such as an obstruction肠功能失调,例如会引发阻塞or contamination can result from these situations或污染or more severe complications,或者更严重的影响for example metabolic alkalosis, can occur例如,有可能发生代谢性碱中毒if a box of baking soda is consumed.如果用了一盒小苏打的话Over consumption of foods can also lead to过量食用食物也会引发excess weight gain or hyperglycemia.超重或高血糖症Furthermore, women can damage their teeth此外,女性很有可能损伤自己的牙齿by either consuming hard or acidic compounds.如果吃太硬或太酸的食物的话Studies have shown a smaller head circumference研究表明,胎儿的头围变小of the child is correlated with the mother eating clay与母亲在期食用or dirt during pregnancy.黏土或泥土是有关的The poison center advises women not to防中毒中心建议女性consume coffee grounds不要食用咖啡渣because it can be associated with caffeine toxicity.因为有可能会咖啡因中毒PICA is a medical emergency异食癖是一种医疗紧急事故and at the first sign of this abnormal behavior,一旦发现这种不正常的行为medical assistance must be sought就应寻求医疗帮助to prevent damage to the health以避免损害of the mother and the baby.母体和胎儿的健康Less severe than PICA, many women think that没有异食癖那么严重的是,许多女性认为cravings are a sign that the baby needs specific food渴望某种事物表示胎儿需要某种食物and that they are free to eat whatever they feel like.因此,母亲可以随意食用胎儿想吃的食物For example, the coworker例如who munches on a jar of pickles throughout the day一个妇整天都嚼食一罐酸菜because she believes that the baby wants them因为她觉得胎儿需要may be increasing here intake of sodium但这会过量增加钠元素的摄入量to a dangerous level.引发危险Several years ago,几年前the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists stated that美国妇产科学院申明when exercising while pregnant heart rate锻炼时,妇的心率should not exceed 140 beats per minute每分钟不能超过140下and the exercise shouldn#39;t last more than 15 minutes.锻炼时间也不应超过15分钟Now the American College of Obstetricians如今,美国妇产科学院and Gynecologists recommend moderate exercise建议妇要进行适当的运动30 minutes or more for most days of the week.尽量每天锻炼30分钟或30分钟以上For many women, once they learn that对许多女性而言,一旦她们得知they are pregnant, they stop exercising.自己怀了,就停止锻炼了For some, this may be because they don#39;t understand对一些人而言,也许是因为她们不懂得the benefits of regular exercise经常锻炼的益处or they feel uncomfortable.或是她们觉得不舒During pregnancy, changes occur in hormones,怀期间,激素水平body, balance, and heart rate.体重,平衡状态及心率都会发生变化Because of the extra weight,由于体重增加balance will be off and joints will be strained.身体会失去平衡,关节也会扭伤Also, exercise increases the flood of oxygen blood锻炼能够使更多的有氧血液to the muscles being worked and away from other parts流入锻炼的肌肉或者将有氧血液移除of your body including the fetus.身体其他部位包括胎儿部位Therefore, care must be taken to participate in exercise因此,必须小心谨慎地参加锻炼that avoids these issues.以避免这些问题The first step is第一步to speak with your healthcare professional与自己的医疗保健医师进行沟通before starting an exercise regimen.然后再开始锻炼养生Exercising has many benefits锻炼的益处很多for both the mother and the fetus.对母亲和胎儿都很有益For the mother, it can improve对母亲而言,能够提高cardiovascular function, limit pregnancy weight gain,心血管功能,控制期体重增加decrease muscle and skeletal discomfort,减少肌肉和骨骼不适reduce muscle cramps, reduce lower limb swelling,减少肌肉痉挛,减少下肢肿胀and stabilize mood.平和内心等 Article/201503/365610。

Turn Shape 转弯成型So last time we were looking at trying to cut open string at that snow plough wedge and completing a turn and parallel position.上次我们着重尝试了犁式,完成转弯以及平行式。You gonna find that much more comfortable on the legs and whole experience more enjoyable.你将发现腿部会更放松,过程也更为享受。This time we look at three things:control issues,and looking at the shape of turn to make lift easier,这一次我们着重学习以下三个技能:控制,注意观察转弯的形状使整个动作更为轻松,and then to use the ski and edge to feel a bit more beaten in contol,然后用雪板和板刃感受控制力的逐渐变化,and finally line chioce.最后选择雪道。Now we are looking at ski around the mountain,make it easy for yourself and looking ahead.现在我们开始从山上滑雪,保自己身体放轻松向前看。The first we gonna look at is the shape of your turns,首先,我们将注意转弯的弧线。very simply if you look back at the tracks you#39;ve left,you wanna be seeing a smooth ;s; shape and not this ;z; shape.很简单的,向后看看滑雪留下的痕迹,很平滑的S型,而非生硬的Z型痕迹。The challenges are if you feeling hard to control your speed,整个过程较为困难的就是控制滑雪速度有些困难,you chock in this skis around the corner,and then running off in a straight line towards the next one,如果这样的话,就在滑雪转弯处停下来,然后开始下一段之前滑一段直线,and then doing that same movement.We wanna a place that with a nice smooth gradual ;s;.再继续这一动作。我们要画出一个平滑的S型。If you watch here:the turn is rushed.如果你看到了这里,那么这个转弯就有些急。I#39;m doing the whole turn in one very fast erratic movement ,我以一种迅速不稳定的方式完成了整个转弯,then I pick up speed between my turns.在转弯之间加速。What we want to achive is a round link turn,which keeps my speed constant and in control.我们想要的是一个连接处平滑的转弯,这样可以 保持滑行速度恒定,并使速度在自己的掌控中。You always gonna speed up when you start the turn,and point the ski down hill,you can#39;t change that ,在你开始一个转弯的时候,你总是会加速,会把雪板指向山下,这是你无法改变的。but what you can change is how far should going before you do that and feeled you gonna push a nice gradual brake向山下滑时,你不可以改变滑行 速度。但是你可以在转弯前控制你滑行的距离,感受你滑行过程慢慢放缓,and then start that next turn.Feeling a lot calmer ,less stress and happy about your life.然后开始下一段转弯。感受着更为平静、放松、开心的生活。So I#39;m gonna start to slide ,but from here I#39;m gradually turning up hill ,现在我要开始搓雪,然后从这里开始我将逐渐向山上滑行。now I feel contorl ,I can start my next turn,and stopped turning up that hilling next way.现在我能感受到配力的作用,我将要开始下一段转弯,停止滑行,用另一种方法进行上山。Let#39;s try the other way.我们一起用另一种滑行方式。I#39;m slide in, nice and smooth and turning up hill nice and gently.我这样优雅平滑地滑雪,优雅地向坡上滑。Now I can feel control. I can going to that next turn,start turning up hill,feeling the brake coming on smooth.现在我能感受到配力。我将开始下一个转弯,开始向山上滑去,感受着平滑的制动。Make sure you#39;re happy with your speed before you start your turn,确保你在开始另一种方式的转弯前,that way, you will be less loudly to slam the brake to slow down.你可以很好地掌控这一速度,这样你就可以很顺利地制动以减速。Remember the control comes at the end of the turn, not the begining.记住在转弯的结束时控制速度,而不是在转弯开始时You would notice that my upper bodyis nice and calm,注意我的上身保持一种优雅从容的状态。and if you got any of these rotation issues,and trying to force it,如果你的上身存在任何旋转问题,并且在和整个身体较劲,that#39;s often a symptom you have gone too fast into your turn.那么这就是因为你转弯速度过快。Remember you always gonna speed up when you start the turn,记住要在开始转弯时进行加速,but if you control it before hand, the challenges are you must be much soomther.但是如果你事先控制好速度,你将遇到的困难就只有如何在滑行过程保持更为平滑。Watch my upperr body here ,there is no unnecessary movement.现在注意你的上身,不要有过多的行动。I#39;m not th my shoulder around and instead I contorlling my speed at the end of the turn and preparing for the next.我不绷着肩膀,反而是控制转弯处速度并且准备下一个转弯。Because I#39;m in control, I don#39;t need to rush the turn to slow down.I can just keep a smooth round turn shape.因为我掌控着自己的滑行过程,就没有急减转弯速度的必要。我可以保持平滑转弯的弧度。We can break the turn down into two:firstly, point down the hill,我们可以将转弯分解成两部分:首先,向山下滑去,let me come around,and then we gonna start the turn gradually up hill,我来演示一下,然后我们开始慢慢向山上转弯,make it a smooth brake not sharp one,have a watch.使其制动平滑,不是生硬的那样转上去。就像这样。Part 1,appoint the skis downhill;第一部分:确定向山下滑行动作part 2,turn the skis up hill,prepare for the turn,第二部分:向山上滑行。为了这一转弯,control your speed ,prepare for the turn ,conrtol your speed.控制好你的速度。为了这一转弯,控制好你的速度。Sperating the turn into two will help you aviod turning the siks too quikly at the start.将转弯分为两部分,有助于避免你开始转弯的时候速度过快。注:本文翻译由en88字幕组完成。 Article/201504/371367。

Behold the bounty of earth.这些是来自地球的东西This is the cube of Rubik.这是一个魔方This simple puzzle was actually considered unsolvable by the humans.这个简单的东西,人类竟然认为是无解的。Did they not have brains?他们没有大脑吗?Mmm…simple ones.恩...他们的大脑比较简单Now, this was apparently a 21st century torture device.这是二十一世纪的刑具How long would they keep them strapped in there?他们要在里面呆多久?Sometimes hours at a time. Pretty gruesome.通常以小时计算。相当可怕。And over here we have their alphabet. It was called ;emoji;.现在我们来看看他们的语言文字。这个叫emojiA few symbols could express the vast extent of their emotion.这几个符号可以表达他们很多的情感。Uh… they had Chia pets, just like we do.额...他们也会像我们一样,有一些宠物。And this is the white and gold dress that caused a civil war. This is Scott Baio.而这件白金色衣曾引发一场内部战争。这是斯科特·拜奥But most amazing of all are the Avocados From Mexico.但最令人吃惊的是来自墨西哥的AvocadosThey#39;re always in season so you can enjoy them all year long.它们四季都有,所以你一整年都可以吃到。Anybody wanna feed Scott Baio? It#39;s included in the price of admission. No?有人想要喂一下斯科特·拜奥吗?不用另外付费。没有吗?I mean, he double dipped. He...he#39;ll regenerate.他竟然蘸了两次酱。他会重生吧。No. He won#39;t. He was a Quadmogger. Avocados From Mexico.不,他不会。他只是一条鱼。墨西哥的Avocados。 Article/201703/496305。

Well, dogs are colour blind. But that doesn#39;t mean that everything is black and white.都是色盲。但这并不意味着它们眼中只有黑白。She does see colour, but mostly just blues and yellows.她能辨色,不过多为蓝黄两色。It#39;s because she only has two types of colour receptors compared to humans, who have three.因为她只有两种色受体,而人类有三种。And it#39;s also why your dog will often ignore an orange toy in the green grass, as those colours look the same to them.因此,你的总是无视绿草上的橙色玩具,因为这两种颜色在它们眼里并无区别。Better to give them something blue.最好给它们些蓝色的东西。But it#39;s when things are moving that her vision comes into its own.但当东西动起来,她的视觉就派上大用场了。Dogs#39; eyes process what they see more quickly than we do.的眼睛能比我们更快地处理所见之物。It#39;s almost like they see in slow motion.简直可以说它们看的是慢镜头。That#39;s why they#39;re always in the right place to catch the frisbee.所以它们才总能准确无误地接到飞盘。A dog#39;s hearing is also superhuman.的听觉也超乎寻常。They can hear things four times further away and twice as high pitched as we can.它们的听力距离是我们的四倍,能辨别人类听力范围两倍的高频声音。It#39;s why we can#39;t hear dog whistles.所以我们听不见哨声。But it also means they can hear the hum of lights and even the pulsing sound of a quartz crystal in a digital clock.这也意味着它们能听见灯的嗡鸣声,甚至数字钟内石英晶体的脉冲声。 Article/201505/374191。

英语非常道 第16期:今天你的;bird angry;了吗暗黑破坏神,魔兽世界,反恐精英,DOTA还有愤怒的小鸟和植物大战僵尸……这些游戏你真的都会玩吗?用游戏玩转英语,做个有品的酷玩家,不再只能听懂“game over”还有“go go go~”,跟张建宇老师探秘游戏中那些不为人知的英语小秘密,let#39;s go! Article/201509/389123。