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嘉兴治疗粉刺的医院嘉兴曙光中西医整形医院怎么样嘉兴曙光中西医整形美容医院激光祛斑怎么样 Is this the world#39;s most gruesome foodmarket? Dogs, rats, bats and monkeys among the animals roasted WHOLE inIndonesia这是世界上最可怕的菜市场吗?在印尼,,老鼠,蝙蝠,猴子等等,被整只的拿去烤These are the shocking images of a gruesomefood market where dogs are strangled by rope for food and customers canpurchase whole flame-roasted animals.这些惊悚的照片,在这个市场里,被勒死,整只的拿去烤,客人可以随意购买。The Tomohon Traditional market in NorthSulawesi, Indonesia sells whole monkeys, bats, cats, dogs, pigs, rats, slothsand even giant pythons laid out on tables with painful expressions still etchedon their faces.印尼北苏维拉西岛的托莫洪集市销售整只的猴子,蝙蝠,猫,,猪,老鼠,树籁,甚至还有巨蟒,排列在桌子上,他们脸上痛苦的表情依稀还能看到。The macabre food stalls were witnessed byOman-based photographer and blogger, Raymond Walsh, 44, who said it was easierto witness the dead and mutilated animals than it was to see the living dogs incages awaiting their fate.这些惊悚的照片由现年44岁的阿曼摄影师兼客作家Raymond Walsh拍下,他描述说在这里看到死亡和残废的动物要比看到笼子里等待死亡的活生生的更好受些。Mr Walsh said: #39;It was typical of a lot oflocal markets in the developing world - lots of fruit, vegetables and fish. Theonly difference was the sheer number of dead animals for sale.#39;他说:“在发展中国家,许多当地市场都具有这样的特点——许多食物,蔬菜和鱼。唯一的不同点在于出售的动物尸体有多少。”On his blog www.manonthelam.com, hedescribes the harrowing sight of dogs in cages with their dead counterpartslying on a table nearby.在他的www.manonthelam.com客中,他形容了令人痛心的一幕:一些活生生的被关在笼子里,而另外一些尸体就放在旁边的桌子上。#39;It was easier to stomach the entrails ofmonkeys, rats on a stick and decapitated pigs than it was to see those livedogs awaiting their fate,#39; he said.“有猴子的内脏,一串串的老鼠肉,以及被斩首的猪,吃这些食物要比看那些在笼子里等待死亡的让人更好受些,”他说。#39;The other animals seem foreign but I havefriends who have dogs.#39;“看到其他动物被这样子弄还好,但是我有些朋友有养。”Although the market#39;s dead dogs may bedifficult for westerners to look at, Mr Walsh points to the different culturesand attitudes towards the animals in South East Asia.尽管市场中的死可能让西方人不忍直视,但是他也指出了东南亚地区对动物的不同文化和态度。#39;Put simply, Westerners see dogs solely aspets. Indonesians see them as both pets and as sources of meat - it#39;s just howwe#39;re raised,#39; he said.“简而言之,西方人只把当成宠物。而印尼人把当成宠物和食物——这就是不同的文化在起作用,”他说。In the photographs, many of the animals arestiff and completely black with a haunting pained expressions on their faces.在这些照片中,许多被烤后的动物都是僵硬和黑乎乎的,其脸上痛苦的表情令人难忘。#39;After they are killed the animals areroasted over a fire, so the fur burns off, the skin tightens and peels back,causing that #39;screaming#39; look,#39; Mr Walsh explained.“被杀死后,这些动物就被烤掉,皮毛被烧,皮肤变紧和翻转,所以看起来才那么痛苦,”他说。#39;How they are killed depends on the animal.Cats, monkeys, and sloths are shot. Bats and rats have their heads clobberedagainst a tree or table. Pigs are stabbed with a sharp piece of wood or metal,#39;he added.“不同的动物有不同的杀法。猫、猴子以及树籁被射死。蝙蝠和老鼠用树或者桌子撞死。猪则用尖锐的木头或者铁器刺死,”他说。#39;Wild boars are killed as they as they aretrapped. Snakes are slashed with a knife or have their heads cut off. Dogs arestrangled with a rope,#39; Mr Walsh went on.“野猪落入陷阱后就被杀死。蛇则用刀划死或者把头砍掉。则用绳子勒死,”他说。When asked to describe the smell, Mr Walshsaid: #39;In a word, appalling. There#39;s something about the air that changes whenthere#39;s that much death around.#39;当被问到其味道如何时,他说:“一句话,叫人可怕。那么多的动物尸体在那里,周围空气都变了似的。”#39;It hangs heavy and it made me queasy andlight-headed at the same time... It#39;s the first time I#39;d ever encounteredanything like it,#39; he added.“过程相当慢且无聊,让我呕吐和头晕。。。这是我第一次看到这样的场景,”他说。 /201402/277815嘉兴市第一医院做祛眼袋手术多少钱

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嘉兴市新塍人民医院打瘦脸针多少钱A lost boy was found safe and sound in North Dakota this week under the protection of his beloved dog, Cooper.本周,美国北达科他州一名男孩不小心走失,但是他在自家爱犬Cooper的保护下安全回归。After 3-year-old Carson Urness went missing from his yard around 7:30 p.m. Monday, a search party of about 200 people was organized to find the child. About seven hours later, one of the volunteers spotted the golden retriever-german shepherd mix near a knoll; Carson was huddled underneath the pup. It appears the dog protected the missing boy from a thunderstorm by using his body to shield him.Carson Urness今年3岁,周一晚上7点30分左右他从自家庭院里失踪,此后一个由约200人组成的大队开始了搜寻工作。7小时后,有个志愿者在一座小丘附近发现了一条金毛和德牧的混种,而Carson正被它拥在身下。看上去这条忠在雷暴雨中用自己的身体保护了它的小主人。;You think of the worst, but then I knew Cooper was gone. If anyone was going to find him, they#39;d just have to find Cooper,; Carson#39;s mother told WDAZ-TV.“一开始我们想到了最糟糕的情况,但随后我发现Cooper也不在。如果我们想找到Carson,只要找到Cooper就行。”Carson的母亲对WDAZ电视台说。The boy and his dog were discovered about a mile away from the family#39;s Cooperstown farm. Though those on foot were called off from the search around 2 a.m. Tuesday due to heavy rain, ATV riders continued until one four-wheeler spotted the dog.男孩和是在距离自家农场一英里的地方被找到的。虽然由于周二凌晨2点左右下起了暴雨,搜寻工作被喊暂停,但还是有些志愿者开着沙滩车继续寻找,直到其中一人发现了Cooper。As Carson rode back to the family home on the ATV, Cooper reportedly followed closely behind. The 3-year-old was taken to a local hospital for evaluation but appears to be in good shape after the ordeal, thanks to his loyal dog.据报道,在人们用沙滩车将Carson载回家时,Cooper一路紧跟其后。Carson被送进一家当地医院进行检查,但是多亏有忠诚的守护,他在历经磨难后安然无恙。 /201405/297844 嘉兴曙光医疗医院隆鼻多少钱嘉兴曙光整形医院祛斑




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