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据美国媒体报道,美国前民主党总统候选人约翰·爱德华兹5月3日表示,目前调查人员正在就他的竞选资金出进行调查。而这一调查很可能会将他的婚外情事件曝光度升级,搬上法庭。 Well, there is more bad news, if you can believe it, from former democratic presidential candidate John Edwards with his political career virtually not existing at this point, his marriage and personal life clearly in turmoil. The former North Carolina Senator made headlines yesterday when he admitted that he is now cooperating with federal investigators that are looking into how he's spent his campaign funds. They are looking into why this woman Rielle hunter was paid more than 100,000 dollars from his political election committee. Hunter was a producer; she worked through the campaign for Edwards and admitted later to having an affair with John Edwards. Now investigators are looking into whether or not money that was shuttled to her was actually harsh money for her to keep quite about the affair or whether there was legitimate compensation to back up the work that she did for the campaign. So what is the case against Edwards and what will the political fallout be? If he is guilty, not to mention the fact that he could actually go to prison for these charges. Let’s bring in today's panel Chris Stirewalt, the political editor for the Washington Examiner. She's got the political side of this story for us and Janet, Janet Pennisi is a trial attorney chief. Janet ,you made some excellent points a moment ago. You know, we are looking at how, how good a case is this appears to be? You have services, that were paid for and you have the question whether or not there are appropriate amounts for what she did, right?That's correct, the question is whether or not the campaign funds that went to Rielle Hunter were appropriate payments for the context that what she was giving, was is good or accurate fair payment for the services she provided to the campaign. If she provided services that would worth 100,000 dollars then, you know, the case is over. You know, it does make a difference that he had affair with her. You can cheat on your wife.Well, he is looking at civil and criminal penalty, that's why the will from the survey is important. It also depended upon how much money was used for personal purposes. If it goes into a higher number then it could go to three years. I mean it can go to civil penalties that margin how much money was in the pretax column.Pretty incredible situation, when you look at this man talk about, Chris Stirewalt,talk about fall from grace. I mean John Edwards ran twice for presidential office as vice presidential candidate. We are now looking at a man who was a former senator from North Carolina who literally, things have just crumbled around him.背景资料:爱德华兹为北卡罗来纳州民主党参议员,曾两次参与总统竞选的角逐,去年8月承认自己与42岁的制片人赖莉·亨特有婚外情,今年3月他向患有癌症的妻子承认有私生女。据报道称,爱德华兹的竞选团队曾向亨特的公司付了10万美元的视频制作费。爱德华兹发表声明称:“我自认我的竞选资金没有用于其他不当用途。但我知道政府有责任确保竞选资金用途的合理合法,所以我已经向政府提供相关的人和信息以方便其迅速地解决问题。”据悉,一些由爱德华兹筹措资金的组织也在受调查的范围之内,其中包括两个非营利组织,和他母校的一个贫困捐助中心。05/69115

一直以来人们都认为男人更擅长做体力活,使用一些笨重的工具,比如说锤子等。但是,研究表明,在某些需要使用锤子的时候,女性会更擅长一些。We might think women are not as adept as men at wielding heavy tools, like say, hammers, according to popular stereotypes.Turns out that women may have a leg up when it comes to hammering in certain situations. This was announced at the recent Experimental Biology annual meeting in Glasgow, Scotland.Scientists measured the accuracy and force of men and women's blows to a metal plate. They also tested their hammer style in rooms that were either brightly lit or pitch dark. (Glow-in-the-dark stickers marked the targets.)Indeed they found that men struck twice as hard as the women. But women were 25 percent more accurate than men in well-lit conditions. Surprisingly both sexes were better than expected at hammering in the dark, although men had an advantage, with about 10 percent higher accuracy.The researchers theorize that maybe men and women inherently use different strategies, putting more emphasis on either force or accuracy, respectively. But these are preliminary results. They intend to do further studies with larger sample sizes in different conditions.But for now that old stereotype might need to be retooled.注解:leg up n. (对上马或跨跃障碍时的)帮助turn out 结果是;明是07/76638

US Auto Bailout Remains Elusive白宫仍在考虑如何救助美汽车工业 With two of America's major automobile companies reportedly weeks away from financial collapse, there continues to be little agreement in Washington on how to craft a government rescue package that would stave off bankruptcy. The White House is weighing options days after the Senate defeated a plan to provide emergency aid to carmakers. 据报导,尽管美国两大主要汽车公司几个星期后将陷入财务崩溃,但是在如何制定一个避免他们破产的政府救援计划方面,华盛顿仍没有取得一致看法。几天前,在参议院否决了向汽车制造商提供紧急援助的计划后,白宫目前正在权衡各种救助途径。In concept, everyone agrees on the basic idea behind federal assistance to the troubled U.S. auto industry. The carmakers, their unions, the Bush administration and leaders of both parties in Congress have endorsed the idea of a government bridge loan in return for significant steps to restructure automobile companies and make them more competitive. It is in the details that potential deals have fallen apart. Just what steps will be taken to put carmakers on a path to financial viability, the sacrifices that will be required of autoworkers and how federal funding will be provided have all proved highly divisive. 在概念上,每个人都同意向陷入经济困境的美国汽车行业提供联邦援助。汽车制造商、汽车工业工会、布什政府和国会两党的领导人都持政府提供过渡性贷款的想法,以换取汽车公司重组并加强竞争性的重要举措。目前是这项可能达成交易的细节出了问题。最大的分歧是采取哪些措施让汽车制造商走上财务可行性的道路,要求汽车工业做出哪些牺牲,以及以什么方式提供联邦资金。Senate Republicans have demanded the largest concessions from the auto industry, labor unions and creditors. Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee says he and other Republicans voted against last week's bill after the ed Autoworkers union rejected far-reaching wage and benefits concessions as a condition for the bridge loan. Speaking on the CBS program Face The Nation, Corker rejected any suggestion that Republicans are being obstructionist. 参议院共和党议员要求汽车工业、工会和债权方做出最大的让步。田纳西州的共和党参议员考克说,他和其他的共和党参议员投票反对上星期的议案。在此之前,全美汽车工业联合会拒绝在工资和福利方面做出重大让步,这是得到过渡性贷款的一个条件。考克在哥伦比亚广播公司的“面向全国”的电视节目上驳斥了所谓共和党人在蓄意阻挠的说法。"This has not been about blocking [legislation]. This has been about trying to find a solution that works and really causes these companies to be in a position to go forward in a healthy fashion. But, without all of these shared sacrifices, that will not happen," said Corker. 他说:“这决非是什么阻挠议案的通过。这是在设法寻找一条能奏效的解决方案,如何才能确保这些公司能健康发展。但是如果各方不能分担这些牺牲,救助计划就不能通过。”Corker added that union officials had little incentive to agree to a new round of concessions, since the White House had aly signaled its willingness to provide aid to carmakers, and the Bush administration could bypass Congress and tap the existing 0 billion financial rescue package for the funds. 考克还补充说,由于白宫已经表示愿意向汽车制造商提供援助,而且布什政府能绕过国会,动用现有的7000亿美元金融救助款,工会官员在同意作出新一轮让步方面的积极性就不大。For weeks, the White House expressed reluctance to dip into the rescue package, which Congress approved in October to bail out U.S. financial institutions. But the White House said it was reconsidering the idea after last week's Senate defeat of the automobile aid program, which would have provided billion in bridge loans, while establishing a so-called "car czar" to help guide the industry to profitability. 过去几个星期以来,白宫表示不愿意动用国会10月份批准的救助计划资金。这笔资金是用来帮助美国的金融机构摆脱困境的。但是白宫说,在参议院上个星期否决了汽车工业救助方案之后,他们正在重新考虑这个构想。被否决的计划包括提供140亿美元的过渡性贷款,并设立一个所谓的“汽车沙皇”来指导汽车工业走上营利的道路。White House officials say they are reviewing financial data on the automakers, while considering possible courses of action. 白宫官员说,他们正在评估汽车公司的财务数据,并正在考虑可能采取的行动。For its part, the main autoworkers union has aly offered some concessions, but it is not clear whether those would be sufficient to allow car companies to become profitable in the long term. 对于主要汽车制造商来说,他们已经主动做出一些让步,但是目前还不清楚这些让步是否足以让汽车公司从长远来看能够获利。All three major U.S. carmakers are headquartered in the state of Michigan, where representatives say time is running out to save the industry, which they describe as the backbone of America's diminishing manufacturing sector. 美国三个主要汽车公司的总部都在密西根州。他们的代表说,拯救汽车工业的时间所剩无几。他们说,汽车工业是美国日落西山制造业的柱。Democratic Senator Carl Levin of Michigan also spoke on Face The Nation. 密西根州的民主党参议员莱文也接受了“面向全国”的电视采访。"No other country that produces automobiles is allowing its industry to collapse. They all have the same problem. They are all providing loans to those industries," said Levin. "This is not unique to the ed States." 他说:“没有任何一个生产汽车的国家允许其汽车行业崩溃。他们都有相同的问题。他们都向这些汽车行业提供贷款。这并不是美国所特有的。”In Britain, meanwhile, labor officials are ed as urging the government to inject cash into the country's automobile industry to ensure it survives the current global economic slump. 同时,英国媒体报导说,劳工官员正在敦促政府向汽车工业注入资金,以确保汽车工业能度过目前的全球金融衰退。200812/58836

How Music Reflects Your Personality If you thought heavy metal fans were aggressive and blues fans were depressive -you couldn't be more wrong. A survey has found that our taste in music is a direct reflection on our personalities -with suprising results. Sky's Orla Chennaoui reports.Listen carefully to this selection of music, because whether the cheese or chalk/ gets you moving, it says as much about your personality as your musical taste, not necessarily though in the way you might think. By rights, you would expect Joe Fylan to spend the evenings turns up to classical music. Chances are though he's out playing heavy metal or a rock which isn't that unusual according to a new study.Classical music listeners are used to listening to good performances. If, if you're hearing, oh, that's it over there. Um, so people are listening for the excellence in performance, in metal it’s definitely the same, you know, you get these, go like "wow"...you know, "rock"...oh, oh, that kind of stuff...when the guitarist go...that kind of stuff is... And I think that's ...that's possibly why you...you might get some of the same listeners.And it's their personality that seems to bring classical and metal fans together, both at ease with themselves and introverted, although metalheads do tend to be work-shy as well. As for indie fans, they typically have low self-esteem and are lazy, unlike their rap counterparts who have high self-esteem and tend to be outgoing.And one of the interesting aspects to our findings was that basically the more you earn, so the more likely you are to enjoy a kind of really punchy, quite dynamic music. In contrast, it’s the lower earners amongst our sample of people who tended to like much more calm and much more relaxing music.So Dozard's study holds wit.Well, I think the researchers have also been camped outside my house for the last couple of weeks coz’ that’s meat down to a tee. Every night, I retreat to my lonely bedsit, and sit and do some life doing.So I think there is much more to you than what music today. I don't think, no...Kellen Jellars, I think, probably, that's sound, Kellen Jellars, I think. I hope I am anyway, so in that respect, I don’t have a fully support on hardworking. If my boss is watching, yes I’m, very hardworking.It may not be an exact science, but it will please those prone to stereotyping, theatrical opera lovers, lazy indie kids, it's not prejudice. It's science. Orla Chennaoui, Sky News.参考中文翻译:如果你认为重金属音乐喜好者攻击性比较强,蓝调音乐迷比较忧郁——那么你就大错特错了。最近一项调查显示我们对音乐的偏好能直接反映我们的性格——但是结果出人意料。Sky栏目记者Orla Chennaoui报道。认真听一下这段音乐选段,因为无论是奶酪还是粉笔都不仅说明了你对音乐的口味,还体现了你的性格,而不一定是你所认为的方式。按理说,你认为Joe Fylan 晚上会听古典音乐。但是他偶尔也会听重金属音乐或者摇滚音乐。根据一项新的调查结果,这没有什么奇怪的。经常听古典音乐的人比较习惯于倾听比较精的表演。如果你认真听,就可以体会的到。所以,人们听到是精的演绎。听重金属音乐也是一样的。你可以倾听歌手的演唱,吉他手的演绎,同样可以体会到其中的精。我想这可能就是古典音乐和摇滚音乐有同样的听众的原因。是性格把古典音乐迷和重金属音乐迷联系到一起的,他们都比较喜欢一个人独处,比较内向,虽然热爱金属音乐的人在工作中也比较害羞。对indie迷来说,他们不是那么自大,而且比较懒散,不像rap迷,一般自尊心很强,而且比较外向。我们的发现中比较有趣的一点是,你赚钱赚的越多,越喜欢听强劲的,有活力的音乐。相反,在我们的调查对象中,收入越低,越倾向于平静的,轻松的音乐。所以Dozard的研究是充满智慧的。喔,我想研究者们前两周可能就驻扎在我房子外面对我进行研究了,因为总结的非常正确。每天晚上,我都退隐到我的小房间里面,坐着随便做点什么事。所以我认为这比音乐来说对你更重要。我不这样认为,不……Kellen Jellars,我认为可能是Kellen Jellars。无论如何,我认为我不完全赞成努力工作。当然,如果老板在监视的话,我会非常努力工作的。或许这并不是太准确的科学,但是可以取悦那些喜欢陈词滥调的人,那些歌剧喜好者,慵懒的 indie 迷。这并不是偏见,而是科学。200811/57259

Anti-corruption protests in India印度的反腐败抗议I, the people吾即万民An anti-graft crusader steamrolls ahapless government一位反腐改革者施压一个不幸的政府Aug 27th 2011 | DELHI | from the print editionSQUELCHING barefoot in the sludge atRamlila Maidan, a park in central Delhi, a middle-aged man praises the people’slove for his guru, Anna Hazare. His eyes shine with zeal and hunger. His legs have cramp from fasting, for over a week, beside his 74-year-old leader. Sowhat? We train our bodies to go without food for 30 days, he says. To loseflesh is to gain energy.赤脚穿行于德里市中心Ramlila Maiden兰姆力拉广场公园的淤泥中,一位中年男子表达着对他心目中的领袖安纳·哈扎尔的爱戴之情。他的眼神闪烁着和饥饿。一周多来追随其74岁领袖,他的双腿因绝食而痉挛。这又怎样呢?他说,30天来我们绝食来训练我们的身体。牺牲肉身来获取精力。Mr Hazare, who has himself lost 6kg, isprone on a platform nearby, framed by a huge poster of Mahatma Gandhi, whosemethods he has adopted. A bank of television cameras and a devoted crowd, tensof thousands strong, watch him intently, day and night, cheering and chantingin a sea of mud. Groups of uniformed schoolboys march about, flourishing theIndian tricolour. Young men sport white Gandhi caps with “I am Anna” penned onthe sides.哈扎尔先生本人,已经减轻了6公斤体重,仰卧于附近的一座平台之上,背景是一副巨型的甘地画像,他正沿用着甘地的方式。无数的摄像机,数万名忠实的群众,日夜不分的专心的看着他,在一片泥海中不时发出喝和颂扬之声。一群群着装统一的学生挥舞着印度三色旗游行示威。年轻人头戴侧面写有“我是安纳”字样的甘地式帽子。Trade is brisk in Hazare rosettes,headbands, T-shirts, and badges. Five rupees (10 cents) gets three swipes ofpaint—saffron, white, green—on your cheek. Even police X-ray gates have“corruption-free India” scrawled on them. Dozens of cities have their ownmarches and protests. The country’s thicket of excitable cable-news networksreports on nothing else.与哈扎尔有关的玫瑰花饰、头带、T恤和徽章生意兴隆。5个卢比(10美分)就可以在你脸上画上橘黄、白、绿三色条。甚至警察的x射线安检门都涂上了“印度远离腐败”。数十个城市都有自己的游行和抗议。该国容易亢奋的有线新闻网团体除此之外什么都不予关注。201108/151385

Matt Damon is the sexiest man aliveJulie Jordan tells TODAY's Ann Curry why 'People' magazine picked the 'Bourne' hottie for this year's sexiest man.Well it's always a nice surprise when you are standing in line at a grocery store and you spot People magazine's annual 'Sexiest Man Alive' issue. Especially, if you happen to be the 'Sexiest Man Alive', of course, you don't have that experience, but Julie Jordon is People magazine's special correspondent and she's here to reveal this year's 'Sexiest Man Alive'. Julie! Good morning! Good morning! How many years have you been doing this? Many! And it's always fun. Many, many, many? 22 years! It's always good! And you've got to tell us this morning who's gonna be on the cover. Yes! Finally, Matt Damon for the weekend. Wow! Yeah! Right! The cam(paign), the campaign worked.You know, you know women had campaigned. Did he campaign for it? Well, you know. Brad and Matt have always said that he is deserving. And this is a guy who actually said that he didn't want to be the sexiest man because he considers himself, you know, a suburban house-dad. So we enlisted the help of friends like Ben Affleck, George Clooney. George said that he and Brad have actually worked with Matt on his walk and his posture. And that's why, that's why Damon will be a very good topic here.Oh, those guys! That's good. I didn't think he had a bad walk. In fact, somebody wrote a letter on his behalf, didn't that? Actually Matt wrote a letter, yeah! He wrote a letter. Yeah! And it was just so great. And it only showed why we chose him, so with his permission, we will print it in the issue and it's pretty fantastic. I say, and I think he says that you've made an aging suburban dad the ego boost of a lifetime, part of the letter. Exactly, (.......), so... Oh, I mean, Come on. The guys are really the born trilogy. I mean, he's hot. He's....This...And this is his year. I mean, in love with wife and in love with kid. Why it takes so long? Well, you know, we just, we, we wanted it like the, the campaign going and make sure that um, all the ers were as excited as we were. And yeah, this is just fun for him. It's fun for all of the families and friends, and it is a good story. Alright!When will it get out on People magazine?(when does it hit newsstands?)On newsstands tomorrow. Ok. You've heard it here first. Julie Jordon. Thanks so much! Thank you! Thank you guys.A lucky job you've got. Ah Yeah. . . . . my pleasure!Okay. Anyway...03/63672

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