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China has authorised its policy banks to issue new bonds in order to plough money into infrastructure spending, state media has reported, as planners fret over slumping economic indicators.据官方媒体报道称,中国已批准政策性发行新债,旨在为基础设施出融资,原因在于中国的经济规划者对不断下滑的经济指标感到担忧。A month-long stock market rout plus weak manufacturing performance has spooked Beijing. The aggressive move to push money into the real economy comes after the final ing of the Caixin/Markit purchasing managers’ index, published earlier this week, showed growth in China’s manufacturing sector slowed more than previously thought.长达一个月的股市暴跌以及疲弱的制造业表现令中国政府感到恐慌。在中国决定大举向实体经济注入资金之前,本周早些时候公布的财新/Market采购经理人指数(PMI)显示,中国制造业增速逊于预期。A first batch of Rmb300bn (bn) out of a planned Rmb1tn will be issued soon by policy banks that were recapitalised this spring, the Economic Information Daily, a newspaper run by the official Xinhua news agency, said.官方通讯社新华社旗下的《经济参考报》(Economic Information Daily)报道称,首批发债规模为3000亿元人民币(合480亿美元),将很快由政策性发行。今年春季,这些获得注资。The money raised will be invested in housing, pipeline infrastructure and other domestic projects, the report said. That is in line with the central bank’s efforts to develop more targeted monetary policy tools to stimulate the economy as capital inflows dry up.报道称,筹集的资金将投资于保障房、城市管廊以及其他国内项目。在资金流入枯竭之际,央行正努力开发更多有针对性的货币政策工具,来刺激经济,这笔资金符合央行的这些举措。The move represents a shift towards direct central government backing of infrastructure investment, after years of investment at the local level resulted in excessive local government debts. Beijing’s efforts to rein in local government debt reduced the money available for infrastructure spending while many state-owned enterprises are also tapped out.此举代表着央行直接持基础设施投资政策的转变,前几年,地方投资导致地方政府债务负担过于沉重。中国政府控制地方政府债务的举措,减少了基础设施出,很多国有企业也资金紧张。“Infrastructure investment in China has been mainly financed by local governments and we all know that the way they’ve been doing it is not very sustainable and not very desirable,” said Andrew Batson, of Gavekal Dragonomics. “They can either give up on constraining local government debt or the central government can step into the breach.”“中国的基础设施投资主要由地方政府融资,我们都知道他们这么做非常不可持续,而且非常不理想,”龙洲经讯(Gavekal Dragonomics)的白安儒(Andrew Batson)表示,“他们要么可能会放弃限制地方政府债券,要么中央政府可能会救场。”The bond issues follow the bn recapitalisation in April of China Development Bank, Export-Import Bank of China and Agricultural Development Bank of China, which was also intended to allow more investment in neighbouring countries through the “One Belt, One Road” policy. That was followed by another 9bn round in July, according to Reuters and Chinese financial publication Caixin.在此次发债之前,今年4月,中国国家开发(CDB)、中国进出口(Export-Import Bank of China)以及中国农业发展(ADB)获得640亿美元注资,这也是为了通过“一带一路”政策加大对邻国的投资。据路透(Reuters)和中国的金融媒体财新(Caixin)称,今年7月,这些获得另外一轮1090亿美元的注资。Strengthening the banks’ capital base allows them to take on more debt. Most bonds issued by the policy banks are purchased by state-owned commercial banks.增强这些的资本金基础将让它们承担更多债务。政策性发行的多数债券由国有商业购买。The policy banks themselves, especially CDB, are aly heavily exposed to domestic infrastructure projects and local housing developments.这些政策性(特别是国开行)已将大量资金投资于国内基础设施项目和地方房地产开发项目。 /201508/391140浙江嘉兴黑脸娃娃多少钱嘉兴市第二医院光子脱毛手术多少钱Despite second quarter earnings that largely met Wall Street estimates, Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) announced it would cut 11,000 to 16,000 jobs, bringing the total number of layoffs during its ongoing restructuring to roughly 50,000.虽然第二季度的收入基本符合华尔街的预期,但惠普(Hewlett-Packard)还是宣布将裁员11,000人到16,000人,使得惠普重组进程中的裁员总人数将达到50,000人。On Thursday, the tech company posted profits per share of 66 cents on revenues of .3 billion, which were down 1% from a year earlier. In comparison, Wall Street had predicted revenues of .5 billion. Sales in its personal computer business climbed 7% year-over-year while dropping 4% for printers and 2% in the enterprise division. The news leaked early when HP prematurely distributed its earnings press release more than an hour before the earnings call.周四,这家科技公司公布每股利润为66美分,收入273亿美元,同比下降了1%。华尔街预测的收入为275亿美元。个人电脑业务的销售额年比增长了7%,但打印机和企业部门却分别减少了4%和2%。惠普在业绩发布会前一个多小时就对外散发了业绩新闻稿,导致消息提前泄露。;We think the mix of revenues (strong PCs and weak every other segment) is concerning especially if the PC cycle starts to slow down post the initial benefit from Windows XP end of life cycle,; R Capital Markets analyst Amit Daryanani noted in a report.加拿大皇家资本市场(R Capital Markets)分析师阿米特o德莱纳里在一份报告中表示:“我们认为,这种收入组合(强劲的PC业务和疲软的其他部门)令人忧虑,尤其是在Windows XP系统寿命终结带来的初期的好处之后,个人电脑更换周期开始放缓。”The layoffs could also be cause for concern. HP, which remains in the midst of a challenging turnaround under CEO Meg Whitman, had previously projected it would cut 34,000 jobs, double the number it announced in 2012 as part of a major multi-year restructuring plan. The plan was expected to save HP as much as .5 billion annually and help the company invest further in areas like research and development, as well as marketing. Now, with the revised layoff figure, the company expects a total of 41,000 to leave by the end of fiscal year 2014 and the remaining number departing the following year.裁员也是令人担忧的问题。惠普仍在CEO梅格o惠特曼的带领下进行艰难转型。之前,这家公司曾预测,作为多年重组计划的一部分,公司将裁员34,000人,比2012年宣布的数字翻了一番。这个计划预计每年将为惠普节省35亿美元,可帮助公司进行其他领域的投资,例如研发和市场营销等。而根据此次修改的裁员数据,到2014财年年底,公司预计将裁员41,000人,剩余人员则在下一财年离开公司。 /201405/300898浙江嘉兴隆胸哪里好

海宁市第二人民医院去痣多少钱桐乡市激光脱毛多少钱China#39;s admiration of outstanding scholars has turned the well-preserved childhood home of TuYouyou, the Chinese pharmacologist who won this year#39;s Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine,into a popular tourist destination.中国人对于杰出学者的赞赏使得荣获今年诺贝尔医学奖的屠呦呦的家乡成为了旅游胜地。Since it was announced on Monday that 84-year-old Tu had become the first Chinese citizen to win the international prize, her former home in the old town of Ningbo, Zhejiang province, has attracted visitors, especially parents and their children-even though it is not open to the public.由于本周一84岁的屠呦呦被宣布成为第一个获得国际奖项的中国公民,她位于浙江省宁波古镇的前住宅吸引了很多游客,尤其是父母和孩子。尽管该地并不对外开放。The house, which is for sale, is part of a complex of 37 traditional buildings, including several city-and district-level cultural relic preservation sites, that have been transformed into a high-end art and commercial zone.正在出售的房屋是37栋传统建筑群的一部分,该建筑群包括几个市区级文物保护遗产,这些遗产已经摇身变为高耸的艺术经济区。Tu won the prize for developing a lifesaving malaria drug, artemisinin, a staple of traditionalChinese medicine, which has helped save millions of lives across the globe.屠呦呦因为研发了一款拯救生命的疟疾药物-青蒿素而获奖,它是一种主要的中国传统药物,已经挽救了全球成百上千万病患的生命。;There are continually parents taking their children, from infants in strollers to college students, totake photos in front of Tu#39;s former home. Security guards have been ordered to go on patrol around the clock,; said a sales person surnamed Zhao, from Ningbo Real Estate Inc Co.一名宁波房地产置业公司赵姓的销售员说:“大批父母带着孩子源源不断地来到这里,孩子小到婴儿车里的婴儿,大到大学生,都在屠呦呦先前的家门口拍照留念。保安日以继夜地执勤巡逻。Shanghai resident Xu Lingfei, who was on a trip to Ningbo, took her 9-year-old son to walk around the complex on Wednesday.正在宁波旅行的上海居民徐凌峰周三带着自己9岁的儿子在建筑群间踱步。;Chinese people believe in exams and awards and have a strong preference for high performers. Taking children to visit the former dwelling places of celebrities is a way to inspire them to study harder,; Xu said.徐说:“中国人信任考试和奖励,对表现出众的人有强烈的喜好。带着孩子来参观名人之前的故居,是一种激励他们更加努力学习的方式。”Something similar happened after Mo Yan won the Nobel Prize for literature in 2012.2012年莫言获得诺贝文学奖后,同样的情景也出现过。Tourists started visiting Mo#39;s former home in rural Gaomi, Shandong province, in an endless stream starting the day after he won the prize. Some even plucked the radishes planted in front of the house and carted away some bricks.自莫言获得诺贝尔文学奖后,他先前在山东省高密的家门前便游人不绝。有些人甚至摘走了他门前的萝卜而且运走了一些砖块。Tu#39;s former residence, where she lived until she went to university in Beijing, covers an area of2,200 square meters and is priced at 150 million yuan (.6 million).屠呦呦去北京上大学之前的住宅占地2200平方米,估价一亿五千万人民币。The house was built by her maternal grandfather, Yao Yongbai, who was once a member of the Ningbo General Chamber of Commerce and a professor at Shanghai#39;s Fudan University. It is owned by her uncle Yao Qingsan, an economist and former president of the Ningbo-Hong Kong Fellowship Association.房子是她的外祖父姚永佰修建的,他曾经是宁波商会的成员,并且是上海复旦大学的教授。房子的所有者是她的叔叔姚清三,他是一位经济学家,前宁波-香港联谊协会的主席。Another site that has become a bigger tourist draw these days thanks to Tu#39;s success is the Luofu Mountain scenic area in Huizhou, Guangdong province, where Ge Hong, a TCM master of the Eastern Jin Dynasty (AD 317-340) picked herbs, developed herbal medicines and wrote the classic Manual of Clinical Practice and Emergency Remedies.另一个由于屠呦呦获奖而成为旅游胜地的是广东省惠州的罗浮山景区,东晋医药学集大成者葛洪在这里采摘草药,研发中药,并且撰写了经典的临床实践手册和紧急补救措施。After winning the Lasker Award in the ed States in 2011, Tu said she and her team were inspired by Ge#39;s theory to solve the puzzle in extracting artemisinin from the herb Artemisia annual, also known as sweet wormwood.2001年获得美国拉克斯奖后,屠呦呦说她和她的团队受葛洪理论的启发,解决了从黄花蒿中提取青蒿素的谜题。A garden and a monument on Luofu Mountain commemorate Ge#39;s dedication. The mountain is home to 3,000 species of plants, including more than 1,200 with medicinal uses.在罗浮山景区,有一座纪念葛洪贡献的花园和纪念碑。这座山遍布3000种植物,包括1200多种药用植物。 /201510/402651The conventional wisdom among public health authorities is that the Ebola virus, which killed at least 10,000 people in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, was a new phenomenon, not seen in West Africa before 2013. (The one exception was an anomalous case in Ivory Coast in 1994, when a Swiss primatologist was infected after performing an autopsy on a chimpanzee.)在利比里亚、塞拉利昂和几内亚肆虐的埃拉疫情已经造成至少1万人死亡。公共卫生机构的惯常思维是,埃拉病毒的流行是一种新现象,在2013年前没有在非洲西部出现过。(有一个例外,1994年在科特迪瓦出现过一例反常病例,当时一名瑞士的灵长类动物学家在对黑猩猩的尸体进行解剖后感染了病毒。)The conventional wisdom is wrong. We were stunned recently when we stumbled across an article by European researchers in Annals of Virology: “The results seem to indicate that Liberia has to be included in the Ebola virus endemic zone.” In the future, the authors asserted, “medical personnel in Liberian health centers should be aware of the possibility that they may come across active cases and thus be prepared to avoid nosocomial epidemics,” referring to hospital-acquired infection.这种惯常思维是错误的。我们最近偶然发现了《病毒学年鉴》(Annals of Virology)上的一篇文章,令我们颇为惊讶:“研究结果似乎说明,需要将利比里亚纳入埃拉病毒流行区。”文章作者强调,将来,“利比里亚卫生机构的医务人员应该意识到,他们可能会遇到活跃病例,因此应该做好准备,避免疾病在院内传播。”What triggered our dismay was not the words, but when they were written: The paper was published in 1982.让我们感到不安的并非文字本身,而是写下这些文字的这篇论文发表于1982年。As members of a team drafting Liberia’s Ebola recovery plan last month, we systematically reviewed the literature on Ebola surveillance since the virus’s discovery in central Africa in 1976. We learned that the virologists who wrote that report, who were from Germany, had analyzed frozen blood samples taken in 1978 and 1979 from 433 Liberian citizens. They found that 26 (or 6 percent) had antibodies to the Ebola virus.作为上个月拟定利比里亚后埃拉时期恢复计划的团队成员,我们系统地查阅了自1976年首次在非洲中部发现这种病毒以来的有关埃拉疫情监控的文献。我们得知,撰写上述报告的德国病毒学家分析了一些冻存血样——于1978年到1979年间取自433名利比里亚人。他们发现,其中26人(即6%)体内携带埃拉病毒抗体。Three other studies published in 1986 documented Ebola antibody prevalence rates of 10.6, 13.4 and 14 percent, respectively, in northwestern Liberia, not far from its borders with Sierra Leone and Guinea. These articles, along with other forgotten reports from the 1980s on antibody prevalence in neighboring Sierra Leone and Guinea, suggest the possibility of what some call “sanctuary sites,” or persistent, if latent, Ebola infection in humans.另有三篇发表于1986年的论文显示,在利比里亚西北部,距离该国与塞拉利昂及几内亚边境不远的地方,埃拉抗体的携带率分别为10.6%、13.4%和14%。上述文章,以及那些发表于20世纪80年代的被遗忘的有关邻国塞拉利昂和几内亚的埃拉抗体携带率的报告都说明,可能存在一些人所说的“避难所”,也就是持续携带潜藏的埃拉病毒的人体。There is an adage in public health: “The road to inaction is paved with research papers.” In a twist of fate, the same laboratory that confirmed the first positive Ebola test results in Guinea last year, the Pasteur Institute, was the publisher of Annals of Virology. Yet the institute’s April 2014 report said, “This subregion was not considered to be an area in which EBOV was endemic” (using the medical term for the Ebola virus).公共卫生领域有一条格言:“通往无所作为的道路上铺满了研究报告。”命运弄人的是,去年确认几内亚第一例检测结果为阳性的埃拉病例的实验室——巴斯德研究所(Pasteur Institute)——正是《病毒学年鉴》的出版方。然而,这家研究所在2014年4月发表的报告称,“该分区并未被认为是埃拉病毒的流行区。”Part of the problem is that none of these articles were co-written by a Liberian scientist. The investigators collected their samples, returned home and published the startling results in European medical journals. Few Liberians were then trained in laboratory or epidemiological methods. Even today, downloading one of the papers would cost a physician here , about half a week’s salary.造成这一问题的部分原因在于,这些论文都不是由利比里亚科学家合写的。研究人员采集样本,带回去,然后在欧洲的医学期刊上公布惊人的研究结果。那时候,几乎没有利比亚里人受到实验室或流行病学研究方法的培训。就算到了今天,利比里亚的医生下载一篇论文可能要花费45美元(约合280元人民币),几乎相当于半周的薪水。The story is not an unusual one. As it happened, the subjects in the 1986 antibody studies worked on the world’s largest rubber plantation (which then supplied 40 percent of the latex used in the ed States). During the current outbreak of Ebola, we saw rubber trees stretch as far as the eye could see from clinics in rural Margibi County — clinics shuttered after nurses died after supplies of latex gloves and other protective gear ran out. The way this part of Liberia was trawled for vital medical knowledge thus mirrored the way the West extracted the rubber it needed.这个故事并不罕见。事实上,1986年开展的抗体研究的受试对象是世界上最大的橡胶园的工作人员(当时美国使用的40%的乳胶产自该橡胶园)。在最近这轮埃拉疫情爆发期间,从马及比县的那些诊所——橡胶手套及其他防护装备的缺乏导致护士死亡后,诊所被关闭——看去,橡胶树不断延伸,一望无际。我们在利比里亚的这个地区获取重要医疗信息的方式,与西方国家获取他们所需的橡胶的方式别无二致。Sierra Leone’s and Liberia’s recent histories of civil conflict made it difficult to confirm an outbreak of the disease. Public health laboratories were not functioning in either country; it was months before Ebola was identified as the culprit pathogen. That made it impossible for the region’s few doctors and nurses to deliver effective care.塞拉利昂和利比里亚近期进行的内战使得医护人员难以确认疫情的爆发。这两个国家的公共卫生实验室均未良好运转;拖了好几个月的时间埃拉病毒才被确定为罪魁祸首。因此,该地区本已稀缺的医生和护士无法进行有效的医疗务。In all recognized Ebola epidemics to date, the disease has been transmitted primarily in the course of caring for the sick or burying the dead — hence the 1982 warning about transmission within hospitals and clinics. It was just as the German scientists had predicted: Liberia’s under-resourced health facilities became the fault lines along which Ebola erupted across the country and the wider region.在迄今为止所有被确认的埃拉疫情中,这种疾病都主要是在护理患者或掩埋尸体的过程中传播的。所以,1982年的论文提醒人们注意医院和诊所内部的感染。情况正如德国科学家所预测的那样:利比里亚捉襟见肘的卫生设施成为了软肋。埃拉沿着它们向全国乃至更广阔的地区扩散。To our knowledge, no senior official now serving in Liberia’s Ministry of Health had ever heard of the antibody studies’ findings. Nor had top officials in the international organizations so valiantly supporting the Ebola response in Liberia, including ed Nations agencies and foreign medical teams.据我们所知,利比里亚卫生部在职的高级官员中,没人听说过前述抗体研究的发现。在利比里亚勇敢地持抗击埃拉活动的国际组织,包括联合国机构和外国医疗团队,它们的高层官员也没听说过。When the history of this epidemic is written, it will chronicle the myriad ways that — from Guéckédou and Monrovia, to Geneva and Dallas — we were not prepared. But none of us can in good conscience say there was no warning.如果有人撰写这种传染病的历史,我们缺乏准备的无数个地方都会被计入其中,从盖凯杜和蒙罗维亚,到日内瓦和达拉斯。但我们谁都不能凭良心说没有过警告。Ebola was here aly. Understaffed and underequipped hospitals and clinics were sure to intensify, rather than stop, a major outbreak. And among its primary victims would be health care professionals. Had the virologists’ findings been linked to long-term efforts to train Liberians to conduct research, to identify and stop epidemics, and to deliver quality medical care, the outcome might have been different.埃拉病毒早就来到了这里。人手不足、设备匮乏的医院和诊所肯定会加剧,而非阻止一场大规模的疫情爆发。主要受害者将包括医护专业人士。如果那些病毒学家的发现,能和训练利比里亚人开展研究、辨认并阻止疫情、提供优质医疗护理的长期行动结合在一起,结果或许会有所不同。We all had friends and co-workers fall ill during this epidemic. But the fates of the afflicted reflect grotesque disparities. Of the 10 Americans infected with Ebola, all were airlifted to specialist hospitals with excellent clinical care in the ed States. Nine have recovered, and the 10th is, we pray, well on his way to a full recovery. At the start of the last major chain of transmission recorded in urban Liberia, last month, 11 of 11 people in one cluster perished.我们都有朋友或同事在这场疫情中病倒。但被传染者的命运却反映出了奇特的悬殊差异。10名感染了埃拉的美国人,全都被用飞机送到了美国的专科医院,那里有极好的临床护理。其中九人已康复,我们祈祷剩下那名患者也能尽快地完全康复。而上月,利比里亚城市地区有记载的最后一次大规模连锁传染刚刚开始,其中一个集体病例中的11人就全部死亡。A lasting legacy of this terrifying health crisis must be a new architecture for global health delivery, with a strong focus on building local capacity to respond effectively to such crises. Equity must be an indispensable goal in protecting from threats like Ebola, and in the quality of care delivered when prevention fails. Only then can we leave behind the rubber plantation model of international health and draw on the science that must inform these endeavors.这场骇人的卫生危机的持久影响之一,是必须为全球卫生救护建立新的架构,着重建设当地有效应对这类危机的能力。在预防埃拉等威胁,以及预防失败后提供的医护务的质量方面,公平必须成为一个不可或缺的目标。只有这样,我们才能丢弃国际卫生的橡胶种植园模式,利用必须与这些努力联系在一起的相关科学研究。 /201504/369445嘉兴冰点脱毛团购In 2010, The New York Times asked Gallup to dub ;The Happiest Man In America; based on its annual Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index. The answer, as the Times reported at the time: “a tall, Asian-American, observant Jew who is at least 65 and married, has children, lives in Hawaii, runs his own business and has a household income of more than 0,000 a year,” specifically, Alvin Wong.2010年《纽约时报》请盖洛普为基于年度盖洛普幸福指数评出的“全美最幸福的人”颁奖。当时《纽约时报》是这么描述的“一位高大的亚裔美国人,有孩子,已婚,至少65岁的典型犹太教徒,住在夏威夷,有自己的事业,家庭年收入超过12万美元。”他就是阿尔文·王。Today, judging by 2013#39;s well-being results, Hawaii is still one of the country#39;s happiest states, but it recently dropped from the top spot (down to eighth) for the first time in four years.现在,根据2013年的幸福结果,夏威夷依然是这个国家最幸福的城市之一,但是最近它没能保住榜首之位(掉到了第八位)。这可是四年来的首次。Given Hawaii#39;s recent slip, we wondered if America#39;s Happiest Man -- now 72 years old and working for a home care agency aiding seniors in his community -- is still just as happy. After all, four years ago, Wong was launched into the public eye and forced to contemplate why his simple, happy life was such an anomaly.鉴于近期夏威夷地位的下滑,我们想知道全美最幸福的人——现年72岁却任然务于一家为社区的老人们提供务的机构的人——是否依然幸福。4年前,王进入了公众的视线,人们也开始思考为什么他的简单并且幸福生活是如此的与众不同。Wong didn#39;t think much about his happiness before being dubbed something of an expert on the topic. ;Everybody would ask me the same question,; he tells The Huffington Post. ;What is the secret to your happiness? And at first it was amusing, but a part of this is really sad. People from all over the world called. #39;Give me the secret so that tonight I’m going to be very happy for the rest of my life.#39; It struck me, first, as funny, but then as sad.;在被称为这方面的专家之前王没怎么思考过他的幸福之源。“每个人都问我同样的问题,”他告诉《赫芬顿邮报》。“幸福的秘诀是什么?起初这些问题让我觉得很好笑,但是现在觉得这真的是一种悲哀。全世界的人都在呼吁‘告诉我幸福的秘诀,这样我就可以幸福的度过余生。’这让我很受触动,心情也由好笑变成了难过。”The 5-foot-10 Wong lived, as he still does, in a stuccoed house in the university neighborhood of Manoa with his wife, Trudy, and dog, Samuel Sprocket. His two children are in their 30s; his son lives in Washington, D.C., and his daughter lives in Honolulu.身高5#39; 10;英尺(178cm)的王和妻子特鲁迪、小萨缪尔·斯伯克特依然住在马诺阿大学附近的一间灰泥墙房子里。他的两个孩子都30多岁了,儿子住在华盛顿,女儿住在火奴鲁鲁。After being given the label of the country#39;s happiest man, Wong says he felt a certain responsibility to be more introspective about his happiness and good fortune. He considers the title both an honor and a duty, and has pursued a second career in motivational speaking.在被贴上全美最幸福的人的标签后,王说他有一种责任感,这种责任感让他对幸福和好运有了更深入的思考。他认为这个头衔既是一直荣誉,也代表了一种责任。因此他投身励志演讲作为第二职业。;People are looking for a quick fix,; Wong says of his many questioners. ;But it doesn#39;t happen like that. Like marriage or anything else, you#39;ve got to work at it.;“人们都在寻找一种快速疗法,”王回答提问者们时说道,“但是这是不可能的,就像婚姻或者其他的事情,你需要用心经营。”Wong says the mantra that kept him happy before the fame still works for him today. ;Since being named the happiest man in America, I#39;ve done a lot of ing and research on this stuff,; he says. ;I learned about myself ... And I think, for my own sake, I#39;ve come to terms with what is the secret to my happiness. It#39;s attitude.;王说以前让他幸福的咒语现在依然有效,“从被称为全美最幸福的人后我做了很多这方面的阅读和研究,”他说,“我在了解我自己……我想对我自己来说,让我幸福的秘密就是态度。”Wong -- in the way only a happy, self-assured person can -- boils it down to basics. Remembering a convention for people with disabilities, Wong notes that the audience, not the invited speaker, was most inspiring. ;They#39;ve come to realize,; he said about the people he met, ;#39;If I don#39;t have a positive attitude, then I#39;m going to have a very rotten life.#39; It#39;s either a rotten life, or try to create a positive attitude. So they work at it.;快乐、自信的王以他特有的方式发现了幸福的本质。在一场为残疾人召开的大会上,王注意到最令人启发的并非受邀演讲嘉宾,而是那些听众。他这样描述那些听众——“他们逐渐意识到,#39;如果我没有积极的生活态度,我的生活就会堕落#39;。要么过一种堕落的生活,要么尝试积极的态度。所以他们开始改变。”Working to maintain a positive attitude, Wong says, is the foundation for happiness, especially his. After that, he notes that balance and prioritizing are necessary building blocks.王认为积极的生活态度是幸福的基础,对他来说尤为如此。他还注意到,内心的平衡与分清轻重缓急是打造幸福基础的必要基石。;If you have a family, your family has to come before anything else,; he notes. No matter how many jobs or how menial the labor, Wong stresses that approaching work with a positive attitude will make all the difference. ;It should be the most important job to you. It#39;s important because you are working to support your family. It#39;s important because you#39;re keeping yourself busy instead of just wallowing around, saying #39;woe is me.#39;; Working, he notes, can and should be therapeutic.“如果你有家庭,家庭必须重于一切”。无论你的工作有多忙,无论你的工作有多平凡,当你以积极地态度工作时,一切都将不同。保持积极的态度才是最重要的工作。“你要赚钱养家,你要保持忙碌避免无所事事还整天抱怨‘我是个杯具’。”工作是一件有利与身心的事情。Wong certainly doesn#39;t show any signs of slowing down. In addition to his motivational speaking, he maintains an herb garden and loves to cook Asian cuisine and barbecue for the neighboring university students (but says his wife does it better).当然,王没有表现出任何懈怠。除了励志演讲,他还建了个香草园,而且热衷于为邻近的大学生做亚洲菜和烤肉(据说他的妻子厨艺更好)。He says clarity comes the moment you realize that it#39;s OK to not be the smartest or even the happiest person in the world, and when you learn to accept your mistakes.他说,当你学着承认你的错误时,或当你意识到即使成不了世界上最聪明或最幸福的人也没什么的时候,你会豁然开朗。It#39;s not his unique demographic make-up, he says, that makes him happy. ;Every day,; he says matter-of-factly, ;I [take] one step forward and I#39;m very happy doing that.;并不是他独特的身份背景让他变得幸福,“每天,”王承认,“我都会进步一点点,这让我很快乐。” /201405/296748桐乡割双眼皮多少钱

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