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Even the best manicure wears out eventually, and removing polish is simple enough. Just remember: a little precautionary ventilation can save you from a big headache.即使最好的美甲作品最终也会磨损,而清洗指甲油是非常简单的。只要记住一点:提前通风会让你避免很多不适。You Will Need你需要A window or fan窗户或风扇Paper towels纸巾Nail polish remover卸甲油A sink or basin水槽或水盆Soap肥皂A towel毛巾Hand moisturizer护手霜Cotton balls棉球Cotton swabs棉签Steps步骤Step 1 Ventilate area1.通风的地方Make sure the area where you#39;re working is properly ventilated—open a window or turn on a fan. Beauty always comes at a cost, but breathing in fumes is too high a price.确保作业区域通风情况良好——打开一扇窗户或电风扇。美丽通常是要付出代价的,但是吸入烟雾的代价也太大了。Step 2 Protect surface2.保护作业表面Protect the surface on which you#39;re going to work with a few paper towels.使用一些纸巾保护要使用的桌子表面。Step 3 Soak up remover3.浸泡卸甲油Soak a cotton ball or a paper towel folded into a small square with the remover.用卸甲油浸泡棉球或纸巾折叠成的小方块。Cotton balls can leave behind little fibers and paper towels can shred—experiment to find what works best for you.棉球会留下细小的纤维,而纸巾会破碎——试验一下哪一种对你最合适。Step 4 Apply remover4.涂抹卸甲油Place the remover-soaked ball or square on your nail, and press firmly for several seconds. Once the remover has soaked in, slide the ball or square down your nail to easily sweep the polish off without scrubbing.把卸甲油浸泡过的棉球或纸巾放在指甲上,用力按压几秒钟。一旦卸甲油开始渗入,将棉球或纸巾沿着指甲向下滑落,不需揉搓就可以将指甲油擦掉。Acetone remover will remove polish faster, but many people prefer non-acetone remover because its fumes are less toxic, and it#39;s less drying to your nails and cuticles.丙酮卸甲油能够更快地清除指甲油,但是许多人更喜欢非丙酮的卸甲油,因为其烟雾毒性没有那么强,而且也不容易造成指甲和表皮干燥。Step 5 Apply to cuticles5.涂抹表皮If you have stubborn polish on or around your cuticles, use a cotton swab soaked in remover to gently work the polish off.如果手指表皮或周围沾上了顽固的指甲油,使用棉签浸泡卸甲油,然后轻轻地把指甲油擦掉。Step 6 Wash hands6.洗手Once your nails are polish-free, use soap and water to wash the chemicals from your hands.一旦指甲油全部擦掉,使用肥皂和水把双手上的化学物质洗掉。Step 7 Moisturize hands7.保湿双手Smooth on a hand cream to moisturize your hands, and wave hello to your au natural nails.为双手涂抹护手霜,享受全天然的指甲。Although ancient Egyptians and Chinese painted their nails, modern nail polish wasn#39;t invented until the 1920s.尽管古代埃及人和中国人在指甲上进行绘,然而现代的指甲油直到上世纪20年代才发明。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201305/241321

如果达尔文主义的最终结局不是人类意识会怎么样?在玉米配地球的精明策略游戏中,如果我们都只是棋子呢?作家Michael Pollan主张我们从植物的视角去看待这个世界。 Article/201303/231712

Syria: Assad Makes University VisitSyria#39;s President Bashar al Assad makes a university visit amid Israeli airstrikes and allegations of massacres in a coastal city.叙利亚首都爆炸频发,叙总统巴沙尔发表公开讲话不惧威胁。巴沙尔先是到大马士革伍麦叶电站慰问工作人员,次日出席大马士革大学城的大学生纪念像揭像仪式。巴沙尔在揭像仪式上和数千名大学生及遇难的大学生家属一起悼念了苦难者。新闻背景:4月29日,叙利亚总理在大马士革西部迈宰区险遭爆炸暗杀。有两人因骑自行车碰到炸弹在迈宰区身亡。4月30日,大马士革市马尔扎区的汽车炸弹袭击造成至少14人死亡。在叙利亚首都大马士革遭受炸弹袭击后,叙利亚总统巴沙尔5月1日来到伍麦叶电站看望工作人员,与电力工人共度“五一”国际劳动节。5月3日,巴沙尔出席了为大马士革大学院内的大学生纪念像举行的揭像仪式。以色列多次空袭叙利亚,称旨在阻止叙利亚向黎巴嫩真主党武装运送导弹。针对外界有关美国可能进一步干预叙利亚的猜测,奥巴马强调,对待化武问题需要谨慎行动,不可草率作出决定。 Moments like this are now rare for President Assad, but for his supporters at least more welcome than ever. Patriotic and defiant in public, an attempt to divert attention from the ongoing turmoil in Syria, that#39;s dragging its neighbors ever closer into the conflicts.Its borders with Israel have remained quiet for decades, but growing security concerns belied(显为虚伪;与之矛盾;错误描述) this calm. In recent weeks, Israel has been building up its military presence here. And despite the international community#39;s talk of red lines, reports of Israel#39;s latest strike indicated it#39;s perfectly prepared to act alone.We see, everything that happens right now in Syria, seems this is one of the biggest warehouses for tactical weapon, and for weapons of mass destruction. This is the big threat, and we must be y for anything may happen here.This was the aftermath of a similar Israeli strike conducted in January. It was said to be a convoy of anti-aircraft missiles bound for Hezbollah in Lebnon. Officials suggest that the latest incident was targeting a similar shipment - proof that Israel is determined to act, to stop not just chemical but stratigecally important weapons getting into the wrong hands.This willingness to go it alone(单干) will concern President Obama and the US State Department. They#39;ve said that while the latest reports of massacres by Syrian troops are horrific, hard proof of chemical weapon use will be needed before they consider committing it to intervention.I do not foresee a scenario in which boots on the ground in Syria, American boots on the ground of Syria would not only be good for America but also would be good for Syria.It#39;s clear that as the violence of Syria civil war rambles on, so too does the international disagreement over how best to respond. And if Israel perceives that the rest of the world is reluctant to step in, its fears of isolation may prompt further unilateral action. The strike may not be the last.Tom Riner, Sky News, in Jerusalem. /201305/238965

China#39;s National Development and Reform Commission has announced that the price of gasoline and diesel will be raised along with upgrades to fuel quality, in order to curb the country#39;s air pollution.中国发改委已经公布,汽油和柴油价格将随油品质量的升级进行上涨并以此来控制环境污染。The country#39;s top economic planning body said that in the next two years, prices for gasoline and diesel that meet the national ;fourth-phase; standard will be raised by 290 yuan and 370 yuan per ton respectively. Under the country#39;s timetable for fuel quality upgrades, gasoline should meet the ;fourth-phase; standard by the start of 2014 and motor diesel a year after. Both gasoline and diesel should meet the ;fifth-phase; standard by the start of 2018.中国最高经济规划机构表示,在未来两年,达到国家第四阶段标准的汽油和柴油价格将分别上涨290元/每吨和370元/每吨。根据国家关于油品质量升级的时间表,汽油应于2014年初达到第五阶段标准,而汽油应于2015年达标。到2018年初,汽油和柴油均应达到第五阶段质量标准。China has announced stricter motor fuel standards in a bid to reduce harmful emissions after smog blanketed much of the country at the beginning of the year.今年初中国大部分城市被雾霾所笼罩,后来中国公布了较为严格的车用燃料质量标准以减少有害气体的排放量。 Article/201309/258149

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