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A Chinese university has come up with a novel approach to overcrowded libraries, by converting an unused public showers into dozens of tiny self-study booths.为了应对拥挤的图书馆,中国的一所高校日前提出一个新奇的做法:将一个废弃浴室改造成为多个自习小隔间With students at Taizhou University in eastern China fighting over a place quiet revision towards exam time, the institution needed to create more study spaces. The bizarre choice of study location has become an unexpected hit with students, with reports saying all the shower cubicles have been reserved until the next school year.由于位于中国东部的台州学院的学生都急需一个安静的复习环境为考试奋战,学校当局需要创造更多的学习空间而浴室这种怪异的学习场所在学生中意外受到欢迎,有报道称,所有的浴室隔间已经被预约到下一学年The creative new use of the disused showers was done at the Taizhou University, where 35 self-study booths are now filled with students preparing their exams.台州学院创造性地使用了废弃浴室,目前一共有35个自习隔间,学生们已经在此准备考试With libraries full to the brim with thousands of their peers, the mer showers provide a surprisingly serene and, more importantly, quiet environment in which the hard-working students can study.由于图书馆爆满,浴室自习室意外地提供了一个安静的场所,让勤奋的同学们有了学习空间While it may feel odd to have to take a trip to the public bathrooms in order to study, university staff have completely remodelled the showers to ensure maximum comt and convenience their new users.虽然去公共浴室自习让人觉得有点怪异,但是学校负责人已经彻底对浴室进行了改造,确保其使用者最大程度地感到舒适和便利According to Shan Renwei, a lecturer at the school, renovations cost less than ,000 RMB, with tables, chairs, and plugs fitted to every cubicle. The shower curtains were left behind, however, so students can ensure they are not bothered during their lengthy study sessions.该校的单仁慰老师表示,学校投入了近万元为每个隔间配备桌椅和插座等设施而之前的浴室帘也被保留了下来,以便当学生在自习时确保不被打扰 9

They say no good deed goes unpunished.有句话叫好心没好报And so it was when Australian Prime Minster Malcolm Turnbull gave A to a beggar on Melbourne streets.在墨尔本的街头,澳大利亚总理马尔科姆·特恩布尔给路边一名流浪汉施舍了5澳元,正印了此话On his way to give a major economic speech last Thursday, Mr Turnbull stopped to shake the man hand and slip some money into his coffee cup.上周四,在特恩布尔正要去发表一个关于经济的重要演讲途中,他停下来和该乞丐握手,并向他的乞讨咖啡杯里投了一点钱But this minor act of generosity quickly turned into a major talking point on social media, where people were keen to criticise the PM from multiple angles.然而,他这一小小的善举竟飞快的成了社交媒体讨论的焦点,人们从多个角度来批判总理的行为Some saw Mr Turnbull as stingy. He is a wealthy man and the five-dollar note was plucked from a substantial wad of cash.有人讥讽特恩布尔“太吝啬”,他是一个如此富有的人,却只从厚厚一叠钱里抽出了5澳元But on the other hand, he was also criticised giving money at all. Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle said giving to beggars helped feed drug habits and entrench poverty, and suggested Mr Turnbull give to a charity instead.不过另一方面,人们批评他遇到行乞者不应当给钱墨尔本市长罗伯特·道尔称,乞讨者可能会用这些讨来的钱吸毒,进而助长这种贫困现象他建议总理将钱捐给慈善机构Still more people suggested that the PM was cynically playing up his generosity the cameras.还有一些人认为总理这样做只是为了做秀,在镜头前展示自己的慷慨But he found some support, too. ;You see a man who can give more. I see a man who gave,; wrote one Twitter user.不过,也有一些人持他一名推特用户写道:“你们看到的是他给的太少我看到的是他至少伸出了援手”;I felt sorry the guy,; the PM told Melbourne radio station 3AW. ;It was a human reaction and Im sorry if that has disappointed some people.;这位总理随后在接受澳大利亚3AW电台采访时表示:“我觉得他真可怜我给钱只是出于人性的自然反应,如果这让某些人感到失望的话,我感到很抱歉” 6979

1. We want to plan a tight schedule of travel. 我们想安排一个紧凑的旅游日程. I'm afraid the business trip to New York went up in smoke. 恐怕我去纽约出差的计划泡汤了3. I like taking occasional business trip a change of pace. 我喜欢偶尔出趟差来调剂一下心情. It was a favorite time our trip, since business was light. 生意清淡,正是我们出游的好时候5. This is meant to be both a business and pleasure trip you. 也就是说,你既要处理生意又会四处游玩6. A business trip? Great! I will not have to cook at least three days. 出差?太棒了!我至少三天不用做饭了7. It is a great treat to have a jovial, easy-going fellow on a business trip. 出差时,有个风趣随和的人做伴真是一种享受啊8. We must every penny we will spend during a business trip. 我们得把我们出差时所花的每一分钱交代清楚9. We can help to work out a travel plan tailored to your needs and budget. 我们可以帮您设计一个适合您的要求和预算的旅行方案. Seldom did much time pass bee I had to leave on another business trip. 每隔不久,我就得出趟差重点讲解:a tight schedule: 没留多少余地的时间表;排得很紧的时间表;难以遵守的时间表这是一个比较地道的短语,还可以表达为 a crowded schedule例如:Don’t arrange such a tight schedule. Leave some time to spare. (不要把日程安排得满满的,要留些机动时间)go up in smoke: 化为乌有;被烧光例如:When he crashed his car, all his travel plans went up in smoke. (他把汽车撞坏了,他的整个旅行计划都吹了)a change of pace: 改变习惯、活动方式以调剂一下;换换口味jovial: 热情快活的,善良愉快的(尤指天生快乐的人)tailor to: 根据……改变或调整同义的表达还有accord with; to; adapt; be favourable 等 65

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