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1.Hello.喂.Hello.May I speak to Mr.Collins,please?我想和柯林斯先生讲话好吗?3.You must have the wrong number.There no Mr.Collins here.你一定打错电话号码了,这里没有柯林斯先生.Oh,Im sorry.哦,抱歉5.That all right.没有关系6.Hello.Shen Trading Company.喂,沈氏贸易公司7.Hello.May I speak to Mr.Shen please?喂,我想和沈先生讲话好吗?8.Im sorry,but Mr.Shen isnt in right now.May I take a message?抱歉,这会儿沈先生不在,我可以留个口信吗?9.No,that all right.Ill call again later.不,没有关系,我待会儿会再打来.May I have your name,please?请问您尊姓大名?.Yes.Warren.是有,沃伦.How do you spell it?请问怎样拼?.W_a_r_r_e_n.W;A;R;R;E;N.Thank you.Ill tell Mr.Shen you called.谢谢你,我会告诉沈先生你打过电话.Thank you.Good_bye.谢谢你,再见.Good_bye.再见.Hello.喂18.Hello.Bill?喂,比尔?19.No.Bill isnt here now.不是,现在比尔不在.When do you expect him back?你想他什么时候会回来?1.Im not sure,but hell probably be home bee seven.Shall I have him call you?我不确定,但他可能在7点以前会回家,我让他打电话给你好吗?.Yes,thanks.Tell him to call Tian.My number is _5.是的,谢谢,告诉他请他打电话给田先生,我的电话号码是53.O.K.Ill tell him.好的,我会告诉他的.Imperial Palace Hotel.皇宫饭店5.May I speak to Mr.Brooks,please?我想和布鲁克斯先生讲话好吗?6.Do you know his room number?你知道他的房间号码吗?7.Im sorry,I dont .抱歉,我不知道.Just a moment,please.Ill give you the front desk.请稍等,我帮你转到前台9.Front desk.前台30.May I speak to Mr.Brooks,please?我想和布鲁克斯先生讲话好吗?31.Just a moment,please.Im sorry,but Mr.Brooks checked out yesterday.请稍等,抱歉,布鲁克斯先生昨天已经退房了3.Did he leave a warding address?他留下一站地址了吗?33.No.Im sorry.He didnt.没的,抱歉,他没留.All right.Thank you.没有关系,谢谢你35.Youre welcome.不用谢36.Hello.喂37.Hello.Is this the Yang Doll Company?喂,这是杨氏玩偶公司吗?38.Yes,it is.是的,正是39.Do you have any Hakata dolls?你们有哈卡达玩偶吗?0.Yes,we do.We have a large selection.是的,我们有,我们货色很齐全1.Good.Ill be in to took at some in a day or two.好的我过一两天会来看看.Thank you.Well be waiting you.谢谢你,我们会等你来3.Thank you.Good_bye.谢谢你,再见.Good_bye.再见5.Hello.喂6.Hello.Is Mr.Murphy there?喂,莫菲先生在吗?7.Yes.This is Mr.Murphy speaking.是的,我就是8.This is Mr.Tian from the A_1 Automobile Agency.这是A;1汽车商行的田先生9.Oh,yes,Mr.Tian.Im interested in buying one of your cars.I wonder if you could give me some inmation.哦,是田先生,我想向你们买辆车你可不可以提供给我一些资料?50.Certainly,It would be difficult to explain our cars over the phone.May I call on you today or tomorrow?当然可以,在电话中说明我们的车子会比较困难,我可以在今天或明天去拜访你吗?51.Well,today is rather inconvenient.Could you come tomorrow at three?嗯,今天较不方便,你在可以明天3点来吗?5.Yes,Id glad to.是的,我很乐意53.Thank you very much.Ill be expecting you,then.非常谢谢你,届时我会恭候大驾的5.Thank you.Ill be there exactly at three.I believe I have your address.谢谢你,我3点整会到,我想我有你的地址55.Fine,Good_bye.好的,再见56.Good_bye.再见57.eign Student Association.留学学生协会58.Hello.May I speak to Mr.Cook?喂,我想和库克先生讲话好吗?59.Who calling,please?请问是谁打来的60.Mr.Wang.王先生61.Just a moment,please.Ill see if Mr.Cook is in.请稍等,我看看库克先生在不在6.Thank you.谢谢你63.Hello.Mr.Russel?喂,罗素先生吗?6.Yes.是的65.This is Harry Luo from Taiwan University.我是从台湾大学来的罗哈利66.Yes?什么事?67.Im calling to ask if I may visit you at your office tomorrow afternoon.我打电话来是要问我可不可以在明天下午去你办公室找你?68.Well,waht do you want to see me about?Perhaps we can take care of it over the phone.嗯,你找我有什么事?或许我们可以在电话中谈69.Our English Speaking Society is having a debating contest on the afternoon of the twenty_sixth.我们英语演讲协会在6日下午有个辩论会,We wonder if youd do us the honor of being one of our judges.我们想是否有这份荣幸请你当我们的裁判70.Im terribly sorry,but Im going to be out of town on the twenty_sixth.我非常抱歉,但我6日要出城去71.Oh,that too bad.Im sorry to have troubled you.哦,那真不巧,很抱歉打扰你了7.That all right.Perhaps some other time.没有关系,或许改天吧!73.Thank you.Good_bye.谢谢你,再见7.Good_bye.再见75.The Taiwan Book Store.台湾书店76.Hello.Id like to inquire about a book in English.喂,我要查问一本英文书77.Yes,sir.Just a moment.Ill give you the eign book section.是的,先生,请稍等,我帮你转外文书籍部门78.eign book section.Lin speaking.外文书籍部,我姓林79.Id like to inquire about a book.Do you have The Voyage of the Beagle by Darwin?我要查问一本书,你们有达尔文著的《探险号航海记吗?80.Just a moment,please.Ill check.Yes,We have it in a paper_back edition.请稍等,我查查看,是的,我们有平装本81.Can You deliver a copy?你们可不可以送一本来?8.Yes,well be glad to .May I have your address?是的,我们很乐意送去,请问你的地址83.Yes,,Nan_Hi Rd,Taibei.my name is Suliwen.是的,台北市南海路号,我叫苏利文8.Would you mind spelling it?你介意把字拼出来吗?85.Not at all.Suliwen.S_u_l_i_w_e_n.不介意,苏利文86.Thank you,sir.Well deliver it tomorrow.谢谢你,先生,我们明天会送去87.Thank you.Good_bye.谢谢你,再见88.Good_bye.Thank you calling.再见,谢谢你打电话来89.Hello.喂90.Hello.This is Mr.Yang.may I speak to Miss Bennet,please?喂,我姓杨,我想和宾妮特通话好吗?91.Yes.Just a moment.是的,稍等9.Hello.喂93.Oh,hello,Joan.This is Jim Yang.哦,嗨,琼恩,我是吉姆?杨9.Oh,hello,Jim.It good to hear from you.How have you been?哦嗨,吉姆,真高兴你打电话来,近况如何?95.Fine,thanks.Im calling to ask if youd like to have dinner with me Saturday evening.很好,谢谢,我打电话来是想问你周六晚上能否和我共进晚餐?96.That sounds wonderful,Jim.Id love to .那听起来很好,吉姆,我非常乐意去97.Good.Ill pick up around seven.好的,我7点钟来接你98.All right.Ill be expecting you.好的,我会恭候大驾99.Fine.See you at seven,then.Good_bye.好的,那么7点见,再见0.Bye.再见1.Way way.喂,喂1.Hello.Do you speak English.喂,你会说英文吗?1.Yes.是的1.Is Mr.Rowe there?罗威先生在吗?1.Who?谁?1.Mr.Rowe.罗威先生1.Rowe_Shen_Xin?罗威?沈?新?1.Yes.是的1.Just a moment.Ill call him.稍等,我叫他1.Thank you.谢谢你1.Bill Steak House.比尔牛排馆1.Hello.Id like to make reservation four at Saturday night.喂,我要预约周六晚上四个人的桌位1.Yes,sir.What time can we expect you?是的,先生,你们几点来?1.Around eight.8点左右1.Yes,sir.May I have your name?是的,先生请问尊姓大名?6.Yes,Miller.M_i_l_l_e_r.是的,米勒7.Mr.Miller.米勒先生8.That right.没错9.Thank you calling.谢谢你找电话来0.Not at all.Good_bye.不谢,再见1.Good_bye.再见 655.If We Are Conscious after Death, It Is Not Clear How Long This Consciousness Lasts5.如果人死后有意识,意识能持续多久还是未知Assuming that the brain truly can live on after the death of the body, the next question is, how long can the brain function after death? The answer to that question makes a huge difference in many areas that are currently considered to be pseudo-science.很多人相信我们的意识或灵魂在死后仍然继续存在,有时以妖魔鬼怪的形式出现The belief in ghosts and spirits is one of the most common paranormal beliefs. The belief is sp around the world, regardless of education or religion. People from all walks of life claim not only claim to have seen or feel the presence of someone who is known to be dead but truly believe that this is the case. Of course, the belief of ghosts and spirits has been capitalized on by media and Hollywood. But, the legend of a dead person spirit remaining among the living is an incredibly old one. If it was possible that consciousness, whatever it is, could continue even after the heart stops beating and the brain stops functioning, then the idea of ghosts is not as far-fetched as it once was.假设大脑在人死后仍然可以运作,下一个问题就是,死后大脑究竟可以运作多久?不同领域对这一问题的解答相差甚远,目前都被认为是伪科学对鬼魂的信仰是最普遍的超自然信仰之一这种信仰遍布全球,不论教育程度和宗教信仰各行各业的人们不仅声称曾看到或感觉逝者的存在,而且相信确有此事当然,对鬼魂的信仰已经被媒体和好莱坞采用但是,死者存在灵魂一说是难以置信的旧传闻如果意识在心跳停止跳动、大脑停止运作时仍然存在,无论它是什么,鬼魂的观点都不会像以前那么牵强.You Live On Through Your Genes.依靠基因继续生存Thinking about life after death is not limited purely to consciousness. People traits and personalities can live on long after they die through their genes. Genetic science, one of the harder sciences of the biological set and it is somewhat easier to experiment with than psychiatry or neuroscience because it does not require scientists to rely so much on people being truthful.对死后生命的思考并不仅局限于意识人类通过基因可以在死后保持他们的特点和个性基因科学是生物科学最难的部分,但因为科学家不需要诚实的实验对象,相比精神病学和神经科学更容易进行实验Many people know that their physical traits and abilities are often passed on to their children through their genes. Hair color, eye color, height and weight are all things that are established partly through the heredity of genes. But it is not just physical features that live on through these genes. Some studies suggest that the trauma you experience can be passed on through your genes as well. Recent studies have suggested that Holocaust survivors genetics were affected by the indescribable trauma they suffered during the Second World War. A new study was released by researchers at Mount Sinai hospital in New York. The study looked at the genetics of 3 Jewish men and women who had either experienced torture at a concentration camp or who had to go into hiding during WWII. If it is true, the process of passing on trauma through genes is called epigenetic inheritance. This is the idea that your lifestyle can go on to affect the genetic disposition of any children you have. It can even potentially be passed on to grandchildren. Epigenetic inheritance is very controversial within science but it has been studied in many areas. One study suggested that Dutch women who gave birth to girls during the famine that came at the end of WWII saw that these babies would grow up to have a higher than average risk of schizophrenia. Although the details have not yet been determined, the idea does not sound preposterous. s that deal with the survivors of the Armenian death marches in 19 would suggest that not only were the traumas encountered suffered by those who lived through it, but subsequent generations of the survivors families would find that they suffered some of the same fears as their parents and grandparents did while living through the genocide during World War I.许多人知道他们的生理特征和能力往往会通过基因遗传给他们的孩子头发颜色、眼睛颜色、身高和体重都通过基因,将一部分遗传给孩子但不仅是生理特征的延续依靠这些基因一些研究表明,你所经历的创伤也可以通过基因遗传最近的研究表明,二战期间,难以形容的创伤会影响大屠杀幸存者的遗传构成纽约西奈山医院的研究人员发表了一项新的研究该研究调查了3个犹太男女的基因,其中有些人经历了集中营的酷刑,有些人在二战期间躲躲藏藏如果基因确实可以传递创伤,那么这一遗传过程被称为表观遗传也就是说,你的生活方式可能通过遗传影响你孩子的性格,甚至可以遗传给孙子表观遗传在科学界内备受争议,但许多领域对此进行了研究一项研究表明,荷兰女性在二战末期饥荒期间所生的女孩,长大后患有精神分裂的风险高于平均值尽管细节尚未明,但这个结论听起来并不荒唐关于19年亚美尼亚大屠杀的幸存者报告显示,不仅是幸存者们经历了创伤,而且他们随后的几代家庭也承受着与父母和祖父母在一战种族灭绝中所经历的相同的恐惧3.The Debate Between Nature and Nurture Has Not Yet Been Solved3.先天与后天之争尚未解决The debate about the use of genetics in determining patterns in human behaviors has not been solved. Charles Darwin says that human behavior is the result of evolutionary processes that were created over time to help humans survive and adapt to new conditions. There is scientific evidence his claims and he is known as the father of the debate on human nature.关于遗传决定人类行为模式的辩论一直没有得到解决查尔斯·达尔文说,人类行为是进化过程的结果,随着时间的推移,进化帮助人类生存并适应新的条件因为有科学据持了他的主张,他成为公认的人性辩论之父Then, the glory years of psychiatry came along. Sigmund Freud, a definitive thinker at the time, said that human behavior is the product of nurture. His famous argument suggested that personalities, traits and behaviors were created in spite of and because of the way that children are treated by their parents, or their absentee parents. The debate has raged on over the years and each side makes valid points, some of which can be validated scientifically. The importance of this debate does not necessarily lie in who is right and who is wrong. Instead, it is important that humans note that there are patterns in behavior. Whether someone is alcoholic because they were surrounded by alcoholic parents or because there is a predisposition in their genes, what scientists do know is that behaviors have a way of living on through children and grandchildren. Whether a person has children of their own or adopts non-biological children, something of them will be passed on to their children and live on long after they are dead. If you think that you can drink because youre Irish or that you are loud because you are Italian then you have bought into a cultural norm that persists through either nature or nurture or perhaps even a combination of the two.此后,精神病学一直在进步西格蒙德·弗洛伊德是当时的权威思想家,他认为人类行为是后天的产物他的著名的观点是个性、性格特质和行为由父母对待孩子的方式所决定这些年来这场辩论一直持续,双方各持有力的观点,其中一些可以经过科学验这场辩论的重要性并不在于谁对谁错相反,人类必须注意,行为有模式无论是受酗酒的父母影响而成为酒鬼,还是由于他们的基因中存在酗酒的倾向,科学家所知道的是,行为可以通过子女和孙辈继续延续一个人无论是有自己的孩子还是领养了孩子,他们身上的一些特质将会传给孩子,并在他们死后得以延续如果你认为你很能喝酒,因为你是爱尔兰人,你嗓门洪亮,因为你是意大利人,那么你认可这是一种文化规范,这种文化规范来自于先天或后天,或者是两者结合.There Is No Proof That There Is Life after Death.没有据明死后还有生命One of the biggest reasons that science has not prepared itself to truly explore the phenomenon of life after death is because there is no proof that there is life after death. There is no proof that the soul exists and there is no proof regarding the parameters of consciousness. Because there is no conclusive proof, many people walk away from it scientifically because they believe it to be fruitless.科学界还没有做好准备真正探究死后的生命现象,其中最大的一个原因是尚没有据明它无法明灵魂的存在,也没有与意识有关的据照科学的方法,没有确凿的据,又觉得出不了成果,所以很多人不愿涉足这一领域1.There Is No Proof That There Is No Life after Death1.没有据明死后没有生命But at the end of the day, even though there is no proof of life after death, there is no proof that there is not life after death either. The entire concept is a mysterious subject. So many psychological signs point to the idea that there may be life after we pass on but none of these pass onto the physical.但是到头来,虽然没有据表明死后还有生命,但也没有据表明死后没有生命这整个概念就是个神秘的课题有那么多心理迹象表明,我们去世后可能会有生命,但是这些迹象又不是实实在在的The intense desire to find out what happens to people after they die is one that has gone as long as the world has had written sources. thousands of years, people have been asking the same questions about the afterlife. Religion has created all kinds of different possibilities. The monotheistic Abrahamic religions have one idea while pagan traditions have more than one. Regardless of the belief system in place, one thing is clear: it is a subject that everyone wants to be better inmed in. If the conscious exists, the drive to discover the keys to death and life are possibly a reflection of the potential to live on after we die. Some psychologists would say that this fear is the fear of the unknown but this is a superficial stance to take on the matter. It is possible to assume that these driving ces come from a knowledge somewhere within consciousness that people do live on after they die. Either way, if this is not true, no one can prove it.人们探知死后生活的强烈欲望来源已久,世界上早有书面记载几千年来,人们一直在追问关于来世的同样问题宗教创造了各种各样的可能性亚伯拉罕一神论的诸教只有一种观点,而异教传统则不止一种无论信仰体系怎样改变,有一点很明确:这是每个人都想了解的主题如果意识存在的话,当我们死后,想探究生死之谜的内驱力可能会让我们认为人死后有可能继续存在一些心理学家说这种恐惧来源于人们对未知的害怕,但这是一种肤浅的观点可以假设这些驱动力来自于意识某处的一种想法,即人死后还会存在不管怎么样,如果这不是真的,也没有人可以明审校:赵倩 来源:前十网 57333

A gold nugget weighing more than four kilograms has been found in Victoria.近日,维多利亚州发现了一块重量超过四公斤的金块According to metal detecting manufacturer Minelab, the discovery was made in a worked-over area on the southern edge of central Victoria Golden Triangle.根据金属探测器制造商觅宝公司报道,这一发现的地点是在维多利亚州金三角中心南部边缘的工作区It said the 5-ounce nugget, named Friday Joy, could be worth up to ,000.据悉,这块重达5盎司、被命名为“星期五的欢乐”的天然金块价值高达5万美元The lucky prospector, who has chosen to remain anonymous, said he found the nugget inches below the ground.而该名幸运的勘探者并不愿透露姓名,只是表示自己是在地下英尺发现的这块黄金;I thought it was rubbish at first, maybe an old horseshoe;, he said. ;As I began to scrape away the clay and dig deeper, I really couldnt believe my eyes - this wasnt an old piece of steel in front of me.;他说:“我起初以为它是垃圾,或者是旧的马蹄铁随着我刮开土层,挖得更深,我简直不敢相信我的眼睛,在我面前的并不是一块废铁”Minelab said the prospector, who has used his weekends to search gold and coins the past years, found a 9-ounce nugget the day bee.觅宝公司表示,这名勘探者在过去的年里会利用周末寻找金子和钱币,而且就在一天前还发现了一块9盎司重的金块Rita Bentley from the Prospectors and Miners Association said the more recent find had caused excited around the world, and that many Victorian locals would be heading out into the bush.来自勘探者和矿工协会的丽塔·本特利表示,这些较新的发现令全世界为之激动,很多维多利亚州本地人将会前往丛林中;Therell be a lot of detectors dusted off that have been sitting in cupboards,; she said. ;I imagine therell be a mini gold rush going on.;她说:“原本一直被放在橱柜里的许多金属探测器,将会被重新利用起来我想这里将会有一场小的淘金热出现”The man said he planned to buy a van and travel around Australia after the finds. The nugget is being kept in a safe and a replica will be made.在发现金块之后,这名勘探者表示自己计划买一辆面包车环游澳大利亚而该金块则被保存在了一个安全的地方,并会制造出一个仿制品 6335

;Broken arrows; are nuclear accidents that dont create a risk of nuclear war. Examples include accidental nuclear detonations or non-nuclear detonations of nuclear weapons. So far, the US Department of Defense recognizes 3 such incidents. Theyre sobering examples of how one tiny mistake could potentially cause massive unintentional damage.美国国防部用;断箭;表示不会引发核战争危机的核事故意外核爆炸和核武器非核爆炸也是其中的两例迄今为止,美国国防部认定了3起类似事故这些发人深省的悲剧明:细微的错误可以促发潜在隐患,造成不可估量的意外损失.British Columbia,1950.不列颠哥伦比亚,1950The first recorded American military nuclear weapon loss took place in British Columbia on February , 1950. A Convair B-36 was on its way from Eielson Air ce Base near Fairbanks, Alaska to the Carswell Air ce Base in t Worth, Texas. The bomber was scheduled to take part in a mission that simulated a nuclear attack on San Francisco. The role of the bomber was to see if these kinds of planes could perm bomb runs in extremely cold weather. That way, the military could see how the bomber would perm if it ever got attacked by the Soviets and had to respond.据记载,美国军队第一次损失核武器是在1950年月日的不列颠哥伦比亚一架康维尔B-36轰炸机正从阿拉斯加费尔班克斯的艾尔森空军基地飞往德克萨斯沃思堡市的卡斯威尔空军基地这架轰炸机被安排参与一次模拟旧金山遭到核打击的行动安排这架轰炸机的目的就是看看这类飞机能否在极低气温条件下发射导弹这样,军队就能知道在遭到苏联攻击时,他们如何反应,轰炸机如何发挥作用Because it was meant to go on a mock bomb run, the plane was carrying a Mark IV atomic bomb. However, the military wasnt actually planning to nuke anybody, so the bomb didnt contain the plutonium core necessary a nuclear detonation. Even so, it still had about ,50 kilograms (5,000 lb) of regular explosives, so the Mark IV could still create a huge explosion. In one way, the mission was a success. The military wanted to find out whether or not the B-36 could attack the Soviets during the Arctic winter, and they learned the answer—it couldnt. Due to the harsh weather conditions, three of the six engines failed. The crew was ced to bail out, but they first jettisoned the Mark IV and detonated it over the Inside Passage in Canada. Five of the men aboard the B-36 died.因为这是模拟轰炸,所以飞机携带了一枚马克原子弹尽管如此,军方实际不想攻击任何人,炸弹里没有核爆炸必须的钚核即便这样,里面仍然有50公斤(5000磅)常规炸药,马克依旧可以制造剧烈爆炸从某方面讲,这次行动成功了军方想知道B-36能否在北半球的冬天对苏联发动进攻,他们找到了——不能由于天气状况恶劣,6个引擎有3个熄灭机组被迫跳伞,但他们首先抛弃了马克,在加拿大内海航道上空将其引爆机上共人,其中5人罹难9.Mars Bluff, South Carolina,19589.南卡罗来纳州火星崖,1958Mars Bluff isnt a sprawling metropolis with millions of people and giant skyscrapers. It a tiny, unincorporated commy located in Florence County, South Carolina. However, it does have one claim to fame—on March , 1958, Mars Bluff was accidentally bombed by the ed States Air ce with a Mark 6 nuke.火星崖并非正在扩展的大都会,没有成千上百万的人口,也没有高耸入云的天楼它很小,是个没有市政级别的居民社区,位于南卡罗来纳州佛罗伦萨县然而,它却一举成名——1958年3月日,火星崖竟然遭到美国空军马克6核弹轰炸A Boeing B-7E-LM Stratojet departed from Hunter Air ce Base in Savannah, Georgia and was headed to England. It was part of Operation Snow Flurry, in which bombers flew to England to perm mock drops to test their accuracy. The Boeing in question had a Mark VI nuclear bomb onboard. As with the British Columbia incident, the bomb was inactive but still had thousands of pounds of explosives.This one is entirely the captain fault. While he was perming checks on the bomb, he accidentally grabbed the emergency release pin. This released the bomb from its harness, and it fell right through the bomber doors to the ground ,500 meters (,000 ft) below. The bomb landed on the house of Walter Gregg. tunately, nobody was killed in the ensuing explosion, although Gregg and five other family members were injured. Gregg sued the Air ce and was awarded ,000 in damages, which is almost 0,000 in today money.一架波音B-7E-LM喷气式轰炸机离开佐治亚州萨凡纳的亨特空军基地,飞往英格兰这是;阵雪行动;的一部分,而整个行动要求轰炸机飞到英格兰模拟发射导弹以测试其精确度这架波音带有一枚马克6核弹与不列颠哥伦比亚的事故相似,导弹没有内核,但仍然有几千磅炸药这一次责任全在机长他检查核弹时,竟然碰到了紧急发射保险锁导弹从架子上掉下去,正好穿透轰炸机机门,落到500米下的地面炸弹落在沃尔特·格雷格家屋顶上,随后爆炸幸运的是,除了格雷格和他的5位家人,没有其他人受伤格雷格起诉空军,得到5000美元赔偿,相当于现在的500000美元8.Minot, North Dakota,.北达科他州迈诺特,Dont think that fumbles with nuclear weapons are a thing of the past; the most recent such incident happened in at the Minot Air ce Base in North Dakota.不要以为核武器事故只发生在过去,最近一起发生在年北达科他州迈诺特空军基地The mission was supposed to be pretty simple—deliver a load of unarmed M-9 ACM cruise missiles to a weapons graveyard. A dozen of them were loaded onto a B-5, six on each side. The officer in charge came and gave a quick inspection with a passing glance at the missiles on the right side bee signing off on the mission. If he bothered to look on the left side, he would have noticed something quite interesting—the six missiles were all still armed with nuclear warheads, each with the power of Hiroshima bombs. This fun fact went unnoticed the next 36 hours. During that time, the missiles flew across the country to Louisiana without any kind of safety protocols in place or any other procedure normally required when transporting nuclear weapons. In the end, things turned out fine, which is why this incident was never classified as a broken arrow. Rather, it a ;bent spear,; an event involving nuclear weapons of significant concern without involving detonation. Even so, when word got out, the public was quite distressed to find out exactly how easily six incredibly dangerous nuclear weapons can get misplaced through simple error.这项任务原本很简单——将大量没有弹药的M-9 ACM巡航导弹运送到武器试验场地其中枚在一架B-5运输机上面,两边各6枚总指挥过来快速查看一番,示意飞机起飞前还扫视了右边的导弹如果他够耐心,再看看左边,他就会注意到一件有趣的事——6枚导弹仍旧带有核弹头,每一枚的威力都倍于广岛的;小男孩;在接下来的36个小时里,这个问题一直没有被发觉在导弹穿越美国到达路易斯安那上空期间,军方没有准备任何应急方案或者经过运输核武器需要的任何其他常规程序最后的结果还好,这次事件也就不属于;断箭;不如说它是;弯矛;——影响重大而没有引爆核武器的事件虽是这样,当这个消息传出去之后,公众特别担忧:6枚如此危险的核武器竟然因为这么简单的错误就这么放错了位置!7.Tybee Island, Georgia,19587.佐治亚州泰碧岛,1958The year 1958 wasnt a brilliant year the US military. This is the second of three broken arrow incidents that year, this time taking place in the waters off Tybee Island near Savannah, Georgia.对美国军队而言,1958年真不是一个好年份这是这一年3起核事件中的第二起,发生在泰碧岛(在萨凡纳附近)水域A 3,500-kilogram (7,600 lb) Mark nuclear bomb was aboard a B-7 bomber engaged in standard practice exercises. What was not so standard was an accidental collision with an F-86 fighter plane, significantly damaging the B-7 wing. The bomber was barely airborne, so the crew jettisoned the bomb in preparation an emergency landing. The bomb was jettisoned over the waters of the Savannah River. To the crew surprise, they never heard an explosion. The pilot guided the bomber safely to the nearest air ce base and even received a Distinguished Flying Cross his actions. However, there was still one question left unanswered—where was the giant nuclear bomb?That a question still unanswered today. The bomb was never found. Even now, over 55 years after the accident, people are still looking it. Experts agree that the bomb ended up somewhere at the bottom of the Wassaw Sound, where it should still be today, buried under several feet of silt.一枚重3500公斤(7600磅)的马克核弹被安放在一架B-7轰炸机上,这架轰炸机正要进行标准的实战演练不那么达标的地方在于飞机竟然与一架F-86战斗机相撞,导致B-7机翼严重受损飞机仍在空中,机组扔掉炸弹,准备紧急着陆炸弹是在萨凡纳河水域上空投放的让机组惊讶的是,他们没有听见爆炸的声音飞行员带领飞机安全到达最近的军事基地,甚至因为这次表现而获得一枚杰出飞行十字勋章但是,还有一个问题没有——那枚巨大的核弹在哪儿?这个问题至今无解这枚炸弹从没找到甚至55年后的今天,人们还在寻找专家认为炸弹在海底某个地方爆炸了,残骸现在还在那儿,埋在几英尺的淤泥下6.Mediterranean Sea,19566.地中海,1956The military does have a tendency to lose a nuclear weapon every now and then without ever recovering it. However, in these cases, they at least have some idea of where the bombs ended up. That is not the case with this broken arrow. It is, without a doubt, the most mysterious incident of its kind.军方总是偶尔遗失核武器,然后再也找不回来但是,在这些事例中,他们至少大概知道炸弹落在何方而这个事件的情况却非如此毫无疑问,这是最离奇的事故了On March , 1956, a B-7 Stratojet took off from MacDill Air ce Base in Florida carrying capsules with nuclear weapon cores. It was headed to a then-undisclosed eign military base, later revealed to be Ben Guerir Air Base in Morocco. During the flight, the bomber was supposed to undergo two aerial refueling sessions. The first one went off without a hitch. When the second tanker arrived to meet up with the B-7, the bomber was nowhere to be found.And it was never found again. It had disappeared without a trace over the Mediterranean Sea. The Royal Navy organized extensive searches assisted by French and Moroccan troops stationed in the area. The best they could come up with is a report that the plane went down somewhere near a coastal village in Algeria called Port Say. The plane and its cargo was eventually classified ;lost at sea,; and the three crew members were declared dead.1956年3月日,一架B-7喷气式轰炸机在佛罗里达州迈克迪尔空军基地起飞,机上载着装有核武器内核的弹药舱飞机要飞往当时还未公开一个外国军事基地,后来披露是洛哥的本格里空军基地在飞行途中,据说轰炸机在空中加了两次油第一次顺利完成当第二架加油机抵达与B-7碰面的位置时,B-7却不见了这架飞机再也没有被找到过他在地中海上空毫无痕迹地消失了皇家海军组织力量展开广泛搜寻,还得到了这一区域内法国和洛哥驻军的帮助他们得到的最好结果就是一份报告:飞机在靠近一个叫做塞湾的地方坠毁,在阿尔及利亚一个滨海村庄附近飞机和机上的东西最后被认定;坠入海中;,3名机组成员被宣告死亡编辑:Amy 来源:前十网 15

What happens to you after you die? That is one of life biggest questions. millennia, humans have been trying to solve that problem through a variety of different ways. From philosophy to science, the question of life and death has pervaded a significant amount of important work either directly or indirectly.人死后将会经历什么?那是有关生命的一大难题数千年来,人类已尝试用各种各样的方法来解答这个难题有关生命与死亡的问题已经直接或间接地在哲学和科学领域中充当重要的角色Untunately, there are no answers to the question of life after death. Even after all of this time, scientists are only beginning to fully understand the process of death itself. Old tropes talk of the moment of death as though it is a singular point in time or the period at the end of the sentence of life. But, just as life is a complicated series of processes and events, death cannot be broken down to a split second when life ends. From studies surrounding consciousness to tales of near death experiences, humans have been exploring these concepts centuries. Recently, new breakthroughs in resuscitation science have some inmation about what happens to a person in the first few minutes after they die. This research is of hallmark importance; however, not all of it can be proven to be objective fact. Much of what life after death means comes down to the kind of life you describe. Life, as a biological process, will end. Cells die and are immediately broken down. That much about death is clear. But things like behaviors, traits and likenesses live on through our offspring. Whether it is by genes or by learned behaviors, some part of many people lives on through their children long after they die. Science cannot explain the phenomenon of life after death as it presently stands, but here are ten ways that it can try:可惜的是,现在还没法解释死后的生命世界甚至这么长时间以来,科学家们才刚开始全面了解死亡本身的过程一些古老的比喻将死亡的那一刻比作时间中的一个奇异点,亦或是生命长河的最后时刻但是,生命是一系列复杂的过程和大事件,当其结束时,死亡也不可能被分解成一刹那从围绕意识的研究到濒死经历的故事,人类已经对这些概念探索了好几个世纪最近,复苏科学有了新突破,揭示了在人死后最初几分钟内将会发生的事情这项研究非常重要;但还无法明所有的成果都是客观事实死后的生活意味着什么,这很大程度上归结于你所描绘的生活生命这一生化过程终将结束细胞死后立即被分解这些都确定无疑但行为、特性以及长相等会通过我们的后代延绵下去无论是通过基因还是习得行为,很多人死后会在某种程度上通过他们的子女继续活下去就目前来说,科学尚无法解释死后的生命现象,但有以下个方面可以进行尝试:.Death Is Not an Event.死亡并不是一件大事The moment that your heart beats the last time or the moment you take your last breath is not the moment of your death. Death continues to be a mysterious process those with a career in science, and those who ponder their own mortality.心脏最后一次跳动或者吸入最后一口气,这都不代表你的死期已到对那些科学研究者以及那些思索着自己死亡大事的人而言,死亡一向就是一个神秘的过程The fact that death is not a fleeting moment is demonstrated by the rare confusion that some people face regarding whether or not a person is really dead. Most people have heard the stories about someone who was declared dead but seemed to magically wake up at their funeral. Despite so many medical advancements and technologies, people still make mistakes about who is dead and who is not. A 91 year old Polish woman recently scared the life out of some morticians after she woke up in a morgue hours after being declared dead. The mortician discovered that there was movement in the body bag and when it was opened, the poor woman was not only alive but quite healthy. A similar situation happened in Kenya in . A young man was declared to be dead after he ingested insecticide. Although the doctors had tried to save him, they believed that the cause was lost. But only hours after being sent to the morgue, he woke up and frightened the technicians who were working near and around him. Of course, some of these mistakes are the result of human error. After all, American coroners are not required to have medical degrees, and some conditions and medications do mimic death in a convincing manner. Mistaking the living the dead is a rare thing in modern society. It happens so rarely that if a mistake is made, the news makes headlines around the world. Whether the mistake is made by an elected official or a trained medical professional, it opens up a necessary discussion about how complicated the processes of death and dying really are.人们偶尔会困惑,不知道某个人是否已经死亡,这明死亡并不是一个短暂的时刻绝大多数人都听闻过被宣布死亡的人竟在他们的葬礼中奇迹般苏醒的故事尽管有了这么多先进的医药和技术,人们仍然会在断定谁死谁生的问题上犯错有个91岁的波兰妇女在被宣布死亡个小时后,竟在太平间醒来,这可把一些入殓者吓得要死有个入殓师发现装尸袋有动静,就在此时,袋子打开,那个可怜的妇女不但还活着,而且还相当健康年,肯尼亚也有类似的情况发生一名年轻男子摄入杀虫剂后被宣布身亡尽管医生们已竭尽全力抢救他,但最终还是认定男子已经死亡但就在被送去太平间的个小时后,他醒了过来,吓坏了在一旁的工作人员当然,有些错误是因为人为失误毕竟美国的验尸官不一定要有医学学位,而且一些特殊状况和药物会造成令人信的假死现象误把活人当死人这一现象在当代社会已极为罕见正因为它如此罕见,一旦出现,它将成为全世界的头条新闻无论是一位民选官员还是一位训练有素的药剂师,当他们犯下这种错误时,都会激起一场有关死亡过程的复杂性和如何断定真正死亡的讨论9.The Brain Cannot Function When the Heart Stops Beating9.心脏不跳动,大脑便停止运转Dying is not an instantaneous process. Although it was thought to be a simple process in which a person stops breathing oxygen and supporting brain function, it is much more complex than this. Dying does not just happen. It is something that happens over an entire lifetime. The final process itself is something that happens over several hours and some doctors believe that it is reversible.死亡不是一个瞬时过程尽管人们把它看做一个简单的过程,即人停止吸氧供大脑运转,而实际上,它比这过程还复杂得多死亡不是一下子就发生的它贯穿于生命体的一生其最后进程发生在几小时内,而且医生们相信那是可逆的Scientists know very little about what happens when a person dies. This is partly because it is such a complex question and partly because few researchers actually participate in discussions surrounding the subject. Many of the hard sciences like chemistry have supported the idea that there is only one objective in reality and anything that is subjective is not considered to be a fact. As a result, scientists veer away from the subject of life after death, despite its existential value. What science does know is that the brain needs oxygen to function; it relies on the heart and the cardiovascular system to take in oxygen, filter it and pass it to the brain. Once the heart stops beating, the brain dies very quickly. In fact, it takes only to 30 seconds the brain to stop all function after the heart has stops beating. It only begins function again if the heart can be restarted.科学家们对人死时所发生的一切知之甚少其中部分原因是死亡本身就是一个复杂的问题,还有部分原因是很少有研究者参与到该课题的讨论中很多硬科学如化学已经实,客观实际只有一个,任何主观事物均不被当作事实,尽管人类的死后世界这一课题本身存在着价值,但科学家们还是远离这个课题科学家们所知道的是,大脑需要氧气来维持正常的运转,它依靠心脏和心血管系统来吸收氧气,过滤后输送给大脑心脏一旦停止跳动,大脑很快就会死亡实际上,心脏停止跳动后,大脑只需到30秒的时间就会停止所有功能只有心脏再次跳动,大脑才能再次运转8.Some People Have Awareness Even After They Are Clinically Dead8.有些人即使临床上实死亡但他依然有意识A recent study in resuscitation medicine surveyed 360 people who were able to be revived after suffering from cardiac arrest. These 360 people were found out of a group ,000 patients from hospitals in America, Britain and Austria.最近一个关于复苏医学的研究调查了360个在心搏停止后又苏醒过来的患者这360人从美国、英国和奥地利的医院中的00名患者中挑选出来Out of these 360 people, only around 0 were well enough to be interviewed. Out of this group, around 0 percent said that they had a kind of ;awareness; even though their heart had stopped beating and their brains had stopped functioning. Of course, some scientists chalk this up to post-traumatic stress disorder or other psychiatric issues. However, one case in particular stood out among the crowd. One of these 360 people could describe the exact events that followed his death. He told the researchers that while he was clinically dead, he kept hearing the beeping of a machine. The beeps went every three minutes and he heard two beeps from the machine. The exact detail with which he could describe the events that followed his death lead doctors to believe that his brain did not fully shut down, even though his heart stopped several minutes. Dr. Sam Parnia of the State University of New York at Stony Brook was the lead author of the study that published this miraculous case. Dr. Parnia suggested that man experience was paradoxical, but that it opened up new possibilities in medicine. He believes that it is possible that more people continue to have awareness after death. He believes that the majority of patients lose memory of consciousness as a result of the trauma or of the sedatives involved in reviving them.这360人中仅有0人左右恢复到可以接受采访的程度接受采访的人中,有0%的人,说尽管他们的心脏已经停跳且大脑已经失去功能,但他们仍然有一些意识当然有些科学家将其归因于创伤后精神失调或是其他心理因素然而,有一个特别的例子很引人注目360名患者中有一人可以确切地说出在他;死后;发生的事情他告诉研究者,当他被诊断为医学死亡后,他还能听到一个机器发出的;哔哔;声;哔哔;声每隔3分钟响一次,他听到了次他可以描述出死后所发生事件的确切细节,医生们认为,在他的心脏停跳数分钟后,他的大脑仍没有死亡纽约州立大学石溪分校的山姆·帕尼尔士(Dr. Sam Parnia) 是这项堪称奇迹的研究的主要负责人帕尼尔士说,人的经验相互矛盾,但这为医药领域展开了新的可能性他相信,其实有更多人在死亡之后依然有意识他认为大部分患者由于精神创伤或者在复苏过程中使用了镇静剂,忘记了他们在死亡后仍然有知觉7.People May Have Different Levels of Consciousness After They Die7.人们在死亡后可能依然存在不同程度的知觉In the same study, Dr. Parnia noted that out of the 360 patients in the study, many of these patients recalled dramatically different experiences of their time after death. Out of all of the patients interviewed, 39 percent said that they had distinct feelings of consciousness but that they were unable to describe anything that happened to them or around them during the period when they were clinically dead.在同一个试验中,帕尼尔士提到,在参与试验的360名患者中,很多人所回忆的死后经历迥然不同接受采访的患者中,39%的人说他们在医学死亡后仍有清晰的意识,但是却不能描述在这个过程中他们身上及周围发生的一切About 6 percent of all of the patients interviewed said that they had some recollection of their near death experience; however, these memories do not fit in with the general knowledge about near-death experiences. Only 9 percent of the patients interviewed actually experienced the bright lights that are most commonly associated with a near death experience. Many of the people with memories remembered feeling scared and persecuted while they were dead. But people experiences varied widely. Some people felt joyful while others described being enveloped a bright light. Some believed they had encountered a kind of mystical or mythical being. Only percent of the people with these recollections felt as though they had been separated from their body. The variety of experiences that patients in this study reported suggests that if there is life after death, or in this case, brain function after death, then this experience is vastly different everyone. There have been several reports in the media over the years of people who have come back from the edge at the last moment and claimed to have their lives flash bee them. Some claim that they were taken in by a warm, brilliant light. While many of these reports are written off as hallucinations at best and outright lies at the worst, this new study provides some scientific merit to the experiences humans have encountered years.有大约6%的受访者说他们对濒死时发生的事有一些印象,然而这些记忆却与我们所知道的关于濒死体验的常识不符只有9%的受访者真正体验到了通常与濒死联系在一起的亮光大部分患者记得自己在;死后;感受到恐惧和纠结但是人们的体验完全不同有些人觉得十分快乐,有的人说他们被一道光亮笼罩,有些人坚信他们遇到了神话里的情形或是神话中的生物只有%的人觉得他们的灵魂和肉体好像分开了在这次试验中,不同病人的不同反馈表明,如果死后依然有生命,或者在这个试验中,我们可以说死后大脑依然能够运行,那么这种经历在不同的人身上则完全不同近几年来,媒体报道了不少从垂死边缘被抢救回来的病人,这些病人都称自己的人生像幻灯片一样在自己眼前一一呈现有些人说他们被一道温暖明亮的光线吸入这些报道顶多被轻率地当作是幻觉,最坏的情况下人们会简单地认为这是谎言但这项研究为人们已经经历多年的现象提供了科学视角6.Consciousness Cannot Be Proven by Science6.意识不能被科学明Untunately, even after at least ,000 years of trying to understand human consciousness, no one seems to have any real answers. The topic was first documented as being considered by the Greeks and thinkers around the world have been infatuated with the subject years. Consciousness cannot be proven. People cant even think about their own consciousness. The main problem, so far, with the perception of consciousness is that people cannot even think of the questions to find the answers to. Philosophers, psychoanalysts, doctors and learned people from all walks of life have made thousands of attempts to discover what it means to be conscious and how a person is conscious. Almost all people assume that we are conscious, but no one can prove it. As a result, proving or disproving the reports given by the patients in Dr. Parnia study is impossible. Are they making them up? Are they merely tricks the brain plays to cover up the trauma? It remains impossible to tell. As the man who accurately described the scene after his death, that alone can finally justify further investigations into the problems of life and death.在至少00年的人类意识探索中,不幸的是,没有人能找到这个问题的确切这个话题首次被希腊人记录,世界各地的思想家多年致力于研究这一问题意识不能被明人们甚至不能思考自己的意识到目前为止,随着对意识的认知,最主要的问题是,人们甚至不能通过思考这个问题来找寻哲学家、心理分析学家、医生和各行各业的学之士尽其努力发掘意识的本质,了解人类怎样拥有意识几乎所有人都认为我们是有意识的,但是无人能实这一点,不可能论或反帕尔尼士的研究报告这是他们编造的吗?还是大脑为掩盖创伤所玩的把戏?我们无从分辨至于那些能够准确描述死后场景的人,也仅仅明了生死问题还有待进一步研究审校:赵倩 来源:前十网 570

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