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  • China Worried About Illegal Drugs During Olympics确保奥运中国将加紧稽查毒品走私  China says it will step up drug enforcement efforts during the Olympic Games in Beijing in August. Meanwhile, Chinese officials are expressing alarm about the opium traffic from neighboring Afghanistan, the country that has become the world's leading producer of the drug. 中国方面表示,将在8月北京奥运期间,加紧缉毒行动。与此同时,中国官员对来自邻国阿富汗的鸦片走私活动提高警觉。阿富汗是世界上生产鸦片最多的国家。One of China's top drug-fighting officials, Yang Fengrui, says he is concerned more foreigners in China during the Olympics could mean more illegal narcotics. 中国负责打击毒品犯罪的主要官员之一杨凤瑞表示,他担心,奥运会期间将有很多外国人到中国来,这有可能意味著会有更多的非法毒品入境。 "In order to ensure the security of the Olympic games, and to host a green Olympic games and a drug-free Olympic games, the central government has instructed the law enforcement departments to do a lot about drug control during the Olympic games, in order to curb the inflow of drugs from overseas," said Yang. 他说:“为了办一个平安奥运、绿色奥运,也可以说是一个无毒的奥运,中国政府、中国的执法部门,在禁毒领域,还是要做大量的工作。针对境外毒品大量入境的情况, 我们要加强堵源截流,加强打击犯罪。”Yang wears two hats. He is the director general of the Ministry of Public Security's Narcotics Control Bureau. He is also the permanent deputy secretary general of the newly-created China National Narcotics Control Commission, an agency created by a law that went into effect June 1. 杨凤瑞身兼双职。他一方面是公安部禁毒局局长,另一方面还担任中国国家禁毒委员会常务副秘书长。禁毒委员会是依照刚刚于6月1号生效的一项立法成立的。The Chinese official says another issue of concern is the effort to smuggle heroin through China. He says the heroin supply out of southeast Asia's Golden Triangle region -- made up of Burma, Laos and Thailand -- has decreased significantly. At the same time, he points to a relatively new area of opium production, the so-called Golden Crescent, an area that straddles Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran. 杨凤瑞表示,中方同时还担心国际走私团伙会经由中国走私海洛因。他说,一方面,通过东南亚三国缅甸、老挝和泰国组成的“金三角”走私的海洛因,已经大幅度减少,但是,又出现了一个新的毒品走私渠道,那就是在阿富汗、巴基斯坦和伊朗交界处的所谓“金新月” (Golden Crescent)。Chinese authorities recently foiled one case involving 50 kilograms of heroin and 30 carpets imported from Afghanistan and Pakistan. Officials say smugglers had injected the heroin into flexible plastic tubes, one to two millimeters in diameter, and then wrapped the tubes into colorful fibers that were woven into the carpets.  中国当局最近破获的一起案件涉及50公斤海洛因和30条从阿富汗和巴基斯坦进口的毛毯。中国官员说,走私者把海洛因注入直径1到2毫米的塑料软管里,再用色织物把这些管子裹起来,然后织进毛毯里。Yang says the Chinese government has taken special measures to deal with the threat of drugs from Afghanistan, which produces more than 90 percent of the world's supply of opium. 杨凤瑞说,中国政府针对来自阿富汗的毒品威胁已经采取了特别手段。全世界的鸦片供应中,有90%以上来自阿富汗。"First, at the border areas and related high-risk areas, we have strengthened efforts to block the drug sources," Yang said. "And, we have also established checkpoints and inspection stations on the road routes, land routes, sea routes and air routes, and also mail routes, to maximize our ability to inspect and block drug sources." 他说:“第一个就是在边境地区和有关地区采取堵源截流的措施,就是(在)陆路、海路、空路、邮路建立查缉体系。最大限度地查缉堵截毒品入境。”Yang acknowledges there has been what he describes as a "very little amount" of opium poppy cultivation in China, in eastern Fujian Province, in western Gansu Province and in northeastern Heilongjiang Province. He says Chinese authorities use satellite pictures to detect the illegal crop and have been able to take immediate action to eradicate the problem. 杨凤瑞承认,在中国东部的福建省、西部的甘肃省和东北的黑龙江省有他所说的“非常少量的”罂粟种植。他说,中国当局使用卫星图片来侦测非法种植物,并且能够即刻行动,根除问题。Yang also says a small number of Chinese families in what he describes as "the border areas of cities," also grow opium poppies, but he says it is only because they enjoy the beautiful flowers. 杨凤瑞还表示,在他所说的“城市边缘地区”,也有少数家庭种植罂粟。不过他说,那是为了观赏。200806/42811
  • US Military Commander Upbeat on Iraq美军事指挥官对伊拉克前途乐观 The commander of multi-national forces in Iraq's northern provinces reports significant progress in the battle against terrorists and insurgents, allowing the region to turn its attention to economic matters and other concerns. 驻伊拉克北部各省的多国部队司令马克.赫特林报告说,多国部队打击恐怖分子和反叛分子的行动取得重大进展,从而使得该地区将注意力转向经济和其它事务。Despite a recent wave of suicide attacks in Iraq, U.S. Major General Mark Hertling says he has never been more hopeful about the country's future as he is right now. 尽管伊拉克最近发生了一连串自杀式袭击事件,但是美军的马克.赫特林少将表示,他从来没有像现在这样对伊拉克的前途感到乐观。"We have seen a sharp decline, not only in attacks, but [also] in foreign fighters traversing the western Ninawa deserts. And we have captured or killed dozens of mid and high-level [terrorist] operatives in the province and in the city of Mosul itself. With the Iraqi army, we have also disrupted the flow of foreign terrorists from Syria," he said. 赫特林说:“我们看到,反叛分子袭击的数量和外国战斗人员从尼尼微西部进入伊拉克的人数都在急剧下降。我们俘虏或打死在尼尼微省和苏尔城活动的几十名中层和高层恐怖分子。我们还跟伊拉克军队一道,粉碎了外国恐怖分子从叙利亚进入伊拉克的行动。”Hertling was speaking near Tikrit in a teleconference with reporters at the Pentagon. 赫特林是在提克里特附近跟五角大楼记者举行视频记者会时说的这番话。The general says Iraqi army and police forces are growing in numbers and becoming more effective every day, contributing to a markedly-improved security situation in the country's northern provinces. As a result, he says residents and local governments have been able to devote greater attention to infrastructure and employment needs. 赫特林说,伊拉克军队和警察部队的数量正在与日壮大,战斗力也日见加强,为伊拉克北部各省安全局势的明显改善做出贡献。赫特林表示,当地居民和政府因此才能够全力以赴地进行基础设施建设,解决就业等问题。Hertling stresses that the battle against terrorists and insurgents is far from won. He says many combatants have been forced from cities like Mosul and are now attempting to regroup in villages and rural areas. This trend has necessitated a new initiative, called Operation Iron Pursuit, to hunt down terrorists outside urban areas. 赫特林强调,打击恐怖分子和反叛分子的斗争还远远没有取得最后的胜利。他说,许多敌方战斗人员被从苏尔等城市赶走,目前正企图在乡村地区重新集结。因此我们有必要通过新的行动追捕城外的恐怖分子,这项行动的代号是“无情的追捕行动”。"It is a very hopeful time in Iraq, but there are still a lot of enemy [fighters] out there, and in order to get the people of Iraq completely secure, we have to continue to go after al-Qaida and the other extremists," he added. 赫特林说:“伊拉克目前的局势非常乐观,但是那里仍然有不少敌人,为了彻底保伊拉克人民的安全,我们必须继续追捕基地恐怖分子和其他极端主义分子。”Hertling noted that Georgian troops serving in Iraq have been called home as a result of their country's ongoing conflict with Russia. But the general expressed confidence that the departure of Georgian forces, which total 2,000 in Iraq, would not significantly weaken multi-national operations. 赫特林特别指出,布署在伊拉克的格鲁吉亚军队已经被召回国,因为格鲁吉亚目前正在跟俄罗斯发生武装冲突。不过赫特林表示,他坚信格鲁吉亚两千军人的离开不会明显削弱多国部队在伊拉克的行动。200808/45782
  • Pope Appeals for Humanitarian Corridor in Georgia教皇呼吁在格开辟人道主义通道   Pope Benedict XVI issued another strong appeal on Sunday for a humanitarian corridor to be opened to allow aid to get through to the displaced in Georgia. 天主教教皇本笃十六世星期天再次强烈呼吁在格鲁吉亚开辟人道主义通道,以便将救援物资送给因战争而背井离乡的格鲁吉亚人。Pope Benedict said he continues to follow with attention and concern the situation in Georgia and feels especially close to the victims of the conflict. The pope was speaking from his summer retreat in Castelgandolfo, in the hills south of Rome.  教皇本笃十六世说,他一直在注视和关注格鲁吉亚的局势,并且感觉跟格鲁吉亚武装冲突的受害者格外亲近。教皇在他的避暑度假地甘多尔福堡发表上述讲话。甘多尔福堡在罗马以南的山丘上。Addressing the pilgrims gathered in the palace's courtyard for the Sunday Angelus prayer, the pope issued a strong appeal for the urgent opening of humanitarian corridors between Georgia and the separatist region of South Ossetia to help people caught up in the fighting.  教皇本笃星期天向聚集在主教宅邸院子里进行奉告祈祷的信徒们发表讲话。他强烈呼吁在格鲁吉亚和主张分离的南奥塞梯地区之间开通紧急人道主义通道,帮助那些被战火所困的人们。The pope said humanitarian corridors should be opened so that the dead can receive a dignified burial, the wounded can be properly treated and people can rejoin their loved ones. 教皇说,应该开通人道主义通道,这样死者才能得到有尊严的葬礼,伤员才能得到及时的治疗,人们才能跟他们的家人团聚。Pope Benedict expressed the hope that a French-brokered cease-fire between Georgia and Russia will turn into a stable peace. He renewed his appeal to the international community to continue to work for a lasting solution through dialogue. He also called for the rights of ethnic minorities in the region to be guaranteed. 天主教教皇本笃表示,希望由法国调停的格鲁吉亚和俄罗斯之间的停火变成稳定的和平。他再次呼吁国际社会继续努力,通过对话找到一个永久的解决方案。教皇本笃还呼吁要保该地区少数民族的各项权利。An estimated 120,000 people have been displaced by the fighting between Georgia and Russia, which began August 7 between Georgian troops and separatists in South Ossetia. Georgian forces say they acted after coming under Russian fire. Russia says it moved in to Georgia to protect its citizens in South Ossetia, many of whom have been given Russian passports.  据估计,格鲁吉亚和俄罗斯之间的战斗已经造成12万人离乡背井。这场战斗于8月7号首先在格鲁吉亚军队和南奥塞梯分离分子之间开始。格鲁吉亚军队说,他们是在俄罗斯军队首先开火之后才予以还击的。而俄罗斯则表示,他们开进格鲁吉亚是保护在南奥塞梯的俄罗斯公民,其中许多人都持有俄罗斯护照。The Russian President Dmitri Medvedev said Sunday that his country's troops will begin withdrawing from Georgia on Monday. 俄罗斯总统梅德韦杰夫星期天表示,俄罗斯军队将从星期一开始从格鲁吉亚撤离。200808/46199
  • OECD Downgrades US Economic Outlook经济发展与合作组织对美经济悲观The Paris-based Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation (OECD) published a grim assessment Thursday of the ed States economy, saying it was close to recession. However, the OECD suggested European economies will likely fare better this year. 设在巴黎的经济发展与合作组织星期四对美国经济发表了一份悲观的评估报告,认为美国经济濒临衰退的边缘。但是该组织估计今年欧洲国家的经济状况很可能有所改善。The OECD downgraded its estimates for U.S. growth to just 0.1 percent for the first quarter of this year. Overall, the organization predicted the American economy would grow just 1.4 percent in 2008, far below its previous estimate in December of a two percent growth. 经济发展与合作组织估计,美国经济今年第一季度的增长率仅为0.1%。该组织预计,2008年美国经济的全年增长率为1.4%,大大低于去年12月作出的2%的预测。The OECD is an international economic research organization based in Paris.  经济发展与合作组织是设在巴黎的国际经济研究机构。OECD chief economist Jorgen Elmeskov says it might be premature to declare a recession in the ed States. But at a press conference in Paris, Elmeskov said the U.S. economy would be extremely weak for at least the first half of this year, hampered by a credit crunch and the collapse of the U.S. housing market. 该组织首席经济学家埃尔姆斯克夫说,现在就认为美国进入经济衰退还为时过早,但是他在巴黎举行的一次记者会上说,美国经济在信贷紧缩和住房市场崩溃的影响下,至少在今年上半年将极其衰弱。"It's hard to say how far advanced we are in the U.S. housing construction adjustments," he explained. "The share of GDP housing construction is probably down now to around somewhere like 3.8 percent of GDP. Which correspondents to the average level in previous slumps. But it is clear that this slump has got further to go. There are no signs from any indicator of construction activity that things are about to change."  埃尔姆斯克夫说:“还很难说美国住房建设调整究竟取得了多少进展。住房建设在美国国内生产总值中所占比例现在可能下降到3.8%左右,这和以前几次房市暴跌的平均水平相符。但是显然这次暴跌还有进一步向下的趋势,任何有关住房建设的指数都没有显示有出现转机的迹象。”The OECD said the so-called euro-zone economies - those European Union economies using the euro as their currency - have brighter prospects, and kept the prediction of 1.5 percent growth unchanged.  经济发展与合作组织表示,所谓欧元区经济体,也就是那些使用欧元的欧盟成员经济体的经济前景却比较光明,这些经济体的增长率仍然保持在原先做出的1.5%的水平。While a strong euro makes European exports more expensive, it also makes the price of oil cheaper. Still, the organization has raised alarm about possible inflation for the euro-area. 虽然欧元强劲使得欧洲出口商品的价格更加昂贵,但是同时也导致石油价格变得低廉,但是经济发展与合作组织依然对欧元区可能发生的通货膨胀做出警告。The OECD also issued a somewhat downbeat prognosis for Japan, predicting only a 1.5 percent growth rate for 2008, down from its earlier prediction of 1.6 percent growth. 该组织还对日本的经济前景发表了比较悲观的预测,认为日本2008年的经济增长率仅为1.5%,低于先前预测的1.6%。200803/31663
  • A Buddhist monk involved in the September protests in Burma has called on the world community to stop supporting, recognizing and selling arms to the military-run Burmese government. U Awbata made his appeal at an international human rights conference on Burma in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta. 参加缅甸去年9月抗议活动的一名佛教僧侣呼吁国际社会不要持、承认缅甸军政府,也不要出售武器给该政府。这位僧侣是在印度尼西亚首都召开的一个国际人权会议上发出这一呼吁的。U Awbata escaped from Burma into Thailand, last November, after hiding for nearly two months following a government crackdown against peaceful street protests led by his fellow monks. 僧人吴.奥巴塔去年11月从缅甸逃到泰国,缅甸军政府镇压了那次僧侣领导的和平街头抗议,奥巴塔在逃出缅甸之前隐藏了近两个月。U Awbata says the world community must not support Burma in any way and should support an arms embargo against the military government. 他说,国际社会一定不要在任何方面持缅甸,而且应该持对缅甸军政府实行的武器禁运。"As you have seen that the military generals have used their guns to kill and crush their own people, I would therefore like to appeal to the international community here today to work together and urge those countries selling arms to Burma to stop them from doing so," he said. 吴.奥巴塔说:“军政府的将领用杀害并镇压它的国民,这是有目共睹的事实,因此我要呼吁国际社会共同努力,敦促向缅甸出售武器的国家停止这种行为。” The monks took to the streets of the capital, Rangoon, in September, chanting prayers in peaceful protests against a sharp increase in fuel prices. 缅甸的僧人去年9月走上仰光街头,吟诵经文,和平抗议燃油价格窜升。Soon joined by ordinary citizens, the demonstrations quickly turned into the biggest anti-government protests seen in the country for nearly two decades. 僧侣的行动很快得到普通市民的持,抗议行动迅速发展成为反政府示威,成为20年来缅甸出现的最大规模的抗议行动。Soldiers opened fire and beat protesters with batons, killing at least 31 people, according to the ed Nations. Thousands were jailed in an effort to stop the demonstrations. 军人开并用警棍殴打示威群众,联合国估计,至少有31人在镇压中丧生。为了制止示威行动,政府还将数千人关进监狱。U Awbata he does not know how many died after soldiers attacked monks at the famed Shwedagon Pagoda in Rangoon, but that he will never forget what he witnessed there. 吴.奥巴塔说,他不清楚在仰光著名的瑞光大金塔旁到底有多少僧人在政府的镇压中丧生,但是他永远也忘不了他亲眼所见的事实。"I cannot forget," said U Awbata. "I cannot erase the sight that I saw on the eastern side of the Shwedagon Pagoda where three monks were shot at and when they fell down the soldiers used their boots and stomped on the heads of the wounded monks and beat them with batons." 他说:“我忘不了、也永远都抹不掉我在瑞光大金塔东侧亲眼所见的一幕,有3名僧侣被子弹击中,他们倒下以后,军人还用皮靴踩踏受伤僧人的头部,用警棍殴打他们。”Many countries, including the ed States and the European Union have imposed strict economic sanctions against Burma. 很多国家,包括美国和欧盟国家都对缅甸实行经济禁运。But many participants at the Burma conference want the ten-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations to do the same. 但是很多参加缅甸问题国际会议的国家希望有10个成员国的东南亚国家联盟也采取同样的行动。Debbie Stothard, the coordinator for the Bangkok-based human rights group Altsean, says ASEAN should consider sanctions against Burma instead of sticking to its principle of non-interference in member states' affairs. 总部设在曼谷的人权组织东盟替代网络的协调员德比.斯托特德(Debby Stotherd)说,东盟应该考虑制裁缅甸,而不是坚持东盟的不干涉其他成员国内政的原则。"We want a peaceful political solution for Burma, because a peaceful political solution will be good not just for the people of Burma but for the people of this entire region…we need the political will. We need ASEAN and Indonesia to prove it has political will," said Stothard. "Which means they will have to seriously consider sanctions. 她说:“我们希望通过和平的政治方案来解决缅甸的问题,因为和平的政治解决方案将不仅有利于缅甸人民,也有利于整个地区的人民。我们需要政治意愿,我们要求东盟国家和印尼明它们有政治意愿,也就是说,他们应该严肃地考虑对缅甸实行制裁。” Thursday, the ed Nations special envoy to Burma, Ibrahim Gambari, arrived in Burma to resume his mission to try to convince the military government to start talks with the opposition on political reform. 星期四,联合国的缅甸特使甘巴里抵达缅甸,他的任务是继续努力说军政府开始和反对党进行政治改革的谈判。He arrives just a month after the government announced plans to hold a referendum on a new constitution on May followed by elections in 2010, a move Gambari called a positive sign. 甘巴里到缅甸一个月前,缅甸军政府刚刚宣布,计划在今年5月就新宪法举行公投,然后在2010年举行大选。联合国特使甘巴里表示,这是一个积极的信号。200803/29014
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