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嘉兴激光祛斑哪里好嘉兴哪个整容医院磨颧骨好不知道大家听说过电鱼没有...它们往往生活在浑浊的水域当中,依靠发射电流探测出障碍物以及猎物的位置...原理和蝙蝠发出的超声波差不多...在今天的大千世界中,我们就来关注下这类不同寻常的鱼。07/77674浙江激光祛痘多少钱 U.S. President Barack Obama has chosen the Defense Department's head of intelligence to oversee the nation's 16 intelligence agencies. Retired Air Force General James Clapper is the president's choice to be the new Director of National Intelligence.President Obama says General Clapper is one of the nation's most experienced and most respected intelligence professionals. "He has improved information-sharing, increased intelligence support to our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, upheld civil liberties, and he played a key role in our effort to update and reorient our intelligence community to meet the threats of our time," said President Obama.If approved by the Senate, Clapper would be the fourth Director of National Intelligence. Retired Admiral Dennis Blair resigned last month after a series of conflicts with the White House.Mr. Obama introduced his nominee Saturday in a brief speech in the White House Rose Garden.Clapper spoke for only 40 seconds, saying nominees for Director of National Intelligence (DNI) are "better seen than heard.""We have the largest, most capable intelligence enterprise on the planet, and it is the solemn, sacred trust in the DNI to make that enterprise work," he said.Clapper has spent several decades in military intelligence. He led the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, which analyzes images taken from above. He also headed the Defense Intelligence Agency, which often works closely with the CIA.Clapper is known for being blunt and direct. His manner has won praise in the military, but some of the lawmakers who will decide whether he is confirmed say he is not cooperative enough.President Obama says Clapper's no-nonsense style will be an asset in his new job."He possesses a quality that I value in all my advisors: a willingness to tell leaders what we need to know, even if it is not what we want to hear," added President Obama.Mr. Obama admits that coordinating the activities of 16 U.S. spy agencies is a major challenge, but he believes Clapper will be able to do so."In short, our intelligence community needs to work as one integrated team that produces quality, timely and accurate intelligence. And let us be honest, this is a tough task. But this will be Jim's core mission, he is eminently qualified, and he has my complete confidence and support," Obama explained.The president says the U.S. intelligence community has vastly improved since the terrorist attacks on New York and the Pentagon in 2001. But he says December's incident in which a Nigerian man boarded a jet headed for Detroit with explosives hidden in his underwear shows that more work lies ahead.Mr. Obama is calling on the Senate to quickly approve General Clapper's nomination. 美国总统奥巴马挑选国防部情报负责人监督美国16个情报机构的工作。美国空军退役将军詹姆斯.克拉珀是奥巴马总统新任国家情报总监的人选。奥巴马说,克拉珀将军是美国最有经验,也是最受尊敬的情报专业人士之一。他说:“他提高并增加了驻阿富汗和伊拉克美军的资源共享和情报持,维护了公民自由。他还在我们更新和调整情报机构,以适应当前这个时代的威胁中发挥了关键作用。”如果获得参议院批准,克拉珀将是第四任国家情报总监。退役的海军上将丹尼斯.布莱尔在与白宫发生一系列冲突后于上个月辞职。奥巴马星期六在白宫玫瑰园发表简短讲话,介绍了他提名的人。克拉珀只发表了40秒的讲话。他说,国家情报总监提名人“做出让人有目共睹的工作比夸夸其谈重要”。他说:“我们有全世界最大、最有能力的情报机构,对于国家情报总监庄严而神圣的信任使得这个机构能够运转。”克拉珀从事了几十年的军事情报工作。他曾领导美国国家地球空间情报局。该机构负责分析从上方拍摄的图像。他还曾担任国防情报局负责人。这个机构常常与美国中央情报局开展密切合作。克拉珀因他的直率和不拐弯抹角而闻名。他的这一行事作风在军中赢得赞扬,但是将决定他的任命能否得到确认的一些国会议员表示克拉珀的态度不够合作。奥巴马说,克拉珀严肃的风格将是他新工作中的一大优势。他说:“他拥有一种品质,这也是我对我所有的顾问非常重视的一点,那就是愿意告诉领导人们我们需要知道的东西,即使那并不是我们想要听到的。”奥巴马承认,协调美国16个情报机构的活动是一项重大挑战,但是他相信克拉珀将能够胜任这份工作。奥巴马说:“总而言之,我们的情报机构需要作为一个一体的团队,收集高质量的、及时的和准确的情报。让我们坦率地说,这是一项艰巨的任务。但是这将是吉姆的核心任务。他绝对有资格胜任这份工作,他拥有我完全的信任和持。”奥巴马总统说,美国的情报机构在2001年对纽约和五角大楼的恐怖袭击后已经获得了重大的改善。但是他说,去年12月一名尼日利亚男子将爆炸物藏在内衣里登上一架飞往底特律的班机的事件显示,还有更多的工作摆在面前。奥巴马呼吁参议院尽快批准对克拉珀的提名。201006/105591Obama Cites Intel Failures In Attempted Airline Attack奥巴马谈未遂袭击事件中情报失误U.S. President Barack Obama says the ed States had enough information to uncover the plot to blow up a Detroit-bound airliner on Christmas Day, but failed to put all the bits and pieces of intelligence together. Mr. Obama spoke after a long meeting with his Cabinet and national security team.美国总统奥巴马说,美国本已掌握足够的信息来发现企图炸毁于圣诞日飞往底特律的航班的阴谋,但未能把情报的所有细枝末节综合起来。奥巴马总统与内阁以及国家安全班子的成员进行长时间会晤后发表了讲话。President Obama says the U.S. intelligence community had information leading to a possible terrorist strike on American targets. But he says no one put all the elements together. 奥巴马总统说,美国情报部门掌握的信息显示美国目标可能遭受一次恐怖袭击。但他表示,没有人把所有信息综合起来。"The U.S. government had sufficient information to have uncovered this plot and to potentially disrupt the Christmas Day attack," said President Obama. "But our intelligence community failed to connect those dots." 他说:“美国政府已经掌握了足够的信息来发现这起阴谋,并有可能挫败这次圣诞日的袭击。但是,我国的情报部门没有能够把有关信息综合起来。”He says the intelligence community must and will do better, saying American lives are at stake.奥巴马说,情报部门必须而且将会做得更好,这关系到美国人民的生命安全。"I will accept that intelligence by its nature is imperfect," said Mr. Obama. "But it is increasingly clear that intelligence was not fully analyzed or fully leveraged. That is not acceptable. And I will not tolerate it."他说:“我将接受这样一个事实:就本质而言,情报是不能尽善尽美的。但越来越清楚的是,有关情报没有得到充分的分析,也没有得到充分的利用。这一点是不能接受的。我不会容忍这种情况。”The president spoke after a lengthy meeting with key cabinet and agency heads involved in all aspects of aviation security and counter-terrorism.奥巴马在发表讲话之前,与涉及所有航空安全以及反恐事务的内阁和有关机构的主要负责人进行了长时间会晤。201001/94224海宁市打玻尿酸多少钱

嘉兴治疗晒斑价格Michelle Obama’s Slave Ancestry The first lady’s family tree traces connections to slaves and a white forebear. It is moving, it is sobering, it is a reach back into history. The tales about the family tree of first lady Michelle Obama and an American map that traces her back to the slaves and slave owners that were in her past. This woman who made it all the way to the White House. A's Yunji de Nies has more on the first of this journey. The rock of our family, the love of my life, the nation's next first lady-Michelle Obama. Here is a journey that began more than a century ago with the death of a slave holder who left all of his property to relatives including a six-year-old girl named Malvinia valued at 475 dollars. She worked on a farm that grew wheat, corn and cotton living an unimaginable life of labour. She was one of three slaves. There was a very small farm. It wasn't kind of the notion of a plantation that we have. With so few slaves, Malvinia likely worked in the house and laboured in the field. As a teenager, she gave birth to a son with a white man. The child is listed in this 1870 census as a "mulatto", the term used to describe a person of mixed race. His name was Dolphus Shields, Michelle Obama's great-great-grandfather. Many families have stories like Mrs Obama did about white ancestors. This is a good memory of him.Shields grew up a free man and became a carpenter. Barbie Helld was his informally adopted daughter.He was just a beautiful person, full of love. Three generations later, Marian Shields Robinson would give birth to little Michelle. In Mrs Obama Holt sees Shields. She seems to be a very loving person, and so was he. And they were just a good match. A family that went from slavery in the south to the halls of the White House.It's just an amazing journey.An amazing uniquely American journey. For Good Morning America. Yunji de Nies. A News, Washington.11/90030浙江嘉兴哪里割双眼皮最好 Back in the nation's capital, the debate over health care reform is ratcheting up. The House of Representatives might vote on its health care bill this weekend. And yesterday, that bill, which has been backed primarily by House Democrats, picked up the support of two big groups: AARP and the AMA. AARP is the country's largest organization of older Americans. The group's head says the house bill meets AARP's goals when it comes to health care reform. The AMA, or American Medical Association, is one of the nation's most influential medical groups. It said the bill doesn't represent its views perfectly, but it's close enough to earn the AMA's support. Many people, including most House Republicans, are opposed to the .1 trillion bill. Yesterday, they held a rally at the U.S. Capitol to speak out against it. One of their main criticisms is that the public option that's included in the bill is basically a government takeover of the country's health care system. Republicans have offered their own proposals, but they've been rejected by Democrats, who are in the majority in the House. Yesterday, leaders from both parties spoke out against each other's plans. REP. JOHN BOEHNER, (R) HOUSE MINORITY LEADER: This weekend, the House of Representatives is likely to vote on Pelosi-care. This bill is the greatest threat to freedom that I have seen in the 19 years I have been here in Washington. Taking away your freedom to choose your doctor. REP. NANCY PELOSI, (D) HOUSE SPEAKER: Anything you need to know about the difference between the Democratic bill and the Republican bill is that the Republicans do not end health insurance companies' discrimination against people with pre-existing conditions. Let that stand. That's scandalous, the fact that it exists. I don't understand why we have not heard the American people who have said that pre-existing conditions should not be a source of discrimination.11/88621桐乡市第一人民医院祛疤痕多少钱

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