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嘉兴那个医院取志好嘉兴去斑秀城区丰太阳穴价格 The world#39;s most human-like robot has begun work as a university receptionist as scientists predict the new technology will eventually provide childcare and offer friendship to lonely elderly people.世界上最逼真的人形机器人“纳丁”已经开始了她作为大学接待员的工作。科学家预计这种机器人最终将能承担保姆和护工的工作,为幼儿和孤寡老人提供务。With her soft skin and flowing brunette hair, Nadine does not only meet and greet visitors, smile, make eye contact and shake hands, but she can even recognise past guests and spark up conversation based on previous chats.纳丁有着细嫩的皮肤和柔顺的深褐色头发,她不仅会跟参观者打招呼、微笑、进行眼神交流和握手,甚至还能认出老熟人,并与他们继续上次未聊完的话题。Unlike conventional robots, Nadine has her own personality, mood and emotions. She can be happy or sad, depending on the topic.不同于传统机器人,纳丁有自己的个性、情绪和情感,她可以根据谈话内容表现出高兴或是悲伤。Powered by intelligent software similar to Apple#39;s Siri or Microsoft#39;s Cortana, she is the brainchild of scientists at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and is based on her creator Prof Nadia Thalmann.纳丁是新加坡南洋理工大学(NTU)科学家们的智慧结晶,其运行机制类似苹果Siri或微软小娜,她的外貌完全是按照其创造者纳迪娅·塔尔曼教授的样子为蓝本。Prof Thalmann, the director of the Institute for Media Innovation who led the development of said robots such as Nadine are poised to become more visible in offices and homes in future.塔尔曼教授是媒体创新研究所主任,她负责领导此次的机器人研究项目。像纳丁这样的机器人未来会在办公场所和居民家中扮演越来越重要的角色。“Robotics technologies have advanced significantly over the past few decades and are aly being used in manufacturing and logistics,” she said.塔尔曼表示:“机器人技术在过去几十年里发展迅速,并已经开始应用于制造业和物流工作中。”;As countries worldwide face challenges of an aging population, social robots can be one solution to address the shrinking workforce, become personal companions for children and the elderly at home, and even serve as a platform for healthcare services in future.;“当全球都面临人口老龄化的挑战时,社交机器人可以成为解决劳动力萎缩的工具之一,可以是家中老人孩子的陪伴者,甚至未来还能充当提供卫生保健务的平台。”;Over the past four years, our team at NTU have been fostering cross-disciplinary research in social robotics technologies -- involving engineering, computer science, linguistics, psychology and other fields -- to transform a virtual human, from within a computer, into a physical being that is able to observe and interact with other humans.;“过去四年,我们团队致力于社交机器人技术的跨学科研究,涉及的技术包括工程学、计算机科学、语言学、心理学等领域。我们的研究将计算机里的虚拟人物变成了现实里客观存在的机器人,她能够察言观色并与人类交流。” /201601/419615嘉兴市妇幼保健院做双眼皮手术多少钱

桐乡市冰点脱毛多少钱The thesis of Robert Gordon’s magisterial book The Rise and Fall of American Growth, stands in sharp contrast to the technological optimism that bubbles out of Silicon Valley. The argument is that the years from 1870 to 1970 were the “special century”. Someone born when Benjamin Disraeli was prime minister and who lived to see Edward Heath in Downing Street would have witnessed horse-drawn transport give way to cars and aircraft. Born when medical services were largely useless, she would have seen cures found for most infectious diseases and experienced the introduction of electric light, indoor plumbing and colour television. 罗伯特#8226;戈登(Robert Gordon)权威著作《美国增长的起落》(The Rise and Fall of American Growth)的论点与硅谷迸发出的科技乐观主义形成鲜明对照。本书认为,1870年至1970年是一个“特别世纪”。在本杰明#8226;迪斯雷利(Benjamin Disraeli)担任英国首相时出生、并在有生之年看到爱德华#8226;希斯(Edward Heath)入主唐宁街的人,见了马拉交通被汽车和飞机取代。出生于医疗务基本无用时的她,见了多数传染病治疗方法的发现,并经历了电灯、室内下水管道以及电的诞生。 The past 50 years, according to Professor Gordon, have been “dazzling but disappointing”. We are dazzled because our attention is focused on advances in entertainment, communications and information technology. The disappointment is partly statistical — productivity growth has slowed. And looking beyond the field of IT, he argues, there have been no advances in materials, fuel technologies or food production and distribution comparable to those of the special century. 戈登教授认为,过去50年让人“眼花缭乱,但令人失望”。我们之所以感到眼花缭乱是因为我们的注意力集中在、通信和信息技术(IT)的发展。失望在一定程度上是统计上的:生产率增速放缓。他认为,除了IT,原材料、燃料技术或食品生产以及分销都没有出现与“特别世纪”可比的进步。 Boeing’s first 747 flew in 1969, and today’s jumbo jets are recognisably similar. The great blockbuster drugs have, it seems, aly been discovered. While US productivity enjoyed a spurt in the 1990s, as digital innovations transformed our lives, the special century is unlikely to be repeated. Given an ageing population and an inadequate educational system, a significant increase in American living standards should not be expected. 波音(Boeing)首架747飞机于1969年升空,今天的大型喷气式客机仍然与它类似。伟大的轰动性药物似乎已被发现完了。尽管随着数字创新改变我们的生活,美国生产率曾经在上世纪90年代出现井喷,但“特别世纪”不太可能重现。鉴于人口老龄化和教育体制不完善,预计美国的生活水平不会显著上升。 Progress in introducing robotics into service activities is “glacially slow”, observes Prof Gordon. Amazon employs product pickers; delivery drivers still mostly load and unload their trucks manually. Sceptical of driverless cars, he asks what commuters will actually do with the time they do not have to spend behind the wheel. His scepticism will no doubt have been compounded by a recent accident involving one of Google’s driverless cars. 戈登教授认为,将机器人引入务业方面的进展“极度缓慢”。亚马逊(Amazon)仍聘用产品挑选师;送货司机多数仍手动装货和卸货。他对无人驾驶汽车持怀疑态度,他问道,如果通勤者不需要自己驾驶,那这段时间里他们究竟会做什么。最近谷歌(Google)一辆无人驾驶汽车卷入的事故肯定会加深他的疑虑。 Yet, if not much seems to have happened, it is perhaps because we see that much is yet to come. No great effort of imagination is required to visualise machines that unload casks of beer or stack supermarket shelves. And if we trust robots to undertake surgery, why should they not offer pedicures or cut hair as people become more expensive and machines cheaper? Perhaps the future of progress lies in the application of IT to things that do not at first sight have much to do with it. 然而,如果情况似乎没有发生很大的变化,那或许是因为我们认为未来将发生很大变化。我们不需要努力想象就能设想出机器卸下啤酒桶或把货物放到超市货架上的场景。如果我们信任机器人做手术,在人工更为昂贵而机器更为廉价之际,为什么不让机器人来提供足疗或理发务?或许未来的进步在于将IT应用于那些乍一看与IT没有多大关系的事物。 Such opportunities are of two kinds. Computers can now replace human operatives in well-defined repetitive tasks. Examples include the computerised conveyancer, the robo-adviser as portfolio manager and the digital doctor. Many traditional middle-class occupations will be eliminated in this way. 这些机会有两种。电脑现在可以在定义明确的重复性工作中取代人类。例如,电脑化的产权转让律师、机器人顾问(如资产组合经理)和数字医生。很多传统的中产阶级职业将因此被淘汰。 The more subtle, and perhaps more profound, development is the capacity of digital processing to aid the discovery of things that will form the basis of new technologies. Gene sequencing and big data are likely to shape the future of medicine. Progress in battery technology is advancing by leaps and bounds thanks to the analytic capabilities in the hands of today’s researchers. If the world became wired in the “special century”, perhaps it will become wireless in the next. 更微妙而且或许更深远的发展是,数字处理能力将协助构成未来新技术基础的事物的发现。基因测序和大数据可能会改变药物的未来。得益于当今研究人员掌握的分析能力,电池技术的发展突飞猛进。如果说世界在“特别世纪”实现了有线连接,那么在下一个“特别世纪”世界或许将实现无线连接。 And do not underestimate the increasing speed at which innovations are adopted. Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity in 1752 and Richard Trevithick’s car, the Puffing Devil, took to the roads of Cornwall in 1801. But it was only towards the end of the special century that electricity and cars were available to most households. The first smartphone was sold in 2007 and today 1.5bn are in use. 不要低估创新得到采用的日益加快的速度。本杰明#8226;富兰克林(Benjamin Franklin)在1752年发现了电,理查德#8226;特里维西克(Richard Trevithick)制造的蒸汽机车Puffing Devil于1801年在康沃尔郡上路。但直到“特别世纪”快结束时,电和汽车才进入千家万户。而第一部智能手机于2007年上市,如今已有15亿用户。 The limits to productivity growth are set only by the limits to human inventiveness. 生产率增长的极限只取决于人类创造力的极限。 /201603/430551嘉兴市新塍人民医院做隆胸手术多少钱 Not content with posting your selfies on Facebook or Twitter? Well, now you can wear them for everyone to see.将自拍发布到脸书和推特上还不过瘾吗?现在你可以将它印在皮肤上,让每个人都看到。Picatoo has launched a service which transforms Instagram photos into temporary inkings that can be worn wherever you like on your body.Picatoo发布了一项新务,该务可将Instagram图片转化成临时墨迹,这样Instagram图片就可以印在身体任何地方。The Netherlands-based service ships what it has dubbed #39;Insta-tats#39; worldwide for free.这项技术由荷兰开发,现在它在世界各地以Insta-tats为名免费推广。It was launched by photography products company Ink361, which monetizes Instagram usage by offering a web viewer and print-your-photos service, among other products.这项务由Ink361摄影产品公司发布,该公司提供付费务:Instagram的网页版务(即用户可以在网页浏览器中在线查看和分享Instagram的照片)、打印Instagram照片务及其他产品。For .99, Picatoo offers 12 temporary tattoos created from a dozen Instagram photos of your choice.只需14.99美元(约合人民币93.20元),Picatoo就可以帮你打印12张临时纹身,纹身图案可由你在Instagram中任意选择。According to its website, each tattoo lasts around seven days, providing it isn#39;t scrubbed or picked at.Picatoo的网站指出,如果没有用力刮擦,每个纹身都可以保持7天左右。Bringing your Instagram snaps from the screen into the real world is nothing new, however.不过,将屏幕上的Instagram照片打印成真实的纹身并不新奇。Last year Boomf launched its marshmallow service that saw confectionery printed with people#39;s favourite shots.去年,Boomf发布了棉花糖务,通过该务,人们可以将喜欢的照片印在甜食上。For , Instagram users can upload pictures from their desktop or login with Instagram or Facebook.只需25美元(约合人民币139.95元),Instagram用户就可以从桌面上传图片或者登录Instagram或脸书。Customers then choose nine photos you like and go to the checkout. Since its launch one man has even proposed to his girlfriend using the service.客户可以选择9张喜欢的照片然后付费打印。务发布后,一个男子已经利用它向女友求婚。 /201507/388539嘉兴去眼袋的医院

嘉兴那家医院做狐臭靠谱Japanese police investigating the disappearance of nearly 0m of bitcoins are poised to rearrest the French founder of the Mt Gox virtual currency exchange amid questions about the purchase of a ,000 four-poster bed.正在调查总价值近5亿美元的比特币失踪案的日本警方,准备重新逮捕比特币交易所Mt Gox的法籍创始人,他将面对的问题包括用4.8万美元购买一张四柱床。Before the exchange collapsed last year, sending shockwaves through the bitcoin community, Mt Gox was the largest such trading platform in the world.去年该交易所的倒闭对整个比特币世界造成巨大冲击,此前Mt Gox是世界上最大的比特币交易平台。Mark Karpelès, initially accused of manipulating the Mt Gox computer system and inflating the size of his own company account, has been in detention in Tokyo without formal charges since the start of August. People close to the matter said police would today issue a fresh warrant for Mr Karpelès’s arrest on the charge of embezzlement — a change that grants investigators a further three weeks to interrogate him.最初,马克愠楓莱斯(Mark Karpelès)被指操纵Mt Gox电脑系统以及抬高其公司的账户余额。自8月初以来他一直被羁押在东京,尚未面临任何正式指控。知情人士称,警方将在今天发出新的逮捕令,以侵吞公款罪名逮捕卡佩莱斯——这将使调查人员再获得3周时间对其进行审问。The rearrest will extend a process known informally to police and prosecutors as shomusen — the “war of attrition” waged by investigators seeking a confession. A lawyer for Mr Karpelès said that his client denied the original charges and had made no confession under questioning. But after three weeks of interrogation, those close to the matter said police believe they have enough evidence to accuse Mr Karpelès of embezzlement, alleging he misappropriated .6m of deposits from the trading accounts of Mt Gox customers. A substantial portion of that money is thought to have been used to buy software rights on behalf of the company. However, according to police allegations, Y6m (,000) was diverted to buy a bed. Police suspect it was intended for the personal use of Mr Karpelès.重新逮捕将延长被警方和检察官私下称为shomusen的阶段——即调查人员为获得招供而发起“消耗战”。卡佩莱斯的一名律师称,其客户否认了最初的指控,在审问过程中没有招供。但是在审问进行3周后,知情人士称,警方相信已掌握足够据指控卡佩莱斯犯有侵吞公款罪,声称他从Mt Gox客户的账户中挪用了260万美元。这笔钱中有很大一部分据信被用于以公司的名义购买软件使用权。然而,据警方表示,其中600万日元(合4.8万美元)被用于购买了一张床。警方怀疑,这张床是供卡佩莱斯个人使用。A lawyer for Mr Karpelès said the deposits were used for investments in new businesses while the bed was an interior decoration for his guesthouse, both of which were meant as marketing tools to promote the use of bitcoins.卡佩莱斯的律师称,这些存款是用于向新业务投资,而这张床用于其招待所的内饰,两者都被当作营销工具,目的是促进比特币的使用。 /201508/394367 Not all artificial intelligence is created equal. The variant that has been on display in Seoul this week is of a more intriguing kind than the run-of-the-mill machine intelligence used in today’s online recommendation engines and customer support systems. If it can live up to the hype, it may bring a step-change in a wide range of real-world applications — though history suggests that eye-catching breakthroughs in AI fail to deliver as much as hoped for at their moment of maximum prominence. 不是所有的人工智能都生来平等。上周在首尔展示的人工智能,就比如今用在在线推荐引擎和客户持系统中的普通机器智能更有趣。如果它真能达到所吹嘘的水平,它也许会让真实世界中的大量应用上一个台阶——尽管历史经验表明,人工智能领域那些吸引眼球的突破,并未实现人们在它们最火爆时对它们的期望。 Yesterday, Google’s DeepMind subsidiary won its second game of Go against Lee Se-dol, world champion of the ancient board game, putting it on the brink of victory in a five-game series. DeepMind’s program, AlphaGo, had aly turned heads in the AI world. Now, it is on track to notch up a landmark victory for silicon brainpower. 上周四,谷歌(Google)旗下的DeepMind公司在对围棋世界冠军李世石(Lee Se-dol)的第二局比赛中取胜,这令它距离取得这场五局对战的胜利仅一步之遥。此前,DeepMind的AlphaGo程序已在人工智能领域引发了关注。如今,它就要为“硅脑”取得里程碑式的胜利了。 Publicity stunts that pit man against machine are nothing new. IBM set the pattern 19 years ago, when it’s Deep Blue chess-playing computer beat world champion Garry Kasparov. At the time, it seemed that a citadel of human intelligence had fallen to computer science. But Deep Blue was more a victory for powerful hardware than the algorithms normally thought of as the basis of intelligence. 人机对战的噱头并不是什么新事物。IBM在19年前就创造了这种炒作模式。当时,该公司的深蓝(Deep Blue)国际象棋计算机打败了世界冠军加里#8226;卡斯帕罗夫(Garry Kasparov)。那时候,似乎人类智力的一个堡垒已被计算机科学攻破。不过,深蓝更多地是强大硬件的胜利,而不是通常被视为智能基础的算法的胜利。 Computer chess programs had been making steady progress for years, using brute number-crunching to try to anticipate all possible future moves and calculate the best one available. Thanks to the inexorable advance of Moore’s law — bringing exponential increases in computing capacity — it was almost inevitable that Deep Blue would crush the human competition in the end: it was just a matter of time. 多年来,国际象棋电脑程序一直在稳定进步,运用强大的计算能力,试图预测未来所有可能的下法,并计算当前最优的一步。由于尔定律(Moore#39;s Law)不可阻挡的前进步伐为计算能力带来了指数式增长,深蓝在人机大战中最终大获全胜几乎是定局——这只是个时间问题。 Two decades later, the Deep Blue victory still reverberates but it did little to advance the uses of AI. While the system could perform miracles in the narrow grid of a chessboard, that didn’t translate to the messy, “unstructured” nature of real-world phenomena. 二十年后,深蓝的胜利仍回荡在人们的脑海中,然而它对促进人工智能应用却没起到什么作用。尽管该系统可以在狭小的棋盘上制造奇迹,这种奇迹却并未传递到纷繁复杂、“毫无章法”的现实世界现象。 IBM tried an altogether different stunt in 2011, when Watson — a computer named after its founder — took on the best human champions in the US TV quiz show Jeopardy. This time, IBM had set itself the challenge of cracking the notoriously difficult task of “natural language processing” — understanding the meaning of language, even when it is veiled in puns and word games. 2011年,IBM还尝试过一种完全不同的噱头。当时,依照其创始人名字命名的电脑沃森(Watson),在美国电视智力问答竞赛节目《危险边缘》(Jeopardy!)中,与几名人类的最佳选手对战。这一次,IBM让自己面对的挑战是解决“自然语言处理”的著名难题,即理解语言的含义,即使这种含义隐藏在双关语和文字游戏中。 Watson’s success was a victory for engineering ingenuity. IBM had taken a collection of reasoning strategies known to researchers for years, and tuned them to create a system more supple in its handling of language than previously thought possible. It launched IBM’s most promising new business: the Watson division became the flagship of the company’s data analytics operation. 沃森的成功是一次人工创造性的胜利。IBM采取了研究人员已知晓多年的一系列推理策略,通过调整这些策略建立了一个系统,该系统在处理语言时的灵活性超过了此前的想象。这一成功启动了IBM最有前途的新业务:沃森部门成为该公司数据分析业务的旗舰部门。 But while IBM has raced to apply the technology to real-world business problems, it has struggled so far to pull off the really difficult tasks it hoped were within its grasp. 不过,尽管IBM已加紧将这种技术用于真实世界的商业问题,但对于它原本认为有能力解决的真正困难的问题,该公司到目前为止仍然难以解决。 DeepMind, by contrast, is a different class of technology altogether. Unlike chess, Go permits too many possible moves for a computer to calculate. As a result, the only approach a machine can take is to use pattern-recognition to “understand” how a game is developing, then devise a strategy, and adapt it on the fly. A system must therefore rely on so-called deep learning — the technology behind the most startling recent advances in AI — applying networks of artificial neurons to sort through masses of data in the search for patterns and “meaning”. 相比之下,DeepMind则是完全不同的一类技术。与国际象棋不同,围棋的可能下法太多了,计算机难以计算。因此,机器可以采取的唯一办法是通过模式识别“理解”棋局的进展,再设计出一种策略并实时调整。因此,这样的系统必须依赖于所谓深度学习技术——人工智能领域近期最惊人进展的幕后技术——运用由人工神经元组成的网络,分析大量数据,寻找模式和“背后含义”。 To teach its system, DeepMind set two Go-playing programs against each other, using a technique known as “reinforcement learning” to help the technology iterate and adapt. In competition, the two computers came up with strategies that neither on its own had learnt. 为了教会该系统,DeepMind让两个围棋程序彼此对弈,使用一种被称为“强化学习”的技术,帮助该技术反复迭代和演化。在对弈中,两台电脑生成了自己从未学过的策略。 AI experts are hesitant about calling this the birth of a new intelligence, but suggest it represents something new in the evolution of computer learning. 人工智能专家仍然不确定是否该称之为新智能的诞生,但暗示,这代表着机器学习演化过程中的某种新东西。 Google’s goal for its AI research has been nothing less than a remaking of its core internet business: not just to present relevant information through its existing search engine, but to understand and anticipate its users’ needs and present advice. This technology could also be applied in new markets, such as healthcare. 谷歌开展人工智能研究的目标,始终是为了重塑其核心的互联网业务:它不仅仅要通过其现有的搜索引擎展示出相关信息,还要理解并预测用户的需求并提供建议。这种技术还可以用在医疗保健等新的市场中。 Quite how well Google can build on its board game success remains hard to judge. But Mr Lee has clearly been on the receiving end of a highly visible demonstration. Speaking to the Financial Times in advance of the contest, he was dismissive about the chance of a computer victory. At least hubris remains an unchallenged human capability. 至于谷歌到底能在这次弈棋胜利的基础上走多远,还很难判断。不过,李世石显然遭遇了一次活生生的展示。在赛前接受英国《金融时报》采访时,他对电脑获胜的可能性不屑一顾。至少,傲慢依然是人类没有受到挑战的一种能力。 /201603/431714平湖脂肪移植隆胸费用浙江省荣军医院点痣多少钱



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