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阿根廷前部长被捕时携有大量现金 -- 19:5: 来源: 阿根廷前政府的部长被逮捕,据说有人看到他在一个修道院向车里藏几百万美元 An ex-government minister in Argentina has been arrested after he was allegedly seen trying to hide millions of dollars in cash in a monastery.阿根廷前政府的部长被逮捕,据说有人看到他在一个修道院向车里藏几百万美元Officials said the police were called after nuns working at the religious commy near Buenos Aires saw a man throw plastic bags over a wall.官方说,警察接到布宜诺斯艾利斯附近宗教社区工作的修女报案说有个男人正向墙外扔塑料袋Jose Lopez was the public works minister in the mer government of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.Jose Lopez是前政府公共工程部长,为Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner工作Judges have been investigating several mer officials money-laundering.法官一直在调查前几位政府官员洗钱Mr Lopez was initially detained at the Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima religious commy around 55km (35 miles) west of the capital Buenos Aires illegal possession of a . calibre rifle.Lopez先生最初在首都布宜诺斯艾利斯向西55公里(35英里)的Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima宗教社区,因非法持有口径步被抓Police then discovered wads of cash in several currencies as well as watches in packages inside the bags.警察此后在包中发现不同币种的大量现金和手表Local media say around m were found in dollars, yen, euros and other currencies.当地媒体说大约七百万左右的美元、人民币、欧币及其他币种被发现More money was found by the police in the car in which Mr Lopez had been travelling.在Lopez先生的车中警察发现了更多的钱The Buenos Aires provincial security chief, Cristian Ritondo, said Mr Lopez was now being investigated money laundering.布宜诺斯艾利斯省公安局局长Cristian Ritondo说Lopez先生现在因为洗钱被调查"He was caught red-handed with six bags, a suitcase, a weapon and he was later identified as a Public Works Minister, Jose Lopez, from the previous government," said Mr Ritondo.“他被抓时有六个包,一个行李箱,一件武器,后来确定他是前政府公共工程部长Jose Lopez,”Ritondo先生说"This person was arrested, in principle, carrying a weapon. Now he is being detained possible money laundering or suspected money laundering."“这个人理是因携带被捕而现在他因为洗钱嫌疑被拘留”After being questioned at a police station in Buenos Aires, Mr Lopez was pictured being taken away under armed guard, wearing a helmet and a bulletproof vest.拍到Lopez从布宜诺斯艾利斯警局受审出来后,戴着头盔和防弹衣被武装押送的照片Correspondents say since Cristina Fernandez ended her term in December, the administration of President Mauricio Macri has promised to root out corruption.记者说自从Cristina Fernandez在月结束任期后,Mauricio Macri总统办公室承诺打击腐败"It’s almost out of a movie,’’ said Marcos Pena, President Macri’s Cabinet chief.“这像个电影一样,”Macri总统的Marcos Pena说到"We’re shocked because it’s not a minor official. He led public works... where we saw so much daily corruption.’’“这让我们十分震惊,这可不是个小官员他领导公共工程…而我们每天在那里看到很多腐败”英式英语药丸?连英国人都开始使用美式拼写了 --01 :0:5 来源:chinadaily 关于英式英语和美式英语之间的差异,我们点津的Tip Talk栏目曾专门出过三期内容给大家讲:Tip Talk:英英大战美英之spellingTip Talk:英英大战美英之accentTip Talk:英英大战美英之vocabulary differences然而现在有消息称,英式英语地位不稳,就连英国人都开始使用美式英语了……British English may have come first, but around the world, the American way of spelling is now far more popular.英式英语出现的较早,但从全球看,现今美式英语的拼写方式却更受欢迎A recent examination of these two variants of the English language show that publications now largely use the American version, swapping words like ‘centre’ ‘center’ after the 1880s.近期一项对这两种拼写的研究发现,现在的出版物广泛使用的是美式写法,自从19世纪80年代后,就有把“centre”替换成了“center”等类似情况出现According to the data, this shift was further strengthened around the time of World War I – and as the language evolved, even the British have ditched the spelling of some words their trans-Atlantic counterparts.数据显示,这种替换现象在第一次世界大战时尤为明显随着英语的发展,甚至连英国人都开始使用美式拼写了The charts revealed on Steemit were generated using Google Ngram Viewer, and show the usage trends of numerous words between 1800 and 00. In the graphs, American spelling is shown in blue, and the British version is indicated in red.社交媒体Steemit上流传的这些图表是用谷歌Ngram Viewer制作的,展示了1800年至00年间大量词语的使用趋势在图表中,美式拼写以蓝色线条表示,英式的则为红色Among many words, including ‘grey’ and ‘flavour,’ British English can be seen dwindling around 1880, when American English began to cross into wider use.英式英语中许多词语,如“grey”和“flavor”等,都在1880年左右开始衰落,而那时美式英语开始盛行Since then, English-language publications have preferred ‘gray’ and ‘flavor,’ and despite fluctuations in use over the years, they’ve remained more popular than the preceding versions since overtaking them.从那以后,英语出版物更偏爱使用“gray”和“flavor”等拼写方式,尽管这些年使用频率有所波动,但是这种美式英语的拼写方式在取代了英式的地位之后,一直保持着主流地位The American way of spelling has continued to grow in usage over the years, with ‘liter’ passing ‘litre’ around 1900, and ‘center’ becoming the more common choice over ‘centre’ in 19.近年来人们继续偏爱美式拼写,大约在1900年时,“liter”代替了“litre”,19年,“center”取代了“centre”‘19 marked a turning point in the usage of the British spelling, as the American alternative became more frequently used in literature,’ the post explains, in regards to 'center.'提到“center”一词时,主解释道,随着美式英语在文学作品中的频繁出现,19年成为了英式拼写的一个转折点‘This was just a year bee the beginning of World War I, which many view as a key period in America’s rise to superpower status.’ 而这一年正是第一次世界大战爆发的前一年,一战被视为美式拼写取得主流地位的关键时期During World War I, the world also began to favor ‘defense’ over the British English version, ‘defence.’第一次世界大战期间,人们对“defense”一词的喜爱也超过了英式版本的“defence”Though this switched again between 19 and the late 1930s, the American spelling took over good around 190.尽管在19年至1930年末期之间,英式拼写曾经抢回过一次其“地位”,但是在190年,美式拼写永远地确立了其主导地位Around the same time, use of the spelling ‘airplane’ spiked dramatically over ‘aeroplane,’ and continued to dominate through the century.同时,“airplane”一词以迅雷不及掩耳之势取代了“aeroplane”,并且一直被广泛使用 many years, British English maintained its hold on ‘honour,’ grappling with the American version years as the two flip-flopped in popularity around the world.曾经,英式英语的“honour”一词与美式英语版本的流行度不相上下,由此二词展开了长期的拉锯战In the 1970s, however, American English gained a clear lead as ‘honor’ increasingly became the more spelling of choice.但在世纪70年代,美式拼写“honor”明显处于领先地位,“honor”逐渐成为更受欢迎的拼写方式‘If there were ever a word that failed to make it across the Atlantic, it must be ‘gaol,’ the post says.“如果说曾经有一个词没有跨过太平洋,被美式化的话,这个词肯定是’gaol’”,主称‘Ever since the middle of the 19th century it has been fading into obscurity as even the British Isles slowly rejected the old spelling.’19世纪中期以后,这个词变得越来越少见,连英国各岛都开始逐渐拒绝使用这种旧的拼写方式英文来源:每日邮报翻译:冯露(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)编审:yaning

双语:伊斯兰国威胁普京 俄罗斯霸气回应"去死" -- :59:55 来源: Islamic State jihadists in Syria have made a threatening to bring the Russian republic of Chechnya into their self-proclaimed caliphate, after capturing Russian-made planes in Syria. The viral drew an angry response from the Chechen leader.  在缴获叙利亚的俄制战机后,伊斯兰国圣战者拍摄了一个视频,威胁要让车臣成为伊斯兰国家车臣领导人对此作出愤怒回应  “This message is addressed to you, oh Vladimir Putin. These are your aircraft which you sent to Bashar, and with the help of Allah we will send them back to you,” says a militant in Arabic, though accented Russian voices can be heard off-camera.“  普京,听着这些是你送给巴沙尔(叙利亚总统)的飞机,在真主的帮助下,我们要用它们还击你们”武装分子用阿拉伯语说到,视频还带有俄语配音  “Remember this. And with the permission of Allah we will liberate Chechnya and all the Caucasus. The Islamic State exists and it will exist and it will expand with the help of Allah. Your throne is aly shaking. It is in danger and it will collapse when we get to you. We are on the way with Allah's permission,” says a second Islamic State fighter.  “记住,在真主的允许下,我们将解放车臣和整个高加索伊斯兰国存在并将永远存在,它将在真主的帮助下扩张你的统治已经摇摇欲坠,我们到俄罗斯的那天就是它结束的时刻在真主的允许下,我们就要来了”  Ramzan Kadyrov, the flamboyant President of the Chechen Republic, which is a highly-autonomous part of Russia, reacted angrily to the .  车臣是俄罗斯的加盟共和国,高度自治作风高调的车臣总统卡德罗夫愤怒回击了这一视频  “Those bastards have nothing to do with Islam. They are enemies of Muslims everywhere,” he wrote on his Facebook page.  他在脸书上写到:“这群杂种对伊斯兰一点好处都没有,他们是全世界穆斯林的敌人”  “Whoever dares to threaten Russia and say out loud the name of our President Vladimir Putin will be destroyed right where he is… These people will end their days under the hot sun of Syria and Iraq and moments after death they will be greeted by the flames of eternal hell.”  “胆敢威胁俄罗斯的人,胆敢大声说我们总统普京名字的人,将被就地摧毁他们将在叙利亚和伊拉克的烈日下死去,等着他们的将是永恒的地狱之火”

逃犯嫌照片不帅 警方:来警局给你拍新的 -- :5:3 来源:   A police public appeal the whereabouts of a New Zealand man took an unexpected turn on social media when it was met by taunts from the wanted man himself.  警方公开通缉一名下落不明的新西兰男子,谁知这名被通缉的男子自己在社交网络上回复并奚落了警方发出的公开信息,事情的发展让人大跌眼镜  Christchurch police issued an image of Samuel Evan Lake on their Facebook page at about pm on Saturday night in an eft to help find and arrest him.  周六晚上点左右,新西兰基督城的警方在脸谱网的官方页面上发布了一张萨缪尔·伊万·雷克的照片,希望公众提供线索以便找到并捕获此人  However, a cat-and-mouse line of dialogue between police and Mr Lake himself, who began to tease the officers, soon med below the post.  不过,在照片发布之后,雷克先生本人竟开始调戏警方,于是,一场警察和雷克之间的猫鼠对白很快在布告栏中上演起来  'Samuel Evan Lake has a warrant his arrest. LAKE is 3 years of age, 1cm tall and of thin build. "Fate" is tattooed on his neck,' the police social media post .  在警方的社交网络布告栏上如是写道:“我局被批准逮捕萨缪尔·伊万·雷克雷克现年3岁,身高1公分,体型消瘦颈部有‘命运’字样纹身”   Instantly, Mr Lake himself responded to the post which included an image of his face.  马上,雷克先生自己回复了那张带有自己照片的布告  'I need to get a new mug shot,' the 3-year-old wrote in a comment that has since been liked over 3,000 times and had over 186 replies.  这位3岁的男子在一条中写道:“我需要一张新的入案照片这则已经被3000多次点赞,并获得了超过186条回复  Christchurch police responded to his comment with their own jibe, writing: 'come see us and will arrange at no cost.'  基督城的警方也用幽默的语气回复了这则:“来看我们,我们就免费给你重新拍照”  Their response has since gained almost 6,000 likes.  他们的回复至今已经获得了6000多个赞  A number of Facebook users praised the quick wit of the police department, with comments that included 'what a comeback' and 'bloody legends'.  许多脸书网用户称赞该警局机敏过人,他们纷纷说警方“反败为胜”,“热血铸就传奇”  But that wasn't the end of the row. Shortly afterwards, Mr Lake added: 'If only they were as good at finding me as they were with comebacks.'  但是回复栏下面还有下文不多一会儿,雷克先生又说:”如果他们搜捕我的本领像他们迅速回复的本领一样好就好了”  A spokesperson Christchurch police told Daily Mail Australia that they regularly release mug shots on their Facebook page as it has prompted individuals to turn themselves in to police in the past or other members of public to provide inmation on their whereabouts.  基督城的警方发言人对《每日邮报驻澳大利亚记者说,他们时常在脸书网的页面上公布入案照片,这种做法曾经促使犯人向警方自首,也便于其他公众向警方提供嫌疑人的行踪线索  'Yes, we have had similar responses bee,' the spokesperson said of Mr Lake's comments, adding that the sought after person's presence on social media has also previously helped to locate them.  “我们曾经受到过类似的”关于雷克先生的照片,这位官方发言人说,“警方曾经通过跟踪嫌疑人在社交网络上的行踪来确认他们的实际位置”

  杭州将发公共自行车“外宾租赁卡”:参加G峰会外宾专供 --1 ::5 来源: 在即将举行的G杭州峰会期间,杭州公共自行车将出台或完善更多国际化务提升措施,向外国友人展示杭州公共自行车的独特魅力该市370处租赁务点将增加双语标识和双语语音播报,务热线增设英语坐席 Hangzhou, the host city of this year’s G summit, is preparing to offer bilingual bicycle rental services eigners visiting the provincial capital of eastern China’s Zhejiang province.作为今年G峰会的主办城市,中国东部浙江省省会杭州市计划在峰会期间为外宾提供公共自行车双语租赁务The rentals will be facilitated through specially-made bilingual cards, to be delivered to eign guests attending the summit in September. The cards will allow eigners to more easily take advantage of Hangzhou’s bicycle rental system, which reportedly ranked among the world’s top of such systems, thepaper.cn reported.据澎湃新闻报道,为了方便租赁务,杭州市特别定制了 “外宾租赁卡”,在9月峰会期间提供给外宾使用这种定制卡能为外宾使用公共自行车租赁务带来便利杭州的公共自行车务位居全球公共自行车务最佳榜单According to the report in thepaper.cn, Hangzhou was rated by the B as one of the world’s eight best cities with bicycle rental services in . In , the city’s bicycle rental service was championed as the world’s best in USA Today.澎湃新闻称,年,杭州被英国广播公司评为8个“全球公共自行车务最佳城市”之一年,杭州在《今日美国评选的全球最好的公共自行车务中高居榜首Some 370 bicycle rental booths around the city will be equipped with bilingual signs and auditory broadcasts. The rental hotline will also provide English service.该市370处租赁务点将增加双语标识和双语语音播报,务热线增设英语坐席The city’s bicycle rental service, originally launched in May , offers free use the first hour. Between the first and second hours, the rental fee is 1 yuan per hour, and it increases to yuan the third hour. After that, the fee stays at 3 yuan per hour.杭州的“公共自行车交通务系统”自年5月起运营,租车1小时内免费,1~小时1元,~3小时元,3小时以上,每小时3元As of May, the total number of bicycles available rent topped 8,000, and another ,000 new bicycles will be put into use bee September. Average daily rentals exceeded 3,000 in , thepaper.cn reported.截至今年5月,运营的公共自行车达8.万辆今年9月前,还会有1万辆新自行车投入使用据澎湃新闻报道,去年公共自行车的日均租用人次超过31万G is the most representative grouping of the world’s major economies. China holds the G presidency this year, and 66 G conferences will be held in Chinese cities, with Hangzhou as the primary host, Xinhua News Agency reported.国集团由全球一些重要的经济体组成今年由中国接任主席国,全年将在中国个城市举办66场会议,杭州是主会场,据新华社报道

  风靡外网找熊猫游戏,你能找出几个 -- ::50 来源:sohu 很多人都很喜欢挑战眼力的小游戏,但是至今没有一款类似的游戏像“找熊猫”这么火爆这款火遍互联网,冲出系的“爆款”,会出现在任意不同场景中,雪人军团、星球大战人物、暴风军……考验你的眼力有天朝小伙伴嘲讽,歪果仁知道熊猫长什么样么,这种事情当然是大天朝子民更在行!既然挑战都发出了,还等什么,快来一战! Unfindable pandas seem to be finding the most unusual company lately in these mind-boggling puzzles that are sping around the internet. We’ve aly lost them in an army of snowmen and between a bunch of metalheads; they have even joined our favorite Star Warscharacters and random crowds of people. Some of you have accepted the challenges and completely crushed them, but some of you still haven't taken the opporty! 怎么样,全部找到了么?如果是的话,不妨在下面留言,实力嘲讽众人 English Source: Boredpanda。

  香港面临难民问题,申请者两年翻三倍 --1 3:01: 来源: 香港出生的无国籍难民儿童的人数日益增长,在过去两年中寻求庇护的人数翻了超过三倍 The number of stateless children born to refugees is growing in Hong Kong, where claims from asylum seekers have more than tripled in the last two years, alarming residents and lawmakers.当地居民和立法者警告,香港出生的无国籍难民儿童的人数日益增长,在过去两年中寻求庇护的人数翻了超过三倍While Europe grapples with an influx of people desperate to escape fighting in Syria, asylum seekers from Asian nations such as Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Vietnam are flocking to Hong Kong, along with a sprinkling from Africa.欧洲在大量涌入的拼命逃离战争的叙利亚难民问题上绞尽脑汁,而来自亚洲国家,如孟加拉国,印度,巴基斯坦和越南的寻求庇护者都涌向香港,而还有一些来自非洲的人Hong Kong has approved just 5 of more than 8,000 claims since .香港自年以来仅仅在8000多名庇护申请者中批准了5名There are more than ,000 asylum seekers in the Asian financial hub, some still uncertain about their fate after waiting more than years.这个亚洲金融中心拥有超过100名寻求庇护者,其中一些人等待了超过年仍不确定其命运"Our future is aly gone, so we are thinking of our kids’ future," said Adjouma Ibrahim, chairman of the Refugee Union, who has been in Hong Kong years. "Our kids are stateless. We don’t have travel documents - nothing," he told Reuters.“我们的未来已经消逝,所以我们在考虑孩子的未来,”在香港生活了年的难民联盟主席Adjouma Ibrahim说道,“我们的孩子没有国籍我们没有旅行件——什么都没有,”他告诉路透社Ibrahim is from Togo in west Africa, and his son and daughter, despite both having been born in Hong Kong, are among the more than 580 refugee children denied the right of abode, making it impossible young people to get jobs or leave.Ibrahim来自西非的多哥,他的儿子和女儿,虽然出生在香港,却是和超过580名难民儿童一样没有居留权,这些年轻人无法找到工作或离开Hong Kong pays 30 percent of the costs refugee children to attend school, but few parents are able to pay the rest, as they cannot legally work while waiting their status to be approved.香港付难民儿童上学30%的学费,但极少家长付得起剩余的部分,因为他们不能够等待身份被批准的同时合法地工作"One of the very negative parts of the system here in Hong Kong is children of asylum seekers and refugees," said Mark Daly, a principal at law firm Daly and Associates, which focuses on human rights.“香港系统最负面的地方之一就是庇护寻求者和难民的儿童,”专注于人权问题的律师事务所帝理律师行的首席律师Mark Daly说Despite being born in Hong Kong and fluent in both English and the Cantonese regional dialect, they are not allowed to work, Daly said.虽然出生于香港,并会说流利的英语和广东话,他们仍然不准工作,Daly说The refugees have become a sensitive topic residents and politicians, with media often blaming them a spurt in crime.难民成为了居民和政客的敏感话题,媒体经常指责他们是犯罪高潮的始作俑者Such portrayals feed prejudice, said Rizwan Ullah, an educational adviser of the Pakistani Students’ Association in Hong Kong.这样的描述是充满偏见的,香港巴基斯坦学生联盟的教育顾问Rizwan Ullah称"These stereotypes bring prejudice, and that brings discrimination," he said. "These guys are not criminals. They just want a better situation."“这些刻板印象带来偏见,而偏见则带来歧视,”他说,“这些人不是罪犯他们只希望过得好些”Politicians have pushed tighter curbs after the government adopted a screening mechanism in to select those meeting the refugee criteria set out in international law.政府在年行了筛选机制,选择那些符合国际法条件的难民,政客们从此推动了更严格的限制措施However, in a legislative document this year, it acknowledged the need to streamline the lengthy screening process. Over the past five years, it has more than doubled the number of staff handling claims.然而,今年的立法文件承认了简化冗长的筛选流程的必要性过去五年中,处理庇护申请的员工数量翻了超过一倍

  机场免税店竟比网店贵一倍?! -- 3:: 来源:chinadaily Drinks, perfume and designer goods can be more expensive in airport duty free shops than online, price comparisons show. 价格比较显示,机场免税店销售的饮品、香水和名牌商品会比网店更贵Shops in airport terminals trumpet the 'savings' available to those flying overseas, with shoppers often assuming the products will be cheaper. 机场航站楼的商店宣称能给国际航线的旅客省钱旅客们常以为那里的商品价格更低#0;But a look at a range of products on offer in the departure lounge stores shows many are available cheaper elsewhere. 然而,观察一下候机厅商店里出售的一系列商品就会发现,许多在别处买会更便宜Perfumes are among the products with the highest difference in price, with a number of brands cheaper online than at the airport. 所有商品中,香水的价格差异最大,许多品牌的网上售价比机场更低A 0ml bottle of Burberry Touch example is £.75 at Fragrance Direct, half the £.80 which it is sold at airports by World Duty Free. 比如,0毫升的巴宝莉情缘香水在寰宇免税集团的机场免税店里卖.80英镑而香水销售网站Fragrance Direct的价格只有其一半,是.75英镑Meanwhile, a 90ml bottle of Versace Bright Crystal is £38.99 online as opposed to £5.85 in duty free stores. 同时,90毫升的范思哲晶钻香水,网上售价38.99英镑,而免税店卖5.85英镑Alcohol can also be cheaper in supermarkets. Tesco is currently charged £ a 1-litre bottle of Malibu, more than £3 less than it is at World Duty Free. 在超市里买酒水也会更便宜乐购超市里,一升装的一瓶马利宝酒现价英镑,比寰宇免税店便宜了不止3英镑Fashion accessories are also less expensive online, with a pair of Bvlgari BV8B sunglasses £ in duty free, but £ at sunglasshut.com. 时尚配饰的网上价格也更低一副宝格丽BV8B款太阳镜,免税店售价英镑,而太阳镜销售网站sunglasshut.com只卖英镑Martin Lewis, from moneysavingexpert.com told MailOnline: 'Savvy shoppers know that duty free does not automatically mean everything is a bargain.' 英国省钱专家网站的马丁?刘易斯告诉《每日邮报:“精明的消费者知道,免税并不一定意味着每样东西都实惠”Mr Lewis added: 'Duty free shops are the same as all shops, they have prices, it can be cheap some things, it won't be cheap other things. 刘易斯先生还说:“免税店和所有商店一样,里面有些商品的价格很便宜,另外一些却不便宜”'My advice is people to get their phones out while they are in these shops and see if they can find things cheaper online.' “我建议人们在免税店购物时掏出手机,看看能否在网上找到更低的价格”World Duty Free, which runs stores in airports around the UK, recently set up a pick-up service, meaning customers can order online bee collecting their purchases ahead of their flight. 在英国各大机场都开设免税店的寰宇免税集团,最近开始提供取货务顾客可以在线订购商品,然后在登机前到店取货The company has said it offers 'year-round low prices' as opposed to the limit offers available in supermarkets and online. 该集团表示,不同于超市和购物网站有限的优惠,他们提供的是“全年低价”A spokesman said: 'No retailer can ever promise that all its products will always be the cheapest in today's fast-moving retail world and we do not make this claim. 集团一位发言人说:“当今的零售业瞬息万变,任何零售商都不能保自己所有商品的价格永远是最低我们也不会作如此承诺”'The very small selection of offers identified does not undermine the World Duty Free proposition of offering consistent savings across a wide range of brands and products in our airport stores throughout the year.'“少部分被认为价格偏高的商品并不有损寰宇免税集团的宗旨我们致力于在机场免税店内常年提供各类品牌和产品的持续优惠Duty Free products, those such as cigarettes and some spirits which are exempt of excise duty and taxes, are only available to customers travelling outside the EU. 免税商品,比如免征消费税和其他税种的香烟和一些烈酒,只面向飞往欧盟以外目的地的消费者However, a range of other items are sold in 'duty free' stores in airports available whether passengers are flying. 但机场“免税”店的一些其他商品,则不管旅客是否搭乘航班,都可以购买英文来源:每日邮报翻译:实习生徐晓彤编审:yaning中国将在南中国海举行军事演习 -- :5:59 来源: 在国际法院对其领海主张给出威胁的裁决前,中国将要在有争议的南中国海举行军事演习 China will hold military drills in the disputed South China Sea, ahead of a ruling by an international court on a challenge to its maritime claims.在国际法院对其领海主张给出威胁的裁决前,中国将要在有争议的南中国海举行军事演习They will be held in waters around the Paracel Islands, said a statement by the maritime safety administration.他们将在西沙群岛附近的水域举行,海事局的一项声明说China regularly holds such exercises even though Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan have overlapping claims in the seas.尽管这片海域有越南、菲律宾、马来西亚、文莱和台湾各方的主权主张,中国仍不断举行这类演习But tensions are running high ahead of the ruling expected next week.但因为下周就要公布裁决结果,局势变得更为紧张The Permanent Court of Arbitration, based in The Hague, Netherlands, has said it will issue a decision on July on a challenge made by the Philippines to China’s claims in the strategic and resource-rich region.对于中国在战略和资源丰富的海域做出的主权主张,菲律宾提出了质疑,而总部设在荷兰海牙的常设仲裁法院,表示将于7月日公布裁决However, China has consistently boycotted the proceedings, insisting that the panel has no authority to rule in the case.但是,中方坚决抵制该诉讼,坚持认为审查小组没有权利裁决该问题The drills will be held from 5- July, with ships prohibited from entering the waters in that time, the Chinese statement said.演习将于7月5-号举行,届时将禁止船只进入该区域,中方发表声明说What is the South China Sea dispute?南海争端是什么?Rival countries have wrangled over territory in the South China Sea centuries, but tension has steadily increased in recent years.各国对于南中国海的领权争议已持续数个世纪,但近几年局势逐步紧张Its islets and waters are claimed in part or in whole by Taiwan, China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei.台湾、中国、越南、菲律宾、马来西亚和文莱,都宣称自己部分地或全部地拥有这片岛屿和水域China has backed its expansive claims with island-building and naval patrols, while the US says it opposes restrictions on freedom of navigation and unlawful sovereignty claims by all sides.中国通过岛屿建设和海军巡逻来持自己的领海主张,而美国说它反对限制航海自由,反对任何一方违法的主权主张The frictions have sparked concern that the area is becoming a flashpoint with possible global consequences.擦引发各方关注:该区域是否正变成政治动乱地,是否带来全球性后果为何政坛女强人青睐短发波波头? --9 ::36 来源:chinadaily With a penchant leopard print heels, latex thigh-high boots and £1,000-plus designer dresses, Theresa May is no stranger to political power dressing. But the Prime Minister's hairstyle, it turns out, is also the must-have 'power cut' females in charge. 喜欢踏着豹纹高跟鞋、乳胶长筒靴,身着一身00多英镑的名牌装,特蕾莎?梅对政坛着装的搭配已是得心应手不仅如此,这位新任首相的发型也是权势女性最青睐的必备发型British PM Theresa MayKnown as the political bob – or pob – the feathery, usually blonde, swept back look is now the favoured style of powerful women across the globe. “政客波波头”——又称“pob头”——通常指亚麻金黄,蓬松微卷,梳向后方的造型,当选全球权势女性最爱发型White House hopeful Hilary Clinton has a perfectly coiffured, highlighted version of the pob, while SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon and German Chancellor Angela Merkel prefer a shorter cropped, schoolboy style. 美国总统候选人希拉里?克林顿的完美发型堪称波波头经典,而苏格兰国民党领袖尼古拉?斯特金和德国总理默克尔则更偏爱更短的学生头造型Hillary ClintonHairdressers say the 'pob' is being used by female politicians to demonstrate they are in charge and mean business. 发型师表示,波波头更能表现女政客严肃干练的强势形象Julia Carta, international celebrity hair and make-up artist, said: 'People are judged by their looks and the first thing people notice is hair. 国际名人造型化妆师茱莉亚?卡尔塔认为:“人们常倾向于‘以貌取人’,而发型往往是最先被留意到的部位”Angela Merkel'Shorter, more precise styles give the impression that women can hack it in the man's world of politics. It gives the sign that they have a strong head on their shoulders, they are more intelligent, articulate and should be taken seriously. “女性留干脆利落的短发,能让人认为她们能在男性主导的政坛得心应手这种发型能着重表现她们睿智的头脑,突出她们足智多谋、表达清晰、更应该受重视'Longer, flouncy locks, by contrast, give the impression that women are perhaps fresh out of school, less intimidating and, in turn, less in control. They draw the eye down to a woman's bosoms, so a shorter bob above the collar bone keeps attentions at eye level, up towards the brain. “相比之下,长发和波浪卷发则会给人以初出茅庐的毕业女大学生印象,看上去欠缺威慑力和领导力长发会将人们的目光吸引到胸前,而长度位于锁骨之上的短发波波头则能让人们的关注点保持与视线平齐,目光朝头上看去”'These women are ruling the world, they don't want people to be distracted by their hair, so shorter, sharper power cuts all help them to be taken seriously. “这些在世界政坛上挥洒自如的女性不愿意人们因她们的发型而分心,更短、更利落的政客短发能让她们受到严肃对待”Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon'Previous high profile female politicians, such as Mo Mowlam and Glenda Jackson, also favoured the bob, and Margaret Thatcher also had similar length hair, even though hers was set in rollers. It has been proven time and again that a shorter look gives women much more gravitas than those who have longer hair.' “以往的政坛女强人也都偏爱波波头,比如莫?兰姆和格伦达?杰克逊,玛格丽特?撒切尔也留有类似长度的卷发事实胜于雄辩,短发比长发让女性显得更为庄重”Hair stylist Teddy Mitchell also claimed that the 'pob' was useful to female politicians because it could be swept off their face and 'allows the camera' to see them. 发型师特迪?米切尔还认为,波波头对女性政客还有一层切实意义:这种短发不会遮住她们的面部,因而摄像头能更清晰地捕捉拍摄到她们'A pob can also be tucked behind the ear, all the better to say: voters, I'm listening,' he added. “梳在耳后的波波头就像在帮她们发声:选民们,我在倾听你们的诉求,”他补充道 aspiring politicians, who are perhaps not as powerful, but harbour ambitions of making it to the top, a more feminine, longer bob is favoured. Newly promoted cabinet ministers, Amber Rudd, Elizabeth Truss and Karen Bradley all sport such barnets. 对于一些志存高远但或许并不那么强势的女政客,长度稍长、更女性化的波波头会是不错的选择新上任的英国内阁大臣安尔?鲁德,伊丽莎白?特鲁斯和卡伦?布拉德利都留着这种发型英文来源:每日邮报翻译:陈蕾羽(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)编审:yaning

  美黑熊脑袋被卡咖啡罐 “摸黑”游荡高速公路 --18 ::5 来源: 在美国阿拉斯加州靠近Tok小镇的一段高速公路上,一些司机看到一只大约三岁的黑熊头部被卡在咖啡罐子里,只能顶着“铁头”在高速公路四处游荡 This is the moment a black bear with its head stuck in an old coffee can is finally rescued after concerned motorists spotted the animal struggling in the road.这是在一些关心它的司机们爆料后,头上卡着咖啡罐的黑熊最终获救的现场Randy Rallo captured footage of the 0lb bear, estimated to be around three years old, after it wandered onto the Alaska Highway near Tok.在美国阿拉斯加州靠近Tok小镇的一段高速公路上,一位名叫兰迪.拉罗的司机拍下了这头0磅的熊的视频,它看起来有三岁的样子Rallo said he immediately called the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, who had received a number of calls from other worried people, to come and rescue it.拉罗说他当即给阿拉斯加渔猎管理部门打了电话请其来处理,该部门此时已经接到了其他对此担心的人们打来的电话As Rallo and the motorists waited the rescue team to arrive, one man attempted to remove the can - which turned out to be an antique coffee tin - from the bear’s head, reported ADN.com据AND报道,在拉罗及其他的司机们等救援队到来时,有一位司机尝试将黑熊头部的咖啡罐拔下来——这是个看起来年代比较久远的咖啡罐The distressed animal apparently lunged at his would-be rescuer bee the group decided it would be best to wait the experts to arrive.但痛苦的黑熊似乎想向援救它的好心人扑过去,所以路人作罢,决定还是等到专业的救援团队来为好Rallo later left the area to continue with his journey bee returning to find the bear hiding under a vehicle parked on the highway.拉罗之后就离开了这里,继续他的旅程,待他返回这里时发现黑熊躲在停在高速公路上的一辆汽车下After a few minutes Fish and Game staff, including assistant area biologist Jeff Wells, arrived at the scene to save the animal.不久,渔猎管理部门工作人员,包括本地生物学家杰夫.威尔斯到达现场来拯救这个动物The team shot the bear with a tranquiliser dart bee using tin snips to carefully cut around the empty can and remove it from its head.他们首先用带有镇静剂的飞镖射中了黑熊,然后才小心翼翼地用铁皮剪把罐子的边缘剪开,救出了黑熊The animal, which was ’in fairly good shape’ received antibiotics the small wound caused by the dart and was given an ear tag bee it was taken into the nearby woods to be set free.人们在这只“毫发无损”的黑熊的飞镖小伤口上注射了抗生素,并在其耳朵上做了标记,之后把它放回了附近的森林It is believed that the bear got its head stuck while aging food in rubbish dumped along the side of the highway.人们估计,黑熊应该是在高速公路边的垃圾堆里觅食时被卡上了咖啡罐Wells noted that although bears are common in the area, there has not been a similar incident to this in his recent memory.威尔斯表示,虽然熊在这个地区经常出没,但是之前还没有发生过类似的事情He also reminded people to do as the motorists did on this occasion and to call the experts immediately, as opposed to try and intervene.他还提醒人们,碰到这样的情况正确的做法就是应该向这些司机一样,立即给专业部门打电话求救,反对人们尝试自己动手施救The assistant area biologist warned that despite the animal looking small, a 0lb bear is capable of ’doing some damage’.这位当地的生物学家警告说,虽然这只熊看上去不大,但一只0磅的动物还是有一定的攻击性大学教你如何谈恋爱 -- :56: 来源: 日前,天津大学开授;恋爱课;的消息在网络上引起热议,不少网友慨叹,;单身三十年,蓦然回首,才发现,都怪大学时代没上lsquo;恋爱课rsquo;;Students at Tianjin University can now enroll in courses in what is possibly the most difficult subject of all - love.天津大学的学生现在可以选修一门可能称之为世界上最难的课程;;;恋爱课;Around 0 students crowded into a lecture hall at the prestigious university on March 30 as the first class of a new course on romance, ;Basic Theory and Experience of Love,; got underway.新学期该校就推出了一门名为《恋爱理论与实践的选修课,3月30日的第一堂课,就吸引了约0名学生的到来;Hopefully the lecture will give students a higher sense of responsibility toward dating,; said Liu Xiaochun, an associate professor of law at Tianjin University and course lecturer.;希望这门课程的开设能让学生们对于男女交往更具责任心,;刘晓纯说,他目前是天津大学的副教授,也是本门课程的主讲老师During the 90-minute talk Liu explained legal issues related to dating, including such topics as mistresses, domestic violence, divorce and abortion. ;It is the first time I have talked about dating in public,; he said.在90分钟的课堂中,刘教授解释了恋爱中的法律问题,包括的话题有情妇、家暴、离婚以及流产等等;这也是我第一次在公众前谈论恋爱问题,;他说 many, often away from home the first time, college is their first chance to explore romance after dedicating much of their high school years to study.对于许多首次离家出远门的大学生来说,大学是他们探索恋爱的第一次机会,毕竟他们的高中生活主要是围绕着学习One male student who asked not to be named, said he hoped the course would help him get along with his girlfriend better.一个不愿透露姓名的男生说,他希望通过学习此门课程可以帮助他更好地和女朋友相处Organized by a student dating club, the course covers a wide range of topics from dating tips and etiquette to counseling. The classes are taught by teachers from the university and external experts.这门课程是由一个学生恋爱社团组织的,话题覆盖面广,从恋爱技巧、恋爱礼仪一直到恋爱咨询,主要由本校的老师以及外聘专家讲授The course was inundated with more than 800 applications, far beyond initial expectations, Wang Rui, head of the student dating club, said.社团负责人王蕊说,这门课程选课人数超过了800人,远远超出预期;Students can gain two credits by attending no less than five lectures and submitting a ,000-character report at the end of the semester,; Wang said.;学生只要能上五次课以上,并在学期末上交一篇00字左右的报告就可以修得两个学分,;王说College relationships have been openly discussed across Chinese campuses, resulting in several programs to help students make their way through what could be a minefield. Such august institutions as China Youth University of Political Studies, Wuhan University and Renmin University of China all have similar courses.大学恋爱关系已经在中国各大校园里公开讨论着,这使得很多学校开始开设一些课程来帮助学生们跨过所谓的;雷区;一些令人敬畏的院校,如中国青年政治学院、武汉大学以及中国人民大学,都开设了类似的课程;The purpose of these courses is not to encourage students to fall in love, but to help them develop a proper attitude toward love and cope with problems they might meet when dating,; Xiong Bingqi, deputy director of 1st Century Education Research Institute, said.1世纪教育研究中心副主任熊炳奇表示:;开设这些课程的目的不是要鼓励学生恋爱,而是帮助他们对恋爱建立起正确的态度,并很好地处理恋爱中遇到的问题;Yang Li from the mental health education center at Tianjin University said many students lack the capacity to deal with failures involved in love, which can be traumatic and result in rash or even violent behavior.天津大学心理健康教育中心主任杨丽说,很多学生在面对失恋时缺乏处理能力,可能会导致心理创伤,行为鲁莽甚至造成伤害行为The courses will give students the skills they need to maintain better romantic relationships, Yang said.;恋爱课;将帮助学生们掌握一些处理两性关系的技巧,杨说The Tianjin course was applauded by social media users, who acknowledged the value of such lessons often clueless students.天津大学这门课程的开设也受到了社交媒体用户的好评,他们认为这对于不成熟的学生们来说很有价值;It is rare college lovers to end up married,; user ;Yindaxiaxia; posted on microblog Sina Weibo. ;It is crucial they understand love and relationships to avoid conflict and pain.;;大学里的爱情终成眷属的并不多;,一名叫;尹大虾虾;的网友在新浪微上说:;lsquo;恋爱课rsquo;可以让在校学生对此有深刻的认识,避免冲突和伤害;

  最新研究显示:矮个男子婚姻更持久! -- :5: 来源: Tall men may want to get married earlier, but their marriages won't go the distance like men with a shorter stature, a new study has claimed.It found the rate of divorce among short men is significantly less than among average and tall men. They were also more likely to marry much younger women, and make more money than their spouse.据一项新的调查称,高个子的男人会更早结婚,但是他们的婚姻却不如矮个子男人持久平均来说,矮个子男人的离婚率相较而言更低,而且他们的妻子更加年轻,他们的收入也比配偶要多'This further confims an existence of height-based status exchange in which short men compensate their lower physical status with higher proportionalearnings, while tall men appear more likely to use their status to attract women with higher relative earnings,' said authors of New York University. The researchers looked at data from the Panel Study of Income Dynamics, which has been conducting a survey of American families since 1968.“这更加实了矮个子男人会以更高的收入为他们的身高弥补,高个子男人会利用自己的身材优势吸引相对收入更高的女人”纽约大学的调查者称调查者查看了收入动态专门研究小组自从1968年就对美国家庭实施的一项调查'Studies of online dating suggest that physical attraction is a key factor in early relationship mation, but say little about the role of attractiveness in longer-term relationships,' the researchers say. Previous researcher has shown that, on average, tall men rise above their shorter colleagues in the workplace. Around 90pc of high-power business CEOs above average height, but studies have also shown that taller men earn more.“在线调查表明,在一段感情关系的初期,生理上的吸引是关键因素,但是在长期的稳定关系中却没那么重要”调查者说道曾有研究者者称,平均来说身高优势可以帮助男人更快升职90%位高权重的CEO身高都高于平均值,而且他们的收入更高The latest study最新调查Drawing on two different cohorts from the Panel Study of Income Dynamics, the authors show that short, average, and tall men's spouses are qualitatively different from one another. Short men marry and divorce at lower rates than others and both men's height relative to other men and their height relative to their spouse are related to the within-couple distribution of household labor and earnings.从收入动态专门研究中抽取了两组,而调查者称身高不同,配偶也选择也不尽相同矮个子男人结婚及离婚率最低,而身高问题也与家务和收入有关'These findings depict an enduring height hierarchy among men on in the spousal marriage market. Further, they indicate that at least one physical characteristic commonly associated with physical attraction influences the mation, functioning, and stability of longer-term relationships. The differences in how people choose each other are substantial, the team say. Short men are more likely to marry someone of the same height or taller than a man of average height. Tall men are unlikely to to partner with someone who’s their own height, let alone someone taller.“这些结果表明,男人的身高差别在配偶的选择上也能体现出来而且,这表明了至少有一项生理因素会影响到亲密关系的形成、发展以及长期的稳定性”调查团队认为,人们在选择配偶时的差异才是关键矮个子男人比平均身高的男人更愿意娶身高相同或更高的女人;而高个子的男人不希望配偶和自己同高,甚至更高Researcher believe short men tend to use money to make up their lack of stature. Short men also earn more than their partner, who tends to be less educated. 'This further confirms an existence of height-based status exchange in which short men compensate their lower physical status with higher proportional earnings, while tall men appear more likely to use their status to attract women with higher relative earnings,' the paper concludes.调查者认为,矮个子男人会更倾向于用金钱弥补自己身高的不足相较于配偶,他们的收入和受教育程度都会更高报告总结称,这进一步印了矮个子男人会以更高的收入为他们的身高弥补,高个子男人会利用自己的身材优势吸引相对收入更高的女人

  NASA:史上最热六月-连续个月历史最高温 -- 18:18: 来源: 据NASA公布,我们或许将迎来全球最热一年你,做好准备了吗? The first six months of were the hottest ever recorded, NASA announced on Tuesday, while Arctic sea ice now covers 0% less of the Earth than it did just 30 years ago.美国国家航空航天局(NASA)本周二公布,年前六个月为有史以来最热的一年,北冰洋冰川覆盖面积比30年前减少了0%Temperatures were on average 1.3 degrees Celsius (. degrees Fahrenheit) higher than average between January and June this year, compared to the late nineteenth century.与19世纪末期相比,今年一月至六月的平均气温高出了1.3摄氏度(.华氏度)In total, the planet has now had consecutive months of the hottest temperatures seen since records began in 1880, the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said.据美国国家海洋和大气治理署(NOAA)称,从1880年到今天有记载的历史来看,地球已连续个月处于最高温Australia, the ed Kingdom, Hong Kong and Spain were some examples of places where temperatures soared more than a degree above average, as New Zealand had its hottest January to June period since records began.澳大利亚、英国、中国香港以及西班牙等地温度均高出平均气温1度,新西兰更是经历了有记载以来最热的上半年Shrinking sea ice海洋冰川减少Sea ice shrunk faster than normal as five out of the six first months of saw the smallest respective monthly Arctic sea ice extent since satellite records started in 1979.海洋冰川消融速度高于正常值自1979年开始用人造卫星记录以来,年前6个月中有5个月北冰洋海冰范围为史上最小"It has been a record year so far global temperatures, but the record high temperatures in the Arctic over the past six months have been even more extreme," NASA Goddard sea ice scientist Walt Meier said in a statement.“今年全球气温达到最高记录,然而北冰洋过去六个月来连续的破记录高温则更加极端”NASA戈达德海洋冰川科学家沃尔特迈耶在一个发布会上说"This warmth as well as unusual weather patterns have led to the record low sea ice extents so far this year."“炎热和异常天气模式导致今年海冰范围达到记载最低值”The strong El Nino pattern which began in could not be held entirely to blame, NASA Goddard Institute Space Studies director Gavin Schmidt said in a statement, as it had aly begun to fade by June.这不能全怪罪于年强厄尔尼诺现象,NASA戈达德太空研究所总监加文施密特在一个发布会上说,因为厄尔尼诺在6月份已开始减弱"It is the underlying trend which is producing these record numbers," Schmidt said.“这些破记录数据的产生是基础趋势”施密特说Many scientists blame the increase in global temperatures on an increased concentration of carbon dioxides in the atmosphere, which surpassed 00 parts per million in May at the South pole.很多科学家认为全球温度升是由于大气中二氧化碳浓度上升,今年五月份南极的二氧化碳浓度已超过百万分之四百The increase in carbon dioxide has come partly from burning fossil fuels, and has surpassed historic highs in the past decades according to NASA.二氧化碳的增加部分来源于化石燃料燃烧据NASA称,过去十年间二氧化碳浓度达到历史最高。

  中国冷冻最久“冰宝宝”出生 -196℃低温沉睡18年 --30 1:37:0 来源: 零下196℃,1998年被冷冻的胚胎,被唤醒了 Beijing, June 9 (IANS) A healthy baby girl was born in China from an embryo frozen 18 years ago, medical officials said on Wednesday.北京6月9日电(印度亚洲通讯社)星期三,医疗人员表示,中国一枚冷冻了18年的胚胎被“唤醒”,是一个健康的女婴A 5-year-old woman gave birth to a girl, weighing 3,300 gm, in Jiangsu province on Monday. The embryo was implanted into her womb in November , Xinhua news agency reported on Wednesday.星期一,江苏省的一位5岁的女士诞下了这名女婴,婴儿重3300克这枚胚胎于年月植入她的子宫据新华社星期三报道She suffered from blocked fallopian tubes and tried to conceive through In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) in 1998.因输卵管堵塞,该女士于1998年进行试管婴儿治疗希望能怀After three failed implantations, one with a fresh embryo and two with frozen, she decided to wait and try again.在一次新鲜胚胎移植与两次冷冻胚胎移植失败后,她决定等等再说At the beginning of , she went back to the hospital hoping to have another try. Doctors found that she suffered from hydrosalpinx and a thin endometrium. After a surgery, she had the embryo implanted.年初,她来到这家医院希望再试一次医生检查发现她存在输卵管积水和子宫内膜薄的问题手术治疗后,胚胎顺利移植Frozen embryos are stored in liquid nitrogen at minus 196 degrees Celsius. According to the Shanghai health department, the storage life frozen embryos should be kept within five years.冷冻胚胎被存在低至零下196度的液态氮中据这家上海医疗中心介绍,冻存胚胎临床使用时间一般控制在5年之内"In reality, we will continue storing embryos as long as the patients ask us to do," said a medical official.“实际操作中,我们会一直为患者保存冷冻胚胎,只要他们不放弃”一名医生说

  感人!月圣诞节 美全城为病童提前过节 --31 :56:33 来源:   Little Ethan Van Leuven died Tuesday, just a week after his town of West Jordan, Utah, banded together to celebrate the holidays early so Ethan, who had leukemia, could enjoy them.  伊桑·范·勒芬于本周二离世一周前,伊桑所在的美国犹他州西乔丹小城,为了这个患有白血病的、即将离世的小男孩,提前庆祝了万圣节、圣诞节等节日  Ethan, , passed away "surrounded by family and friends," a statement on Ethan's GoFundMe page .  伊桑的“请捐钱给我”的个人网页上称,岁的伊桑在家人和朋友们的陪伴中离开了这个世界  "Super Hero Ethan earned his wings. He fought as hard and as long as any Super Hero could. His family are in all of our prayers and thoughts," the statement .  “伊桑没有让大家失望,他是超级英雄,他顽强的与病魔作斗争,这种精神和超级英雄是一样的他的家人也得到了大家的祈祷和关心”  Though diagnosed just prior to his second birthday, Ethan lived almost three years post-diagnosis and only stopped responding to treatments very recently.  岁时被诊断患有白血病,至今伊桑与病魔斗争了将近3年的时间,直到最近才停止治疗  "The doctors basically said he's got two days to a couple of weeks left to live, and so that's when we thought we would make the most of the last days he has remaining with us," Ethan's father, Merrill Van Leuven, told the "Today" show.  “医生说他在这个世界上可能只剩下不到一周的时间了,所以我们想一定要好好利用这段时间”伊桑的爸爸梅里尔说  Residents went trick-or-treating on Oct. 1 and Ethan donned a Superman costume, the Deseret News reported. On Oct. 3, a parade was held in town to mark Ethan's fifth birthday, one month early. Darth Vader, Indiana Jones, a bagpiper and dozens of others marched in Ethan's honor, the paper said.  月1日,西乔丹全城的居民们提前庆祝了万圣节,那天伊桑把自己装扮成了超级英雄月3日,居民们又提前一个月为伊桑庆祝5岁的生日,大家装扮成“黑武士”、冒险英雄“印第安纳·琼斯”和“风笛手”等各种形象在街上列队游行  "You are our hero," a police officer said over the car's loud speaker, according to the Deseret News. "Thank you being a part of our lives, Ethan. Our hero."  当地官员还通过扬声器大喊:“伊桑,你是我们的英雄,感谢你成为我们生活中的一部分”  On Oct. , the town celebrated Christmas, Ethan's favorite holiday. Neighbors decorated their houses, and Santa and Mrs. Claus (with the town's local fire department) gave Ethan a ride on a fire truck. Carolers sang and the family toured the neighborhood to see the decorations. The next day, the family celebrated Christmas Day, according to the Deseret News.  伊桑最喜欢的节日是圣诞节,月日小城的居民们又开始举办一系列的圣诞节活动每家每户都装上了圣诞灯,还有市民扮成“圣诞老人”用消防车载着伊桑大家还一起为伊桑唱圣诞颂歌第二天,伊桑一家一起庆祝了圣诞节  Merrill Van Leuven said he was "just overwhelmed" by the commy's support.  伊桑的爸爸说大家这么持让他“非常感动”

  Justin Bieber加拿大演出跌落舞台 -- :37: 来源: Justin Bieber周四晚跌落舞台 Justin Bieber fell hard on Thursday night.Justin Bieber周四晚跌落舞台During the -year-old pop star’s Saskatchewan, Canada concert, he fell right off the edge of the stage while adjusting his pants between songs.在岁流行音乐歌手Saskatchewan的加拿大演唱会上,Justin Bieber在歌曲间隙调整裤子时从舞台边缘摔落The "Sorry" singer -- who got back up and went on with the show -- didn’t seem fazed by the tumble when he tweeted after the concert. "Great show tonight. #PurposeTour," he wrote.这位“抱歉”歌手—返回舞台继续表演—演唱会结束后他看起来并没有被这次摔倒所影响“今夜是场伟大的表演#目的达成,”他写道This is the second time in three months that Bieber has fallen during a permance. In April, while perming in Kansas City, Missouri, he lost his footing and dropped down on his tailbone while getting a running start through water that covered the stage from the massive downpour that is a signature element of the show. Just like his most recent whoops, Bieber recovered and went on with the show.这是他三个月内第二次在表演过程中摔倒了月份,当他在密苏里州堪萨斯城演出时,暴雨使水覆盖了舞台,在奔跑开场过的过程中他失足滑倒摔倒了尾骨,这成了这次演出的标志性元素就像他最近高喊,Bieber已经恢复元气继续演出The singer’s stage dive comes just one week after cameras caught him getting into an altercation with a man at a Cleveland, Ohio hotel. Following the incident a source told ET that those close to Bieber are concerned him.继歌手“舞台跳水事件”仅1周后,相机捕捉到他在俄亥俄州克利夫兰的一家酒店与一名男子发声口角事件发声后相关人士称Bieber身边的人十分担心他"People around Justin are nervous about him and worry that he could have a breakdown," the source said. "He feels like people get that he is a human being and needs privacy. Him writing those social posts about the ’no photos etc…,’ that is him just being overwhelmed. It wasn’t intended to make people think he is a snotty pop star, but it’s definitely reflective of what he is going through right now. During his time off, he has been trying to be as normal as possible and trying to be super low-key about everything."“Justin身边的人是十分紧张他,担心他会崩溃,”该人士称“他觉得人们似乎忘了他是个需要隐私的普通人他会写一些关于‘不会被拍照’的工作职位等…”他只是快被压垮了这并不是想告诉人们他是一个自大的明星,但这确实反应了他现在所经历的在他休息的时候,他会尽量表现得像个普通人,试图对所有事情都超级低调

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