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The International Astronomic Union on Monday approved Chinas naming of four geographic entities on the moon. ;Guanghan Gong,; ;Zi Wei,; ;Tian Shi; and ;Tai Wei; will be used in official celestial maps to refer to part of the moon where Chinas Change 3 lunar probe landed.国际天文学联合会周一正式批准了我国嫦娥三号着陆区4项月球地理实体命名,分别是广寒宫、紫微、天市和太微,这些名称可以在官方的天体地图中使用。The area on the moon within a 77-meter radius around Change 3s landing point is named ;Guanghan Gong,; or Guanghan Palace, after a moon palace in Chinese legend inhabited by the goddess of the moon - Change and her rabbit, Yutu. ;Zi Wei,; ;Tian Shi; and ;Tai Wei; are three major impact craters adjacent to the landing site.其中;广寒;是嫦娥三号月球着陆点周边方圆77米区域,取自中国神话;嫦娥和玉兔居住的宫殿;。;紫微;;天市;;太微;,则是紧;广寒;的三个较大的撞击坑。In Chinese mythology, Change is the goddess of the moon while ;Guang Han Gong; is the palace that houses Change and her pet Yutu (Jade Rabbit).在中国传说故事中,嫦娥是居住在月亮上的神仙,而广寒宫则是嫦娥和她的宠物玉兔住的宫殿。In November 2010, three impact craters discovered by Chinas Change 1 lunar probe were officially named after Chinese scientists Cai Lun, Bi Sheng and Zhang Yuzhe.此前,嫦娥一号发现的3个撞击坑0101月被正式命名;蔡伦;;毕昇;;张钰;。A total of 22 lunar features have been given Chinese names. The first crater was named Zu Chongzhi after a famous Chinese mathematician in 1961.截止目前为止,共计有22个与月球相关的事物已经以中国人的名字命名。在1961年,第一个环形山就是以著名中国数学家祖冲之的名字命名的。来 /201601/420854Michigan voters this week cast their lot with Republican frontrunner Donald Trump and Democrat Bernie Sanders, registering the angst America’s blue-collar workers feel over globalisation, trade and China. 密歇根选民最近把自己的命运与共和党总统竞选人领跑者唐纳德#8226;特朗Donald Trump)和民主党总统竞选人角逐者伯#8226;桑德Bernie Sanders)绑在了一起,这表明了美国蓝领工人对全球化、贸易和中国的焦虑But not all of them, perhaps. From his perch in America’s rust belt, Randy Adams, a 55-year-old veteran of a US motor parts industry that has endured years of struggle, rejected both of the rising populists. He is instead a newly-minted fan of China. 但是,或许并非所有人都是这样。生活在美国“工业锈带”的兰迪#8226;亚当Randy Adams)现年55岁,是经历了多年挣扎的美国汽车零件制造业的一名老将,他拒绝把选票投给上述两位人气不断上升的民粹主义者。相反,他成为了中国的新粉丝It is a political stance born of a recent change in his personal circumstances. Since late last year Mr Adams has been working as a supervisor for Fuyao Glass, a rapidly expanding Chinese company, inside what by the end of the year is predicted to be the world’s largest motor glass factory by production volume. 这种政治立场是因最近他个人境遇的的变化而起。自从去年末以来,亚当斯在福耀玻璃(Fuyao Glass)担任监工。该公司是一家迅速扩张的中国企业,到今年底有望成为全球产量最大的汽车玻璃制造厂Fuyao plans to spend 0m refurbishing the former General Motors plant in Moraine, Ohio, into a factory that will employ up to 2,000 workers by the end of the year. The investment is part of a nascent trend that is reshaping the economic relationship between China and the US and may one day alter longstanding electoral habits in places such as Michigan. 福耀计划斥资4.5亿美元,对通用汽车(General Motors)之前在俄亥俄州莫雷纳(Moraine)的这家工厂进行改造,到今年底该厂将雇用至000名工人。这笔投资代表了一种正在重塑中美经济关系的新趋势——或许有一天也会改变密歇根等地长久以来的选举习惯Chinese foreign direct investment into the US reached a record .7bn in 2015 and this year is aly on pace to top that, according to the Rhodium Group, a research company. 据研究咨询公司荣鼎咨Rhodium Group)表示015年中国对美国的外商直接投FDI)创下157亿美元的纪录,而今年迄今的数字已经有望超越去年Moreover, a growing share of China’s investment in the US is in the form of greenfield investments by companies such as Fuyao Glass. 此外,越来越多的中国在美投资是像福耀玻璃等企业进行的绿地投资“It’s a game-changer in US-China economic relations,says Thilo Hanemann, an analyst with the Rhodium Group. “You are actually seeing Chinese companies investing here and putting American workers on their payroll.“这将是美中经济关系中一件改变游戏规则的事情,”荣鼎咨询的分析师韩其洛(Thilo Hanemann)称,“你实实在在地看见中国企业在这里投资,雇用美国工人。The numbers remain relatively small compared with other longstanding Asian investors in the US. According to Rhodium, 80,000 US workers were employed by Chinese companies at the end of 2014 versus almost 900,000 for Japanese companies. Honda, for example, is the largest employer in Ohio’s motor sector, with more than 14,000 employees, or seven times the number Fuyao will employ by the end of year. 相比那些在美国投资已久的其他亚洲投资者,中资企业的用工人数仍然相对较少。根据荣鼎咨询的数据,截014年底,中国企业雇用了8万名美国工人,而日本企业雇佣的美国工人达到将近90万。比如,本田(Honda)是俄亥俄州汽车产业最大的雇主,拥有超.4万名员工,相当于福耀到今年底计划雇用的员工数量的7倍But as they continue to deal with the enduring industrial scars of the 2008 financial crisis the trend is something local politicians across industrial America have noted and even begun dare using in political campaigns. 但是,在美国工业腹地的地方政界人士继续应008年金融危机留下的迟迟难以愈合的工业伤痕之际,这种趋势成了他们注意到——甚至开始敢于在政治活动中使用——的情况Ohio Governor and Republican presidential candidate John Kasich worked with local officials to woo Fuyao to Moraine, a scrappy industrial suburb south of Dayton. Tomorrow, the Chinese-owned factory will provide the backdrop for one of his final rallies ahead of the state’s crucial March 15 primary contest which the Ohio governor needs to win. 俄亥俄州州长、共和党总统候选人角逐者约#8226;卡西John Kasich)曾与当地官员一起吸引福耀落户代顿Dayton)以南粗旷的工业化郊区莫雷纳。这家中资工厂成了卡西奇初选竞选集会宣传的功绩5日,俄亥俄州将迎来至关重要的初选,身为该州州长的卡西奇势在必得The move is meant to highlight his record on job creation, but it also serves as a political poke in the eye for Mr Trump, who has vowed to wage what would amount to a trade war on China to bring jobs back to the US. 此举旨在凸显他在创造就业方面的政绩,但也是对特朗普发起的一记政治“点穴”,因为特朗普誓言要对中国采取可能演化为贸易战的行动,目的是让就业岗位回到美国“With Fuyao John Kasich has proof that he has brought jobs from China to Ohio and that he has brought many other jobs to Ohio. He knows how to compete and he knows how to win,says Mike Turner, a Republican congressman whose district includes Moraine. “有了福耀的例子,约翰#8226;卡西奇就可以明他把就业从中国带到俄亥俄、并给俄亥俄带来了很多其他岗位。他知道如何竞争、如何赢,”共和党议员迈克#8226;特纳(Mike Turner)称。特纳的选区包括莫雷纳But bringing China into the campaign and boldly proclaiming the benefits of trade has risks for Mr Kasich, who is locked in a tight race with Mr Trump. 但是,在竞选中引入中国话题、并且大胆宣称贸易的好处,会给卡西奇带来风险。目前他与特朗普难分上下His attempt to beat Mr Trump in Ohio is part of a bigger effort by the Republican mainstream to try to block the property tycoon’s push to win the party’s nomination for November’s general election. 他希望在俄亥俄州打败特朗普,这是共和党主流努力的一部分,目的是阻止这位房地产大亨赢得代表该党参1月大选的资格While Mr Kasich touts his record of job creation in Ohio the reality is that there are 400,000 fewer Ohioans working in manufacturing than in 1990 and 80,000 less than before the financial crisis of 2008. 尽管卡西奇鼓吹自己给俄亥俄带来就业岗位的记录,但是现实情况是,如今在制造业工作的俄亥俄人较1990年减少了40万,008年金融危机发生前减少万But as the Fuyao investment illustrates, there is also a manufacturing recovery under way. 不过,正如福耀的投资所表明的那样,制造业正在复苏By the end of this year, says John Gauthier, president of Fuyao’s US subsidiary, the Moraine facility will have the capacity to produce a quarter of all the motor glass used in North America and fill a huge gap in capacity that had previously been filled by glass produced in China. 福耀美国公司总裁约翰#8226;高蒂John Gauthier)称,到今年底,莫雷纳工厂将具备供应北美市场四分之一汽车玻璃的产能,填补之前由中国制造的汽车玻璃填补的巨大空癀?Higher labour costs in the US than in China mean the plant is heavily automated. But what is making the investment possible is also the much lower energy costs, with electricity costing half the amount it does in China. 美国的劳动力成本高于中国,这意味着该工厂将高度自动化。但是,促成该投资的因素还包括比中国低得多的能源成本。美国的电力成本是中国的一半“That is a huge competitive advantage,Mr Gauthier says. “这是一个巨大的竞争优势,”高蒂尔称For Mr Adams, that means a new job and a new focus on efficiency. At its current pace the new assembly line he oversees can turn out more than 1,000 windscreens a day, although that is just the beginning, according to Mr Adams. 对于监工亚当斯来说,这意味着一份新工作,更注重效率。亚当斯称,按照目前的速度,他负责的新生产线每天可以生000块以上的挡风玻璃,尽管这还仅仅是开始“It can run a little faster,he says. “We just haven’t pushed it yet.“速度还能更快点,”他称,“我们只是还没开足马力。”来 /201603/431711

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