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长兴县中医院祛疤痕多少钱湖州祛疤痕18. Writing Workshop 18.写作班A: Want to go to the writing workshop with me today?A:今天想和我一起去写作班吗?B: Nah man, my writing skills is tight.B:算了,我的写作能力不错。A: You mean ;are; instead of ;is,; right?A:你的意思是“are”而不是“is”,是吗?B: Yeah, of course!B:对,当然!A: You should come with me. Our college has great workshops.A:你应该和我一起来。我们学校有很棒的写作班。B: I dont want to look stupid.B:我不想看起来愚蠢。A: You wont. You look stupid using incorrect grammar.A:你不会的。你用错语法才会看起来愚蠢。B: Fine. How long is the workshop?B:好吧。写作班有多长时间?A: Its about an hour.A:大约1小时。B: I dont think my attention span is more than 5 minutes.B:我认为我的注意力集中时间不会超过5分钟。A: Dont worry, Ill pinch you to wake you up.A:别担心,我会把你捏醒。B: Thats a clever idea. B:这个主意不错。 /201510/402484湖州曙光整形医院绣眉多少钱 13. Talking Positively about a Restaurant 13.积极评价一个餐厅A: Have you heard of the new burger place down the street?A:你听说过街上吃汉堡的新地方吗?B: Yes, I have. Have you tried it yet?B:是的,我听说过。你试过了吗?A: Its the bomb. The burgers are so good.A:那很火爆,那里的汉堡是如此的好。B: Is it expensive?B:它贵吗?A: Not really. Not more than most places.A:不太贵。不比大部分地方贵。B: What do you like about it?B:你喜欢它什么?A: The food is great, and the waitresses bring you food on roller skates.A:食物很棒,务员穿溜冰鞋给你送吃的。B: Thats like those old-time drive-in places.B:就像那些旧时代的免下车餐馆。A: Yes, it is. Like in the 50s.A:是的,它是。就像在50年代。B: Wow, I got to go there soon.B:哇,我要快点去那里。A: I would highly recommend it.A:我强烈推荐它。B: Thanks. Ill definite go. B:谢谢。我一定会去。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201605/4413461.I left the room with a key in it.我离开这个房间却把钥匙放在里面。2.Where can I go and ask?我可以到哪里去问?3.Please ask at the front desk.请到务台去问。4.Is a door lock a snaplock?门上用的是弹簧锁吗?5.Do you have a spare key?你有备用的钥匙吗?6.Please lend me a spare key.请借我备用钥匙。7.We cant lend you a spare key.我们不能借给你备用钥匙。8.Will you come with me and open it?请你和我一块儿去打开它好吗?9.Room number,please.请问是哪个房间?10.Five-two-three.523。11.The trunk cant work.这个行李箱打不开。12.I forgot the key in Japan.我把钥匙掉在日本了。13.I forgot a set number of the lock.我忘记了锁上的一个号码。14.Could you please open my bag?请你打开我的箱子好吗?15.Lend me a driver,please.请借我一把锤子。16.Ill break open my bag.我将敲开我的箱子。17.Do you have a good idea?你有没有好主意?18.Are there any locksmiths near here?这附近有没有锁匠?19.Can I have a spare key made?我可以再配一枚备用钥匙吗?20.Should I better break a lock?我应该打开锁吗?21.Can you make new key?你可以配一枚新钥匙吗?22.Is it better to change to a new bag?换一个新皮箱会比较好些吗?1.My trunk has been lost.我的提箱掉了。2.I put it in the lobby just now.我刚才把它放在大堂里。3.Did you take it the car by mistake?你有没有把它放错车子了。4.Does anyone see my brown suitcase?有人看到我的褐色皮箱吗?5.Maybe someone mistook it.也许有人拿错了。6.Will you look for it for me?请你帮我去找好吗?7.Was anyone in the lobby?大堂里有人吗?8.A lot of people were sitting there.许多人正坐在那儿。9.Shall we ask them about it one by one?我们可以一个一个地问他们有没有看见吗?10.Have you seen the man carried a suitcase?你曾看见过拿着皮箱的人吗?11.Could you tell me if you find one?你能告诉我是否看见过这样的人吗?12.Is there anything else stolen?还有别的东西被偷吗?13.Is seems the thief broke into the room.好像是小偷闯入了房间。14.What was stolen?什么东西被偷了?15.I had my suitcase stolen.我的皮箱被偷了。16.Havent you had anything else stolen?你还有没有别的东西被偷?17.Please come to my room soon.请快点儿到我房间来。18.Will you call the police?请你打电话给警察好吗?19.There was a travelers check in the bag.在箱内有旅行票。20.I wasnt in my room only during dinner.只有在晚餐时间我不在房间内。21.I left my room locked.我离开房间时房门是锁的。22.Is it possible you can find my baggage?你可能找到我的行李吗? /201503/364118长兴县中医院做隆鼻手术多少钱

湖州解放军98医院冰点脱毛多少钱4. Greeted by Receptionist 4.受到接待员的欢迎A: Good morning. Welcome to A Technologies.A:早上好。欢迎来到A技术。B: Hi, good morning.B:嗨,早上好。A: How can I help you?A:我能帮到你吗?B: I have an appointment with Mr. Rogers today.B:今天我和罗杰斯先生有个约会。A: Oh, what time is that? I dont see it on his schedule.A:噢,什么时候?我没有在他的日程表上看到。B: Well theres no set time. Im an old friend of his.B:没有固定的时间。我是他的一个老朋友。A: Okay, Let me call him. What is your name?A:好的,我给他打电话。您叫什么名字?B: Im Tom Williams. He will know me.B:我是汤姆#8226;威廉姆斯。他会知道我。A: Just a minute, sir. Please take a seat.A:稍等片刻,先生。请坐。B: Thank you.B:谢谢你。A: Yes, Mr. Williams. Mr. Rogers will see you soon.A:是的,威廉斯先生。罗杰斯很快就会见你。B: Thats wonderful. I know how busy he is. Thanks. B:那太棒了。我知道他有多忙。谢谢。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201605/441194湖州曙光医院纹眉毛多少钱 最近我想去剪个新发型。虽然发廊很多,但是因为刚来到这个新城市,对哪家发廊好一点都没有概念。不过,幸好有互联网,只要到特定的网站去搜索一下,哪些发型师的评价好就一目了然了。在美语里,我们可以用一个习惯用语来形容这种情形: ferret out.Ferret作为动词,意思是搜寻,寻找。Ferret out作为一个词组,是通过全面查找而搜寻出来的意思。在上面的例子里,通过网上的顾客: I can ferret out the poor service providers from the good ones. 我能很容易找到好的和差的务。在下面的例子里,一名男子坚持要参加训练最严酷的特种部队。我们来听听他爸爸是怎么说的:I support my son wanting to enlist in the military. But hes determined to join one of the toughest units in the world. Their basic training involves physical, mental and emotional challenges that nearly impossible to endure. They ferret out the weaker candidates within days.这段话是说:我持儿子想去参军的打算。但是他坚决要参加世界上训练最严酷的军种之一。他们的基本训练包括对体能,精神和情绪的极限挑战。他们在几天内就能把不够强壮的候选人淘汰掉。这人说的一定是那些在泥里爬,冰水里游泳,然后每天只睡四个小时的特种部队。我真不明白人类怎么能忍受这些。我记得,原来我去参加一个钢琴比赛的选拔,the judges quickly ferreted out everyone but the most exceptional talents, 评委们很快就挑选出了最杰出的人才。******在工作中,大家都讨厌那种干活拖拉,或者光拿钱不干事的人。在下面例子里,一间工厂就发生了这种事。让我们来听听他们的发言人是怎么说的:It was announced that some workers got paid overtime that they hadnt worked. The accounting department is reviewing all recent records. Theyre ferreting out any fraud. The employees responsible can expect to be punished.这段话是说:据称有些工人没加班就擅自领取加班费。现在会计部门正在审核所有纪录。他们将撤查任何舞弊行为。那些应当对此负责的人将受到惩罚。干了缺德事,总是会被发现的。我记得原来大学在一间旅游公司实习,人们发现一些导游强行多收了游客的钱。It didnt take long for the boss to ferret out abuses and fire those employees. 老板没过多久就发现了这种行为,炒了那些导游的鱿鱼。 /201706/511072吴兴区打溶脂针价格

湖州曙光美容整形医院点痣多少钱01. I have ordered a book online.我在网上订购了一本书。02. You can cancel the online order.你可以取消网上订单。03. The product you have ordered is out of stock now.您订购的产品现在缺货。04. Can I return the product if Im not satisfied?如果我不满意,可以退货吗?05. You can find a lot of items on the Internet.你能在网上找到各种各样的商品。06. Online shopping is becoming a fashion.网购正成为一种时尚。07. How much is the handling fee?手续费是多少?08. The coat you have ordered will be delivered in 3 days.你订购的外套将在三天内发送。09. You can apply for a refund online.你可以在网上申请退款。10. Do you have the Alipay?你有付宝吗?11. I have registered an E-store on the Internet.我在互联网上注册了一个网店。12. There are a number of online store options.网上有很多店铺供你选择。13. Is it safe to pay online?网上付款安全吗?14. I like shopping in Taobao.com.我喜欢在淘宝网购物。15. Have you ever bought something from an online shop?你曾经在网上商铺里买过东西吗?16. This seller has a good credit record.这个卖家的信用记录很好。17. It is very convenient to buy fashion books from Dangdang.com.从当当网购书非常方便。18. There are a variety of products you can choose and compare on the Internet.在网上有各种不同的产品任你选择对比。19. Internet has opened a new era of business.互联网开启了商业的新纪元。20. Just click your mouse to choose the articles you like.你只需点击鼠标来选择你喜欢的商品。 /201508/391188 德清县冰点脱毛多少钱湖州曙光医院做丰胸手术多少钱



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