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1.We commence building on March 18th.  我们于3月18日开工。  重点词语:commence vi.开始  商务用语:commence on 着手  commence with 从……开始  2.I have commissioned my bank to pay my taxes.  我授权我存款的代我付税。  重点词语:commission n.佣金;委托;投入生产;手续费;代理权  商务用语:on commission 受委托;收取佣金  commission of fee 佣金  commission agent 代理人,经纪人  3.The prices of the commodities are quite stable this year.  今年商品物价相当稳定。  重点词语:commodity n.商品;款项用途  商务用语:basic commodity 基本商品  agricultural commodity 农产品  scarce commodity 稀缺商品  4.The common man in every country is anxious for world peace.  各国老百姓都渴望世界和平。  重点词语:common adj.普通,一般的;公共的;联合的   商务用语:capital-common stock 普通股股本  5.We organized a publishing company.  我们组织了一个出版公司。  重点词语:company n.公司  商务用语:advertisement company 广告公司  assurance company 保险公司 /200811/55390

第24期:应聘电脑工程师我精通VC+ +和Java语言。I am quite familiar with Visual C + +and Java language.For example:A: Tell me something about your background.说说你的背景吧。B: My major was computer science, and I am quite familiar with Visual C++ and Java language.我的专业是计算机科学,我精通VC+ +和Java语言。你干计算机这行有多久了?How long have you been working with computers?For example:A: How long have you been working with computers?你干计算机这行有多久了?B: More than five years now. 5 年多了。什么让你决定搞计算机这一行?What made you decide to get into computers?What made you decide to work with computers?For example:A: What made you decide to get into computers?什么让你决定搞计算机这一行?B: I always liked mathematics and tinkering with machines.我一向喜欢数学和摆弄机器。我对硬件和软件都很熟悉,并具有系统开发的实际操作经验。I am familiar with both hardware and software and with ha experience in system development.你对Fortran语言熟悉吗?Have you had any experience with Fortran?For example:A: Have you had any experience with Fortran?你对Fortran语言熟悉吗?B: Yes, Ive done some programming in a course I took last semester. Id be happy to try.是的,我在上学期的课程里编过程序,我很愿意试试。我学得很快,短时间内能掌握它。I am a fast learner and I can master it in a short time.你认为计算机行业将来的发展如何?What do you think about the development in computers?#8195;For example:A: What do you think about the development in computers?你认为计算机行业将来的发展如何?B: The developments in software are going ahead very quickly and more and more problems are resolved by software.软件将会发展很快,而且越来越多的问题依靠软件解决。在某些领域,硬件会完全被软件所取代。In some regions, the hardware is completely replaced by software.replace(vt.)取代,替换,代替 我认为软件前景可观。I think the software industry has a great future.我认为软件前景可观。I think the software industry has a great future.你设计过有关网络方面的程序吗?Have you ever designed any programs concerning network? Have you ever designed any programs about network?For example:A: Have you ever designed any programs concerning network?你设计过有关网络方面的程序吗?B: Yes, I have designed some programs for the network with Visual C++ and I have passed the test for programmers - MCSE.是的,我用VC+ +设计过一些网络程序,而且我还通过了一个程序员 考试一MCSE。你将负责软件产品的开发。You would be responsible for the development of software products.For example:A: Can you tell me whats my responsibility in this position?你能告诉我这份工作我的职责是什么吗?B: You would be responsible for the development of software products.你将负责软件产品的开发。be responsible for 为......负责你曾经用过哪些系统?What types of system have you worked on?For example:A: What types of system have you worked on?你曾经用过哪些系统?B: I have worked on about every system that is out there right now.目前市场上的系统我都用过。 /201501/356362

  to catch on 流行英文释义To become popular (said of an idea or product).例句Mobile phones have really caught on, and now even my grandmother uses one.手机真的流行起来了,现在就连我的祖母都有一部。 /201310/260194

  第一句:Most important of all is the change of quality of life.最重要的是生活质量的改变。A: As we know, China joined WTO and ended 15 years of negotiations at last.正如我们所知,中国终于结束了15年的谈判加入了世贸组织。B: But what will this mean in terms of peoples daily lives? And what concrete changes are likely to take place?但是从人们的日常生活来看,这会意味着什么呢?会发生哪些具体的变化呢?A: Most important of all is the change of quality of life.最重要的是生活质量的改变。第二句:Cars will be sold at much lower prices.小汽车的售价会大幅度地下调。A: Do you mean that entry into WTO means some visible benefits to ordinary Chinese consumers?你的意思是说加入世贸组织意味着会给普通的中国消费者带来明显的好处?B: Right. First, cars will be sold at much lower prices.是的,首先小汽车的售价会大幅度地下调。A: Can you predict how much China will just the price?你能预计一下在价格方面中国会做出多大的调整吗?背诵句型:With the lowered tariffs and diminished barriers,many goods will reach prices acceptable to ordinary families in China.随着关税的下降和贸易壁垒的消失,在中国,许多商品的价格会为普通家庭所接受。 /201306/245698。

  第一句:Excuse me, can I draw on my account for payment of things I buy in China?请问我能不能提取存款偿付我在中国买东西的费用?A: Excuse me, can I draw on my account for payment of things I buy in China?请问我能不能提取存款偿付我在中国买东西的费用?B: Certainly, sir. How much do you draw?当然可以,先生。您要取多少钱?A: 10000 RMB please. Would you please tell me my balance?请给提10000元人民币。能告诉我账上的余额吗?B: Yes, sir. Your balance is RMB 50000.好的,先生。您的账户余额是50000元人民币。第二句:I need to withdraw 8000 RMB from my account.我要从账上取8000元人民币。A: My fixed deposit certificate fell due yesterday.我的定期存折昨天到期。B: Yes.是的。A: I need to withdraw 8000 RMB from my account.我要从账上取8000元人民币。背诵句型:Please let me have 100 fifty-dollar, please.请给我一百张面值50美元的钞票。Can I have a statement, please?能否给我开一份结单? /201306/243237

  We are glad the market booms. 我们很高兴你们的市场行情看涨。Please furnish us with more products in advance. The products will be sold out.淸提前补充货品。产品就要脱销了。We are glad the market booms.我们很高兴市场行情看涨。We are sure that you can sell more this year.我们确信今年你们有望销得更好。They are doing their utmost to open up an outlet.他们正在尽最大努力打开销路。Our demand for this product is steadily on the increase.我们对该产品的需求正在稳步地增长。We are trying to find a market for this article. 我们正在努力为商品找销路。So we will invite experts to design for the handicrafts.所以我们会请专家为我们的手工艺品设计包装。We are trying to find a market for this article.我们正在努力为商品找销路。Packing has a close bearing on sales.包装对产品的销路有很大影响。We regret we cannot find any market for this article.我们很抱歉不能为商品找到销路。 /201506/381810

  星级典句:第一句: My name is Peter Wang.我叫彼得·王。A: Whats your name, please?请问你叫什么名字?B: My name is Peter Wang.我叫彼得·王。A: How old are you?你多大了?B: I am twenty-two years old.22岁。第二句: My birth date is November 20th, 1986.我的生日是1986年11月20日。A: May I ask your birth date?我可以问问你的生日吗?B: Yes, my birth date is November 20th, 1986.可以,我的生日是1986年11月20日。A: Where do you live now?你现在住哪里呢?B: I live on campus.我现在住在学校里。其他表达法:I live at 606 Zhongguancun Road, Apt 802, Beijing.我住在北京中关村大街606号,802单元。Can you tell me something about your family?能介绍一下你的家庭情况吗? /201304/236729

  how something is shaping up 工作的进展情况(非正式用语)英文释义 (INFORMAL) How something is developing, growing, or progressing towards completion.例句 My boss wants to know how my new project is shaping up, so in my meeting with him tomorrow I will tell him how work on the project is going and when it will be finished.老板想知道我的新项目的进展情况,所以我明天要与他会面,汇报项目进度以及完成时间。 /201211/207619


  I have a complaint.我要投诉。When we unwrapped the cases, we found the goods partly soaked by rain.打开箱子的时候,我们发现货物被雨水浸了个半透。We found half the goods broken.我们发现一半的货物都碎了。Its obvious that the fruits are no longer suitable for consumption.很明显,这些水果已经不能吃了。The result of our investigation said the damage was caused sometime in transit.我们调查的结果是,货物是在运输途中的某个时候受损的。According to our survey report, the damage was caused by poor packing.据我们的调查报告显示,损坏是由于包装不当引起的。Our surveyors stated that carelessness on the part of the manufacturer caused the shortage.我们的调查员申明是生产厂家的粗心导致了短缺。We have no alternative but to file a claim.我们没办法只能提出索赔。We claim a compensation of ,000.我们要求赔偿一万美元。Please make an investigation and send us the goods to meet the shortage as soon as possible.请调查此事,并尽快将货物发给我们以弥补数量的不足。Making A Complain and Cleaning the Loss投诉与索赔The home office asked me to drop in on you. They said you have a complaint.总公司要我来拜访您。他们说您要投诉。Sorry, but I have a complaint.很抱歉,但我是要投诉。Whats the nature of the problem?出了什么问题?We cant use most of the material you sent us on the last shipment. Some were water-stained. some soiled.你们上一批送来的材料,大部分都不能用。有些有了水痕,有些污损了。I suppose you wont be convinced until you have seen it with your own eyes.我想您要是不亲眼看一看是不会相信的。Really? Im sorry to hear that.真的吗?听到这样的事情发生我很抱歉。Look! These bales dont appear to have been properly packed. They have become soaked.您看看。这几包显然是没有包装好,全浸透了。But the goods were in fine condition when shipped.可是,装船的时候货物的情况还是很好啊。The result of our investigation said the damage was caused sometime in transit, but its inadequate packing which allowed damages to the packages in the first place.我们调查的结果是,货物是在运输途中的某个时候受损的,不过还是因为起初的包装不合格,才导致了这些损伤。 /201403/279731

  第一句:What mode of transportation do you want?你方希望何种运输方式?A: What mode of transportation do you want?你方希望何种运输方式?B: Can you give us any suggestion?你方能够给我方一些建议吗?A: Our customers often choose sea tranportation.我们的顾客一般采用海运。B: Sometimes sea transportation is troublesome to us.有时海运对我们来说很麻烦。第二句:To move the goods by railway is quicker than by sea.铁路货运比海运快。A: Transport by air is too expensive.空运太贵了。B: Yes. To move the goods by railway is quicker than by sea.是的。铁路运输比海运快。A: Thats right.你说得对。其他表达法:Please dispatch the TV sets we ordered by sea.请海运我们订购的电视机。Because of the high cost of railway transportation, we prefer sea transportation.因为铁路运输费用高,我们更喜欢走海运。铁路货运一批托运的货物,必须托运人,收货人,发站,到站和装卸地点相同(整车分卸货物除外)。整车货物每车为一批。跨装,爬装及使用游车的货物,每一车组为一批。零担货物或使用集装箱运输的货物,以每张货物运单为一批。使用集装箱运输的货物,每批必须是同一箱型,至少一箱,最多不得超过铁路一辆货车所能装运的箱数。 /201301/223290

  提到待遇时不要过分谦虚或表示歉意,下列句子不宜使用。 1.As for salary, I do not know what to say. Would,500 a month be too much? 至于起薪,我不知怎么说,月薪四千五百元会不会太多? 2.Do you think I should be asking too much if I said 5000 dollars a month? 若要求月薪五千元,会不会太高? 3.You know what my services are worth better than I do . All I want is a living wage. 对敝人工作的价值您比我更清楚。我仅想够糊口即可。 /201001/95390

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