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Pakistan's female athlete Sadaf Siddiqu aims not high at the Olympics and says simply competing will be a dream come true as she hopes to inspire millions of girls back home.Lahore-based Siddiqui runs the 100 and 200 metres but as a wild card entrant she is allowed to compete in only one event and so will be lining up for the 100m heats in Beijing.The 22-year-old sprinter knows she faces red-hot competition from a star-studded line-up but promises to keep her head high and proud, even if she finishes last."I promise that I will not show an embarrassed loser's face, my head will be high and my face would be glowing because the Olympic spirit is to compete irrespective of results. For me it's an honour," the sprinter said .Siddiqui is one of just two female competitors in Pakistan's 37-member contingent for the Games, with 18-year-old Kiran Khan set to jump in the Olympic pool in the women's swimming.Pakistan is sending 21 athletes in total and 16 officials, according to the Pakistan Olympic Association.Siddiqui's best time for the 100m is 11.81 seconds, a Pakistani record she set in April, and 24.36 seconds in the 200m which are both a far cry from top international standards. 巴基斯坦女运动员萨达夫#8226;西迪基对自己在北京奥运会上的成绩没有抱太高期望,她说能参加奥运就是梦想成真,因为她希望自己回去后能激励国内许许多多有梦想的女孩。来自拉合尔的西迪基是女子100米和200米短跑运动员,但作为一名“外卡”选手,她只能参加一个项目。在本届奥运会上,西迪基将参加100米短跑项目比赛。这名22岁的短跑小将知道自己将与世界级选手展开激烈的竞争,但她说即使跑最后一名她也会高昂着头,并会为此感到自豪。她说:“我保不会让大家看到一张沮丧的失败者的脸,我会高昂着头,神采飞扬,因为奥林匹克精神倡导的就是不计结果的竞争。对于我来说,这就是一种荣誉。”西迪基是巴基斯坦派出的37人代表团中仅有的两名女运动员之一,另一位是18岁游泳小将卡兰#8226;汗。据巴基斯坦奥委会介绍,巴基斯坦派出的奥运体育代表团包括21名选手和16名官员。西迪基100米短跑的最好成绩是11.81秒,这也是她于今年四月创下的巴基斯坦全国新记录,她200米短跑的最好成绩是24.36秒,两个项目的成绩都远不及世界顶级水平。 /200808/45580。

The person in the picture is holding a real ball, covered with Vantablack S-VIS图中人手中拿着一枚喷涂了Vantablack S-VIS颜料的球Finally, I can paint my surroundings to reflect my dark soul.我终于能将自己黑暗的灵魂,赋予画笔之下的周遭事物了!British artist Stuart Semple has developed a batch of super-black paint that’s also affordable and easily accessible for every artist!英国艺术家斯图尔特·森普尔发明了一种巨黑无比的颜料,这种颜料不仅价格低廉,还方便获取。You might recall Surrey NanoSystems’ “world’s blackest color” pigment Vantablack which is regarded as the blackest material in the world, but it costs a lot, users outside the UK require a government export license, and it smells like chemicals.也许你会想到萨里纳米系统公司(Surrey NanoSystems)研发的“世界最黑颜料”垂直排列纳米管阵列(Vantablack,全称Vertically Aligned Nano Tube Arrays),这种颜料不仅花费高,英国境外用户须得到政府的出口许可才能所使用,还有浓烈的化学物质味道。Stuart, however, collaborated with thousands of artists around the globe to create BLACK 2.0, an abysmally dark acrylic paint that smells like cherries and can be shipped to anyone anywhere.然而,斯图尔特携手数千名世界各地的艺术家,共同打造出的这款黑到飞起的丙烯颜料 — BLACK 2.0,不但拥有近似樱桃的气味,而且运送方便,人人可得。“With just one coat almost any object (even really shiny ones) become super-black and reflect next to no light, giving a fantastic black hole type effect.”“任何物体(发光的也不例外)只需抹上一层(BLACK 2.0),就能轻松达到“黑洞”效果 — 黑到无法反射一丝光线。”The paint is non-toxic and one pop of 150ml (about 5 oz) will cost you around .此款颜料系无毒颜料,150毫升(约5盎司)价格大概为15美元。British artist Stuart Semple has developed super-black acrylic paint英国艺术家斯图尔特·森普尔发明了一种巨黑无比的颜料It’s called BLACK 2.0, and Stuart calls it “simply the best flat, matt, black paint on the planet”它名叫;BLACK 2.0;,斯图尔特称它为;地球上最黑暗的颜料;Its unique acrylic co-polymer binder enables more pigment load than any other acrylic paint.它所含有的一种特殊丙烯酸共聚物粘合剂,使之较其它丙烯颜料能够着色更深。 /201704/506021。

China#39;s major telecom operators have announced plans to cancel domestic roaming charges as they are instead turning to 4G services as a major source of profit.中国的主要电信运营商已经宣布取消国内漫游费的计划,它们转而将4G务作为主要的利润来源。China Mobile Communications Corp, the country#39;s largest telecom operator, recently said they will stop charging domestic roaming fees by the end of this year.中国最大的电信运营商--中国移动通信集团公司近日宣布,到今年年底将停止收取国内漫游费。Since July, they have stopped selling service packages that include domestic roaming charges on cross-province phone calls.自七月份以来,各大电信运营商就已经不再出售包含跨省呼叫漫游费的务包。Mobile users are currently charged 0.6 yuan (9 cents) to 0.8 yuan per minute for the roaming service under different payment schemes.当前,手机用户在不同的收费方案下,每分钟的漫游务会被收取0.6元(9美分)至0.8元的费用。This nearly doubles costs for subscribers, which angers consumers. Industry regulators have also urged operators to gradually abolish fees.这样便使得用户的费用增加近一倍,引起了消费者们的不满。行业监管部门也已敦促各大运营商逐步取消费用。With 4G services developing rapidly, China#39;s major telecom operators saw their net profit grow at remarkable pace in the first half of this year thanks to fast growth in 4G subscribers.随着4G务的快速发展,4G用户的迅猛增加,中国的主要电信运营商在今年上半年的纯收入实现了大幅度增长。In July, China Telecommunications Corp, China#39;s third largest mobile telecommunication provider, announced it will cancel roaming fees this year. On Thursday, China Unicom, another telecom heavyweight, said it will scrap such fees from October.在七月份,中国第三大移动电信运营商--中国电信集团公司宣布,在今年取消漫游费。在周四,另一家电信巨头中国联通宣布,从10月份起取消此类收费。Analysts said that eliminating roaming fees will not incur big losses for operators, as the data flow business has become a major source of profit for them.分析人士表示,取消漫游费并不会对运营商们造成多大损失,因为数据流量业务已经成为他们盈利的一大主要来源。 /201608/462566。