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重庆盆腔炎哪家医院最好的重庆治疗内分泌哪家医院最好的Eight years ago I was a junk food addict. The delivery drivers from Papa John's and the Chinese food joint could have found their way to my house blindfolded. You could say that I ordered takeout with such frequency that my dialing finger practically started to evolve into the shape of a phone key.I was sloppy, blotchy and bulging out of my jeans. I was constantly either tired or wired and you could have literally played 'connect the dots' with a crayon on my face; I had a ton of zits.Today I am slimmer than I have ever been, healthier than I have ever been and, although I am 36, I often get 'carded' when going into bars as I am taken for over TEN YEARS younger. I also no longer have acne. It's true, every word.I don't diet. I don't count calories and rarely go hungry. In fact, my cholesterol numbers could win me awards. Oh, and I have been this way consistently since I made the change - eight years ago. Annoying? I know.The thing is - it's so easy, its laughable. In addition to some form of simple exercise regimen, these ten daily habits worked into your routine can provide you with optimum health, beautiful skin and a trim waistline. It's not a diet; I didn’t it anywhere. It's really just common sense that no one seems to follow.1. White is Not Right:Having a love affair with white b, white potatoes and white rice? Kiss them goodbye. Although you were taught otherwise, bs and cereals made from white flour are not good for you. White flour simply breaks down into sugar. Not only is too much sugar bad for you, you ultimately crash as quickly as you peak and therefore you are hungry again in no time! Guess what. You eat more and more until you fall asleep. In the morning, you wake up and have a muffin and start the process all over again.Avoid 'enriched flour' products. Always stick to brown products: whole wheat b, sweet potatoes and brown rice, etc. It's better for you, will keep you satisfied longer and - you won't have that 'puffy' look in your face (ladies, you know what I mean).2. Green Tea -Youth in a Glass: Apart from being exceptionally tasty - drinking green tea could be likened to drinking from the fountain of youth. It's probably the best thing you can do for your body on a regular basis. It is jam packed with antioxidants and is known to fight cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, high cholesterol levels, cardiovascular disease, infections and strengthen immune function. Try to drink around 3-5 cups a day, add a twist of lemon for extra zing.3. Go Nutty for Nuts:Remember I said it's not a diet? Stop worrying about nuts being fattening; forget calories. Scientific evidence suggests (but does not prove) that eating a handful of nuts daily will give you less probability of heart disease. Nuts are rich in fiber, and antioxidants and high in Omega 3 (the good fats shown to lower LDL cholesterol). Personally, I have a handful of walnuts, almonds, pecans and 2 Brazil nuts each morning, with my coffee. (Yes, I do drink coffee).4. Get Smiley with Omega 3:I mentioned it briefly above. You can get Omega 3 from nuts, various vegetables and most importantly fish such as herring, mackerel, sturgeon, and anchovies. You can also take them in supplement form. What will it do for you? Well, where do I start? It’s a natural anti-inflammatory for preventing arthritis, prostatitis and cystitis, for starters. It boosts your brain function and your intelligence; improving memory, recall, reasoning and focus. It's recommended highly for children too. It wards against depression and generally raises your mood and if that wasn't enough, it lowers cholesterol and blood pressure and reduces the chance of blood clots. Last but not least, it also reduces the chances of breast, colon and prostrate cancer. All in all, daily intake of omega three should raise your life expectancy significantly and make you feel happy, pappy and much less wacky, which can't be bad.5. Avocado is your Best Friend:You are probably thinking right now, this whole list is full of fat (!!). It is - but it's GOOD FAT. And, if eaten in proportion, it won't make you fat; that's a promise. I eat half an avocado every day. Avocado is considered the world's healthiest fruit, because of its nutrient contents such as vitamin K, dietary fiber, potassium, folic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin C and copper. Health benefits include lowered chance of heart disease, stroke, cancer and Alzheimer's disease; keeping you young, fit and fabulous. Need I say more?My next five rules are not about food, but habits. Here goes:6. Reverse your Meals:Most people don't eat breakfast, have a sandwich for lunch and gorge on a big dinner. This my friends is waistline suicide. Its been said a million times before, but eating a big breakfast, a smaller lunch and a tiny dinner will do WONDERS for your jean size. Also, try not to eat after 9pm. Can you possibly imagine the joy of going to bed on a stomach that is not bloated or having to concentrate on digesting that rack of lamb you just ate? For one, you will sleep better and secondly, you'll wake up with a healthy appetite. Can you remember the last time you were really hungry? It's a wonderful feeling.7. The 80/20 Rule:Eat healthy 80 percent of the time - the other 20 percent - eat whatever the hell you like (but not after 9pm). The whole point of eating well for the long term (your whole life) is knowing that you can also have whatever you want sometimes and that yes, a little bit of what you fancy really does do you good. So - how about eating healthy Monday to Friday and saving the fun for the weekend? Works for me.8. Visualize Yourself as Perfect:I believe in the power of the subconscious mind. Think of yourself as a sophisticated machine. If you only put the best possible ingredients into that machine body, it will work flawlessly. Concentrate on this image and enjoy the knowledge that you are running at your optimum. It's exciting. It will also inspire you to keep at it, daily.9. Exfoliate your Skin:Getting a facial scrub and using it twice a week can take YEARS off your face, really. Removing all that dead skin hanging around, you'll be stunned. Dark patches, grey areas… scrub it away for a fresh face you won't recognize. Try it and see. Men, you too. Ladies, try sleeping with coconut oil on your face at night. Put it on half an hour before you go to bed so that it sinks in. It won't give you zits and it will make your skin look AMAZING. You can buy it in any health food store.10. Love Yourself - with a Passion:This is so corny, but it's really at the core of everything. Being happy with who you are, embracing life with a smile, getting excited about the little things can take YEARS off of you. It shows in your face. Love your life, love your spouse, appreciate everything you have. Wake up and get excited to be alive. If you can't do it naturally, fake it until you make it - You will make it. Look at the faces of people around you. Find two people of the same age with drastically different approaches to life. Chances are, the one with the brighter outlook looks years younger. Try it and see.So, those are my tips for looking great, feeling great and being great.It works. Simple as that. 八年前,我对“垃圾食品”简直到了痴迷的程度,我时常叫外卖,Papa John's(约翰爸爸快餐店)和中餐连锁店的外卖送餐员即使闭着眼睛也能找到我家。可以说,频繁按动叫外卖的电话号码,我的手指也快变成电话的按键了。我浑身沾满食物残渣,到处是赘肉,肥大的身躯像是硬塞进牛仔裤里。我经常觉得累而且浑身缠着电话线(叫外卖)你甚至可以用蜡笔在我脸上玩“连点”游戏,天啊!那时我脸上净是痘痘。现在的我比以前苗条健康的多。尽管我已经36岁,但有时去酒吧还被叫出示身份,因为我看上去至少比实际年龄年轻10岁。我不再长粉刺了。这是真的,句句属实。我不节食,不计算食物的卡路里,也很少饿肚子。实际上,我的胆固醇高的可以让我拿奖。哦,在8年前开始改变时我一直这样。令人讨厌吧?确实是。减肥的关键是-很简单的,甚至是好笑的。每天遵守十个日常小习惯加上合理的膳食会让你保持健康,拥有漂亮的肌肤和紧致的腰部曲线。这绝不是节食;我并不提倡节食。它们确实是常识,一些似乎没人遵守的常识。1. 白色的食物并不一定是好的:喜欢吃白面包,土豆和米饭吗?和它们说再见吧。除非有人教你说白色的食物是健康的,但面粉制成的面包和麦片实在与人无益。面粉仅仅会分解成糖。过多的糖不仅有害,而且当体力消耗达到最大时,你很快就会持不住,所以不一会儿就会觉得饿!那又会怎样呢?你就会越吃越多,直到你睡去。第二天当你醒来,吃一个松饼,然后又会这样恶性循环。避免‘富含面粉’的食物。永远坚持吃褐色的食物;全麦面包,红薯和糙米,等等。它们对你的健康有益,会让你具有长时间的饱足感-你的脸看上去不会‘肥嘟嘟’的(女孩子该知道我的意思吧)。2. 绿茶-盛在杯子里的青春:除了良好的口感-喝绿茶就像饮用不老泉的泉水。喝绿茶确实是可以保持健康的最常见方法。绿茶中含有抗氧化剂,这是众所周知的能防止癌症的物质,同时它还能降低得风湿性关节炎,高胆固醇,心血管疾病和传染病的概率,并且增强人体免疫力。每天喝3-5杯绿茶为宜,当然你可以再挤点柠檬汁来增加口感。3. 爱上坚果:还记得我说过这不是节食吗?不用担心坚果会让你发胖;忘掉卡路里吧。科学研究的据暗示(而不是实)了每天吃一把坚果会减少患心脏病的几率。坚果富含纤维,抗氧化物和高量的欧米加3(一种可以降低胆固醇的有益脂肪)。拿我来说,我每天早晨会吃一把坚果,里面有核桃,杏仁,大胡桃和2颗巴西果,再喝一杯咖啡。(是的,我很爱喝咖啡)。4. 对欧米加3微笑:欧米加3的情况在上面已经大致介绍了。它主要含在坚果,各类蔬菜和大多数主要的鱼类中,如:青鱼,鲭鱼,鲟鱼和多数鱼类。你还可能以补充的形式摄入欧米加3。那么,它有什么作用呢? 嗯,我从何说起呢?首先,它是天然的抗炎物质,可以预防关节炎,前列腺炎和膀胱炎。其次,它能加快脑动力提高智力;改善,提高大脑回忆,逻辑和集中精力的能力。特别推荐儿童食用。它还能抗抑郁,如果心情不好的话,它能使这种情况得到改善。另外,通过降低胆固醇和血压,它减少了血栓形成的可能性。最重要的是,它还能降低人们罹患乳腺癌、结肠癌和身体衰竭症的几率。总而言之,每天摄入欧米加3可以大大延长寿命,使你开心,浑身舒畅,觉得正常,总之感觉并不赖。5. 鳄梨是你的好朋友:你现在可能在想,鳄梨充满了脂肪(!!)。是的-但是,它是有益的脂肪。而且,只吃某个部分是不会让你发胖的;我保。我每天吃半个鳄梨。鳄梨是全世界公认的最健康的水果,它营养丰富,含有维他命K,食物纤维,钾,叶酸,维他命B6,维他命C和铜。这些让它具有降低罹患众多疾病几率的作用,如:心脏病,哮喘,癌症,老年痴呆症;它使你青春不老,保持身材和精力充沛。还需要我多说吗?接下来的5条规则不是关于食物的,而是习惯。它们是:6. 调整你的三餐:许多人不吃早饭,中午只吃个三明治了事,而一到晚上就大餐一顿。这样做的后果就是无可救药的发胖。虽然这是老生常谈,但是丰盛的早餐,少一点的午餐和更少量的晚餐确实能让你的牛仔裤大不止一号。另外,在晚上9点之后就别再吃任何东西了。想象一下,上床时胃没有任何负担,它不用集中血液来消化你才吃的烤羊肉,这是多么快乐的事啊!首先你会睡得更好,第二,当你醒来时,你会有一个好胃口。你还能记得最近一次饿得感觉么?那真是太美妙了。7. 80比20法则:每次只吃8成饱-另外的2成,随便你吃什么来满足自己(但绝不在晚9点后进食)。长期(一生)这样做是明智的,当然你可以偶尔吃点自己想吃的任何东西,吃一点确实对身体有好处。那么-不妨这样,周一到周五正常饮食,到周末可以小小的放纵一下。对我来说,这样很有效。8. 假设自己是完美的:我相信潜意识的作用。想象自己是一台复杂的机器。如果你将最好的部件装入这台机器,它将完美的运作。集中精力想象着这样的画面-现在的你是最棒的,并且陶醉其中,这是让人激动的。它将激发你想每天都保持这种状态的决心。9. 去死皮:买一把面刷,每周用两次,这确实能让你年轻不少。去除死皮,你会变的容光焕发。把黑皮屑,暗色区域……统统刷掉,呈现眼前的将是一张光鲜的脸,你自己都不敢认。试试看。男士们也不妨一试。女孩子们可在脸上涂抹椰子油入睡。在睡前的一个半小时涂抹,让油可以充分的进入皮肤。它让你的脸不再长痘痘,皮肤也变得超好。你可以在任何健康食品店买到它。10. 爱自己-充满热情:这听起来会有些老土,但它确实是一切的核心。快乐的作自己,微笑着拥抱生活,对小小的事都感到新奇会让你年轻。这些都会在你的脸上表现出来。热爱生活,热爱伴侣,感激你拥有的一切。每天醒来为了还活着而激动。如果你不会自然的这样做,那么先假装,直到你能自然而然的流露-你一定会做到。看看周围人的面孔。找出两个年龄相仿,但生活方式却截然不同的人来。结果可能是,那个有着较好前景的人会比另一个看起来年轻许多。试试看就知道了。好了,这些就是我总结出的让你看起来更棒,感觉更好,变的更美的小贴士。它们绝对奏效,而且简单易行。 /200806/42276Remote data centres are expanding as more organisations outsource in-house computer systems to networked computer servers for the storing or distribution of large amounts of information.随着更多机构将内部计算机系统外包、由网络化计算机务器进行大量信息的存储和分发,远程数据中心业务正在扩张。Data centre services range from the actual physical space needed to house an organisation’s private computers and software, to hosting data and applications and cloud computing. 数据中心的务范围从放置机构的私密计算机和软件所需的实体空间,到管理数据、应用和云计算。Big names aly operating in the sector include Amazon Web Services, which belongs to the US-based online retailer.已经在该领域开展业务的知名品牌包括美国在线零售商亚马逊(Amazon)旗下的亚马逊网络务(Amazon Web Services)。Market watchers say one driver of future growth is likely to be the increasing amounts of data needed to operate driverless cars, which require large quantities of real-time data that will be gathered from and interpreted by sensors inside and outside the vehicle.市场观察人士表示,数据中心未来发展的一个驱动因素可能是,运行无人驾驶汽车所需的日益增多的数据——无人驾驶汽车需要大量实时数据,这些数据由汽车内外的传感器收集和而来。Some estimates put the amount of information that will need to be gathered and analysed to operate a driverless car at 1 gigabyte a second, equal to about five hours of streamed television.根据一些估测,运行无人驾驶汽车所需收集和分析的信息量为每秒1千兆字节(GB),相当于网络电视约5个小时的数据传输量。Growth will also be driven by the so-called internet of things. 物联网也将拉动数据中心的发展。According to BroadGroup, a consultancy, the value of the data-service sector in western Europe alone will rise from Euro4.5bn in 2014 to more than Euro8bn in 2019.根据咨询公司BroadGroup的说法,仅西欧的数据务业的价值就将从2014年的45亿欧元增长到2019年的逾80亿欧元。The vast amounts of data being collected have aly led to consolidation in the industry. 海量数据的收集已经导致行业发生整合。For example, US-based Equinix acquired UK-based TelecityGroup for £2.6bn in January as part of a bid to increase its European operations.比如,美国的Equinix今年1月斥资26亿英镑收购了英国的TelecityGroup,作为加强其欧洲业务的努力的一部分。Location is important for both clients and service providers because of the need to comply with different jurisdictions’ data protection regulations. 出于遵守不同司法管辖区数据保护法规的需要,数据中心的地点对客户和务提供商都很重要。Rules on what information can be stored and for how long can vary from place to place and also because of changes in legislation. 不同地方能够存储的信息类型和存储时长可能存在差异,法规的修改也可能导致这种差异。For example, the EU scrapped its data-sharing agreement with the US last year following the revelations about data gathering by US security agencies in documents leaked by US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden.比如,在美国情报机构合同工爱德华#8226;斯诺登(Edward Snowden)泄露的文件揭露美国安保机构的数据收集活动后,去年欧盟(EU)废除了与美国的数据共享协议。A new agreement, the EU-US Privacy Shield, has been beset with wrangling and has yet to come into force. 新的数据共享协议《欧美隐私盾协议》(EU-US Privacy Shield)目前陷入了争论之中,目前还未生效。The UK vote to split from the EU is further likely to add to the confusion about where companies can store their data.英国退出欧盟(EU)的公投结果,有可能进一步加深关于企业可以把数据存储在哪里的困惑。Amazon Web Services has announced plans to open a UK data centre, its third in the current EU member states, partly as an effort to address sovereignty concerns for European clients.亚马逊网络务已宣布一项在英国设立数据中心的计划,除了英国以外,该公司还在两个欧盟成员国各设立了一个数据中心,这是其应对欧洲客户对主权的担忧的部分努力。Despite the growth in outsourcing data centre services, executives seeking to hire external providers need to be aware of attendant risks.尽管外包数据中心务正在增长,寻求雇佣外部供应商的企业高管需要留意随之而来的风险。Alex Rabbetts, chief executive of MigSolv, a UK-based data centre, says it can be hard for would-be customers to gauge how effective data service providers may be because certification standards are often meaningless and confusing to non-specialists. 位于英国的数据中心MigSolv的首席执行官亚历克斯#8226;拉贝茨(Alex Rabbetts)表示,潜在客户很难衡量数据务提供商的可能务效率,因为资质标准在非专业人士看来通常毫无意义又难以理解。One standard is energy consumption, which is used to measure centres’ effectiveness.一个资质标准是能耗,用来衡量数据中心的效率。A data centre may claim a certain power effectiveness rating but this may not include the whole facility. 一个数据中心可能声称达到了某种能效级别,但可能不是整个设施都达到了这个级别。So it is hopeless as a comparison tool and confusing, Mr Rabbetts says.因此,这作为一种比较工具毫无意义,也令人费解,拉贝茨说。Another problem is poor customer service. 另一个问题是糟糕的客户务。A 2015 survey of more than 30,000 data centre users by MigSolv found the industry produced low levels of customer satisfaction.2015年MigSolv对逾3万名数据中心用户进行的一项调查表明,该行业的用户满意度水平较低。Stuart Barnett, chief technology officer of Wi-Q, an online restaurant ordering service, has tried several big providers and says that technical problems are often handled by email. 在线餐厅订餐务Wi-Q的首席技术官斯图尔特#8226;巴尼特(Stuart Barnett)尝试过几家大型数据务提供商,他表示技术问题通常依靠电子邮件处理。This does not matter if you are just using a data centre for storage, Mr Barnett says. 如果你只利用数据中心进行数据存储,这不是什么问题,巴尼特说。But we’re running a service and our clients — bars and restaurants — need to know that their customers’ orders have been received. 但我们在运营一项务,我们的客户——酒吧和餐厅——需要知道他们客户的订单已经收到了。Being able to interrogate data fast is core to our business.能够快速查询数据是我们的业务的核心要求。Reliability is also important. 可靠性同样重要。The average cost of a data centre outage has risen from 6,000 in 2010 to 0,000 now, according to some estimates.据一些估测,数据中心务中断的平均成本已经从2010年的50.6万美元上升到现在的74万美元。Costs can also be an issue. 成本也可能成为问题。Some older data centres have been accused of imposing unreasonable fees for routine services and long contracts.一些较老的数据中心被指对常规务和长期合同收取不合理的高昂费用。However, increased competition is also leading to more flexible purchasing and pay-monthly options that can reduce fees. 然而,竞争的日趋激烈也催生了一些更灵活的购买方案和月付方案,这些方案能够减少费用。Steve Wallage, managing director of BroadGroup Consulting, says: A number of smaller providers is starting to appear with a ‘we try harder’ approach and a customer relationship and support mentality.咨询公司BroadGroup的董事总经理史蒂夫#8226;沃利奇(Steve Wallage)表示:市场上开始出现一些打出‘我们更努力’旗号、有客户关系和客户持意识的中小型数据务提供商。 /201609/464693重庆生孩子医院


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