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听力参考文本:For 81 years, the majestic steamers the SS Columbia and the SS Ste. Claire took generations of Michiganders up and down the Detroit River to Boblo Island.The hour-long river cruise to the amusement park was pure magic.But the Boblo boats were taken out of operation in 1991, and the amusement park closed two years later.There sat the two boats, rotting and decaying for more than two decades.The Columbia has since been rescued by a group from New York State. Shes being fixed up and will be carrying passengers again, although not here in Michigan.Her sister, the SS Ste. Claire, was not as lucky.Now the Dan Austin of The Detroit Free Press is hoping to rally Michiganders to come together to save the Ste. Claire.In 2007, an emergency room physician named Ron Kattoo bought the Ste. Claire, and has been making progress renovating the ship, but as tells us, ;Its been a difficult process.;Kattoos plans were delayed by health issues, and in the interim the boat continued to decay, but Austin says the Ste. Claire has seen more work than her older sister.;He has been removing and replacing a lot of the rotted wood,; he tells us. ;Shes a little bit rough around the edges, a little worse for wear, but I still think that the bones are there.;Austin tells us that the Detroit Free Press editorial board has decided that if this cherished piece of Detroit history is going to be saved, it has to be done now.Dan Austin tells us more about the Boblo boats and how to move forward on restoration in our conversation above.201508/395652。

Clean energy清洁能源Let the sun shine让阳光普照大地The future is bright for solar power, even as subsidies are withdrawn尽管补贴不再,太阳能的未来一片光明FORTY-FIVE minutes west of Las Vegas, dejected sinners may encounter a sight to lift their sunken hearts: a sea of 347,000 mirrors, reflecting the rays of the desert sun on to boilers mounted on three 460-foot towers. The Ivanpah solar-thermal plant (pictured), which opened in mid-February, is the largest of its kind in the world. Fully ramped up, it will deliver around 377 megawatts (MW) of power to 140,000 homes in southern California. Its backers compare it to the nearby Hoover Dam; an astronaut claims to have spotted it from the international space station. It is a striking sight, even if the heat from its heliostats has roasted dozens of unfortunate birds alive.距45分的地方,心情沮丧的罪人会看到一幅能照亮他们沉没的心的奇观—34.7万面镜子组成的海洋反射着沙漠太阳的光至三个高达460英尺的塔上的热水器。于二月中旬开始运行的伊凡帕太阳能热电厂(如图所示)是目前世界上最大的太阳能热电厂。开足马力,该电厂能为加利福尼亚南部14万居民提供377兆瓦的电力。其持者将它比作附近美国最高的水坝胡弗水坝。甚至有宇航员说他能在国际空间站找到这个太阳能热电站。尽管电站的定日镜反射的热量硬是将数十只活生生的飞鸟烤熟了,这依然是一道令人叹为观止的风景。Solar power in America is growing rapidly, albeit from a small base (see chart). Last year it represented 29% of new electricity capacity, behind only natural gas at 46%. Solar output has more than doubled during Barack Obamas time in office; GTM, a research firm, reckons it will grow another 26% in 2014. The Department of Energy wants solar to provide 27% of Americas electricity by 2050, up from less than 1% today.虽然太阳能在美国起点低(见下面图表),但发展迅捷。去年太阳能发电占新增电力的29%,仅落后于占46%的天然气发电量。既奥巴马上任以来,太阳能的产出翻了不止一番。全球决策大本营这个调查机构称太阳能发电在2014年将新增26%。美国能源署希望太阳能发电能够由目前提供的不足1%的电力发展到能够在2050年前提供美国27%的电力。Though dazzling, Ivanpah and large plants like it will not generate much of this growth. The federal loan guarantees that allowed their creation have expired. More important are photovoltaic solar cells, a rival technology that converts sunlight directly to electricity. Their cost has fallen so quickly that in many places retail electricity customers are saving money by placing panels on top of their houses or businesses; 200,000 have done so in the past two years. And there is a lot of room to grow. “Theres no market saturation in any state; not even close,” says Lyndon Rive of SolarCity, a solar-installation firm. Even David Crane, the boss of NRG, co-owner of Ivanpah, says that photovoltaic installations are the future.尽管目前风头正盛,伊凡帕以及像它一样的大公司却不能从这样的增长中获益太多。因为作为用于保障他们创造的联邦贷款到期了。更重要的是光电太阳能电池,它是一种关键的技术能直接将太阳光转化成电力。由于该产品的价格急速下跌,许多地方的零售电力的客户将太阳能板安装在他们的屋顶或厂房房顶来发电来节省开。过去的两年已经有20万人这么做了,并且其增长的空间很大。来自太阳城一家太阳能设备安装公司的 Lyndon Rive称“目前不管在哪个州,都没有市场达到饱和,甚至是接近饱和。”甚至作为伊凡帕共有者的NRG能源电力的 David Crane也声称未来是光伏发电装置的天下。Last year sun-soaked California accounted for over half of Americas new photovoltaic installations. That, say solar fans, shows that the sector can thrive even after it loses its subsidies. (The .2 billion California Solar Initiative, which gave cash to homes or firms that went solar, has largely expired.) Solar is also blossoming in unexpected places like Massachusetts and North Carolina.去年,饱受太阳炙烤的加州,其新增的光伏发电装置安装的数量超过整个国家数量的一半。太阳能的持者称这表明即便没有补贴,太阳能发电也会前途无量。(加州太阳能计划得到22亿美元的补助,用于补贴那些使用太阳能的家庭和公司,如今这一补助绝大部分已到期。)此外,在人们想不到的像马赛诸塞州和北卡罗来纳州这样的地方太阳能发电也如花般绽放。A bigger test will come in 2017, when the federal governments solar-investment tax credit drops from 30% to 10% (unless Mr Obama can convince Congress otherwise). Still, says Shayle Kann at GTM, this will be no “death knell”; it will simply eliminate some marginal projects. And by then there may be a revival of Ivanpah-style solar-thermal plants, as energy-storage technologies improve and utility firms look to them to provide steady power throughout the day.更为严峻的挑战将在2017年拉开序幕。那时,联邦政府的太阳能投资税收抵免将由现在的30%骤降至10%,除非奥巴马总统能够说国会不这么做。即便如此,GTM调查机构的Shayle Kann 声称,这也不是太阳能 发电的“死亡钟声”,而仅仅是终止一些边际项目。随后,随着储能技术的发展以及公共事业公司采用这一技术为全天提供稳定的电力,像伊凡帕这样的太阳能热电站还会再次兴盛起来。Yet even if solar power is a boon to consumers, it threatens some utilities. Energy has traditionally been generated centrally, distributed over power lines and sold to consumers. Distributed solar power—generated from rooftop panels—undermines that model (see article). The Edison Electric Institute (EEI), a trade group, warns that distributed generation could do to energy companies what the internet did to newspapers.但是,尽管太阳能电力对消费者有利,它却威胁到其他的公共事业。传统的能源供应是集中式的,通过电线输送到用户家中。分散的太阳能电力是通过人们屋顶的太阳能板发电的,将会颠覆这一传统模式(见文章)。贸易集团爱迪生电力协会警告称,分散发电对能源公司的冲击就如同互联网对新闻报纸产业的冲击一样。Bet your bottom dollar赌上所有的身家Regulations are adapting to this shift: all but seven states have adopted net-metering policies, which credit solar-enabled homes and businesses for the excess energy they feed back into the grid. At least 22 states allow consumers to buy the electricity produced by solar panels that a third party installs on their homes. This lets people take advantage of solars savings without having to pay the hefty up-front installation costs. In 2013, third-party-owned systems accounted for most solar installations in California, Arizona, Colorado and Massachusetts.立法正在适应这一转向:除了7个州以外其他各州都颁布了电价扣减政策,允许安装了太阳能的家庭和企业在太阳能自足之后将多余的电并入电网。至少22个州允许消费者购买第三方安装在他们屋顶的太阳能电池板产生的电。这使得人们不用付高额的前期安装费用就能享受到太阳能带来的实惠。2013年,第三方太阳能系统覆盖了加州、亚利桑那州、科罗拉多州及马萨诸塞州太阳能安装业务的几乎全部的份额。Some utilities grumble that customers who benefit from net metering escape the costs of maintaining the grid they depend on. Last year Arizona Public Service, the states biggest electric firm, urged regulators to slash the savings that new solar customers would derive from net metering. After a fierce campaign their call was rejected, though the regulator approved a small solar surcharge. Georgia Power also proposed a fat tariff; it too was defeated.某些公共事业单位抱怨从电价扣减政策中获益的消费者逃避用于维护他们赖以为继的电网的费用。去年,亚利桑那公共务公司,盖州最大的电力公司敦促监管者严厉批评新增的太阳能电力消费者通过电价扣减政策而得到的储蓄。经过激烈的争夺,尽管监管者比准了小额的太阳能额外费,他们的呼声最终被驳回。佐治亚电力公司也建议要加重赋税,但也被驳回。Julia Hamm of the Solar Electric Power Association identifies three ways regulators could help utilities cope with these changes. First, they could demand monthly infrastructure fees from solar users. Second, they could list every component of value separately rather than wrapping the cost of infrastructure maintenance, for instance, into usage charges. Third, they could split energy used and consumed into separate transactions, meaning that a solar customer sells all his energy to a utility before buying what he needs.美国太阳能电力协会的Julia Hamm 提出三种解决方案帮助公共事业公司面对当前的变化。第一,公共事业公司每月向太阳能使用者收取基础设施使用费。第二,单独列出每个组件的价值而不是将基础设施维护费均摊到电价中。第三,他们可以将使用的能源和消耗的能源分开处理,即太阳能消费者将其生产的电卖给公共电力公司然后再向他们购买他们需要的电。Yet those last two proposals leave unanswered the question of what rate utilities should pay customers for their power—or more broadly, what the price of solar, with all externalities factored in, ought to be. And more battles loom; Californias regulator must make an important decision on net metering this month. Further ahead the growth of distributed solar will pose other threats to the utilities traditional business model. “Net metering is just the pointy edge of the wedge,” says Adam Browning of Vote Solar, an advocacy group.然而后面的两个提议依然没有解决公共电力公司应该按照什么样的比例购买消费者家多余的电的问题,或者更明确的说,考虑到所有的外部因素,太阳能电的价格应该怎样确定。这一问题似乎一直都若隐若现。这个月,加州的监管者必须就电价扣减这一问题作出重要的决定。分散的太阳能发电的进一步发展将会对公共电力公司传统的商业模式构成其他威胁。“电价扣减仅仅只是楔子最尖锐的部分(电价扣减只是利用太阳能问题中最尖锐的问题,还有其他的问题)”拥护太阳能的 Adam Browning 如是说。Still, while user-generated solar power makes utilities skittish, many have rushed to embrace it on the supply side. In 2013 they installed roughly 4,100MW of solar capacity, up from 2,390MW in 2012. Renewable portfolio standards, which in 30 states force utilities to generate a certain share of their electricity from clean sources, are part of the reason. But so is hard economics: low installation and labour costs, clean power delivery at peak midday hours and a hedge against fuel-price volatility.尽管用户产生的太阳能电力让公共电力公司愤怒,许多人依然会挤着去供应自家发的电。2013年人们安装的太阳能发电板所发的电量由2012年的2390兆瓦上升到4100兆瓦。可再生能源发电配额制,30个州要求公共电力公司生产一定份额的清洁能源电力是人们蜂拥安装太阳能电池板的原因之一。对于理性的经济而言也是如此:安装费用低,人力资源消耗低,在中午用电高峰期输送清洁能源以及可以抵御波动的石油价格。Many of these gains have aly been banked. Photovoltaic modules have become slightly dearer lately; costs will rise further if the Commerce Department heeds protectionist calls by some domestic manufacturers and expands tariffs on imports from China and Taiwan. Yet solar firms are not short of ideas to cut costs elsewhere: third-party financing, for example, or securitising pools of solar leases to reduce financing costs. For makers and users of solar power, the future looks bright.这些收益都已经存入。近来光伏模块价格稍有上涨。如果商务部注意到国内生产商的贸易保护电话并且加重从中国和台湾进口光伏模块的关税,安装太阳能板的成本将进一步上涨。然而太阳能公司有的是办法从其他方面削减成本:第三方融资,比如说对太阳能租赁的抵押来降低融资的成本。对制造商和用户而言,太阳能的未来前途璀璨,一片光明。译者:占文英 译文属译生译世 /201602/425174。

Johnson约翰逊Noam Chomsky诺姆·乔姆斯基The theories of the worlds best-known linguist have become rather weird世界最知名语言学家提出了更诡异的理论FEW disciplines are so strongly associated with a single figure: Einstein in physics and Freud in psychology, perhaps. But Noam Chomsky is the man who revolutionised linguistics. Since he wrote “Syntactic Structures” in 1957, Mr Chomsky has argued that human language is fundamentally different from any other kind of communication, that a “linguist from Mars” would agree that all human languages are variations on a single language, and that childrens incredibly quick and successful learning (despite often messy and inattentive parental input) points to an innate language faculty in the brain. These ideas are now widely accepted.很少有学术领域能如此紧密地与某个人挂钩:就像爱因斯坦之于物理学、弗洛伊德之于心理学,而诺姆·乔姆斯基则彻底改革了语言学。自从其著作《句法结构》于1957年问世以来,乔姆斯基一直认为人类的语言与其他任何交流方式有着本质的不同。“来自火星的语言学家”可能会同意所有的人类语言最初都是由单一语言变种而来,而儿童之所以能够快速地学会一门语言(尽管有时候家长会无意教些乱七八糟的东西)则都归功于大脑中天生的语言机制。这种观念已经被广泛接受了。 Over the past 60 years, Mr Chomsky has repeatedly stripped down his theory. Some aspects of human language are shared with animals, and others are part of more general human thinking. He has focused ever more narrowly on the features of language that he reckons are unique to humans. All this has led to a remarkable little book, published late last year with Robert Berwick, a computer scientist. “Why Only Us” purports to explain the evolution of human language.在过去的60年中,乔姆斯基不断地在精简自己的理论。人类语言的某些方面与动物类似,而其余的则来源于人类的思考。他一直专注于研究人类语言中独一无二的特性,并于去年与计算机科学家罗伯特·贝里克合著了一本名为《为什么我们是唯一的》的书,书中解释了人类语言的进化历程。Other biologists, linguists and psychologists have probed the same question and have reached little consensus. But there is even less consensus around the worlds most eminent linguists idea: that a single genetic mutation created an ability called “Merge”, in a single human whom Mr Chomsky has called “Prometheus”, some time before the human exodus from Africa. That mutation was so advantageous that it survived and thrived, producing todays 7,000 languages from Albanian to Zulu. But the vast differences among the worlds languages, Mr Chomsky argues, are mere differences in “externalisation”. The key is Merge.虽然其他各路生物学家、语言学家和心理学家也一直在探寻这个问题,却并没有达成多少共识。然而对于语言学中最著名的理论则分歧更大—在一个乔姆斯基称之为“普罗米修斯”的人中,一次单一的基因突变创造了“合并”的能力,而当时人类还没有迁徙出非洲。该突变如此强大,在之后的岁月中存活并繁衍,创造出如今从阿尔巴尼亚语到祖鲁语的7000种人类语言。而世界各种语言中存在的广泛差异,乔姆斯基认为这只不过是外在的区别,核心仍然是“合并”。But what is it? Merge simply says that two mental objects can be merged into a bigger one, and mental operations can be performed on that as if it were a single one. The can be merged with cat to give a noun phrase, which other grammar rules can operate on as if it were a bare noun like water. So can the and hat. Once there, you can further merge, making the cat in the hat.但“合并”到底是什么?是两个精神客体互相融合成一个更大的,如果这是一个单一个体,就能产生各类心理活动。”The”与”cat”合并就能组成一个名词短语,如果只有一个名词(例如”water”)从语法规则上来说也是可以的。”The”与”hat”的组合也同理。之后,你可以进一步合并更多的词”the cat in the hat”。 译文属译生译世 /201604/435017。

Obviously, this has a dramatic impact on the terrestrial environment, but it also has a significant effect on the reef itself.显然这堆陆地环境将造成巨大影响,对大堡礁本身也有显著影响。And its not only crops, cattle ranches, fish farms, six large coastal cities and many holiday resorts along the coast all have an impact on the reef system.农作物不是唯一的问题,养牛场,养鱼场,6个大型沿海城市,无数海岸度假圣地都对珊瑚礁系统产生影响。Without the natural vegetation controlling the movement of water in the seidments it carries, heavy rain now washes millions of tons of silt, often laced with damaging fertilizers of pesticides straight into the lagoon.没有自然植被被缓冲雨水及雨水携带的沉积物,数百万吨淤泥被大雨直接冲刷下来,其中时常携带着破坏环境的化肥和农药,所有这些直接流入环礁湖。Sediment pollutants can be so extensive, they sometimes sp all the way to the outer reef.入海的沉积物扩散极广,有时甚至会蔓延到外堡礁。In the sea grass meadows, the fine silt shrouds the light-dependant plants and fertilizers feed algal blooms that choke the life from them.在海草牧场,泥沙覆盖了依赖光照的植物,而肥料催生了藻类爆发,消耗了其他生命需要的氧气。When the meadows die, the turtles, dugongs and baby fish that depend on them die too.当海草因此大批死去,以海草为食的海龟,儒艮和依赖海草的幼鱼也随之死去。Near the shore, the water can be so murky that less light reaches the corals, so most fringing reefs have also disappeared.靠近岸边的水体也会变得极为浑浊,只有少量光线可以照到珊瑚上,所以大部分的岸礁也消失了。 201505/375166。

I just wanted to say I love you and the person writes back,Oh babe, I love you too so much我只想说我爱你 那个人回 哦 宝贝儿 我也爱你If I could, Id buy you a casket then Gah A castle Damn auto correct Way to ruin a moment如果我能 我想给你买口棺材 然后 啊 是城堡 坑爹的联想功能 害死我了I definitely do not want you in a casket.Hello like it just gone.castle not casket我绝不是想送你进棺材 还在么 好像气没影了 是城堡不是棺材啊imagine you are just just gone about your day on this phone and your dad想象一下你今天都要过完了 然后你爸爸you got text from your dad and it says this Your mom and I are going to divorce next month你收到你爸爸的短信 写着 你妈妈和我打算下个月离婚and then the person says what why call me please and then I wrote Disney and this phone changed it那个人回 啊 怎么会 速回电 然后 我写的迪士尼 手机给改了we are going to Disney its not divorce no我们要去的是迪士尼 不是离婚 不是this is from somebody who is texting their aunt and it seems normal at first这条是一个人给阿姨发的短信 一开始很正常hi aunt Liz are you still going to pick us at 6:15 for the movie tonight嗨 Liz阿姨 你六点十五分来接我们去看电影吗Hi Michelle, Yes I will be there in about 45 minutes.Im just heating up some ladybits for your fatherMichelle你好 我四十五分钟后到 我正和你爸爸嘿咻嘿咻热身呢Wow I definitely meant leftovers is what they meant啊呀 我绝对说的是热剩菜 他们这是在搞什么啊my question about this one is why does the phone know the word ladybits.where does that come from我的问题是 手机怎么会知道“Ladybits”这个词的 从哪冒出来的啊I love these if you have any good please sent it to me.sent them to my ladybits if you like or my website我爱这些故事 如果你有比较经典的 就发给我 可以的话 发给我的“ladybits” 或者我的网站when we come back our very first guest of season nine and possibly very naked Ashton Kutcher will be sitting right there等我们回来的时候 第九季的首位嘉宾 很可能全裸出场的Ashton Kutcher将会坐在这里 /201605/443910。

Now, a few tens of thousands of years ago, wolves and people started becoming friendly species.时至今日,数万年前,狼和人便慢慢演变成进化成为可以友好相处。You can imagine a person tossing a bone to a friendly wolf from time to time.你可以想象人们会时不时地向一只温顺的狼扔块骨头。But “friendly” is the key.但是“温顺”一词至关重要。Nobody ever gets close to a hostile wolf.没人会靠近一只充满敌意的狼。So over many thousands of years we would have been gradually selecting for certain behavioral traits-playfulness, low hostility, the ability to bond.因此,实际上,成千上万年以来,人类都在渐渐地、有意识地进行着选择,选择具有特定行为特征的狼群。这些特征包括爱嬉戏玩闹,温顺,合群。Very puppy-like behaviors! See whats happening?这些行为难道不像小吗?A species that resembles a wolf puppy that never grows up may have slowly evolved in this way.现在明白这是怎么回事了吗?就像这样,一种类似于狼崽的物种开始慢慢的进化着。That species would retain its puppy-like behaviors, such as barking, but never grow into growling, howling adult wolves.这一物种保留了那些幼崽般的行为特征,比如吠叫,它们也不会进化为嚎叫的成年狼。That species We would now call that species “dogs.”这一物种便是我们现在把它称之为“”的动物。201503/364092。

Ever-smaller offices紧缩的办公室Pressed suits正如缩水套装Feeling a bit cramped? Blame management theory挤?都是管理学惹的祸“PROJECT gold” and “Project Nexus” sound like plans for bank heists or military assaults. In reality, they are the names for KPMGs ongoing attempt to squeeze its 6,700Londonemployees into ever smaller spaces. Since 2006 the professional-services firm has reduced the number of offices it uses inLondonfrom seven to two. By the spring of 2015 everybody will be crammed into one building inCanaryWharf.“金牌项目”和“联通项目”听上去像是抢或军事打击的计划。事实上,这是毕马威公司计划中的项目名称,他们打算缩小全伦敦近6700名员工的工作空间。自2006年起,这家专业咨询公司-毕马威就把开设在伦敦的7家事务所减少到了2家。而到2015年春,所有员工都只能挤在伦敦金融区的一栋大楼里办公。According to data from the British Council for Offices (O), an industry club, the average office tenant now uses around 11 square metres per worker, 35% less than in 1997. A new building in Ludgate Hill, inLondons financial district, will allocate just eight square metres to each employee. In many offices, rows of “hot” desks have replaced individual offices and even cubicles. “Nowadays its almost frowned on to have your own office,” claims Nick Wentworth Stanley, of i2 Offices, a big serviced property firm.英国办公室协会是一家工业俱乐部,该协会的数据表明,现如今,普通写字楼的承租户分配给每名职员约11平方米,与1997年相比少了35%。在伦敦的金融区路德门山街,有一栋新落成的大楼,楼中每名雇员仅能分到约8平方米。在许多写字楼中,独立办公室甚至是小隔间代替了连排的公用办公桌。一家大型产权务公司i2 Offices的尼克·温特沃斯·斯坦利说“如今很难拥有自己的办公室了”Firms have long known that only about half of all desks are in use at any moment, as employees work odd hours or disappear to meetings, but it was difficult to fill the spares. Better IT systems now mean that people need not be tied to a particular desk. They need not even be in the office at all: as cloud computing and virtual offices take off, more people are working from home or from other places, further reducing the need for desks.许多公司很早就知道,由于雇员要倒班或者去开会,大约只有一半的办公桌一直处于使用状态,但是很难填补那些办公桌闲置的空当。更优化的信息系统意味着员工不必拘泥于某个特定的桌子。他们甚至都不必在办公室里:随着云计算与虚拟办公室的兴起,越来越多的人居家办公,或者在其他地方办公,这更加缩小了办公桌的用武之地。Aside from cheapness, there is a motive behind this squashing. Inspired bySilicon Valley, firms are trying to make their offices into “collaborative spaces”, where people bump into each other and chat usefully. KPMGs redesignedCanaryWharfoffices will include lots of “breakout spaces” where employees can relax, and quiet rooms where people can get away from hubbub, says Alastair Young, who is planning the move. He thinks this will both improve productivity and save money.除了追求低成本,“挤压”战略的背后还有一个动机。受硅谷启发,各公司正试图把自己的办公室变成“协同空间”,职员们可以随意地与他人会面并且有效地交流。计划搬迁的阿拉斯泰尔·杨说,毕马威重新设计过的伦敦金融区的写字楼还将包含许多的“超脱空间”,员工可以在那儿略作小憩,以及远离喧嚣的静音房。他认为这是提高生产力与节约成本的双赢战略。In this happy new world, offices are not just places to work but also a way of expressing corporate identity and a means of attracting and retaining staff. At the offices of Bain amp; Company, a management consultancy, inspirational es on walls help workers to identify with Bains brand, explains Sam Axtell, the companys operations director. Games rooms and relaxing spaces help them “release alpha waves”.在这个愉快的新时代,办公室已不仅仅是处理案牍之所,还是树立企业形象与吸引新员工、留住老员工的地方。贝恩是一家咨询管理公司,其运营主管萨姆·阿克斯特尔解释道,公司墙上的励志名言有助于员工认同本公司的品牌形象。游戏室与放松空间有助于员工“释放α波”(即“释放压力”)。This flummery has a practical consequence: it means more workers can be crammed into the middles of cities. Fewer firms now require suburban back offices, says Sandra Jones of Ramidus, a property consultancy. Between 2001 and 2012 the number of workers employed by large firms in Croydon, on the edge of London, declined by almost a quarter, to around 34,000. In Manchesterand Birmingham, too, new office jobs have been created in rejuvenated city centres at the expense of suburbs. This may be one reason commutes are lengthening.这样的道貌岸然导致一个很实际的后果:这意味着在城市中心会挤入更多的职员。地产咨询公司Ramidus的桑德拉·琼斯称,如今越来越少的企业还要地处郊区的办公楼。在伦敦郊区,大型公司Croydon的职员在2001年至2012年间少了近四分之一,目前为止还剩约34000人。曼彻斯特和伯明翰的情况类似,重建后的老城中心取代了郊区创造了新的工作岗位。这也许是上下班时间变长的原因之一。Not everyone is delighted by the rise of cramped hot desks. At Broadcasting House, the Bs new offices inLondon, a shortage of good desks has led to frantic morning scrambles. A manager at a financial firm in the City complains that since his firm redesigned its office, there are only enough phones for one between two. KPMG has seen crushes at lifts and in the canteen; the crowds have also put pressure on the air-conditioning system.并不是每个人都对拥挤的公用办公桌的数量上升感到满意。伦敦的广播大厦是B新的办公楼,高质量办公桌的短缺直接导致了早晨慌乱的“抢桌大战”。伦敦某金融公司的经理抱怨道,自从公司重新设计了其办公室后,办公室电话只够一两个人使用。毕马威公司已经领略了电梯和餐厅满当当的人群;人群还给空调系统施加了巨大的压力。A modest backlash is under way, in an unexpected quarter. Googles new offices in Kings Cross will have all sorts of collaborative space. But workers will still get their own private desks. Where that company leads, others tend to follow.温和反弹正以一个让人意想不到的方式进行。谷歌在国王十字街的新办公楼会涵盖各种协同空间。但员工仍将拥有自己的私人办公桌。但无论谷歌走向何方,他人还将亦步亦趋。译者 周雨晴 校对 卫婷婷译文属译生译世 /201509/400717。

Its been two minutes.How do you feel?现在已经过了两分钟了 你们感觉怎么样Anybody going with, with the yeah, maybe missing calls.也许有人会在想 会不会有未接来电啊We depend so much on our phones these days.现在我们非常依赖手机A new study came out that says people are dumber,when they are separated from their iPhones,新研究表明 当人们离开了手机 他们就不知道怎么说话了which is really scary,cause people arent so bright with their iPhones either.这真是吓人 因为就算拿着手机也不见得多健谈Its bad enough of being away from your phone.远离手机已经很糟了But boy, losing your phone,isnt that the most stressful thing when youve lost your phone?但是 丢手机 要是你把手机弄丢了 这才是压力最大的事吧Its like not knowing where your child is.这像找不到你孩子一样But worse.Ah, the last time I lost my phone I did what everybody does.Panicked.甚至比这更严重 上次我丢了手机 跟大家一样 我很惊慌And then the next thing I did was panicked some more.I looked all over the house.之后我又惊慌了一会儿 我在整个房子里找And, you know when you are looking for your,for your glasses,they are on your head.你们懂的 当你在找 眼镜时 它往往就在你头上And you like oh Your, your pencil, you know, its behind your ear.又或者是找 你的铅笔的时候 它可能就别在你耳后I looked on top of my head, my phone was not there.我在我的头上找了找 我的手机不在那儿Looked behind my ear, nothing.A quarter.And it was weird. I think看了看我的耳朵后面 没有东西 发现了一枚硬币 我觉得这真诡异 /201511/410095。

From the 11th century, Kashmir, part of the Ladakh and much of the northeast India were being converted to Islam.十一世纪开始,喀什米尔人 部分拉达克人及众多印度人皈依回教。For the next 300 years, Islam sp throughout most of the Indian subcontinent.接下来三百年回教流传在印度多数地区。As the Muslims advanced, they sacked Buddhist temples and persecuted the development.当回教徒前进时他们洗劫佛寺,迫害佛教徒。Artists, scholars and monks fled in fear.艺术家 学者及僧侣仓皇逃难。And it was Guge that they fled to, because here they found sanctuary.他们逃到古格王朝,因为在这里他们找到庇护。Buddhism flourished in Guge for two reasons.佛教之所以盛行于古格有两个原因。One was the fulfillment of the dream of the Tibetan emperors, the other was the need of the intellectual community in India to find a safe and secure home.其一是为了实现藏族皇帝的梦想,第二个呢是需要借重印度的智慧团体找到一个安全又有保障的家。Guge was able to cater to both.古格当时两者兼具。And with these devotees came artisans, leading to explosions of creativity.艺匠随逃难的佛教徒前来促使创意大爆发。Frescoes hidden across the ancient Guge ruins offer the glimpse of these heyday times.壁画让我们得以一窥有别文艺复兴时佛罗伦斯的古格盛世。Not unlike Medici Florence during the Renaissance, foreign artists from across the Buddhist world brought their own distinctive style of art, and here influenced each other, copying and fusing styles, ultimately creating an entirely new direction in art: the Guge school.随佛教徒前来的外国艺术家带来别具风格的艺术,在这里互相影响模仿及融合,最后终于创造出全新的古格流派。For me one of the most stunning things about these murals is just a sheer diversity they hold in terms of union culture.对我而言这些壁画,最让我惊讶的事情之一就是拥有相较于当时与众不同的人类文化。They depict peoples from all over the Buddhist world.他们描绘出完整的佛教世界。All of the cultures within the orbit of Guge are there, in these murals.一切跟古格相关的文化全都呈现在这些壁画上。The dry mountain air and remoteness of this area have helped make these murals some of the best preserved in Asia.干燥的山风及地点荒僻让这些壁画成为亚洲保存最好的壁画之一。It is argued that the Guge Kingdoms commitment to Buddhism and the influx of refugee follows were such a powerful force Tibetan Buddhism may never have survived without it.学者认为若没有古格王朝致力于佛教,加上逃难者与信徒的会聚藏传佛教恐难生存。 译文属201603/433887。