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重庆老年人体检重庆爱德华妇科医院妇科人流重庆重医附一院可以做人流吗 Tokyo and New Delhi have moved their burgeoning relationship to a new stage by signing a civil nuclear treaty as Narendra Modi rounded off a three-day visit to Japan.东京和新德里方面签署了一项民用核合作协议,从而将日印两国方兴未艾的友好关系推向一个新阶段。印度总理纳伦德拉.莫迪(Narendra Modi)刚结束对日本为期三天的访问。The Indian prime minister rode the shinkansen high-speed railway from Tokyo to Kobe on Saturday, along with his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe, where they visited a plant making trains that Japan will provide to India.莫迪上周六在日本首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe)陪同下,乘坐新干线高铁列车从东京到神户,两人在神户参观了一家工厂,该厂制造的火车将提供给印度。Mr Modi’s extended trip the third bilateral visit in as many years symbolises how two of Asia’s biggest democracies are drawing closer together as traditional partners in Europe and the US become less influential and reliable.莫迪持续多日的访日之行(这是近几年来第三次双边访问) 象征着,随着欧洲和美国的传统伙伴影响力下降、变得不那么可靠,亚洲两大民主国家正越走越近。The civil nuclear deal, which took six years to negotiate, is especially significant because India has not signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty. Japan is therefore compromising on a core foreign policy principle on preventing the sp of potential weapons technology for the first time.两国花了六年时间谈判达成的民用核合作协议意义特别重大,因为印度尚未签署《核不扩散条约Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty)。这意味着日本首次在防止潜在武器技术扩散这一核心外交政策原则上做出妥协。Japanese companies such as Hitachi, Toshiba and Mitsubishi will now be able to sell nuclear power plants to India. These companies are desperate for new orders after the 2011 Fukushima disaster all but put the industry out of business at home.日本企业——如日立(Hitachi)、东Toshiba)和三Mitsubishi)——现在将能够向印度出售核电站。这些公司迫切需要新订单,此011年福Fukushima)发生的灾难使该行业在国内几乎得不到任何业务。Japan sees India both as an opportunity for economic growth and as a strategic partner to counterbalance China. Tokyo has promoted four-way ties between itself, India, Australia and the US.在日本看来,印度一方面是促进经济增长的机遇,另一方面也是抗衡中国的战略伙伴。东京方面已着手推动了日本、印度、澳大利亚和美国之间的四方关系。India values the investment and technology Japan is offering. However, it has been cautious of becoming embroiled in Tokyo’s tense relationship with Beijing.印度重视日本提供的投资和技术。然而,该国小心谨慎地避免卷入东京与北京方面的紧张关系。来 /201611/478054重庆做人流到哪家医院最好

九龙坡南岸区人民妇幼保健中医院可以做引产吗重庆妇科哪家比较好 WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte will seek billions of dollars in infrastructure investments from China in the coming months as the country seeks to alter its relationship with Beijing, Philippines Finance Minister Carlos Dominguez said on Saturday.华盛顿(路透社)——菲律宾总统未来几个月将寻求从中国获得数十亿美元的基建投资,致力于改变和中国的关系,菲律宾财政部长周六如是说。In an interview with Reuters, Dominguez dismissed concerns over the Philippines investment climate raised by Dutertes blunt anti-U.S. statements and a war on drug cartels that has killed thousands.菲律宾总统愚钝的反美言论和导致数千人死亡的毒品战争引发人们对菲律宾投资环境的担忧,该部长在接受路透社采访时认为没有必要为此感到担忧。He described Dutertes recent comments telling U.S. President Barack Obama to ;go to hell,; as a ;bump in the road; in a century-long relationship with the ed States that maintains deep business and family ties.他说杜特尔特叫美国总统奥巴马“去死”,这可以看成是两国长达一个世纪之久关系中的一个“小状况”,两国依然保持着深刻的商业和家庭纽带关系;There are headlines and there are fundamentals. The fundamentals of the Philippines are rock solid,; Dominguez said on the sidelines of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank meetings here.“有新闻头条,也有基本面。菲律宾的基本面是非常牢固的,”他在国际货币基金组织和世界的非正式会议期间如是说。With strong economic growth estimated by the IMF at 6.4 percent in 2016 and 6.7 percent in 2017, more foreign exchange reserves than foreign debt, strong banks and a young, relatively well-educated population, Dominguez said the Philippines was in a ;golden moment; for attracting foreign direct investment.国际货币基金组织016年菲律宾的预测是6.4%的强劲经济增长,2017年则.7%,外汇储备超过外债,资金雄厚的,年轻且相对受过良好教育的人口,所以他认为菲律宾正处于吸引外国直接投资的“黄金期”。But Standard and Poors said last month that the Philippines was unlikely to get a rating upgrade in the next two years because of Dutertes unpredictability and uncertainty over his domestic and foreign policies.但是标准普尔上个月说菲律宾未来两年不太可能获得评级提升,因为杜特尔特在国内和外交政策方面的不可预测性和不确定性。来 /201610/470571长寿江津区看妇科多少钱

重庆爱德华医院做产检价格One of the women accused of killing Kim Jong Un’s half-brother protested her innocence on Wednesday as she was charged with murder in a Malaysian court.被指控杀害金正恩(Kim Jong Un)的同父异母长兄的两名女子之一,周三在马来西亚法庭被控谋杀期间声称自己清白。Doan Thi Huong, a 28-year-old Vietnamese, appeared alongside 25-year-old Indonesian Siti Ashyah. The charges were out to the two women, who were asked if they understood.28岁的越南女子段氏Doan Thi Huong,上图右5岁的印尼女子西蒂?艾莎(Siti Aishah)一起出庭。工作人员向她们宣读了刑事指控内容,之后她们被问及听懂没有。“I understand,Ms Huong told the court in English. “But I am not guilty.”“我明白,”段氏香用英语告诉法庭,“但我是无罪的。”The women, guarded by masked police officers, were wearing bulletproof vests as they were transferred to prison.在蒙面警察的保卫下,身穿防弹背心的两名女子被送往监狱。Both have told government officials from their countries that they were duped into taking part in the murder of Kim Jong Nam at Kuala Lumpur airport last week, believing they were performing a stunt for a reality TV show. Neither woman entered a formal plea as the case will be transferred to a higher court for trial.这两名女子告诉自己国家的政府官员,上周她们是被骗参与在吉隆坡机场谋杀金正Kim Jong Nam)的,当时她们以为自己是在参加某个电视真人秀的一场恶作剧。两名被告都没有正式向法庭提出抗辩,因为该案将被移交至上级法院审理。The women appear to have no background in espionage. According to Malaysian police, Ms Huong worked as an “entertainment outlet employeewhile local media reports say Ms Ashyah was working as a nightclub hostess. They face mandatory death sentences if convicted of murder.两人似乎都没有间谍活动的背景。据马来西亚警方称,段氏香曾是“场所员工”,而当地媒体报道称,艾莎此前是夜总会务员。如果被判谋杀罪名成立,她们将面临强制性的死刑。Kim was attacked by two women who smeared his face with a liquid, according to Malaysian police who said traces of the deadly nerve agent VX were found on his face and eyes.马来西亚警方称,两名女子对金正男发起突然袭击,往他脸上涂抹剧毒液体。警方称,尸检发现金正男的脸部和眼睛有残留的致命神经毒剂VX。Andreano Erwin, Indonesia’s deputy ambassador to Malaysia who visited Ms Ashyah in custody, said she told him she had been hired by two men to carry out the “prank She thought the substance was baby oil, he said at a press conference at the weekend. He added that she had been paid Rm400 () to carry out the assignment.曾探访被羁押的艾莎的印尼驻马来西亚副大使安德烈亚欧文(Andreano Erwin)表示,艾莎告诉他,她被两名男子雇来搞一个“恶作剧”。安德烈亚诺?欧文在上周末的一个记者会上表示,艾莎以为那种物质是婴儿油。他补充说,艾莎为执行这个任务获得了400林吉特(0美元)报酬。North Korea is widely believed to have instigated Kim’s murder, although the country has denied involvement and accused Malaysian authorities of colluding with South Korea to politicise the death.各方普遍相信朝鲜策划和操纵了金正男遇害案,尽管该国否认参与,还指责马来西亚政府与韩国勾结,把这起死亡搞得政治化。Malaysian authorities are detaining or seeking seven North Korean suspects in connection with the murder. Four left Malaysia for Pyongyang on the day of the murder.除了已拘留一名朝鲜籍男子外,马来西亚警方还在通缉另外六名涉嫌参与谋杀金正男的朝鲜疑犯。其中四人在案发当日离开马来西亚,据信已辗转回到平壤。Others being sought include the second secretary of North Korea’s embassy in Malaysia and an employee of the state airline, Air Koryo. Another North Korean suspect, Ri Jong Chol, 45, remains in custody in Malaysia in connection with Kim’s death.另外两名被通缉的人包括朝鲜驻马来西亚大使馆二等秘书和朝鲜国家航空公司高丽航Air Koryo)的一名工作人员。已被抓获的朝鲜籍嫌疑人5岁的李正Ri Jong Chol),他仍在羁押中。The murder has chilled relations between North Korea and both Malaysia and China, with analysts saying it spurred a Chinese move to ban coal imports from North Korea until the end of the year.这起谋杀案恶化了朝鲜与马来西亚和中国的关系,分析人士称,这件事促使中国禁止在今年底之前从朝鲜进口煤炭。Kim lived in Macau, and was reportedly under Chinese protection. His death came the day after North Korea’s latest ballistic missile test.金正男生前居住在,据报道受中国方面保护。他遇袭身亡的前一天,朝鲜进行了最新的弹道导弹试射。Pyongyang has stepped up diplomatic efforts to resolve the crisis, with government delegations arriving in Beijing and Kuala Lumpur this week. The delegation in Beijing is led by Ri Gil Song, North Korea’s deputy foreign minister.平壤方面已加大外交努力以解决这场危机,本周分别向北京和吉隆坡派出政府代表团。抵京的代表团由朝鲜副外长李吉松(Ri Gil Song)率领。North Korea lashed out at China last week, accusing its neighbour of “dancing to the tune of the US in a report by state news agency KCNA.朝鲜曾在上周谴责中国。官方的朝鲜中央通讯KCNA)在文章中指责这个邻国“对美国亦步亦趋”。来 /201703/495290 重庆医院打胎要花多少钱巫溪黔江区武隆县看妇科多少钱



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