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Part . Chinese New Year.A. Keywords. pig, zodiac signs, animal.Vocabulary. zodiac, domesticate, insulation, manufacture, insecticide,pharmaceutical, heart valve, nominate, charity, stage, chauvinist, bacon.A1. The year is the year of the pig in China.The following passage is going to tell you something interesting about pigs.Listen carefully and deicide whether the following statements are true or false.Circle the correct answer.Im a pig, my son is a rabbit, I have snakes daughters, and my wife, believe it or not, is a dragon.Do I live in a zoo? No, of course not.Im talking about our Chinese zodiac signs, depending on the year of your birth.Each person has an animal a sign.That way Im a pig, and my wife is a dragon.February the 18th is Chinese New Year, and is the year of the pig.So let take a closer look at this interesting animal.Pigs were first domesticated by man about 9,000 years ago, and are still a very common farm animal in many parts of the world.We dont just use pigs their meat, almost every part of the animal is used.The bones and skill are used glue and footballs.The hair is used artists brushes and insulation.The fat is used in the manufacture of insecticides, floor waxes, rubber and plastics.Amazingly, pigs are a source of nearly 0 pharmaceutical drugs.And their heart valves can be used in surgery to replace human ones.Pigs have also been important in the world of entertainment.In the 1995, the film Babe starred a lovable taking pig as its main character.The firm won an Oscar and was nominated six more.In England, you can even go to watch pig racing.A farmer, Rob Shepherd, has been raising money charity by staging pig races on his farm.The events have been very successful.People just dont want to eat pigs, it seems.Pigs also feature in the English language.To say that something is unlikely to happen, you can say ;pigs might fly;.A man that thinks men are superior to women is a ;chauvinist pig;.Hungry? Well, then you can ;pig out; and eat lots of food.And what about if someone rescues you? Well, you can say that they ;saved your bacon;.If you, like me, were born in the year of the pig, then you are brave, thoughtful and loyal.The year of the pig is filled with good tune.Happy Chinese New Year!A. Answer the following questions about the text. You should write a short answer.A3. Now choose the correct answer, A,B or C.A. Complete the summary with words from the box.B. Keywords. Kung Hei Fat Choi, Chinatown, Chinese commy, Chinese descent, New Year festivity.Vocabulary. spectacular, parade, procession, multiculturalism, immigrant, immigration,flourishing, synonymous, descent, lion-dancing, elephant chess, mayor, outspoken, advocate.B1. Do you know how people in London celebrate Chinese New Year?Listen to the following passage about a London style Chinese New Year.After the passage, youll hear four statements, decide whether they are true or false. Write ;T; or ;F; in the brackets.Kung Hei Fat Choi. That a phrase that just been heard many times in London Chinatown over the last few days.Why? Because it Chinese New Year, and the UK Chinese commy are celebrating the year of the dog.This year the celebrations have been more spectacular than ever, with more than 0,000 people congregating to watch a huge parade of lions, dragons, drums and ribbon and fun dancers.The procession made its way from Chinatown to Trafalgar Square, the very heart of London.London has a proud history of multiculturalism, and the Chinese Commy is one of the oldest in the city.Chinese immigrants first came to London in the mid-19th century, consisting mainly of seamen involved in the tea trade, via Canton. that reason, Cantonese is still spoken more widely in the UK than Mandarin.A more recent wave of immigration took place in the 1960 when many workers came from Hong Kong to find work in the flourishing restaurant business.One part of the central London neighborhood of Soho becomes synonymous with Chinese restaurants and began to be known as a Chinatown.Today, more than 60,000 people of Chinse descent live in London, which means that there are plenty of people to conduct the New Year festivities.This year celebrations include more than 0 events, from lion-dancing to elephant chess.Whilst London museums, art galleries and theaters are running special Chinese-themed seasons.Much of this has been organized through partnership between Chinese commy groups and the mayor of London office.Indeed London mayor, Ken Livingstone, has been an outspoken advocate of strengthening ties between the UK and China.In his Chinese New Year speech, he said ;To everyone in China, think of London as your second home. So, whether youre in London, Beijing or Hong Kong, have a happy Chinese New Year.;Statements.1. Chinese New Year has been celebrated in the UK with an enormous circus in Trafalgar Square.. There are more Cantonese speakers in Britain than Mandarin speakers.3. The first Chinese immigrants to the UK were sailors.. There are a handful of events celebrating the Chinese New Year in London.B. Listen again, what do the following items refer to?Please give detailed explanations. 5518 Lionel Hampton18 莱昂内尔·汉普顿Lionel Hampton is a frenetic jazz vibraphonist, gifted bandleader and storied showman who was one of the most celebrated musicians of the swing era and went on to a six-decade career on the American stage.莱昂内尔·汉普顿是一位极富的爵士乐电颤琴演奏家、极具天赋的乐队领队,爵士乐史上著名的表演家他是强节奏爵士乐时代最富盛名的音乐人之一,在美国舞台上有60年的演艺生涯Hampton has cut hundreds of records. He was known tremendous energy and directing bands that were among the most long lived and consistently popular large ensembles in jazz. His work has been hailed by everyone from presidents to jazz critics and endorsed by the public through enthusiastic attendance of his permances and unending sales of his records.汉普顿录制了数百张唱片他以精力充沛,组建了爵士乐坛上长盛不衰的大型乐队而闻名遐迩他的作品受到了从总统到爵士乐家的赞赏和公众的持他们疯狂地观看他的演出,不断地购买他的唱片Hampton was born on April ,19,in Louisville, Kentucky. He began working as a drummer when he was a teenager. He spent many of his mative musical years in Los Angeles, playing with top local bands and some great national figures as they came through town. Among them were Louis Armstrong -- who first encouraged him to play the vibraphone and, later, Benny Goodman. He was one of the first musicians to bridge the racial gap between blacks and whites in jazz. He joined drummer Gene Krupa and pianist Teddy Wilson to m the multiracial Benny Goodman quartet in the 1930s. Hampton later recalled, “I didn’t recognize that it was a social advancement, but it was the first time blacks and whites ever played together out in public.”19年月日汉普顿出生在肯塔基州的路易斯维尔十几岁时他当了一名鼓手在洛杉矶度过的数年是他的音乐风格形成期他同当地顶尖的乐队和一些来小镇演出的杰出音乐人同台演出这里面有路易斯·阿姆斯特朗,是他第一个鼓励汉普顿演奏颤音琴后来他又遇到了本尼·古德曼汉普顿是第一个打破爵士乐中 种族隔阂的音乐人之一世纪30年代,他与鼓手吉恩·克鲁帕和钢琴演奏家特迪·威尔逊组建了多种族的本尼·古德曼四重奏乐团汉普顿后来回忆说:“我并没有意识到这是一种社会进步,但这确实是黑人和白人第一次在公众场合同台演出”By 1930, he was touring extensively on the West Coast with his own groups, making records and enjoying billing as the “fastest drummer in the world”,when he struck his first note on a vibraphone. He played with Armstrong’s group a year, establishing the vibraphone as a jazz instrument and himself as its top interpreter.到1930年,汉普顿同他的乐队沿西海岸巡演,录制音乐,荣登排行榜上“世界上最快的鼓手”这时他开始演奏颤音琴汉普顿同阿姆斯特朗的乐队演出了一年他把颤音琴确定为爵士乐的演奏乐器,而他自己也 成为该乐器最出色的阐释者Hampton played the vibes with lightning swiftness and harmonic and melodic simplicity and the drums with a fierce, driving rhythm. He became a household name after recording such hits as Moonglow and Dinah with Goodman in the 1930s and continued to make the charts in the 190s and 1950s.汉普顿演奏颜音琴时轻灵、和谐、旋律简洁优美,而击鼓时则活力四射,节奏强劲世纪30年代他与古德曼共同录制了热门金曲Moonglow和Dinah,成为家喻户晓的人物0年代和50年代他的唱片一直畅销不衰In 190,he left Goodman and started his own big band, featuring a big sound, swinging arrangements and such soloists as Washington. Hampton’s newly recorded big-band version of Flyin ’Home became a huge success. The band specialized in boogie-woogie, jump and later bop, and by the early 1950s it had become as much a rhythm and blues as a jazz attraction. But it nevertheless remained the medium the introduction of many jazz talents.190年汉普顿离开古德曼,组建了自己的大乐队该乐队演奏嘹亮,节奏强劲,并收罗了如华盛顿这样的独奏演员汉普顿重新录制的大乐队版的Hyin’Home取得了巨大的成功大乐队撞长演奏布基伍基乐曲、强节奏爵士乐和普爵士乐到世纪50年代早期,它以爵士乐和节奏布鲁斯闻名但它一直是许多爵士乐天才的摇篮Through all of it, Hampton once said, he had just one goal, “I want to be remembered sping happiness and goodwill.” He did just that.在经历了这一切后,汉普顿曾经说,他只有一个目标:“我想让世人记住我是在传播幸福和友善”他确实做到了 8019

The Notre Dame de Paris巴黎圣母院As a testament to the correlation between glorious spaces and heavenly thoughts, the Notre Dame de Paris has stood 750 years as the apex of European religious architecture.作为荣光之地与神圣思想互相关联的明——巴黎圣母院,至今已有750年的历史了,它是欧洲宗教建筑登峰造极之作Seeking to liberate their creation from the sepulchral atmosphere of the plague-ridden medieval era, the Notre Dame architects conceived of a design more spacious than that of their predecessors.寻求把他们的创作从世纪黑死病蔓延的死寂气氛中摆脱出来,圣母院的建筑师们构思出比他们的前人更宽阔的设计New developments in arched doorways and supports allowed thinner outer walls and larger windows, including the famous Rose Windows on the cathedral north, south, and west sides.而拱形门道和柱的崭新设计,为较薄的外墙和较大的窗户,包括教堂北、南、西三面著名的“蔷薇花瓣小圆窗”的建造做了准备The west window is 9.75 meters in diameter and depicts the infant Jesus surrounded by prophets, 3 Old Testament kings, and 3 high priests, in concentric circles. With the added light and color provided by these windows, the architects created an ethereal ambience without compromising structural integrity.西窗直径长9.75米,上面描绘了位先知、旧约全书里的3位列王以及3位大祭司,呈同心圆围绕着襁褓中的耶稣借着这些窗户呈现的光线和色,建筑师营造出了天镜般的氛围,同时也兼顾了结构上的完整性Since its fundamental completion in 50, the cathedral has borne witness to many of the significant events of European history, as well as bearing the scars of its vilolent periods. It was the scene of the coronation of Henry VI of England in 30, and later, that of Mary, Queen of Scots.50年基本竣工后,这座大教堂见了欧洲历史上的许多重大事件,也在动荡时代留下了累累伤痕它也是30年英王亨利六世和其后苏格兰玛丽皇后加冕典礼举行的地方It survived attempted destruction during the French Revolution to witness the crowning of Napoleon and Josephine. Since then, the Notre Dame de Paris has survived two world wars, and it remains a symbol of European history and resilience.它幸免遭受法国大革命时期试图的破坏,得以为拿破仑和约瑟芬的加冕做见此后,巴黎圣母院在两次世界大战中保存了下来,它依然是欧洲历史与复原力的象征 80




  adopt收养,hesitation犹豫,enroll招生,possess影响,The Russian BabyMorris and Becky were delighted when finally their long wait to adopt a baby came to an end.The adoption center called and told them they had a wonderful Russian baby boy, and the couple took him without hesitation…On the way home from the adoption center, they stopped by the local college so they each could enroll in night courses.After they filled out the m, the registration clerk inquired, “What ever possessed you to study Russian?”The couple said proudly, “We just adopted a Russian baby and in a year or so he’ll start to talk. We just want to be able to understand him.”俄罗斯男孩儿当终于实现了收养一个宝宝的长期想法,莫里斯和贝基十分开心收养所当时打电话告诉他们,所里有一个很棒的俄罗斯男婴,然后这对夫妻毫不犹豫地带走了他从收养所回家的路上,为了被录取上晚间班,他们在一所地方高校停下填完表格,注册处的工作人员问:“是什么让你们想要学俄语的?”夫妻自豪地回答:“我们刚收养了一个俄罗斯男婴,要不了一年他就会开始说话了我们就是想让自己能明白他说什么”1.adopt收养其他意思还有“采取”、“通过”等:European dress has been adopted by people in many parts of the world.西装已成为世界上许多地方人们的装The House adopted the report.众议院批准了这份报告.hesitation犹豫/结巴We have no hesitation in rejecting his complaint.我们毅然驳回了他的诉讼a hesitation m说话结巴时的声音(如“这个”“噢”“嗯”等)3.enroll招生/入伍/卷起After graduation, he was enrolled military service.毕业后他应募入伍fruit enrolled in tissue paper包在薄纸里的水果.fill out填写还有“使膨胀”、“变丰满”的意思:fill out a tyre with air使轮胎充气而膨胀;Her cheeks have filled out.她的两颊变得丰腴了5.inquire询问还有“调查”的意思,常与“into”搭配使用:The police inquired into her background.警方审查了她的历史6.possess影响,控制What possessed you?你怎么会这样鬼迷心窍?还有“掌握”的意思:He possessed me of the necessary inmation.他使我掌握了必要的信息 1

  Your skin is always in a stage of renewal, just like nature. Nivea Visage firming night supplement contains natural AHA, which boosts the skin’s natural regenerative process. It helps to shed the dead skin cells quicker, revealing a fresher useful skin beneath, and gives you firmer, smoother complexion. 93

  Part . Green Transporation Festival.Keywords. Green Transporation Festival, oil, environment, reduce, other kinds of fuels.Vocabulary. hydrogen, propane, scooter, hybrid, ethanol.A. You are going to hear a report on green transporation festival.Supply the major points about the festival.Energy saving vehicles were part of the Green Transportation Festival in Washington D.C. last month.The vehicles are designed to reduce America dependence on oil and to help the environment.The festival takes place at several American cities.There are exhibits of cars, buses and motorized bicycles at the festivals.Most of them use little gas or use another kind of fuel such as biodiesel, electricity, hydrogen, natural gas or propane.People are also urged to consider simpler ways of getting around such as walking, biking and using public transportation systems.Personal transporation vehicles called scooters are also gaining interest.These methods all are avoid or reduce the use of gasoline and diesel fuel which are made from oil.Individuals, students and car makers took part in the festival.They wanted to show people what their so-called green vehicles could do.Terms of students competed prizes.The ed States has less than 5% of the world population, but it uses about 5% of the world oil.More than half of the nation oil is imported, most of it goes to transporation.But festival organizers say progress in technology is making it possible Americans to reduce their dependence on oil transporation.That because the kinds of energy saving vehicles are increasing.Hybrid vehicles, example, combine a gasoline engine and a electric motor.There are thousands on the road today.They can reduce gasoline use by as much as 50%.Vehicles powered by biodiesel fuel, electricity, ethanol, hydrogen or natural gas can reduce oil use by as much as 99%.Festival organizers say that efts to reduce oil imports in the ed States will also have important environmental and public health benefits.The burning of oil as fuel is responsible a large share of the gases blamed changes in the world climate.When gasoline is burned in cars, it also pollutes the air and this leads to breathing problems, cancer and other health problems.Organizers say that strong public demand hybrids and vehicles that use other kinds of fuels could ce carmakers to produce more such vehicles.And that the goal of the Green Transportation Festival.B. listen again, focus on some details of the inmation.Complete the statements. 3

  Listen and Share北京奥运大项"参与","竞争","分享","进步"Boxing 拳击ROUNDS 回合英文原文A.World, Olympic and Continental Championships and Tournaments:In World, Olympic or Continental Championships or Tournaments,there shall be four rounds of two () minutes each.Stopping the contest warnings, cautions,bringing the dress equipment into order, or any other reason,is not included in the two () minutes.A full one (1) minute rest shall be given between the rounds.No additional round may be given.B.International Contests.In International contests the rounds are normally the same as above,but if previously agreed,three (3) or four () rounds of three (3) minutes eachor six (6) rounds of two () minutes each may be boxed.There shall always be a one (1) minute interval between rounds.讲解逐句对照A.World, Olympic and Continental Championships and Tournaments:In World, Olympic or Continental Championships or Tournaments,there shall be four rounds of two () minutes each.round 回合,一盘Stopping the contest warnings, cautions,bringing the dress equipment into order, or any other reason,is not included in the two () minutes.bring something into orderput something in order 整理,收拾If there is anything out of line,we will bring it into order, like we have always done.A full one (1) minute rest shall be given between the rounds.No additional round may be given.B.International Contests.In International contests the rounds are normally the same as above,the same as above 如上所述but if previously agreed,three (3) or four () rounds of three (3) minutes eachor six (6) rounds of two () minutes each may be boxed.There shall always be a one (1) minute interval between rounds.interval 间隔, 距离原文重听A.World, Olympic and Continental Championships and Tournaments:In World, Olympic or Continental Championships or Tournaments,there shall be four rounds of two () minutes each.Stopping the contest warnings, cautions,bringing the dress equipment into order, or any other reason,is not included in the two () minutes.A full one (1) minute rest shall be given between the rounds.No additional round may be given.B.International Contests.In International contests the rounds are normally the same as above,but if previously agreed,three (3) or four () rounds of three (3) minutes eachor six (6) rounds of two () minutes each may be boxed.There shall always be a one (1) minute interval between rounds. 36。

  1.Problem of Global Warming1.全球变暖问题Global warming may or not be the great environmental crisisof the 1st century, but—regardless of weather it is or isnt— we wont do muchabout it. We will argue over it and may even, as a nation, make some fairlysolemn-sounding commitments to avoid it. But the more dramatic and meaningful thesecommitments seem, the less likely they are to be observed.全球变暖有可能是1世纪巨大的环境危机,也有可能不是,但是无论它是或不是我们对此都无能为力我们会争论不休,作为一个国家,或许会做出一些听起来相当认真的承诺来避免这一危机但是这些承诺看起来越是令人印象深刻、越是有意义,就越是不太可能被遵守 Al Gore calls global warming an “inconvenient truth,”as if merely recognizing it could put in on a path to a solution. But the realtruth is that we dont know enough to believe global warming, and — withourmajor technological breakthroughs — we cant do much about it.Al Gore 称全球变暖是一个“让人感到麻烦的事实”,似乎只要认识到它的存在就可以把我们带往一条解决问题的途经上去但是真正的事实是,我们没有掌握足够的知识去缓解全球变暖,并且如果没有重大的技术突破,我们对此也束手无策No government will adopt rigid restrictions oneconomic growth and personal freedom (limits on electricity usage, driving andtravel)that might cut back global warming. Still,politicians want to show theyre “doing something”. Consider the KyotoProtocol. It allowed countries that joined to punish those that didnt. But ithasnt reduced carbon dioxide emissions (up about 5% since 1990), and many signatoriesdidnt adopt tough enough policies to hit their — targets.没有哪个政府会对经济增长和个人自由(限制电力的使用,驾驶和旅游)采取严格的限制令,虽然这样的限制可以缓解全球变暖即便事实如此,执政者们还是想表明他们在“采取措施”就拿《京都协议来说吧,它允许其成员国惩罚非成员国但是它并没有起到减少二氧化碳的排放量(自从1990年以来上升了5%) 的作用,并且,许多签字国并没有采取足够严格的政策来尽力完成他们所制定的—年度的目标The practical conclusion is that if global warming is apotentail disaster, the only solution is new technology. Only an aggressiveresearch and development program might find ways of breaking our dependence onfossil fuels or dealing with it.比较实际的结论是,如果全球变暖是一个潜在的灾难,那么唯一的解决办法就是新技术只有积极进取的研究开发项目才可能会找到办法打破我们对于化石燃料的依赖,或者找到应对这一难题的办法The trouble with the global warming debate is that it hasbecome a moral problem when it really engineering one. The inconvenient truthis that if we dont solve the engineering problem, were helpless.全球变暖这场辩论所存在的问题是,它本是一个技术问题,却都已经变成了一个道德问题这个被忽视的真相就是,如果不能解决这个技术问题,我们将对此束手无策 388935



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