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重庆怀孕做人流重庆市流产哪家医院最好的重庆人流咨询 Chinese patents中国专利Ever more inventive越来越具创造性Mainland companies are building up their intellectual property内地企业正在建立自己的知识产权CHINAS leaders see patents as rungs on the ladder to becoming an innovation powerhouse. So in five-year plans and through subsidies and official exhortations, they have encouraged locals to file patents. And locals have responded with gusto. Two years ago Chinas patent office became the worlds busiest. Sceptics have scoffed that most of those filed are “utility model” patents—short-term ones granted for relatively trivial ideas, as opposed to proper “invention” patents—and that few Chinese inventors have won patents in countries where standards are higher.中国的领导人们认为,专利便是通往创新大国那扶梯上的横档。因此,不论是在五年计划里,还是经由种种补贴和官方规诫,他们一直鼓励国人申请专利,而国人也对此颇为捧场,两年前,中国专利局一跃成为世界上最繁忙的专利机构。怀疑论者对这些专利嗤之以鼻,他们认为,大多数人申请的都是“实用新型”专利,与正式的“发明”专利不同,这类短期专利价值不高。而且,对那些专利门槛颇高的国家而言,很少有中国发明人能入其法眼。Many patents, it is also argued, are exercises in a-filling by academics, with no hope of commercialisation. In short, these patents are a sham. Not quite, argues the UNs World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). A new study scrutinises Chinese patents and concludes that a small but rapidly growing proportion are up to world standards.也有另一种说法称,许多专利是学者们纯粹为了定量完成任务而练手的结果,并没有将其商业化的期许。说白了,这些都是伪专利。不过在联合国世界知识产权组织(WIPO)看来,也非尽然如此。一项审视中国专利的新研究得出结论,称其占比虽小,但迅速增长的比例已达到世界标准。The WIPO included only patents filed by Chinese residents—that is, those with a Chinese address—who filed their patents first on the mainland. So, inventions by the Shanghai labs of GE or Philips are not included, since Western multinationals typically file first in America or Europe. Foxconn, a manufacturing goliath controlled by Hon Hai of Taiwan, is included in the study because, unlike other Taiwanese firms, it resides in China and files its patents first on the mainland.世界知识产权组织仅将中国居民申请的专利列入统计—这包含两个概念:申请人居住在中国,且是在内地首次注册专利。而由于西方跨国公司通常会先在美国或欧洲申请专利,通用和飞利浦的上海实验室做出的发明便不包括在统计之列。之所以台湾鸿海集团旗下的制造业巨擘富士康包括在此项研究之内是因为和其他台商不同,它的驻地在中国,且是在内地首次注册专利。The findings challenge conventional wisdom in several ways. Not only do they show that the number of Chinese patents filed abroad is rising sharply (see chart). They also show that, since 2003, most of these have been invention patents, not utility-model ones.该研究结果在许多方面挑战了传统认知。他们不仅表明在国外申请的中国专利数量急剧上升。还表明自2003年以来,这些专利大部分都是费了番脑子的发明,而非中看不中用的“实用新型”绣花枕头。Finally, the firms topping the rankings of foreign patent applications are also revealing. Some, like Huawei and ZTE, are unsurprising: 29% of all foreign filings from 2005 to were in information and communications technology. Lenovo comes in at 16th. Others, like Sinopec in oil and gas, and BYD in batteries, suggest the energy industry is rising.而值得注意的是,国外专利申请排名靠前的公司也慢慢冒头。华为和中兴之类的企业跻身其中不足为奇:2005至年,源自信息和通信技术行业的专利申请占国外专利市场的29%。联想位列第16位。而出现在名单上的其他公司,像石油和天然气领域的中石化,以及电池行业的比亚迪,都意味着能源产业的崛起。The surprise is that three of the top five spots are held by divisions of Foxconn. By 2012 it had filed more than 12,000 patents abroad, in areas from electrical machinery to computer technology to audio- technology. A firm some scorn as a low-tech sweatshop turns out to be a model of invention.出人意料的是,名单上排名前五的公司有三位是由富士康的部门占据。至2012年为止,富士康已在国外申请超过12000项专利,覆盖面从电机到计算机技术,再到音视频技术。被一些人所轻视的低技术含量的血汗工厂到头来居然是发明界的典范。 /201407/309038重庆人流哪里好

石柱土家族自治县输卵管再通术哪家医院最好的Zx0Kbadd#E@@2luf@L|%miEy!In a Colorado gully,在科罗拉多一处溪谷中,hunters carried out a mammoth massacre,猎人们进行了一场大屠杀,leaving behind the remains of at least 16 animals.在这里留下至少16具猛犸象的遗骸VEv#,EsGy.tNsP]x。The site recreated here contains a treasure trove of evidence relating to the mammoths daily life.模拟当时的情景,这里拥有和猛犸象日常生活景象相关的物AE@3a5#flEs#XP。Again by comparing mammoth bones to elephants,同样的,经由比对猛犸象和大象的骨骸,we can calculate the sex and age of all the animals that died here,就可以推算出死在这里的动物的性别和年龄,and deduce the make-up of a Columbian mammoth herd.推测这个哥伦比亚猛犸象群的组成状况^GE7pOp;D(Busp5F*(Vi。These are the bones of juveniles, up to around 14 years old, both males and females.这些是年轻幼象的遗骨,年纪在14岁左右,公象和母象都有R[Z0Jih2AU。Several adults lied here, too, all females,这里也有几只成象,都是母象GQRaK2-pK%GXpF,+Q。including one huge specimen, at least 40 years old.包括一具巨大象骨,年龄至少40岁;V~*k;O9BeH(oK。This range of age and sex exactly matches that of a modern-day African elephant herd.这样的年纪和性别范围和现代非洲象象群组合完全相符,w007w-#KsRFa+MUMtf0。An older matriarch, the leader of the herd,年长的母象王,是象群的首领;I@,Hh*Qy。is accompanied by her daughters and other female relatives.陪伴在旁的有女儿们和其他母象亲戚0gi1E*V;;wt。And they in turn are with their young, both male and female.他们会轮流 陪伴公象母象共有的幼象uNMW8pzR6IOrySq7pC)o。But where were the adult males when this herd was destroyed?但是象群被赶尽杀绝时,成年公象在哪里呢?A unique clue to their lives was uncovered in Nebraska.在内布拉斯加曾发现公象生活的独特线索,Recreated here are the skulls of two gigantic males that died with their tusks interlocked.模拟现场情景,这里两具巨大公象的头骨显示它们命丧于象牙缠在一起.C]aidfBPDvlKf9xML9。How could this have happened? Again our best bet is to look at elephant society.这是怎么发生的呢?同样的,最佳解答就是去观察大象社会#JKi2fb40)05o。During the breeding season, sexually mature bull elephants fight for access to the female herds.在交配季期间,性成熟的公象会为了接近母象群的权力而战GD8A8@6)*c[ndahq。The tangled tusks are direct evidence that mammoths were aggressive,too.纠结在一起的象牙是猛犸象同样具有攻击性的直接据(9^tmRA-MFW3-IU,。*!q|aftSy1uz+A%eBOm.-MBmmeuXzTwZt^ayHgOkI201304/235690重庆妇科体检团购 重庆打胎哪家医院最好

重庆那家医院做打胎好Business商业报道Crowdsourcing “Monopoly”众包“强手棋”The Mayfair shuffle梅菲尔洗牌One of the worlds largest toymakers tests the wisdom of crowds世界最大的玩具制造商之一体验众包智慧!IN 1904 a young American named Elizabeth Magie received a patent for a board game in which players used tokens to move around a four-sided board buying properties, avoiding taxes and jail, and collecting 0 every time they passed the boards starting-point.1904年,一位名叫Elizabeth Magie的美国青年申请获得了一个桌面游戏的专利。在该游戏中,玩家通过在一个四边的图板上左右移动一指示物赢取钱财。游戏中不仅免税合法,免除牢狱之灾,玩家还可以在每次通过棋盘上的起点时赢得100美元。Three decades later Charles Darrow, a struggling salesman in Pennsylvania, patented a tweaked version of the game as “Monopoly”.三十年之后,宾夕法尼亚的一位为生活艰苦挣扎的推销员Charles Darrow,申请了该游戏调整后的另一个版本的专利,并命名为“强手棋”。Now owned by Hasbro, a big toymaker, it has become one of the worlds most popular board games, available in dozens of languages and innumerable variations.如今,该游戏为一个大玩具商Hasbro所有,且成为了世界上最为流行的桌游之一,被翻译成几十种语言且有无数个版本。Magie was a devotee of Henry George, an economist who believed in common ownership of land.Magie是坚持土地公有制的经济学家Henry George的推崇者。Her game was designed to be a “practical demonstration of the present system of land-grabbing with all its usual outcomes and consequences.”她的游戏被设计为一个“目前土地掠夺造成的通常结局和后果的实际演示系统”。And so it has become, though players snatch properties more in zeal than sadness.尽管玩家在游戏中更多的是热衷于对财富的争抢而并非对土地掠夺问题的忧虑,但该游戏也确实反映了上述土地问题。In “Monopoly” as in life, it is better to be rich than poor, children gleefully bankrupt their parents and nobody uses a flat iron any more.无论是在“强手棋”还是在生活中,富有总是比贫穷好,……,并且也没有人再使用扁铁块了。Board-game makers have had to find their footing in a digital age.在如今的信息时代,桌游玩具制造商们不得不为自己重新寻找一席之地。Hasbros game-and-puzzle sales fell by 4% in 2010—the year the iPad came to market—and 10% in 2011.在iPad上市的2010年, Hasbro的游戏和拼图的销售额下降了4%,且在2011年下跌了10%。Since then, however, its game-and-puzzle sales have rebounded, rising by 2% in 2012 and 10% in 2013.而到了2012年和2013年,游戏和拼图的销售额又上涨了2%和10%。Stephanie Wissink, a youth-market analyst with Piper Jaffray, an investment bank, says that Hasbro has learned to become “co-creative…Theyre infusing more social-generated content into their marketing and product development.”青少年市场分析师Stephanie Wissink和投资 Piper Jaffray有关负责人表示Hasbro已经学会了集体创造。他们将更多当代社会生成的内容植入于他们的市场营销和产品开发。Some of that content comes from Facebook.有些新的元素来自于Facebook。Last year, “Monopoly” fans voted on Hasbros Facebook page to jettison the poor old flat iron in favour of a new cat token.去年,“强手棋”的粉丝在Hasbro的Facebook上投票,要求用新的猫造型令牌代替老式的扁铁块。“Scrabble” players are voting on which word to add to the new dictionary.“Scrabble”的玩家则在投票决定将哪一个词语添加到新字典中。“Monopoly” fans, meanwhile, are voting on which of ten house rules—among them collecting 0 rather than 0 for landing on “Go”, requiring players to make a full circuit of the board before buying property and “Mom always gets out of jail free. Always. No questions asked”—to make official.同时,“强手棋”的粉丝也在投票决定十条俱乐部补充规则,其中包括玩家在到达“出发”之前需集齐400美元而非200美元,在购买财富之前完成一次完整的桌面巡回,“妈妈总能无条件的出狱”。The Economist has also asked its ers for new rules, through our website and Facebook page.本刊也在通过网页和Facebook向读者征求新的规则。However, we wanted ours to reflect modern business realities.但是,我希望我们能反映现代商业现实。Several ers proposed for the bank, inevitably leading to bail-outs by other players when things went south.几个读者为提供了更为有效的建议,自然而然的,当一切都变得顺利时,其他的玩家也将得到纾困。One suggested that property prices in the London version of the game rise by 25% per turn.有一位玩家建议在伦敦那一版地游戏中,房地产价格应每一轮上涨25%。Building in inequality featured in several suggestions, the best being that some pieces begin far ahead of the others, with more money: these effects could be mitigated with cards such as “Art School” and “Finding Myself” that let other players catch up.针对那些特别的建筑,有数条建议……。这些差距会被一些类似于“Art School”、“Finding Myself”这样给其他玩家时间追赶的卡片减小。 /201404/285514 巴南涪陵区妇科医院哪家好垫江忠县开县检查妇科病多少钱



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