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三分钟搞定科技英语(视频+中英字幕) 第7期:云计算《三分钟搞定科技英语》属于《原来如此》系列的英语视频听力栏目,用一系列绘图拼接视频,生动形象地展示了科技英语知识,能够激发人们的英语学习兴趣 ,是拓展英语知识面,积累科技英语词汇,了解科技中的一些常识的极好材料。 Article/201508/394695【新闻精讲】Companies that try to turn happiness into a management tool are overstepping the mark企业以快乐为管理手段,过犹不及LORD Percy of Newcastle, Britain’s minister of education in 1924-29, was no fan of the fad for happy-clappy “progressive” education that sp among the country’s schools on his watch. He declared that it was all nonsense: “a child ought to be brought up to expect unhappiness.” This columnist feels the same suspicion of the fashion for happy-clappy progressive management theory that is rushing through the world’s companies and even some governments.1924年至1929年间任英国教育大臣的纽卡斯尔勋爵珀西(Lord Percy of Newcastle)并不持在其辖下学校蔓延的那股“新式”快乐教育风。他宣称那全是胡说八道:“应该在小孩成长过程中让他们学会懂得不快乐。” 同样,本专栏的作者对于如今风行全球企业甚至某些政府的那套快乐管理新论调也心存质疑。fad n.一时流行(popular for a short time)- She is interested in the latest fads.happy-clappy 快乐教育学progressive adj.先进的nonsense n.一派胡言ought to 应该columnist n.专栏作家suspicion n.怀疑The leading miscreant is Zappos, an online shoe shop. The firm expects its staff to be in a state of barely controlled delirium when they sell shoes. Pret A Manger, a British food chain, specialises in bubbly good humour as well as sandwiches. Air stewards are trained to sound mellifluous but those at Virgin Atlantic seem on the verge of breaking out into a song-and-dance routine. Google until recently had an in-house “jolly good fellow” to sp mindfulness and empathy.这类异端之首当数网络鞋店Zappos。该公司希望员工在一种近乎欣喜若狂的状态下卖鞋。英国连锁快餐店Pret A Manger在专精三明治之外还擅长活泼幽默的待客之道。空乘人员受专门训练,为求言语悦耳,但维珍的空乘追求悦耳动听过了头,简直要唱唱跳跳起来了。谷歌之前还在内部设有专职的“快乐好伙伴”,传播正念和关怀,最近才撤销。miscreant n.坏人delirium n.极度兴奋,神志不清- Shoppers running around in a delirium the day before Christmas.bubbly adj.高兴的air steward 空乘 (flight attendant)mellifluous adj.悦耳的jolly adj.高兴的mindfulness n.留意- mindful adj.留意的,体贴的- She is mindful of the needs of others.empathy n.共鸣 (share someone else#39;s feelings)- She felt great empahty with the poor.A weird assortment of gurus and consultancies is pushing the cult of happiness. Shawn Achor, who has taught at Harvard University, now makes a living teaching big companies around the world how to turn contentment into a source of competitive advantage. One of his rules is to create “happiness hygiene”. Just as we brush our teeth every day, goes his theory, we should think positive thoughts and write positive e-mails.这一“快乐教派”的背后推手是一群古怪的大师和顾问。曾任教于哈佛大学的肖恩#8226;阿克尔(Shawn Achor)如今正在世界各地大企业兜售如何化知足之心为竞争优势。他主张的原则之一是要构建“快乐心理卫生”。他的理论认为,就像每天要刷牙一样,我们应该正向思考,写正面积极的电子邮件。assortment n.混合guru n.领袖- fashion gurucult n. (邪教)群体contentment n.满意- I believe that people can find peace and contentment in living simply.hygiene n.卫生positive adj.正能量的 Zappos is so happy with its work on joy that it has spun off a consultancy called Delivering Happiness. It has a chief happiness officer (CHO), a global happiness navigator, a happiness hustler, a happiness alchemist and, for philosophically minded customers, a happiness owl. Plasticity Labs, a technology firm which grew out of an earlier startup called the Smile Epidemic, says it is committed to supporting a billion people on their path to happiness in both their personal and professional lives.Zappos对于自己营造快乐氛围的工作甚为得意,甚至单独成立了一家名为“传递快乐”(Delivering Happiness)的咨询公司。它设有首席快乐官(CHO)、全球快乐领航人、快乐骗子、快乐炼金术士,还有为富有哲学头脑的客户而设的“幸福猫头鹰”。前身为创业公司“流行微笑”(Smile Epidemic)的科技公司“可塑性实验室”(Plasticity Labs)表示,公司致力帮助十亿人在个人生活和职业生涯上走上幸福快乐之路。spin off 创造(新公司/子公司)navigator n.领航者hustler n.骗子- hustle v.着急,骗钱( to obtain money by fraud or deception)alchemist n.炼金术师owl n.猫头鹰epidemic n.流行病 Article/201702/492875

And all of these notions have of course passed into the Abrahamic mainstream of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.这些概念都进入了亚伯拉罕诸教—犹太教、基督教与伊斯兰教的教义里。 And it#39;s when you come to the animal that the King is riding on the silver dish that you get a shock, because he#39;s not on a horse but on a fully-antlered stag. He straddles the beast without either stirrups or saddle, gripping it by the antlers with his left hand, while his right hand deftly plunges a sword right into its neck-blood sprays out, and at the bottom of the plate we see the same stag in the throes of death. This whole image is quite clearly a fantasy, from the great crown at the top which would quite clearly have fallen off if you#39;d been riding, to the idea of killing your own mount in full leap. We#39;re in the realm of symbol.如果你注意到银盘上国王的坐骑,一定会大吃一惊。他骑的并不是马,而是长着大鹿角的牡鹿。他直接跨坐在没有镫也没有鞍的鹿背上,左手抓着鹿角,右手的匕首灵巧地刺入鹿脖子,鲜血飞溅。银盘的底部还有另一头垂死的牡鹿。整幅图画都有些不真实,比如他头顶的大,如果真的在骑行,一定早就掉下来了,而刺死正在飞奔的坐骑更是教人不可思议。 What#39;s really going on here? In the Middle East, for centuries, hunting scenes have been a common way of representing royal power. Assyrian kings, well protected in their chariots, are shown bravely killing lions, from a safe distance. But Shapur is doing something else. This is the monarch in single combat with the beast, and he#39;s risking himself not out of pointless bravado, but for the benefit of his subjects. As protective ruler we see him killing certain kinds of animals, the beasts that threatened his subjects: big cats which preyed on cattle and poultry, wild boar and deer which ravaged crops and pastures. So images like this one are visual metaphors for royal power, conceived in Zoroastrian terms.这到底是怎么回事?千百年来,狩猎场景在中东一向是表现王权的普遍形式。我们曾看到叙利亚国王坐在重重护卫的马车里,在安全距离外英勇地杀死了狮子。沙普尔所做的略有不同。他挺身犯险,与野兽单打独斗,并非盲目逞能,而是在保卫臣民的利益。作为臣民的保护神,我们看到他杀死的都是些危害百姓生活的动物,如猎食家禽家畜的猛兽,破坏庄稼和牧场的野猪与鹿等。这样的图画是琐罗亚斯特教善神的代言人,将战胜一切恶势力,完成身为国王的重大职责。 Article/201505/375248

栏目简介:《造物小百科How it#39;s made》介绍了许多东西的制作或者说发明方法,非常实用。其中的英语视频发音地道,内容浅显易懂,过程形象生动,是提高英语听力水平,积累英语知识和一些简单生活常识的好素材。 Article/201508/391973




  栏目介绍:搞笑英语轻松学通过不同的搞笑生活片段来学习日常口语,领域涉及生活的各个方面,让我们既可以学习到地道的口语,还能够爆笑一番。快来看看吧。 Article/201507/385818Grab it like that, put it onto the hook,and then literally just wrap it in the web.这样把它抓住 挂到钩上 然后只要用蜘蛛网把它缠住就行The golden orb spider#39;s web is said to be almost as strong as Kevlar and has been known to trap birds.据说金刚蛛所织的网 强度接近凯夫拉尔纤维 甚至可以用来捕鸟Okay, let#39;s get back on the raft.The raft.好啦 我们回木筏上吧 回来了Thing is, you can never switch off in these swamps.在沼泽里 你绝对不能有丝毫的懈怠Switch off for a moment,You shoot down the wrong end of the food chain in a place like this.一刻也不行 在这种地方 你很有可能就成为别人的囊中之物It#39;s not human if you don#39;t feel a little bit scared floating down a river that#39;s got a lot of crocs in it when you#39;re just on a little raft.乘着一叶小筏 漂荡在一条充斥着鳄鱼的河上 此情此境 是个人都会胆寒It#39;s just #39;cause you are so vulnerable.因为自己实在是太脆弱了You#39;re definitely not the king in waters like this.That title belongs to the salty.这片水域绝不是你的地盘 而是那些咸水鳄的But, you know, it#39;s all about trying use that fear,use it to sharpen you and not let it overtake you.但是 你需要利用这种恐惧 在它的洗礼下 战胜心中的不安A little bit of fear is no bad thing.有一些畏惧之情并不是坏事The river has opened up to a deep billabong.Fish should be larger and more plentiful here.小河进入了一片幽深的死水潭 这里应该有许多大个头的鱼Time to try my rod and bait,But there are lots of crocs around.该试试我的渔具了 但周围埋伏着许多鳄鱼There#39;s a freshwater crocodile on the bank here.河岸边有一头淡水鳄Look. Just on the bank,a freshwater crocodile Sunning on the rock.看 就在岸边 一头淡水鳄 趴在石头上晒太阳 Article/201701/488512

  To be a person that cannot be a part of the everyday life of this world,一个没有办法参与正常生活的人it could really be devastating on the mind.在精神上承受着很大的压力You can#39;t get it all for free.一切都是有代价的And that#39;s what happened with Michael,对迈克尔来说就是如此he had to give up so much that he lost his ability他失去的太多 多到丧失了to just walk amongst evetyday people.在人群中行走的能力This was the first artist that l#39;d been associated with,他是我碰过第一个and the only artist that l#39;d been associated with,也是唯一的一个艺人that you could not walk down the street with.让你没有办法跟他在大街上走路look at my life. lt#39;s somewhat normal. It#39;s not normal, but it#39;s a little normal.我的人生还算正常 大致上还算正常But judging my life to his, his was nowhere close.但跟他相比 他的真的太不正常了He just couldn#39;t be anonymous.lmpossible.他没有办法消声匿迹 绝不可能Michael Jackson is proclaimed the King of Pop.迈克尔·杰克逊就是流行乐之王lt#39;s kind of hard being a king.You can get out of sorts.要称王可不是件易事 很容易脱离常轨 Article/201511/409333栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201509/398691

  TED演讲者们对这个世界各抒己见。 Article/201504/370339

  The priority is to get off this mountain and down to the E.R.现在最要紧的便是下山 把我送进急诊室I need to assess this injury properly.需要准确地诊断我的伤情The team scramble a rescue chopper.队员紧急呼叫了一架救援直升机And, as we climb towards the landing zone,the heli arrives on site.我们向降落区行进的同时 直升机也到了Standing here at the hunter#39;s drop right now.The wind is light.我们到了指定地点 有微风Copy that. Light and out of the east.收到 正东方向的微风Once we get there,the team start to move me towards the helicopter.Ok. Ready?Hold the door.到达后 队员开始将我转移上直升飞机 准备好了吗 把门扶着But it#39;s also clear that the cameraman Simon#39;s nose is broken.但可以肯定的是 摄像师西蒙的鼻子是断了Okay, this is.The first time I#39;ve seen myself,and that is an interesting look.好吧 这是 我第一次瞧见自己这样 这模样挺有趣的嘛Despite his injuries, he continues filming.虽然受了伤 但他仍继续拍摄And soon we#39;re out of the mountains and heading down towards the hospital.很快我们便出了山区 向医院飞去The x-rays show no break,but my leg has a severe hematoma,swollen to twice its normal size.X光显示没有骨折 但腿内有严重的血肿 是正常肿块的两倍大Simon#39;s nose is broken,but both of us are just glad to be alive.西蒙的鼻子断了 但我们都很庆幸能活下Going over that brow over the red line,and seeing him disappear into the snow cloud just the worst, worst feeling.在滑过那条红线 看见他消失在一片雪云中间的那一瞬间 我就感到大事不妙了Then it just sort of played out in slow motion.然后的一切就像发生在慢镜头中And I tried to steer,but had no idea where he was,so I thought immediately,Don#39;t hit him, don#39;t hit him, don#39;t hit him.我努力控制着滑行方向 但不知道他的位置 于是我马上祈祷 别撞上他 别撞上他 别撞上他 Article/201703/498281。

  ;The more democratic a culture is, the harder it is to appropriate a previous leader.社会越民主,就越难盗用前任领导人的声誉。I mean it#39;s very interesting at the moment to see the revival of Stalin for instance in Putin#39;s Russia as an admired figure, having been knocked down as a bloodthirsty tyrant before.在如今普京统治下的俄罗斯,看到曾被视作嗜血暴君而被打倒的斯大林的影响逐渐复苏,实在是很有意思。So the possibility of taking a figure from the past is always open, but as I say the more conversational, the more confrontational, more democratic, the more argumentative a political culture is, the harder it is.因此,利用已逝领导人形象的案例屡见不鲜,但如果社会更民主,对争议与对抗更宽容,这样的情况就会减少。;You can see this in the case of Churchill, because there are still lots and lots of people who know a great deal about what Churchill thought and said.以丘吉尔为例,他的思想与言论广为人知,Any mainstream party which tried to say #39;we are the party of Churchill#39; would get into trouble, because Churchill changed his mind so much that he can be ed against you as often as he can be ed in favour of you.;如今,如果有主流政党声称自己奉行丘吉尔政策,就一定会惹上麻烦,因为他的言论常常自相矛盾。你能找到对你有利的话,也一定能找到相反的例子。Dead rulers are still very present, and they#39;re still on the currency.逝世的统治者依然长存,他们的身影留在我们的货币上。A thoughtful alien handling the banknotes of China and the ed States today might well assume that one was ruled by Mao and the other by George Washington.如果此刻一个外星人同时拿着中国与美国的货币,大概会认为这两国的现任领导人一个是毛泽东,一个是乔治华盛顿。And in a sense, that#39;s exactly what the Chinese and American leaders want us all to think.而从某种意义上说,这正是两国领导人所希望的。Political giants like these lend an aura of stability, legitimacy, and above all of unquestionable authority, to modern regimes struggling with huge problems.政治伟人为面临巨大问题的现代国家带来稳定的氛围、合法性以及不容置疑的权威性。Lysimachus#39;s gambit still sets the pace for the world#39;s superpowers.利西马科斯的政策与现代超级大国的政治依然合拍。 Article/201410/338134

  TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201509/400092

  some people have their own ideas of what they think it is,每个人都有对自己的想法but l know what it is.但我知道真相lt always felt unfair to me我一直觉得很不公平and l think that Michael always felt victimised by it.迈克尔也一直觉得身受其害l loved it when Michael said,我很喜欢迈克尔说;Plastic surgety was not invented for Michael Jackson.整形手术又不是为了迈克尔·杰克逊而发明的#39;People have been having plastic surgery for years.许多人早就开始整形#39;l#39;m not the first one to do it.我又不是第一个#39;Why am l always the one being picked on about it? #39;为什么老是针对我呢?And l thought that was a really good point.我觉得这话很有道理We Were doing a Pepsi commercial, the year was 1984.我们1984年拍摄百事可乐的广告And we were just getting y to go out on the Victory Tour.正准备要为胜利巡回启程l went to the set the day they were shooting it拍摄那天我有进棚and they had a lot of performances that were great.有许多的表演都很棒so it was the end of the day, they called for a wrap,最后准备要收工时l said goodbye to him. And l was walking out the door我跟他道别正打算要走出去when l heard the producer say, #39;We have to do one more take. #39;就听到制作人说 我们要再拍一次There was some pyro, and Michael was coming down the steps有些爆破特效 迈克尔要从阶梯上走下来and l think somebody missed their cue.好像是特效人员没算好时间One of the flames came and landed on Michael#39;s head,火苗落到迈克尔的头上which he had hairspray, something like that, and it just...他刚好又有喷发胶 所以就... Article/201510/401669

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