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渝中大渡口区人民妇幼保健中医院妇科人流重庆好的不孕不育医院重庆最好的医院人流 South Korean Foreign Minister says Nuclear Talks with North at Risk韩国:北韩恢复核活动只导致孤立 South Korea's chief diplomat says a diplomatic process aimed at getting rid of North Korea's nuclear weapons is at risk if Pyongyang continues on its current path. The North's moves to resume activity at its main nuclear reactor could end up isolating and impoverishing the country even further.韩国外交通商部长官说,平壤如果继续一意孤行,将威胁到解除北韩核武器项目的外交进程。北韩恢复其主要核反应堆的核活动只能导致北韩进一步孤立和贫困。South Korean Foreign Minister Yu Myung-hwan said Friday North Korea is putting at risk the diplomatic effort that has been some five years in the making.韩国外交通商部长官柳明桓星期五表示,北韩把各方已经为之努力了5 年左右的外交努力置于危险之中。Referring to a six-nation talks process aimed at ending North Korea's nuclear weapons, Yu says we are in a difficult situation where we may have to return to square one.柳明桓在谈到为解除北韩核武器的六方会谈时说,我们的处境困难,恐怕不得不回到起点。Since 2003, South Korea has joined the ed States, Russia, China, and Japan in offering the North incentives to end its nuclear weapons programs. North Korea signed an agreement last year to declare those programs and began disabling its main nuclear facility at Yongbyon, with much broader disarmament steps to come in the future.自从2003年以来,韩国跟美国、俄罗斯、中国和日本一起向北韩提出结束其核项目,以换取奖励的提议。北韩去年签署一项协议,同意公布其核项目清单、开始拆除在宁边的主要核反应堆,并且将在未来采取更广泛的裁军步骤。However, this month North Korea said it was in the process of restarting Yongbyon, and it ejected international inspectors and their surveillance equipment from the plant's reprocessing facility. 可是,北韩上个月说,北韩正在重新启动宁边的核反应堆,并拒绝让国际核查人员和他们的检查设备进入核燃料再加工基地。Foreign Minister Yu says the North's actions may have a political angle.韩国外交通商部长官柳明桓说,北韩的行动也许有其政治动机。He says it is possible that the North's decision to reverse its disablement is a strategy linked to the upcoming U.S. presidential election.他说,北韩停止拆除核设施走回头路的决定有可能跟即将举行的美国总统大选有战略联系。Michael Green is a former national security advisor to President Bush, and is now affiliated with Republican presidential candidate John McCain.迈克尔·格林曾经担任布什总统的国家安全顾问,现在加入了共和党总统候选人约翰·麦凯恩的竞选班子。He told a forum in Seoul Friday he thinks it is very unlikely there will be progress in the six nation talks until the U.S. election is resolved. He also says there is a good chance North Korea is considering steps to take to try to raise its bargaining leverage with the new administration.星期五他在首尔的一个论坛会议上说,他认为在美国总统结束之前,六方会谈不大可能取得进展。他还说,北韩很可能正在考虑采取行动,以图增加跟美国新政府的谈判筹码。"Incrementally they may try to move toward reprocessing of the remaining spent fuel rods... and they may also try rebuilding their five megawatt reactor and other facilities. And I believe we should signal to them very clearly that if they go down that path... the situation for them will be worse," he said.格林说:“他们可能逐步采取行动,再加工遗留下来的已用燃料棒,他们还可能重建五兆瓦反应堆和其他设施。我认为我们应该向北韩发出明确信号,如果他们执迷不悟,后果将会更糟糕。”North Korea tested a nuclear weapon two years ago, causing unanimous support for a strict sanctions resolution at the ed Nations. Green points out the international community has not seriously implemented the resolution, because the North returned to talks. He says that could change, if North Korea continues to reverse its nuclear promises.北韩两年前进行了一次核武器实验,引发各国一致持联合国对北韩实施严厉制裁。格林说,国际社会并没有认真执行制裁北韩的决议,原因是北韩后来重返六方会谈。他说,如果北韩坚持不肯兑现其核承诺,局势恐怕会发生变化。200809/50735UN Announces Food Crisis Task Force潘基文挂帅解决全球粮食危机   U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says he will head a new task force to tackle the global food crisis that is plunging tens of millions of people into poverty and hunger. He is calling for international donors to urgently fund a three-quarter-billion-dollar shortfall by the World Food Program. The appeal follows a two-day U.N.-sponsored meeting in the Swiss capital, Bern, aimed at finding measures to deal with soaring food prices. 联合国秘书长潘基文星期二表示,他将领导一个新的特别工作组来处理全球粮食危机。这场全球性的粮食危机正在使数千万人陷入贫困和饥饿。潘基文还呼吁国际社会增加捐款,以满足世界粮食计划署迫切需要的援助资金。潘基文是在瑞士首都伯尔尼主持召开两天的紧急会议之后发表这番讲话的。联合国举行这次紧急会议就是为了解决粮食价格飙升引起的严重问题。U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says participants at the emergency meeting discussed concrete measures to feed the hungry. He says the dramatic escalation in food prices worldwide has evolved into an unprecedented challenge of global proportions. He says it has become a crisis for the world's most vulnerable, including the urban poor.  联合国秘书长潘基文说,这次紧急会议的与会者讨论了防止饥饿的具体办法。他指出,世界范围内的粮食价格扶摇直上给全球带来了一场前所未有的挑战。对于世界上最弱势的群体来说,尤其是城市贫民,粮价上涨已经变成了一场致命的危机。Mr. Ban says governments must urgently contribute 5 million to the World Food Program. 潘基文表示,各国政府必须立即行动起来,为世界粮食计划署筹措7.55亿美元的紧急资金。"Without full funding of these emergency requirements, we risk again the specter of widesp hunger, malnutrition and social unrest on an unprecedented scale," he said. "We anticipate that additional funding will be required."  他说:“如果这些紧急需求不能完全满足,我们面临的风险将是:饥饿、营养不良和社会动乱将以前所未有的规模再次蔓延。我们预期,更多的救援资金将是必不可少的。”U.N. officials believe 100 million people have been driven into poverty and hunger because of skyrocketing food prices. The World Food Program says it cannot afford to buy food with the money it has. For example, it notes the price of a metric ton of rice has more than doubled since March. 联合国官员相信,由于粮食价格暴涨,目前已经有一亿人陷入贫困和饥饿。世界粮食计划署说,现有的资金根本不够给这些急需救济的人们购买粮食,因为从3月份到现在,每公吨大米的价格已经上涨了两倍多。WFP director Josette Sheeran says the agency has received 1 million in pledges. 世界粮食计划署执行主任约瑟特.施林说,该机构已经得到4.71亿美元的捐款承诺,相当于所需资金的62%。"We only have 18 million of that cash in hand," said Sheeran. "And, so this becomes urgent because we cannot procure the food until we have the cash in hand and so we are bumping into a real urgent time frame of needing to get these commitments in as soon as possible so that we can keep these programs whole and we are getting stretched across the globe where we cannot do so." 施林说:“我们手里现在只有1千8百万美元的现金。所以,情况变得非常紧急,因为拿不到现金就买不到粮食。我们正处于一个危急时刻,迫切需要得到捐款,以使我们的援助计划全面展开。可是我们目前在全球范围完全是心有余而力不足。”World Bank President Robert Zoellick says this crisis will not be over once the emergency needs are addressed. 世界行长佐利克说,即使目前的紧急需求得到满足,这场危机的深远影响也难以消失。"The International Community needs to come in to working together to respond with policy initiatives so that this year's crisis does not become a generation's fact of life," he said. "Aly, hunger and malnutrition are the underlying causes of death of over 3.5 million children every year, robbing the future potential of many millions more." 他说:“国际社会需要齐心协力,通过政策规划来做出回应,防止今年的危机演变成为一代人的命运。我们已经看到,饥饿和营养不良每年都使350多万儿童死亡,并且使另外数以百万计的人丧失了创造未来的潜力。”Increasing food prices are not the only problem afflicting the poor. The ed Nations says farmers in developing countries are planting less and producing less because of the escalating cost of fertilizer and energy. It says efforts must be made to support these farmers. 粮食价格暴涨并不是折磨穷人的唯一问题。联合国说,由于化肥和能源成本飙升,发展中国家的农民不得不减少种植和生产。联合国提出,必须做出努力来持这些农民。The task force chaired by Secretary-General Ban will be made up of various heads of U.N. and international agencies, including the Food and Agriculture Organization, UNICEF and the World Bank. The group will explore ways to bring down the cost of food and increase agricultural production in poor countries.  由联合国秘书长潘基文挂帅的特别工作组将由联合国和其他国际机构的领导人组成,其中包括联合国粮农组织、联合国儿童基金会和世界。这个特别工作组将探讨各种途经来降低贫穷国家的粮食成本,增加农业生产。 200804/37044重庆妇保医院做彩超B超价格

重庆不孕不育中医G8 Leaders Praise 'Momentum' on Climate Change as Summit Ends八国峰会结束 提出减排远期计划   Leaders of the world's advanced economies have drawn their three-day summit to a close by meeting with counterparts from major emerging economies to propose what they call a "vision" on climate change. 世界上最发达国家的领导人结束了三天的峰会,他们会见了主要新兴经济体国家的领导人,提出了关于气候变化问题的远期计划。U.S. President George W. Bush became the first to depart the G8 summit, shortly after its close in northern Japan, praising the gathering's progress on a wide range of issues. 美国总统布什在首脑会结束以后立即离开会议地点。他赞扬这次会议在广泛的问题上取得了进展。"By protecting our environment, and resisting protectionism, and fighting disease, and promoting development, and improving the daily lives of millions around the world, we've served both our interests as Americans and we serve the interests of the world," President Bush said. “我们保护环境,抵制保护主义,控制疾病,推动发展,改善全球数亿民众的生活,这不仅符合美国的利益,也符合世界的利益。”The centerpiece of the three-day gathering was Tuesday's broad agreement among G8 leaders to slash carbon emissions, blamed for global warming, at least in half by the year 2050. Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda says the leaders discussed that goal with leaders from major emerging economies, Wednesday, including China, India and Brazil. 布什是第一个离开会议的领导人。这次会议为期三天,它取得的重要成果是工业8国集团领导人就2050年之前把造成全球气候变暖的碳排放量减少一半的目标达成了广泛的一致。日本首相福田康夫表示,八国领导人星期三跟中国、印度和巴西等主要新兴经济体的领导人讨论了这个目标。He says this the first time that there has been a discussion on the broad on the topic of fighting global climate change. He says all of the nations involved expressed strong political will to reduce their emissions. 福田康夫说,这是第一次就解决全球气候变化问题展开如此广泛的讨论。他还表示,所有与会的国家都对减少排放表示出强烈的政治意愿。But only three of the emerging economies, Indonesia, South Korea and Australia, explicitly committed to the 50 percent reduction plan. That leaves out two of the world's fastest growing carbon emitters, India and China. 不过,新兴经济体中只有三个国家明确对百分之50的减排计划做出了承诺。这三个国家是,印度尼西亚、韩国和澳大利亚。而碳排放量增长最快的两个国家中国和印度没有做出承诺。Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh says ensuring food security, public health and management of scarce water resources are his first priority. More than a half-billion Indians live in extreme poverty, on less than a dollar a day. China is also reluctant to take steps that would jeopardize economic growth and risk political instability. 印度总理辛格说,他的头号优先工作是保食品安全、公共健康和管理好稀缺的水资源。印度有5亿多人还生活在每天不到一美元的极度贫困之中。中国也不愿意采取那些可能威胁到经济增长和引起政治不稳的措施。Environmental activists are sharply criticizing the G8 climate goals for failing to set hard numerical targets for carbon reduction. The 50 percent goal is not linked to any specific base year for calculation. Shorter-range targets are being urged, but left completely up to the discretion of member countries. Prime Minister Fukuda says the agreement sets the stage for more talks in the future. 环保人士严厉批评八国集团设立的气候目标没有给减少碳排放设定硬性的数字目标。50%的目标没有一个具体的参照年份,无法计算。会议虽然也提出了较为短期的目标,但这完全取决于各成员国自己的意愿。福田康夫首相表示,会议达成的协议只是给今后继续谈判创造了条件。He says the strong will expressed in the climate agreement will translate into momentum next year, when a ed Nations-hosted gathering will seek a global agreement on climate change. He promises Japan will show leadership, by sticking to some of the world's more ambitious targets for emissions reduction. 福田康夫说,这个气候协议中所表达的强烈意愿将在明年联合国开会争取达成世界气候变化协议的时候转化成一股推动力量。他保,日本将坚持世界上某些更为严格的减排目标,并发挥表率作用。200807/43734重庆引产哪家医院价格低 Living underground, mole rats are sheltered from the Kalahari's worst extremes of temperature. We think of deserts as hot places. But nightly temperatures can fall well below zero. At dawn, meerkats need to soak up the warmth of the rising sun to get fully active. The temperature in the Kalahari steadily climbs as high as 70 Celsius on the ground. Meerkats can only tolerate short bursts of activity in the morning and evening. This means they need to be very efficient at gathering food. So they quarter their territory, traveling several kilometers a day. Tasty beetles and scorpions are common in this grassy desert. But finding them means spending a lot of time with your head in the sand. So meerkats are very vulnerable to predators. To protect the group, young males take turns keeping watch. This frees the others up to keep hunting. Scorpions have a lethal sting, but meerkats are fast as lightning. The Kalahari's high levels of rainfall mean food is plentiful year round, one reason why this desert can support more large mammals than any other in the world. Springbok are the most successful desert antelopes in Africa. With short, thin fur, they can easily offload heat by sweating. The white patterns on their coats help to reflect solar radiation. And they never need to drink. They can extract all the moisture they need from the most meagre desert plants. But in southern Africa's deserts, there is a lurking challenge. Cheetahs shadow the springbuck herds. They ,too, evolve in the desert. Thinly-furred and lightly-built, everything about them is designed to deal with heat and speed. words:1.meerkat: 猫鼬2.offload:to get rid of and pass on to another卸下,排掉(eg.): He does come to offload the blame for launching the transmitting tools to market.200807/44762璧山潼南区四维彩超价格

重庆市不孕不育哪家医院最好的Wild Europe - Genesis 肇始之初- 6 Parts of Pangaea were periodically flooded by shallow seas. But time and again this water evaporated, leaving layer upon layer of salt. Today these massive deposits lie buried deep beneath the Netherlands, Poland, Northern England and the Austrian Alps. They've been mined for millennia. Salt is a major ingredient for the chemical industry. It's also used, albeit controversially, to deice Europe's roads in winter, thousand of tons a day. This particular mine, in Krakow in Poland, is made up of over 300 kilometers of tunnels. It’s so vast that miners have carved an entire underground cathedral out of the salt, even the chandeliers. After tens of millions of years of baking under the desert sun, Europe changed once again. This is the Jura in Eastern France. The slopes here are blessed with fertile well-drained soils, perfect for vineyards. And scattered among the vines are clues to the next waves of change that began to sweep across Europe some 200 million years ago. A fossil ammonite, a marine creature, and mussels, even the ancient relatives of squid. This area was once under the sea. These waters teemed with life. As well as ammonites , marine reptiles called Ichthyosaurs were common. They fed on fish, breathed air, and gave birth to life young. They were the dolphins of their time. All these creatures swam where there are now thousands of vines. And it's this region of France that has lent its name to one of the most familiar periods in the earth's history.words and expressionsmillennia:millennium的复数, 一千年albeit:conj.虽然 eg:Albeit fair, she was not sought after.尽管她很美,可没有人追求她。chandelier: A branched, decorative lighting fixture that holds a number of bulbs or candles and is suspended from a ceiling树枝形的装饰灯be blessed with: 在...方面有福气,幸运地享有ammonite:The coiled, flat, chambered fossil shell of an extinct cephalopod mollusk that was abundant in the Cretaceous Period.菊石mussel: marine or freshwater bivalve mollusk that lives attached to rocks etc.贻贝, 蚌类squid :widely distributed fast-moving ten-armed cephalopod mollusk having a long tapered body with triangular tail fins鱿鱼, 乌贼Ichthyosaur:any of several marine reptiles of the Mesozoic having a body like a porpoise with dorsal and tail fins and paddle-shaped limbs鱼龙200809/47409 a case in point ------ 典型案例 英文释义An example that clearly illustrates something being discussed. 例句I believe it is important to public safety that people get proper sleep, a case in point being the big traffic accident this morning that was caused by a drowsy driver.我认为,良好睡眠对于公共安全很重要。典型的例子就是今天早上由疲劳司机导致的重大交通事故。 /201610/466522重庆做个人流那个医院好重庆妇科检查价格



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